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Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed In 7 Days

teacher avatar Jordan Harry, CEO at StudyFast | TEDx (3M+ Views)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is the Speed Reading Mastery Course?


    • 2.

      5 Things Holding Your Reading Speed Back


    • 3.

      The Speed Reader's Mindset


    • 4.

      Why Goals Are Important to Your Success


    • 5.

      Why You Should Train Your Memory First


    • 6.

      Power of Visual Images


    • 7.

      *UPDATED 2024* Memory Training with Anthony Metivier, CEO of Magnetic Memory


    • 8.

      Power of Chunking


    • 9.

      APPLICATION: Chunking


    • 10.

      Mind Maps


    • 11.

      Story Telling


    • 12.

      Power of Memory Palaces


    • 13.

      *UPDATED 2024* 10 Habits to Improve Memory


    • 14.

      Rapid Pre-reading


    • 15.



    • 16.



    • 17.



    • 18.

      Peripheral Vision


    • 19.

      Peripheral Drill


    • 20.



    • 21.

      APPLICATION: Pacer


    • 22.

      How to Speed Read Everyday


    • 23.

      The F.A.S.T. Strategy™


    • 24.

      *UPDATED 2024* Brain Health with Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder at Height


    • 25.

      First Assessment


    • 26.

      Active Reading


    • 27.



    • 28.



    • 29.

      How to Speed Read Everyday!


    • 30.

      BONUS: How to Speed Read With Dyslexia


    • 31.

      APPLICATION: Pomodoro


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About This Class

Introducing the Speed Reading Mastery Course

Imagine if you could learn that language you’ve always wanted to speak, master an instrument, or simply read the unread books on your bookshelf. The Speed Reading Mastery online course will help you save valuable time and stay ahead as you read faster with greater focus, comprehension, and retention.

Most people don’t realise you can improve your reading speed. Many of us believe we are either a good or a bad reader. The truth is there is no such thing as a bad reader- just an untrained reader. Many people, feel they are a bad reader because in school you're taught WHAT to learn but not HOW to learn... there was never a class called speed reading.

The online course use easy-to-follow, jump in anytime video lectures with tests and exercises to make it as easy as possible. Our training is tried, tested, and guaranteed to work. Alongside our training, our co-founder Jordan Harry will be with you every step of your journey to answer questions, push your development, and support you to make the most of this incredible point in history.

Learn with Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry is a memory and speed reading coach, and the co-founder of StudyFast.

Over the past 5 years, he has been working alongside co-founder Oyinkro on bringing StudyFast's mission of making reading and memory training accessible to all.

In that time he has been creating online courses, workshops and speaking at high profile events to share his knowledge of how easy it is to transform the way you learn in bite-sized insights.

Jordan's TEDx talk, which has been viewed by 3,000,000 people, changed our lives and with the help of the StudyFast team, we have now taught over 50,000 people from 147 countries speed reading and memory techniques.

Jordan's work has been featured on: BBC, TED, Virgin StartUp, Santander and Metro.

Our online courses are for life-long learners

This course is for anyone looking to improve how they learn in everyday life. From c-suite professionals and savvy entrepreneurs to university and college students. The tips and techniques within the course are suitable for all and applicable across disciplines. You can go through the course in one day or spread it out across one month. It won’t be easy - but if you put the work, you are guaranteed to succeed.

This is what you get in the Speed Reading Mastery Course:

- How to double your reading speed instantly!
- Advanced time-saving skimming/scanning methods
- How to speed read fiction and non-fiction 
- Effective Note-Taking for Greater Retention!
- Better Methods for Online Reading!
- Reading and comprehension tests
- Online applications
- BONUS: Speed Reading With Dyslexia 
- BONUS: E-book “The Quick Guide to Speed Reading”

Bonus content:

  • Over 1 hour of video content

  • Certified certificate

  • Access to online applications

  • Lifetime access to updates

  • 1-Year money-back guarantee

What our learners say:

Kelly-Ann- Marketing Executive

"I did the course over a period of 7 days and my wpm almost doubled and I had a 10% increase in my comprehension. I went from 340 words per minute to 616 words per minute which demonstrates that the techniques genuinely work."

Danielle - University Lecturer

"Speed reading is intimidating but this course has made it feel possible to genuinely improve my reading speed. I learned some valuable lessons and takeaways and looking forward to applying them."

Sara - Undergraduate Student

"Everything is justified so concisely and with the science to corroborate it. It also feels more like a personal course than it does someone just talking at you. It was also just a friendly and calm course; it was almost refreshing to turn to the next section.

I also loved the extra bit of guidance at the end for people with dyslexia. I don't personally have it but it was nice that those with possible reading difficulties were addressed as well."


You are fully protected for 30-day by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't double your reading spend and maintain a 65% comprehension level just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund- no questions asked.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jordan Harry

CEO at StudyFast | TEDx (3M+ Views)


Jordan Harry is a memory and speed reading coach, and the co-founder of StudyFast.

Over the past 7 years, he has been working alongside co-founder Oyinkro on bringing StudyFast's mission of making reading and memory training accessible to all.

During that time he has been creating online courses, workshops and speaking at high-profile events to share his knowledge of how easy it is to transform the way you learn in bite-sized insights.

Jordan's TEDx talk, which has been viewed by 3 million people, changed our lives and with the help of the StudyFast team, we have now taught over 40,000 people from 170 countries speed reading and memory techniques.

Jordan's work has been featured on: BBC, TED, Virgin StartUp, LBC Radio and Metro.

