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The Art of Self-Care: The Ultimate Guide to Wellness

teacher avatar Anouk Rose, Productivity / Wellness / Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to The Art of Self-Care


    • 2.

      Embracing Mindfulness & Discovering Yourself


    • 3.

      Making Space for What Matters


    • 4.

      Finding Inspiration


    • 5.

      Nurturing Relationships


    • 6.

      Wellness Tracker: Creating a Self-Care Plan


    • 7.

      Building a Morning Routine


    • 8.

      Planning Meals


    • 9.

      Cultivating Gratitude


    • 10.

      BONUS: Mindfulness Exercise


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About This Class

  • Are you looking for ways to bring happiness, calm and purpose back to your life?
  • Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to establish a healthier routine to regain your energy?

If you answered yes to any of the above then that’s where I was just a few short years ago. I was a self-employed English language teacher who had expanded into career consulting. My days were a whirl of classes, meetings, training and coaching sessions. I was discussing prioritizing, goal setting, awareness and balance with my clients but there was no semblance of balance in my own life. I soon found myself fighting permanent fatigue and depression. I was burned out. 

It was at this point that I embarked on a journey in search of a simpler life in order to reconnect with myself. It took time, but eventually I regained my sense of clarity and purpose and learned how to create space for happiness, calm and growth in my life. Through my research and experience I have learned many effective ways to help create a more balanced and fulfilling life.  

Enrol now to get tips on how to embrace self-care and mindfulness, banish the overwhelm and and fill your days with more joy! 

Course Outline:

  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Modules:
  1. Embracing Mindfulness & Discovering Yourself 
  2. Making Space for What Matters
  3. Finding Inspiration & Staying Motivated
  4. Nurturing Relationships & Connecting with Others
  5. Tool #1: Wellness Tracker: Creating a Self-Care Plan 
  6. Tool #2: Building a Morning Routine 
  7. Tool #3: Meal Planner: Nourishing Your Body
  8. Practicing Gratitude
  9. BONUS: Mindfulness Exercise

Meet Your Teacher

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Anouk Rose

Productivity / Wellness / Growth


My name is Anouk Rose, and I am a personal development coach and online educator.

For the last 15 years I worked as an English tutor who expanded into career consulting. As exciting as it was to witness my students land their dream jobs, I observed that they needed more than just advice on job searches and help with interview technique. Many of my clients struggled with identifying their values and finding their purpose in life. Some needed tools to become more productive and focused. Others had difficulty with building a successful career without neglecting other important parts of their life.

This inspired me to do more research on goal setting and productivity. Soon it became clear that personal and professional success goes hand in hand with self-care. Over the ye... See full profile

