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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Layout


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      Singing Up


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      Exploring Medium as a reader


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      Exploring Medium as a writer


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      First Post


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      Conclusion and coursework


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About This Class is the Instagram for writers. Twitter for storytellers. The WordPress blogosphere with no setup. As the place to be for writers, you can blog, write fiction and comment on the news. 

It's a publishing platform that allows insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring the internet the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives. 

You can even earn from your best articles by submitting them to Medium's partner program. 

If you fancy a dip into this text-heavy world, this is the course for you. We'll cover signing up, exploring Medium as a reader and a writer, publishing our first post, joining the partner program, and everything else you'll need to get started publishing on

I hope you enjoy my class.

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Peter Edwards

Ink splatter, tale teller, pixel poker


Hi, I'm Peter
I like making things
& meeting people
Born & raised in London
Moved to the top of Scotland
A servant too two Jack Russells
Has moustache, will travel

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. Um, Peter and I have been using medium dot com to publish short stories for around four years. I have around 9000 subscribers, and I've been featured as a top writer in the art Short story and fiction K Acreage Medium . Don't Kill is a blend of a social network on a publishing platform. It's for anyone who wants to read or write anything wrong form or sure, so you'll find fiction, poetry, block posts, opinion pieces and news articles. You'll find the rights of The Washington Post and 1/2 post, along with The Economist right alongside Twitch TV is Blawg, his personal bulks there and short stories on publications about writing and are in Cryptocurrencies. So it was opposed to Instagram or Snapchat, where the focus is on images only medium. It's all about the text. What about the writing in his course? Are we walking you through setting up on your can? Fill in at your profiles? How readers see your work and have to get the best out of medium is a reader then had to get the best out of medium is a writer Oh God, you food, creating your first post teacher Hatter submits a publications and even submit to the featured articles where you can actually earn off of your writing. My fold at you. Take and enjoy my class. Thank you. 2. Class Layout: this course will be broken down into several piles. First of all, will sign up for a can and set up a profile linking social media accounts and adding profile images. Then we're going to explore medium dot com is a reader on most social networks. The reading and writing experience feels the same. Or meet him. Don't calm. There's a lot of scope for what you Condo's. Both was a reader and a writer. To get the best out of medium is a writer. You need to explore a bit as a reader or at least know how readers see medium dot com. Then we're going to explore. Medium is a writer. We'll cover writing stories and using takes S E O. Submit into publications and joining the partner program so you can start earning from your writing and finally will create a first post to say Hello, world. We'll cover everything from embedding links. Toe featured images has admitted to publications 3. Singing Up: Let's get signed up. Great. A profile and gas else. The user name we want God made him don't come and in the upper right of the screen will see sign in and get started. If you click gets died, you're given the option of great in a new account with Google or Facebook. Personally, I don't like accounts signed up with social media accounts, but dont mind connected them later on. But for signing up, I always try to do it through email. So if you're like me and your Iker accounts, tied your email address or not, your social media go to signing. And there you given extra options of twitter and email toe. If you've never used medium before, and you select email and into, um, email address medium well created. It came for you and send your guardian link and there's no passwords of medium dot com gives you a cookie and remember, you know, give me a Barraza we wrap so you don't need to sign in every visit. But that all game of an account signed up with a name and address. It will send you a really link, no password. So goes your email. Hit the link and you're signed up on the first sign in medium asks you what you're interested in. Now pick of Utah picture like is This is what appears on your home page like this. So I'm interested in are right again technology. It's a medium. Serves me that on my home page We'll come back to the iron basically Iran for their go to a top, right and take the little circle. And as you can see, we got plenty of options. We're not going to cover all of them, but we will come back to some later on. Hey, even create new stories, visit publications You submit to all of you own customizer interests. See, your home page could be changed to a different subject. Well, we run first is profiled in here. This is the new can I saw full his cools, but mind you can is a bit messy and busiest back. So here we conjoined a display name that takes next where profile image appears everywhere . And of course, our profile image. If you want your website in your own page in your profile, drop it in this text box. Now we're gonna change our seconds to finish off our profile, save any changes and go to the