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1. What is the Speed Reading Mastery Course?: do you wish you could read more books? Well, the common problem is that you don't have enough time with your professional on your personal commitments. There's not much time at the end of day for passing development. Well, the good news is, no one is a bad reader. You ever trained or untrained? I was speeding and mastery. Course. I'm gonna show you how easy it really is. Let's take a look inside way. Get to the online course. You'll see that you have over one hour off video content, cover fiction, nonfiction online and offline. Additionally, we also have memory of speeding tests so you can see your transformation from day one today . Seven. On. By the end of the course, you'll get certified speed reading certificate, which point your CV, all your ringtone show people that you've become a speed reader. Now that we've had a look inside the course, who are my My name's John Harry. When I was 10 years of age, I used to have a speech impediment. This meant speaking in public and even reading was my biggest fear. Fast forward to today and now, having accelerated reading speed, that's seven times faster than the average person weeding out 1500 words a minute. 80% comprehension. It's now my passion to show you do just that with the course. We're gonna give you a one year guarantee. Why, for two reasons. One, I believe so much in the results off this program and to if for what ever reason. You don't get the results that you deserve. We'll give you money back, no questions asked. Because we haven't done our job. That's all from me. Were you waiting for become a speedier today and involved below? 2. 5 Things Holding Your Reading Speed Back: Before we move forward, you need to know what's holding you back. There's five bad habits we learned when we were Children. That's holding our reading speed back. The first have it will look at it. Question. Now we've all probably got to the end of a page and wondered why I just read or even west end of a sentence on one of what we've just read reason for that is the lack of focus. Surprisingly, we spend about 30% of our time reading during the question. Now Russian to a degree is beneficial for some topics, and I would love a little bit forever phone in the course, However, for a lot of the time we want to eliminate that. Next, we move on to our focus. My mind wonders when we eat slowly. Therefore we struggle. Focusing one quick way we can fix that is by increasing our reading speed. If you imagine John at nine MPH, you're gonna have to pay attention as opposed to driving a famous by what we can look out the window. The bad habit is self organization, the one a lot of people struggle to combat. That's a little voice inside your head as you read and probably reading to read the notes on the side. This voice is great. When we're reading was that we don't understand. But when we see a stop sign, we don't say the word stop And I had we see the word but we don't hear it. And this is something that we're gonna have to try and fried the session. Simple stuff, like low level distractions such as passing it on to top your mouth as you read or tapping on the table as you go along will distract that little voice in your head and focus more on the match by hand. The full form is fixations. Eyes bounced as we read, but the average person has between 10 to 12 fixations Pioline bouncing from every word. I imagine that's extremely strenuous on your eyes, so we need to make your eyes more efficient so you could read longer and finally your peripheral vision, which is working at sub optimal level right now. Off present, you can see me, but you can also see the notes towards left of me. However, when we read, we read one word at a time and that is limiting us if we can meet one way to see I have a word other side. Imagine how fast we can member. We then can take free fixations, high line, working our way. Get a bigger picture a lot quicker. I'll be ready to play some habits. 3. The Speed Reader's Mindset: But before we get into that mythology of training your memory, we fasting to look at your mind, set on the force and perceptions that you have around Speed Leader Taking over the start ground. I think you'll be surprised the majority off society state around 200 words per minute. However, the top 10%. We don't accelerate speed of a speed reader off 600 words per minute. Is there a 0.1% off society lead over 1000 words per minute? There's no reason why you can't be in the top 10% of society, but of course it's easy when you know how. But you've already taken the first step. So how do we speed read? But we use both parts of our brain. The left part of our brain looks at the logic, the fairy, the numbers and the words. So when you're reading, you're using in the left part your time. However, you're missing a big part, lest invite side your limbic, your limbic looks for emotions, feelings and visuals. That's where the memory resides By combining the two. That's what will happen when you speed feed. You'll be using the both at the same time. But first we need to understand how the memory works and how eyes work. We need to look at, why they do that, and then I will show you exactly what we can do. 4. Why Goals Are Important to Your Success: before we get into memory training, I need you to do three things for me with that paper and pen, which I hope he grabbed when I told you to. I need you to write down just three goals free, measurable goals by the end of this court that you want to achieve, whether that's we'd for him to worth per minute. Or I want to at least travel my reading speed or increase my comprehension by 70%. Or by the end. Of course, I want to finish the book on my bookshelf. Whatever your goal is, keep it passable, but make sure you write it down. There's a fantastic science and actually writing things and bringing it to actualization and speaking into the world nest. Your motivation. Write down three things that are motivating you to even involved in this course and why you want to become speed reader because I could sit in the last video you will be faced with very in frustration. If you didn't have that constant memory off while you're doing this, you will struggle. So having that to fall back on will help you. Are you motivated to get that fast? Agree honest in your degree. Or you may try to save more time at work. Make sure you write this down. And finally, your future self. What will it actually be like to be a speed reader? I waited by a short sentence off the feelings the force on actually what you'll do what you want, a speed reader. Picture that Write it down, Keep it to yourself. Show your family. But the important things you write it down. 5. Why You Should Train Your Memory First: What made study fast unique is the mythology that I've created. Every speeding and company today teaches reading speed fast and then memory. However, that's flawed. It's easy for those instructors to official reading speed. But by the time you've left a seminar, you have forgotten half of what you've just read. Let's unknown what you remember the next day. Study fast aims to challenger by training memory first and then reading speed, and the best analogy I can give you is the red bucket, the funnel in the garden host. So we'll start with your red bucket. You're wet. Bucket is your comprehension. How much you actually understand the funnel is your short term memory. Otherwise known is working memory on the garden hose is your covenant reading speed. So if you could imagine that bucket on the table a little fun on the Garden House president , that water is going for the funnel perfectly fine on the waters and dripping into the bucket E's. However, if I was to introduce a fire hose, very little would go into that final over feeling and nothing would go into the bucket and you would understand very little. So instead what we work on is focusing on increasing your fun of your short term memory fast so we can make that funnel bigger. And then we introduce the fire hose and increased reading speed. Ah, lot more water. It's gonna go fruit of short term memory through the funnel. A lot more is gonna end up in that bucket, your comprehension. 6. Power of Visual Images: Now you finished that pretty, dense, heavy material about how your brain a memory works. We're now gonna look at why we use visual images during speed reading. They say a picture's worth 1000 west or to be processed is worth 30,000. And that's per second. And you're gonna be surprised. I'm gonna show you exactly how in just three seconds. So take a look at this picture and enlist all the things you can remember from it. You'll be surprised by how much you actually remember, and yet we only put that picture up for free seconds. Now, what exactly happened with your limbic brain? Took in the color, the emotions you felt on the uniqueness of the images you saw in that picture. Now they say you don't remember 30% off what I'm telling you right now. Tomorrow. But if I add images, you remember a fantastic 60% by just adding visual images to join speed reading. We need to make sure this is consistent. Whether you're listening to audiobooks or listening to YouTube videos, you need to make sure that your constant making visual images of the word your hearing make this a habit. I need to do this stating not just one reading, listening as well 7. *UPDATED 2024* Memory Training with Anthony Metivier, CEO of Magnetic Memory: Mozart world and welcome to the brain, hassle sharp, nasa special edition, because this will start in nicely to week two in August, speed reading. But mainly is because we are live right now, what we are in life right now, but in the sense that we have a coordinate in the past and you'll see it necessary to lay. We're joined by an incredible human and incredible brain. And I wanna give Anthony the opportunity to introduce themselves. So we know who he is. Who he is an amphiphilic. Good morning or good evening. Hawaii. Well, thank you Jordan for having me and under normal circumstances, I would give some sort of biographical introduction. But more and more these days, the more I trained my memory and work on meditation and I'm not sure anymore that there is an i here. I mean, there's lights on nobody home kinda feeling. And that is totally confusing and useless for a lot of people. But if you meditate, then you probably get it. And you understand that this notion of your story, your personhood is all sort of constructed and it's held in your memory. So who I remember myself to be is a guy named Anthony MIT TVA. And for the past eight years full on, I've been doing magnetic memory method, which is a approach to the ancient art of memory that draws heavily on particularity aspects of the tradition that had been lost in the 20th and now the 21st century, or lost is maybe not the best possible world word, but it is something that I'm still trying to hold onto and revive because it's so much more powerful than a lot of the memory competition tools that have had such prominence now that there's anything wrong with those tools, but they're usually not as robust and rigorous as needed for memorizing and more from books and more from volumes of information that needs to last, as opposed to what we can memorize a number of digits. We can memorize vocabulary, we can remember some names and then forget them when we get our metals at the memory competition that's been reduced in the 20th and early 21st century. So that's the work that I've been doing. And it's a lot of a sort of mental martial art style. And I, myself am my, my toughest teacher to get myself to show up and use these tools because they're not without their challenges, but the rewards are so deep and rich when you think back to how did they memorize entire books. And so that's what I work on, understanding it better and helping others understand it as well and bringing them along for the journey. And if they don't want to come along for the journey, making sure they have the best of all possible tools that I'm aware of, so that at least they know iPhone latency White and introducing me, I feel a lot of people ready now get a sense of who you are and more importantly, how the brain works and why loved away. Was this notion you mentioned really know who we are based on our memory. And for the first time ever, I felt like someone spoke my language because the way that I'm gonna be honest, you know, I've won, now knows that you're one of my bowl models is aspiration to reach your level. And when I hear you talking, how I actually think that when I wake up in the morning, I don't know where it was for eight hours. And then leaving that tells me I'm Jordan Hurrian. I'm meant to be doing what I meant to be doing today is predicated on my memory. And for me that's what motivated me. Almost. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity doesn't make the cat a super geek. And so just before we get into our weekly coaching questions, with that point of I know my vey meat to go into memory training. Now let's define now really, what is this reality? How do I know what to be true? What motivate you need to get into memory training? How many years would you officially saying you've been teaching? Well, I've been teaching in memory officially through the mechanisms of the internet since 2012. But I had taught it somewhat often on earlier than that because I used to teach at university and I used to do basically a kind of memory stunt where every year I would memorize the names of all the students the first day and I would repeat it back to them and they'd be blown away. They just white just happened because sometimes there'll be 5000 people or whatever. And I would just go up, up, up, up, up, up, up. And I did it always low-key, sort of like I just want to test to see if I've got you all adjusted it. And then I say, hey, would you like to know how I did that? And yes, of course. And so then I would I would teach them. But that was sort of unofficial and I don't know exactly when that would have started, but let's call it 2005 or six, something like that. My distinct memories of the first time are around then. And then I use the techniques of fairly different way then then I use them now. But I don't think that I would use them now if I hadn't gone through that process back then. But in any case, yeah. I've used them for a very long time anyway, since 2004 would be when I was really hitting it. Late 2003, something like this, but exactly when is a little bit foggy and that's always an interesting thing, right? Is your autobiographical memory. And I tried to be really careful around this because I've told this story so many times in so many different ways that then the story becomes exactly that it becomes a story and how exactly things happened. Well, I've never memorize the exact quote, but there's a great quote in Lost Highway, which is a film by David Lynch where a character is asked by the cops a particular question. And he says, I like to remember things the way I remember them, not exactly the way that they happened. So when we give stories about ourselves, we have to be aware of that impulse to remember things the way that we like to remember them, which is not necessarily the way that they have. But anyway, something like 20032004 was when I started using them and then shortly thereafter I was using it in teaching at university, but it wasn't until around about 2012 that I started teaching it as a As a dedicated topic, might not work because everyone knows that I'm not perfect and no year, but I wanted to take away what you were just saying. When you mentioning so much and I need to try and gas onto the path. I said this before, we've got guidelines. I knew we'd have such great conversation alone and one's walk away with losing mesocolon gems. And you know that a main one. I want to remember. Things have a how I remember them and know how they were. Not quote. It's basically that as I remember it from the movie. And again, I've never actually sat down to memorize the exact quote. But it's something like he says, because I like to remember things the way that I remember them, not necessarily the way they happened. And why that's such a profound line is because that movie is about memory at the end of the day. And it is about how that our desire trumps reality. And we can learn so much about that as learners, right? Because we often let our desires, or better said, we get, let our driving ambition get in the way of our unconscious needs. And so when the part of becoming a real learner, you know, someone who is really dedicated to the craft is becoming smarter about that impulse and then embracing reality instead, instead of what you want or you have this driving ambition for you, take care of what you actually need and that's what you work on. And if you ever watched Lost Highway, the character fails to do that and then it ends as a tragedy. But if he had been aware of just how bad that impulse to remember things the way that he wants to remember them. And so the way that they were, then it would've ended as a triumphant victory. And he would have been a hero. That reflective state. Of course I'd Buffalo, we had blessing, especially novel. And we are constantly, and especially as a teacher, we are constantly reflect on the past. And like you just said, a hardness of awareness. Our desire will trump and almost dictate what we do or don't learn a trade. And unfortunately, Being a teacher doesn't protect you from falling into the trap. So they're even more tempting sometimes as teachers and gypsum, a 100%. And from the teacher sets of Wheaton speak on that. A five ohm watch. Because stan, my audience, my audience for many of them. They never heard of such things. Speed reading when an improving your memory. And I know you've been inhaled for many centuries in the game. I might feel like that way. However, you've been asked this question multiple times, mature because I know I have and I'd love to get your respectfulness. Can anyone prefer memory? Can anyone LAN speed reading? Maybe oversimplified but love your take. Yeah. I mean, that's not the question that I would ask that somehow I would pose the question. The question would be, are you going to develop the systems that make it inevitable that you have accomplished this? But like where are the police stopping? You, you know, where are the memory police or the speed reading? I don't know if they can or can't because I'm not, I don't have a global vision. Omniscient powers have no idea whether people can or can't. But what I do know is that there are ways to develop systems that make outcomes inevitable. And that's the real question and that's what really I work on is helping people do that. And it's up to them at the end of the day, you've gotta meet the teacher halfway. And that is a very important thing. And here's another thing. They often say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And I think that that's just one of the biggest nonsense kinda statements ever. It's also when the teacher is ready, the student appears. And that is less nonsensical because there has to be that sort of egoless, or at least the attempt to reduce ego in that teacher to be able to make it possible for them to be met halfway. And I stress this because every individual is that teacher, right? And they need to see the teaching element as an archetype or a structure inside of themselves to the point that they can actually eliminate the need for external teachers in any reasonable sense because they have taken on that role in themselves. And then you don't honor have teachers, you have collaborators on the systems that help you reach the outcomes that you're looking for. Otherwise, you're just in learned helplessness and that's nowhere to be. Does that help answer the question? Does it reminds me that I will be slits you as my lawyer and find look, go to cool. That's a funny. Every time somebody says that to me, it reminds me of the time that I was in court. Long story. But basically the person who was the lawyer for the government, he said to me, he ever thought of going to law school and joining our side because we could choose a guy. I said, Well, actually, I'm thinking about it, but yeah, I've never gone to law school yet. But they give a massive complement. It is a, it is a compliment in its way. But it only makes sense if I persuade anybody to take up that role. And then it's more about persuasion than, than the law had edited 100%. Because although myself like wellness and weight and answer, so often I feel like you are happening. We get looked at as the gods amongst mere mortals intellectually, but put into some sort of analogy. And we had the soup power. And we have the choice to bestow upon anyone that we choose. And as you mentioned with the membrane, Spielman and police, not yet. There isn't such offend and us to be able to answer because I struggled. Because if you say yes, anyone can as a sweeping statement, and if we've all flee care for making sweeping statements. As you mentioned, if anything, we our hub to provide people with the techniques. The remaining spins go away and become an independent learner. And sort of the unconscious, helpless. Not everyone does the answer for you, but go even, well, they may be in the future that they will have algorithms. They just strap up your brain and then there will be people who say, Yeah, you can't. And that's a frightening sort of consequence of what the technology is ultimately going to do. And if we look at our current situation in the world, a lot of the stress intention around that is that it is leading to some conclusions and a lot of people don't like. But if we're going to have truth in the world, then that might be something and I don't know, but if you read something like Shinzen Young, the Science of Enlightenment, He says at the end of that book that with respect to enlightenment, there may be a machine at the end of the day that says, Yeah, absolutely, everybody can get enlightened. But here's your path and it's going to be different than your path. And you know, if you can get rid of your like dislike monster, then you might stand a chance. But if you don't do this the way that it said for you and you can't get your head off of this person's doing it that way. And I have to do it that way. You're going to be stuck in the same trap forever. So it is possible that everybody can in that sense, but maybe just the exact map isn't there yet. When we have the exact math, exact path, are people going to say, oh, well yes, OK then no, of course they're not because they're going to have this driving ambition ego. That's gonna say no, I want it like the other guy gets to do it. So guess what? We already have this, it's already happening. We don't need the technology to show this because we already have the multiple teachers. We have the multiple ways of speed reading, we have the multiple ways of memory techniques. We have those agitated and we always have these people who are like, Yeah, but I want it to be like that. I don't want I want to be the exception to the rule. I want it to work in some special magical fairy fantasy way instead of the way that it appears to be working over there. And that person has blinders on. They can't see the hard work that that version foot in or whatever. And if they had any advantage, the advantage is irrelevant because this person is this person and this person is this person. So Shinzen Young with all due respect, Yeah, the Enlightenment computer may be coming, but it ain't going to change anything because they're still going to be an ego that gets in the way of the past to paradise. Because the path to paradise is right now. It's already here. Once again, because I know we could really go on. And my wife and myself, I always say you have what you deserve. And as it relates to that notion that if you knew how you're going to die, if you knew your dream career was, would you simply just lay back and et cetera? And then she said, only not in many cases. And because already demeanor and so everything around you and there's one missing audio book cooled and money are both places. But it's talking about people's relationship with money. How people want more money. And actually every number you have in your bank account, you deserved that