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1. Introduction to The Art of Self-Care: Hi. Welcome to the art of self care. The ultimate guide to wellness. Are you looking for ways to bring happiness, Common purpose back to your life? Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed? Would you like to establish a healthier routine? Regain your energy? The purpose of this course is to help you create days filled with more mindfulness and inspiration. Learn through your slow living and, of course, priority self care and create the routine little support. Your lifestyle. My name is a nuke, and I'm a personal development coach and online educator to make you understand where I'm coming from. Linda quickly share my story with you. Several years ago, I started my own business as a self employed English language tutor who, over online and offline private classes to students worldwide. Eventually, I expanded into career consulting because many of my students asked for help with their CDs . Several of my students advertise my services to people they knew, and all of a sudden my consultations were in demand and I gained a lot of new clients, which was incredibly exciting. My these were a rural of classes, meetings and mentoring sessions, and after a couple of years, I found myself burnt out and fighting permanent fatigue. From there, it took a while to it go off the demands of the world that seemed to put hustle above help this cold treats. My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive has become a huge inspiration behind my pursuit of a more balanced and fulfilling life. This is why, in this course I would love to share with you some actionable insights and tools that will empower you, embrace health law and great, healthier and happier life. Success and productivity go hand and hand itself care in its own responsibility, the words ourselves to keep ourselves in the best possible shape, physically and mentally, to show up for our goals, to set a good example for the people around us to inspire and to serve them in everywhere we can. Creating a good wellness routine in maintaining the right balance ultimately empowers us to leave our lives purposefully. To help with that, I'm including a few templates in discourse such as a wellness tracker or a new planner will hopefully be used to you click on the projects and Resource is tapped to get access to the printable files. My biggest wish for you, is it? By the end of this short course, you will be able to bring more mindfulness into your life as you practice gratitude, eliminate physical and mental clutter and make space for what is really important for you in make conscious efforts to maintain your well being. In addition, I also designed a water called a wellness journal dedicated to mindfulness and self discovery with prompts to inspire you to reconnect through your values through consistent writing practice. I would also love to hear more of your story and what brought you to this course. I'll be very happy if you jump to the discussion board and tell me more goals you're hoping to accomplish in regards to your self care and wellness this season. It would be wonderful to support each other and be accountable. I hope you enjoy this class and see you in the beef in their first module. 2. Embracing Mindfulness & Discovering Yourself: Hello again. I'm so excited that you decided during the course and happy to welcome you in the first module. It's great to see you here, and I can't wait to live in our first topic off the art of self care course, which is mindfulness. You may have heard many people talk about mindfulness these days, but what exactly is it? Being mindful is making a conscious effort to be fully present in the moment, paying attention to what is happening to us and around us with multiple obligations, distractions and temptations. Practicing mindfulness can be challenging. We're faced with so many demands that we often rush around, forgetting to pause, take a breath and listen to ourselves. Mindfulness helps to embrace what we experienced throughout the day both negative and positive things, and improves our self awareness, which is why it's important to develop the habit. Harvard Medical School research has proven that being more mindful increases our ability to focus improving our memory and cognitive abilities. Mindfulness, combined with meditation, helps us cope with stress and anxiety, making us understand our emotions better, releasing tension, bringing calm and strengthening the connection between our body and our mind. concentrating on the present moment and how, if you limit both physically and mentally, can also be quite beneficial in terms of enhancing your connection to the world around you , making it easier to accept the things we cannot change on giving us clarity on how to change what we can control. The reason why I began the scores with the topic of mindfulness is because, most importantly, mindfulness is an excellent way for you to get to know yourself better. My friend, who is a psychotherapist, says that in her practice the majority of her clients struggled with answering the questions who they really are or what they really want. The truth is, we open go through our lives, busy with fulfilling expectations and obligations that others put on us. And sometimes we're completely unaware of what we really need, forgetting what our own dreams are or even neglecting our own Selves to help you prevent this from happening. I designed a wellness journal that accompanies this class. The first pages of the journal cover the topics of mindfulness and self discovery. I would like to encourage you to start with the mindfulness exercises described in the journal from the very beginning off the scores to get the most out of it, or use the bonus video that I provided at the end of this class. It will guide you through the practice and the ones you're comfortable with, paying attention to the things around you deep in the practice by working through the questions in the self discovery section. If you find it to be challenging, that's good. They're meant to challenge you, but ultimately to inspire you to learn and to grow. Being aware of your own needs, desires or dreams will lead you to maybe start doing at least one small thing every day or every week, depending on your schedule that you love that matters. That brings you fulfilment, all roll. It is