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Street Photography from inside, part 1

teacher avatar Vyara Georgieva, Technical Trainer & ESL Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Start Street Photography


    • 3.

      Why Street Photography?


    • 4.

      A word on equipment


    • 5.



    • 6.

      Plot and composition


    • 7.

      Are photo manipulations allowed in Street photography?


    • 8.

      The role of the photographer in a street photo


    • 9.

      Street photography: approach people


    • 10.

      Street photography: shoot from the back


    • 11.

      Street photography: shoot hands and legs


    • 12.

      Street photography: more options you have


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About This Class

Welcome to the Street Photography from inside, part 1 course! My name is Denis Buchel, I am an experienced photographer and my goal is to help you improve your photography skills.

The course you are about to start will help you improve your photography skills on so many levels!

You will start reading and capturing people’s emotions in a better way.

You will start noticing all those small details that will enable you to level up your photos.

You will start analyzing, thinking, choosing and showing your photo work a little bit more precisely.

You will keep enjoying the whole process - because street photography is all around us, it is the world we live in.

During the course I will be explaining everything in a simple and understandable way.

There will be hundreds of examples here. All of the photos you will see are mine. The stories I’ll be sharing, the experience,  the difficulties I’ve faced, the roundabout I’ve found… these are things you can’t learn by the book.

You need some inside info let’s say. Well, with 15 years into the photography world - into street photography mainly - I am here now to share what I’ve learnt, what I’ve discovered, what I've proved to be working.

If still wondering why you need to dig deeper into street photography mainly - in a word: because it’s magic

There are no requirements - just desire to take photos (with any camera/phone)

Let’s get started!

PS: The course is recorded by Vyara G., that's why you'll hear a female voice one you start it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vyara Georgieva

Technical Trainer & ESL Teacher


I have been teaching for seven years now, always inspired by the enthusiasm of people, acquiring new knowledge. Keep It Super Simple - the basic principle to follow, every complex theory or concept turns out clear and easily applicable. Currently, I am a technical writer and an Android developer, aimed at creating educational software products.

