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The ChatGPT Ultimate Course: From Zero to Hero

teacher avatar Baraa Khatib Salkini, Lead Big Data, Cloud Architecture, Data

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      ChatGPT Course Introduction


    • 2.

      What is ChatGPT?


    • 3.

      How ChatGPT Works?


    • 4.

      Will ChatGPT Replace our Jobs?


    • 5.

      Create Account


    • 6.

      A Tour of the Interface


    • 7.

      First Conversation: Shopping List


    • 8.

      Job Search: Intro


    • 9.

      Job Search: Where to Search?


    • 10.

      Job Search: Job Search Strategies


    • 11.

      Job Search: Find Top In-Demand Skills


    • 12.

      Job Search: Generate Cover Letter


    • 13.

      Job Search: Create Resume


    • 14.

      Job Search: Write Application Email


    • 15.

      Job Search: Prepare for Interview


    • 16.

      Job Search: Write Emails


    • 17.

      Job Search: Final Thoughts


    • 18.

      Writing: Intro


    • 19.

      Writing: Suggest Book Niches


    • 20.

      Writing: Generate Book Ideas & Titles


    • 21.

      Writing: Summarize Articles


    • 22.

      Writing: Generate Outline


    • 23.

      Writing: Generate Text


    • 24.

      Writing: Correct Grammar & Punctuation


    • 25.

      Writing: Final Thoughts


    • 26.

      Coding: Intro


    • 27.

      Coding: Generating Code


    • 28.

      Coding: Explaining Code


    • 29.

      Coding: Finding Bugs & Fixing Errors


    • 30.

      Coding: Explaining Error Messages


    • 31.

      Coding: Optimizing Performance


    • 32.

      Coding: Styling Code & Commenting


    • 33.

      Coding: Create Code Documentation


    • 34.

      Coding: Translating Programming Languages


    • 35.

      Coding: Generating Unit Data


    • 36.

      Coding: Generating Sample Data


    • 37.

      Coding: Final Thoughts


    • 38.

      YouTube: Intro


    • 39.

      YouTube: Finding Niches & Video Ideas


    • 40.

      YouTube: Writing Script


    • 41.

      YouTube: Finding Duplicates


    • 42.

      YouTube: Ideas for Editing


    • 43.

      YouTube: Generating Video Titles


    • 44.

      YouTube: Suggest Thumbnail Ideas


    • 45.

      YouTube: Generate Description


    • 46.

      YouTube: Generate Tags


    • 47.

      YouTube: Understanding The Algorithm


    • 48.

      YouTube: Final Thoughts


    • 49.

      The End: THANK YOU


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About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate ChatGPT Course. This is the most comprehensive, yet straightforward, course for ChatGPT on SkillsShare!"

ChatGPT is a true game changer, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that is considered to be the next industrial revolution.  We live in a digital information Era, and ChatGPT is a way to interact with text/data that has never existed before.

ChatGPT will be the new Google for many people, so mastering ChatGPT will soon be a must-skill for many professions.

Are you Ready to embrace it? Are you ready to revolutionize the way you work with ChatGPT AI? This is going to be extremely exciting for you.

If YES, then you found the right course for you here!

What makes my course special?

  • I designed this course to take you from Zero to Hero of ChatGPT, so if you are a beginner, don't worry, I will explain everything from scratch step by step. You are not too old or too young, and ChatGPT is super easy to learn.

  • You will have access to hundreds of prompts that you can use

  • You will learn some secret formulas that can unlock an endless amount of prompts to make you more creative with ChatGPT.

Topics covered in this course :

  • Learn the basics of ChatGPT and answer some questions like, What is ChatGPT? How does it work, and will it replace our jobs?

  • Create an Account and have a quick tour of the user interface.

  • Start our first conversation with the AI to create a shopping list.

  • #1 Use Case (Searching for Job): we'll learn how to use ChatGPT to search for a job. If you are a job seeker, ChatGPT can help you craft a professional cover letter, resume, application emails, and even prepare you for job interviews.

  • #2 Use Case (Writing):  we'll learn how ChatGPT can assist you in the writing process, whether you're working on a book, article, blog post, or even a master's thesis.

  • #3 Use Case (Programming): we'll show you how to use ChatGPT as a developer to write professional code. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, ChatGPT can help you write cleaner and more efficient code in just a few seconds.

  • #4 Use Case (Making Youtube Videos): we'll take a look at how ChatGPT can be used by content creators, such as those who create YouTube videos, and how ChatGPT can help you take your content to the next level.

This course will give you the skills you need to harness the power of AI and boost your productivity and efficiency. So, whether you're a job seeker, a writer, a developer, or a content creator, don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use ChatGPT and take your work to the next level!"

So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this incredible journey to mastering ChatGPT.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Baraa Khatib Salkini