going to increase the quality of your life and help you become your best self. And that's what the world needs today. People who have become their best cells, leaving their lives with intention once again from Heurich and jumped of the bonus module for a mindfulness exercise. Or work through the journal Or I will see you again in just a moment for the second module of the scores, where we'll talk about simplifying and creating space in our lives for what truly matters 3. Making Space for What Matters: as we have just learned in the first module, Practicing mindfulness and the working with discovering yourself are crucial for having happier and healthier life. When you're aware of what your needs are, you can start taking steps to ensure they're being met. And what matters to you has a place in your life. Even if you wished for something you cannot have right now in its fullness, you can make little changes in that direction. The secret of getting ahead with what you dream off is truly getting started. So if you find yourself in need of free time or in need of common quiet, but it is impossible for you to take an entire the off due to your work or family circumstances, learn to create and appreciate the little pockets of stillness. A quiet morning walk a few minutes during your lunch break when you can open a book and a few moments when you can just sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea in this module. I would also like to talk about the importance of eliminating clutter that often blocks the way so good things can make it into our life, even when they're out there. They just cannot make it past her mind's overloaded with thoughts, worries or few years our schedules filled with things that we don't really need to be doing and can't even remember why we said yes to in the first place or our space is filled with items we often did not like Nowadays will live in the consumer's paradise. We can acquire anything we want in any quantities of it, but it doesn't always do is good. I used to be an emotional shopper. Shopping was my retreat when I felt said, and when I was happy, I also celebrated by going to the mall, gaining or losing even just a bit off way. It gave me an excuse to go on a shopping spree. Even after I adopted a capsule wardrobe, I still kept shopping for books for stationary kitchenware or homewrecker items. And then I had to deal with old that clutter that created mess and unnecessary stress, drained my energy, made me feel stock and had a way of multiplying and creating overwhelming the other areas of my life as well on my way towards a happier and healthier life. The first major step was quite trivial. It was going back to basics and remembering my values. This is when I realized that my value has always been simplicity, which for me signifies beauty, calm, clarity and off course space. Space for funds, space for creativity, space for growth. Space for rest. If you are in the similar journey and find yourself in need of more space, more balance or more time, you can begin by eliminating clutter and simplifying your life. Revaluate your possessions or your schedule and get rid of what doesn't add value. What you don't need a like or what doesn't serve you. From then on. Make sure the prioritize a more minimalist lifestyle. Discussed this also with the people you live with. Your flat mates. Real partner. Ask for their support. Try to reach an agreement with them. No need to do this journey alone. Work together to make your home represent who you truly are and what you want to be. Make it clean, simple and open. Feel it with sunlight and air. Set the boundaries based on your values. This will provide a much needed structure and clarity. I found that writing a list of things you want to say yes and no to is very helpful in setting the boundaries and having clear priorities in life or in work and business. It made me realize that certain activities air people, threw me off balance. And then it took me a long time to recover. Removing those from my life, or at least limiting their presence, created the necessary space for growth and creativity that had been stifled before. When we embarked on this journey, my husband and I simplified our possessions. It was incredibly liberating to realize that our happiness was not tied the material objects. This allowed us to let go of sentimental feelings about certain things in the house or our wardrobes that were totally off key and even service well anymore and say goodbye to them. Next review their schedule, our work and made an effort to remove most of the things that made us feel stock leading governmental Klawitter also had it docks if i ng effect, as simplicity created more freedom in space for creativity, growth and joy. Now we conduct regular audits to ensure all those areas remain tidy and organized. It's really easy to get off track, so keep checking in with yourself or your family if you are still making the right choices . If you're still living according to your values today, I encourage you to examine your living space, wardrobe and office and take note off all the things that you see there are the essential. Are they fulfilling their purpose? Are the inspiring and motivating Do you see any Klawitter? And if yes, do you believe that it might be taking the police of something else in your life? The truth is, it might be robbing you off something joy, confidence, creativity or peace of mind. I would also like to encourage you to consider living on Lee with what adds value in meaning to your life. What can you do today to take a step in the direction? Here are a few practical steps you can start with. Consider switching to a capsule wardrobe or adopting a uniform. This will make it easier to get ready for school or work in the morning and eliminate the decision fatigue. Clean up your workspace, removing both physical and digital Klawitter categorized by creating theme folders and drawers. It will save you time when looking for important documents at home. Get rid of any items in your pantry. There are not being used, broken or duplicated and organized arrest. Having a clean kitchen makes it more fun to create in and explore new recipes. We do Children go through the items they own and donate or sell, but they no longer use. Or what, in the words of Marie condo, does not spark joy with your partner. Do Inoyatov your finances, create a plan for eliminating that