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The Art of Setting Goals: Create Your Roadmap to Success

teacher avatar Anouk Rose, Productivity / Wellness / Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to The Art of Setting Goals


    • 2.

      Living a Life of Purpose


    • 3.

      Identifying Your Values


    • 4.

      Understanding Goals


    • 5.

      Visualizing with the 12-Week Planner


    • 6.

      Devising an Action Plan


    • 7.

      Montoring Progress with the Habit Tracker


    • 8.

      Refining the Process & Celebrating Wins


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About This Class

You might have heard the saying that a goal without a plan is no more than a wish.

If we dream about something but never take time to develop a process to get the desired result, nothing will move or change, and most probably this big and beautiful dream will remain unfulfilled. 

But if you are ready to take action and are just wondering how to reach your next milestone without sacrificing more time and effort, you have come to the right place!

I have developed a simple system to ensure that you actually achieve your goals and get visible results.

After working through this class you will not only be able to regain clarity and live a life of purpose, but also

  • have a set of core values to help you make decisions on a daily basis
  • create a 12-week plan dedicated to the goal of your choice
  • develop a detailed actionable day-to-day plan to focus your energy & achieve that goal
  • make a list of habits to support you on the way to success

Enrol now, so I can share my best goal setting tools and practices with you!

Class Outline:

Introduction: Why Take Time to Set Goals


  1. Living a Life of Purpose
  2. Identifying Your Values
  3. Understanding Goals:
  4. Tool #1: 12 Week Planner for Visualizing
  5. Tool #2: Goal Planner for Reverse Engineering
  6. Tool #3: Habit Tracker for Monitoring Progress
  7. Refining the Process & Celebrating Your Wins

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anouk Rose

Productivity / Wellness / Growth


My name is Anouk Rose, and I am a personal development coach and online educator.

For the last 15 years I worked as an English tutor who expanded into career consulting. As exciting as it was to witness my students land their dream jobs, I observed that they needed more than just advice on job searches and help with interview technique. Many of my clients struggled with identifying their values and finding their purpose in life. Some needed tools to become more productive and focused. Others had difficulty with building a successful career without neglecting other important parts of their life.

This inspired me to do more research on goal setting and productivity. Soon it became clear that personal and professional success goes hand in hand with self-care. Over the ye... See full profile

