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The Art of Pizza : Cooking The Perfect Pie

teacher avatar Jose Canseco, COOK FREE OR DIE!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Garlic Confit


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      The Dough


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      Rolling The Dough


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      The Sauce


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      Finishing Touches


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      Thank you


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About This Class

Everybody loves pizza,the delivered or even the $5 boxed stuff is not too bad sometimes, but folks, believe me when I tell you. No pizza in the world compares to one the you will learn to make in this class with your own hands; start to finish. Without breaking your bank. The experience will be beyond gratifying

There really are only three simple things that go into making a great pizza: a good dough (base & crust), a fantastic sauce topping and then the toppings themselves. Simple right?

It is close to impossible to make a bad pizza.Get cheese, bread and tomato sauce with anything and try to get it wrong right? But to make THE PERFECT pizza pie, now that is something to aspire to.

Join me as we go step by step and head towards cheesy pizza perfection in this learning adventure!


Upload all of the required pictures and steps to the PROJECT GALLERY for a chance to win a teacher curated pizza making kit so you can take your pizza game to the next level!

Contest winner will get a free 2 day air delivery of the following Items:

Kitchen Aid Stand mixer (that's right)
Commercial grade Pizza Peel, Long blade Pizza cutter and Pizza Stone

Premium Italian Herbs, Smoked sea salt and more! (MORE THAN $350 IN VALUE)




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jose Canseco



Before we begin you must be warned...Nothing vegetarian.

I am a firm believer that you DO NOT NEED to have things organic, vegan, gluten free, pretentious or all made from scratch for food to be great. Simplicity always wins!

But I do think that having the knowledge of making good food from start to finish is an important skill that has been lost in these modern times.

