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The Complete Video Editing Course With Sony Vegas Pro 13/14

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Enroll Now


    • 2.

      Sony Vegas Pro Software Interface Overview


    • 3.

      Create Project & Add Media In Timeline


    • 4.

      Split and Delete Unwanted Portion Of Video


    • 5.

      Add Text In The Video


    • 6.

      Download & Add Custom Font In Video


    • 7.

      Add Different Types of Transitions in Video


    • 8.

      Add Custom Effects In The Text


    • 9.

      How To Flip Or Mirror Any Video


    • 10.

      Add Slow Motion Effect In Video


    • 11.

      How To Zoom In And Out Slowly


    • 12.

      Add Video Effects [ Film Effect ]


    • 13.

      Add Video Effects [ Random Effects ]


    • 14.

      Color Correction Of Your Video


    • 15.

      Add Watermark Of Your Video


    • 16.

      Reverse Any Video Clip


    • 17.

      Capture Photos From The Video


    • 18.

      Change Video Voice Of Any Video


    • 19.

      How To Record Your Voice Like A BOSS


    • 20.

      Add Background Music In Video


    • 21.

      Convert Video To Audio MP3


    • 22.

      Fade out Audio By Adding Audio Points


    • 23.

      How To Remove Noise From Video


    • 24.

      How To Edit Intro Template - Example 1


    • 25.

      How To Edit Intro Template - Example 2


    • 26.

      How To Edit Outro Template - Example 1


    • 27.

      How To Edit Outro Template - Example 2


    • 28.

      Make A Complete Slide Show Video From Beginning To End


    • 29.

      How To Remove Green Screen & Add New Background


    • 30.

      How To Clone Yourself Like A Boss


    • 31.

      Make Your Videos Look Like A Hollywood Film


    • 32.

      How To Make The Triggered Effect


    • 33.

      Create A Thumbnail Without Photoshop


    • 34.

      How To Make Lower Thirds


    • 35.

      Add Special Custom Fire Effect In Video


    • 36.

      7 Important Keyboard Shortcuts Of Sony Vegas Pro


    • 37.

      BEST Render Settings For YouTube, Facebook & Web


    • 38.

      Render Your Final Edited Video - Final Output


    • 39.

      Conclusion + BONUS


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About This Class

Get started with Sony Vegas Pro today and start learning video editing LIKE A BOSS.

This course is a course of complete video editing with Sony Vegas Pro. It will take you from the very beginning to advanced video editor. Open Sony Vegas Pro and learn the various panel windows to editing clips together, audio work, color correction, creating titles, exporting and much more! I personally use Sony Vegas Pro for my video editing because it is easy & fast with user-friendly interface. There is no complexity like Adobe After Effects, Premiere software.

Why would you need this?

  1. Sony Vegas Pro is a really good and user-friendly video editing software, and it will become handy to know how to work with it.
  2. Make Fantastic Videos for School, Office, Home, Work, Sales, Shows – Suitable For All Industries!
  3. I will talk about everything you need to know in order for you to make your video unique.
  4. Create Professional High-Quality Video Presentations.
  5. Express Your Creativity.
  6. Deliver Your Message with a BANG!

My Promise to You

I'm a full-time video editor and online teacher. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & MSB Digital platform. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, and Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor and serving courses for over 175,000 Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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Level: Beginner