Lead Big Data, Cloud Architecture, Data

Level: Beginner

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1. ChatGPT Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to the ultimate chat DVT course. My name is borrow with over ten years experience in IT projects. And I'm really excited to be your instructor for this journey. In this course, you will learn everything that you need to start working with sharp GBT to increase your efficiency and productivity. So by the end of the course, you will understand this emerging technology and you will be able to write amazing prompts in Chad DVD that's going to help you in your daily tasks. And what makes this course so special compared to the other courses, I designed this course to take you from zero to hero in chat GBT. So if you are a beginner, don't worry, I'm going to explain everything from the scratch step-by-step. You will have as well access to a hundreds of prompts that you can use. And you will learn some secret formulas that you can use to unlock an endless amount of prompts that going to make you more creative with the SAT GBT. Alright, so now let's have a quick overview of the content of this course. First, we will start learning the basics of sharp G, B, D. Then we will jump to shatter beauty to create an account. And then I'm going to take you on a quick tour in the user interface. After that, we will do a deep dive and four use cases. In the first use case, we will learn how to use chat GBD to search for it. Next, we will learn how to use sharp G, B, D to assist us in the writing process. After that, I'm going to show you how to use IGBT as programmer or developer. And finally, we're going to learn how shy GBD can help you as a content creator. If you want to create YouTube videos, you can use sharp G, B, D to take your content to the next level. So whether you are a job seeker, writer, developer, or a content creator, this course will help you to learn how to use the power of AI to boost your productivity and efficiency. So now let's jump in and get started. 2. What is ChatGPT?: Shot GBD. Mark my words. I was far more dangerous than nukes. Oh ****, no past month a new AI chat bot called chat GPT has been drawing a lot of attention, emotional intelligence spot check GPT coming for your job. But I want to talk about chat GPT. How many of you plan, how many of you know what Changi bt is? Because I don't know if you use this chatbox, but it is insane. We're kicking things off with an ad that I created using chat GPT. Everyone is talking about it. This is really huge. This one is actually a game-changer. It is terrifying at the start, but after I tried it, I think it's going to make us more creative and as well awesome. In this course, you will learn everything that you need to get started with Shad GBT. So let's get started. But first, some coffee. Really. The first question is, what is Chad GBT, Shad, GBT is cutting-edge AI chat bot that can understand the nature of language. It is created by OpenAI. Openai is a startup founded in 2015 in San Francisco by Elon Musk and other AI experts, but Illinois lifts three years later. And currently the CEO of OpenAI is Sam Altman. Sad GBD was released in November 2022. And each Brooks all the records by crossing 1 million users in just five days. If you compare to other platforms, it took Netflix 3.5 years to get 1 million users and Facebook almost a year. And even Instagram, 2.5 matters. Alright, so IGBT is designed to have a conversation with you. It's can understand your requests, but what makes it special is that you can make up a follow-up questions and even it admits mistakes and reject in appropriate requests. There are just endless ways on how to use sharp Djibouti, e.g. it can help you with the writing books, logs, and emails. It can correct grammar and summarize difficult ticks into simple explanations or bullet points. It can even help you to find a job by creating cover letters, resume, hand. Even it can act as interviewer to practice for job interviews. And if you are a YouTuber, it can help you to find the next video idea and write a script for that video. And not only that, if you are a programmer, it can generate code for you, find bugs and fix your code. And e.g. if there is a piece of code that you don't understand, you can ask it and it can explain everything in details. As I said, endless use cases. 3. How ChatGPT Works?: And now let's understand how sharp GBT works. Sharp GBD uses a type of artificial intelligence called the language model. It is like computer program designed to understand the human language. So sad GBT spends a lot of time and resources, training and training on massive amount of data from the Internet, like websites, books, articles, news, conversations on Twitter, discussions on their debts, and any other kinds of texts available on the internet. And that's all to understand the patterns and structures of the human language. This includes understanding the relationship between words, the grammar, and the meaning of the words in different contexts. So you might ask now, Wyche IGBT want to learn all of that? Well, the answer is simple. Shad GBT want to understand the real meaning behind our text and then generate a response in human-like way. So the main goal is to make the interaction between humans and robots as natural as it could be. And Shad GBT not only learned about the natural languages like English, but it also learned programming languages. That's means chat GBT was trained on billions of lines of codes publicly available on GitHub. So Shad GBT already learned languages like Python, HTML, SQL, JavaScripts, and more. That's means Shad DBT has different models that GPT-3 model is used to understand and generate natural languages like English. And that codecs model is used to understand programming languages and codes like Python. Alright, so now let's take a moment to understand what is the meaning of the letters G, P, T. G stands for generative. It means that the data model can create new contents. P stands for pretrained. It's means that the data model already trained on large amount of text data before even being put to use. And D stands for transformer, which is type of neural networks used in shack GBT. Once you start using it, you will notice how quickly it process your prompts and generate response in matter of seconds. And that's all thanks to the advanced neural network architecture. 4. Will ChatGPT Replace our Jobs?: There is one question that is to find people is shut GBD going to take over my job will after I tried the tool, I think as IT experts, we're going to be fine. No, not only fine, we're going to be more creative and it's going to impact how we do our job. And it's going to make it more efficient. And even if it takes away some types of jobs, if we learn something from the history, always new jobs will be created, will add the end, whether you like it or not. Sharp G, B, D is here to stay. And I'm really interested to know what do you think about it? So let me know in the comment below. Alright, so with us we have covered the theory part behind the sharp GBD. Let's move on and C-sharp GBT inaction. 5. Create Account: Alright, so now let's go to our browser and go to I'm going to leave the link in the description. And if you get something like this, it's going to mean that the servers are full and you have to try later. Since currently there are millions of people want to try this service. But if you are lucky like me, then we can login and sign up. If you don't have already a login to OpenAI, you can select to sign up. It's going to take only 1 min. It's really easy. So let's sign up. You can use an e-mail address or your Google or Microsoft accounts. I'm going to sign up using the email address and then we're gonna give it a password. Once you give those informations, you will get an email in your mailbox to verify your email address, like this one here. Then just click over this green box. This can activate our account and then it's going to take us back to Open AI. Here we have to fill few details. It only needs the first and last name. Let's do that and then select continue. This process is two steps for vacations. That means we have to enter our phone number. So let's do that. And after that, I'm going to receive a code on my phone number and I'm going to put it over here. And once we do that, we are finally in chat GBT and we can start using it. As you saw, it's currently free. We didn't add any payment methods, which is really nice. 6. A Tour of the Interface: Okay guys, so now I'm going to take you on a quick tour in the user interface of Shad GBT. It's very simple. We're going to start on the left side over here. And if you select a new shots, you can start a new conversation with Sharad GBT. And below that, we can change the UI mood, either too dark or light. I choose always dark mode. It's better for my eyes and less blue lights. And below that, we have the OpenAI discord server that we can join while we have already million and half members. Crazy. What you can do over here joining this course is that you can share your feedback with their community and you can as well engage with discussions about