top right, like on again and go down it. Sein's here we can scroll down and can add. Twitter or Facebook is a connection if you connected with 12. When someone shares one of your medium stories to 12 don't sweep of your Twitter handling. If you connect these, you also get its with a bird in a Facebook F under your profile so people can find your social networks from the median page reverent you connect anything is up to you. The last thing I want to do is change me. User name. Using in that medium gives you is based off your email or the social media that you signed up with, and my email is idle. Picks zero and gmail dot com. It's got zero in because I couldn't get a team out. I wanted Without it. It's a less Knicks that, and just call myself Idol P X. It gives the user name I want. It's no big deal. It's a lot like Twitter, where you can have your user name and your Twitter handle. It's the same old medium display name can show his Annabelle Ferreira, but you use the name would always be this. This is your handle. This is where your web addresses for your profile. And this is the user name that people will act you with again a lot like Twitter mentions to save that. And there we go. As with any social network, a lot of names already taken. Change your user name whatever you want as soon as you can, or someone else will noble it before you. 4. Exploring Medium as a reader: they're spend a moment going over the home page from the first time you visit medium, you gonna notice that they value high quality stories, unique ideas or perspectives. There's no pictures of people's case on the front page. That's because medium has an editorial team the scale of thousands of articles every day to find the best ones for you. Now they do have algorithms that can sometimes try and figure out something new stories from your network. But the featured stories chosen by human beings? No and agri them, which is why they usually such a high quality. And again, there's no cat beaches here on the Navy defeated stories. You'll see top stories for you. Medium will fill this panel, which stories from the topics huge hose. When you signed up that you said that you're interested in, if you find there's enough in there, you're interested in God. Sets hope, Roy. Get on your profile icon good and customize your interests On the first page. It will suggest people to follow and topics you might be interested in that related to topics that you've already said you're interested in. So, for example, I said I was interested in our. So it'll fill this with culture and film books and photography and comics, not follow any of these topics. Alternatively, you can just brass the Topics page he can go from pick any of the topics that were on the first page and add into your front page. Alternatively, you can pick on people, and it will show you people that you may be interested in and people that you're far out. But if all you always for other medium stuff, it will have a little suggestions panel one of right inside and that will fill up with more relevant suggestions with the more people that you follow. I'm currently not following anyone, and neither were you. So this will just be people that are related to topics that you chose when you signed up. I said that I was interested in our writing. These a property and people that are interested in our writing finally click on publications again. It doesn't have any data to really suggested into us yet, but publications quite often deal with a specific subject. There is, for example, a publication called The Neighbor, which features comics from different artists, and there is another one called the Quill, which covers topics about writing, creating villains, creating protagonists, Brooklyn's nanowrimo, that sort of thing. Let's go back to the front page, as is a quick screen shot from my our main account. But it will have a little panel here saying New storage from your network. And this is people that you follow the authors of writers specifically that you enjoy. They'll show up here in your feet and underneath that popular stories or medium. Unlike the featured stories, the popular stories chosen by the readers, most social networks there is, ah, like system or a love system or media. It's applause. You clap for the articles, did your like mediums algorithm, then figures out which ones are the most popular, and it serves them up to you. Here it's effectively the trending stories or medium dot com. Your notice across his whole from Page is a number of stories of a star niche toe. This means it's a premium content Read. A subscription to medium is only $5 a month, and if you're a free account, you get to read three free premium posts a month. But of course, as you can see there's a lot that pops up in your feet. That isn't premium. If you read an article that you really enjoy, you can, of course, follow the author in every article. They always have a for a button on top, and if you go all the way down in the bar, it'll have a written by. And this is where your profile takes the pop up. If you enjoy, you can hate clap. And of course, the more reads on the wall collapse on Article gets, the better chance they have of getting onto the front page of media. So if you enjoy something, always make sure you give him a clap and appealed their article. As with any other social network or blowing software, you can record comment and you can read other people's comments so that just hit see responses. You can either right response to the Eichel. Leave a comment. Anything scroll down. You can see why the people said about it. Here it goes to the right of the clamps. You can share the poster Twitter or Facebook, or even bookmark the story for later reading on your media map. If anyone leaves a comment or claps for one of your articles. You get a little notification up here. You better go green. You click on it. It will tell you it was clapped for what? Who's