Before going into technology, however, I have been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 7 years. Teaching is what my passion remained - as people need to be explained, to be shown, to be helped to start speaking. I have been preparing students for the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams for more than 4 years. At the same time, my adult student have been on various levels - starting from the alphabet (A0) to being advanced (C1 leve... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Street photography is everywhere around. This is the world we live in. You can see a moment behind the corner. You can find your inspiration at home. You can notice someone's unique expression. In a second. You need to put the camera in action to catch the moment. You need to be fast. You need all your skills. You need your hole concentration in the middle. Second, if you want not to miss the chance. The author of this course then is Bhutto, is a photographer with more than 15 years of experience. In the course, you are about to start. We'll talk about why street photography can exactly be the style you enjoy. What does a street for domain? Is it 1 with people online? People on the street, or there is something else behind that. How about your equipment? Honeydew, you really need to invest that money in buying the latest camera and lenses. What do you need to take in mind when choosing the set that would match your needs. Which are some stereotype seen street photography. And how you can take a photon, a standard topic in a non-standard way. This will be your course project as well. Have you ever thought about where the line between the plot and decomposition of a photo S, which one is more important? Is there something which matters more? In fact, if you, as a street photographer, are the one who's documenting their life around, can use manipulation in your photos. What about removing command, for example, were a bird just because the composition would be better that way. Is this what you see, what he has really happened? These are just some of the questions we are going to answer in the course you are about to start. Curious to hear the answer is, well, let's get started. 2. Start Street Photography: A question that I'm often asked is how to become a street photographer. A question that a lot of other street photographers here as well maybe, or where should I start from? Or quite often to what's the secret of goods trade? Photographer? Well, the truth is there, there is no secret at PTO areola. What you need to do is to just get off the coach, go outside, observed the life going on there, and then should, should award, would bring you joy. If you enjoy shooting. If you put yourself into it. If you're trying to do your best and do it often enough, well, sooner or later it will work on the way you'd want to. The keywords here are consistency and practice, as in each new endeavor. In fact, moving con, your turn. Now, what do you see in this picture? Well, the majority of people actually see a naked border. Don't worry, count me in. Great. Just this is the logo of a company. Yeah. The people reaching out to each other. Yes. I'm sure you can see them now. Examples like this one that you may find a lot online. Why I'm showing it here? Well, just to remind you that there is always a different vision, a different point of view, especially in art, especially in photography. And this is good. This gives you freedom of self-expression. 3. Why Street Photography?: Talking about photography. Why you to try street photography? Exactly. How can it impress you? How can you impress your audience with a straight image? The answer is individual. Mine is in the photos themselves. In the photos part of which I'll be showing you and we'll be discussing throughout this course. Let's start with this one. When I saw the woman, I didn't start shooting, he immediately as if I were missing something in her expression, as if her face was not expressive enough. Well, as soon as I took a step to the left, the perspective in front of me changed. I saw the reflection. This reflection actually create the frame. Let's try to make a short analysis. The frame is divided into two almost equal parts. The woman and her reflection. There is symmetry. This is already a good beginning. The reflection reveals the essence of this woman. In that very moment. Take a closer look. On the right. There is a bit of lip. The association, probably she's hiding something. There is the slightly anxious look of the woman as well. On the left now they are reflection is that you cannot control. For us the audience. It looks more or less as a person from a different world, as a completely different person. Along Knows association, you know, lying subconsciously. We connect the nose with the bitten lip in one whole picture. Going further with our analysis, the mirror always shows the other side of the person. All of us do have this other side. Well, saying it's straight away, this is just my interpretation of the story. For the more, I did not have absolutely, absolutely any intention to show anything against that person. This is what I saw. This is how I read it after that. Remember the logo we spoke about a minute ago? Well, everyone has the right to see something different in each and every photo. Why street photography? We're still answering this question. Well, because of photos like this one, doesn't matter how hard you try. You simply cannot repeat the moment in the twinkling of an eye. The story in front of your eyes changes. You've had your chance. You can't, you're milliseconds. You took advantage of it. Great. You missed it. Well, sorry, but just keep practicing. Back to the photo. Yes. We have certainly seen a woman with us kind teen other photos more than once. But I bet they weren't like this one exactly how the blood work this way. Thanks to the various elements, we'll look at that. There are mountains, there is dramatic sky and have a light. There is the turn of the head in that very second. There is that body language. Last but not least, this kite with a rope. I had only know a couple of seconds literally. If I hadn't manage well, I couldn't simply say, Dear grandma, you fit that perfectly well. Dad, this is the image of debt, but I didn't have time to capture it. Could you please go one more time, just a little bit slower? Yeah. I couldn't know. It sounds ridiculous. I know street photographer. Why? Because the photos like this one, isn't it cool when you had just a minute, more often, just a second. And after all, you snatched the story. For The more, you created quite a decent composition in details a little bit later in the course. Here's one more reason, smoke and folk. We've seen over and over again. Just here, everything is composed in a harmonious, in a well thought of way. Then the result is quite pleasing. When taking a photo, you should, of course, try for a wow effect. You should try to surprise yourself as well as your audience. And before you show a picture, you need to ask yourself how many similar photos cap already been taken? Well, this question often leads to development because you level up the expectations to Eurasia, your personnel bar, these images of yours, although we stand out, you will be remembered for them exactly. Why streets with our fat. Because you may enjoy taking photos like this one. Absolutely. This is a street photo as well. It