you don't deserve any more or any less. We can easily take that and apply that to the macro. As humans is natural. We want progression, we want and need more. We want to see ourselves becoming a better pass Alexander, reasonable human wants to see themselves. And what do you say something that, well, you see, I would only push back on the sense that money is its own topic and where we would go with proper deserts and so forth. I don't know. But in terms of this idea of progress there, there, I would just sort of push back a little bit. Because progress according to what and according to whom, this is often the problem is that it's, it is again, not attending to the need. It's, it's the driving ambition rather than the need. So where does progress? Progress to what? Everybody from whom, and who would it be that would benefit from this notion in progress, right? So there we could look at things like chance and luck and circumstance and so forth. Because there's definitely going to be people who, because they maybe had less access to resources, they were not nourished. It just in terms of diet over a amount of years. And then they may have come up with certain conditions as a result and certain brain functions that just didn't develop correctly. That goes right back to money in bank accounts and we can't then say, well, you get what you deserve in that respect. So, you know, there's no clean, tidy answers to it. And I don't think that that is the way to necessarily find a solution for people. I would then just say, where are you now? What's the story that gives you these ideas about yourself and what are you going to do based on your existing state and your existing competence? And then if you're going to call it progress, which there's no problem with the word progress itself. But if you're going to call it that, what are the metrics? How are they measurable? What are you gonna do to put all that in place? And what are you gonna do to keep yourself accountable and not fall off the wagon every time there's a shiny new seduction which is always around the corner. And so for them, they're not turn it into a story where we blame bank accounts and we blame the history and the past because that's memory again, right? It's your memory and the tyranny of memory that holds you to your story and more importantly to your, to your procedures, right? This is all a prison and the keys are there to unlock it. But we have to sort of be careful about the words that we use because they are often the chains themselves, right? So, yeah, progress is one of those words that I just jump on it instantly because it's just hum, really to what and what does where it, where can we laser target this so that it has an anchor point, it has a shore and the ship has some sort of reference in the stars so that we're navigating somewhere without the sort of idea of progress growing up. Because it doesn't need to go up in order to improve, doesn't need to go up. It doesn't need to progress somewhere. It could just be right here, right now. You know, instant change, transformation and whatever doesn't have to be progress. Wow, wow, wow, wow. Ko, who would have for our unpacking MATLAB progress. And I almost wish we'd have more people on Misko, maybe even in our mastermind happening, maybe we caught some of our Muslim eyes. We have once a month. And as a collective Chancellor, you mock and I, we discussed this. I can only imagine where we could go with limited time we have. And the story that some people might be writing right now for themselves is they want to become a speed leader. And so often people want to know what the three things one was, the one thing I can do to become a speed. Myself. I believe every single day, almost like creating a habit. There's no definitive day or time that habit is there forever. And so I'd love to know those people who are writing the story. They want to become a speed reader. What are the things they should avoid doing? And I'll give you an example, avoid, I'm expecting a silica that it can be as simple as that. So there was the things people should avoid. Well, if you can avoid reading boring books, I know that that's not always practical. But if you can, you know, a lot of people don't think this way, but I used to think this way when I was a university student. I used to go to the professor and say, are there any alternatives to this book? Are there alternative assignments? You know, and I've gotten them and sometimes they turned out to be not worth asking for. But nonetheless, there are sometimes alternatives. And one of the number one things that I see people have all the time is that they're reading books. Just aren't to be read fast. They're not, they're not books that lend themselves to speed reading. So avoid the books that just are not worthy of speed reading or find books that lend themselves to the art and the practice, et cetera. So, yeah, and there's more opportunity to avoid them then you might think. And I feel for students at least vacuum entered the tropes in how you schedule professor, and I'm sure some of your professors loved you, would say some other things. But taken her lead and saying, where's the alternatives? Because you're right. Information isn't abundance and you don't want just in case information. You wanted just-in-time information. And again, it comes to setting that anchor and understanding how you measuring progress and why you're doing what you're doing. I love that. And once kinda advice I haven't given myself or to other people. If you don't enjoy beating that particular book. Unless you're someone who's forcing you to read it, then fund alternative. Yeah, the other thing around me, I could tell us stories about university and how that, that worked out really nicely. But the other thing to relieve a void for on the Avoid thing is avoid the notion that you're learning style has anything to do with this. Because a lot of people that get into this idea that they're visual or auditory or whatever. And that may be, no, I'm not arguing with that. But who cares? What you're really doing is you're making your consumption preference. The King of your life or the ruler of your life. And you can't afford that. You have to just be aware that there are multiple consumption styles and that you may need to find ones that you strengthen as opposed to be ruled by. Well, this isn't a podcast, so I'm not going to learn this or this isn't in whatever slideshow version that you prefer, that that's not really going to fly. You know, you've got to kind of understand your preferences and then work on developing the ability to learn from those things you don't like as much. And you can just sort of rotate through that in different ways by saying, okay, I would normally listen to the audio book. I'm gonna get the print book and read this one over here. Or likewise, if you're not an audio person, I'm going to, I don't like audio books, but I'm going to read this book while listening to the audio book or something like that. To start to blend, to change, to develop your skill set with dealing with different mediums. And really embrace all the possible mediums rather than avoiding them so that you're avoiding this idea that you have different learning styles. You don't, everybody has the same set of learning styles. It's just that you have preferences and then you get locked in them and that becomes procedural memory problem, again, reaches default to a preference. And then you tell yourself a story about my learning style and all this. And then you are living in an illusionary, illusionary world that's holding you back. So I'm just to make it clear because I I know I don't want anyone seemed to lose that message that you're saying or not. You need to acknowledge or preferences, but don't fall back upon them and disregard something on galaxy, for example, an article you find on Twitter just because, oh, it's not an official journal. Ten disregards you can't learn something from my credit and saying yes, yes, and rotate so that you strengthen the sorts of things that, you know, you can look at an extract value from some, some Twitter article that you found through a link on Twitter or whatever. Because if he can be kaleidoscopic, so to speak, then you are going to be better off in the end. And you'll be able to develop discernment as well. Much easier because you have gone through these different consumption forums, which I feel may people surprised by when they asked me, hey Julian, I don't enjoy reading and there's audiobooks. And so I'd love to know from myself is perspective. When I have students who have teachers, professionals who say, I want to read more and know the benefits. How do you enjoy it? And I say no. Show me Tom, How do I enjoy reading? Find them Haldane's. What's going on. So when people say, I don't know, I enjoy reading. How can I fall in love with reading? Why do you have to be in love with it? You know, I don't love going to the dentist, but I still go there. And you know what? Just like going to the dentist. I only go when I have an appointment. It's just that simple. And I'm working on a new book now. And there are at least a couple of dozen things I have to read. I don't want to read all of them. I just have to, you know, I don't I don't and some of them are super difficult. Some of them I already know that I disagree with their content, right? I already know this because they are historically situated. They've been debunked 1000 times over. But the fact of the matter is, is that I don't know what those books said because I haven't read them. And in order to be thorough in my research, I have to or else I better shut up about them because there's no other authentic way to do it. And this is the problem in the world historically, and it's the problem now, there's a lot of people have opinions about things they haven't read, right? So I don't want to read a whole host of books, but I need to read them. And so just like going to the dentist, I schedule the time and I read them. Because what I am in love with is when I have something to say, whether it's an opinion or a viewpoint or a perspective, I can tell you who wrote it. I can tell you when they wrote it and I can tell you what page they said certain things on or at least what chapter because I actually went and read it. Right. And then that's where you begin to be a more, shall we say, a masterful student, a masterful Learner, a masterful communicator. You're not just blowing it out of your backside. You, you've done the work. Just like you get to enjoy. Shiny dQ because you went to the tenth. So yeah, love doesn't have much to do with the actual process. And I always just, you know, just as you say, Well, if you don't like reading, don't really find an alternative. I also say, you know, if you don't want to be a knowledgeable person, don't schedule you're reading them and don't get it done. But, you know, the odd thing is, is usually when you just schedule the time, it's not nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be. And you go, Oh wow. This actually you just go enjoy. You notice this, this sort of getting started. Pushyapp effect. But you can't just do one once you get yourself on the floor and you start giving your pushups, you're going to you're going to do ten. They almost always say, which relates to if anyone's read BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits. That's primarily the reason why Tiny Habits work so well. When you combine that with Parkinson's Law by the mountain Albemarle Hill and legal. If you give a task environment, well, you'll feel that Mancha, because you equate the time a science that task is equal correlation to the difficulty of that task. If you take some E14 is going to be a month's work of mammal effort every single day. And because you've pushed up effect, you find that they before it's June and somehow you managed to get it done within a couple of hours. In the nicest case. Well, it's exactly that. And so the real thing that we're pointing out there is again, there are rules that are governing your memory and who you think you are, and all the thoughts that go through your head in the procedures that