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1. Enroll Now: Hey, welcome to the complete video editing course with Sonny Vegas Pro in these scores. At first we talk about the basic, softer interface off son in Vegas Pro. Then you learn how to create music and add Miria how to got and do it. Any unwanted portion of the video adding dates in video on also learn how to add effects in text, adding different type off transition effects. Leave all me or you any video adding slow motion on June biddies Ex especially Leaving Dan , who had some random effect. No video color correction off video. Changing Bryce off any video adding background Movie removing glass from video Gone. But any move you to a tree Really to inter template you out template render you final edited video on much more in advance video editing section Were working with Really screwed We learned how to clone yourself Make your vittles look like a Hollywood man You are tires were Tom. No, we don't for the shop. So what are you waiting for? Big scores now on to video Like it You inside 2. Sony Vegas Pro Software Interface Overview: hello in this video would discuss about the basic interface off Sonny Bag a straw in this project. Media depth. We can add many kinds off on you and you fight here. Extra depth is basically our wonder sex. We can access our 100 can get on you and you find for our president in transaction dead There are many being in transition and 11 in Sunday we get at if we need There are many do effects are available and media generation that we can add many kind off made yet he's a review off Sonny got that? I told you. But he's made and this is our template. We can ed any kind of audio and video. Here we see the video here There are many options in our particular video. This is even dental grow. We can zoom in and zoom out off our deal and can add any missing from here and disease. Even defects we can add different died off effects drunk. These this is basically off the basic interface off Sonny 3. Create Project & Add Media In Timeline: in this video, I show you how to create new project and at media Fan in our attending, at first we can file and please you then our project settings. They're Jews and templates. You want what you referred Damage Head and Tremlett For my case, it's 20 then and select your and full resolution rendering quality is best their legal. Okay, now time toe input. Our media file, we can file import video. Then just you do Klay from your Heidi's The leak opening. No jag. Do you sleep in definite? No. With inspectors from the video in Sunny, my guest room. 4. Split and Delete Unwanted Portion Of Video: Hello. In this video I show you how to start video and deal it unnecessary. Portia from RB do Klay. This is our whole video. Yeah, We want to cut our video from here and here now, right, Click on it and click on display. Eat. And then before we went toe cut Here. Right Click on it again. Click Honest with we get t different. Portia, off our video. Simples, We don't need this portion of the video. Then leak on here and Prince deal it. We get successfully delayed or a video. 5. Add Text In The Video: Hello. In this video, I show you how to add text on your video to add next, we need to insert video. Right? Click on it. Damn Lynn and sleep inside. Did you direct then? Rightly on here and clean Insert Dex Media, You get change you found here. Many different parts are available. Let's day my so from the review section you can Jake, you can move and sit You that close it that scratch it from here from the beaning Sweat explain History prefers legends trying to nation. So in this way we get at dext in or video. 6. Download & Add Custom Font In Video: Hello were 17 guys in this Look, I'm going to show you how toe at custom formed in your video. So let's get this started. At first. Open your brother and sash for the farm in the document dot com There are don't saw off free. Want available. We need TV type of form for these Sarge here he Lord so available We also can feed up review off these parts for See the preview Simply time here, whatever you want. For my case, I died that all present. How do you see the video of these parts? Suppose we do. Was this one download Despont simply on. Dollars are down complete. Next up these Chief, this four name is King. Double click on these and people in stuff our thought is download successfully and instill in our no open your starting the gospel softer for inserting dext Simply red click here on and see likes you now Glee on media generation dead Some people decks and jacket then died here. What do you want? And seal it? Who digs and our last name? Yes. No. We come here on more eat. Whatever done this is when it as I was gave him playbook four years old and I was ready to tackle the world. So, guys, in this way, we can easily download our free front over the Internet and use any type of testing. There isn't. Right? Thanks for 7. Add Different Types of Transitions in Video: Hello. In this video, I show you how to at transaction Sunny Vegas Pro This Put some media in Project Media section, Go to the import and click Media This day we put some of this door then, Jack, you units intently In this transaction example, we use this Do better toe, understand that production s president and split it Samples we add 200 son. The estimates and indifference in here go to the transaction tape that is C Many died off transition and level this tape off production on building inside of us, bro. They commit and you can see which type of tradition this is. I suppose we want to add this transition between these aunties. Just Joan it at did here. Pleasant. Explain. No, this is the transaction. If we went the same transition in our video, just displayed it. And Jack on this, you can see the transition effect inner really to for more than a simple it's up was we went to this one, Jagan, eat and food to terror. Explain again there. See, suppose this time we ent video after this emits transition effect yet transaction in here and play the video so go to the Election Day and choose any type of transaction you like Jack on it and put it here. And plus, let's play and see history first. So this is the very against two at transaction in any type of video or photos. If went. Toe makes light show in sunny, biggest role This will be very helpful feature and very much easier to history. 