doesn't matter at all that the main object here is a dog. Let's go a little bit deeper and see why. There is folk as a beginning. When it comes to photography, this is always a good sign. We will speak later in the course why exactly? The dog is in the center of the frame? Yes. I know this is considered to as a violation of the composition rules, but not always. Certainly not in this case. It's the central composition exactly in that puts the emphasis on the loneliness of this dog. The dog in the center. The other one on the right is not so important here. The central composition says, so as well. The other layer, there are people, but there's an important detail about them at the same time. All of these people have their backs to the dog as if they don't see that straight oak. Or in general, the social problem of stray dogs. So in short, atmosphere, animals, people, or social problem. All of these pieces mixed together and here you are. A street photo is created. Everyone can see and read it as they want. Here's another non typical example for a street photographer without any people and about people at the same time. The central symbols or the Bulgarian and European Union plaques and the mess of course, between them, the mice that unfortunately corresponds to the real situation not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole Eastern Europe. What would you say for a story like this one? A street photo again, if I were to give a title to the photo, it would be samsara. On a side note, some surveys, a philosophical concept of transmigration of souls. Check it out if you need. So let's take a closer look. Now. The frame here is divided into two equal parts, which means symmetry. Again. By the way, symmetry was loved by many dictators. The upper part of the frame is code, whereas the lower one, warm. Wait a second. It turns out that writes Dear under is better. It turns out that we miss something. Could be one more time, not a single person here. But the photo is about people without a doubt. Another street photo. Look at the leg of the PGM. It's close. Look at the hand of demand, same dynamic, same body language. There is a dialogue between them. Actually don't produce remind you of city punks. I mean, they don't want to fly even they just woke with an impudent gate and constantly demand food. Point of view. I told you at the beginning. And now the street photo. There isn't much to explain here, just a cool Association, the code dialogue, which comes to underline. Again, street photography is everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes wide, open. Your camera. Always read it. And to keep practicing. Kevin, notice in fact how people are getting police and police in each and every photo. However, these are still pictures about people. In fact, quite often people imply in a direct way that some of my photos are staged. This one as well. We'll have a different topic about staged or photoshopped plots. And are the acceptable at o in street photography. Here, the moment that you see your imagination may draw quite a creepy story. I know even a friend of mine wrote a short story him based on the blood here and titled it The yellow Sandoz. Well, I don't want to disappoint you, but I ticked real life. There was absolutely no one down there. We, however, have one more example for a straight photo without any people and about people at the same time. Here it is. Remember the Maslow's pyramid, hierarchy of needs, art. They're, comes to enter the top. Once we have all our other needs met, then we can think for spiritual well-being. Well, that's a photo about the place of art. Nowadays. The art, she has disappeared in a bottle of cheap beer. 4. A word on equipment: On a side note before going deeper into street photography examples and tricks, Let's talk a little bit about equipment. Keeping mind that I'll not go into details here as the goal of the course is different. In short, I should wait. Fujifilm x dead tree and 23 millimeters F, two lines, not only but predominantly with a full frame that would be 35 millimeters wide, 35 millimeters exactly. There are several reasons. Let me explain. Well, for me personally, these millimeters or more comfortable perhaps because they correspond to our eyes shut approximately. What we can see through a 35 millimeters is what we approximately actually see number daily life. At the same time, there is no need to twist anything. No Zooms are necessary. I just focus on the plot and IT disciplines. Remember it that way. Your Zoom is your legs. For the more, I can easily shoot with one hand, again, a plus third plus the weight. It's not by chance that I showed this particular picture here. You should enjoy while we were shooting on the street, the equipment doesn't need to be overburden. You may go for a walk with your friends, your Docker family, or just for Business, Whichever the scenario, the camera is always with you. And if the equipment is heavy, then you will surely give up the idea very quickly. This is the reason why I got rid of my Canon system a couple of years ago. I always had to choose what to take with me on the road, whether to add an apple or a bottle of water. While at that price, no think you, every 100 grams do make the difference when you need to walk on food for a couple of hours, right? And last but not least, have your camera always ready, which literally means around your neck or adjusting your hand. This is the most convenient way that we'll let you always react quickly. Of course, without any caps on the lens. To my surprise, I often see exactly this unfortunately. Well, no way that torque in our business every second is precious in less than a second. You may miss the picture of your life. Who knows? Let's go on taking some more photos. 5. Stereotypes: Unfortunately, many people associate street photography with old people who are beggars in black and white, of course. Well, let's admit it. The stereotype he has conferred reason. The topic has been actually showed over and over again all over the world. It's not by chance that more experienced photographers either avoid such topics or if they decide to shoot, they do it. If I may say so correctly. What that means? When I shoot a lot like this, then I'm always looking for an interesting story and a good composition at the same time, plot composition. Later on in the course, we will talk about them in detail. Let's go through this photo. Out raided like this. Our brain is designed so that we entered the image from the upper left corner. This of course, is valid mainly for countries where we write from left to right, then DI, clings to the first keen. After that, a flight through the second one. And both along the hand up to the hat. From there out of the frame through the upper right corner. It turns out that such a movement is really comfortable for radii. Talking about composition, here is the golden rectangle. This is a very common compositional element. On a side note, as we are to mention, composition, compositional elements and so on. Quite often, I suggest you take it out on your own if you have any doubts. Well, that's just to be sure that we are on the same page. Some useful links you will find after this lecture. So moving on, last but not least, the golden spiral is also applicable here. Yes. I know that it's not such a frequent compositional element. Just because it's not that easy to be seen and