OpenAI with other members. Alright, so now let's go back to shut GBD. You can find over here a link where you can find information about the updates releases. If a cue from Chad GBD team, and the last thing of the left side, you can look out over here. Alright, so now let's go to the middle and we have over here some informations, like it explains how to interact with IGBT. And then we have some information about the capacity of IGBT. Like here it says shut GBT is actually remember what you said in the previous conversations. And it allows you to do a follow-ups. And it tells you as well that the AI is trained to decline any inappropriate requests. And the last important, the right side, it's still us about the limitations and shared GBD. The answer might be incorrect or biased informations. And here it says that the AI is trained on data up to 2021. That means anything. After 2021, the AI has less information and knowledge about the events. It's still have to learn it. Alright, so now we come to the most important element in the UI is the input field over here. And here you can start writing message query a prompt to start a conversation with the AI. And once we hit Go, the AI can analyze our prompts and going to respond with a text. So now let's have our first prompts over here. Who are you? Then? Let's go. Alright, so as you can see, we got a response and now you might say, okay, this is not really the answer that I'm looking for. And here you have two options. Either you're going to select over here, regenerate response and the Eigen and generate another one like this. And you can switch between the response like this, between the first and the second, you think those. And now if you want to evaluate this response, you can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down with a feedback. And this of course, can help the AI to drain and improve. Alright, so that was the first option to regenerate the response. The second option over here, you can add a follow-up prompts. Let's try this. Explain it again, like I'm ten years old. Alright, so this is amazing, right? And we can add another prompt in this conversation and we're gonna say, explain it like I'm five years old. This is really mind-blowing. This is the first time that we have a shot like this with an AI. It is so smart, That's all the follow-up answers are based on the whole conversation and understand the whole context. Be aware if you start a new shot over here from the left side, it will not remember the current conversation. Each new shot, it's like a new page. Like all of those conversations are independent from each others. And beneath that here on the left side, you can start seeing all different conversations that we started with IGBT. So you can revisit it again and continue the shot with the AI. Alright, so with that, we have created a brand new account and OpenAI, and we understood the main elements of the user interface in OpenAI. 7. First Conversation: Shopping List: Alright, so now I'm going to start with the first prompts where I'm going to ask the hardest question that I face on a daily basis, what should I eat today? So I'm going to ask shut UP D to give me some ideas on what to eat today, especially that I'm trying to lose some weight. So let's ask IGBT the following, list. Five dishes that I can eat without carbs because I am trying to lose some weights. Let's go. Okay, so this is really amazing. Shout DBT gave us five dishes and it's considered as well that I'm trying to lose some weight. So as you can see, there's like everywhere vegetables. But now for me, the most interesting one is the first option because I really like chicken. I think this course you will learn a lot of things about me and hear exactly the magic of GBD where things get more interesting. Where I'm going to ask a follow-up question about the option number one, I'm gonna go and ask the following question. I'm going to say create shopping list for the first option. So as you can see over here, I didn't write the full text of grilled chicken or fish with vegetables. I say just the first option. And that's because the AI understand the whole conversation and you remember the old answers, which is really cool. But now I want to be more specific because here, the first option you can see there is chicken and fish. And I don't want to buy fish in the shopping list. So I'm going to be more specific and say with grilled chicken. Let's go. This is really beautiful. So now we have a shopping list for my meal. And not only that, she had GPT add as well at the end, some contexts. So here we have nodes about this shopping list. And that's always what GBT tried to do is to add some recommendations, warnings, ideas, which really makes the conversation with the AI that's actually be D, lack of human. Alright, so let's say that I bought all those stuff. The biggest problem with that's how I'm going to cook it. So I'm going to ask showed you but do the follow-up question. The question is very simple. What are the cooking steps? I love it. So as you can see, IGBT gave us a step-by-step guide how to cook this dish. And as usual, the AI at the ends give us some more context. And this is exactly the difference between shared GBT and Google. In chat gbd, we can have follow-up questions and the Eigen to understand the whole conversation and the whole context. And you feel that's all the questions and everything is connected to each other. But in the other side and Google, each Christian going to be handled individually. So as you can see with the help of the GBD, I went from not knowing what I'm going to eat today. We'll have a bland and guide step-by-step on what to do in just few seconds. And next we're going to start our deep dive. And the use cases of Shad GBT. 8. Job Search: Intro: In 2013, I moved to Germany and start searching for a job. Finding my new job in a new country was not an easy task. I had to know where to search for jobs, which skills were required to be a data engineer, I had to craft the perfect resume and cover letters. Then I applied to many jobs, repaired for the interviews and learned about the important questions. And it includes as well many email communications. I had to do all those stuff with my third language, German, which was not easy at all. But many people have helped me out at the start. But now in the age of the AI, the story is totally different. The process of searching new job has just been made easy using AI. Alright, so now let's have an example in order to understand how I can help us searching for new jobs. 9. Job Search: Where to Search?: Alright, so the first step by searching for new job is to understand where to search. So let's ask IGBT about that. So we're going to write the following. What are the best platforms to search for job in Germany since I am in Germany now, let's go. Great. So now we've got the list of all platforms where we can search for jobs. Indeed, LinkedIn, step stone, and zinc. And to be honest, in the last ten years, I switch between for jobs and all of them. I found it using step stone. I don't know whether it's a lock or something, but I really liked this platform. I found a lot of job there. 10. Job Search: Job Search Strategies: We can ask other stuff for examples. What are the strategies for searching or job? What are the best practices? So let's see what charge if g going to say about that. So we can ask what are the effective strategies for finding a job? It's cool, guy. So what I can say, all of those advisors are golden and I cannot agree more. The first one about networking, of course, having a solid network and relationships with people, you can increase your chances to find your dream job. That's why I really recommend to have a strong LinkedIn with a lots of connections to other people. Another one, It's about their resume and a cover letter. It should be perfect if you are searching for jobs, apply for multiple jobs over here. Well, that's reminds me of my second job. I applied over 100 jobs parallelly. I would just send the applications like crazy. And this is from my side. I think the most important tip or advice is about searching for jobs, just apply everywhere. So what I think about those advices, they are all great, really like here, stay positive and so on. I really love this answer from shut GBT. 11. Job Search: Find Top In-Demand Skills: Alright, so now let's move to the next one. Let's say that you are a junior data engineer and you want to double-check what are the most in-demand skills required from Data Engineer. So we can ask IGBT about that. So let's try the following. What are the most in-demand skills for data engineers? Let's go. Okay, so now let's take the answer. This is what I love about IGBT. It's not only answering our question and listing all those skills, but always it gives us like recommendations and tips over here. At the end, if I take the answer over here, as a data engineer, I can say Exactly, exactly. Those are the skills that you need to master as a data engineer. So this is really great way to double-check your skills and you know that you are at their correct path. If not, then you have to create a roadmap to develop those skills. Alright, so now let's say that I'm missing a lot of skills. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna start then ask the expert, asked they die. So what are the three essential skills each data engineer must have? So let's see. I'm just saying all the time through, through, through. I have over ten years experience with data engineering and I cannot agree more. So this is really a perfect answer as an expert. So the first one is about programming languages. You should have expertise in Python and SQL. And the second one is about big data technologies because most of the projects now that's needs data engineers are big data projects. So this is exactly one essential skill and the last one. And of course, if you want to build a pipelines, a data engineer, you should have skills with the ETL processes and data warehousing. So what I can say, well done for the day, they got it as an expert. I really loved those answers. 12. Job Search: Generate Cover Letter: Okay, so now let's talk about one important step in the process of searching for new job, which is creating professional cover letter agarose away. And for that you can use the power of AI as LGBT in order to create it. Let's say that you are junior data engineer and you've found a job at Microsoft, right? A professional cover letter for junior data engineer at company Microsoft. I know the basic requirements for the job, but I don't have any work experience entry-level. So let's see. Okay, so now let's have a look. Shadowy beauty created the basic layout, which is really great starting point for you. And as will beautifully written in perfect English, how good is the US? And to be honest, if I wanted to write this myself, it's gonna take me like around 20 to 30 min. It will not be perfect like this. And now we have it like in few seconds, how amazing this. And now let's say that we want to change some informations. E.g. I. Have a master degree in Computer Science, and I have some experience about the Azure Cloud. So let's still charge a beauty to change that updates the cover letter. Removing that I have bachelor degree and replace it was master degree in computer science. Mentioned that I have experienced in azure clouds. Let's see you guys. It's a British goods. So as you can see, it's integrated our wishes we have now here message degree in computer science and the litter. And as well, it's integrated by skill about the Azure Cloud and you can add more stuff, e.g. let's say that's rewrites the cover letter. To sound smarter and more excited about the job. It's really funny, but as well, It's very great. It's using sophisticated dashboards. It is a same cover letter, but now using some advanced English words. And if you read it again, you're going to have the feeling that this guy or girl is motivated about the job. Alright, so now another thing that you can do with sharp GBD is to translate the text to different languages. So e.g. let's say that this job is in Germany and you want a cover letter in German language. So let's do that. Translates the cover letter, the German. Go. Alright, so now we have the same cover letter in German. I know there are a lot of translators out there like Google and other ones as well base in AI. But they have the feeling that I can't trust the translation and shared GBD more. 13. Job Search: Create Resume: Alright, so now let me show you another fun one where we can ask Chad GBD to create a resume. So let's see how we can do that. Based on the English cover letter. Writes a professional resume, including my skills, educations, summary, and myHobbies. Let's go. This is really mind-blowing. As you can see in the work experience, we have none. Because based on the conversation, chat GBT understood that we are a junior developer and we don't have any experience. So he assumed immediately that we don't have any work experience, which is really correct based on this conversation. So let's check what do we have enhancer or here. So we have like small summary. I think it's too much, we can make it shorter. And it listed exactly those skills that are required for data engineer, which is really great. And here we can be more specific in our prompts where we gonna give e.g. some skills, some hobbies, but I will not go there and give like e.g. the e-mail address or telephone number or any personal informations for the AI. So really be careful what you are giving here in the prompts. You have any way to copy the text somewhere else. And there you can add your personal information. But again, this is really perfect starting point for you in creating your resume and cover letters. 14. Job Search: Write Application Email: Alright, so now we found a job. We have the documents that I cover letter and resume. And the next step is that we're going to go and send an application e-mail. And of course you are not alone. We're going to use the shed GBT in order to generate a professional email. Let me show you how we can do that. So we're going to say, I found a job for position data engineering at Microsoft, writes a professional job application, e-mail. Let's go. I really love it. It's perfect email that you get a sense. And I'm really that you're going to impress the one that's going to receive such an e-mail. But let's say it's like really long e-mail, we want to make it shorter. So let's ask DBT to do that. Similarly make it shorter. That's it. Very beautiful. I think that's it. Perfect. We don't have to add a lot of information in the email body because we have all the information is covered in the cover letter. 15. Job Search: Prepare for Interview: Alright, so now let's move to the next step in the process. And let's say that Microsoft was impressed about geo-replication their resume and cover letter, and they invited you to a job interview. So how can she IGBT helped me in the job interview? Let me show you what you can do, okay, But first let's understand this unique formula that refund it in sharp Djibouti, this is Britney down. Good. We can ask for the AI to act as a person or a rule to do something. So the formula is act as personal role. Then we have a dusk e.g. act as the job interviewer and asked me ten questions about the data engineering. And another example, act as a professional editor and review my book and one more that is really interesting. Act as an old wise man and give me the best advice in life. Alright, so now let's prepare for the interview with Microsoft using Shad GBT. Let's ask the following. Act as job interviewer asked me ten questions about data engineering. Let's go. Great content, really great contents. I'm going to use that as well as I'm interviewing sometimes people for the jobs that that's going to work on my team. So I can use those stuff as inspiration. So now you can go and check those questions. And if you are not sure about one of those questions, you can go and ask Shai GBT to give you the answer that you're supposed to say. So e.g. what could be the answer of the first question? So let's see. It's about the concepts of data warehousing. Perfect, true. And if you know all the answers and you'll want to practice, you can say simply give me ten more questions and so on. So as you can see now we have this smart experts with a data engineer that you can sit the whole day practicing your interview. This is just mind-blowing. 16. Job Search: Write Emails: Alright, so in the process of searching for new job, it includes a lot of e-mails and communications, especially after the job interview. So what we usually do after the interview, we send directly a thank-you e-mail for the interview. So let's see what's LGBT going to say about that after the job interview. I want to thank the interviewers and express my appreciation for their time. Writes a thank you e-mail. So let's go and see you. This is really nice stuff. So first we have the thank you for the interview. And after that, you are showing that you are impressed about the company and you are excited to be part of it. And at the ends you are saying That's okay. I'm looking forward to hear from you because now you are waiting for the response. Alright, so there's like different emails so that you can write, especially after two weeks if you didn't hear anything from the company, you can write them a follow-up e-mail. Let's see an example. I applied for a job at Microsoft, but I haven't received any response. In two weeks. Write a follow-up email asking about the status of my application in a friendly, professional tone. Let's see. Perfect. It has all the information that you need as a friendly reminder in the e-mail. This is really professional e-mail that you can send Ferriss, you'd give some information that you applied for the job sequence. You understand that the process, it takes some time. So this is really professional and friendly e-mail that you can send to a combining the Schar GBT is just mind-blowing tool. 17. Job Search: Final Thoughts: Alright guys, so if you are searching for new job and you're watching my video on what I can say that the search process can be tough and you might get rejections. So don't let that discourage you. For my second job. I sent over 100 applications and I think I got severe rejections for acceptance. And there is a didn't even get any answers. It's really just part of the process. You have to stay focused and believe in yourself, especially now with the help of the AI and tools like Chef GBD, the process is really easier and faster. So good luck with that. 18. Writing: Intro: Alright, so let me show you how shared GBG can help you with writing, whether it's book, SE, article, or even master thesis, the process of writing can seem overwhelming. First you have to come up with an idea and then choose a title that stands out. Next, we have to spend a lot of time researching and gathering information. Then you have to create an outline and start writing the first draft. And after that, you have to revise and edit your work to make it polished and grammatically correct. Finally, you have to publish and share your work. So those steps, it might take a lot of hard work and log time to finish, but you are not alone anymore. We have the shared GBT that can assist you to speed up the process and make your work more efficient. 