or set short term and long term goals and start saving for an explication or next big purchase these air. Just five simple ideas to get you started on organizing your life and making space for a truly matters. Clothes environment contributes to anxiety and depression, while clearing our heads and homes gives room for joy. Common inspiration. The space and order you create will open doors for more positive changes, and I can't wait to hear about your results. That is all for the moment and in the next module, who talk about finding inspiration and getting on stock. Also, uber's 4. Finding Inspiration: for all my clients. Dick, ordering their houses and minimizing their possessions provided the tremendous positive outcome on both emotional physical levels. How about you? Do you make a conscious effort to limit the influx of things that draining you, upset you or leave your feeling on motivated and lethargic? Interestingly enough, creating more space also reflect in other areas of life, there is often a sudden surge of creativity and were able to find freedom, flow and inspiration in Module three. This is exactly what we're going to talk about opening our lives. The positive influence can work miracles. Let me ask you these, do you leave your life surrounded by reminders, how amazing you are and how important. What you're doing is very often we don't see ourselves clearly and sometimes even deny our own talents successes and worth work through the questions in the self discovery section off the wellness journal that can be downloaded in the projects and resource is tab and create a list of talents that you have been blessed with and reasons to see yourself as a successful person. This will help you remember to see yourself as gifted, an exceptional hold yourself with dignity. Carry yourself with a sense of purpose and always, always put your best foot forward chasing your dreams and showing up for the people you care about. I would also like to recommend creating a place in your house where it can feel comfortable and safe and just be yourself. Fill that spot with some objects that you love. Photographs or books or beautiful journal to document your thoughts or your favorite monk. Maybe get a print, often inspirational. Cool to hang on the wall or throw a cozy blanket on the chair. Let it be your happy place for you. Go through, recharge and renew another tip that inspires me, especially when in the middle of a project I suddenly feel stock or feel like I'm losing interest. Is remembering what brought me here in the first place? Why I embarked on this journey and acknowledging the progress that I have made, how far I've come and what milestones I've reached. Another thing that helps is visualize ing the outcome, the results in the future success, Creative Vision board or journal about it and turned to them in times when you feel like losing motivation, learning about other people who have been where you are is also important. I love a good story and replant your biographies. They service reminders that barely anyone is an overnight success, and most people who are accomplished novel days might have also hit the wall and had to start over and over again. Find someone you admire, learned the story of their successes and failures and let it inspire you. Also, try changing the environment. I found that working from a library, a beautiful coffee or a friend's house as long as we don't spend all the time chatting, sparked my creativity and imagination. And don't forget about the importance of taking a break. Sometimes it's all about listening to yourself and giving yourself a time to relax and renew. Having the lying going for a long walk in nature were enjoying a cup of tea and a nice book . Work wonders and finally, stay curious. Keep discovering new things or deep in your knowledge of the things you already know. There so many opportunities out there. New languages, crafts skills, professions Why not give it a try? Maybe your childhood dream of becoming a writer or taking piano lessons is what you need to reignite that spark and feel more contentment. I hope this was helpful. And then the next session will discuss the importance of having close connections with other people will see it in the moment. 5. Nurturing Relationships: welcome the module for in the previous, lest some, we learned about several ways to stay inspired and motivated in our lives. But more importantly than creating your own space, where if you'll come for the bill to dream and work, I would like to encourage you to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your ideas who cheer you on. Even when you don't believe in yourself, their faith will give you the strength to pick yourself up. When you feel down, they will be there to celebrate your success, and the joy is always greater when it's doubled by the presence of a true friend. For me personally, there is nothing more empowering than spending quality time with the people I love. I always feel inspired after a good conversation with a friend, a long beach walk with my husband or fall and cold with my sister. Choose good friends, people who are driven, who leave their life with intention, because if you feel inspired or get stuck and we all have such moments, it's very important to be surrounded with people who motivate you in your mind, you via purpose regularly connecting with our loved ones is so important for our well being because this is also where our support often comes from again. We all go through difficult times, and having someone toe offer comfort and just be there for us is incredibly important. Another point I wanted to mention here is that to have good friends, you also need to be a good friend to them. When I work a lot, I tend to stop meeting people or don't always have time to reply to emails or just forget how great laughing with a friend heels or how comforting it is to share a slice of cake at our favorite cafe one. They're focused on reaching our big goals and building the life of our dreams. It is easy to overlook such aspect as relationships with others. But some years ago I decided to be more intentional about my relationships with people and take the initiative, visit coal and send cards without waiting for them to reach out to me first. Almost immediately, I saw profound effect, deeper connections and more meaningful time together, which brought more joy into my life. A swell. So here are a few tips for you. Be intentional about creating and maintaining your connections with the people you care about did not wait for them to reach out to you. First, take the initiative, cool or message them and ask how they are. Somehow. Giving our love to others is even more nourishing than receiving it. So don't forget to acknowledge their importance in your life. Who are the people that have supported you along your journey? Let them know you're thankful. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Also try asking yourself if there is any way for you to encourage them, serve them. Support them on their journey. Do you believe in their dreams? Then send a text message, an email or post on their wall on Facebook. Better yet, call them, talk to them and remind them that they dreams are precious, that what they're doing is incredible and that you care for them and admire them. This is it, and I hope if you'll inspire to go in, show your appreciation to the people you love and in their next smarter will start talking about the importance of building a healthier team. Support will introduce the ultimate wellness tools that I designed for you 6. Wellness Tracker: Creating a Self-Care Plan: Hi. We're now right in the middle, of course, and I'm so excited because it's time to talk about my absolute favorite topic balance and how to bring the various aspects of self care together without letting one or the other dominate in the following sessions will dive a bit deeper into stricken topics. But this one is the most important thing I want to share with you. Balance is one of my favorite wellness concepts, because when it comes to being productive, perfecting time management and increasing your output, it's crucial to have the time to recharge and maintain your well being, which is what I have been teaching here for a while now. In this session, I'm happy to introduce another printable available for you. Under the resource is Stab the wellness tracker. It has multiple sections that are meant to help you improve your physical health, remind you to maintain a morning and evening routine and finally encourage you to approach your day with intention. The wellness tracker can help you monitor your sleep and also food and water intake, which are crucial for our bodies to function properly. Take off how many glasses of water you were able to drink if you're giving those eight hours of sleep and are well rested, and also if you do not miss any meals, the tracker also reminds you toe log in your daily workout. It is not a secret that one of the steps, the well being is been physically active. Here are a few points that helped me to appreciate workouts more start small. There is no need to run a 40 kilometre marathon if drugging has not been part of your daily routine during the last few months. Or trying to do a headstand during your first yoga practice on the realistic expectations often make us feel frustrated and angry and eventually quit. The best way is to build strength gradually and keep working on it. Find your thing. I'm not a dancer, but I love slower workouts like yoga or Pilatus. I'm not a good team player, but I Andrew running around the field where my friends play Frisbee. When I lived in the tropical country, I could not go skating as much as I had done in Europe, but it was in the Philippines that I finally learned how to swim. The truth is we can always find something that you will like. Just keep trying. Lastly, mix it up. When I want to socialize, I go to the studio or Jim, although sometimes it's cool to just stay at home and wear my pajamas. Well, dancing those, um, YouTube videos. I may enjoy Iran along the sea one day and use the treadmill at home the next. The best thing about the variety of workouts that exist out there is that you can customize them according to your mood based and abilities loved outdoors. There are sports for every season, drug cycle, skateboard in the summer or ski skate and try snowboarding and winter. Meet your friends in the park for a Zumba class, joined in our doors, house a practice. Do yoga on the beach or learn some surfing tricks. When the weather is not encouraging you to go out, try online classes at home or head to the dream and have fun. Another thing that the Wellness Tracker does is that it reminds you to maintain in morning and evening routine, which are several activities to do in order to begin and end. Your the more mindfully begin include meditation, journaling drinking herbal tea or reading whatever makes you mind. Relax and helps you feel grounded. Lastly, my hope is that this tracker will encourage you to practise mindfulness and gratitude and leave your day with purpose. I will talk more about embracing gratitude in their last module of this course and will include a bonus exercise from mindfulness at the end as well. But most importantly, today, I would like to encourage you to reassess your daily routine to see if anything is getting overlooked and think how we can bring it back to balance. And in the next, modules will dive deeper into maintaining our morning routine, using the meal planner to ensure our bodies are well nourished and embrace gratitude as a practice are positive. 7. Building a Morning Routine: welcome the module six, where we're going to talk about creating a morning routine that would set you up for a successful they. Basically, a morning routine is a number of habits that you go through each morning that creates a flow. Having a slow start to your day, as opposed to rushing to the office with a cell phone in one hand and the cup of take away coffee and the other will actually help you to become more creative and more productive. Having a phone three hour hydrating and nourishing your body. Setting your intention for the day Lyle, journaling or meditating and enjoying moderate physical exercise can do wonders for you and how you feel during the day. As part of this course, I share the recipe of my ideal slow morning routine that includes 10 steps on the way to, well, live date. You can download the beauty of file and try using it, or have a look through and modify it according to your lifestyle. It can also develop your own set of habits to prime you up for a successful and productive date, and I include the blank morning routines. She'd just for that in the next couple of slides, I'll quickly run you through my essentials to give you a