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1. INTRO: Hey, guys. Welcome to the Arctic Pizza. My name is Jose Conseco. I'll be teaching this class. I've been cooking my whole life since I was 13 and I am beverage director at scores way Do really good pizza over there. I'm gonna teach you how to do that day for your project. You are going to make your own pizza dough that you make from scratch. I'm gonna show you how to do that. Your sauce made from scratch as well. You get to pick your own toppings now, hold its oldest process that you're making for all this stuff pictures. So that deliver. Now, um, at the end, I want you to do a reaction way. 2. Ingredients: Alright, guys, let's go over the little ingredients we're gonna need. Okay. First off, we need some extra virgin olive oil. We're gonna use this to make the garlic comfy, which is gonna be the base for your pizza, right? Obviously, the garlic. For what I just said, we're gonna get some bottled water. Bottled water. It's important. You don't want to use faucet water. It will ruin your pizza. There's bleaching stuff that you don't want to eat. We need some bread, flour, bread, flour. The reason why we use Dad. It has the highest protein level that we're gonna turn into gluten. We're gonna talk a little bit more about that later. Two cans San Marzano tomatoes. A recently used on Marzano is the best region in Italy where tomatoes come from. That feels the best sauce. Trust me. You want to go out of your way to get this? We got some smoked sea salt. Smoked sea salt we use is because we don't have. I mean, at least I don't have a fire would open in my house. The smokiness in the sea salt Finishing the pizza will give it that pays. Like if it waas made in an oven. Traditionally, we got some fresh basil. Fresh basil is gonna be your only topping. Like I said, toppings don't make good pizza. But I love Basil on my pizza. So we're gonna use that. Just won't happen. That's it. We got these first buying tomatoes. These do not go into pizza. Well, the reason why we're gonna use this is because the vine goes into sauce and that's gonna make it taste fresh. It's a trick I learned a long time. Got some mozzarella provolone mixture. This is what I prefer Personally, You guys can use fresh mozzarella if you like regular mozzarella, it doesn't matter at that point. Use whatever you like. Get some Italian blend mix. This is really basic. You can get this anywhere. This is gonna be for the finishing touch as well. With the smoked sea salt, get some salt and some sugar for the job. And then really important the active dry yeast. I prefer active that Brian use If you like to use instant use, that's OK as well. We got one bolt. This is for the flower measuring cup. And then we got to glass containers, one for the yeast and one for the garlic. Comfy? That's all you need. 3. Garlic Confit: All right, guys, for the first step for your perfect pizza. What we're gonna do is the garlic can feed this very easy and straightforward. First thing you need is one cup of garlic, everyone. Couple Carly use. Use two cups to make sure all the girl discovered Find e bowl. Worst important, covered. This goes in the oven for 45 minutes. 300 degrees is gonna turn into this. This garlic is gonna be creamy. Spread herbal. You could put it on you like a lot of girls. You could spread the garlic itself. Hold on the pizza before we did the sauce. If you don't just use the oil and it's gonna be full of flavor as well. All right, guys, or early is now out of the oven. It could perfectly is perfectly caramelized. You want this color right here, which is a golden kind of thing going on. You don't want to dark. You wanted to like this This perfect. You gotta smell this thing. It's out of this world. I can't wait to see that. A couple of things, if sometimes people's ovens are not figured properly. So you want to go by color? here. You gotta keep checking out of your five minutes or so because garlic does burn release. You could do a good job keeping an eye on it, and you should be fun. 4. The Dough: Alright, guys, we're gonna get started on the dope. The first thing you want to do is grab your east and warm water. You don't want cold water. You want hot water? You want warm water to the touch so it doesn't burn you. You write in there just like that. Get your sugar, you're gonna do a large pinch goes right in there. That's what feeds. This is gonna sit for 15 minutes so it brings back to life the east put on the side, rather bowl we're gonna do. It's 5.5 cups of flour. There's a cup thing. So we can actually that is five. So we got 5.5 cups of flour. We're gonna add 16. Alice is off water. Bottled water, remember? That's very important. You're gonna do a small pinch of sugar and a large pinch of right. We're gonna think this over to the mixing bowl and show you how it gets needed. All right, guys are use is now ready to go. This is exactly what it should look like. And it smells if you smell it. It actually smells like beer. Which is the east actually working doing all that stuff that we want for our pizza. Gonna put all the flour mixed with the salt and the sugar in your mixer That all goes in dry ingredients. First, we're gonna add just a little splash Your east coast, you're gonna do 16 ounces of water hook attachment to your mixer locked. You started low. You always want to start on low so you don't make a mess and get covered in flour. Capital me a couple of times. You don't want that. Once it reaches this point and most of the flower on the wall, the goal is actually indigo. Crank it up medium high. It's It's like this and it's gonna makes or need for 15 minutes. So just leave the machine 15 minutes. We'll have a beer. Get to go. Alright, guys, at this point your dough is ready to go. It has been mixing, and your mixer has been meeting in your mixer for 15 minutes. You can tell that it is now full of gluten pushing it down and it comes back up. Does that? That's what you're looking for. If you're still unsure, they're a little piece of right. You make yourself a little beats on their hands of all structured a little bit. Shouldn't rip apart or stick to your fingers. That is what you're looking for. Now this dough, we're gonna cover it with a moist towel. Put it for six hours on the