8. Add Custom Effects In The Text: in this video, we can talk more about text. Suppose we can add another lane. The wreck. Click on it. And insect Dex Media again this'll our second line. James apartment. This temple is select called Brush. We can't skillet from here on here. Then whatever he went, No. Then to add effects, he now our text There are many tips are available. Suppose we leak on Papa. I think this is the effect. I suppose this time with Jews this one. You can change your text color from here for our case. What is best? Next thing prefers legends trying in the nation. Many visits are available. Ginge dext you can skillet from here are directly from him. We can change the position in advance section. You can change background colors off your taste, but get known it is tracking Linus Besim in the set of six. Um, you can edit shadow 9. How To Flip Or Mirror Any Video: Hello It is the actual you have to sleep are middle. Any video at first equaled our sample video then jagged edge in floor Did you see what we do way? Oneto are these meat? I grew up. We got that right on it It for you under Look. Look, This one This one sexual we see we get successfully made a video there there's wait Are old video that easy? 10. Add Slow Motion Effect In Video: Hello. In this video, I show you how toe add slow motion effect in your video at first important video and drag it into your sorry because pretending father better understanding with 10 day by embracing Blast saying hair Suppose we and I was slow motion If it instead here, is that it and slow motion effect. We end in here. You spit it again Now our work Lee divided into treat Lee Now we plays are contraband from the keyboard at jacket out will drag it a little bit more There, See, we can successfully added were slow motion video how to fix it Sound affects Seems to me a little bit hot for this right click on your audio clip and go to properties and love this block stretch that fit in this way we can easily act slow motion epic in you Any video 11. How To Zoom In And Out Slowly: Hello. In this video, I show you how to add Joe. Me and Joe defects in our video. Also still Moshe at last June That George Effect. This is our actual video. Looks like they're split new samples. We start our German troops from this From this from this Now click on this even let drop and J party. Buddy, there's no So we get set and are to benefit, you know, Now we show you how to junior you faster or slower on it. Just on that will keep them. That was that. You give them one more parties. What? Slow a bus. We? Is it here? If you went to trusted, then keep it closer and listening. That's it. In this way, we can, isn't it to me at A and B are faster. 12. Add Video Effects [ Film Effect ]: Hello. In this video, I show you housewares start flame effects in sunny in solid biggest room in benefits Step. There are many building effects available. If we went to World Flynn effect in this video clip. Dad, that league Clever Finn fits and drag it out here. Here you see our even different step. We can increase or decrease these bellows Re intend color, everything data also piece. It's also have a level. This thing this is our limit fix look like 1917 you fix There are lots of custom affects every levels Let's play this video now How it looks Look, just look like old Siberia. This is original video and this is our planet X video. Also some different prefects also available Supposed to select low quality color flame They don't look This is so Gina and teaches sour live effect In this way we can easily different type of Jennifer's in our video 13. Add Video Effects [ Random Effects ]: hello in this video would discuss different type off video effects effect. Let's talk about hey claim Devi dammit! From the video effects Step taken it limp TV defense and take on this and drag it into you . Did you no see depth Your It's your damn it's You can increase. Our verdict is from here. They're saying, Look, we see for the skin for a better view. This is basically the TV DeMint's event. Now we move this click on these and they remove selection. Now we add any other type of different. For example, meter click on this and Greg here, This is our angle Look, media effect. We at middle detect successful. You look this again This time we went it here. Debtor some he takes their level legal large Explain. This is basically the oil defect in There are many, many efforts evidence You may try yourself. Maybe he's just taken Took process This video help for you 14. Color Correction Of Your Video: Hello. In this video I talk about it on a collision in Sunday s broke. Go to the video effects step, then leak on Kala correction Their view building presents available. You can cut it to color by Jagan. Drop the's. What? You can do this minimally distant. We collection our color minority, the color correction and Janet here we can see these by dragging piece. We can change our color. This guy we sit in in surface. Then he sees So in this situation dead we getting These are our situation. I love being preserved llama on game and offset their slain Pretty good. Then roses. Some bilkin effects also available green Highlight no one except it just up