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The basics of beautiful gift wrapping

teacher avatar Sally Harris, creativity fuelled by caffeine

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome & Class Outline


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      Suggested Equipment & Materials


    • 3.

      Basic Paper Wrapping


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      The Paper Waistband


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      The Ribbon Waistband


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      Add some nature


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      More Ideas & Inspiration


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About This Class

Say goodbye to dishevelled paper, limp ribbon and boring tape! In this class, you’ll learn the essentials to presenting beautifully wrapped gifts for every occasion. 

Tired of struggling to wrap gifts nicely for birthdays and Christmas (thanks largely to a cupboard full of flimsy paper and curling ribbon that should have been left in the 80s), Sally Harris set about teaching herself the fundamentals of gift wrapping, turning it from a chore into a creative pursuit. Join her to learn how to create insta-worthy wrapped packages without wading through the plethora of suggestions on Pinterest.

Every lesson aims to give you the basics to take your wrapping from bland to beautiful, including introducing you to the essential tools you'll need to wrap well, the basics of paper wrapping and a range of simple yet eye-catching ideas for adding colour, fun and texture to your wrapping including the use of ribbons, buttons, string, felt, alphabet stickers, tissue paper and even bits and pieces from nature.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced wrapper, you’ll walk away with a range of fun gift wrapping ideas to add to your repertoire. Every student is encouraged to try and share the culminating assignment: creating a beautifully wrapped gift to photograph and share.