19. Writing: Suggest Book Niches: Alright, so let's start with the first step of writing a book is to generate an idea. So we have first to find a niche that is interesting to write about. The idea should be trending and as we'll not that crowded. So we can use the head of Shad GPT-2, generate ideas and suggest niches. So let's see what it can do. Let's have the following prompts suggest five niche ideas for writing a book that are likely to go viral in 2023 ands are less crowded. Let's go. This is really beautiful. So now we have five niches from the eye. The first one about the environment, the next one about the mental hills. But let's say that you didn't find the niche that you want to write about what you can do now you can add a follow-up prompts to say, so just three more. So let's go and do that. Gave me three more ideas. This is really amazing. So now we have three more niches, and now I'm going to choose a topic. So we're going to talk about the personal finance and I would like to make a book about it. 20. Writing: Generate Book Ideas & Titles: Alright, so next we're going to go in more details where we can ask the chat GBD to give us book ideas about the topic personal finance. So let's do that. Alright, so let's try this prompt. I want to write a book about that topic. Number six suggests five ideas. It's gone. This is really awesome. Now we have ideas for books to write about. I would like to write a book for beginners to explain the basics about investing, alright, and now the next step is to find the catchy titles for my book that can hit the draw reader's attention and make them more likely to pick up my book. So let's see how shared GBD can help us with that. Generates five catchy book titles about investing. For beginners. I really love it. So now we have a nice, We have an idea, we have a title for our book, we have something enhance and we can start writing the book. 21. Writing: Summarize Articles: Alright guys, so the next step in the process of writing a book is to do research and gather information like e.g. reading books, articles, blogs, and online materials. You find it in the Internet. And here we can use shack GBD to speed up this very long process, e.g. here we have the Wikipedia about their investments. It's pretty long text. So what we can do about it, we can copy the text from the Wikipedia and then go to chat GBD and ask it to make a summarizations about it. And that's way faster than reading the whole Wikipedia and extracting the key points of that. So let's have an example. I'm gonna go over here and copy the text. Until this point. Let's go now to IGBT. And now I'm going to ask it to summarize the following text in 1 bar graph. Now to insert our texts, we have to add double-quotes so the AI can understand when our text starts and when it ends. So let's do that. Double-quotes, then paste the whole text and inter, Oh my God, this is really mind-blowing, infusing AI understood the whole text and generated summarizations about it. You just witnessed the magic of neural networks on speeding up the process of AI. And that's why we have response in few seconds. And we can do many other stuff like e.g. we can turn it into bullet points, turn the text into bullet points, go. This is crazy, right? We have now bullet points from a long text and it's going to just speed up our process of writing. And now we can go and extract more stuff from the texts, like e.g. pull out the five most important keywords from the text. So as you can see, we have it. Now. Imagine that we have a lot of books, a lot of articles, blogs and so on to read and to summarize how fast now it's going to be with the AI. You will just gather and collect inflammations with high-speed. 22. Writing: Generate Outline: So now we have the idea that title we investigated about the topic. We should start now writing. And the next step is to create an outline to structure our book. And we can use the hub of shadowy beauty to generate the outline. So let's see how we can do that. We can write the following. Provide me with an outline for my book. We have this one. Let's go. This is just awesome. So let's see what do we have here? It's really detailed. It starts with an introduction, then understanding that concept. I think stocks, bonds and so on. That sitting the goals. I think it's really perfect one. Alright, so as you can see in few seconds, we have an outline, we have a structure and plan for our book. But don't forget one thing that's everything that we get from Shad GBD. It's like suggestions. It is a great starting point for us. And if you read taking your book seriously, you have to edit it and add your personal touch. 23. Writing: Generate Text: Alright, so now we have the plan and we can start writing the first chapter. And we can use chat GBD to generate the ticks for us. Alright, so now if you want to ask how GBD to regenerate it takes for us, we have to be more specific about the output from the AI. And we can use this formula in order to ask such beauty derived something. So we can start with right than the length, the topic. And in which style, e.g. right, 1,000 words blog on traveling in engaging personal and storytelling style. And another prompt, e.g. right, 200 words article on health habits in informative and objective style. So after trying a lot of stuff, each IGBT, I think this formula is very successful and you can use it to generate any text you want. And I'm really interested if you unlock any successful formula in chat GBD, share it with us in the video comments so we can all benefit from that. So we can say generates 1,000 words for the first chapter. In an engaging and story telling. Let's go. This is really beautiful. Ancient. Have to ask maybe for 100, it took little bit more time. Alright, so now let's say that you went through the chapter and you think, okay, everything is fine, that ticks is fine. The idea is that the structure, but I really didn't like the style of it. So you can change the style by using the following prompts. Now write it in the style of a video game dialogue. Let's go. Alright. So now we have like NBC and player. This is really funny. Alright? And so you can learn how to invest. But I will stop it. You can stop the duration by clicking over here, so we don't waste resources. 24. Writing: Correct Grammar & Punctuation: Alright guys, so now let's say that I went crazy and I start writing that takes for Chapter two of my book without letting the AI to generate it. And I wrote something like this. We still can use the help of AI to correct the grammar and the punctuations of our texts. So let's do this. So we can write it like this, correct? That grammar and punctuation, this text. So we add our text. Now, let's go. This is really beautiful, so infused the chat GBD, correct? Everything. I Rupert's my mistakes. I really wish that sharp GBT existed as I was writing my master thesis, where I spent days revising, editing, fixing my grammar. It wasn't that easy task at all. Alright guys, so now if you read my texts, I think those words are really simple and I don't sound like professional writer. So let's ask Chad GBD to change that. Replace my simple words with advanced English. Wow, now I'm convinced that I shouldn't write the chapter two. I should have led the AI to generate it. 25. Writing: Final Thoughts: Alright guys, so now I want to take a moment to talk about using AI in the writing process. It's really important to understand that she had GPT or any other AI tools. They will not replace the human writers. Instead, it's here to assist us and make the writing process much faster and more efficient. And we have to remember that everything that I generate should be reviewed and edited by humans to make sure it fits your projects. So let's embrace the AI and never forget the importance of the human touch. 