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      What is Temaki Sushi?


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      Vinegar Rice


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      How To Roll


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      Thank You


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make Temaki Sushi at home. As Sushi as you know, is a traditional Japanese dish which we mainly eat outside the home.

However, this type of Temaki sushi is for more casual dining and is great to have at home. No special technique is required.

Temaki sushi is tasty and also fun to make, once you know how.

So, in this class you will learn:

More about Temaki sushi

How to make vinegar rice

Other ingredients and how to prepare 

How to roll the Temaki sushi

I hope you will enjoy the class.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan

Simple Japanese Home Cooking


Hi, I'm JURI. I share my simple Japanese home cooking recipes in my food blog. Healthy, tasty and easy family friendly meal include vegetarian and vegan. 

I'm a Japanese living in Kanagawa, Japan. 

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1. Introduction: I drill stated I'm a Japanese native living tithe one for husband in the baby. I'm frickin eating healthy and sharing food. Please check my instagram feed where I upload my food pictures every day. If you like my post, feel free to follow me in this class you want help to make So she, as you know, is a traditional Japanese dish which we mainly eat outside the home. However, this type of Sissi is for more casual dining and is great to have at home. No special technique is required. The McKinsey is tasty and also fund to make plus you know how so In this class you will learn more about the McKinsey, how to make vinegar, rice, other ingredients and how to prepare. And how do you roll the same accusation? I hope you enjoy the class. See you there. 2. What is Temaki Sushi?: green, red and yellow, please, Um, from voices can be heard coming from a colorful table. Tamaki is she is a classic dish for special. They even it's not a special day. Families can stay together and enjoy together as a casual dish. This city is very easy to make. Prepare rice other ingredients like fish and vegetable, and rub with noting a type of seaweed. Advance sushi making skill is not required. Fresh raw fish is the main ingredient, but as you see in the following lesson, X and avocado are OK as well. Also, cooked fish or meat can be good substitute in place of raw fish. There are no strict rules. The nice thing servos to market a C is that you can arrange as you like, from the quantity of rice to the combination of ingredients. It's totally up to you how you want to create your own sushi at the dining table. So let me show you how you can make hunt rolled sushi at your home. In the next video, I will show you how to make meaning a rice, which is an essential ingredient for Tamaki City 3. Vinegar Rice: Let's make vinegar rice first, I will show you the process of making the vinegar. Here are the ingredients we will use. Rice vinegar, 50 milliliters sugar, 10 grams sold five grams. The amount we reproduce is enough for two cups of cooked rice. Prepare small container and at rice, vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix well. Move allies to or large bowl. While it is too hot. We use freshly cooked rice as the seasoning will melt down and be evenly absolved into the rice, along with the sushi vinegar. Forces TV *** onto the rice using rice burn. Using a large spoon, sleep in separate till rice as shown in video. It is important to steer in this manner to prevent mashing the grains of rice. Also, if you don't have a right spoon, you can use a spatula. Once vinegar has been mixed, found the rice onto it cools down. Using a phone will help to remove the excess moisture and prevent the rise from becoming sticky. In addition, you can cut down on the pin. You are strong odor by removing hit. If you don't have a fun, thick paper can be substituted. Turning over makes and continue to remove heat with the pan. Repeat this step to cool down the entire bowl of rice. Once the rise looks glossy, the video rice is ready. Put a with clothes on the bowl to keep the rights from losing its moisture. In the next listen, you ve learned how to prepare the other ingredients. 