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1. Introduction to The Art of Setting Goals: hello and welcome to the art of setting goals. Great. A roadmap to success. I am so excited that you decided to during me here and would like to briefly tell you what to expect from this class. First, let me introduce myself. My name is on nook and am a personal growth coach and educator passionate about helping others to find their way to a more meaningful life. I started my career as an English language instructor. What? When my students started approaching me, asking for help with their CDs, cover letters and interviews, I expanded into career consulting. I love seeing my students land their dream jobs and become continent and successful individuals. But eventually it became clear that teaching them English we're checking the resumes was not quite enough. This is how I moved to determine my clients about motivation, prioritizing and goal setting. I came out with my own tools for organizing, simplifying and streamlining the tasks that they needed to complete on a daily basis to become more successful in one of the modules of my first skill share class. They aren't of planning where I teach time management and productivity techniques. I catch up on the topical goal setting, which I believe to be a keystone to success in life. You can check out the art of blending as well, if you would like to rework your workflow and manage time or efficiently. But if you're specifically interested in effective gold setting, these course provides and more in depth look into that. We all know that success doesn't normally happen in one big green. It is usually a result of completing similar smaller steps on the way your goals. Setting goals means taking responsibility for the situation you're in. Instead of just drifting downstream and letting other people decide for you, goals provide mental clarity and focus your energy. In addition, they build your character because to achieve a goal, you need to be disciplined and consistent. One of the greatest benefits of gold setting is not even in their accomplishment, but in the kind of person you become in the process. So in this course, which I based on my successful three step system, I go deeper into discussing what lies behind the process of setting effective goals and executing your plans. The system includes the following step research, reverse engineering and a viewing. We'll do the research by talking about our purpose and values that define our goals and also explore different types of goals. After that will reverse engineer our goals and developing actionable plan that gets you closer to your ideal future and at the end will review. Andrea says the process to see if something needs improvement or change. I also designed several printable downloads that I hope will get help you game instant clarity and walk you through the goal setting process. So by the end of this course, you will identify your personal values, which will help you make decisions on a daily basis. Greed. That's well week personal growth plan that includes goals of your choice. Develop an actionable day to day, plan to focus your energy and achieve those goals and also make a list of habits, the support you want away the success and now jump straight the discussion board and introduced herself to me and other participants. Let us know what kind of goal you're pursuing and how we can help you with that. Remember, sharing your plan with others increases your chances of completing you again. I am so thankful to you for making this choice. And I can't wait to get to know your better. All the best on your journey to you because goals, and I'll see you in my first class. 2. Living a Life of Purpose: welcome to the first lesson off the course that introduces simple strategist for gaining more clarity, sharpening your focus and developing an actionable and detailed plan to achieve your goals . As you might already know, gold setting lies at the core of living a successful, a meaningful life. But before we talk about our goals, let me tell you what is even more in paradise. I believe that all of us should have a mission, a purpose, something bigger there were striving for because having the purpose gives us clarity and focus, and it should lie behind any goals with Seth. The problem with many goals is that they're often just a random selection of things we see in other people's lives and decide that the find fulfilment when he goes to pursuing this kind of generic goals. There are no connected to our own beliefs or core values, or have nothing to do with what matters most To us doesn't make us happy In the long run, goals are statements that what should be leaving is important. Whether you're trying to finish a degree, set up a business or lose weight goals are meant to motivate you, support you during your hardships and help you endure when the circumstances are difficult . The first instinct is often too quick. But when you have a clear vision off where you're going, you will keep moving. Goals encourage you to carry on only if they are your goals. That is why, before we started working on our goal setting exercises, I want to make sure that we eliminate the chances of us getting confused and thinking the wrong touring or going in their own direction. Think the day off your purpose. It doesn't have to be something huge and relevant to your entire life. If this is too big of a task, you can find something that is relevant for a particular situation right now for this season in life or the stage you're in any purpose is usually about making an impact or seeing a transformation. So if they want to make an impact or see a significant change in our circumstances, we should have a clear picture of what we're trying to achieve. So look around. What are you circumstances right now? Look back. Remind yourself why you're here, and what prompted you to start this journey in the first place. Remember how far you've already come and older my stones, you reached on the