composed. No, not easy for me either. At the same time, it's very desirable for many photographers. Back to the common opinion about street photography. In short, do not listen to anyone should what you'd want to do it in your own way. And it would work then. The same topic, a different perspective, and not a standard shooting point. Interpretation like this is also possible. Why is this photo strong enough? We'll take a closer look. Codes stiffness, tension. The person on the left, the woman giving arms. And that woman is also creating the diagonal from the upper left corner down to the right down one, saying it one more time. Every detail matters. We continue exploring the same topic, homeless people, beggars. I just want to give you an idea on how you can interpret a cliche like this in your own way. My personal interpretation here, you see another connecting diagonal. The sculpture evokes an association with naive people. People who are ready to listen and believe in everything they are taught. By contrast, a thinking person, another interpretation. While some are ready to listen and think, it's easy for others to hide the end, get away from problems. Photography, as every other art, is subjective. You do know it or a day. In this photo, there's nothing complicated as compositional elements, nothing that much out of the box. But there is a mood. And that's pretty enough because most often, mood is what matters times more than any complicated composition. The other popular belief, as I've mentioned, is that street photography is all about old people shot in black and white. Well, here's a cliche photo. That's not a concerto. Here, the non-standard shooting point angle plays a major role. Thanks to this frame, I answer it one very important question for myself. Why do I sometimes not there to raise the camera and take a picture? Quite often after that, I asked myself again and again, what would be if probably that could be a quotient? Know, most probably that couldn't be. So why didn't idea to raise the camera? Probably it just wasn't worth it. You do also have some stories, probably a moment when you see a person and you understand that he kind of noticed you, then you start bringing the camera up. You prepare yourself for the short just a seconds right now you're taking it. Well, that should you never take on the other side when you see an awesome frame as here as this one that's in front of you. Something rinks in your head or in your heart. As you want. Something, thirds of your fears, all of them there is of your doubts. And you just shoot me myself. I can even line a puddle in a situation like this for the sake of the desired angle without thinking even for a second. Then you get up here with a child is like smile on your face and just go on. The people who saw you, believe me, you made there the they will have what to speak about at work as well as at home. They will be telling the joke of the strange man with a camera. It's a win-win scenario for everyone. 6. Plot and composition: Quite often through the course we'll be talking about composition, about plot, about plot and composition. Or plot without a competition. Because these two layers of a photo do matter. Let's go a little bit deeper. Let me try to sum it up. It sounds like this in my real good plot. Helps bad composition. Got composition helps week plot. With photography equals strong plot was good composition. Let's dig deeper. So what that means in practice, we'll take some photos and then you get the idea. Here is the first one we are starting from a competition point of view. There is nothing that may attract your attention immediately. Neither the golden spiral nor the golden ratio nor the rule of thirds. There is only a filling of the frame and there is plot. I do want to say it just once at the beginning with the idea to be useful not to make an advertisement. Probably have seen I have a chorus named composition in photography. There I explain everything about composition in great detail in a very easy and understandable language at the same time. So if someone is interested, the link, you know, at the very last lecture of this course. Going back with our photo, this is a particular example where there is a strong plot but not composition. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just the opposite. It's quite a proper approach. I myself, if I have to choose, I prefer the strong plot. Here comes the opposite example. The complete absence of a blogged with what a lovely composition. Let me help you see it. Pay attention to the rhythm. The picture opens like a fan. So you can feel the dynamics in this frame. The golden rectangle is here as well. And lovely composition indeed. Here is the case when everything worked out as it should. The risk plot. There is composition as well in detail. Now, to start with, there is a non-standard shooting angle. There is an interesting seaweeds. There is a beautiful wall line and there are words. Note the births in this photo, the birds above his head. There are exactly 33 is a symbolic number, right? For the mall, you may draw an invisible line to connect the dots, to connect the birds in a triangle, exactly. Geometry, in whichever form is always a plus when present in photography. The place where the story happens, that's also add associations and strength to the image. This is the Western Wall, if somebody comes recognize the place. So one more time, what we have here, three birds, a symbolic number. The fact that they are above the head of demand, creating kind of a halo. Just look at that. Plus a last but not least, we're close to the Western law, a stroke message. And that's just the plot. A few words and composition. Now, the golden spiral, here it comes. You can see it. Once you compose the golden spiral, you've also compose the golden rectangle, but not the opposite. Just mentioning it here as it's really important. We are going a step further. The golden triangle even appears Raya enough compositional element. One of the most difficult as well, in my opinion, difficult for me at least, but photography's personnel. So we have a strong story, was a great composition. What could be better? This photo, he has been left in my archive for two years. I really liked the plot and didn't like the composition. In fact, I didn't like that there was no competition at all. If a try really hurt, you may kind of find the golden rectangle, parole bubbly. The problem, in fact comes from the absence of balance. The left part in front of the grandmother exactly. Is completely empty. Empty without the reason in my view, I missed something there. I tried to crop it this way or that way or well, nothing worked to as I wished, as I saw it. Well, in the end, I just decided that the plot matters more. So I lifted composed as a tests. Again, the story shown in the image is more important to me. Talking about lot. Please do not take the hat. You need a sad story. Well, no, nothing like that. Just, you know, sad pictures usually hide a deeper story. Here's the opposite example. Nothing sat here. Still. There is a story. The image of the skyscraper looks like a retro microphone. The post on the left looks like a microphone as well. The women's hairstyles says that she may be African-American who knows? Well, talking about jazz, you know, who came up with it, right? Point of view, saying it one more time. But that's the beauty of art. The beauty of