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Sally Harris

creativity fuelled by caffeine

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome & Class Outline: welcome to the basics of beautiful gift wrapping. Hello, I'm Sally and I was tired of taking the time to choose the perfect gift, only to get home and wrap it so badly. It was embarrassing, so I decided to do something about it and learn how to give her up properly. And I'm here today to share with you some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way . This course will cover the equipment and materials that will help you to up your gift wrapping game, a basic paper wrapping technique that always looks shop at a few different ways to add embellishments, to take your rapping to the next level, Let's get started. 2. Suggested Equipment & Materials: let's talk about some of the equipment and materials you might like to have it hand to get started with this course. First of all, you're going to want some quality wrapping paper. Having high quality paper is a nisi way to help you get a beautifully polished finished product. The cheap paper is tempting, but it makes it much harder on you when you're doing your gift wrapping. You're also gonna want two pairs of scissors a pair for cutting paper and appear for cutting fabric. This is particularly important if you like to use ribbon with your rapping, because using your fabric scissors on your paper is a quick way to having blunt scissors and untidy cuts. Next, you're gonna want to make sure that you have some washi tape and awesome double sided tape . I used double sided tape all the time. It's one of the most valuable things in my talk it, and again it helps you to create a beautifully polished, finished gift. You might also, like Teoh get a selection off ribbon, raffia, twine, anything that you like. You can always jump on Pinterest for some inspiration. You might like to get some gift cards and gift tags. I like to have ones that match my paper, so I know that I've always got coordinating items on hands. You might also like to get some tissue paper for making tissue paper, flowers, paper belts, things like that and some Elfers stickers. These air such a fun way to personalize your gifts because you can spell out people's names . You can put numbers for special occasions like 21. It's a They're really fun. Way to personalize your gift wrapping. And finally, you might like to have some night shoot clippings. I love going out and seeing what I confined at in about and not Godden. And when I'm out taking the dog for a walk, I love picking up beautiful ladies and things like that that I can then use when wrapping my gifts. Now let's move on to getting own without wrapping 3. Basic Paper Wrapping: Okay, so the first step, Teoh. Good. Basic gift wrapping before we can add any embellishments or anything like that is we want to get out. Paper wrapping. Right. So you've chosen your high quality paper to stop you See? Here, I've got this one here. That's why we've pink polka dots. Oh, it's a nice, easy pattern to work with. There are some patterns on the paper that will make it harder for you. Eso stripey paper is harder because you put a line up the stripes. Um, paper with indirect, irregular kind of patent is great, but you do you need to Careful. I know this one. I didn't realize when I did my first love rapping with it that had words on it. So when I attended over on the very front of the top of the gift, instead of saying array, which is what it says on the paper, it just said Who, ra? Because of where I positioned the gifts. So you don't need to be careful if it's got woods and things like that where they end up being positioned on the gift works for how you're gonna finally put it all together. So that when I had to end up adding to make sure boys and things to kind of make it look deliberate. Anyway, with this one, we're gonna use this polka dot paper, and the first thing you want to do is I wanna make sure that we choose the right size piece of paper because a lot of people use too much paper and it ends up making a gift a bit unwieldy and untidy and hard to wrap. So with this paper, what we want to do is you want Teoh Teik, give away at the end. Just like this. It started at the age of the piece of paper. That's the first side covered second side, that side, fourth side. And then I know I'll have enough because I got this extra size. I don't five sides instead of just four otherwise good right during his full sides, plus about 10 centimeters. And then I'm gonna grab my seasons. I'm just gonna cut off this extra bit of paper here because we don't want to have any unnecessary paper. I'm gonna say that to use for another view down the tracks. This couple doesn't have to be tough his age. Anything about that? Now that I think the next and going to do is I'm trying to work out where my age is gonna pay. So if I wrap it here, I'm gonna edge. Kind of awkward. I openly every here and I've got to see the raw edge here. So what? I'm gonna do it Just movies back this way, little bit. That would be a not right. And I'm gonna put a tiny little pace off Washington. Pia, What she take is Japanese style masking tape, and it comes off really easy. Doesn't leave a mark, but it also comes in loads of fun cut. So it's great for things like your friend. Now I've got that lined up on there. I'm going to I'm just followed the edge. He's got a nice, crispy edge. And then with this pace, what has come up and over to turn the cover that edge. And I'm gonna do the same thing that I'm gonna fold it down with his last crease, old Salem, and look here as well. Well, by law lifting this out if you then take some of your double sided tape, both this