way. Look forward. InVision the outcome in the results. You're hoping to achieve the future success. Envision Journal or born help that a lot. Take a break, going for a long war or drink a cup of tea, and a nice book can change our perspective of it after the break. Reviews it the exercise. Has anything changed? Doing this exercise can help the load with changing your mindset entirely, especially if we've used certain things is negative and help you to approach the situation more practically or find unexpected solutions to problems. And lastly, like in all of my glasses, a brief note on mindset. Be ready to take some time to work on your goals. Also, be honest with yourself about your values and your purpose. Be passionate about your goals. Be open and excited about things that are about to change and lastly, implement what you learn and act on your decisions. I hope you're as excited as I am. I will see when they beat to continue our conversation about values 3. Identifying Your Values: welcome to our second class of the Arctic goal setting. I want the doctor you now about going back to the basics about getting to know ourselves and remember our core values. You might be wondering why teaching the course of our goal setting. I care so much about us knowing our values. The thing is, it's impossible to leave a life intentionally and purposefully if we're not clear about what we will be. Most when we let clarity about our values were unable to eliminate distractions that will inevitably arise. And it is similar to walking in the desert or in the forest without a compass will be going in circles or constantly taking wrong insurance. On the other hand, having a solid set of values makes the process of decision making much easier, actively using your values and everything. Life eliminates the decision fatigue because it gives you a structure, a framework and vision to build your life on. Your goal should be in line with your life vision, and that is why taking a woman to look at our values can help a lot. I have created a printable down lord for you, which can be accessed under the resource of step in this gloss, let me clean quickly. Explain how to work with it. Get a sheet of paper, and after reading through the list of values, write them down in three columns. Very important, quite important, not that important. When you are done, cross out the last two categories. We're not going back to them anymore from the first category. Very important. Peak only 3 to 5 concepts that are absolutely crucial for you to have in life right now in your interpretation for each value picked for more clarity. No, you have a powerful set of principles to guide your decision making or goal setting process . Personally, I found that writing the list of things you want to say yes and no to is very helpful in setting the boundaries and having clear priorities in life or in business. It made me realize that certain concepts, ideas, activities or even people threw me off balance, and it took me a long time to recover. Removing those from my life created the necessary space for girl within creativity that were stifled before today, my values air the fuel behind my work when if you uninspired And when I get stuck, it is very important for me to go back to the simple to the basic and remember the concept that motivate me and they might know my purpose. And these are my values. So there you have it, identifying your values and, most importantly, letting go of what makes us feel stomach and be challenging, but in the and they will support your commitment and ensure your success, and I will see you in the next module to finally start talking about our goals. 4. Understanding Goals: hello again In the previous sessions of this course, we talked about the importance of getting clear on your values and your purpose in life. These are the things that will define your goals and drive them. And now let's look into the anatomy, your goals. First of all, there are several types of goals, and the way you approach them will differ their lifetime goals, long term goals and short term goals. If you were a writer, for example, your life goal may be to produce a series of best selling books or receiving Nobel Price. While your long term goal may be to write your first book and your short term goal could be to submit the book proposal or you first draft to your publisher and, while absolutely love big lifetime goals that align with your vision. Unfortunately, it's easy to lose sight of the big end goal when the period is too long and our everyday life interferes with it. That's why they're in old what we're working on in this course here. We're focusing on shorter term goals, good attainable projects that serve as a stepping stone on the way to building your ideal future because they're the most important. You can incorporate those steps into your everyday life, and they will get you to that ideal future through all these everyday actions. 10 years, five years and sometimes even one year might sound too long in kind of throwing all balance . And it's harder the plan for such a long period of time because you never know what life will throw it to you. So focusing instead on a shorter period say 13 months is more practical and produces better results. We'll talk a bit more about it in the next session, but now let's take a quick look at the characteristics of good goals. He was a metric here NEDA, similar to smart goal Metric. I just changed a bit. So gold, you said, should be a specific. Being specific means that we are clear on the details, such as dates and numbers. When will it happen? What is the deadline? Where will it happen? Time and deadlines also mean that you can celebrate when you achieve them, which adds to your motivation. Second, your goal should be realistic. Choosing realistic goals is taking into consideration the time frame and the resource is we have and being honest, whether the goal is actually achievable or if we need more time or some extra help, Remember also to keep the goals