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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Stencil Art


    • 2.

      What You Will Learn


    • 3.

      Materials You Will Need


    • 4.

      Design Your Stencil


    • 5.

      Bridges & Islands


    • 6.

      Cutting Your Stencil


    • 7.

      Paint Your Background


    • 8.

      First Stencil Layer (Template Layer)


    • 9.

      Fill it Out


    • 10.

      Final Layers


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About This Class

Ever wanted to find out how Banksy does it? Now you can try your hand in this workshop with professional street artist Manofdarkness [AKA George Manioudakas].

Stencilling is one of the fundamental forms of street art and Melbourne has a long history with artists like HA-HA and ELK leading the way since the early 2000's. Manofdarkness has spent many years learning from these legends and honing his skills in stencil art. He has taught stencilling to thousands of students at Blender Studios and we are now bringing this workshop to you!

In this class you’ll learn: 

  • What is stencil art and a brief history of stencils
  • How to design a stencil
  • What a bridge is and how to include them in your stencil design
  • The techniques for cutting your stencil
  • Painting your stencil with different spray-painting techniques 

You’ll be creating your own stencil masterpiece and be ready to plaster your motif onto canvas or the streets. 

Our stencil art workshop has been specially designed by street artists to give you an introduction to this medium. It is perfect for you if you have never made a stencil before but want to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Blender Studios

Home of Melbourne Street Art


The Blender Studios is a renowned art complex with art studios at its core. Founded in 2001, the studios have evolved alongside the urban art movement in Melbourne and currently hosts 24+ resident artists. Blender Studios is not only a hub for both street artists and fine artists, but it is also the HQ of Melbourne Street Tours, Dark Horse Experiment, The Blender Loft, and Blender Creatives. 

We offer a variety of creative workshops at our studio and now online! With a focus on having fun while learning new skills, you will learn from only the best professional street artists. All workshops are filmed at the famous Blender Studios.