there weekend Got it. Don't more accurate. So in this way we can easy the character color by using color correction in Sunnyvale broke 15. Add Watermark Of Your Video: Hey, worst of guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to put watermarks. You video, but using watermark nobody can't he still your photo Even if they download your period from future or up look by themselves. You get executed because you are using watermark in a video. But the next thing into a timeline just right. Click on this on select better back then in beautifully right leg On this end, select Insert eggs Media then select your for a restaurant and die whatever you want. Yes, and drag it. Yeah, it looks like a local by the way. Now we minimize the opposite e off these text. Just drag it down uber anything and out sexist that has led in Tokyo You through life change the speaker volume or for this justly track, Moshe. And then you mean our doom out are rooted a little bit. Mm. Perfect this thing better at displaying useful information. So this Google home thing is kind of extension of that. It's essentially etcetera. And then that speaker is at the bottom. There's actually a couple of ways video and speaker tax or watches 16. Reverse Any Video Clip: Hello. In this video, I'll show you how to reverse any kind of immediately that Let's go to fight and import media, then jacket. Damn, I wanted extra. Are you? This is basically our are. So people went to the right. Damn! Do you read me? The dreamers done. You get how it looks. 17. Capture Photos From The Video: Hey, we're suffering guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to capture photos from your video. There's get started at first Goto file and import Any clue what league any beautifies and Adam you Klay in Project Media, then dragging into you Damn right This is our actual video. Let's play a little playing. Hanneman wrote it and then sent it down to New Zealand. So it was blessed by our elders. My biggest role here was making sure that that spiritual aspect was embedded into the people that I was teaching. We're losing light. Let's roll. Do you feel like this is actually faster? Prius, recent, fast and furious preserve her deal. Suppose we kept your rock and be visible for from this video to do this Just was it yet? And leak Save steps. Photo file. Click here, then select your location. You want to save for go? We'll see like Dexter up in this case and click save, then goto another. Now we take another big job and is a picture. So obviously want to capture this one. Definitely safest option to find on selected stop on leaks A. We're done. Look at this last one. And this is the 2nd 1 So in this way, we can easily capture for us from any video. Thanks for watching. 18. Change Video Voice Of Any Video: Hello. In this video, I show you how to change price in Sunnyvale in your audio clip blinking do ethics and select in shift and and big. Okay, shift. It's by for Let's see our tip its first. This is this is the Google pixel camera difference. Yes, I'm just drinking game even difference championship at And okay, now we change a strong minus four. Now we see that the first is the Google pixel. Your page, You know, trying not optical image out of this. All that separates and John dynamic. So in this way we get easily change our Huber's. 19. How To Record Your Voice Like A BOSS: Hey, West, guys, in the video, I'm going to show you have to record your voice like about using Saudi Vegas broke softer. This it is doctor in our 10. Let's just right. Click on these and insert artifact in the audio. Jack just leak. I'm for record. Then select the local. You want to say you record it. Are you five? I select Dexter in my kids and hit OK and then click OK Heavy C. I want sound but is dejected. I'm talking with the microphone at the gas in the previous section. There is there is a record. Better just click on this and then talk Whatever you want, it will record everything. I just click on this. Hey, I have much. I am the owner off production online with this marketing programming block is really getting to the end game for refugee. You are my subject off interest. I love to drink in court. I am business minded person and very much addicted Toe. I love Allah. Love my family on a lot of people. This dog, I would argue. Fight, it's directly say are dead. Stop! Let's listen. Hey, I have much sugar. I am the owner off. Emma. Three. Production Onley Business Marketing Programming blocking really detected. Reentering gaming What a refugee You are my subject off interest. I love to drink any goat. I am business minded person and very much addicted Toe. I love a lot of love 20 on black people so it would get record on Sunday. 20. Add Background Music In Video: Hello. My stripped in this video. I'm going to show you how toe add background busy in your enemy Leo Digits our actual video who are currently in college A k a university as well. This advice was given to make some of it. I listen to something, but I didn't. But all of it is so so in this video, there is no aggro music. You want toe at any kind of Bagram Willsie. Then import your are you fine? Then make your audiophile at say I get here and it's great it that at off this video let's play the video now. Wait, you you so we can sex fully at our beggar music. But our sound is very loud. We get lease in. These people press perfectly. So indeed, toe degrees boehlje off our bagrham. Is it for this bleak? Yeah, and jagged down. Next point you've got to be able to understand that even though you do have is about freedom, you still have a responsibility and your number one responsibility Get an education tickets . College student number two is go to But now we can listen our period dress perfectly and at our background music successfully 