you follow and so forth. They're not you. They are the structures that create the illusion of you. And they can be hacked, they can be modified. And you just have to figure out how you're gonna get some systems and procedures in place so that your opinion isn't ruling and show your likes and dislikes isn't your master. And you just get it done and ideally you get it done before you are doing it in a crunch. So for example, when I was a student at university, I sought out my professors to get the syllabi for all my courses early whenever possible. And usually you can get them in august anyway. But I tried to get them a little bit earlier, but if I could only get them in August, I was at the university bookstore. I bought all those books and I started reading. And this is why during my graduate years, I wrote three novels during the years of study because I'd usually read everything already before the semester started. And anybody can do this. It's just a matter of scheduling and not leaving it to the end. Same principle. As soon as the assignment came out, I wrote the paper. I tried to get it done by the end of that week so that I could spend the rest of the time thinking, did I miss anything here? Right? And then my my little history of a pluses is almost certainly secured because I used to go to the professors, ask them for alternatives, et cetera. Used to talk through what I was thinking about and writing about. And do you have any other book that I should be reading that I don't know about, you know, related to, you know, John Webster. And did he know maybe ever meet Marlow or whatever, right. And so oh yeah, actually read this parabola. And then the next thing you know, it shows up in my essay because I've got time for easy, right? Because didn't wait till the end. Anybody can stand out remarkably well as a learner and doesn't have to be a university. It can also be your work in a profession as well, you know, go into the boss at the beginning of the quarter saying, hey, I know we've got these goals. What do you think that I could do? Extra that would help me help you reach the KPIs that you're looking for, you know, well in advance, if not at least pushed the needle sort of thing right? There you go. Just people going probably think you're crazy first because they never heard such a thing. And then they're going to love you because you're at least doing it. And then you're going to wind up being the CEO because you're the one who showed that they and I'm not predicting that, but you know what I mean? It's just a general sort of wow factor that you can bring and you yourself will enjoy it. Because when we get back to that difference between driving ambition, unconscious need. Most people, they have the driving ambition to get the raise. But what they really need is that they need to be on the adventure that leads to the rays and the promotion and the a pluses and so forth. So this is just a simple set of ways to make that happen. So you're in love with every minute. If you fall in love with every minute of what we do or don't do. Say is you've got to love what you do because your life is going to be filled with a pellet, all kinds of things you never get to do. And that's where we've got two more questions. Not one where we don't want to scare, different to what you can provide them often serve our people. But when we talk about choice and we talk about especially now nocturnal Gibbs energy, basically x, y, and z. I believe that we are all accessible. We decide who were accessible to more corny Amazon. We give ourselves be accessible to. Which he saying, with that in mind them that when it comes to scheduling time for reading law, we have to stick to methods such as Homo Pomodoro Technique, which we're talking about before we started. And we have to go different Pomodoro technique. However, when we talk about scheduling and how much time someone should assign, though, then maybe combine that with the Pomodoro technique. And I would just love your insights, Anthony, than how much, how should people look at the schedule? Should they follow through the most important thing in the morning, read in the morning, all the studies say you got lead in a morning. Moments you suggest for people who wants not scheduling time, start reading why? Well, the first thing I'd say is that not all the studies suggest you should read it in the morning. That's not true. There are studies that show that some people are going to have different levels of willpower and attention at different times of day. So you need to be, first of all, a student of your own psychology. That said, I would never suggest anybody develop a reading skill stack that has anything to do with the time of day, you should be able to just read, period, right? When when you want to and when you have two or whatever, you just shouldn't be some reliance on this, that or the other thing should just be time to read and read and you get it done. You can focus, you have ways to develop focus. That said, there is something to regularity, there is something to rhythm, there is something to ritual and so forth. So, uh, sort of habit stack that I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to people, but just to demonstrate, what I do is typically before any device goes on, reading takes place. And that is from a physical book. And normally what I do, because we're blessed enough to do it year long with the weather. In Australia is I go for a walk to a very particular place, and that's where I read. Then I repeat it. At the end of the day, I turn off the devices and then I read until it's time to sleep so that there's a buffering of leading that happens beginning and end of day, but I will take off and read just while I was waiting to speak with you today, I'm just reading reading, reading the rare amount of reading I do on the internet and I can only read this on the internet. And unfortunately, this particular piece. You know, you just sort of fill in the gaps. I know part of my mind is waiting to hop on a call with you, but I'm using a technique to just focus on what I'm reading so that I can, you know, milk fat in and sort of remember a little bit of it and get back to it later when I get back to it. So, yeah, I don't really think that there's some special magic word or a number about 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there. But I think there is something to rhythm, place and buffering and having it offline. In terms of the Pomodoro, The reason why I personally never do that is because I don't want devices. And at all, if if if if possible. So when I go for that morning walk, there's no two plays with me. Alright. I just go and I read and then I stopped reading. When I feel like I've read enough. I often bring three books as well because there's a technique called interleaving. And interleaving is really good for memory because you read maybe ten pages, this five pages of that, another ten pages over here and the switch and just kind of like follow your thing, your impulses and so forth. And you end up learning more and remembering more, even though your quote, unquote multitasking or well, you're not really multitasking your tasks, which yeah. But nonetheless, I mean, I would recommend that to people is to try to read multiple texts at the same time, within a sort of timeframe, and tried to do it where something other than a device tells you that it's time to stop. So there's a sundial actually near my reading spot. For example, you can use ancient technology to help you tell how much time has passed. Also, another thing that I sometimes do is I'll pick up a coffee on the land and I'll let the warmth of the coffee indicate a certain amount of time has passed, such as when I'm journaling or whatever, and that's probably enough writing or whatever. Because now I have finished this coffee or else it won't be enjoyable. Whatever they're just different ways to pay attention to the, to the passage of time. And then of course at night, nobody should be bringing devices Tibet. And we don't know. And so there, you can just allow your own sleepiness to dictate when you stop reading. And if you use an index card technique, which I would highly recommend, then you can take notes in a way that will serve you very, very well while you're in bed, not disturb your partner, whatever refugee is a pen or pencil. And just wonderful, absolutely wonderful. And that's wonderful advice and really is. Because I'm an advocate for that will power from the, I guess the other opposing sides of studies which is stronger for the day. And as you go deep down this rabbit hole, you find, which I found, it becomes very difficult to prescribe a set time, set routine for individuals, for the idea of regularity. And one Love was a unequal moving itself away from technology and giving into impulses. I want to leave that bookmark nonpolar now only in Tang, going asleep. And really how, if you did want to fall in love with it, that's probably one of the best ways to fall in love with reading when you don't hold yourself a prisoner to that schedule. And you don't believe me, there are sometimes minor costs to not having technology with you. And yesterday I was with a friend. I did have my phone with me but I have a phone that doesn't go online and it was raining and I was like, oh, he get ourselves an Uber. But we'll have to find somewhere for me to get Internet connection because just think it has to find Wi-Fi or whatever, but I don't have it coming through a car. I didn't even know the words for this. I'm so is it the data? I don't have data or whatever. So I just have the ability to be called by my life in case she needs me. But if we found a way to get home without getting wet, and that's another thing that happens is you think of creative things that you could do because you're not so tethered and instance solution. And I would just, I would suggest that people do that at least once a week. I call it digital fasting. That's just the way my device works all the time. But digital fasting is really, really powerful because it shows you this alternative reality that's been there all along. Which is, you know, thinking to solve problems instead of searching or tapping and clicking and so forth. Which is a kind of way of reading your environment, so to speak, which can help you with all kinds of problem-solving in other areas of life. And that was the phosphoric acid was the exciting I did this weekend. And I said I was able to disconnect, which sounds weighed ones can share. Now geeky, we're, for me that was a big win as a young entrepreneur. And I'm going to say the young entrepreneurs. And anyone who is obsessed with, Let's get more success. That notion had time and I'm wasting time, I should be relaxing. However, logical disconnect. If you really looked at how much time you spend in a week away from the device and along with your thoughts. It be quite frightening. Influence. Admittedly, away from a device may be for a week. And it needs to be more. And that is purely for my reading and journaling. Most mornings, it fluctuates. But at least I know about how marriage morning. Regardless, I'm channeling. Leading needs to be more someone I can walk on. Yea, well, I mean, I'm not a Luddite and I am not anti-tank. In fact, I love technology. I devoted many years studying it. But the reality is, is that human evolution is not evolving as fast as people think. And we have many things to benefit from, from reducing our time engaged in it. But who knows, that could be a wrong sort of propositioning them. And we could be moving towards what I sometimes think of as the eternal present. Or I mean, even David Deutsch has gone through this kind of stuff just to show you how sort of valid it has been in the science which is called the Omega Point, which is just this notion that we are converging in a universal consciousness. And technology may be the thing that sort of pops a sober. So there may be a day coming. We're just all online, all the time no matter what. And we're not going to have a choice and no one can right now say whether that's going to be good or bad. The only thing is, is that back to Shinzen Young and the