Channel your inner Banksy and check out our Stencil Art Workshop,... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Stencil Art: pay. My name's George Armistead, Salafist being making sense is about eight years now. I've been doing art my whole life, but we have a blended studios way of kind of started Herning Herning in on you know, my stents a lot sort of direction. This is a piece that I've done a few years ago. Now it's a life stencil kind of taken photograph on mess around with photo shop and visit out 60 hours. Cutting in accidental benefit of making stand to is the fact that I can kind of put it on crates like this pellets on, put it out on street and make kind of like multiple sort of copies of. Basically, the reason why I started exploring stance a lot is because of the fact that gave me a good way to contribute with what was happening on the street. So are, you know, it's kind of like a voice extents. A lot can really convey a strong message if you got something to say. Since a lot was perfect, waited too, represented, so we stands a lot. A lot of it's done in the studio. All the work's done there and then you kind of take that work out and you can paint it up relatively quickly. You know, you can hit a few different areas. In the one day on. I felt like it was a really direct way to communicate what I want to say to the public, My favorite stencil artist. Probably he's, um, black corrupt, simply because he is found distance a lot. A lot of respect for someone who's pretty much invented this. No direction that's now become like a global sort of branch. Afridi. So you're basically a living legend. Him on banks. He really got me inspired suddenly started noticing extents a lot. A lot more through those guys on their messages, usually political on, you know, just an interesting way toe convey concepts in the way they kind of looked on. The street was really cool. 2. What You Will Learn: All right. So today we're gonna be learning on how to make a stencil. So this three main main stages when it comes to making stencils First age used to sketch. So you're gonna or draw your own image. So that could be anything that's realistic. Letter base. Um, being you want mess importantly, Don't get too hot on the idea. Um, we're not getting credit. Masa piece. We just have some fun. Secondly, we will be moving on to cutting out stencil with scalpel. So this usually takes a big practice. Will be learning on how to hold the play correctly. How to do coz on also just how to get the most effective piece using using a knife, thirdly would be painting. So this is the fun part. This is the state where we're gonna be bringing that image to like, we spray paint. So we're learning about the nips. Sort of spray painting brands and techniques, you know how to do three days fix and face and stuff like that. So let's get started 3. Materials You Will Need: all right, said materials needed to credit until is facing paper. Any side fund, Make stuff for free. Um, I need a pencil. Razor helps, maybe shopping up canvas use. You could use cardboard as canvas. You could use a piece of wood. We could use a tan. Objects doesn't have to be used on passive. Um, you just insult if you can't get your hands on acid. Like I mentioned earlier earlier, you can use Kabul. Take things like a used pizza box. Or maybe like a cereal box like that, Anything a bit of white to it. You could easily draw and cut stencil on that so it doesn't have to cost money. Can't access. You also need some gloves, comes in handy. We have the mosque, so some like this pain. It's really important as well. So it doesn't matter what brand get you. Even go to your local office week or obstacle to get spray paint you can find. If you can't get spray paint, you choose not to use. Scrape it. You can use a pain that's find so any true really perhaps might need a trade. Teoh. Squeeze the painting it and then you gotta roll up on basically use the same method as before. With you just rolling paint to create. That impression works just as good on. That's pretty much the materials that you need. 4. Design Your Stencil: all right, so there's a few things to think about when it comes to design. One of the tips used to keep it simple. You know, simple stencils usually work best. We want to keep him nice and big. She's gonna be really helpful when it comes to cutting out dental out a lot of to cut large things and cut Find Daito on. Also, what we want to do is keep our designs quite central in the page. Notice what the center's having common is that there they are quite big on their large. They using the full with high of the page on nothing's kind of bleeding off the edge. So there's some important factors to think about when you show anything about a concept you could do. Something as arbitrary is we had breakfast this morning. It could be your nickname and your littering usually what truly while stands a lot. I like to do character by stuff, but that's just me. Most important. Just don't get too hung up about it or not the credit masterpiece. We just have some fun, so just get anything down and we can basically talk about the bridges and islands and how dio turn your illustration into a stencil. Okay, this is gonna be an example of a sketch could usefully stencil using a Moscow. You guys probably be using a pencil. Um, idea is not to be too worried about the outcome. Here, just have some fun making stakes. Fine. Just keep going. Usually I find with mistakes, sometimes they kind of trump doing directions. You I would have expected to go in, which is sometimes a nice surprise to be quite sketchy with your lines as well, doesn't it? Perfect kind of correctly. Slater with a blade. 