photography. Here is a cover photo that is not SAT, not everything he saw their content in my photography. In fact, well, seriously speaking, I have really heavy for those anti know what street as agender is usually defined in different ways. It might be beautiful, interesting, non-standard out of the box seat as you wish. Well, for my street photography, I have often heard that it is stroke. As a friend of mine says, Dennis is a funny guy with very sad photos. A point of view, I'd say one more time. As for this picture, there is a composition and not bad balance. There I beautiful colors as well. Nothing special for the story. Just a photo with mood and describe it. Let's go through a few more examples. Here we have a complex frame feeling, mood, light, and beautiful black and white interpretation. One more time, symmetry. The frame is divided into two parts. Music brings in a different antigens, different mood, light. Of course, each nail set. The magic of light is a detail I quite often rely on in my photography. Generally speaking, composition, as they say, I use often enough without overdoing it at the same time, it just needs to work well within the frame. Back to the strong story line, the sad one. Back to the strong composition. Let's examine this detail as it's really worth it. You can see the aggressive human hand. You can see the tip of the umbrella aim to enter the dog. And you don't have to be a psychologist to read the body language of the dog. These flattened ears only speak loud enough to understand what is going on. I was also lucky enough with the sky, the dark, dramatic sky. This photo humps lovely know composition here one more time. But what an expression. She has. A plot without a composition. A photo, Definitely words taking. Here's one ought photo, a little bit, at least quite funny shot at the same time. You may interpret the story as you'd wish. From a compositional point of view. There's a diagonal from the man to the dock through the leash. The golden rectangle as well. Here at, as you may see it. One last from this serious plot composition, or both of them. Well, here, as you may guess, the main role is played by the blocked, absurd and funny from making his smile. Well, the person on the left, in fact, reminds me of a Monday, the day of the week, the first day of the workweek. And the one on the right is Friday, which comes Monday, don't worry, Monday. I'll come quite soon. It will be the weekend. Again. The detail, it's a really funny for today's world. So let's sum up everything we spoke about in the last couple of minutes. Plotter composition, plot without composition, composition without a plot. Of course, it's up to you. It's up to your choices, what you want to show in your photography. No one can advise you here. The only thing that is important, think really carefully before you decide to show a photo. Ask yourself that question. What do I want to say with this photo? Does it carry some kind of message? Does it encourage a reflection? Or is it just beautiful because I like it, just because of my moods? Now, these questions personally helped me a lot. They just let me develop the discipline. After questions like these many images, I simply leave in the archive. Why? Because you need to respect your audience. 7. Are photo manipulations allowed in Street photography?: In a few words, neither staged photography know collages nerve too much Photoshop or are acceptable in street photography, at least in mind you. Why? One of the reasons, because the street is quite close to documentary photographer. Well, nowadays I hear that this or that photo of mine is a collage. I just my high take it as a compliment. Let me show you what they mean. This one, for example, sink a compliment. I do mean and one's commenced like these made me really angry. I was upset. Well, probably you say that the photo is Stage Door. It's a collage when you can't imagine how to take it. That's a positive complements then, because I'm trying really hard, I'm experimenting with different shooting points, with different stories and so on. One more time, it's a matter of interpretation. As here, take a look at this photo. I was to ask several times how I created the reflection. Was it difficult to create such a reflection and so on. This is the frame itself. No collages, nothing editing, photoshop, nothing staged. Street photography. Saying it one more time is quite close to documentary photography. You don't have the right to take advantage of great manipulations in your images. And here comes the next reason why you should not depend too much on Photoshop. Once would come the moment when you'd be ready for a serious competition. You'd simply wants to show your images in front of a different, larger audience. Imagine you reach the final state and that context you'd never wanted to participate in. And one day you receive an email asking you to send the original file. Yes, no surprises here as the majority of contests work in a way like that. There are requirements like that. Great. Just the problem is that your original file that differ a lot from the image, egocentric, end of the story. Don't get me wrong, just you don't need to shoot for contests. No way, that's not the idea. But you do need contests if you want to improve, if you want to get better, contests that are necessary in that context. On a side note, I guess I'm just I'm, I'm a super naive person, but I believe in almost everything I see in the photo world, literal. And when they tell me what consciously It's a clash. Well, No, Oh my God. I couldn't say that. I'm like, How how's it possible? No way. He's a good person. He comes that he wouldn't do it. So one more time, just respect your audience. Back to this photo. I can't even imagine how to come up with such a story in my mind and how to implement it in Photoshop. After that, honestly speaking, if I could do that in Photoshop, I wouldn't shoot at all. This in case this is one shot, these are reflections. No one has been added to the image after that. You see what I saw in that term? I'll probably never understand why people don't believe in photos like this one. A staged photo date, say quite often. The fact is that these shots are one of the easiest. Viola. What you need to do is to think for the story. You need to seat in your mind first, then to choose a place and to stay there, just waiting for all the details to fit match. Then you're ready to shoot. But not a random shot in five minutes. Exactly the opposite. You need to shoot in serious. And if you're lucky, the final step would be at home where you have to choose the right frame. That's it. Nothing staged here. I was shorting, concerting. Theo, this is what I saw and this is what a true, what I trolls after I said at the beginning, kind of deliberately mentioned that street photography is quite close to documentary photographer. You will hear it quite often that the two genres go hand in hand. Whether that's a 100 percent true. Well, we'll speak about it a little bit later in the course. I'll give you more examples. But one way or another, street photography captures life as it's going. Take a look at this photo. And it was rejected from one of the Facebook groups. Or with the administrators arguments that staged photography staged photos are not allowed in this group. Perfect. I agree. Just I couldn't even understand what they meant at the beginning. Then. I'm sorry, but