Science of Enlightenment. If you're lost and I can't hear you, honest, fine. Oh, sorry. My grandson was trying to come in and muster no-no entity. Oh, you were talking to somebody else and here, yeah. Innovations and technology may start to dictate and all this sort of stuff. And it's only your ego that's going to evaluate whether it's good or bad or not. So identity, I don't quite know what the answer is there, but while we're in this moment, there's no doubt every benefit in the world to keep yourself off those machines as much as you possibly can, because it's looking like you're not going to have a choice. One of the East, elon Musk is getting us closer will visit only one link so far. The only caveat with that is it's going to be very expensive to keep yourself clean and disease free from all those infections when you have a whole opening in your brain. Make everyone data consideration before you sign up and bow. The progression. And I love that word nano. We've mentioned progression of self and how can we become better humans, but the lioness and then wanna give yourself respectful time. My people confined how they can work more with you. Because again, I'm a huge advocate that, 8. Power of Chunking: How does use your bankcard help your memory? Well, if you take a look at your bank card right now but don't want, we can use this one. I've got a pair. You notice it's jumped and four digits. And the reason that is is because science has shown that a short term memory can has a limit off 2 to 4 pieces of information. Now we can actually have that. We can actually remember up to 16 piece of information by using Chungking, for example, in your car you have 16 digits, but they've managed to break that up into four chunks. So therefore, God forbid, you'll use your bankcard. You'll be out. Remember your number. The reason why this is important because we're looking at the short term to long term memory. Now, if you picture your brain as the Amazon warehouse, there's a lot of boxes, and that is all your short time memory. But what happens is that there's little forklift that come along. That's the hippocampus, and it decides whether or not it's important. If it's important, it will take out off the short term memory and store it into long term section. So you need to understand. How do we take something from short term to long term? When Chungking and by doing so, we need to prove to our hippocampus that has importance and relevance. Using visual images, watch your sister because it will stick out in your memory. Your brain wants to be efficient on a daily basis. You see hundreds of messages, information phone that you and your brain doesn't want to remember all that. So it's actually quite efficient by the moving bits of information that isn't that so. 9. APPLICATION: Chunking: to use a Chungking drill had ever to see Human Academy by entering in this you are well, this will be found, of course, below this video or of in descriptions to don't worry about that. Once you had over here, of course, explore all of their game. They have some incredible games for memory and even had special reading speed. What I want to tell you Focus to start with the vanden words Level one for Chungking. Here, take the time to read instructions. But as I'll be talking for no need. Now you can decide on how many links and how many markers par link. But for now, we'll leave as default on. We'll start a new mount all you have to do, I say all is. Remember these words in the sequential order. These will stay where they are. Remember usual story telling method usual visual images to help yourself create these. Once you've done it, got it. And simply in enter the word that you remember being in that section and so on and so forth . It's not so simple when you're done, Hit done. She Hominy got clicked. How many you got also shows you how much time it took for you to memorize it. So this actually test your retrieval? Wait, because remember, you never forget anything to remember. It's just how quick are you able to retrieve something, So enjoy using the soup. You'd, um, academies, tools, and I'll see you shortly. 10. Mind Maps: my maps. They've probably noticed throughout this course, I've been using my maps to help you remember? How has that been working? We're gonna show you now. You may have noticed on each my map, we have little tendons that come off these little things. There's only free of them. And the reason that we use Chungking So remember, in the previous video are short time, and we can only store a few pieces of information. So the reason why I limited because I want you to remember the key facts and figures before we go into more detail. You then notice each one issue some form of visual images. This will help because you're using various tools to help DeCota altogether. Now decoding is way. Use various senses to remember information. For example of UV, an article about chocolate. It's all good. Just reading it. If you can actually experience the taste of the chocolate the sound of when you break it. The texture, as you're reading along is going to help but more specifically with my maps. Usual kinesthetic because you're actively having to write down. So you're using more than one sense to remember what you're noting now about this. I encourage you to use my maps and effective note taking tool not just for your thinking, but also for your memory. 11. Story Telling: storytelling. We've all done it when we were kids. But I'm gonna show you how we can combine that with my maps to remember that information. Now, I want you to remember this list of 15 words I'm about to tell you. Well, then give you time to write down everything you remember. So get yourself comfortable. Somebody's given to you. Box canon tree go Water 10 Water box. Canon museum car. Come. Poster bends. Okay, pause. This video now on, write down everything you remember. Okay, So how did you do? It's a practice out for not so much. Don't know why, because we're gonna go again. But this time I went to shut your eyes and remember it. This time, as I tell you, a story in the boats that was academy. The cannon shot girl into the tree where she the water pen. Unfortunately, the water washed her into another box where she found a poster on the poster. Had a bench with the museum that was advertising a new car. Okay, Now open your eyes. Note down as many words that you can remember this time on that second attempt. Not for this fair time. I want you Shut your eyes one more time but I want you to go over in your head now in reverse to remember your story and go backwards. Now try and deconstruct it. What you notice is that less got bigger when we made the story for free reasons, so we'll take a look. The first is primacy and recency. Now we touched upon that in the first chapter. So you probably noticed the first words you remembered on the last one. You probably remember the most. That's OK, because we're showing how we actually learn again. The next his association, you most probably associate ID things like the box and the tree together both made out of wood and the next then found out You remember the abstract things by the water pen or the girl falling out of the tree. Abstract associations, primacy and recency. I think things are really important remembering short term information on being able to then store that into a long time. Make sure that those images that you're making our favorite the abstract and that they also associate it with something that you remember 12. Power of Memory Palaces: the next technique we're gonna use to take that my map and store into long term memory is memory passes. Now, the moment palace we're gonna use your bedroom. Sounds quite weird. Quite abstract. But remember something that's possible, vivid and abstract is gonna work best for that limbic brain to remember. So we're gonna end to your house, but we're gonna do in a clockwise fashion. Now I need you to on your paper. Label these items. So throughout your room, have your bed, your desk, your door, whatever furniture you have in your room in a clockwise fashion. As if you were entering for the door on each of those items. A clockwise fashion by number 12345 on each piece of furniture that these are gonna hold different pieces of information. What you need to make sure is that you're familiar with different. You can't use a room you never bean in. So that's why we're gonna use your bedroom. Hopefully, you're in it right now, and then you have to make sure that you don't reuse this room for different bits of information. So we'll use this as an example. Your my maps on speed reading. I'm more specifically memory, so you're on the memory section off your mind map, but you can also put the speed reading stuff. On top of that. If you've got five bits of information for memory, that's one item on each. Don't then put five bits of speed reading information on top of that furniture. You can't we use it. So what I want you to do is place one. Never information on one of those in attendance on. Put that on one bit of furniture, say folks on pure desk. So every time you think off, say visual images, you remember your desk and keep doing that from your brain and have a little game of yourself. Used vehicle and, of course, review it. Say to yourself. Okay, what's on my desk? Oh, yes, it's visual images. And as she have maybe a picture frame on your desk once again, he's a visual, which is ironic. And then the next state you have chunkin, so maybe you have your credit card on your bed. But test yourself when you walk into a room, always going clockwise fashion. This way you'll be out to member large bits of information using your mind map as a no taking strategy and store that into your long term memory 13. *UPDATED 2024* 10 Habits to Improve Memory: When it comes to the fast WK, head over to a login. Now the goodness is, a reza will be contacting at one shortly because we're making some fantastic updates. The great thing about this community is you're going to see that we are listening to the feedback we're getting. We're going to show you what we have done to improve. We're gonna give you monthly updates of what's to come for that moment because I realized I love you. Come into these calls and oh, we're covering that today. And more importantly, what we're working on. So for now, nothing to avail gesture and investors email will be out shortly. But once you get to your portal, you'll have the nice dissection. No band minus the a virgin, say may look a little bit different if you've seen the sludge from the link to join, the coaching calls will always stay the same. Okay, and now be found on a portal and anos on Uber minus. If you're not in telegram group binary one on the slide Cu is jump him because that's where you have access to myself and one another. Because remember that with them is for you. I'm just epsilon and I loved the conversations that were happening last week with added the kind of feature. Just so you don't have to learn your memory to know where you are and we should be. And finally, the accountability plan, where we want you to track your own progress. Now with having discussions at the moment about what metrics we share as a team. For yourself. Really argue, why are you on this polymer? Could you not always gonna feel like showing up at six PM on a Monday or watching the recording. It's going to be those days where your y needs to be strong enough for useful life where everyone's inhabit different reasons. So it's really important for you to identify yarn. So be sure to utilize those features. So the example I though I will now jump in to today's coaching. So today we are covering membrane k. Now the technique will be covering today is polytechnic. You haven't heard of. Quick question. Type in the chat. What does low Simon is Latin as a clue there. Low psi. If you seen Sherlock Holmes. Oh, this is already not cool when I first had low PSI or loci method, right? No clue what it was. Anyone, no. Guessing the science and the chair. I like everyone's waiting for someone to drop it fast. Well, I'll put you out your suspense. As the memory palace. Lo sai means location in Latin. Kigali, safe. I've told you something new, I've