5. Bridges & Islands: All right, so now we're gonna learn a little bit about bridges and islands. So that's a really technical aspect about stents making really, really important to be hard to kind of explain. Just standing, probably. But it's one of those things where you can get it through experience are listen up. So we're gonna use this mushroom piece as an example. So you start over here. The's four main bridges in this examples have been kind of tell the bridges through the spices and guts in between the long way taken notice one here on the left hand side there's a little bright up top on is a little bridge as well on the right hand side, and that's really, really important when it comes to making stencils. I can show you by using this example of extensive that sort of being cut out. But puppies over the top kind of see, it's the black areas that we've cut out, and you kind of see how these spaces that were left in the illustration become really important. The spicing gap becomes a bridge that you kind of see, uh, after top here, which is connecting the circle to the whole stencils. And then it's a little bridge over there is reached down the top and kind of see the purpose of the bridge right here holding this area for the eyes. It kind of acts like a bit of a structural support. So you can imagine if we had two more on the corners. They're probably give this gentle little bit more structural integrity. So the idea is not to put too many bridges in, but just enough to keep your ascertain together. 6. Cutting Your Stencil: Now we're gonna let turnout pencil location into pencil to the first. That is so This is the kind of material gonna be using today. There's a couple reasons why we're gonna be using One is you could see through. So it makes it really easy when you pop that over top of your pent illustration. Grab a text that kind of trace over the top on. Be mindful that our bridges on islands Secondly, the stakes obviously material on, you know, for making this inside of these remains, it's gonna last longer. When you look at the history of stents a lot, you often see repetitive sort of nature that comes. We stand alone and all the time at work using to Communist Entrance one. Once you cut distant one, it's only natural way you're gonna want to use it over and over again. You can repaint in the lane ways you can do it on T shirts. You can make it spray paint on India, whatever you want. So let's take on it allows you to go back to seek. Imagine we made it into a computer paper. Sure, that would work, but you can imagine after one or two spray paints. Paper's gonna slightly tear get wet and things like that. Another thing is you don't have to use things like cardboard paper. Things like that pizza box is a great tool to make a stencil out of. You know, these seems afraid to find them Lying around at home doesn't necessarily have to be made out of this. Um, so yes, the next stage he's to pop your state layer over the top of your pent illustration and revving marker rubbish R p a black Texas on turn those sort of outlines into nice, thick lines that are gonna be ready to cut on. And again, be mindful that where your bridges on islands needed guard. All right, So if you look closely at this image, you can notice how I've gone over the pencil illustration and kind of thinking my outlines a little bit. You remember when you're cutting this dental out, we're coming online out cutting on both sides, so you need to make a gap in the in. The estates of the spray paint can actually get through if you just do a slit. Obviously, it's not gonna be enough space, and you won't have to see your image when you want you spray painted. So your lines going picking up so you can cut on both sides. Andi, remember gaps and spaces. We're ultimately going to be your bridges, so you can kind of notice a little gaps in space in my line work that is one through here along the top, where the heart is No, this spaces and gaps around the eye. All these little space and gaps are gonna be in my bridges that are gonna hold my stencil into place. All right, so now we're gonna learn how toe cut out stencils. So we'll be using these Stanley knives to cut mental. So there's a few things you remember when we're using these. These are really sharp, So just be careful. When your holy needs, they play around with them. You kind of want them about, say, like, Hot Centimeter. Down you go. Any high odds like it becomes quite dangerous. Animal, Sir, there's a lot of flex in the blade and we kind of want to limit that when they're cutting us, too. So you bring it down a little bit to the half century middle and then they've all got these locking devices right here. So you can kind of see if I just push that down. It stops the body from moving up and down, which gives me greater control. What happens if you get to do that on your cutting away and your private pressure obliges tracks back in. So you make sure that you put the locking device on before you start cutting. Okay? So when we're actually cutting, what you want to do is fill that angles. You want to get into the best position possible to cut the the best angle. So you want to keep your late rose as well? I notice. Sometimes people want to hold it like a pension. Hold it vertically. But if you actually hold it horizontally and possibly tent, you're gonna get a nice, clean a cop. So you want to make sure that you actually cut through the plastic before you start dragging a knife through. Make sure that touching gone through and kind of applying pressure with these pointy finger and you just taking the time cutting through that plastic keep up their hands away. So in case you slip, you cut your hand, and you try to see how I'm rotating plastic around to get me the best sort of angles. If I want to come back around that line, you can see just 10 the whole page around, and then I could come back in. You kind of make little small cups. He doesn't want to get used to it. You just want to make sure you're cutting hot enough that it's going through the plastic. Then you should be able to just pull a piece like that. 7. Paint Your Background: All right. So this is the canvas that we're gonna be using today. Get started with backgrounds, physics, fist putting a cap on the kid. So gonna make sure to place this correctly. He just got a balance on talk a little