counter. After that, it goes in your fridge overnight. It's bad news, but trust me, it's worth the wait. Alright, guys. So dough. It's now ready to go. We can roll it at this point. It was needed for 15 minutes. Then way covered it with oil in a bowl covered with a moist towel. What's it said overnight And that's it. You can do it now. 5. Rolling The Dough: All right, guys, get everything we need to put our pizza together. You're gonna throw now some flour on the bottom of your working surface. We're gonna start working your dough, right? If it feels a little bit sticky, don't be shy. Grab a little little flower on your hands. Flower on hands, right? You know, start working it like this. Oh, before I get started with the working with the dough, we need to grab your rolling pin and throw it out. You don't want to use the ruling with this. This is hand tossed pizza pizza. If you roll with a rolling pin, you're gonna get rid of all of air bubbles that we created by making pizza dough from scratch if you don't want to do that. So this is what you did, right? Nice and cold in a flower. You start working with your hands and it's circular motion and you're pushing out. He's pushing out like this. You're not making a perfect circle here. You're just working with dough. Stretch it. Do not rip it. If I do rip it also, you have a fix it not a problem. So it is gonna take a little bit of time. Would you stretch? You hold with your left hand, you pull down your right hand, you pull and you stretch. That's it. Simple. So when your dough it's not stretching all the way as it's happening right now, simple solutions is gonna let it rest. It's too cold. I actually feel it right now. It's a little bit chilly. You've got a wave like 2030 minutes for it to get a room temperature, and it's good to go. Alright, guys. So we let her go kind of one kind of goto rope temperature a little bit. It is a lot more manageable now. You might have to do the same thing. Remember, Before you start rolling, just let your door s for, like, 15 20 minutes so we could get the room temperature right while you're doing this stretching slowly at this point, once he gets like this, right, you can get a fun with it and try and toss it. I actually don't think it's necessary. Tossing is literally just this Lugo typical force. Now, if you toss it is gonna be a lot more prone to rips and I'll show you what happens even do rip your dough. So, for example, here there's a rip. Right now, a lot of people will tell you all just pinching together. You don't want to do that. You wrap from the outside. Just patch it up, okay? Matching up a little bit more flour, right? Nothing over half. So you go back to it. We're gonna do a 12 inch here, so we're spreading it. Were spreading it. And I think we are now 12 inches. So at this point, we're gonna put our pizza together. 6. The Sauce: I guess that's what we're gonna do. Our sauce. Now we get our summer sandal tomatoes. Can goes right in the blender. Right. Do you get this mobile under like I do? It's not a problem. Let's do one batch of time. Right in. - You just saw things going on the stove. We're gonna simmer for 45 minutes. It's nice and thick. Then when comes out to meet up this stove, we're gonna add just a few weeks of fresh basil, and once it cools down, we're gonna grab a vine tomato south of it. And this is gonna go right in it and sit overnight once it's cold, because if it's hot is totally killed Trying to get here right in here and sit overnight with you guys processes sitting overnight along with their dope, we're ready to take out. I think our base beliefs that's all going down. And we cannot roller pizza. This is what you're looking for. Overnight is nice. He gives in, it doesn't stick if there's a flower down and then we can start rolling process. Okay, Put it together. We'll get just 7. Assembly: All right. So we get all overtopping together, We get everything we need to put a pizza together. You're gonna grab your pizza peels, right? And first course you're gonna throw some cornmeal under pizza. Feel right. If you don't have cornmeal flours, fun when you have to use a lot because it's a lot last course. And you don't want your visit to stick when you throw it on this stuff, right? To go. Having in this pizza goes right least across is not pizza yet, but it will be very soon. You don't have to make a perfect circle. Do not push down. Once there at this point, make sure it comes off easily. Right? There's a pizza. Grab your garlic comfy oil. You're gonna go like that threat Start in the middle, spread it out. You want to get all along the surface of the pizza on top, including the crust. All right, we're gonna move on to or sauce. Look at that somewhere, Basil in it. Make sure you get it out. Sauce. You don't have to go crazy with the sauce either. Richard. Up to the edge. That's it. In the middle, each offense to get soggy. So you this is a trip that I do just kind of get it off the middle a little bit. So it's not crazy. I go with cheese. And again, this isn't mozzarella and provolone. You are welcome to use fresh mozzarella or any other cheese that you like. That's perfect. Then the last thing we're gonna put up top. There's some fresh basil right off. No stem. It's a couple of this. You should smell the base over watering. Okay, we get the pizza assembled and it's ready to go in the oven at 500 degrees or 5 50 of your oven allows it under the broiler into the pizzas. 8. Finishing Touches: Alright, guys. So the pizza is now out of the open we gotta do. Is there the finishing touches? Cut it and eat it. We're gonna do some smoked sea salt, right? Just a little bit to give it that smoky flavor That way. Italian herbs. They go right in your hand not straight into beats of the reason why they go right in your hand. You got a crush him to release all the flavorful potential on it. You that pizza cutter? No, it is not ready, Teoh. 9. Thank you: All right, everybody, have fun. As much aside, making this pizza, I would be looking forward to your projects. Remember, we're gonna take a picture off your ingredients, your middle process, which is your dog rising, then your pizza cooking. And at the end, make sure you get someone's reaction of eating it for the first time. It is delicious. Hope you enjoyed it.