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Start a Corporate Videography Business That Makes 4 to 5 Figures Every Month

teacher avatar Frederick Phua

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why Take This Course?


    • 2.



    • 3.

      Why I Created This Course


    • 4.

      How Much Money Can I Make In This Business?


    • 5.

      Who Should Take This Course


    • 6.

      How This Course Is Structured


    • 7.

      Why Learn from Me?


    • 8.

      My Video-preneurship Journey - From Zero to Hero


    • 9.

      Define Your Business - What Do You Want to Achieve?


    • 10.

      Choosing a Name for Your Business


    • 11.

      Why Register a Sole Proprietorship


    • 12.

      Why Register a Limited Liability Company


    • 13.

      Freelancing as an Individual


    • 14.

      Does It Matter to the Client Where You Operate From?


    • 15.

      Designating an Official Business Address


    • 16.

      Opening a Corporate Banking Account


    • 17.

      Building a Website - What Information Should You Provide?


    • 18.

      Designing a Unique and Powerful Business Card


    • 19.

      How I Use Facebook to Showcase My Expertise and Services


    • 20.

      What I Use Vimeo For


    • 21.

      YouTube - Your Marketing Platform


    • 22.

      Camera and Gears, Own or Rent?


    • 23.

      Making Money from Event Video


    • 24.

      Making Money from Marketing Video


    • 25.

      Making Money from Training Video


    • 26.

      Making Money from Documentary Video


    • 27.

      Making Money from Knowledge Sharing Video


    • 28.

      Making Money from Job Performance Support Video


    • 29.

      Making Money from Communication Video


    • 30.

      Making Money from Public Awareness Video


    • 31.

      Making Money from Your Own Video


    • 32.

      Action Plan - Identifying the Markets That You Can Excel In


    • 33.

      Marketing: Why Do Marketing?


    • 34.

      Marketing: Web Marketing


    • 35.

      Marketing: Social Media Marketing


    • 36.

      Marketing: Video Marketing


    • 37.

      Marketing: Email Marketing


    • 38.

      Marketing: Offline Marketing Methods That Generate Results


    • 39.

      Marketing: Create Interest with an Elevator Pitch


    • 40.

      Marketing: How Often Shoud You Do Marketing?


    • 41.

      Prospecting: Warm Calling Techniques


    • 42.

      Prospecting: Cold Calling Techniques


    • 43.

      Prospecting: Who Do I Speak To


    • 44.

      Prospecting: Handling Rejection


    • 45.

      Prospecting: What Should a Call List Contain?


    • 46.

      Prospecting: LinkedIn


    • 47.

      Prospecting: Facebook


    • 48.

      Prospecting: Examing Prospective Client's Company Websites


    • 49.

      Prospecting: Email Techniques


    • 50.

      Prospecting: Advantages of a Partnership


    • 51.

      Prospecting: Run a Referral Programme


    • 52.

      Prospecting: eMarketPlace - Why and Why Not Use It


    • 53.

      Handling Questions: Handle an Enquiry by Asking Probing Questions


    • 54.

      Handling Question: "How much Do You Charge?"


    • 55.

      Handling Question: "How Many People Are There In Your Team?"


    • 56.

      Handling Question: "Are You Sure You Can Do It?"


    • 57.

      Handling Question: "I Think Your Fee is Expensive"


    • 58.

      Client Meeting: Preparation


    • 59.

      Client Meeting: Set The Meeting Agenda


    • 60.

      Client Meeting: Step 1 - Introduction by Both Parties


    • 61.

      Client Meeting: Step #2 - Understand Needs and Clarify Requirements


    • 62.

      Client Meeting: Step #3 - Review and Confirm Project Requirements


    • 63.

      Client Meeting: Step #4 - Next Steps


    • 64.

      Statement of Work (SOW) - What Is It?


    • 65.

      What Should a Statement of Work Cover?


    • 66.

      Pricing: What Is Pecerived Value?


    • 67.

      Pricing: How to Set Your Price?


    • 68.

      Pricing: Pointers on Setting the Price


    • 69.

      Pricing: Market Assessment


    • 70.

      Scaling Up the Business


    • 71.

      One Last Thing...


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn the business skills to start and run a profitable corporate video production business either as a full-time business or a part-time venture. This is an entrepreneurship course designed specifically for corporate videography business.

I will walk you through the business start-up process, including the basic services you need for your business. You will learn about online and offline marketing methods that actually work. I will point you to the money by identifying the types of video which companies frequently need and explain the reasons why. You will learn how to establish your credibility, sell your services, know where and how to get customers, how to contact them to explore opportunities, what to prepare for a client meeting, how to lead a discussion to build your creative brief, how to handle questions and objections, draft a contract and Statement of Work (SOW), price your fee, scale up your business, and more.  

As your mentor, my goal is to get you up to speed quickly - from zero to hero. I want to help you make good money and avoid making mistakes. I've packed the knowledge you need in a clear and concise course. You will pick up nuggets of wisdom along the way. Get ready to learn the trade!

Check out my company's website to get a sense of what I offer to my clients and how I create opportunities for my business here.