done my job. The lowest psi means location in Latin. As a wise after the course guarantee around research. And you will find that that's the use interchangeably the memory palace and allows the majority of people who have money with the memory palace. So before we come on to the memory palace, as I mentioned, we will be revealing results to the fast tests with Angular cover one of the habits to improve your memory. And I'm going to show you how to remember fatty piece of information today. So here you go, you're onto a winner. You've come at the perfect time. The test results, as I mentioned, he, Gabby gray, if you can do it yourself and your enzyme, but don't worry because today I'm going to show you how you can remember fatty Alphasat. So just to let me not jump rope and Gemma and just let me know with a nice Yes or a No. If you've got your answers from the test last week. And the answers we're looking for those random words. Yeah, excellent staff students. Since no waste coming prepared. So let's see how many got rhyme unless if you've made any up. So we'll see how confident you really well. So these were the fancy words. I gave you two minutes to remember. No half marks, Jensen, before you ask. Once you've got your skull, hope Leah fatty, if you're happy to share last Omniture. Remember this is just the baseline. So actually the lower the score, the easier it was to see the improvement. Written now, the average short-term memory is between two to nine pieces of information. So Jemma, we average, we hate that word of wisdom with. But this is great because you, the high-end. So remember nine pieces of information is the maximum temperature sadness you performing at the top of the average. Spin on it. And Rob Jensen, did we get more than nine? Is when we find out His competitive. Most people make them out, don't worry. Some people put the words together a level. Very impressive, very impressive. So please keep these numbers somewhere where we can come back to them. This is something we're working on in the background. As I mentioned, we're gonna create a platform. We can all keep track of your progress. As I mentioned, write them down. We'll come back to that score at the end of today. I am going to show you not only are we going to double your original score, but how you get fattier fats. But before we do that, brain health, a topic which is probably more relevant than ever before with the world we're living in now the movie. So let's say we're living in now. Not just on mindfulness, not just our memory, but the health of our brain overall. So I'm really want us all to know where we are at the moment. Because you're going to see a transformation. But we need to know, of course, where that baseline is. So study files we've partnered up with heights. They are at Brian supplement company more for that account shortly and have given us an incredible offer, which would be a true veil in a couple of weeks. But in the meantime, model created for us is a simple test for us to go through. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to copy that link into the channel. Are then set a timer for about five minutes. Just feet wide. We have plenty of ceremonies goals. Okay? So if you head over to that link as a simple type form. And of course, Rob Jensen, I'd suggest taking insanity answer as swiftly as possible answers. Based on today, a lot of people answer the questions as their future self, on what they would like to attain. Tried to be as honest and critical as possible. Okay? If everyone's on the link, just type nicely L1 and mature. That way. I know there's no covenants with the link xn versus on a fine. So you pajamas on the affine super and it's no long tests, multiple choice. And it'll give you a score at the end. That school be sent to your email. Once again, by that down on a place where you can come back to them. So for now, I'm going to be quiet. Five minutes. He egoism fast. 54, He Gong competitive 50, 58, which is terrible in my opinion. But this is great cliches you areas where you can improve, areas which we naturally neglect. And we're going to interpret results in just a moment. Jensen 76 monthly and it became pollutants and his coming from my spot. 16, a demo, mid-1950s half which just yet. I got 15 kids. That got 66. Ok. So Cecilia, I know you join halfway through. So don't panic. As I mentioned, I'm going to go through the results now. So you can still go through the test. And if you feel like it's a bit overwhelming, having listened to me and do the test, I'm saved link and be sure to come to it towards the end. Okay? Once again, keep this score safe. Next month when we come back to this test, will have something to compare. So what we're now going to do, I'm going to share my screen again. And we're going to just go over what those results mean. Because Jim isn't long in the average and as much as we want to know, how do we fare against our fellow human counterparts, we want to know what those results mean for us. So in your own time, take a moment and have a look and see if you fall into the first category. The veggie 25, mission critical, meaningless, something definitely worthwhile in concern over now thankfully, none of us Poland into that area. Anonymous neglecting all areas of our brain health. Subpart. C dermatologic B1. I know vessel you got 50. So subpar your brain health needs some serious attention. And once you were probably answering the questions, you already realized wherever you neglected. Next, the average column, which must, must fall into, ironically, it's no one's favorite description. You and I included Gemma. So let's be honest. But it's also a great basis. Alpha, okay, can always be worse. So I'm glad the majority of us call into hey, now, Rob and Jensen based in LA. They've got something going on well, in their household meet figured out. Because having a good category, things of course, can always be worse. But they clearly have that brain in a fair amount of tension in their last update, then we can always do better. Okay. And heights provide that email directly if you provided, of course, your wacko pass no e-mail. And it also suggests some grey articles, feet work on your brain health away from these coaching calls. Now, for upper echelons, Jensen and I balanced the great column. And kids often do because kids don't have to stress these are saddles. So ideally, he's living a great healthy lifestyle. It's making conscious decisions to pay his buying fast. As always, there's room for improvement, but something Jensen and anyone else who falls into this category should be proud of. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Now, of course, the areas which we all hope to attain a subpar been exceptional where we could potentially win a Nobel Peace Prize. What's beautiful is, hopefully already, you've identified something you can be doing away from these coaching calls to improve your brain health. That being covered, we're going to cover ten habits. That's going to improve your memory and indirectly whack on your brain. Now, I'm going to get you to remember all of those words that you saw last week. And we're going to start with ten habits using the low PSI method. Cecilia and AU joined a little bit later. Don't be frightened by the Latin word low side. It means location. Otherwise referred to as the memory palace. Now, I'm gonna be dropping some serious geeky gems on you. I'm going to be covering ten habits and trivial membrane. I'm going to go into a fair amount of depth on each haven't. Again, note-taking techniques make notes on the right-hand side. Take notes on the left-hand side. Understand how can you implement this information into your own lifestyle. So that being said, Habit number one, healthy eating sounds at the obvious. But here are some things you may not be familiar with. When you're Firstly, it is already too late. You're dehydrated. You're already now 30% decrease in cognitive performance. When you are firstly, is already too late. You want to be drinking water by dealing on, I would say aperiodic timescale. You don't wanna be drinking when university has put it like that. Keep at regular intervals to remember when you're first, you're already dehydrated. I see us now taking this up. Now on top of that, healthy eating. If you eat blueberries, keep eating blueberries. The reason why I say blueberries is because they have an antioxidant within them. Whereas new studies coming out every day by showing blueberries have some properties to potentially with us the effects of brain diseases. Remember those myths that we covered in week one, month one? Can brain training with US effects of brain diseases. There's not enough evidence to support that gesture. However, blueberries, they are asked to do more studies on the longevity of your brain health and performance. And the final one for healthy eating, omegas. Now if you know even a fish, someone who's not vitamins, appetite, a deficit, just looking at getting some sort of supplement that has an omega-3 69 or Holland, but provide them all. So if there's anything, I'd definitely recommend June's juicing into your diet is more fish. View the Dona, fantastic. And again, there's plenty of articles online that support the use of omegas, the use of blueberries to improve cognitive performance. Habit number two, and of course, any questions, put them in the chat and vessel, keep an honors and we'll get a chance to speak at the end. Would using n. Now if you've been on these coaching calls before, let me know the Chat. What does at Stanford will see these memories being Titov sharp and is an acronym Hugo, we don't expect you to know what it is. There are pressure and other sigh members in this group. Automatic negative words as my man, as like you say. So automatic negative force. These are negative for such as I have a bad memory. I'm not good with numbers. These are the self-taught, we say to ourselves that justify why we're not good at something. Because as human beings, we love to justify our shortcomings. So if we fail at something, we're very quick to explain it. And one way you can reduce and is using a simple formula, E E c. Event, explanation, consequence, E, c. So what does this all mean, marking the festival? You're aware of what the automatic negative voice. We all have them. So let's say the negative four is I'm too fat girl Jorgen. Okay. So that's the automatic negative for our conquer joining from tufa. Ok, so the event is jogging. The explanation is empty van with the consequences of what's the consequence if you hold onto this automatic negative four y, when we start to break down these negative force, we realize how pathetic and silly they really are. If M is jogging, explanation why you not doing is you're tufa. The consequence if you hold on. Because remember what you resist, persists, is your health is going to decline. You really need to break down these negative force. And the only way you can do that is by assessing yourself. Now once you've identified your automatic metaphor and you've broken it down into its event. The reason why you explained and the consequence, we place them. A gated question. Interrogated question is will it says on the tin, you are going to interrogate yourself. The question that I love to use is, how can I make this moment more magical? How can I make this moment more magical? If you walk around day-to-day. And in every situation that you're faced, wave and you ask yourself that question. I promise you. Not only will you be more fulfilled with how it plays them, but you're constantly looking for opportunities to improve. Taking your brain from a problem identifier to a problem solver to reduce and acknowledged them. Polymer power, take away the power, and then replace it. We frame it with a more interrogated question. How can I improve my memory? New brain, and the problems over who then seek the answers. Again, save those questions and we'll be short kimono light cue, navy and number three, brain Whitman's. Now by asleep, I take Height's supplement. So height is a fantastic supplement company. Let take more holistic approach. Where they include all that you buy needs. Smart little hill. Now