of relevant to your situation. We often look at other people and think that if something worked for them, it will work for us too. But it's not always the case as our resource as personalities and circumstances are different. This is the main role of values that we discussed in the previous module to keep us on track and to keep our goals relevant. Leslie. Our goals should be held a stick to set a holistic goal. Think of what areas of your life it will touch often. It's not just one aspect you might need to work on, but several. And if you are working when your career goal, for example, your health needs to be in check and it would be beneficial to get the support of your family, too. One less thing that I wanted to remind you off is to get help if you need it even before you need it. Do not work on your goal alone. Green. The necessary support structures automates delegate outsource everything you can. It helps relieve the pressure and vanished over well, get an accountability partner or connect with people who are working on a similar goal to make sure that you list all the things and all the people that you can help you in the process. So the process is not one sided and you're not neglecting other areas of your life. Balance is still the most important factor in keeping our physical a mental health and check, and it's important to ensure that while succeeding in one area, you're not damaging the other. It's good to keep these factors in mind when setting your goals, because your success and achieving they go actually depends on these things. Are you reading out the dive into planning the details? I'll see you in a bit. 5. Visualizing with the 12-Week Planner: welcome to mortal, for they are the goal setting course. We're already halfway through. Can you believe it? And I just wanted to thank you so much for staying with me. I'm so excited to introduce The first tool will be using for Gold saying, But first, I have a quick confession to make. I've always had a problem with New Year's resolutions. I used to sit down in early January across the perfect vision of what I wanted to become or what I wanted to accomplish. By the end of the year, I would start very eagerly, but somewhere by meet February, I would go off track because, as we all know, life happens and things get in the way. And December feels so far anyway that I was pretty sure that even if I spent a couple of months doing other things, I would steal, fulfill my dreams. By the end of the year. There was so much time left, but this was just a nilou shin, and in December I would often stare at a list of things very important things that didn't take place or that I didn't make time for, and all the dreams that income true, and I would wonder where the time had gone. This was on a realize that setting a goal for the entire year is not always effective. It could actually seem too far away, and you get detached from your goal. Besides, most projects do not have a need on the year to get completed or they get started. You might remember it from your last work of deadline when they gave you two weeks to do something. But you actually finished it in three days. Just before the deadline. I had a ton of those cases when I was in college, too. So now I know that longer is not always better. That is why, instead, looking a 12 week periods off time could be more efficient. If you're Google Project planners or search for them on etc. You will see that many of them are not one year but three months blenders. Why? Because during those 90 days you don't not lose sight of the goal. You're able to break it into smaller steps and incorporated into your everyday life, and if needed at the end of the period, you can reassess and chance for some steps to the next quarter. So in this lesson, I would like to introduce a 12 egg planner to you. It is actually very simple to use. You have two boxes on top where you put your intention, which is the most important question. This is essential. Your goal. Your end result in the clearer you get on that, the better your goals here can concern different areas of your life. It can be your girl with his individual or something you want for your family. It can also be something work related, look, changing career or increasing income. It can be above the impact Do you want to make in your community? Here you are answering the questions. What do you want to see or change or move or improve or achieve? What is the most important question? The next books? Motivation is the most powerful broke for your goal or intention. The question you're answering here is why getting clear on your why those wonders it keeps you going because you remember not only the list of things you need to take off, but the big and important reasons behind these two intention and motivation go hand in hand in keeping you moving toward your goal without procrastinating or getting distracted. The next part is also very important. For every month. I would like you to put a step or tool that you would like to complete. Alright, progress on this is a pretty good system because it allows you to see the calendar spread and estimate whether you have enough time to make progress. I like to start with in major stages, research the process itself and then review. Research normally doesn't take too long unless you need to learn something completely new and you're taking a course or enrolling in the program so you can allocate the first week or half a month for it. And if you were taking a course, it might take longer. So again it will depend on you or your circumstances how much time you can dedicate each week and your goal. Then think of the process itself. It usually takes the longest time. Don't worry about all the details here. Just outlined the main steps. It can be a rough outline. They don't need to be 12. Just because we have 12 weeks, they can be three or four and take several weeks each. If you have similar steps or tasks, you can also catch them from maximum efficiency. Oh, here we have an example over