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1. Why Take This Course?: Hi. If you have ever thought off starting a videography business where the full time or part time or you would like to earn four the five figure income every month by making video for businesses, then join me in this cost. I will walk you through the business. Start a process. I will cover the services you need to get started. You learn marketing strategies that generate results. I will show you where the money is. By describing the types of video that companies need for their business, you learn how to prospect for customers, what to prepare for a client meeting and how to lead a discussion. I will show you how to handle questions and objections. Draft a creative brief said your price. Write a contract and scared of your business as your mentor. My go is to get you up to speed quickly, do the things that generate results and avoid making costly mistakes. You know the crop already. Now is the time to learn the trade 2. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the cost on how to start a corporate video production business. My name is Frederick. I'm your mental for this course. I'm also video pron, your training consultant and sales performance coach. If you have thought on making money with video, the time is now You see the demand for cooperate Video is trending up year by year as organizations see results from the use off video in their business. It's not even an exaggeration to say that video can determine the fate of a company. For example, startups rely very heavily on video marketing campaign to raise find a crowd sourcing platforms to keep their business going. The demand for video content creator will continue to rise and very quickly. So forward looking countries like Singapore, where I am from already investing money to develop the digital media sector in anticipations off the rising demand for digital content like video, This is proof that we are in the right business 3. Why I Created This Course: if you have no business experience, no sales and marketing skills, and you have no one to coach you on how to run a business. The recent failure is very high. Having a mentor who is in the business to guide you is crucial to your success. I want to help you succeed and avoid making costly mistakes. I know many off you will be investing a personal saving in the business. This may even be your premise source of income. So the steak is high. Yet you know that this is a viable and sustainable business to be in. I want to help you achieve your dream. In this cost, I will show you how to start and run a corporate Vietor production business from scratch. I will share try and proven methods, tips and pointers, which I've mustered over the years with you. I will show you how to handle the entire selling process from prospecting to contract. This is the strength and uniqueness off the course 4. How Much Money Can I Make In This Business?: Let's talk about money. How much can you make every month in this business? The straight answer is it depends on how committed you are to the business. If you do it pop time, you make part time money. If you do it full time, you make four time money. The logic is just that simple, and it applies to any business now. Making the high site off for figure is absolutely possible in this business, depending on the project and the few charge, it may take just 12 or tree corporate gigs toe in between 5 to $10,000 a month or even more . Sometimes I charge $89,000 for one project, and that's one out of a few for the money. So what income do you think it's possible? I set my fee based on the value I create for my clients. I don't overcharge people for ethical reason. I want a long term relationship. We were discussed pricing strategy later, when we talk about perceived value price and market positioning, in essence, how much you can make in this business. It's really up to you 5. Who Should Take This Course: this causes for you. If you are any one of the following, you want to make money with your video graphics skills, you are already making YouTube videos or videos in your company. Now you want to do it for money I did to supplement your regular income fund your hobby, or to run a business to earn a full time income. Oh, you could be someone who want to be a second career one that can bring you consistent income. You see people leave their job either by choice or circumstances. You want to be prepared nonetheless, you might also want a career change, and a Korea in video production is a very viable options. 6. How This Course Is Structured: I will begin the cost by helping you define your business. This is when you need a thing about your business. Goes And, of course, how much you want to make in getting started. I will walk you through the process of starting the business, for example, should register for stop proprietorship business or limited liability company. How old do you set up a corporate banking account, your online presence and the services you need for your videography business. We would do a market overview so that you understand the forces driving the demand for corporate video. We will also identified a types of video sought by businesses. In other words, where the money is we would this cost marketing, respecting, conducting client meeting proposal, right thing pricing and how to be agility into your operation so they can skill of your business quickly. 7. Why Learn from Me?: Yes, Why learned from me? The reason is I have walked the path from zero to hero. I have handled different types of projects, client and industry. Some are easy, some challenging. Yet I managed to do it, So I want to share my experience. Best Practices Less Inland and War stories Review. You also learned what I've learned from other people in the industry. Now this cost is unique because I will be spending a lot of time on the topic of selling in the context of video production services. Other courses would just touch and go on this topic. You see, I have many years of corporate sales and marketing experience. I have engaged all levels of customers from the rank and file to the sea level. I was training one of best sales training programs in the world. I coach salespeople to in behavior of selling. So you're in good hands. My friends 8. My Video-preneurship Journey - From Zero to Hero: I have been making corporate video since 2010. I ran a few businesses in the past, actually, but none of them have come close to what I have achieved in my view. Geography business. I have done videos for the multinational companies, large, small and medium, local in the prices and the government agencies. And they are all from different industries. Airlines, telecommunication. It will come. Automotive insurance, retail, F B etcetera. I don't run a big production company. By the way. I still operate solo river tweets. It is doable. The way to succeed in this business is to take action, live from experience and have faith in a cell. If I can do it, so can you, and I will show you how. 9. Define Your Business - What Do You Want to Achieve?: whether you intend to operate as a freelancer or business person, it is important for you to ask herself, What do I want to achieve now? Different people join this treat for different reasons, such as to pursue their passion in video graph E four times your own money in the process to become a career freelancer and be able to support the family or lifestyle to earn pocket money on the side. The offer Videography services part time with an option to convert toe full time when the time is right or to start a business, We clearly defined income targets and grow plan. What are your reasons? Here's an exercise for you. Answer these questions honestly. Why do you want to start a video production business? What kind of lifestyle do you want to leave? How much do you want to make a month? How much commitment can you or are you willing to put into the business? What do you want this business to achieve in one tree and five years time? Your answers will determine how much time and effort you need to invest in this business, which in turn determines how fast your business will grow 10. Choosing a Name for Your Business: thing off a name that fits your vision for the business. I recommend using a name. There's unique, yet easy to spell, remember and recall by your customers. Make sure you check that a domain name is available for the name off your business before you decided on it. You can do a such at any Web hosting service providers site like Go daddy dot com. All right, naming the business after your name because your climb will expect you and you only the work on your project. You will always have to explain why someone else is assigned to the project in state. Should you ever want to start the business one day, having the business name after you will be a major hurdle. 11. Why Register a Sole Proprietorship: the first thing you should do to start a business is the register for license to operate. Most videographers start off as a store proprietorship business. It is easier to set up than a limited liability company as a sole proprietorship. The business and you are one entity. There's no legal separation between personal and business assets. Therefore, your creditor may have the right to claim your personal assets for payment of damages or losses. Hence, it is important for you to conduct your business with care, especially when you do with contracts. 