responded to you and so on. Finally, the last thing we're gonna look at is upgrading your can. The way it works is it could become a member for $5 a month or $50 a year. And you can read as many premium articles as you want. The money from your subscription goes into a pole at the end of the month. The membership fees a disputed directly to the writers based on how much their articles get red and engaged with and applauded as worth, bearing in mind as a reader trying to show a little bit of love for people to you like. And when you get into writing your own articles, this is how you weren't at writing or medium, so that's going to that next. Writing on media 5. Exploring Medium as a writer: as a writer, we can write posts, articles, stories, fiction, whatever we want. And they will appear on our profile page that also get shared at 21. Who's following us like we saw before the front page. Now, if you want to reach a little further, you conjoined a publication on publications great for discovering content in a very particular topic or niche. The better ones have a great consistency for the content that they put out. They don't publish every single story that is submitted to them. Some have a publishing rate of less than 1% of submitted articles, but it does mean you know what you're gonna get if you follow a publication on those publications. Were ill writers across medium like you may. If you managed to get an article published in the publication, it'll be shed. Answer their audience, which is often thousands if not tens of thousands of readers. Some publications even put a lot of effort inter advertising and distributing their stories off of medium to reach a larger audience in their niche. This means No, I never your stories do when a medium, but they're gonna do well on the Internet at large. Okay? Said to contribute a story or an article toe a publication, you must first be added as a writer by its editors. Most publications are open to new riot, but some are a little harder to get into. But I would say this. Make sure you're followed a publication on you for plenty of their articles before approaching them on content in their editors toe. Ask if you can write for them. If you're completely mismatched with what you write, compared to what the editors are looking for, you know I need your wasting their time. You're wasting your time now. Although you concert for publications on medium, there is another website puts median, and they make the process much easier for finding publications to write for. If you go to speedy and dot com, you can search on the top here for whatever topic that you're looking to write for. So we're gonna put in fiction and you'll say, then below is a load of publications that really it's a fiction. No, I said a moment ago, I'd always check out publication before I'd request to contribute. But there is little handy request to contribute button down a balmy, and you can use that to content the editors off the publication. Once you're right, it is a writer toe a publication. When you're publishing a post, you have an option to submit your story to the medium editor off that publication. Of course, if you don't find any publication that you want to write for on the platform, or maybe you just want to start around, you can do that. Guard her top right click on your icon, go down publications and then click on new publication. And then he can fill in your name description Logo's. You can add in a social contact info as well, if you want it kept separate from your own personal medium. The same reservoir urge has its own Twitter account, a Facebook account, And it's not just the editor that publishing it all himself to social media and then a bomb here. Of course, you can add and remove writers. It helps if you start in a publication with a couple of friends and this you've got a couple of people writing articles for you from the get go. So how about the medium partner program don't earn for your writing. The Medium partner program is an open payroll on the Internet, and they try to reward high quality writing by authors from all walks alive. Being fiction, be articles on technology or just being news articles. It's a handed into dough because it means you haven't got hire an agent or get a publishing deal to make money from your writing. All you gotta do is join the medium partner program. Now. We touched on premium articles early Iran when we were talking about using medium as a reader. All those $5 from subscribers get divided up between the most popular articles. Ren on the website by partners. It should be noted there that because it's by popular articles are read by people. Bad articles are no gonna earn you anything if you want to eventually earn money on medium . Make sure your spelling and grammar is top notch write articles that people are interested in reading or fiction that people want to follow. If you just spam out cheap, low grade writing, it's not gonna want you a penny. So again, don't waste your time with that. If you don't wanna write quarter T content and you do wanna one. If you both from it, scarf into the top right corner of the screen again, click on your profile. Go down the medium partner program and it will take it to the partner page. For creators. Simply scroll down. Enjoying medium partner program. It's pretty straightforward. Always read the terms of service before you were greater things I already have already partnered. Never account and continue to payment Self. Now you get paid is dependent on wearing about you live. Only the US currently get expressed payments stripes. Standard account isn't as quick as paying you as a U S account, but it is available in a lot of countries. Thankfully covers a United Kingdom in Europe. It is a false available in other parts of the world. It just doesn't pay out as quickly as it does to American members on the Express again. Now, one other thing to know. For