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The 1-Page Time Management Tool : How To Manage Your Time Effectively?

teacher avatar Vinay Kumar Reddy, Founder at | Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Why Enroll Now?


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      1 -Page Time Management Tool: What Is It?


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      Quadrant- 1


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      How To Create 1-Page Time Management Tool For Your Daily Use


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About This Class

We try everything from traditional agendas to mobile apps to keep time. We make to-do lists add reminders but still will not be able to complete the tasks. Most of us are terrible at managing time.

That is what this course is all about.

In this course you will learn:

  • How To Wasting Your Time On Wrong Things
  • How To Build To-Do List Based On Your Priority Of Tasks
  • How To Save Lots & Lots Of Time
  • How To Create 1-Page Time Management Tool

Take Action & Enroll Now: 

   There Is Amazing Information Ahead. See You In The Course 

Meet Your Teacher

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Vinay Kumar Reddy

Founder at | Digital Marketer


 I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

   I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

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1. Why Enroll Now?: Let me ask you a question. Case home. Often you start wondering what other things unity we're doing in the next minute or in the next are I end up doing nothing. What if it got a whole lot easier to plan your task and manage your time effectively? Think about what your life will look like. If you could say your name efficiently and get your things done faster, you could use all light sail, extra time to spend with your family or to go on a trip that you have been planning for so long. It's annoying to spend a lot of time doing work and still at your no results on. That's what discourse is all about. In this course, you will learn hold to stop wasting your time on the wrong things. Hold ability. A to do list based on the priority off the tusks and hope to say Lords and lords off time. So stop wasting your time on the dust that are not helping you to achieve the productivity . Let's get started. There is amazing information ahead. Take the action on enroll see in the course case 2. 1 -Page Time Management Tool: What Is It?: generally youth, everything from traditional agendas, posted notes, calendars and mobile apps to manage your time. Still, most of the time we are not able to effectively manage or 10 or do all that us that really stirred on our to do list we how all commitments and priorities scattered. We don't know what other does. We should do no, or what other does that can be done little. So there's one time management all that helps you toe understand your priorities and allocating to your braudis Eisen, who is one of the greatest presidents you say ever had, he once said, most of the things vigil, origin or not important and most of the things which are important or not urgent based on history in magics was developed, known as I sent her metrics, the gates later, the great productivity grew stiffened or Kobe improvised. This Matics created a one paced time management tool so effectively no water, that is that our urgent on what are the things that are important. And, he said, most of us spend too much time on or this urgent on not enough time on what is important. But to use this tool effectively you should know the difference between the important task and the adjourned. Us. Important us are the things that help us toe tea or goals and grow personally or professionally. Urgent activities are the ones. Start demand immediate attention. If you do not perform them immediately, you will face consequences. So the secret off time management is to understand clearly, what are the agendas on water that important us on Dover, doing the things that are not urgent and not important the keys, nor to prayer days words on your schedule, but instead you'll your priorities. This is the reason most of our to do lists, Phil, because we generally Jordaan all the things we need toe go randomly. We don't set priorities on most of the times we end up doing the wrong things, which will add no value. So here is the obvious metrics. To send your priorities straight is basically divided in tow. Full accordance. Let's see each of the quarter Corden phone is aboard that us that are urgent and important disordered us that are needed to be done immediately. According toe is a word that us that are not urgent but are important these other tasks that will help you to grow and are to be planning early. Corden three is about that. Does that are urgent, but not important? This is the dust that you should manage or minimizes. 14 for is about that us that are not urgent and not important. This Gordon mostly fills of the does that should be avoided or delegated. So let's see each of the middle in the next videos. So you will have a greater understanding off this tool. Thank you. See you in the next video case. 3. Quadrant- 1: Welcome to the video gates in this video, you're going to talk about Cordant one, as we discussed earlier. This Gordon is a border dust that are urgent and important activities in Gordon. One needs your immediate attention. Otherwise you'll face negative consequences. Dylan, mainly to tapes off activities associated with this Gordon one is the Venice graces. On the second is deadlines, crazies. These are the evens you could not have foreseen. For example, medical emergencies you're fooling sick or getting flu is the even you could not have forcing or it Christ loved up or kitchen for years. These are the events that need your attention immediately. In case off medical emergencies, you need to be taking care of your health. A Christ laptop. You need to get a grip it immediately. So hold to manage time for these events. The only way to handle Gracie's is to have flexibility in your sir June. It said that if your schedule is filled more than 70% then you're overly committed. So leave some free time. New York City, the second type of dust that fall into discord in our deadlines, this other time sensitive activities that need to be done. It's up as soon as possible. Some examples include paying your taxes in three days or two