12. Why Register a Limited Liability Company: If you want to legally separate yourself from the business, then you should incorporate a limited liability company. A corporation is a stand alone entity. You are not personally liable for the assets and depth off the business because you're regarded as a shareholder and employee off the company. It protects your personal assets from lawsuits, creditors and other business issues that can arise. I strongly recommend that you incorporated company if you do business with large companies , and your projects are more complex in nature. Now that this advantages are being a corporation, are the amount of documentation and records you must maintain as required by the law. You also need to file annual reports and company tax returns to the tax authority. You would need to hire at least a company's secretary and an accountant either full or part time, though how you managed all this. Therefore, your operating costs is higher 13. Freelancing as an Individual: Some people prefer to operate as a free lunch thing individual, just like a business. They also have an online presence named Car Portfolio and even a business logo. Assuming this is your choice, and depending on which country you live in, you will still be required to declare your income. We're following a personal income tax operating as an individual dust. Come with these disadvantages, just like a So provide a shoot, you can be sued and you reached losing a bus. No assets. In addition, some clients do not engage freelancing individuals who do not have a business license due to their companies procurement policy. 14. Does It Matter to the Client Where You Operate From?: an office is just a physical place where you can do your work. I work mostly from my home office. Nobody cast where you get work done anyway. Should a client asked about it? I just tell him so that I operate from a home studio, though I have a commercial office address. The clients never made a false about it, because it is a known fact that a creative industry operates this way, especially the smaller boutique operation. And did you hear how I describe my home Office? Is a home studio, a professionally equipped studio with light things all your years, backdrops, etcetera, Where you can do filming and editing. Decline is perfectly fine with it, sometimes impress. Eight. His guy is legit. 15. Designating an Official Business Address: I run my business as a sober by the shoot. Since I'm doing creative work and I have no walking customers, I'm allowed to register my whole as my office in my country. The home address will be the official address to corresponds with a bang and government agencies having said that as I want a clear separation between business and personal matters and also for privacy reasons, I ran a commercial address from an office service provider for $250 a year. It comes with a poster males forwarding service whereby they were consolidated all my meals in one big envelope and post it to my home address every Friday. It works for me for many years. 01 more thing. When you apply for a business licence, you must provide a business address. So sort out which address you want to use before doing the registration 16. Opening a Corporate Banking Account: The next thing to do after you get a business license is to open the corporate banking account. The banquet asked you for the name off your business or company, the business registration number, mailing address, email, address, telephone numbers and some personal particulars. An initial deposit is usually required. The sun, depending on the bank. Apply for a current account with checking facility because you would definitely need to issue checks to purchase products and services for your business. Apply for debit card with a vy and feature to get an online banking service to so that you can check your account balance and transaction history any time. 17. Building a Website - What Information Should You Provide?: a Web presence is essential to any business today. Your prospect would almost certainly visit your website to check out your services. Therefore, you must ensure that it provides the information your perspective customers are looking for . At the very least, your website you contain the following landing page, where you briefly describe your business and its unique value proposition. This includes what's so special about your company and how your customers can benefit from your services service space, at least the services you offer gallery Pish. We show some of your best works. Contact Page to allow perspective customers to inquire about your services. I encourage you to a list of your clients names and share any testimony or you may have it further strengthens your credibility. Some companies would have the prices off their services online. You don't need to follow suit because it is not a market practice. But if you wish, by all means do that. I don't have this practice because price perception Barry's with individuals. It may be affordable toe one, but expensive to another. Moreover, the price varies by project requirements, and no project is the same. I recommend engaging a Web developer tow bill. Your website. You can find them at fiber dot com. Even if you know Web development, your time is better. Spend marketing or services and prospecting for customers. If you still prefer to build your own website on a budget yet you don't have a Web development skills. Try weeks to come. 18. Designing a Unique and Powerful Business Card: the business card. It's a very effective marketing, networking and prospecting tool. It is worth the time to think how you want to these on it, so that you stands out from the rest. If you have no graphic design skills, outsource it to a designer. You can find a fiber dot com and they can do it for you for just $5. I design meant one business cards. I am not particular about the ecstatic. I wanted to be functional. My car has two unique features. That it back a QR code and the memo books your scan a QR code with a smartphone, a tablet. You will see the mobile version of my website. It's easy and free to create a QR code. Just go go for QR code generator online. Make sure you have your websites you are on hand. The memo box has a short instruction, asking the recipient to pen down when and where we met and what we chatted about. You see, most people don't call you so soon after your met. The notes in a mammal box will help refresh their memory off your conversation with them at any Then, for example, bring as many business cut as you can afford and give them freely to people as social and business networking events, you never know who might call you. 19. How I Use Facebook to Showcase My Expertise and Services: Facebook is a very useful networking and marketing platform for my business. I get a lot of reference projects and enquiries from my Facebook friends because I like to pose behind the scene photos on my video projects. I usually describe the shoot and how I set up my equipment. I post actively on my personal Facebook account and Facebook page. When people know your skill in a tree, they are confident to engage you. This is in direct marketing. Create a Facebook page for your business. Share what you do on your personal Facebook account to. 20. What I Use Vimeo For: a video account is necessary for this business. Video is a video hosting service provider used by many video graphics over the world. You can upload videos for your client to review. You can leave and access to a video, are using possible protection or restrict the viewing. Only two people who have the U. R L link your client can also download the video for internal review. The video can also be embedded in webpages. I subscribe to the pro account. It enables my client to wash the video and instead time coded editing or fine tuning instructions. It's very useful. I also used the meal to showcase my works. I will give my prospective client a time limited and passed with restricted access to wash the videos, which are relevant to their project. Has your support video streaming? I can easily damage my works on a mobile phone. When the need arises, I recommend that you get a pro account for your business 21. YouTube - Your Marketing Platform: Let's talk about you, too. You do. It's a great platform to showcase your works to the public. Some of your prospect may actually come from YouTube. They may have searched for a stunning beauty title found and lawyer production, so they contact you. Now here's the word of caution. You can't just upload any video you created for your clients on YouTube or any social media platform. Our stand for permissions. Otherwise, you can run into legal troubles. Videos or de Maria's, which you make for your own business is fine. Is your self door. I don't put videos on YouTube because my projects are all for internal company consumption . 