26. Coding: Intro: As programmers and developers, we don't spend all the day writing scripts and codes nonstop has you might see in movies. Instead, our daily work might include searching for best practices in Stack Overflow. We also spent hours trying to figure out why our code is not working, searching for box and trying to find fixed for them. And we have as well the task of optimizing the performance of our code. Another important task is to keep our code well styled, organized and with comments and not to forget the pain of creating recommendations, which is very boring and annoying to do. But now we have new smart friend that going to make our life way easier than before. At least I hope. Okay, So now let me show you some examples in order to understand how the AI is going to help you with programming and coding. 27. Coding: Generating Code: Alright guys, so now we're going to uncover the superpower of the model codex inch IGBT after the ailerons, billions of lines of codes in the public GitHub. Let's start first with the basics. You can use chat GBD degenerate codes, e.g. let's say that we want to write a function that generates random integers between one and 100s. So let's see if strategy VTK write this piece of code for us. Write Python function for generating random numbers, 1-100. Let's go. I just love this answer from its activity. Here we have a code snippets on how to generate random numbers in Python. And beneath it, we have always like an explanation line-by-line when how this code works. So here we have the function name generates random numbers and the explanation for that. And then it's explained the function that is used from the library random. And this is exactly what you want in order to understand this code. This is perfect. This is amazing, but as real scary. 28. Coding: Explaining Code: Alright, so for the next one, she had GPT can help you explaining the code. Let's say that you start working in a new team, in a new company or any new projects. And the first thing that you have always to do is to go to the GitHub in order to understand the codes. And sometimes this is really painful. Their colleagues and your team don't add recommendations, don't add comments or Styles in their codes. So if you are in this situation, you can have really hard time understanding the code or understanding the project. But now we have a new friend that has all the time for you explaining all the codes that you want. So let's have an example. So all you have to do is writing the following prompts, explain the following. God. And we can add our codes. Alright, so let's take the outputs. This is really gold. This is crazy. It explains in details everything line-by-line this code. So first, it's figured out that this is a Python function where it converts the CSV files to JSON file and then explain all the rows of the codes. And this all happened in few seconds. So this is really amazing if you are starting new projects and you want to understand the code, just use the IGBT to understand it. 29. Coding: Finding Bugs & Fixing Errors: Alright, so now we're gonna go to the security part of shared GBD, where you can use it to analyze and scan your code to find bugs and errors. And not only that, you can ask IGBT to fix all the errors, this is just mind-blowing. Let's have an example. Find the errors in the following codes and suggest solutions to fix it. Now we can enter our codes. So let's go. You know what? Alright, Alright, so let's talk about this again. Will not comment. It just did the job. So let's check the answer over here. Not only it found the error in our code, but also it explained in details what was the era abouts and as well it generated the code with the fixed. So here we have again my code, the problem in my code, I used the wrong format. So here we have a year, month and day. And I used in the format only the year and the month in just few seconds, Chad DBT analyzed my code and find the fixed for it and explain it for me. This is just mind-blowing. 30. Coding: Explaining Error Messages: Alright, so now let's talk about the next one. As you are programming and writing your code, you might encounter some errors. And not all tools and programming languages provide full explanations and information about the error. So we spent a lot of time reading the user manuals or searching in Stack Overflow just in order to understand the error message of our program. But now we can use judge beauty in order to help us understanding the error messages. So we're gonna say explain the following error message. And we're going to post our error message over here. So this is really getting annoying. I'm joking. This is amazing. Look at explaining the error message in details. So here it's saying there is a syntax error in our select statement. And instead of using from, we used for, It's like typo and add the ends. It just gave us summarizations about the AR. I'm sure this can help a lot of developers. 31. Coding: Optimizing Performance: Alright, so for the next use case, we can use shared GBD to optimize the performance in our code. Sometimes we write everything correctly. There is no erodes or anything, but once you executed the goods, you will get bad performance. And here we can use the power of AI in shared GBD to analyze our code and suggest optimizations, let's have an example. Optimize the following codes to boost the performance. So now I'm going to enter an SQL statement. Long time. Let's go. The answer is perfect, I love it. So let's take that. If you're not about SQL, it's really bad practices to use the or multiple times like this. It just going to waste the performance. So who shared DBT suggested to use the n operator instead of using the OR, which is really the best practices in SQL. And not only that, it provides us as well with the code snippets and the next suggestions essays, okay, it optimize the performance. You can use indexes on the customer ID, which is just true as well in our statements, we are using full outer join and this is the worst type of joint that going to really bring the performance down. And as you can see over here, Shad GBT, notice that and suggested to use different type of join. So here it's saying, okay, you might use inner join instead. I have experienced with SQL more than ten years. And I can say this answer is perfect shape GBD here acted as an expert in SQL and suggests that really professional solutions. 32. Coding: Styling Code & Commenting: Okay, so now let's talk about the next use case that I really like. We can use shared GBT to style our codes and add comments. Let's say that you are in project and your role is to do code reviews. There is nothing annoying more than someone's since you record with really bad formats and no comments at all. So here either you reject the goods or you're going to go and style it in order to understand it. So if you are a programmer, please pay attention to the style of your codes and add comments. And now especially with the AI, you don't have any excuses in few seconds. You can style the whole code and add comments to it. Let's have an example. So a style my codes, following the P APA style guides and add comments. Not only that, we're going to add as well, some prints and add some prints when it makes sense. So now we can add our codes. And let's go. It's really bad for mattered. So let's check the answer. This is really beautiful. So as you can see now we have, we'll organize code with the style and it's really easier to read than the previous code. So if you take the code over here, It's really hard to read those tough. So now we have everything organized. And not only that, we have as well, that comments over here and the AI added as well some brands in our code where it makes sense. So this is perfect and show DBT was really nice at the ends and E, two ends and explain the code for me. Perfect. 33. Coding: Create Code Documentation: Alright, so now we're gonna go to the next use case where all programmers love this feature. You can use Chef GBT to generate recommendations of your code. How cool is this? The most painful step in the writing process of scripts is now automated using IGBT. Let's have an example. So the prompt is really simple. Query it documentation of the following codes. And we can add our codes. Let's go. So as you can see, sharp GBD, just curious at the documentation and few seconds. And if I want to create such a recommendation, it make take lag 10-15 min. If she had GPT has only this feature to create recommendations, That's really enough to be the best tool in this year. 34. Coding: Translating Programming Languages: Alright, the next use case of IGBT is that you can use it in order to convert your code from one programming language to another one in software engineering is we have endless projects that have the same goal to convert the code of our products from one programming language to another. Well now we can use the help of AI to convert the codes and save a lot of money. Let's have an example. We want now to convert the same function from Python to JavaScripts. Let's do that using the following prompts. Converts my Python codes to Java script. So now we're going to enter the scripts, and it's cool. Alright, so now let's take the output. This is really gold. So now we have the same function that converts CSV files to Jason, but now endeavor scripts and we have an example code for that. As you can see, sharp GBT loves to explain everything for you. So not only generated