fact, we can put a double sided tape. I love the edge just like these back. Beautiful. And then this is gonna come up well, the way I have a nice and tight and seat perfectly along that edge that seek and say it's created a nice, clean edged Well, I guess this Okay, the next time you want to do then is going to do the ends. So voting this down flat, you give yourself that nice Christmas engine. Must Presuppose that way. Just down here, voting those then in. And you like that. And then we can talk it up at the end so you can see we have two new guys coming in, and then it's one come happy. And once you get it in the right position, really pressed allies creases nice and firm to end up with last edge. You can also, at this point, holding the little end like that. So again, we don't see any raw ages. And I wrapped gift. Take some of that double sided tape a gang. Stick it on there, peel off the back in that. Yes. OK, Becky, of the type that I want to vote it, it's It's up last slap on the back like that and they were gonna repeat just the other other India, like in pushing down that nice priest votes from these edges from the wings. That's gonna really help you to bring in nice and evenly you at this time on the other side , people got matching such a pair of wings coming in and then the final step. He's just pulled up this Roy edge here and again. It's over. Double sided tape. I see it's a little bit longer. Just turn it off because I don't want any type. Yeah, Reza A little bit. He killed his best. Coal is what I wish I had beautiful, not long finger after getting that, but I'm gonna follow these. I'm not ready to guard. And now it's that beautiful wrapped gift, and we're ready to add all sorts of boys and ribbons or tissue paper, little name tags, stickers, things like that as our detail on embellishment to finish the gift off 4. The Paper Waistband: Okay, Now that we've got out basic wrecking down Pat, we're going to start to add some embellishments. Teoh really bring out gift to life on drily Make it something special for the person receiving it. So one of the easiest ways to do this is to add a little paper waistband around our package so you can see I've chosen the paper. I just cut it into a strip it something fancy, and I go to wrap that around, Uh, it's kind of colored It contrast slightly with the original refugee. So Lana upsets roughly in the middle. Uh, bring it around. I'm happy with where that's sittings are gonna squashing those. It just had to give us eyes, not square corners. Take some of my double sided tape and I want to pop it under here. That's all. You could use washi tape for these unnamed one if you wanted to. I had saved a double sided tape just for the final layer. Get this off and that guy. So that's double sided tape. Hold that one in position, and then we're gonna bring this one around on top and add in. I don't decided. Type. He It takes to get down. If you had any rock ages on these slaves, while you could also fold in the edges here and talk to me on today, say that you wouldn't say dies ages. I'm really happy to pass straight. Please ask. You could see now I put a little paper Weisman on our package, and then it's really easy to add a finishing touch using raffia. We've got ribbons is good. A ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, whatever you like. Just add the final finishing touch like this one. I'm running Fuse of Refah. Yeah, and I want to go around a couple of times. So we thought in the back. And I'm gonna leave enough to tie a boy when I'm Beanie. Sorry about that much. My boys were gonna be fine, So let's go around. Yeah, And if you wanted Teoh, you worried about staying in position? You could always add a little bit of type under here at the back to keep it dead. I think it should stay with me today, and I'm gonna put not your first civil, and then I'm gonna add on just a little gift card. So I recommend that you rushed on your gift card before you tied on hit something I always forget. And then I try to write on it, and it's really hard to bend it around to get a flat to write on. So rife on it. First, it's really easy, Fred on and finish your parcel there with a bark If the ends, Uh uh to beating. See how this one's kind sticking out? Funny angle. Here. Um, I just got my seizes and chop close extra little It's off so that they're not sticking out . How crazy. My final Not package of this. That one friend. Yes, I and Justice. So I'm really happy with that, or I like that adds a bit of hot on picture my fossil and the R engine here brings out the orange in me rapping. So that's just a really simple way out of adding a finishing touch to your, uh, spicy gift wrapped possible 5. The Ribbon Waistband: another variation on the paper sleeve is using some of this beautiful pink ribbon to create that same at sleeve affect the extra layer on the castle. So here you can see, I put the ribbon here. This is the top of my past. I'm gonna turn it over and on the back. Besides, he had just stuck a little bit off a double sided tape down. I'm gonna stick that nice and stuff like that. Pulling the side quiet time you quote, if you're really worried about it, I'm Frank. He could always I'm melt the edge of the ribbon along here with the match, but I'm not too worried about that. I think it's is going to say beautifully. Said he sees my don't side type is on the wrong side of ribbon. Here, we just adjust it, stick it on here and then we appeal off that adhesive backing. I'm just leave myself with some type here. You're gonna pull it taut and stick it down. It doesn't need to. Perfect. So I'm gonna add one more outlay over the top. Yes. So that's the ribbon belt. And then I got another gift card. I've got