writers out there that have their own website, media has amazing s yo. It is made of pixie dust or something. Everyone that publishes two medium how good their articles do on websites like Google and Yahoo being when I search for text in my articles on my main account, despite the fact I publishing on my home page on a self hosted WordPress build and medium medium nine times out of 10 comes higher than my home page. It's a medium. Writers do really well on search engines, and they get found a lattis and they do on a lot of other websites. So how about we now get into creating our first post? 6. First Post: Okay, let's create our first post. Go over your right on top, right? And click News story, then the medium editor is deceptively simple. It focuses very hard on a text and clears away all the other clatter. But there's more to it than you'd expect We'll go through. It is we make this post. So let's start with the title. We're gonna call this hello world. Yeah, as your property cannot bind their medium Don't call is a very reading orientated website. So for your posts, you're gonna wanna title that really gets people's attention. But I would say if you go into the territory of Clickbait time titles, people stop reading Clickbait titles of fine for Web sites like Buzzfeed but on medium people Come here toe read higher quality of writing our translate. BuzzFeed is bad writing. But you know what I mean. Leave Clickbait titles. The buzzfeed. Okay, so how world This had a photo in the box below. You can start typing or you can click on the plus sign. You get a little rove. I concert the 1st 1 The camera allows you to add an image from your hard drive, which is what we're gonna do. If they're fast for retired, let's click at an image. I want to take that picture off. My hard drive there is uploaded now. The next one along is at an image from unscratched. Sh Unless Splash is a website where photographers upload photos they're not using for anyone to use copyright free and splashed or call. It's a fantastic website, and it's integrated into media. Let's see how that works on the vehicle, and then we're gonna search for beach. You see underneath it. It gives us a whole lot of photos that we can use in certain into the post. Let's click the top one. Here we go. The ads image their post on the neath. It gives a bit of credit with a link to the original photographer and and splashed. All kill Now. We don't actually want this photo here yet, so let's go backspace backspace, Delete it. A good thing to do with your images is the ad alternative text. Click on the image click or text. Now, old text is for people with visual impairments and it's worth bearing in mind. Medium is such a text heavy website compared to a lot of other social media's and a lot of other networks. It's a good network for people with visual impairments. They're using software to convened your articles, posts out to them. On top of that, if you're image doesn't load for one reason or another Euro text will appear in its place. So I'm just gonna put some all text in here. There we've got. It's safe. Close. There's two y cons here that will come back to in a bit, but of regarding where your image is placed on the text around it. The other icons, but for embedding a video were embedding a post from Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr anything that allows you to export and embedded post. We can add a video first coupon had a video, you'll see it says, Paste that YouTube vine video. Another video link and hit. Enter this. Just pop over to YouTube. We're gonna grab a video. We're gonna take the link a top, Uh, and we're gonna pace that in there. Enter and it'll imbed the video inside the post again. We're not gonna win better video into this post, which has shown your house works. All right, so Let's get some text up. It's a first post, so I'll introduce myself and I made to you on Pia McCartney in Scotland who loves art and writing. I love our scruffy does and Jack Russells. But then I washed. Does anybody now what we're gonna dough is highlight a bit. Text. Let's take Scotland. You get on your usual busy. You can bold it. You can italic it. You can even add a hyperlink. Skelton and Delthil. No, that's a tourist board. There we are now. We can highlight the whole line when we can increase or decrease the size of the text. Let's go up one, and we could then and then we go down again. We put it in a quotation, the little bar aside and separate your text out from everything else around it. There's another quotation you can use. It drops into big letters in the middle of an article again, and it removes a quotation. The last thing we can do is at a private. No, you can put note there for an editor to pick up in case something needs changing your no sure about something so we detect highlighted. But on the private now and we're right and I medium. And as a little star said no to self, it is on a publication. Of course, the editors can read it, so it's not just a note to self NASA Want this image to be a big supporter. I don't want the text out to run inside of it. Click on the image click on the left side icon. You'll see it shunts across the left, and the text goes down the right hand side if you want it to be back to where it was before , you just click the second bond and it puts it back into the middle and expands our. That's a basic post, but we don't part ready. Hit. Publish here. Let's have a look of a couple of other things first, so you're not really a published something, but you want to share it with someone before you dough, maybe to check some thinkinit in options you can get share draft link, click on that and copy Paste this to your friends, stick in an email or share it onto a social media. But it's gonna show is a draft also in the options menu. You can add to a publication if you're part of a publication or you own your own publication. If you just hit publish, your