bit. Make sure that the dog is facing away from you to put it on. You actually gonna press a little bit of pain will come out, so make sure you're facing it down. Say the pain comes out now that happy family locked into place before you start mixing through, um, fantasy and out on in the area on the surface. Smooth capsule speeding and paints. Coming out currently Happy with back. The first thing about these diagrams. Employees to close example. What happens? It's very easy to flood the painting on. You get drips. That's what we want. Toe boy with 19 backgrounds. Lots. I want you to get areas, pain it up like this because they don't just make your stencils to keep your distance thesis up to five. But you know that you have given your and cross away down continuously. Listen it up like a drumbeat on. Uh, you want a great night I kind of see the result. It's quite a nice flat finish. If you want to spruce it up a little bit, I'm gonna grab stock. Given us a failure to get defence with background, just gonna use maybe two colors. But I'm gonna give us a beautiful grading. Make sure that correctly can kind of see that he's getting a little bit. If that is the case, you can actually change it to use a couple using before. So you basically want a can someone getting Grady going into this sort of direction Just said a kind of for my sleep crazy something get I just kept it but around to see that dad just kind of like losing yourself into pink if I didn't use that angle, and I tried to do the same. Teams can kind of see I get a much harsher so the result, which is fine, if that's what you're going for. But if you want that sort of hates, just remember that. But so you want to make sure that background wanted to finish these dry, so that would take anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes. So you lost. You do support a plus extensively talk when it's doing well, 8. First Stencil Layer (Template Layer): all right. So any other backgrounds, nice and dry, it's time to spray. So what you wanna do? He's basically over on top. But so if you want, you can kind of like, maybe having laid off the edge, you could repeated many times right in the middle of something that's best and I'm gonna use why, So he's going to explain a little bit later what I mean by that first, like any colors, like doing what? When you watch a little differently to what you painted your background, you want to keep your distance. If you do train to go to push you just let understand. When you are 19 stands one, eliminate any directly from the top, so that just goes into the cruise. So couple race, because it is your temper, doesn't have to be too heavy using that technique. You guys earlier just that we get a little bit of an impression on to the background, so that should do it. Basically, gonna pull that off and show you what we got so far. So that's just seen already. Looks pretty cool. You can kind of finish it if you go to that really simple minimal look, but we've got all these awesome Collinson. I said Let's just see how far we can push it. 9. Fill it Out: all right, so we'll start with a yellow. So obviously, the character right now is the same color background. If you want to make that trying to pump him back feeling so that's working directly. I'm just going to start using template as a guide. So no, with the yellow needs to guard, just like spraying my stuff. Only use that. Take me about those guys before you get a nice sharp angle on the right hand side, trying contain inside the borders of the captives as well as we can, but not being to worry about going outside the lines straight off the tree. That's readying anyway. So you get to that stage anyway. When the glove comes in handy to you can kind of use areas safer the ease with which you got a heart of shapes to try and feel. If you just way shape that's gonna show what I want to do. Now I shudder somebody, the orange doc and just sort of face to give that impression off for Grade eight so you know, angles into place. Get back. I had some whiting and I just thoughts to win A I's gonna be can still see the template background. Tia, somebody, uh, make another feature standouts. I'm gonna use that tongue as a feature as well. Uh, just trying. We're going to talk when it comes to. No wife dropped about five minutes before I used my other life. 10. Final Layers: All right, So now we're in oil, lost two lighters. I'm gonna show you a couple different tricks. We can do it on stage. What we'll do is put a stencil back on top on what I'm gonna do is actually shift a little bit safe. So see some of the white template layout in the background, and I want to keep that. Don't completely. So what I'm gonna do is put it back, talk and just keep a couple millimeters. Either way, either side doesn't go up down or but shifted in a certain direction. That down look. So and then I'm going to grab my given. Right? Uh, great. He's going to have to do it. Sounds like it's working, but coming through you need to do is to about 90 degrees a couple spreads, and it happens that off. Let not ledge. Right. So don't take about 3 to 5 minutes, maybe less. How much pain you talk right now. It's kind of looking pretty pretty puppy, right? That it's looking a little bit of contrast. So this is when I'm gonna teach a lot of blood. You have to use black to black in the other color, and it's gonna give it that contrast. It's lucky right now, so usually wait or fuel needs for that to drive. But I'm pretty confident this should be dry enough for me to put my black layer on top. When you are doing this last, make sure you don't believe you're seeing on tough to put on when you're ready to paint it . And again, I'm gonna use the same technique, uh, with the shifting. So I'm gonna shoot day in the same direction it's going. Just couples, just maybe, what comes off campus that's really worried about get once that's being painted. It's time to build and then we have got is Thanks for watching, guys. I hope you enjoy the video and happy stenciling.