22. Camera and Gears, Own or Rent?: all you need to start the business is a simple set of gifts. A D s, our camera tripod. Lovely microphone. How we deal I in a life, Stan. That's it. Since most of you would really own a camera and tripod, you can rent the mine and led light from a video equipment rental store at a local. You don't need to own everything you need for the business, not even the camera. Give a startup costs as low as possible. Ran. Whatever you need for the project, it's no doubt inconvenient to travel up and down toe, pick up and return the gifts. But what you say is the lot off startup capital. Some people like to own their equipment myself included. The benefit of doing so is that I can practice an experiment different types of shoot anytime it wants. It is costly to own gifts, but since we're serious about the business, we can recover our investment very quickly. I am still shooting with my Sony Annex, Pipi and Canon five D Mark Tree, which I bought in 2010 and 20 trail, respectively. In fact, I own a complete set of gifts from lighting to studio so many that I ran them out sometimes . And this video, it is shot in my home studio. I have long recovered my investment. Here's an advice about the camera as you are doing corporate business. I recommend that you used either a DSLR camera or professional camcorder for the job. You see, people do make a judgment whether you like it or not. Showing out with a consumer compact camera or camcorder would almost certainly raise doubts about your credibility as a corporate leader. Crawford. Your clients are paying top dollars for your service after or at least that's what you think. So they expect to see something matching that value. I know some people would disagree with me, so to be politically correct. But the reality is you do have to look the part off a professional videographer 23. Making Money from Event Video: event video is a bread and butter business for many freelances start ups and small video production companies. It is easier to shoot at it, and the turnaround time is foster. He means your paid earlier, too. Event videos are usually very straightforward. Only one rooming videographer is needed. Most of the time. You just need a camera Mona part and a small, portable led light. Mobility is the key. You must work for us and cover as much as you can. Event video can be a very liquidy business because events happen every day. They are roadshows. Launch advanced trading, advance community events in a lot more summer for the public summer in companies many event organizes like to capture their advance in video, they using either for post event publicity or to report the achievement for the year through the management. Even video forms a large part of my portfolio mix. In fact, some people specialize only in event business. It's normal to make between 1000 and $3000 for a full day event. It depends on how you position yourself to the client, the project requirements and the wealthy off production you offer. This is very good money for one day shoot plus one or two days off everything. Please know that the market price varies from country to country. You can charge the high site if the project requires live streaming in the views, speech coverage or the creation of additional or complex animated effects. If your production quality is high, your client may not mind paying you more for your service. It makes them look good, though they are management that the events they have organized were worth the money spent. They can ask for a bigger budget next year. The wisdom is help your customer shine. 24. Making Money from Marketing Video: the marketing video market is a fast growing market. Companies big and small are making more and more marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and a website. They have to because marketing is essential to their survival. You can make very good and consistent income by making marketing videos. There are different types off marketing videos. Most of them are commercials to promote business, product or service. You can play a different levels in this market, depending on your appetite and ability. Occupying the top. Here are the five bigger budget productions as a freelance or start up. However, I would recommend that you focused on the smaller budget productions first by targeting at a small and medium and the privates. We're talking about anything from 2000 to $5000 for marketing video. It's still very good money again. Rise various by country. Remember, your priority now is to gain experience, improve your skills and build your client portfolio. Also, you need to make money fast to pay your bills and maintain your motivation. Yeah, the other types of marketing videos you can make. Explain a video which explains how a product issues awareness video like Why is important to do your annual health check customer testimonial video product endorsement by celebrities, industry or technology experts for that review. Video by expert users behind the scenes video that shows how Koda is designed and made real estate, Video Roadshow, video branding, video skit and more. If you have not come across a skit video before, it's a script. That video with a cost acting several many Communists, kids, the Casa shown using a product or service in a skits, either directly or indirectly. This is a form off sucked, though advertising there are few production companies in my city that produce kid videos only is their main source of income. Their clients pay them as much as 4 to 5 figure, depending on the popularity of your skin videos and a number of subscribers they have for their YouTube channel. 25. Making Money from Training Video: I make mostly training videos for leaving. Why? Because I understand the needs off the learning and development industry. I have been a training professional for over 20 years. I am still actively developing and conducting forces today. Live this life training, like video making, is my Korea and a passion in case you another way. The training video market is huge. We are in a knowledge economy. People need knowledge. Excuse to in the living. Companies need to train the employees. They also need to advocate a customers on how to use their products and services. This can happen before or after the purchase. Here's a lease of training videos you may be asked to make or you can propose your client. When you have good ideas, share them with their customers. Be proactive. 26. Making Money from Documentary Video: as discussed earlier, and Event video is also a documentary video. But there are other types Off Cooperate documentary that are less obvious as potential business opportunities. Let me share story to make the point. I was once contacted by a cooking oil manufacturer. Toe held them document the manufacturing process in a video. They plan to show the video to potential investors, customers, website visitors and for stuff, orientation and training. The client described the entire production process to me. My job was to capture the tusk perform at every station. I concluded that the project would take several trips to complete. The editing will also be more intensive because I had to get a sequence correct. Well, this is good business. Do you have any factory in your locale? Proposed something similar to that that many uses for documentary video ideas you can float to. Clients include documenting a focus group discussion survey on the street and customer feedback, just to name a few. Put on your thinking had and dropped down a few more ideas on paper 27. Making Money from Knowledge Sharing Video: the larger and organization is, the more complex is the internal stepped up in operation in order to support creativity and innovation, operate productively and cost effectively support cross functional collaboration and cut way station resource is due to mistake and rework. Companies are embarking on knowledge sharing initiatives. The document down the best practices, expert knowledge processes, Roger experience, customer feedback and so on. The easiest way to capture and share the knowledge is live you. There's money to be made by recording interviews, panel discussion, group sharing sessions, review meetings and more. The feet may be lower, but you make it up with volume and consistency off assignment. 28. Making Money from Job Performance Support Video: new start needs to be brought up to speed quickly so that they can be productive in the shortest possible time. Existing start training on new products, tools and processes. They are passed, which I'll show them before or require refresher knowledge, such as safety awareness before they can be attempted. Companies can support their employees job performance by providing refresher tips and tricks or how to videos. They can also make instructional videos to guide customers on how to perform a task like checking in their flight at a self service. Cures, for example, this new opportunities for your client and yourself. What other ideas can you think of? By the way, you are not limited to shooting videos As a video production business, you can also create any major cartoons and infographic videos for your client. This would expand your service offering. 29. Making Money from Communication Video: companies make public and internal announcements from time to time. Large organizations like the M NC's were wrong. New initiatives for their business create new technology or product or have important announcement to make. They like to use the video nowadays to convey the message, because video is very effective in driving home the point. 30. Making Money from Public Awareness Video: apart from the profit driven and the price is the nonprofit organizations and the government agencies also need to produce video content for the benefit of the society. The content maybe related toe healthcare safety, security, regulatory compliance, environment, etcetera. This organizations need to create awareness of what they do, convey information and advocate the population. They also run marketing activities like road shows, and they engaged people just like any business does. There are plenty off opportunities for you to create informational, educational and awareness videos. 31. Making Money from Your Own Video: we have discussed at length about making videos for others. How about making your own video lie a talk show, street interview, product review or lifestyle video? Get companies to advertise their products and services in your show. Charge a fee to mention or show their brands brought up or logo in your video. This is an accident business model because you own the show. You call the shots. You said the pace and you set a price. The more popular show is, the higher your asking price. Isn't it exciting? 32. Action Plan - Identifying the Markets That You Can Excel In: I focused my business on the training video market so that I can tell my strength, experience, industry knowledge and the professional network have built over the years. Now it's your turn. Identify the market that will benefit from your professional and industry background. Talon Strengths, interest and preference. Write it down on a piece of paper. 