Project. Um, there is an intention or gold, for example, to start the brother TVT podcast. Then we write. Our motivation could help others. Or there could be another reason, for instance, to monetize the podcast and to bring additional income. Whatever your reasons, and no matter how many ride them old down, it's good for your wife. Next, the most exciting part creating a sort of outline of the most important steps or a timeline . Again, Don't worry about the need. A greedy. We'll work on the detailed, step by step by step plan in the next session, but now we just need a rough estimate of how long our smaller steps toward are bigger goal are going to take. Lastly, you can use different sheets for different goals. It is better not to mix them up. The optimal number goes to set. That you can realistically achieve is up to you, of course, but I would probably recommend starting with two or three and pick them from different categories personal, family or business for example, so there is more balance. Don't take on too much or else it will be too stressful. And now are you ready to develop a detailed plan for achieving your goal will work on it in the next glass, so I'll see you in a bit. 6. Devising an Action Plan: in the previous session, we came up with a 12 big plan on how to accomplish your big gold, and it was more of a rock draft or an outline of milestones that you can reach and celebrate on the way. Now is the time to break our weekly goals into very specific tasks and activities, and for that will be using the second template, the weekly gold planner. Right, Your weekly goal in the first books. So you are once again reminded what you were focusing on this week. But before we start on the actual planning, I want to ask you to do one thing for me. Take a moment and visualize that and the result. Very, very clearly. You just ran that marathon. You just paid off that debt. You just got the job. You saved enough to get your family and I ask you, home, you have just achieved your goal. Describe it, describe every little detail. What does it look like? What do you look like? Where are you? Who is around you and how does it feel to have this accomplished? I'm Betty feel inspired right now and empowered. You have the can do attitude that is necessary to bring you to the end. Write it down in the mindset books on the platter because your feelings around your goal, your mindset, your attitude, they impact your determination. And that's crucial in accomplishing your goal. Now that we got you all excited, let's work on how you get there. What is the most direct way to get the desired outcome? Remove anything and everything that is known essential and the only focus on the necessary steps. Break your weekly goal in tow. Three steps or projects, and include any resource is you might need any skills they need to sharpen or any people you need to contact for help. Now, when you have those, break the three major steps into smaller action items symbol, bide sides, steps that can be easily crossed off or ticked off the list. It could also be beneficial to discuss the obstacles you might encounter, considering them helps that to decide how we will respond to them. This is not a bring negativity. This is just to prepare us planning. The solution takes away the unnecessary stress you can list here. Older people you can ask for help or an you tools that can simplify your process. And finally look at the week will spread at the bottom of the page and schedule those items around the week. Take into consideration your other commitments as well, and don't overload your schedule. You don't want to get overwhelmed. Be realistic about how much time you have on each day, and maybe it's every other. They were only on weekends. As an example, let's take Week five over podcast creation plan. Week five Goal was to create a launch plan. These are the specific steps necessary to make one item is logically followed by another, and it's always clear what's coming up next. They're big priority projects also broken into smaller project tasks. I also included my minds. There is also a consideration of possible obstacles and a note on a tool or a designer friend that can help, and that's it. This is how reverse engineering a goal works mutual lazing the final result and how achieving this will make you feel to get you in the right mindset. We're looking at the desired outcome first, and then we set a deadline and work backwards from there, scheduling small, actionable steps into our everyday life. You're leaving your life but moving towards your great gold. And that's so exciting. In the next session, we'll talk more about that, incorporating those steps into everyday life and the best possible way we can track the progress we're making on the journey. The words are gold. 7. Montoring Progress with the Habit Tracker: in the previous two classes, we worked on planning actionable steps that you can start taking in order to see positive changes on the results right away in this session, I would like to take another look and those practical steps and answer this question. How many of them can be translated into habits Building good habits and making lifestyle changes to support your goals and steps on the way to them makes achieving your next goal easier. So if there is an action that you need to take regularly and that resembles a routine, it might be beneficial for you to start using a tool that helps with tracking. Those repeated actions for this purpose have designed a printable weekly habit tracker that you can use to monitor your progress in a certain way. Uh, this is just one possible design. There are actually many other versions, such as monthly trackers, for instance. I'm including one here in this course as well. In case you find that you like this layout better, you can get it under the resource is step were older, printable downloads with scores are I found that this particular format, however, the weekly format, works best for setting goals and monitoring progress in a certain