I tried to boost the whole picture in my mind and it went like that. I imagined myself negotiating with this grant manor who had to carry that huge log on her back. At the same time, I would be taking the photo from another hill and most probably needed to use the the radio Just to adjust her. Please it go little bit faster. Please go a little bit slower. It's ridiculous. I mean, you can't stage a photo like this. It's a moment that's happening in front of your eyes and you simply need to capture it. That so it's funny and sad as well. And because of the reaction, a comment like that means two things. Photographers do often cheat and get caught doing it. And on the other hand, because of ignorance comes denial. In a few words. What the story so about? I agree, it's, it's really strange that a woman, a grandmother, carries such a weight. But for the Bulgarian road ops, a mountain in Bulgaria, this is daily life. This is their routine. Use. You simply won't find men doing this there. Take a look at some more examples showing the same way of living. Nothing staged here, absolutely nothing. Here is another example for a frame that is not so difficult to be taken, not difficult at all. In fact, you need to sit down or kneel down, depending on the case. Then you may just take your photos. Nothing staged as I was told again, here. 8. The role of the photographer in a street photo: Staged photography and street photography. Let's talk a little bit more on this starting Kuwait. Quite an interesting photo. Just to, I'm still not sure if that's a good or a bad example. I'll be happy to read your thoughts on this, what they mean, think this person at the bus stop, I realized that I may take an interesting photo here. The body language seems to be quite proper. I had my favorite reflection as well. But when I saw the reflection of my own Alyx on his back flowing into his legs or rather they are shadow. Well, that detail I liked a lot. The photo is actually quite good. But the question of staging the frame of adding details to it, of improving the image as a puzzle, literally, this question remains open. In one of my latest lectures. I post the same question. Is this a staged photo? And it's such manipulation, if we may call it that way allowed. A student of mine replied, Well, the street photographer is also part of the street, part of the life on the street. I'm more inclined to think she's right. I'll be really happy to read your thoughts as well. A photo we've already spoken about why it appears here. Well, the story is that I've been recently asked to by an acquaintance of mine, photo blogger for an image, an image that he may analyze and throwing his channel, YouTube channel. So this was one of the photos I sent. One of the very first words about the picture or we see birds in the photo. I hope Dennis didn't insert them. In other words, he said the birds here were inserted in Photoshop. Wait, what, how the story actually went here? I was humbled my need for quite a long time. I was shooting a serious then and comb and the computer, I saw the birds. And because of the nuance, the ads, I just chose this photo exactly. My sincere advice. Be honest with yourself when you showed IT, disciplines and develops at the same time. If you couldn't do it as you wished from the first time, just try again and again. Q It gets better if you deceive the viewer, you are deceiving yourself as well. Once, twice, then you won't be able to stop. Well, another important reason why cheating is not acceptable when it comes to photography. Here's the context. As far as I remember, the context here is an econ, quite a serious one. After the final results are announced, everyone congratulate the winner photographer. The winning photographers are. A lot of people started asking him how long he waited for the plane, you name it. He's answered. Pay attention. I was lucky. Not very long. Just a small detail. There came, of course, the master of revelations. And that turn just a little bit of contrast of all law. And so it started, the Internet is merciless. You know, whether you like a scenario like this one, draw your own conclusions. That's deliberately not my cup of coffee. Here comes another example of how close street photography is to documentary photographer. What we see and aggressive fist in the upper right corner and really scared face of an elderly woman. And of course we immediately link them together. Aggression and threat. This is our judgment. The truth is a little bit different. I was the hair, I saw the story so tourists can actually assess understood. These people are relatives. The grandma has such dense phase, phase because she simply can't hear well. They were talking about medications or something of the kind that had to be bought. Photography may lie. Here comes another proof. I was with my daughter at the pool and we saw this scene. I took a photo feeling sad. Of course, I was referred yank boy without a lake at this age. Well, in a minute, he does one that that you see on the picture. He got up and started walking on two legs. How does the crutches weren't he's at all. But when you see an image like this, the same associations, the same thoughts would come to your mind as well. Photography may manipulate, keep it in mind. Take a look at the beautiful warm colors here, the mysterious situation. This is actually a notorious, a junkie neighborhood in television. What you see here is a puking guilt, most probably after kind of overdose. I just want to emphasize it one more time. What we see is not always true. Don't take me wrong. I'm not deliberately looking for stories like this one. For the more, I have absolutely no intention to deceive my audience. But the duties that often enough, these are the most interesting shots, whether for better or worse. Time only will show. Here's another photo I want to speak a little bit more about. Quite an interesting photo in my view. So starting from there, what we see to adults looking nostalgically at a young couple kissing. If you take a look at the composition first, you'll see the triangle and geometry, as we've already mentioned several times, is quite welcome in photography. The handle demand on the right is Michelangelo style, right? This one adds to the artistry of the frame. Here is a cross form to as well quite properly. Last but not least, here is the golden rectangle, how it is formed. Well, as the guide inclined, it uses the window frame. Now comes the interesting part, how I took this photo. The third went like this. I was standing right there looking through the window and the kissing and hugging, hugging couple. The adult man and the woman had already been attracted by my camera. Well, at that moment, I made kind of a surprise, grew mass, and the same time started bringing the camera to my eye. Then of course out of curiosity, the adults simultaneously turned their hands in the same direction just to see what had provoked my surprise. I can't just build a frame and not miss the moment. And then I asked myself the question, is this a kind of staging or just an auxiliary technique? No answers still to this question as well. 9. Street photography: approach people: Let's draw the line here between impudent and determined people. I've often currents that street photographers are called the impotent. Well, in my view, a street photographer is determined. Of course, there are very impotent just out, correct? Not