33. Marketing: Why Do Marketing?: the success of your business depends on your ability to market your services effectively. By doing marketing, you get the message out to your target customers that you exist and you offer the services they need. It entices them to give your business a try. 34. Marketing: Web Marketing: people often sauce for products and services online nowadays. Therefore, having a website for your business is an absolute necessity. Some of your customers will find by Googling for video production companies in the city like a physical shop front. Having a professionally designed website helps to impress your site visitors. It conveys the professionalism, creativity and attention to quality and the need off your customers. I've already described in detail what a website should contain and a getting started. More do so I will not repeat it here. The bottom line is make the content of your website useful, interesting and motivating enough for prospective customers to contact you. It's all about taking action and courage. Danto ask you questions, either by email or a phone call. Every email or call is an opportunity. Last but not least, make sure that your website is such engine optimize so that it ranks high when a user searches for video services on Google Bing or Yahoo 35. Marketing: Social Media Marketing: social media marketing is essential to every business today. Platforms like Facebook enables you to connect with and engage your prospective customers in a casual setting. I like the post behind the scene photos on my personal Facebook account and Facebook page. I will describe the assignment and how I designed a step. I want to talk about the Fleming lighting and audio recording techniques I use by bid and follow and infirm a tive. I am able to build a relationship, established trust and credibility with my perspective. Customers asked after Miller with me, they're more likely to contact me for their companies. Project. This is what I call self selling. Use Facebook Page to direct people to your website. Share exclusive information Review. Followers share tips with them like how to choose a good photograph. I let them three promotions. Give them the opportunity to ask questions, and so on most interesting video so that people can share with your friends. It may even go viral. Oh, make sure your website and marketing collaterals have a link to your Facebook page 36. Marketing: Video Marketing: YouTube and Instagram ice populace Facebook. They are great platforms for posting videos and to build your follower base as a video production business, you should start a YouTube channel and post videos The showcase your words. You can also consider producing shot entertainment infotainment or D I Y videos to share on YouTube. It increases your market visibility blazer link to your company's website in a description section so that prospective customers can contact you. You can post videos on Facebook to it's an equally effective marketing platform. 37. Marketing: Email Marketing: email marketing is still very much alive. Despite the popularity of social media marketing, it is commonly implemented in a form off tedium campaign, the every first toe distal or Internet. The M stands for direct marketing, just like the other forms off. Marketing your E G M. Success depends on your ability to craft a compelling message to arouse the receivers interest to take action, for example, you can offer free consultation service but downloadable pdf guy on the different types of video that benefits and organization, or perhaps a special offer we have. The prospect engages your service. If you are offering a downloadable pdf guy or evil at your website, I recommend that you have a fall at a Donald Patient to capture the Prospect name and email address before he can download the book. This way, you can build a database or potential customers very quickly. You need a contact leased to do your email marketing. If you're just starting out, you would probably have very few names in your contact list. Here are four ways you can do your contact Lise, by a least, from a database company, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the company you buy from. The company would usually replace any obsolete contact information you discover because people leave their companies. Use email address finders like email hunter or Animal Finder, the site for inner addresses by name and or domain trying Facebook pages because people are willing to give their contact details when they set up the account. If you know the name of a prospect but not his email address, you can try guessing it by using this method. If the address does not exist, it'll bounce. 38. Marketing: Offline Marketing Methods That Generate Results: off line marketing can be very effective because you actually meet a prospective customers . In many cases, you can do offline marketing in many ways. Try this. This to build your name. Cut freely. It's meant to be given away, not kept. Give it to your neighbors, friends, ex colleagues, suppliers, business owners, acquaintances, strangers and just about anyone you never know who will call you. Distribute flyers. This method works best for shops, restaurants and officers, which you can access easily on the street in the more or commercial buildings offer an attractive package to businesses that operate, say, along a particular street. Small business owners like a good deal community service, all for your service to your local community than organizer in exchange for a favor to put a boss of the business card of move or ask for your accomplish logo and contact details to be printed in the events material. You can barter, trade or charge a lower fee or the advertising opportunity. Make a black polity with your logo, company name and telephone numbers printed on the back. Wait wherever you go during your operating hours so that people who are kin your service can copy it down or snap a picture with your phone. I recommend doing this, especially when you're covering a public or treaty van. Join your local business networking International B and I group. You will find many small to medium size business honest in A B and I group they like together for regular networking sessions, and they would usually give you the opportunity to talk about your business. Some of them may even refer you to people who need your Service B and I. It's a great platform to talk to. The boss is directly not working. I like to attend exhibition straight shows, business seminars and similar events where I can network and distribute my business costs. The best time for networking is during tea breaks or lunch. Remember, get your elevator peach radi before you attend any then 39. Marketing: Create Interest with an Elevator Pitch: you never know who you're bombing to on the street, in the elevator, at the restaurants, coffee shop, etcetera. New some moments when you maybe us. So what do you do? Do you really don't want to miss the opportunity to sell your service? However, you may have very little time to do so. This is when an elevator pitch comes in. If you have never heard of it before an elevator pitch, it's not a sales pitch for use in an elevator. It is the show into about yourself and what you do shot enough to finish before the person has to get off the elevator. Has the term elevator pitch the go off the pitch is toe interest, the person enough to exchange contacts or me for coffee to discuss potential opportunities . An elevator pitch may go like this. I helped companies increase the sales conversion using video. The result is amazing. Shall we exchange cuts? You know we should explore something together to 40. Marketing: How Often Shoud You Do Marketing?: do your marketing every day. If possible, do it consistently. Even if you find a hassle, because it is no your core expertise, you still have to do it. If you want business to come in, try these ideas to see if they work for you. Start your Monday morning with marketing. Monday is the start of the work week. People who are keen on your service has the next four working days to check out your website or contact. You spent two hours every day or every two days for your marketing. Give a marketing effort consistent toe. Feel your sales final with leads the moral issue have the better. 41. Prospecting: Warm Calling Techniques: the term. One call refers to calling people who already know you. They may be your ex colleagues, business associates or qui nous is like the people you've met. A trade shows and conferences. I usually call my one lease for a quick check like Hey, Tom, how are you? This is fair. We met at the X Y Zach trade show two weeks ago, remember? How are you doing the u G reciprocate? We were similar. How are you doing? Question. This is when I will chat about the projects I did recently. I tried to keep a shot light. Three minutes, Max. I don't want them to feel that I am doing a sales call. Also, they may be busy. When I called in, I usually and a call with the question Life. Hey, shall we get together for coffee next Tuesday? It's a 3 p.m. I would like to show you something I did for client which may interest you. What do you think? Oh, do you know anyone who might need a video for the project? It'll be great. You know, you can connect us. Oh, are you free to call me any time you have any questions about video. Now the last question is very useful because it keeps the door open. We can still have a conversation in the future. If they don't call me, say, three months down the road, I will call down State. 