some of these. This is just nylon twine on. And that's another easy way of attaching a car like this without having to use another whole extensive amount off ribbon. So I'm gonna put these around underneath, read up because you know what? My nice bar to be the top if you didn't want to have a body that's fine. You could tie it in a knot and then trim the ends up. So you just got a lack of short little, uh, end to a piece, of course. But I I'm a bit of a fan of bars, so and at a bar, you just like that again. I like the high in the texture, but it adds, I'm actually writing a gift card before you put it together. But that's another easy way of adding an extra contrast around the middle of your package without using paper. Using ribbon like this is a really easy way to do that 6. Personalising: at speaking of using Theo Alfa lettuce to add extra details. There's loyalty for wise. You can really personalize your gifts when you're wrapping them so you could spell out someone's name. Are you using using the letters? If it's a special gift, like an 18th birthday 16th birthday, 21st birthday, you could use the same letters and numbers here peel the most in the morning at 21 or another special number for someone's birthday. It's easy to add initials and things that this is a lesser I've just made out of felt. I just cut it out really, simply and again pop some of that amazing double sided tape on the back. And then you could add that I want to a possible just like I'm doing here to really personalize it. How about adding an initial this one? I've got that paper band might try some of the string. This is Mike Rami called this Time, and it's got a gorgeous little metallic flecks in it, which you can see when it catches the lots of That's just another way of adding some of detail and texture Toe apostle. So for this one, I'm gonna wrap it around the help of ties. I want to keep this package fairly flat. So I'm gonna go around once. Yeah. And again. Do I have enough going One more. Yep. Beautiful. But enough to go three times around there in a turnover in just the back here. I want to are probably a little bit more type on UK. It is nice and flat and then tidies together. Yeah, and I sneak off that little bit off access, but that is a really easy way to add a little bit of an extra layer, a little bit of extra texture without having apostle that thing and hit squash. If you go to go on a car ship or a plane trip taking in the car, packing a suitcase, it still looks beautiful. But you've been out of cape it quite flat. Said that it's not gonna get crushed on the Jenny. It's gonna look beautiful when you arrived to give it 7. Add some nature: another way, you can embellish and enhance your gift. Wrapping for that is Teoh. Use some little bits and pieces out of your garden, so I just popped outside and cut some of these beautiful purple flowers, which I thought would go really well with the gifts I have to wrap here because they got these purple stripes. I also grab some rosemary, which I really love to use for gift wrapping, because it's got such a beautiful, strong scent to it, but also because it's a wooded herb. I just dries out and lost a long time. So with the fresh flowers, they better to put on that day. But we'd something like this. You can do it a couple of days ahead of time, and it will just dry out a bit but will still look and smell fantastic. If you are in an apartment where you don't have access to flowers, you could also try of some fake flowers. These air silk. This plastic is, um, paper, flowers, whatever you like, but I try not to use these too much because I don't like that they can't be recycled. I'd prefer to use paper and things that end up putting such a heavy toll on the environment . But the good thing about these is I'll look great for a long time so that the person you give them to you can then reuse them when they're wrapping a gift of their own. So there's that. But fitted, I'm gonna use these beautiful fresh purple flowers out to wrap up this gift. I've got this gold ribbon here that already a little bit of double sided type on the back. And it's fun. Goleta. Revenge on love, adding a bit of a spot. Would presence where I can't I'm just gonna pop around the middle. You just like this and pull it tight and stick it down onto itself. That's nearly same. List this river when you get stuck flat with your beautiful this ice flowers. Well, the front I might even add in some about faces of rice. Marie here is well, I just love the smell of it. I think that just adds an extra layer of love to gift wrapped present, said this blouse in there. I've got a little space here, so I thought I might put on the recipients nine. Using some of our Alfa sickest. Sorry, just put on Ben. And it's great that the gold lettering on my office here links links and ties it all together with that ribbon to. So this been That's one present. We could all sorry, glitter type sheds a little bit. I'm just use a simple satin ribbon on this one again. I've chosen this purple because it pulls out the purple in the paper. And what's interesting about this draft papers, you can see I've wrapped it Too different. Why is that about the straps here? Um, going low wise or going around, which actually creates a really nice effect on the secretary of state Top seen beautifully At the end, Saudis were thinking about of the direction that you put paper because that could change the look of your gift. A swell. So people living here, I've cut the ends into these fort shapes and all you need to do to you that is folded in half and sleep across, and that stops the ribbon from fraying, kicks it looking nice when you're working the satin ribbon. That's also something worth