the code, generated recommendations and explanations with details about the JavaScript code. So this is really magic and very good news. If you are immigration projects, you can go and suggest to use chat GBT to speed up the process and save some money. But here, one thing to notice is that if you are migrating from an old programming language that does not exist currently in the public GitHub. And this can be a problem because the AI didn't find in the GitHub any code to train on it. So the shared GBT, and they will only support us on data that it trained on. 35. Coding: Generating Unit Data: Alright, another use case and shy GBT that we can ask it to create a unit test. Now you know that testing is very essential part in the coding process. And sometimes it takes us like 15 to 20 min to write a unit test for our functions. Now, we can use jet GPT-2 created a few seconds. So we're going to use the following prompts. Generate a unit test. For the following Python function. We're going to use the same function that converts CSV to JSON. And let's go. So this is really nice in few seconds regard to unit tests for our function and we're going to use it in order to ensure that everything is fine as we are converting from CSV to JSON. 36. Coding: Generating Sample Data: Alright, so for the next one we can use to LGBT to generate dummy data or test data. Pretty **** good, right? So let's have an example. Generates dummy data in SQL for table called customers. Each customer should have an ID, FirstName, email, country, and a score. So let's see. So as you can see, very powerful, we have now some insert statements and SQL with few examples. And we can use it in order to test something or to practice the SQL. So now instead of throwing gas the script in this grill, I wanted to show that that itself. So let's try the following. Show the data as a table For five customers. Now this is just mind-blowing Crazy, right? So who needs now tools to practice SQL? We can use gesture IGBT. So now we can see over here we have this data to practice this grill. And we can ask it now to do stuff like find the customer with the highest score. So now let's write this prompt, write SQL statements to find the customer with highest score and add the ends. Show the results as a table. This goal, this is just amazing. If you want to learn alone SQL, you can use IGBT to have an examples and to practice with the queries. So here's shed you predict created like to statesman's to solve the problem. And of course explained everything in details. And we have the results. Michael is the highest score with age. 37. Coding: Final Thoughts: Alright guys, so we have again the question is Shadi PuTTYgen replace our programmers and developers. This is how I think about is currently, I think it's going to reshape how programmers works. I don't think that's we are going to spend most of our time writing the code. Instead we are going to be something like good designers or engineers, where we have to define the blueprint, the concept, or the solution. And I'm going to take over and do the rest by generating the code. So I think the Eigen to assist us and speed up the process of writing the code, which can allow us to start and finish projects way faster than now. 38. YouTube: Intro: The process of making videos and content like this may take hours or even days to complete. You have to find a niche, come up with video ideas. You have to plan and start scripting your videos. Then the recall process can start and then hours and hours of editing. And before you publish your video, you have to find a catchy title right there, perfect descriptions and tags and design a thumbnail that attracts people to click. But now I'm really excited that I have such as system besides me that can help me to speed up the process of creating content. Okay, So now let me show you how she IGBT going to help you with creating YouTube videos. 39. YouTube: Finding Niches & Video Ideas: Alright guys, so the process of creating YouTube videos is very similar to the process of writing a book. You can use chat GBD to find a niche for your YouTube channel and as well to find ideas for your content, It's really important to have a trending niche and at the same time, less crowded. Okay, so now let's ask LGBT about some ideas. Suggests five trending niches for YouTube channel that are likely to go viral in 2023 and are less crowded. Let's go crazy, right? So if you are searching for a niche for YouTube channel here you have five ideas. So the first one is about the environment, the next one about the virtual reality, the mental Hills, personal finance and online training. And of course, if you want more ideas, you can say, okay, so just five more, crazy. So now let's pick the person and finance over here as a niche for our YouTube channel. Then next step, we have to find ideas for our videos. And of course for that, we can use chat GBD to suggest some video ideas for us. So we can have the following prompt. Suggest five ideas. A YouTube video about that topic. Number four, but now let's make it not that easy for IGBT. Let's see the following that not many people know about. Just to make sure that our video is going to go viral, right? Let's go. Wonderful. Alright, so now we have five video ideas for our new YouTube channel. Let's see the result. So the first one about the depth, the second one is about the emergency fund. And then the third is like introduction to our investments, then how to create a budget. And of course, this trending topic, whether we can rent or buy your home, if I'm going to create a personal finance general, those are really cool ideas to start with. 40. YouTube: Writing Script: Alright, so now let's say that we want to start with a video about creating a budget. So the next step, and here we have the fun part where we have to write a YouTube scripts for our video. And of course we can use the help of the IGBT to generate a YouTube script for us. So let's have this problem. Write a script for YouTube video with scenes on the topic. Number four. And now we can add the style so we're going to have in engaging and easy to understand style. So here we have to specify which audience we are targeting is, is the beginners or the advanced viewers. So I would say here, Let's go for beginners, for total beginners. Let's go. Let's see the output. This is insanely good. This is really stunning. This level of scripts, it is very professional. It's not the only writing the scripts what you're going to say, but also describing their roles. So here e.g. it says, okay, cuts two shots with the person sitting with the finance advisor. So as you are seeing the scripts, you can like fits your video or footage with such a thing. This stuff can help you massively if you are going to create any content. But obviously we are not going to copy and paste everything it generates. It is really great starting point to reference or outline. If you are creating a script for YouTube. 41. YouTube: Finding Duplicates: Another use case for IGBT, we can find duplicates in our scripts. I don't know if you already noticed. I say often, Alright guys are okay guys. So you can use shirt GBD to find those stuff that's repeats over and over and you might want to adjust it. So e.g. here, I have a YouTube scripts about Tableau and what we can do, we can go and copy everything from the scripts and then go to Djibouti. Alright, so we can say give me a list of words and their frequency occurrence that appear more than four times. And now we add our texts. Let's go. Alright, so now let's take the results. This is really wonderful. So now I have a list of all words that I repeat. Tableau Public quiet with their occurrence. This is normal. Maybe I was explaining these products and you can go through all the words like tutorials, It's okay. Tableau data visualizations, public limitations may be limitations. I should not say it five times, so I have to find some alternatives, but we can ask our GBD about that. So let's say, okay, give me five bitter derivatives for the words limitations. With this, instead of me saying like five days limitations and the video, I can say like drawbacks, restrictions and so on. And with that, you optimize your videos and scripts and you sound more professional. And this is really important as the content maker that you optimize always your scripts, you optimize your videos. And now with the help of shared gbd, we can do more analyses for our content. And now there's some situations where you say, You know what, I don't create scripts for me. I just operate the camera and start recording. So how I'm going to analyze my text? If you've got an edit your video, you can go to the subtitle. You use your generator, of course, the whole text of your audio. So what you can do, you can just go over here and copy everything and go to IGBT and analyse the duplicates. 