days left for submitting your report. How to manage thing for these kind off events. Most of these activities can be prevented by planning. Them will head off the red lines, for example, paying your taxes within three days. You should have paid your Texas before when you have received the notice earlier, assuring their stop until the deadline is only three days of it to create your project. Procrastination is a main reason if most off your activities fall into this category. Most of the times we neglect doing things until the deadline comes new. So stop procrastinating. Otherwise, most of your dust will end up in the court in fun. Andi, need your immediate attention on. You might end up doing this to us very badly. The activities that belonged to this Gordon Pruitt only short term benefits. So you need to have very little activities in discordant and finish the activities that fall into discordant as soon as possible. That's a label discord in case soon, the next video. We'll talk about quarter to thank you 4. Quadrant-2: Welcome to the quarter in two days. In this Gordon, the activities are not urgent but are really important. This is According Stephen O. CoV wants you to spend most of your time in the does in this corden are the ones that will help you to reach your goals in the long run. Examples exist is daily learn new skills. Manny's relationships, excesses dilly. It is no urgency or diddling that will ask you to excesses, but if you neglect your vocal on exercises, you will end up falling sick. Learn new skills. Things are changing in this fast paced rule regularly. If you don't learn new skills, it's really hard toe cover. With the competition vote back, 10 managers do the push bone. This does because there is no urgency involved. And when this does become urgent and sift accorded one, they will give up. For example, they don't exercise overcoat until they become so base. And when the exercise become urgent for the help, the give up on love falling sick SoHo to manage time effectively, un Liston. Not always the dust that seemed hurdle are only important. Your goals are not running away. There is no deadline and there is no urgency. But you should run towards them because it's important to achieve them. If you think there is no allegiance and deadline and start walking towards them, you're never going toe achieve them. For example. I want to write a book, but there is no agency, and there is no deadline. If I start thinking in that way, I'm never going to finish that book. But if we think that this is really important for me, although it's not urgent and I finished that book, it will help me to grow professionally. So plan will to complete that us from this, Gordon diverted dosed us in the smaller parts and do them regularly, and they will all add up in the end and help you achieve your goals. This is what come born effect is all about. Start with the end, Linda My because only thus, from this Gordon will matter in the end, help you to maintain your health, grow professionally and maintain your relationships. Thank you, gays. That's all about discordant. See, in the next video, we'll talk about quarter and three convert to see you there. Thank you 5. Quadrant-3: or some case, you're 50% through the ghost. Great going in this video, we're going to talk about quarter three. Core gentry is about the US that are urgent but not important. Discordant is known as ordered off deception because they does in this Gordon demand your attention but are not really important. But they often tend to think that the does that urgent are important. So there is the deception and I, Sison Ho said. Most of the time start as that urgent or not importing. Let's see some examples picking up the phone where you're walking chicken gym in it, regular intervals, anything that distracts you from the world. How to manage time art of saying no for new looking Somebody comes up to you and ask you dodo some does, and the kid an impression that that is really urgent. So the best way is Toe say no as Warren professor, that difference between successful people on really successful people is that really successful. People say no to almost everything to be really successful. You should learn the art of saying no should cut off all the D sections that don't align with your long term goals and only go with the things that will help you to grow. So start saying no phone calls you're working on. Receive a phone call after 10 minutes or 15 minutes on the phone. We're distracted from our book. He takes under our toe. Get back to the book. Phone calls are said to be most dissecting, well working. There are some calls that you need toe urgently on hope to manage them. So I did this trick in the book called for Work Week. But the moody fairies, once you pick up the call, sort of a saying his own. I have this important meeting coming up in other five minutes. Police say whatever you have to say in the next two minutes, and I have to leave seeing the sentence at the start, which is your color to come straight to the point and cut the fluff so this will save a lot of time for you and your cooler and healthier dough. Afford the sections from your book, e mails and other updates. Most of the people spend their one before it off the office, time taking their mills. Most of the time management grew, suggest one strategy called batting batting is about doing all the similar things at once. So I read all your meals at the start off your day for 20 minutes and answer them. So don't look at your mill until end of the day and spent 10 more minutes to read an answer . The mill. So start batting the things that are similar. If you want to take your social media updates, do it at once and stop thinking or going back to your social media once in a while that Julie D sex you when we continuously vote on something the Cajun the estate called Flow. Once we get into that state off flow, the 100% predicted. So avoid all the distractions that same origin and concentrate on your vote. Thank you guys. That's all about discord in sin. The Lost Gordon off this time management all thank you 6. Quadrant-4: Regan base to the Gordon full Discordant is about the activities that are not urgent are not important. These other tuhs unit toe avoid as much as possible. If only you can identify the dust that goingto court and four and successfully eliminate them. You can save a lot on Lord Off time. Some examples off the dust that going