42. Prospecting: Cold Calling Techniques: Inco calling You are prospecting with strangers just like email marketing. You need a contact leased to do cold calling, as discussed before one ways to buy a leased from a database company. It will cost you money, but it was save you a lot of troubles. The other way is to run through the Yellow Pages and trade directories. I do that quite often because I can choose the companies to call based on the products or services the cell. The phone numbers to get from the directories and Web sites usually belonged to the main line. Ask the reception is to connect you if wherever you want to speak to, if you don't knows the person's name. Yes, you could speak to, say, the sales manager. Remember to ask for the name before she transfers the core. It's for like to greet the person by the name. Sometimes you may encounter and unhelpful receptionists or one who is a gatekeeper. In this case, I would say that the call is important and the person I would like to speak to would not want him. You see, it usually works 43. Prospecting: Who Do I Speak To: when I called the company, I always ask to speak to a manager and a both. It's not because I must know there's a good reason for it. You're saying the rank and file employees are usually the operational stuff. The do is. Their role is mainly to perform the routine cost. In contrast, projects and initiatives are typically conceived by managers Annable because they function at a tactical and strategic levels. Therefore, it is easier to explore ideas and opportunities with them. They also the decision makers. 44. Prospecting: Handling Rejection: prospecting for customers is askew on its own. You get better if we practice when you prospect you were definitely face rejection. It's perfectly normal. It's business. Don't take it personally. Resection can happen for many reasons. For example, your prospect really has no project in the pipeline when you call them, they have a tight budget, no budget or they have already used up their budget. It may be true, or it may be a smoke screen because they don't want to be the stuff until they have a need for your service. They think they don't need a video for their business at all. For whatever reason, just because it's a no now does not mean it's a no forever fall out with them. Three or six months later, depending on the situation. Do a courtesy call so that they remember you. You never know when a project my pop up. Suddenly it happens 45. Prospecting: What Should a Call List Contain?: a call is should contain basic details. Success. Name of company, name of contact Person Jump, Tyto Carrie phone numbers, email, address and remark. The remark column is used to record the outcome of the core. It can be the date and time off unemployment mate went to call back if the person is not free. The reason for rejecting your call, etcetera. I have to call these one for one and one for cold calling. It is more convenient to keep tracks off things. 46. Prospecting: LinkedIn: Lincoln can be a good platform toe prospect for customers. You can find people by job title, boss and president, company name, location and industry. It is highly targeted. The system can generate a list of people. Was profile matches your future in criteria you can send emails to the people you want to contact. 47. Prospecting: Facebook: many businesses have a Facebook patient allergies. You can find out whether they need your service by looking at a pace bowlers things. For example, you did not see any or enough videos posted to engage their followers. Oh, they may have poorly made videos, which could actually turn people away. What you can do is to send the administrator private message toe, ask for meeting or a phone call to share your findings with them and how you can help them . 48. Prospecting: Examing Prospective Client's Company Websites: many small and medium businesses do not have a video on their Web sites. As a video solution consultant, you should help them understand the opportunity cost off, not using video to engage their site. Physicists amplify the consequences if they still don't act on it, proposed a solution to help them. 49. Prospecting: Email Techniques: I prospect by email quite often to because it can be easier to get an email address, then the phone number. Sometimes the email approaches also preferred by people who are not comfortable ICO calling , either because they dislike talking to strangers or they feel uncomfortable being rejected . I keep my prospecting email as concise as possible. People don't mind reading a shot. You know, my email is structured this way. Self introduction where I stayed, my name and from which company I'm writing from. Why am I writing? My goal is to ask for short meeting, so I will propose a date and a time. How would the meeting benefit my prospect? I'll put in a few short, compelling reasons asked to confirm the meeting at least a day before. If I don't get a reply, I will stand a reminder or call the prospect. Remember, when you are selling, you must take the driver's seat. You must be proactive. No, What do you want to achieve and get it done? You make things happen 50. Prospecting: Advantages of a Partnership: I often do projects in partnership with other service providers. They are photographers, event in conference organizer's consultants, Web development companies and so on days, a compelling reason for the collaboration. Since every business specializes in their respective tree, my services would complement their business offerings. A policy like this allow us to take on bigger projects together. Everybody wins. You can also partner with other video graph is because they may have a Simon's which require extra hands as much as we compete, we can also collaborate, win big news. There is something for everybody. 51. Prospecting: Run a Referral Programme: people usually ask around for recommendations when they want to hire a videographer. They believe that trust the source would only recommend someone home they know is good, reliable and affordable. I get a lot of projects by word of mouth reference. The people who refer me may or may not have used myself. It's before, but they would have probably seen my works. My Facebook pose all myself in action to know that I'm good at what I do. Anyone can be a reference. They can be your friends, relatives, ex colleagues, customers, business partners, Facebook, friends and such. The key to getting a reference is by maintaining a good relationship with everyone you know . I also run a rep for a program whereby give a referee commission toe anyone who refers me, a deal that is successfully close. It means the customer has signed a contract. The project delivered and the payment is received. The reference can be people from all walks supply. They're not my employees. They are free to market my service toe anyone they know. I paid them by a Stillman 25% upon the clients signing the contract and 75% off the payment is received from the client, hence they have a vested interest to ensure that a client pace up. 52. Prospecting: eMarketPlace - Why and Why Not Use It: an E Marketplace is an online photo where you can find video project postings published by procuring companies. Many market places are public portal run by service providers. Any company can post their procurement notices there. There are also privately hosted photos operated by the saucing company itself to service on procurement needs. Here are seven reasons why companies use the marketplace to procure beauty coffee services . They don't understand time and effort Googling for video graphics online. The only one videographers were red and can fulfill the project requirements to contact them. They want to get the best deal by having the video graphics bid for a job. They have a budget, and they only want to do a video graph. Us who can meet the budget. Their companies for coming policy requires them to post their projects online, so invite for proposals and quotations. Then they can evaluate and choose the best deal. Do I use the marketplace? Yes, but only to private. Once operated by the sourcing company yourself, I don't use the public bottles because they are built to serve the bias interests. They encourage price shopping. You'll find many jobs with unrealistic budgets and deliverables most a poster by people who neither understand nor appreciate a time efforts and skills that go into professional video making. They think video making is very easy, since anyone can show the video with their smartphones nowadays, so they don't see why they should pay so much for the service. Unless you are really in need of money, don't do it for peanuts. 53. Handling Questions: Handle an Enquiry by Asking Probing Questions: you can expect your clients to ask you questions, especially if you are start up or a freelancer. They are naturally concerned about your ability to do the job. Some clients are tactful and polite with their questions. However, there are some who are blunt and forceful is just their personality. That's how they communicate and soft problems. It's nothing personal. Here are a few questions which you can expect and how you may like the response. 