article will be posted to your profile page. If you want it posted in a publication, go into this menu, adds a publication. See revision. History lets you see the other saved drafts shared to Twitter. We don't do that until we're really a publish. Now manage unlisted setting. That's for when you just want something posted to your own block and you don't want appearing on the main medium network to make this story unlisted. Of course, therefore, is know your story. Boy visible to readers, will be eligible for curator to recommend to interest in readers based on the distribution , saying, If you hit yes, it's only visible to people who visit your website through the link. So maybe you just want it shared between family or friends or the people that for you on social media, that's where you make your post unlisted. We don't want to do that. We want it on the main network. It's a hit. No, back to the menu. You can manage your content licensing. All rights reserved is a default. Others can't copy, distribute or perform your work without your permission, or is permitted but fair use. Some rights reserved has a whole load of options, and you can choose from any of these. It gives you a description below before each one is so it can be shared with attribution. As long as someone links back to you, it's fine to share it. We can go attribution noncommercial, which means people can show a link back as long as it's not for commercial purposes. Will you consent it to know right? Reserved on Wavell your copyrights right over your work. What license you put on your content is entirely up to you. For me personally, I change the copyright depending on what it is that I'm posting. There are some things that I'm perfectly fine with being in public domain. Anyone can use it however they want it sometimes I just want attribution That'll do may, But all rights reserved is always a default Going back to the menu. We could delete the story if we want. If you write a whole draft up and you decided I'm gonna post it, you can't Of course, the leader change featured image. Now you probably noticed on the home page all of the stories had an image next to them by default. The image is the first image in a post, but say we don't want to use the first image. Say we have a second or third image that we want to be the featured image. Let's just go back to the post on I'm gonna add a second image now in the menu change defeated image. You'll see here thumbnails of every image in the post, and you can pick whatever you want. 1st 2nd 3rd or fourth Tau bay your featured image again by default. It's always the first image in the post change display title and subtitle. Now, by default, the title is always gonna be the first line and some title with what You're right afterwards. So as you can see a title is Hello World, the very first thing we put in and subtitle Hello medium. Now we can cause changes if you want. It doesn't change the text in the post that's changes. Subtitle A post about a Hockney in Scotland and here's where the medium Magic S E. O. Comes in again description. A description could be used in place of a subtitle on search engine Result pages. Try and keep it under 160 characters long Describe the Post. Watson it on what it's about. Search engines are gonna use this text when they're categorize in your post ranking in search, so make sure it's a good description, with plenty of words that are used in your text. In your description. Small dough. A post about a talking in Scotland, the creates pixel are scruffy doodles on Loves Jack Russells. That's about as descriptive as we can get for this post change tags. Now here's the thing about tags or media tags in medium Also workers your categories, and you can only use five off them. You can't spam take like on Instagram or Twitter. The making can. We can't really put too much tags in this post because, of course, it's an introductory post. We can use our and it will pop up in the art category. Haven't he's got art in his post, and it is about me on artist and, of course, then below. The last two are about customizing your link, So let's hit customize link, and this is your story link. After publishing, this is the one that you'll be sharing on Twitter. So let's change the custom link toe high and you'll see at the top story link after publishing has now changed too high instead of Hello World, I think we're finally ready to publish Hit publish. It will give you a story preview. You're Have you featured image, your title, the text that pops up to describe the post what we all filled in. You'll get your tags box in case you want to add or remove tags. Allowed Curator to recommend my story, too. Interested readers that would have caused put them behind mediums payable again. This is one of those things that I change from story to story. This one, of course, I'm definitely no, Put it behind. A paywall is a hello world post. You wouldn't Oudeh. If it's a more long form article that is intended to be curated, then you'd want to leave that ticket. Finally, you can either had published now or schedule for later. If he is scheduled for later, you can choose a date and time scheduled to publish. I just want to publish. Now let's hit, cancel scheduling and it published now and there's your post. It won everything before we go get on your profile icon and click on your profile page and there we go on a world. 7. Conclusion and coursework: So we've gotten to the end of the course and I need to give you a piece. Of course. Work. So what I'd like for you to dio its create your first post on medium try and include a photo or maybe an embedded video. Take a screenshot of it. You can use print screen on your keyboard and post it into projects along with a link to your medium dot com profile. A ball can say hello to you. Thank you for taking my glass. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you found it useful. I'll see your medium.