4. Ingredients: here the ingredients we will use for Time magazine. From the bottom left, Salmon Ma di, a type of white fish to now sprout. This is brokers broke cucumber, fried ache, avocado and tuna with mayonnaise and the green leaf. Is she So? First, let's cut the fish Alster with salmon. If you can find a fresh row, fuel it at the local store, then preys bite. It's also okay to use want, which is precut. However, if the saw office area off the fish is exposed to air, every lose its freshness quickly. So I highly recommend that you buy a fresh feeling. Cut it yourself and consume in the same day. Okay, back to cutting the fish. Please remove any extra moisture. Film the salmon with paper towel before cutting. You can slice with a knife diagonally, as shown in the video or cut vertical e Okay, eternity. You may find a bone, and, if so, remove it as you slice the salmon. Place of pieces need to lead to the side one by one. Once you finish occurring, turns for old someone to a container. Next are we. Cut the tuna again. Remove any extra moisture cut gently and praise to the site one by one. After you were down, cutting, transfer the tuna to container. Next is mad. I performed the same steps as we did with the previous fish, as freshness is very important. After transferring fish to your container, please keep in the fridge until right before you will eat. Okay, let's prepare our festivals. Spread is a good one to start with. I recommended as it as a nice color and doesn't border taste off the fish. Here I am using brokers brought after raising lightly remove the excess water and cut off the bottom part. Next, sliced cucumbers about the same length as the fish cutting. How funds then cut once more. The thicker this wise, the more you can enjoy the fresh water. Re texture off cucumber, this is she saw. It is a Japanese earth. That that's a special flavor to Tamaki is a sheet. It also cranes is the mouth. After eating raw fish I Harry with command to purchase if you can find it at the Rocca store. Next are we make of Ocado and to nomics. Here are the ingredients one teaspoon of lemon juice, one tapers food. Oh, mayonnaise. One can of tuna one avocado. First, cut the vocal vertically in health. Next, open it with a little twist. Place the avocado in your hand and sliced vertically and horizontally. Remove the seat off the other half and slices in the same way, repairable and petunia into it. Scoop out the avocado east size with a spoon and add to the same bowl at my ONIS a bit off . Squeeze their lemon and mixed. Take the taste. You can also add salt and pepper if you like. The last food we will prepare is fried egg. In regions are three eggs, two teaspoons off soy sauce, a bit of some oil. Let's break the eggs into a bowl, pouring soy souls and mix well. He's the frying pan to a medium hit and at some oil, spread oil evenly using paper towel. After the frying pan warms up, pull 1/3 off the egg mixture. Spread egg mixture evenly before the egg has cooked completely. Start folding, folded twice and leave it on the other side. Pull another 1/3 off like mixture. Lift the cooked egg a bit to let the fresh egg mixture go under it. Move the frying pan around to spread it evenly. Once it's, referee cooked, folded and moved to one side at the remaining egg mixture into the pan. As before, lived cooked egg and spread egg mixture underneath. Was egg mixture is almost cooked? Foley to the end. If the shape doesn't look so good, you can reshape with paper towel or something else. Next we will cut it. The thickness is less than one centimeter. Each section will look like this. Okay, all the preparation off our ingredients is down. Now it's time to serve. You've a nice to use the large plate like this and pricing grid. It's while thinking of the nice color combination. Actually, don't forget to prepare. Naughty, just cutting in half by hand. Please use fresh noti to enjoy the crispy texture. In the next lesson, I will show you how to wrap these ingredients 5. How To Roll: in this lesson, I'm unsure how to roll. A Mac is a sheet place feeding or rice naughty and other items onto your dining table. Hold a sheet of naughty with your hand. No, he has both Sammy's side and Ralf side. So Bruce, make sure the rough side is facing up. Scoop rice and prices on the left her for the naughty. Be careful not to put too much rice, as it will be difficult to roll which your favorite ingredients onto the rights diagonally against the naughty cucumber salmon sea, so and spread to make a nice color combination for the lower corner off the left side diagonally while holding ingredients with the right hand to keep from falling out. Continue rolling until you reach the other end of the naughty for our next world at Rice, then she. So then egg my daddy and sprout. No, the naughty as you did previously. This time, let's try avocado and dynamics and a bit off cucumber, just like before rolling it up. Although there's no one way to roll sushi, it's good to remember not to put too much rice and ingredients as it will become difficult to Europe. also where you roll, Be sure to hold the ingredients lightly so they don't fall out. Lastly, please eat your sushi as soon as you roll it. As time passes, the naughty will become soggy, her to chew and difficult to eat. Eat it right away and let's injure the Christmas off. Naughty that it's all on. How do roll Tamaki the sheet? 6. Thank You: this role at home like you saw in the previous Listen, it is easy to make the matter that she at home. Why don't you try it? We sure you're all those even particularly And let me know how it goes. Thank you for enrolling. Hope to see you again.