couple of ideas for your own morning routine. One of the essential steps of my morning routine is getting enough sleep the night before upon waking up instead of reaching for my phone, I now give myself that first hour, or even to to enjoy something that I love and that adds value. It also feels good to tick off a few items, like working out or reading listed on my habit tracker first thing in the morning, staying nourished and hydrated. I cannot emphasize enough how important drinking enough water and eating clean our for our bodies. Once I adopted the largely plant based died and cut out refined sugar and processed foods, it did wonders for me. Constant fatigue, occasional digestion issues and skin problems like wrinkles and acne went away. Starting your day with a glass of water helps clear the foregoing your head and increases your ability to concentrate. Being physically active is also incredibly important for our well being. When you incorporate regular exercise into your life, your energy levels increase, your mood improves and your immune system does a better job at fighting illness. The best part is that you don't need to spend hours at the gym. There is such a huge variety of four cows. It can always find something to your liking. Brisk walking or running in the morning will increase your energy levels at home. You can try yoga, Pilates bar or weights there. Plenty of videos on YouTube. The point is to make regular workouts and must and have several options so your body doesn't adjust to easily and you don't get bored. You can also do something for a personal development, like listening to an informative and inspiring podcast or read a book. Another wonderful practice is journaling, and for that you can use the self discovery questions from my wellness journal or use the sheet cold, my thoughts to unload whatever is on your mind. Write down your dreams, ideas, literally. Anything that comes to mind. Doing morning pages has been proven to dissipate. Worries induce positive feelings and help overcome creative blocks so you can try and see if that works for you too. Setting the intention and visualizing the course of the day can also be beneficial in terms of helping keep the right mindset and be more productive. That is why planning and setting goals is always included in my morning routine. Writing at least keeps me organized and helps me not to over commit. You can use the Wellness tracker from the previous module to keep all these things in check and make sure everything is balanced and you are prioritizing your well being. I hope what we discussed will encourage you to start with it least wander through regular activities in the morning. Building a consistent morning routine has resulted in many positive changes in my life and has also benefited many of my clients. If I am able to dedicate the start of my day to the simple ritual that I designed, or at least a few points in it, the rest of my time is spent with more focus, and I experience more joy. It also helps me to lower the level of anxiety, which I occasionally struggle with and vanished the over well. I'm also Eric, your yester here, whether you already have an established morning routine and what it consists off, so do let me know and in our next lesson will die deeper into the topic of nourishing our bodies as planning our meals 8. Planning Meals: one of the pillars of wellness is definitely a healthy diet. And, not surprisingly, maintaining that diet also starts with planning it. That's right, creating them you plan for our a week not only ensures that we save time, but also helps us to eat much better. Quality food preparation also helps to avoid what I call sudden attacks of hunger, because that's when we devour anything that crosses our path without giving much consideration to the content of the product or the way it was made to help you with planning your menu for the week, I designed a two page meal planner printable that includes at least off all week they meals , a girl's released and a recipe card. This template is very easy to use, and it really does make a difference for your well being when you use it. This is how the start create a stack of recipes you want to cook for your family during the week. For inspiration, you can browse through your favorite food blog's or cookbooks. Choose about 10 to 15 recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner for lunch and dinner. You have two options. Make a larger batch in the evening, so you can use the leftovers for lunch the next day, which is what I normally prefer, or cook two different meals. If you don't mind, you can also repeat some risk is during the week. If you or someone in your family particularly likes one of the dishes, right your meal ideas for each day, so you don't forget what you're planning to cook. If you are going to have lunch or dinner with friends, don't forget to exclude that meal. There is probably no need to cook on that day after you collected your meal ideas right the recipes down on the recipe cards, so it is easier for you to find them, and you don't need to google them again on the mule planner. There is a gross released for you to bring to the farmers Market supermarket or wherever you go to get your produce as much as possible. Open for good quality ingredients by seasonal locally grown produce. It is usually cheaper and much fresher than imported, and if you eat meat, try to buy free range Organic. Same goes for the dairy products. One more things to consider is healthy snacks. Snacking is usually where sugar sneaks into our diet, so try to make healthy choices. Always carry with you some fresh fruit. Veg ISS takes a pack of nuts or Gorder Berries to avoid getting hungry and end up eating something your body might not benefit from. You can also try adding super foods to your diet for some extra nutrients. Chia seeds, flax seed, spirulina, maca powder and such help you to have more energy, improved address shin and nor sure body. They're great to include into your morning smoothie or porridge, and getting them into your system first thing in the morning helps to get the most benefits from them. And, of course, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. Water, as we learned in our geography classes, covers their own 70% of our planet. Interestingly enough, a human body also consists of around 70% off water. And although water doesn't give our bodies and you nutrition or calories, you in a mild form of dehydration, results in low energy, making us feel exhausted. Other serious problems caused by the lack off water include slow metabolism, constipation, acidity and ultimately reflecting on the outside. Skin problems make sure to bring a bottle of wherever you go, so you always have access to clean and toxin free water and set reminders. Put stickers on your desk or set an alarm clock to remind you to drink. I guess what I'm trying to say here is be mindful of what you consume and do your best to eat well and drink enough water in their next session, which is also our lost. I'll introduce the loss of probably the most important practice, and I would love free incorporate into your everyday life gratitude. 