21. Convert Video To Audio MP3: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to contact video to argue at first important, basically on drag it into your Devlin. This is our actual beauty. Yeah, Missile away, if you want to convert is criticism toe audio that simply click on file and weak Brenda This then extend MPCI audio. Then big on highest quality be via it's to do Audio and dick render are in this conflict Click on open for them and these are extra. Are you friends? So in this one, we can successfully convert or any video toe on you. 22. Fade out Audio By Adding Audio Points: Hello. What's sitting guys in this video? I'm going to show you have to fade out. Are you by adding are you point? So there's get started. We've already added a sample Brilliant file in our family. You know, our sample we do. They're too poor shown one is our view trick and singing one. His audio break in here simply rightly on these on Goto inside, removed in Villa Antley on William now heresy A blue line. We can change our William by dragging these to add Are you blind? Simply write. Take on this and bleak at point. We can add many Argue point You know our model dreck Now we simply dragging down Draghi dob Actually we can manipulate our our do. Fred by adding these point Let's there that we don't Actually depending on Alhaji is you may date her or we'll know goes down Whatever the night I don't care, but long term you don't want to be with somebody who's stupid Second type of woman you should avoid dating is the princess A on Galileo is going to hiding up in there We've all met the person that thinks that they're shit doesn't stink and I Good news for them. It does everybody it makes us, huh? In this way, we can easily fade out our auto by using. Are you blind? I don't know why. Sorry, because make this so complicated. But this is the actual way to do this. Thanks for watching. 23. How To Remove Noise From Video: Hello, worsening guys. In this video, I'm going to show you have to remove noise from your video. I already imported a sample. Will you insanity Castro and this video as a nice Let's play this video a little bit after completing all of my paper bag details. I just seem Blakely on, say and continue. Carol Ishan. Lots of nice is available in this video to remove Nice. From these video, we need a software which is called Felicity. You have to download the softer fast seemed you open your browser and then tied download on a city after that Chris Ender. Now I d on the fast link, Then download publicity for free for Windows on. If you are using man, then download it for Mac. After that, you simply install your Orestis after. Okay, I already installed Orestis after in my PC. There's well, I don't instill these right now after they're simply ceiling on your arguably and then right click on it and then leg open copy in our new editor after that artist city window, pop up Guaracy, our audio clip. Then I select a little portion where there is no price. After selecting any portion off your audio track. Simply click on effect and then select. No, I see that show gently on. Get nice profile. All right, now, double click on you. Are you okay? Then again, the on Effect League. Nice production. And then he on. Okay, our noise is minimized. Now it's symbolically on file export, are you? Then I save it on my dead. Stop and legal say our audio dread is sake as an empty tree in my day. Stop now. I did. These are typically did this audited simply on this ardently option and braised deal it from your keyboard. Now, I just dragged my exported audio files here. All right, let's play w now, and I'm going to show you how to publish guys in. This is the way we can easily remove our video Us using. Sorry, but that's bro and audacity. Thank you so much for watching 24. How To Edit Intro Template - Example 1: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to get it into template inside of a restaurant and great you all intra video. Let's get started. Someone's We want toe it this bright from that Devlet. Then click on right down the boat. P U T. This is just one having a school building extension. Then Blake, ignore missing friends and leave it offline. We're gonna get which is basically our into a dental it. But that is no sound to adding sound lightly guarded and click inside are you drink and go to you Template folder. How do you get in? Dark oil friends Jack Getting to you Denver. So, after adding only friend no one judged text, then click on radio media. Next do James what you really want than licked off free intra text. We got this and changed the best This sexual company. By the way, our template it is goblet. Let's play how it looks. Wait are introduced Split 25. How To Edit Intro Template - Example 2: Hello. In this video I'm going to show you and on the type off, Sonny being us into the impact this time we in it. But because light But before these we need to set up out of the psalter. It's got with them or your browser and download day and download the lettuce. Passion off! Quick time on. You witnessed this after said a quick day opened in your thesis project. This is basically our template, but that is no song audio but right Click on it and played inside audio then from the project for hours, Jack and go done, we can successfully at the difference now Time to change text This time we enter our or city water then we need toe less level basically emits. This is nothing about the level Look are pulling majestic shot It is my level That means you just replace any kind off you want. Okay, let's play intro video Now This 26. How To Edit Outro Template - Example 1: Hey, worst of guys in this video and I'm going to show you how to eat it. After template use in sunny samples We want to eat it. Water convict, ex state outdoor or disturbed