Styling - Knowing Your Colors So You Get Compliments Every Day! | Joella Van der Boom | Skillshare

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Styling - Knowing Your Colors So You Get Compliments Every Day!

teacher avatar Joella Van der Boom

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Excited to meet you!


    • 2.

      First Impression & Why Colors Matter!


    • 3.

      History of colour


    • 4.

      What makes a color your color?


    • 5.

      A color that suits everyone


    • 6.

      The system behind it


    • 7.

      All color types briefly explained


    • 8.



    • 9.



    • 10.



    • 11.



    • 12.

      Finding out your color type


    • 13.

      Working with contrast in your outfit & finding your prints


    • 14.

      Finding Your Materials


    • 15.

      Make Up & Accessories


    • 16.

      Putting It All Together


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About This Class

Do you know what colours work for you? When you’re shopping for the ultimate dress the colour matters. But do you pick a colour, fabric or pattern that suits you as a person? Or is the reason for buying your new favorite item because it has a colour or pattern that you didn't have yet? Wouldn’t it be great and make your life a lot easier when you know what colours suit you well, and which colours to avoid. We have all had a moment when a friend is wearing something that doesn’t bring out the best in her. The colour she is wearing is not bringing out the best in her, but taking the attention away from her face. Or worse; make her look older or tired. The point of knowing your colours is that you’re face will be the center of your outfit. People will look at your face, the message you are sending and your energy. So people won't say, what a great dress; but; you look really well rested, fresh and radiant.

Styling an outfit can be daunting. You see people on instagram or pinterest and you wonder; how do they come up with these ideas? Do you have to be extremely creative to create a fun outfit? Ofcourse, there is a certain level of creativity involved in creating your perfect outfit. However, there is a science behind it as well. I’m a very practical person and I would like to give you tools, tricks and tips to really dive deep into this subjects. To show you which colors work for you and give you a bit of background and theory to really get the reasons why this works.

Maybe you’ve come to learn about styling and the use of colors, because you want to know what colors work for you. Maybe you choose this course because you would like to expand your knowledge about styling for your profession or pursue it as a passion.

You can see this course as investment in yourself. This information which will help you gain insight into the colors that work best for you. Not just the main colors, but the way you need to use contrasts, what brightness the color needs to be, if it needs to dark or light, what materials to use.