photographers would be both. Honestly speaking, there are rude people in any field. You can't generalize in a way like that. But sometimes you really have to step over yourself. This is one of the main problems for beginners to shoot other people up close, especially when these people see them, see the man with the camera. We don't speak about street photographers only here. And actually this is completely fine. Do not think that you are a weak link. After all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. As a popular drivers rule says, If not sure, then just don't overtake as simple as that. In our context, do not make a frame at any cost. If it would make you feel better. I, who have been into street photography since 2006, do still have moments of uncertainty. There are times when I'm simply not ready to make contacts. We are all humans after all. If at the same time I do want to shoot, I can take a telephoto lens and shoot without any tension, just calmly. A few words about this picture. Here I am at work at that time I was a photojournalists. And this is the inauguration of the Bulgarian president. Of militarily speaking, I had an official permission to shoot whomever and whatever I wasn't that great. Just even that was not enough to let me make myself food. This bodyguard, I will simply not able to step over myself and start shooting immediately. I needed time. Just take a look at his face. He was always like that. This is not a spontaneous expression, Ted, he made that his essence here. Here. I really needed my determination in order to take this photo. I really like my photos impact, but I really like this one. When it comes to the question of how to shoot people, strangers, there are some tricks, Let's say that you may rely on. For example, it's a little bit easier to shoot in an urban environment. Why? Well, there you may remain invisible, especially in the evening. But it's quite a different story. If you are in the field or in the mountains, it would be hard for you to pretend that you're there on your own business centers, not taking photos. Almost impossible in fact, here and like it or not, you need to communicate with the people. In such places. It's a common practice for everyone to greet, to say hello, to note, to smile. It's easier if you are in a pair. The one does the talking, the other the shorting, then you change your roles. If both of your photographers, of course, quite often, my wife, my daughter, anti, go for a walk in such villages. We enjoy nature and clean air. And if we meet someone, we started communicating. Then at some point I dropped out of the conversation and shoot. You need to find your own way. You need to find the people that you'd want to go shooting quiet. You need just to find your path towards your models. I'm simply giving you an idea what might work for you as well. It's a little bit easier to shoot in this style. You are kind of protected by the glass, just like the person you are shooting effect. By the way, I got so much into this topic, shooting people through a vehicles window, that eventually it even ended up in a collection which turned into an exhibition. If curious for more, for more photos like this, I'll leave the link to the mirror to video after the lecture. Going a step further, when we speak about determination, what about shooting people in a closed space in the public transport, for example? Well, this is a real challenge and really exciting. At the same time. It got much easier to shoot in such places nowadays. And in general, it's easier to shoot people at a close distance. Thanks to the folding displays. Exactly. I used to have to take photos like these without seeing quote, I'm shooting. And the person seems to understand or supposed at least that you are shooting him at the same time, especially at this visual contact as the one that could make the photo worth it. Let me show you some more examples. As this one, for example, the eyes are enough for you to feel the mood of the photo. Same story. There is nothing apart from the lock here. And it's not necessary at all. A little bit of a different interpretation. The look of the third one is the one that brings life to the photo. I wouldn't have shown it probably otherwise. And even more interesting photo going on here. You can't see the eyes of the man, but his Luke is aiming straight at your. So once again, sometimes you just need to be a little bit more determined. Look at her her thoughts. He's pointing the camera at me. And in the next second, she again, a real Well, I just keep playing around with the camera showing what is really going on. In any case, I do not urge anyone, Hey, people start to think like this. No. I just want to answer the question how it works in practice. Some inside info. That's how it was made. Honestly speaking, there's nothing better than this. But if you are really afraid, there are 1000 other ways to take street photos, what I mean, take a look at the video lessons that are coming. 10. Street photography: shoot from the back : In the previous time we finished saying that if you're really afraid of shooting people up close, there are 1000 other ways to take Street for those. One idea that you may implement, try shooting from the back. And there is nothing wrong with that. One day, you will gain experience and courage and start shooting as you want. But until then, practice. And this will not make you a weaker photographer than others. Everything depends on how you do it. The main thing is every time you try you to have a photo, as a result, not just a random shot of a person's back. Let's go through a short analysis of the examples that I have prepared to enqueue, certainly understand what they mean. Here. For example, the number plays a very important role. A person is born with a number, lives with a number, our IDEs, and dies with a number. Again. Generally speaking, the numbers in a photo are always symbolic and often work well in the photographic context. Sometimes the backs may speak louder than the faces, the street, the patches, the wrinkles, the whole life of this man gathered in one picture. Let's change the multilateral but powerful, warm photo and immense back. Again. Pay attention to the dialogue between the chat and the umbrellas. Pay attention to the magical light. Going a little bit deeper. Here comes the composition, a really precise one. Here is the rule of thirds. Here is the golden spiral. Moving con. Take a look at the communication between the patterns of the hat and the pattern of the building. You've caught the idea. We don't simply shoot a man's back. We are looking for the story, for the detail, for the meaning of this back, which is the air. It can be even more fun and colorful. Again, amongst back, but not only plus mode plus light plus music. Take a look at the diversity you may achieve should link only admins bags. By the way, while preparing this video lesson for you, I came up with the idea to dig deeper into the topic. Just spend some time organizing my archive. Here are all of the photos I've collected so far. I don't know what it will turn into yet, but I think it could be interesting. Bags everywhere. I hope I could show you that you can't do everything if simply you want to. And I'm showing it with my personal example, my advice, do it in your way, make it better and more interesting than me. I really would enjoy taking a look at your photos. 