or battlefront is still up. First thing first you have to start all of this fun, you know, because you know, actively, we're using this for us. It's done now. - We have now successfully in start all of this force don't leak. Better point underscore out Drug don't Beauty is the latest for the fine extension. Double me on this ignorant. Then click and David off. This is basically our template. We need toe eating the step samples. We want to change this text. Baby has video ed these dicks then for these legal generated video and to write whatever you want. If we want toe change this text there, click on this Be directly and click again Generated media in this second place If you want to add any video, any video that we have to re it Beato for this right click on it and played insert you track then import any off your media and jack it definitely grab the extra portion off these videos Then you let the sound bite off are important video. Then click on you plant crops on jagged and start from the beginning and June out And please eat whatever you want. We can see these, you know, you section that was it. So in this way we can Any of our biggest template There's play How it looks way. No way. 27. How To Edit Outro Template - Example 2: home in our example to we are eating Mortal Kombat X is still outdraw Install this front because we're using this form, you know, on our template now, Blake MKX Ultra dark PG This is basically our our government will eat it. This dump it Now we change the text rebels, do you and free out for started Vegas is to text lead on genetic video and die whatever you want. That's just the previous really dext No, You can change these video by depressing piece for this example, don't it? Render is beautifully go to find and click Render this She was any template IWant I use my custom West Devlet, We commend that our video rendering is complete. We can open folder and this play 28. Make A Complete Slide Show Video From Beginning To End: Hey, we're seven guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to make a complete slash video from scratch. So let that he start it at first. Import your photos by teaching fight inboard media then and all of this in Passaic media then select everything and drag it in. Do are damaging there. Selected fast, immense and leg even planned crop by jailing these into two second. Then Jimmy and Jagged E enforce against and do mode again Gun for the 2nd 1 in the same way with bleak, even blend Drop then diggity team to second and June it again. And sit these whatever you want and jacket in, please again and Jew moat and sit you chair. Okay. Done for the tired one. Zag it again and rode it. Rooted this a little bit and drag it again on and do it for the hard one We draw on the scene, okay? And for the 4th 1 on June, okay. And for the last one, drag it in to second and you omit and then jacketed force against Andi. Juno. Okay, there. See how it looks. Okay. No, We bet some transition effect be doing these photo and this photo to do this Select any transition could you want and drag it between these two photos? I a different type off condition in between if you do for us. Okay. Done. No, we add two begged on myth to do this legal file select you would prefer to music and drag it into your family and God the extra portion optimistic. Okay, No, we ent outdraw video to do this important again on and get here. Now we add some text here to do this right? Click on it and click insert Bill, you check and right gig here I'll select insert text media now select any time off want you want and choose your favorite present and genuine color. They said it white and sit my phone to impact. No type, okay? No one said it did. Yeah. Okay, Done. Now jacket the text media from the beginning toe that end of the William Our slight should do is complete Explain how it looks So guys in This is the way we can easily make different type off slash Actually using sunny biggest stroke 29. How To Remove Green Screen & Add New Background: Hello. What's happening, guys? Industry do we are working point Really screen video. It's basically going we removed, released in background and add a new pregnant off our video. Let's get started. At first we import on sample with is gonna believe you, Then drag it into our timeline. This is our sample video. At first we removed piece really is great background. To do this, click on U F X Step, then select Crew Macchia and Jagged Team to thes period. Lee, now in the color sexual click on this and then select this panto and click on these pre area done will successfully removed are bagged out. Now we add a new bag off this video. To do this, we need to him Borg a best friend. Suppose we want toe end teach minutes. You know that don't now zag it and it's crazy it over there. No, we have to fix. Expect pressure off this background to do this that click on this politically and select switch, and I wanted the maintain expect ratio to make this woman more natural in our background, we have to customize a little bit off the grow. McKyer now click on event effects tool and click show mask on Lee. Then up the Lord treasured and down I trash talked. How do you get the solid woman off this video? Okay, now I'm check. That show must only No. If we want to have some effect to make these 1,000,000,000 more professional, you can be do ethics to again, Andi Select level and drag it in. Torme's directly are 11 step not pop up there some three different presets available. By selecting Bragan, we satisfy early at some brightness effect in this person we could change this from here. Looks like what looked like more professional. For my case, this is the perfect for let's blame offer to all of you Western s A agents. You can now something about yourself or your listing