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8. Spring: I would like to show you today what looks really well on Lidia. Lidia is a typical spring type. We will work through all of these four types, and we'll start with Lidia. Lidia has very bright blue eyes. Quite light is hair. Usually it's a little bit like loans orbit more strawberry boat. A little bit of a hint of maybe a little bit of reddish in it. But usually it's not really, really dark. That's a typical spring type. She also has a feature interface hurts King Tone is quite warm. It's not as warm as an ultimate type, but it's still quite warm. That means that really bright colors like purple and light magenta don't really look that well-known. But the more lighter coral or salmon colors look really beautiful. Nor, and I'm going to show you this. Let's start with a brown color. A light brown, and maybe some olive in it. This was a really beautiful color for a lot of years in the fashion industry. And a lot of people have been wearing these colors. This is a difficult thing because it's quite light. You would think it it suits her hair, but at the same time it doesn't do anything for the eyes. So if I put a more bright color on it, you see what happens. It's like the light interface. It started on, it switched on all of a sudden. And when I take it away, you see that it doesn't really do anything for a face. And the whole point of the colors is that it makes you look beautiful and it makes you look bright. So people don't tell you that you have a beautiful jacket on, but Judah gorgeous. This makes her look younger and brighter. And the older you get, the more important it is to where the right colors. If you're young, you can get away with a lot of things. But the older you are, the more lines or wrinkles will appear in your face if you ran the wrong colors, it will give you more shadow. It will make your face look a little bit more pale and you obviously want to shine. So let's show you an example of a typical thing that people have with light hair do sometimes is where like a really dark color. Like really dark blue. And I would like to show you that it really helps just to soften it a little bit by taking it down 1to, using a little bit lighter like a lighter gray and an ophiolite rather than a really bright white. As you can see, this really soft interface and it really brings the whole thing together. It's like a little painting, like I told you before, this is the painting or face of the painting. And the frame rounded makes her look beautiful and makes the intention of the colors go up. This makes her look a little bit more harsh and this is a lot more softer. So what's typical for the spring type is really light bright colors, refreshed colors, not too earthy tones. If you use earthy tones is going to bring down the liveliness in your face. But if you use the colors too dark, then it's going to bring down your face as well. So for leading and we go for the light colors, for the bright colors and for the warm colors. Another example that I would like to give you with Lidia, I told you before the light and the salmon color like reading well in her, the coral and the salmon is quite brights. It's really, really shiny in a way. But because she has these features, interface is quite a lot of contrast interface because their eyes are very breads that read Pope outage you. So if you use a really flat tone, like a really earthy tone, it brings down the energy from the eyes down. And if you use a bright color and really make simple bouts, The reason that Lydia, whereas coral and light salmon pink, better than a 3D, 3D dark, harsh magenta, is because she has some really warm skin, like a really warm skin tone. And if you look in the interface, you see that the coldness of the color and that's why we call it the cool and the warm tones. The warm tones make her look a little bit more healthy. The pinkish colors have a bit more of a cool on wisdom and that's why we call it the warm and cool domes. But what we'd like to see is that the clones in the color doesn't really bring out the warmness interface. So that's why we used a more warm think. Either the pH or the salmon think look really well in her and makes her face look a lot more soft. And as you can see, they're both really bright colors. All four of them are really bright colors. But these ones have a little bit more yellow in it. And these ones have a little bit more coolness in its own little bit more bluish or being ketones. And that's why this is a little bit too harsh on her because she doesn't have a cool skin tone, which has warm skin tone, and this flatters her face a lot better. 12. Finding out your color type: Right now, I would like you to figure out what your best scholars are. Always, yeah, Congo route. So all of you, and to show you what scholars look well, so that's what I'm going to give you an example of how to check it for yourself. If you're not sure about it, then you can always ask in the discussion. Or you can ask your family members or your friends because they're probably see really well. The main thing is to find a place where the light falls directly on your face. So the daylight, if you stand underneath the lamp, sometimes a lab is quite warm or maybe a coolish towns like a LED lamp. That's something you want to avoid because that gives a distorted view of what color is the best. And you, so you need this front, basically the outside front, the daylight. So the daylight falls on your face. If you do that, you'll have the most clear and honest view of what callers look pretty well on you. Next thing, tried to pick a color, for example, to find out what color you are. Take like a dress maybe, like a dark purple and drape it over one shoulder. It's hard to tell what's going on at the moment. But if you have a close look, maybe you can already tell by Lydia it's not her best color Because it's quite dark and it's a bit grayish and a big Coolidge in the undertone. This is something you will learn to figure out obviously as you go along in this course. I will compare this color with a really bright color. So this is a little bit like a greyish purple color and quite dark. And I will go for refresh and bright color next week to see what's going on in your face. So I'll pick library bright red. And I'll place that on her shoulder as well. And now what we do is we have a look in the mirror. Tried to see which color looks best. What brings out the liveliness in your face. So in this instance, you will see that the dark purple doesn't agree well on her. But the bright 3D, 3D, bright red looks really long. Her. This is one way to show you how you can see if you have a more warm skin tone or more cool skin tone. So this has more blue pigment in it and this has more yellow pigment in it. Next thing what I would like to do, It's show you with a reading light yellow color, which is a warm color in essence, obviously, compare it to a really dark yellow color. As you can see, the light color looks a lot more fresh in her face and the dark color does. If you're not too sure, tried to pick like a mustard yellow, a yellow that really has a lot more earthy tones in it. So a yellow that has a bit more brown in it. And this is a more light yellow version. To show you what works well with her. The light yellow looks really well. And at the same time, if I use like a light color, which is also quite warm in the tone, but a little bit more brownish. So it's a little bit of an earthy. It's not too bad on her, but the lightness and the brightness of the yellow makes a little better. So if you have more yellow, light, yellow, it means you're probably more leaning towards a springtime. And if you're leaning more towards like an earthy tone or maybe you brownish color, then you know, you're probably more an awesome type. I would like to show you what happens when you weren't dark navy. Where lydia works. Whereas dark navy is quite harsh interface, it makes it a very strict and very serious. There's no problem with that. Obviously, if you want to do that. But if you want to appear a little bit more fresh in her case, then you pick like a light blue color. The light blue, combined with the whites, looks very fresh. So if the dark Olympics suits you better than you probably leaning more towards either a winter type or an autumn type. And if you leaning more towards a light color combined with the white, then you're leaning more towards spring or summer type. I will write down all these different things for you so you can go ahead and look in the mirror and try to see for yourself we call it which calls the best. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to answer them. Good luck. And I'll see you in the next video.