54. Handling Question: "How much Do You Charge?": there will be times when you will be us. How much you Sophie? I normally call the ridge, and I will qualify that the amount is only an estimate based on the information they have given me. Now let's assume that I'm asked 1/4 fee for an eventual I have a standard fuego, really, which should cover any minor, unexpected requirements. I will quote this figure and indicate clearly in my quotation what I would do and not do for this key. I also add across the safe any additional requirement beyond the scope outline in. A quotation will be charged accordingly. I never give an exact figure. Thank you. I have get it all the requirements. This is why I always insist on a face to face meeting. Last but not least, exercise good judgment. Sometimes you will get unreasonable requirements or requests for ridiculously low price walk away. There are deals which you just have to walk away from because it's not worth the time and effort 55. Handling Question: "How Many People Are There In Your Team?": I get this question. Sometimes my favorite answer goes something like this. Many small video production companies operate this way. The truth is, most shoots can be handled by one videographer. However, I do have a crew whom I can activate when the need arises. I can skill up my operation quickly, but if I can handle the project by myself, I would rather pass the cost saving to you. Perhaps you may want to share your concern with me if there's any. 56. Handling Question: "Are You Sure You Can Do It?": this question is to test your confidence. The person who asked this question is going toe. Observe your body language and pay attention to your reply. My answer? Yes, 100% sure. If I can't do it, I will tell you up front. I don't want to jeopardize your project. Moreover, I want to give a good reputation in the industry. Precise. I have very capable partners whom I can call up if necessary. We support each other, so yes, I can do the job. 57. Handling Question: "I Think Your Fee is Expensive": So the unavoidable question that sometimes you get now, there are many ways you can answer the question. I can share a few with you. The fee is actually very reasonable for skills and creativity we bring into the project. Perhaps you may want to share your concern with me. Let us know your budget. We will see whether we can meet you there. We can adjust the production ethics to match your budget. It should help you achieve optimal value for money. What budget are we looking at? Do I give it this girl? Yeah, of course. However, I will not go beyond a point toe. Create a false impression that I actually Mac up my price by a lot. I tell the client that the discount is a token off my goodwill and sincerity. I never give them more than 10% in the skull. I affected it into the price of ready What? Do your thing 58. Client Meeting: Preparation: assuming that you have secured a meeting with a client and you have gathered enough information about the project from you call or email correspondence the next step used to prepare for the meeting. Here are the things I recommend you to do sand a client. An email invite. Do confirm the meeting schedule. Depending on the project, you may give the client a few questions to think through ryo to the discussion. This way, the meeting will be productive for both parties, and you can get the information you need to pay for a project and drop a statement of work or s a W Also also client toe email their questions over to you, if any. Asa Klein, who would be attending the meeting trying to get all the stakeholders together so that you can capture the requirements and expectations in one meeting. It also ensures that everyone is clear off and align with the project requirements. Think of one or two rough ideas for the video you'll be making. It can help the discussion later. You, too, can be a great sauce off inspiration and creativity. Sometimes you may even find exactly the type of video your client ones anyway. You don't need to be precise because the client may change the requirements or you probably get new information at a meeting. Identify any video from your previous work, which is relevant to a client's project screening at a meeting. You can also show specific videos on YouTube as a reference. The goal is to use the videos toe, facilitate the discussion ideations and clarify requirements. Prepare powerful ing deck If you want to do a short presentation about your company and services right now, the creative brief template to help you nail down the video requirements. A male, the template to your client and asked them to bring it up for use in a meeting. Last but not least, don't forget to bring your business cards. 59. Client Meeting: Set The Meeting Agenda: the first thing you should do after settling down at a table used to set the agenda for the meeting. It creates a structure for the discussion to ensure a productive, all calm being. The one setting the agenda also pursue in charge off the meeting. It also demonstrate your professionalism, a basic agenda. Looks like these introduction by both parties understand needs and clarify the requirements revealed and confirmed the requirements. Next up allocates 60 to 90 minutes for the meeting. Most meetings usually take about an hour. 60. Client Meeting: Step 1 - Introduction by Both Parties: introduce your company or yourself If you do not have a registered business. I prefer to do Ah introduction with my PowerPoint presentation, followed by a shot DeMarino for impact and to establish my credibility, give the intro shot, say within minutes, including answering questions from the client. Now the go off the intro is to break the ice. To get both about these acquainted, Oskar Klein, to introduce themselves to you may find opportunities for future projects. I usually visit my client's company website to understand what they do before I go to the meeting. I do my homework, but I will still ask them to introduce themselves off courtesy. 61. Client Meeting: Step #2 - Understand Needs and Clarify Requirements: the goal here is the capture. As much information you need for the production. Use the creative brief template to guide the discussion. I recommend you give the client a copy so that they can follow along with you and drop down notes. I have included a list of questions that you should ask Please check it up. 62. Client Meeting: Step #3 - Review and Confirm Project Requirements: review the requirements you have, get it. Clarify and address any concerns such as budget, production, safety or legal issue. You foresee a front if there's anything which you can't do because of skills, equipment, time, place safety or whatever form off constraint offer the client an alternative solution or idea. The same applies to any unrealistic expectations. If you have good ideas, shed with a client impressed em with your creativity. 63. Client Meeting: Step #4 - Next Steps: the vice declined the next step off the process. You would draft a statement of work or s. Ow. The S O. W is like a contract. The client must sign it for work. The comments We will talk about the S o W in detail later. If on the client that you'll be doing a sites of be as part of your preproduction work, advise them on the support you need. You know some meat. 64. Statement of Work (SOW) - What Is It?: the statement of work or S O. W. In short, it's a contract for service. It covers the scope off a project that delivery bubbles, fee and payment schedule and a contractual terms and conditions. The client has to sign it. Before you start working on the project. It protects the interests of both parties. Now, some of you may us. If my client has confirmed to hire me in the email, do I still need S O. W? Now an email is at best an expression off in 10 only it is usually not comprehensive enough to be used as a contract. I was still drop S o W for the client to sign because it covers everything that both parties must agree to. Email is just not the right instrument for this. Moreover, the climb we expect a sign of properly prepared contract with few to protect their interests, never embarked on a project based on a verbal agreement 65. What Should a Statement of Work Cover?: the S o. W can be a short as a tree page document. Give it concise yet comprehensive enough to cover the important points. It is a contractual agreement. So what goes into the S O W project requirement? It basically states that the client desires to engage your services to produce a video off a specific nature, for example event coverage, rodent marketing, etcetera. It should indicate the company name off both parties. The purpose off the video project, the day, time and location off the shoot services provided it specifies the pre production works required any such escape writing story, body casting and auditioning. It includes the production details such as the Philippines, schedules and locations, voice over motion, graphic designs, etcetera and lastly, it describes. The postproduction was required, for example, the number at its given to the client color grading etcetera deliverable in defiance. What constitutes of final product? For example, the video will be tree minute long publishing for HD 10. 80 p, and before format and delivered by the Showdown timeline. It lays out the key milestones for the production, including the pocket delivery day clients role. It informs the client the type of support and material you need from them. For example, you need them to get permission to shoot at a particular place in the company premises, settled the security clearance for the crew, schedule the in house talents for your shoot, and sure that the talent stein they're released for arrange for a coordinator to be present on a day off looming, etcetera. You may also need media assets from them, such as logo tax, picture audio and video Klay compensation. It indicates the fee for your service, the validity period off the offer. The payment schedules like 50% after the should balance 50 upon delivery off the final video, and the payment terms you this Anne. They should also state the kind would be charged for commonly for all the time or for any extra production efforts in could, if they did it from a school off work. Agreed to contact at least your telephone numbers email address an office address for the client to contact you indemnification. This is to indemnify you from any losses or damages that a client might incur directly or indirectly from the project. For whatever reasons, I recommend buying and insuring package that covers personal, second and third politically termination. It specifies the terms off termination by both parties, like how many days advance notice to yourself to each other. That and notice should be served in writing only, for example. And of course, the compensation for the work's done to the notification off termination mediation. Things can go wrong instead of close, requiring both parties to use mediation as the first step. The result of dispute mediation is a confidential and affordable way to negotiate a settlement and maintain an amicable relationship. Except, um, this is the part where both parties signed their signature to seal the contract. Create a placeholder for the signature name job title, and they also included name and address off the two companies. 