9. Cultivating Gratitude: hello again and welcome to the last module of the art of South Care. Thanks for making it all the way through the AM in this session will discuss a practice that was life changing for me and many of my clients. As I explained in the introductory video several years ago, my priorities were not quite aligned with my values. I prioritise my work, neglecting my health and the relationships with people I cared about. It cost me extreme stress and anxiety. In the end, however, it turned out to be a good thing because it made me face the problem and reconsider the way I was living. Still, it took some time to reconnected myself, to create the simpler and more meaningful life and to find happiness. The key to finding joy for me was making a conscious effort to start practicing gratitude. Appreciating what we have has always been considered one of the ways to true happiness. But I didn't stop there. I discovered that gratitude is a constant and evolving practice and now live with intention to find more opportunities to feel thankful and cultivated. It is truly a gift to be able to look at the world this weight because there is amazing power in loving what surrounds you in being satisfied with what? Your half. I'm not saying that we should forget our big dreams and settle for less or accept anything and everything Life throws at us. What I mean is that we should certainly cherish and develop our dreams, but at the same time not lead the aspirations of the future robots off the blessings of the present, increasing awareness off the good in the people around us or the circumstances we find ourselves in gratitude also has the power toe enhance our experiences and relationships. It helps us to build resilience and overall developed a more optimistic outlook on life. You can start practicing gratitude by writing a list off what you're thankful for in your daily life. What brings joy to you and writing is your day, and it can even be simple things like drinking, see eating desserts, going toe art galleries, watching funny movies, having picnics and taking long walks with your dog. If you write a list of people and I'm sure all of us have someone special dimension, find a way to express your feelings toward them by sending them thank you cards, calling them or leaving them messages. You can also use the gratitude prompts for journaling from the Wellness Journal. These are just a few questions to reflect on and remind you of the good in your life. Feeling and expressing gratitude on a daily basis increases our awareness of the present, lowers negativity and helps to develop a greater appreciation for what we already have instead of constantly craving for more. Ah, hope you get the experience the benefits of this practice and will be very happy to hear from you if you'd like to share in the discussion board or in the class project what you're grateful for today and every day. Alternatively, you can share with us any other takeaways from this class and let me know which templates you found helpful. I'll be very happy to hear your thoughts. Please remember that self care is not optional. It's essential. Be kind to yourself by making time and space for what matters to you. Practice mindfulness, had gratitude and enjoy simple activities that reinvigorate your body and soul. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this course designed to inspire youth, embrace self love, create more balance and find more fulfilment in life. If you found some value in it, please leave a review. And I wish you all the best on your journey Goodbye. 10. BONUS: Mindfulness Exercise: for your mindfulness practice, find a nice and peaceful spot in your house. Work and feel comfortable and spend a few minutes undisturbed. You can also do this. Exercise outdoors, where we can breathe in the fresh air, or feel the wind and sound light on your skin. Before you begin, Set an alarm clock to ring. After a period of time. It's good to start with 3 to 5 minutes and eventually increase to 10 to 15 minutes. Sit comfortably and make a conscious effort the let go of any attention that arises and focus on the sensations that are present. Start engaging your senses. Look at your environment and notice the details. Collars softer, vibrant the interplay of light and shadows, forms and shapes that your clothes or some objects around you and feel their textures. This purposes that temperature anything your skin comes in contact with. Now close your eyes and listen to the sounds that surround you. Theme music. Playing with birds, singing people, talking and laughing yourself breathing. Listen also to silence moving your attention from your body to line. Observe your thoughts and emotions without judging notice where they wander off. If you feel worry, fear or sadness. Try shifting the focus to gratitude for something you're blessed with your abilities and talents, your body, the relationships you have, the material things you own and everything you were experiencing in your life. Right now acknowledge that you're growing and changing in the world changes with you. Think of a word that sums up your intention for this moment for this day or for this week. Courage, kindness, calm Joey Adventure, Grow love. Think off one way to take this war with you toe Live it out. Today engaging with this practice on the regular basis will help you quiet and down the inner critic and enhance the connection with the world around you. Every time you do these exercises, try to notice something that you weren't aware off before. This will hide a new concentration level, develop your attention for detail and increase your confidence