11. Street photography: shoot hands and legs: You need variety in your street photos. You need something new. Well, try shorting hands and legs with the story and composition in mind, of course, what they mean. Let me show you, show you with a few examples. No phase here, no back, but tension, life, everything as in this photo. Properly taken shot. These hands may tell you a whole story. Just don't forget that a man's hands are there, make them part of your story, or let them be the story itself. It's not by chance that people often say the hands are the second portrait of a person. If not ready to take photos of hands? Well, should the legs then just do it in your own way? Legs are again, a favorite topic of mine. I have a lot of photos that may go into selection. And I do always try to add a story in the image, either plot or composition or bought. You remember, if taking photos of hands is a little bit more difficult, more challenging, there is absolutely no problem experimenting with legs. No one's going to make you a remarkably East. You can take your time and do your shot without anyone interrupting. Q. Scenarios like this one are a great training for your reactions, for your being to add to the moment. Exactly because there is no one to disturb you. You may prop this your compositional skills. Take a step to the back, a step to the right, a step to the left. Take what it needs, but make your photos. I've shown you just several images, several examples for a simple scenario with the legs in the central role. Well, it's an endless topic in my view and pretty interesting at the same time. What else counts as a street photographer? Let's talk about that in the next video lesson. 12. Street photography: more options you have: We've already spoken about taking photos of close-up portraits of men's bags, of hands and legs. What else? A lot more options are waiting for you. In fact, let's say you are not ready for shooting flex. You are not ready for taking photos of strangers and tell why not go for dogs. They wouldn't complain at all that there is a man with a camera around just giving you my word. Personally speaking, I haven't devoted more than ten years to this topic. And I'm just sure that I managed to break the stereotype that shooting dogs, stray dogs is just for beginners. That it's easy and that it's not interesting. The thing is, it doesn't matter what you should, what matters is how you do it. This is probably one of the strongest series of mine. These dogs literally flew over the photo world and even beyond most important land, they have hoped and continue to help many charities raise funds for stray dogs. I'll leave again, I'll link to a video on my YouTube channel. There you may take a look at a broader selection of photos from the serious docs life. I clearly remember that once when I decided to dig deeper into this topic, many photographers Sepoy instances of mine said that it would be a great mistake. Why? Because it's not serious to shoot the hoax. Gary's not inhumane. Impress your audience with their, well, just wanted to remind you again, shoot what you like, what you enjoy. Don't listen to anyone real life. Just shoot honestly and wholehearted life. Going further. You don't want to take photos either of people or a stray dogs. No problem. What about reflections? People's reflections, it's another cool topic to consider. Here comes another idea, how you may shoot people. There are people again here, right? This is probably one of the most recognizable photos of mine. It was chosen for a photo of the day by National Geographic. It was bought by a Japanese university for the header of their website. In the international competition, a HIPAA, eight was in the top ten finalists. Now amongst 76 thousand submitted photos. And it was a word, it's a special award for its contribution to photography. It was also bought more than once in private collections. Although I'm repeating myself, I'd say it again. It really doesn't matter what the should. I hope that all these examples have worked as a motivation for you. I hope you now believe and agree that there are many options in the street genre. Many options that you may experiment with, still not ready after all, there is another way for you to start with your family or friends. Well, just in case this is not exactly what they mean. Yes. Acute photo for the family archive for the grandparents. You can send it to some friends and that's 0 and 2 agree, these are important images, but this is not photography. Photography in the context we speak about it in the context of our experiment. Well, this is quite a different story, quite closer to our aim, our moment composition, a story, or this one. Only the one who has never taken photos of a child would ask me Why. Would probably not understand what I mean that this is 32 and that would help you doing street after that. Actually, one of the most difficult genres is children photographer. Along Kuwait animal of the RFA. Both children and animals are simply unpredictable. That's why. Another important point, photos like these are quite emotional. So you're capturing emotions as well. Your task as a photographer. You need to capture the motion. That said, in that very second, you do also need to compose your frame. Something else to consider. The light. It's neither. So sunny know nora so bright at home inside. I mean, great training, isn't it? Especially when it's as dark as here. You may find the positive side immediately. You are not restricted by the lack of light. What they mean. I wanted to show time in the correct mode, but it's dark outside. Okay. No problem. I may take my photos at home. There are lamps after all, if necessary. Quite often, this is an emulsion in the frame rather than a composition. But as you remember, this is even more important. The tricky part here is to catch this emotion. You have a second, sometimes even less. Well, I have to admit the hand in spontaneous inspite of my considerable experience real for me, it's still a challenge every time, sorry, but she's moving all the time. To take pictures of your children is not an easy task until bleeding. This is an awesome training. Your build on your skills, how to react to live that's going on around you. Back to basics, reflecting life. Isn't this the essence of street photography Astro? As a bonus, you will cap or some family photos out of the box on a 100 percent. The skills you've acquired you may apply when ready to go out and shoot on the street and beyond. We speak about photography skills in general. No one's ever said that taking photos of children should be within some limits. Here's another example to prove that photography does exist everywhere around us. When we are ready to capture the moment, of course, this photo of mine precisely he has won first place is in several competitions. That into this, my idea is far from just boasting around. This is just a motivation for you. If you take the photos in your way. If a try to do your best, then people will appreciate it one way or another. The contests are just an extra confirmation. Seeing it one more time, just because it's really important. Your aim should be to catch the moment in order to avoid those standards stories. Most importantly, do not miss the emotions. Search for the photograph in each frame of yours. Don't ever forget that. That applies to all runners, Not to street photography online.