66. Pricing: What Is Pecerived Value?: what is Perceived Value Business Dictionary that defines it as court a customer's opinion off a products value to him or her. It may have little or nothing to do with the products market price and depends on the products ability to satisfy his or her nous or requirements on court. Why is it important for you to understand perceived batter? Let me explain, say, a company's launching a product that's going to make a break His business. Its success hinges on a successful video marketing campaign. In this situation, the perceived value off the video will be very high to the company. It would not mind paying a premium for high production quality. Think of the videos to see a kick started, a calm and other fund raising sites. In contrast, say a company wants to record any then on video for filing and viewing by employees only. The perceived value off the video to the company will be very low. That sucks. It will tend to favor price over production quality. When it's Celexa photograph, the lowers be their guest. The job, however, suppose the client wants to show the video to the management. A spot off there any report card or to put it on YouTube to support his recruitment after it will be more willing to pay a premium price for higher production quality. It may also want to strike a balance between production quality and price by going for me price service, your understanding of perceived value will help you set the A profit price. This or the nature of your client's product. Hence it's important toe. Ask the client about the purpose off the video. 67. Pricing: How to Set Your Price?: every project is priced differently based on the production complexity requirement and the desire of quality pricing is determined by the following factors. Equipment. It refers to the course of RATTO maintenance, repair and the appreciation. If you're just starting the business goalie, you don't need to buy the equipment. If you don't have any, including the camera, run it from a video equipment rental shop in your local. Even if you own the equipment or rarely, you should steal. Factor the equipment expenses into your costs. Use the price lease from the rental shop for reference. Transport expenses. Transport expenses. Cover the cost of traveling to meet a client. Do locations they ran equipment and getting to the filming location. If you are paying for your cruise parking expenses, mixture is accounted for. Expandable, expendable items are things like the gaffer's tape Battery college l etcetera preproduction . Don't forget to account for your time, effort and material costs incurred at a pre production stage. This includes the time you spend meeting the client planning the shoot scripting story, boarding, casting, creating props, etcetera, production. Don't forget your hourly really issue commensurate with the skill level and experienced. I do think anything. Expenses include the time you spend editing the 1st 2nd and final cuts and any other expenses success the hiring of external help for things like motion graphic design procurement. Your project may require you to buy stock images, music or video clips. Sound effects in motion graphics. You may need to hire a voice over service. It can be anything that you procure for the project whom there are times when you need to hire a crew to support the project. Success. The second video Graphia Makeup off these Gap fa Salman Drone operator A system etcetera The cost off all the time should not be included in your calculation. Since you don't know whether you would happen, I recommend inserting across in your S o w stating that the client will be charged a sudden our rape all the time. Accommodation. This is the cost off accommodation for your crew, Palin's and yourself food. Make sure your budget for the mules and snacks no, only for yourself, but for the crew and talents to prepare for a long day and over time, administrative and project management time. You should account for your time doing the administrative work and project management. Time is money. You incur an opportunity cost as he performed this activities. Artists always plan for contingency expenses. I would normally allocate a certain amount money to cover anything that I may have omitted as rise for last minute or emergency expenses loading. If the project has ah high perceived value, I'm I add a premium amount the basic price. The client may actually hire you precisely because that's what they think the projects were . I also add a buffer to the price if I for see potential complication in a project due to some internal problems at a client site. I also load an extra 10% margin in case decline us for discount. Whatever concession I made, I tried to avoid cutting into the profit by too much. You might have a Fosse client or hear about their behavior from peers in the industry. I will own a safety buffer to the basic price so that I can account for any additional cost I might incur dealing with them throughout the project. Should they be extremely Farsi or ruin, I will walk away from do some of you, my us. But what even desperate for the money. Well, my on Sundays, people don't make good decisions when they are desperate. Your emotion is a massive ready. You really don't want to add on it. By dealing with a difficult client, you might an outstanding so much time with them that you miss our other opportunities. 68. Pricing: Pointers on Setting the Price: here are some pointers on setting. The price price may be used by the client as a proxy for quality. If they don't know you, just because you charge a rock bottom price does not mean you will almost always get a view . Some kinds would think that you are inexperienced, not confident, or the quality off your work is just that you also attract. Customers were shut for prices on the and most of the time they were almost certainly ask you for a discount on top off your low price. Sometimes charging a premium price actually get the deal because you must be worth your salt for asking this price. If you are expensive, clients may actually trust and respect you more, and they listen to your recommendation. If you target your service at the budget sensitive market, you end up competing on prices with students in turns part timers and people were just trying out the business. You will also need more assignments to achieve your monthly revenue targets 69. Pricing: Market Assessment: whatever price you intend to charge for your services, find out why your competitors are charging in the market for reference. You can then either choose toe, maintain your price or adjust it to improve your competitiveness. In essence, don't price yourself wait out off the market. Neither should you. Just do the prices service within reason and based on the value you provide to your client . 70. Scaling Up the Business: you can start this business by operating alone. Initially, there are many one man operators in this industry. You can still do well. However, there's a limit to what you can do alone. It will come a time when you need the extra hands to pull off a project or toe up the production value. I should allow event videos by myself, but I also hire a rooming video graphics, sometimes to help me capture four stages, which I can because I'm locked down to cover an opening speech or activities on the stage. I also higher DP gaffer Salman grips and assistance When I think on a producer or director row for student projects. The point is Bill a network off capable and trustable people whom you can call up when the need arises. This way, you can skill up your business very quickly any time it opens up a lot of business opportunities for you. The key people on my list include DP's Gaffers Salman. Editors make up about this motion graphic designers, actors, both professional and inexperience and photographers. I find them from videography related Facebook groups. Before I end this module. I want to talk about the resolve, hiring external help in particular. Video graph for some of them like yourself. They operate their own business, too. When you bring them on board a project, you run the risk of them poaching your client. It happened to me before they were so blatant as to exchange their contact details with my client. In my present, I had to remind them that he was unethical for them to do so and they were breaching the terms off our contract. I also told my client that they should not contact any of my crew members directly for other projects as part of the contractual terms. Believe me, they are. Clients would do that because they think they can save on the cost by dealing with the freelances directly. My contract with the freelances contain across toe got against poaching for a certain period. The S. O. W also contains a clause that prohibits my client to contact any or my crew members without my approval. 71. One Last Thing...: Congratulations. We have come to the end of the course. I hope you have learned that things you need to start and run along cooperate video production business. Before we say goodbye, I want to share one last thing review. You are responsible for your own success. As long as you take action and keep the woman TEM going, you will reach ago. Good luck and all the best.