on a green screen. And we have a teleprompter for you to make it easier. So in this is the way we can easily remove our greatest in Baghdad and add a new bag. Don't using sunny biggest Thanks for watching 30. How To Clone Yourself Like A Boss: hello works of guys in this lecture. I cover every interesting topic this time will learn How do clone yourself like a bus letters that he started. We had to bilious to sample Delius in our fast video with every recent in the sofa at left position and in second video, this baby sit on the right position. Now we just simply our fast part off the video and just drag it into our timeline. And the second video seemed a slick this and drag it here. Okay, no league on even that Rob. Abject the mosque that animal eat Now click on Inc Tools. Then click on here. We just masking. Did you did? Okay. Done now fifth day Select board And further we select 25. We're done. Let's split. So guys in the any way we can, isn't it learning ourselves using? Sorry, but that's bull softer. Thanks for watching 31. Make Your Videos Look Like A Hollywood Film: Hello. What's happening? Guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to make it really look like a Hollywood claim. So left that is started fasting first. We all long in holiday there always use 25 f beings. That's why we set our closet as a 25 FPs To do this click on Project the new properties, then see leg is did 1000 and 80 50. I do you do it? Yes. Then deep a play on the big. Okay, this is our sample, Delia. We already imported before No leak on even plant growth off this 1,000,000. Fight from that keyword press control and simply drag it down a little bit. Then close it now from the different step. Find it color correction on did select red motion and drag it into these. Our media friends No said like this. Yes, we have done. Let's play how it looks. - So guys in This is the way we can easily And why didn't leave effect in a rodeo? Thanks for watching 32. How To Make The Triggered Effect: a worsening guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to makes regarding frank line this Radios, right. We do this exactly. Beast at first, inborn any units you want then? So I did do a deadly Wait. What? Forced again? What? This jacket and sit or sing it Now, please on even Blanco and then eat. Okay. No city here and forget you emits a little bit loaded again. We do this again and again and it it's now select any off you give him and brace control and select all of this give then, right, he's on it. And we got then select in the blackest this, then right again. And it best we wasted because they make our cheetah effect for four seconds. Four second disease still here. So we had done both this window? Yes. So we sex for the big, big effect to make this figure, in fact, more interesting. We know at sound effect that yet Rendall to yourself. Let's see how it goes. So in this way we can easily make trigger tricked your video 33. Create A Thumbnail Without Photoshop: Hello. What's up in this video? I'm going to show you how to make attractive tunnel using sanitary gastro. So let's get started. At first, were you born? One of my friend emits. Then it imports ally background events. We viewed the 1st 1 Look there some black bar available to make in the expert crecio simply right. Click on it and click suggests and uncheck this over Done then on with the fusty It's okay Now click on even planned crop. Now click on musk after an about this mask option still gig on and co creation tool then master, You know what? There like this. We are very much done now erected on these and then object mended extra Christian. I'll get any of the do track then get the dex media then die yet Continent said your phone sides and gentle phone what already want Then create another really attract And jack this icon here they're gone even blend ground on. Bless it. Whatever you want to fix, we have done to export these image symbolically saves natural to file. Then say whatever you want. Oh yes, our time Desperation is complete. So in this easy way we can easily quit Tamil using suddenly read as pro no need for a shop . Thanks for watching 34. How To Make Lower Thirds: Hello. What? Seven guys in this video, I'm going to show you how toe add beautiful large tired you. So there's get me started at first. Open your brother and go. Do you do dot com? Dan simply died home. Lockhart and presenter. How do you see? There are many dark are really inevitable. 200 water. Will you inevitable in this placed Suppose for Jews. This one. Now we need to down. Look, this video I'd use for game really down leather down with good video. Yes. Her download is not conflict now in the son of a desperate, softer simply import daughter Leo and drag it into our timeline. Andi, import your men video and drag it under these. Okay? No. Okay. In w terrific step. Click on Chroma Key are and drag it here. I'm select cover. Now click on the Bendel on D C. Look, the green reason Now close it to look These do more. Better click brightness and contrast and jagged you many do you? There are many building deserves available with yours said our visit brighter. Okay, now create a an Adan Bojack on and instead Dex media seemly dive wanted. But he worked for my case. I don't. I'm boxing. Tear up. Look Okay. No. In this time we need to do move our dext with said it here on and fed your text a little bit. We're done. Let's see how it knows. One of many things to look at here, and I must therapy. Speakers bloom Two wireless speakers, right. They've taken over the whole landscape of the way we listen to music but this nose. So, guys, in this easy way, we can download different type off water and can use them differently in our video. Thanks for what? 35. Add Special Custom Fire Effect In Video: Hey, worse