considering. I'm gonna tie this around into a bar, and then I'm also going to use? Um, some Alfa Stick is here to add at the recipient's name. I love getting gifts with my name on them, and I particularly enjoyed it when I I gave birth to my daughter and people issues new. We just chosen this name for her, and people think came around with, um, gifts that had her name on them. And that was really special to us because it was such a new, exciting experience telling parents, and we just really carefully chosen tracing these night. So there's ribbon on a I'm gonna add, uh, anyone here, true, right across the middle. So it's one for Kate, and you can see that. I think stickers that are in a contrast in colors of these black letters really stand out compared to the rest of colors on the package and just lining them up along there. The thing about office ticket is, you'll quickly find that you'll run out of vows because you use them so much more than a with the other letters. So then we could have used her initials. We could have just put a K any extra little details like that. People really, I appreciate. So there's one more white off using the stick is and ribbons in a slightly different 8. FAQs: thank you so much for joining me to take this class. I really hope that it has inspired you and excited you to take your gift wrapping to the next level. And obviously, today we just covered the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more great ideas out there to elevate your gift wrapping and make your presence truly something special for you to give. If you are interested in more ideas, I have got a Pinterest board where I've been collecting loads and loads of beautiful gift wrapping ideas which will hopefully exciting expert inspire you. Teoh. Try something new and different with your gift wrapping and keep working on developing your rapping skills before I go. A couple of quick questions that come up all the time. One is what do I do about gifts that aren't in a beautiful rectangular box like the ones you can see here today. And my recommendation for that would be to try a few different things. So, firstly, you can take the gift and cut out a piece of cardboard that is just slightly bigger and place a gift on that and then put another piece of cardboard on the top kind of making a rectangular cardboard sandwich with the gift in between, and that will give you some structure to wrap your gifts. Alternatively, you might like to try something like one of these cloth bags, which I really love, because that could be reused again and again and again on this one's Got fun message screen print on the front, and you could always fill it with some tissue paper and popular gift. Inside. Type the drawstring and you're good to go. So that's another great alternative. Another idea is to use a gift back, and you're welcome to this. Grab one from the store. But something I like to do is try and customize them a little bit so popping tissue paper in the top, um, again. Adding some was initially or adding a special gift card or gift tag to it on some ribbon, just to uh, sure that you've put that little bit of extra thought and care and attention into it. So that's another great one. Not just fit, for example, this one for bottles of wine, but you could also put tall candles or those room scent diffusers anything that's long and tall could easily fit in here. It doesn't have to be just for bottles of wine, I that particular, if you feel feel the bottom as well with paper. If you've got something that's a bit shorter, it will stop it from sitting quite so lawyer in the bag. But that's another great idea for unusually shaped gifts. Also, the other thing is for seasonal whole days. So for things like Christmas, you could try adding in some bubbles rather in place of a gift tag. Just looped the string through that and attach lies onto your presence. That's a great way of color. Coordinating or your gifts are, you might like to add some beads onto your ribbon and string. Sorry, I've just tries in Christmas colors here, but if you're doing, say, stay present, she might choose like a pale pink and yellow, for example, you can also find these beads. We've letters on them, so again you could use them to spell out Merry Christmas or someone's name on Thread them onto your gift. Just be careful with those with young Children because there could be a choking hazard. I am particularly for Children under three, that still pop things in their mouths are always. Be careful and think about who is receiving your gift. You could again use foliage like the Rose Marie you could use Holy. That's more seasonal on and you can easily get, um, plastic Kollias. Well, if you want something that's gonna last little bit longer under the tree in the weight to the big day to open up those gorgeous gifts. So there's just a couple of tips and hints I can't quite see your wrapped present, photographed and in our project gallery. I'm really looking forward to seeing that and thank you so much for joining me today. It's been a pleasure having you along. 9. More Ideas & Inspiration: finally, don't forget to follow along on Pinterest. You can see the address here on the screen. I've put together a board that is just full of beautiful gift wrapping ideas, and I'm adding to it all the time. There were lots of inspiration there for you and different ideas and techniques for you to explore as you continue with your gift wrapping journey. Finally, don't forget to complete the class project and share a photo with me. I can't wait to see how you get on with their gift wrapping adventures over the coming festive season on all of the special occasions you'll be celebrating in the coming year and into the future.