42. YouTube: Ideas for Editing: All right, So after you record your video, the next step is to edit your video. Here we have small problem. You can not use chat GBT in order to edit the video, but we can still use shadowy beauty to give us like tips and tricks, best-practices about the editing process, e.g. which music we can add our video, which animations, soundtracks and so on, e.g. let's say I'm creating YouTube video about how to create a budget. What is the best music and sound effects to use in my video? Let's go. To be honest, I haven't thought about it, whether I'm going to add background music to my videos and tutorials, haven't done it before. So now if you are seeing this video and you are hearing background music, It's because of this tip. So here it says I can add some background music. This tab if music and Acuity, it's relaxed and focus atmosphere that can help to keep viewers engaged and focused on the task at hand. So what do you think? Should I add background music to my tutorials? And if I do that during the editing, please give me your opinion whether you like it or not. 43. YouTube: Generating Video Titles: Alright, so now we're done with the editing. The next step that you're going to go and publish our video. But before we make it public, we have to add a lot of stuff like the title and thumbnail, the description of the video, and the tags. So we can use IGBT to generate titles for our videos, your video title and thumbnail. They are very important thing because they are the first thing that the viewers can see when they come across your videos. And based on the title and the thumbnail, we're going to click on your video or will not. Let's see how shared you buddy can help us with that. Generates five YouTube catchy titles for my video about how to create budgets. That's kind of catch the viewer's attention. Let's go. As you can see now, we have five daughters for our videos. At the start, I already spent hours just searching and analyzing what are the best titles for videos. I found a lot of channels and alive their titles. It was really painful process to have a catchy title for your video. But now with the help of day, we can just do it in few seconds. And then you will have a professional suggestions from the AI. And if you don't like those titles, we can always say, okay, give me more five suggestions. 44. YouTube: Suggest Thumbnail Ideas: Alright, so the next step in the process is to create a thumbnail for our video that's grabbed people's attention to click on it. And here we cannot use shared GBD to generate images. It generates only texts, but we still can ask for advisors. So let's have this prompt. Give me some ideas. For YouTube. Thumbnail for video titles. Let's add our title over here. That attracts people to click on my video. Let's go. Alright, so let's take the answer. We got seven suggestions because I was not very specific. I was saying some ideas. And if you aren't content creator, you understand how amazing or those suggestions. So e.g. here it says, Okay, person holding a calculator with the trauma and look on their face with the title of the video. So it's really good starting points to create a thumbnail using this idea. Or over here, a person sitting at a desk with word expression surrounded by builds and paperwork with the title of the video of our late in the thought bubble above their head. This is really funny, but yeah, most of the thumbnails and YouTube, it looks like this. 45. YouTube: Generate Description: Alright, so now we have the title and the thumbnail. Next we have to describe our YouTube video. So we have to add such a description to our video. And it's really important that the YouTube description matches the content of your video. And having bad description can has two side-effects. First, the viewers, if they notice that the description not matching the contents, they would like, dislike it or not subscribed for you, which can lead to low watch time and low engagement. And the second side effect is the YouTube algorithm is going to analyze everything that description the title, the tags, and if it doesn't match, the video is going to rank it slow and it will not appear in the search. So how we can use IGBT to generate those descriptions, it's really easy. We just go to the subtitles over here and copy the whole texts from the video and then go to IGBT. Okay, So we can write it like this, re-purpose, this YouTube video scripts into YouTube video description. And then we add our YouTube scripts. So let's go. Okay, As you can see, we got the output in few seconds. This is the power of that neural networks where it analyzed thousands of words and few seconds and respond to your prompts. So let's see that text in this video, I'll take you in a short tour of the Tableau interface. I explained that a Tableau workbook contains three main pages and so on. This is perfect for YouTube description. You'll make sure that everything that you said in the video is in the description. And with that, you're going to get a perfect match for YouTube algorithm and as well for people that are watching your videos. So there is no way that people would say, Okay, if this is unmatching for the inscription and it was like clickbait. And of course, if you want it shorter or like more engaging, we can say e.g. rewrites the description, but to make it shorter and in more engaging style. So let's see. So now we have it. It's little bit shorter than the first one and it's more engaging. I really love to hear the answer of Roche IGBT. So I think I have to go and revisit everything in YouTube and change all my description. 46. YouTube: Generate Tags: Alright, so next we can use IGBT to generate the YouTube tags for your videos. Here on YouTube we can add like around 500 characters as dogs. And that's going to help the YouTube algorithm to understand your contents. So here we get to see suggest YouTube tags for my video with the title. And here we add our title. So let's go. This is really amazing for YouTubers and its followers were the best practices. Some words on your title should be included in the text as well. So here we have paycheck to paycheck, and we have it as well here as the tag is just perfect. Alright, so now we have everything and we can go and make our video public in YouTube. 47. YouTube: Understanding The Algorithm: So as you can see, the process of creating YouTube videos and content is really time-consuming and contains a lot of steps. But now with the help of the AIS LGBT, everything gets beat up and you're going to be more efficient and productive. And of course, as content maker and YouTuber, you are always learning new stuff, tips and tricks left and right. And now you don't have to search a lot. Any question that comes in your mind about YouTube, we can go and ask her GBT about it. E.g. explain the YouTube algorithm showed you, but it's trying to skip this question. Domain requests in 1 h, I totally believe it's IGBT added this restriction because there's a lot of people and a lot of stress on the service. Alright, so now I'm allowed to ask the shadowy beauty again. Alright, so let's see the answer. The YouTube algorithm is very complicated. One here shed TBD listed for us the main factors for the algorithm, e.g. the algorithm checks the viewer history. So the algorithm going to check, what did you search for? What did you like? Comment, share to suggest that the video that you might be interested in. And then it's going to check as well the video engagement. So it's going to check how many views it has, likes commands. So those numbers are high, you will get recommended for the others. And the third one, you see that the YouTube algorithm going to check the titles of the tags and descriptions to determine whether this video is relevant for the viewer. So with this, you can extend your knowledge about the YouTube algorithm using Shad GBT. And if one of those factors are not clear for you, you can ask Chad GBD to give you more details, e.g. we can say elaborate more about four points. The video freshness. So let's see. Alright, so as you can see, the IGBT gave us more details about the video freshness and how it affects the YouTube algorithm. So this means with a simple conversation with a shack gbd, we can understand complex algorithm and complex topics like the YouTube algorithm, to have deep knowledge about how YouTube works. 48. YouTube: Final Thoughts: Okay guys, so now the question is, is Chad GBT can replace our YouTubers. If you go to YouTube and search for IGBT, you will find a lot of people talking about how to make money using YouTube and share GBD by creating contents only using AI without you being involved. I have different opinion about that. I think you cannot replace the YouTubers because they can bring their unique perspectives, personalities, and creativity to their videos, which is the essential parts of creating engaging content. And Chad DBT is here only to assist us. It's going to provide ideas, suggestions, speedup the process of writing scripts. But I don t think it's going to replace the YouTubers. 49. The End: THANK YOU: Hi there. I'm really proud that you made it until the end, and I hope that you enjoyed the journey. And if you liked this course, I really appreciate it. If you go and give me your feedback and read this course. And of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Well, nothing left to say besides, Thank you so much for watching this course and I will see you in the next one. Bye.