up in this video, I'm going to show you how toe at fire effects in your video. At first, open your brother and go to youtube dot com. Now we download Black five Background. Let's Tight Black five Background and Chris Tender for Alan Case These you is perfect. Now download these video. I have no money. Use 40. We do downloader for down looked any video. I just copy my You Do You are and bleak Best League in my softer it's automatically parsing and save in this location. It don't look our fight if it on like background video is successfully complete. Now we open this video in Sunny My Death. It's only one that's bro. Go to Fight and Blake in book and select Media, then select his video and drag it into our time life. Are you? Click is no need. Just click on this and reds Dilip. Now look at this. This is in this video. This is not actual black. This is rare type of black. We need actual black toe at scientific in our video. For these go to do effort, step and plead brightness and contrast and jacket into our studio Now, at some contrast, Okay, we had done. Now we had another video samples we had fire. If it in this video now drag it into our timeline again, click on planet background deal and big compositing mode. Even these antique on the screen now for pity's video and besties. Mr. Game, this don't We did elect these extra portion for this perspective. Now on fire Gregor video Right on this and leak duplicate checked will get three days We get at successfully fired back Don't detect. You know you're seeing the fullest cream how it looks. What's up, guys? Lou here, back with another video. And as you can tell, I've got a very funny looking box in front of me. I might go so far as to say that this is the strangest looking box I've ever featured here on another box therapy. Some might even say that it's not a box at all, which I think they're probably. But something tells me that there's a product inside of this giant log to see. There's like a little slit on the side here, and I have to say companies have been getting way more creative as faras the stuff they said 36. 7 Important Keyboard Shortcuts Of Sony Vegas Pro: Hello. Were seven guys in these video. I'm going to show you seven people Sharp cut. All Sorry. Vegas Pro softer to do you 1,000,000,000. Anything fast? We already at a simple video toe. Latest video from here. Just breast displaced, greatest college football teams off all time where we were changing the game. So we all had one goal in mind. Now, if we want to got these video from here, we normally is Did it by that? You can hear Antley listed. But if we want toe cart these flu clip just like this, then Cindy Breast on s Franchi work. So in this way we can if they card any portion off the video by praising simply s No. If you want to mute this portion off this Milly, Italy simply breast jet to milk it is c Nothing from the position because the video goods is now in immune system for do under. These does it again. This is basically our marker to set the beginning off the marker seem depressed. W Hey, guys, what's going on? So this is the very first w w means our marker piece start from the baby off immediately, Far move product, Chris and 16 years old, I played high and present for his stop for Render the selected Just click on there and drag it and rescue humans. Rendall out thesis portion of the video So did any video our audio clip? Just select any of this. You want to deal it and braised village for diligence. If you work with multiple there like these, then moving different things is very difficult for moving everything off these wrest control and selecting all of this particular brilliantly and press g from keyboard seeing we didn't move multiple there Group plays the shocker mainly the most important. And I regularly youth T shirt ca for faster. My ability. Hope you guys enjoyed this lesson. Thank you. 37. BEST Render Settings For YouTube, Facebook & Web: Hey, what's up, guys? Seen this video? I'm going to show you the bed's render city part due to our anyone Anyone said Jane to be regulation using sunny, biggest broke. Let's get started samples with what rendered is video. So just see that everything you want toe redder then goto project video parties that starts off template level. It's sunny. You want to render Thank you. Select this one. We sit like this now Syria. You render it for 10 days like these for 50 years like this one and for yes like this Anyway, within the artifice. Now select Start all the project with the settings and we at line that we okay now go to file and click red dress Then select Sonny every C slash and Izzy And had we see equal side equals that is these sittings is matches with you period properties so you can select this or this or any other template for data to be selectees and fleet on render no open the border And these our Jane be based sittings and these are and carries our outward on title talks. So, guys, this is the best settings for YouTube or any other website. Jane. And to be resolution reading cities in sunny biggest bro. Thanks for watching 38. Render Your Final Edited Video - Final Output: Hello. Is this video? I'm going to show you how to render you. Did you? After editing you video. The finalist is friendly. I suppose this step foot in that this with you. Select you here. You sleep. Thank you. See this and click on file and fleet Brendan s. You can see this window there. Take on Sonny. And this is the best rendering cities and makes your debt. This is object. Select you destination for them, does it? Yeah. And Deacon Brenda are you do render Is that sex? We compute for them and this is basically around. So in this way, we can easily Where did you? It's funny, I guess. Thanks for watching. 39. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.