area. But you are welcome to create your own version or search for other existing ones. Or if you're using a bullet journal, you might have one. Already, despite early out with you decide to choose a heavy tracker is still a powerful goal setting and productivity tool. Let me explain a bit more about the function. Benefits of Hagar trackers essentially eats one of the support structures that you can establish to help help keep you organized will help you grow both personally and professionally. Sitting down with a pan and feeling a weekly or monthly spread with list of routines and tasks provide a sense of clarity and comb. What I love about using the Heavy Tracker is that is a visual learner. I immediately get a clear picture what's going on in the areas of my life, and if any priority is not even have enough attention or if the goal of creating in your routine is being achieved or not, the best part is that heavy truckers can be used for personal goals for studies and work for business core for side hustle and even for new habits of you want might want to adult. I included the list of possible habits into the ear of the tracker file. Body can certainly add your own ideas there. Mine usually include health habits, such as working out for 30 minutes or drinking two litres of water every day. Relationship goals such a schooling, my mom everyday messaging a friend and spending quality time with my husband. Personal development points such as listening to a podcast learning a foreign language reading. And every month there would be a few experiments. Note spending with clothes, for example, in putting some money into our savings. A column instead, or quitting sugar or learning watercolor painting. Lastly, I keep a separate habit tracker for work and business with its own tasks and goals, and that helps me see that the system is well balanced and functioning. So if your goals are actionable, steps the two came up with can be transformed into a list of things that need to be done in a regular basis. There is no better way to monitor the progress that you're making with that gold. They give your moments every night to take off the boxes for tasks you have accomplished during the day and in the end of the week, Check if you were consistent. These is an excellent wait not only visualize but measure the progress that you're making on your goals, especially, they concern the area that might require consistent work. Creating a visual cue is an essential step in developing habits because it keeps you motivated. So this was an introduction to using Habit Tracker, which is just one off many possible support systems that can create and rely on all the way to achieving your dreams. And in the next session, which will be our last, we'll talk about reviewing and reassessing and refining your process and celebrating your winds. 8. Refining the Process & Celebrating Wins: Hey, we're almost finished. Our last session is about following up and checking in. You can do this me the way our at end of your throwing period. Also, our last session is about celebrating all the milestones you've reached on the way. So what is the checking all about? Well, it takes time to reach a goal enduring. This time, certain things may change or you or your circumstances change. And sometimes the process you have outlined during the planning sessions of the beginning gets affected by those changes. This is why evaluating the system and defining it is very important. Getting a clear picture of what works and what doesn't work and using it as part of your strategy is what is going to ensure your success. It is best to start with all the positive points. Look back and think of all the things that went well. What were the tasks you completed and the projects you have finished? Congratulate yourself on all those accomplishments. You have done the tremendous work by setting up so smaller goals, working with them and achieving them. That is why today we're taking a moment to acknowledge everything you have done no matter how small it might seem to you if you can also think of ways to celebrate, that's great. It doesn't have to be anything big unless you want it to be, of course, and here are some ideas for you, but the most important thing is to really enjoy your journey terrible and savor the little things. Another important aspect to consider while doing the invalidation is this. What drove the largest results? Take note of those steps people often forget to analyze what helped them make the most progress. But I would like to encourage you to regularly look back and recognise while was it that moved in? Yield the most. And maybe next time you can focus most of your energy on those steps. Now let's look at what didn't go as planned or didn't get finished. First of all, no judgment here. You didn't fail or anything like that. Do not dwell on the negative feelings, but instead focus on what a man's EU plan might need. Is it more time? Remember what wasn't finished can be always transferred to the next quarter? Wasn't more discipline. Have you encountered any destructions? And if yes, how Can you eliminate them next time? Any other resource is you need any other changes to be made to the process. You can brainstorm here and then choose the best solutions to shift your system a bit and continue working towards your goal. Don't stop. Keep going and you'll get there. And then whether it's a high grade for a test, a finished project for your client, flourishing business, a better job or stronger help. There is always a reward in completing the goal. Apart from this fight, the satisfaction of achieving it. And now there is only one thing left to say. Congratulations on making it through this course. This is the last session, and I wanted to thank you for a commitment. I hope it was a helpful and inspiring resource when your journey towards your biggest dreams thank you so much for making the time to work on them. I am so proud of you and very excited the both. What's about to come into your life? All the best