toe corden folk are going through your Facebook freed for us at us, being a ghost potato and watching all the city's movies and soap operas that come on your TV. Anything that suck up most off your important time comes and go discordant. So hold a man. It's time for this to us over it or minimize. I'm not asking you toe give up what's in your favorite cities or movie. Be careful on limit watching them as much as possible. Spend more time in court, driven on corden toe and finish all those important does. Once you complete them all, the time left is can be utilized in Gordon food for your guilty pleasures. One movie to manage time for this to us is to delegate. Also see it the others, for example, I want no more my lawn. It's not urgent or important moment alone, but it might take up my whole weekend. Andi, I'm not very skilled herded. So what's better for me is to delegate their task because my vegan is vote more to me than 20 to 30 books. So think about all that as that are not important and no urgent or add value to you or divorce that you're not delis killing on you get afford somebody else to do it, so better also see them. So there's some visits online. Craigslist dot com, craigslist dot com has craigslist dot com Has the people that provide all the services from cleaning your host a painting your walls favor dot com is an amazing place where you can find people who will do your us only for $5 offered dot com is one more site where you can look for professional work. Something Gates. What can you avoid and work in your delegate? So that's all over this four Corbyn case. In the next video, we will see how auto play this one pistol to your daily life. Thank you so much. See in the next video 7. How To Create 1-Page Time Management Tool For Your Daily Use: good gates in this video we're going to talk about or to create that one place time management tool. You can use this mother to create a time management all for one day, one week or any amount of the time you're applying to create your total is for I'm going to create a to do list for my one day, so the first thing I do is to bring them all. The things I need to do today was, that's completed. I go and say all the Gordons, so the first is for urgent. Important, though, is for no urgent. Important three is for a person and not important for is for not urgent. I'm not import. Once you keep prevails in the stool, it will eventually end up memorizing. Work is number stands for, and it's really easy. So no, I'm going during each of the thing I wrote on my to do list. Complete the books final editing. There's no urgency in it, but it's really important for him for my professional growth, so I'm going to rank it, too. What's game of Thrones? New absorbed. It's not urgent or not important, so I'm going to give it drank full by new toothpaste. It's urgent on important because I just ran out off my dude pace. So I'm going to give one check for new office and Amazon. See, there's a deception that this is really urgent for me. A device offer is going Don't lost. But actually this is not really important for me. No. So I'm going to give it ranked three more my alone. See, this is not urgent and not important. I like uneasily delegated to some other person. So I'm going to give it rang full, read my mail. See, it's urgent, but not really important. This Lord of Dal male and they can be anything, so I'm goingto give it 13 Book Doctor's appointment is both urgent and important because if I'm not going to book my appointment, no, it's really hard to get one. So I'm giving it rang. One joins him in classes. There is no urgency, but it's really important for my health, So I'm giving you drank, too. So what I'm going to do? No, it's or take a plane shit off paper and fully till it fits in my pocket. On one side, I read Kordell and Kordell, too. I know Don't all the things I have given ranked one on Drank toe on my to do list by new toothpaste book Doctor's appointment. Soon on the other side, I'm going to record entry and Corden food, and I know don't all the things I have given drying three and four in my to do list it hit my meal. What's game of Thrones soon? See, here is my one based time management all for today on one side, this Gordon one and cordon toe the things that are really important for my growth on the other side. Gordon, three, and Gordon for the things that are not really important on. So no I can for that paper, and it can easily fit in my book. It and I can do the things based on my priorities. I'll go on, go the first thing and excited off and go to the second thing. So on the ladies, the fourth thing. So that's all over one based time management tool case. I strongly suggest you do the same, but they don't all the things you have to do take their toll on random accordingly. No. Take a piece off people for Lee on onward and say trade. Kordell and Kordell do the things that are really important to you on the other side, right? Cordant, Lee and Gordon. For the things that are not really important, it's and start doing them based on the ranks, you have given a new priorities and once courted one in, according to Islam Goto Corden three and cordon for this way, you can set your priorities and use your name effectively, but one more lasting before we end. This course, create this tool for one day. It will hardly take your five minutes, and they set off paper if you create it for one day, their Lord listings to do. And the things are not really scattered if you do it for so many days. There are a lot of things Trudeau on many off the things are scattered here and there, and that will only make you procrastinate and stop doing those things. So it's better to create it for one day, which will have ample things for you to do on will really motivate you to complete them. So no, I fold this paper, keep it in my pocket and carried everywhere I go. So that's old days. Thank you so much for joining this course 8. Conclusion: or some case, most of the people don't make it till here. You definitely deserve a pat on your back. You're no on effective time manager. You learn all the secrets that goingto managing thing effectively and also learn how to create one pays time management tool that you can carry around in your pocket. So I want of issue all the base for all your future and divorce. If you could please take one minute to reveal discourse positively. It really hate me to create more amazing go, sis, Thank you so much.