if you are interested in learning more about heights and as supplements, please let me know at the end. And before you do your research, before you go make buying purchase. Let me now, as I said, we're gonna exclusive members offer, which is pending in a couple of weeks. See what else is on the market. Ultimately supplements of air for reasons that to supplement your diet, there may be no reason for you to invest in smart supplement if you're already getting enough Amiga when your time is all contextual. Number for exercise. When I say exercise, we all know the benefits it has producing stress for overall health. But there's a lot of studies have shown a correlation between exercise and improving your newborn plasticity. That's a mouthful. Neural plasticity. And what that means is how quick can you learn something new? And they found that a lot people who are potently experienced some form of dementia, they have an inactive lifestyle because there's parts of the brain which begin to waste away. Like a muscle. The brain will waste away if you don't use them. An exercise you can do is learning a new skill. Learning a language would light up the entire part of your brain, proven that learning a language is the most intense mental exercise you can potentially do. So you going your bilingual or trilingual. Bilingual. Excellent. And the premium trilingual, they've proven people who speak multiple languages dating definitely. They outperform a lot of people on IQ tests. They're much more effective problem-solving. So it is a time to learn a language. I would say the time is right now. Number five, writing. And we hinted at this last week. And when we coach recommending that urine. And just to recap, the reason why I suggest that you write down information. Because you only have a limited cognitive energy, meaning, rather than you have to make x and number of decisions. Instead of using your cognitive energy to remind yourself a five o'clock told the dog vita and user energy to make a bigger decision on how to secure new climb or what new. Topped by. The idea for it simply is you want to reserve your energy, stores my writing information down. It's common sense, but it's not common practice. You conserve the energy. Number six, a clean in environment, a great one to cover. Now when I say clean environment, I mean your workspace. Super relevant for today? Because I found that a messy workspace is a reflection of your entire new organization. That when you have a messy space, you're more likely to get distracted. And in women, they experience. Greater levels of stress. They found out with men. Here we go, Man, We have an excuse. Now. We experienced observational blindness. Observational blindness means it's almost like selective hearing. This idea that we don't see that mess in the corner of the room. For any of you that have got voices. Your children, you know, they can live in a, in a pig farm. That's politically and they'll be happy in every room that messy they are. But the women in the household, when you see mess, your body experiences stress. Your husband's, however, cannot be located. Primarily, this is all based on cost studies. This isn't saying everyone does. But you get the idea that clean environment with juices, levels of stress and improves your focus. Number seven, Sleep the topic which is probably the most Google topic Online. Harmony I was joining. Hardware include nicely and we're gonna follow a few of them. So the number one way to find out how much sleep you need is to find out yolk phono type. The big wide then. Now a visibly shorts remind me to send everyone the link to find out the acronym type is a free test. What it does is the instruction to fall asleep when you're tired and wake up. When nobody wants to wake up, Jensen ventilate for granted. Now, as idealistic Asad scenes, it has a lot of tangible results to customers want to be an early bird. Emphasis on one. Some of us want to have a answer, sleep if you're lucky. But they found that there is an argument for every animal. Somebody say fine. Some study, say 12, some studies say seven to nine. But bottom line is you need to find what works for you. I is a fantastic app to track my sleep. Of course, being a geek, omega0 can wives that my life. So I use an app called Sleep Cycle. Now affiliation is a free app. I'm asleep. Sacco does. If you're agile amino terminal, she's any sleeping apps, seminars, you sleep cycle a minimum charge. We may find as a better platform, Muslim Sacco does. He didn't know what time you want to wake up and it will wake you up now, fatty minute window. Why does it wake you up in a five minute window? Because when you're asleep, you go through different cycles of deep sleep. Nadph, feeling, you feel when you slept a lovely nine hours. And you don't know why you more tied yet. You slap nine hours because you've woken up during deep sleep. And then you may find after an i out, you only have four hours sleep and you wake up and you're fresh. Because it's all about the timing you wake up. There's two key things when we talk about waking up. Number one is routine. You have to wake up at the same time, every single day, even on the weekends. So its agents and you have to wake up the same time if you want to him previously. Make it a routine when you wake up. When you go to bed, there's quite glossaries asset does not as important. The emphasis is when you wake up. And number two is making sure you wake up during your lightest sleep cycle. Monadic figured out or sleep cycle. Khan and white paper, 12 hours. Jensen makes you sick. Huffman sleek kids can sleep and we'll waving a massive cycle. If you put it under your pillow next to your bed. And it will track when you're in deep sleep and when you enlight sleep and wake you up in a minute window, when you're in your lightest period of sleep. You also need to monitor what noise you use to wake you up. There's been a number of tests done proven that the default alarm on your iPhone is the worst sound wake up to the attic is people anxiety ADD and about you. But when I hear the alarm go off and it's not even my phone, my heart starts racing. Now, I suggest finding it's obvious, something more, saving something lights, It's wake you up in the morning. That default iPhone alarm is the worst thing. If you don't do anything. And you needed one thing after this code, change your wake-up alarm. Conscious. Conscious are now number eight, brain protection, and it links quite nicely to sleep. When we talk about brain protection, none of us, To my knowledge, play for the NFL constantly in high-impact collisions, tensing, diplomat, comfortable. He's got the shoulders for Mac bubble plan. But when we talk about blame protection, we're not talking about our vote plane. We're not simply talking about concussions or impact. We're talking about these little things, iPhones and what happens to our phones when we're asleep? So we've our phones, days are now e m ws, electronic magnetic waves, electromagnetic waves, mini hugo on the screen right now. That is BMWs when we're sleeping. When you get a text message, if you've ever had your phone near radial, you hit a static noise before the message comes in. With that's the electronic magnetic waves interfering with the radio. So if you can, I would suggest putting your phone on airplane mode at nine. Not just to simply not get stopped. Understand when your phone is on airplane mode, these magnetic waves with BMWs are active and they can disrupt your sleep quality. Because many of you will separate Jurassic fine at night. You probably do. The difference is your sleep quality. Now we can only measure that if we had a machine. If you happen to put your phone in airplane mode and you want to go one step further. I suggest putting your alarm of phoning in a different room. Now the reason being is a lot people struggled to wake up in the morning. So if you put your alarm somewhere where you have an alphabet, if you more likely to not hit the snooze button. And of course number two, if you don't put your phone on airplane mode, you won't be affected by electronic magnetic waves. And if you want to take another Kiki level, you can buy an antique BMW pocket to put your phone in from Amazon for very affordable class. But the real key takeaway is monitor. Where does your firm when you go to sleep at night? Tried on airplane mode. And now some of you will say to an icon because of emergencies, a chameleon standard. But experiment with us and see how you find your sleep quality. Too much golf. I knew landings now they hinted at this fuga learning something new. It's the best thing you can do for your brain health. What we find is by the age of about 22 dozen okay, platter. And what I mean by the OK plateau is by the age of 22, the amount of new learning you take in the clients, you went to the real-world. We have real-world stresses. And you begin to niche into your job law. And you find that you don't learn many new things. You actually just refined and you're constantly trying to recall everything you do now. And so the RACI finding that a lot of people, young people are getting early signs of dementia. You yourself might even feel like at times human medulla mg down. Everyone in here is young. None of us in here should be having problems or difficulties rubber membrane. Now of course I'm not a medical professional. So if you do feel like you're forgetfulness is holding you back in your day-to-day life. Definitely say professional. These are things we need to be aware of. In great thing you can do is learn something new. It lights up your claim. And finally, stress management. When we are stressed, the level control center and our brain. Kiki Allah, the prefrontal cortex. It switches off. And we will go through this Sega parking ticket. You hit the wall and you break your hand. And the La Guardia, you miss your train. You push a few people, you knock someone over, you get to the platform, you Mr. train, and naval guilty. We all do ridiculous things when mistrust. Yes. I'm kind of here. We're showing you is not your fault. But let's look at prevention marbling here. Now whether you use calm, whether you use meditation or potentially, you have your own relays. It is so important, more so than ever that we monitor the stress that we experience. When my stress cortisol is excreted in our brain accord so close you unaware, is to stress warmer. Now that ages us. And they found a lot of young people, of children who've experienced trauma a young age, they age quicker than most people genetically, when they look at their genes. They've aged. We owner implications of stress, but more so what it does for our memory and why when we give a talk in public, we forgot our words. Knocks. You don't know the topic because you can't manage the stress. So that being said, how are we going to remember all ten of those habits? Well, we're going to use ten body parts stamped on the top of our head all the way to our needs. So with that being said, I hope everyone is ready for a new memory tests. So put aside your pen and paper. You will not need it for the stage. I have my eyes on your desks, especially Johnson's. There's no cheating as there is everywhere there's handler. Now, you should all have your baseline memory test score. 911 or even 20. I'm going to show you how when smash radar. The instruction is going to be simple. One way to do is shut your eyes. You don't recall we shall arise. Because when we shall arise, we improve our memory because we will move any other stimulus. So we're gonna sharp eyes in just a moment. I want you to visualize the images that I create. And I want you to link, ma'am, the body parts. I'll tell you. We're going to start from the top of our head, working our way down to one needs. When I'm finished, write down everything. You can remember. You're gonna remember fatty things. You're gonna remember a body part, a visual image, and a habit. You're gonna do those free ten times. Its wavelength higher increases a little bit. So I have pen and paper products aside. Trust your memory and a way to shut your eyes. So you're very short. Iran's listen to my voice. When she picked to the image, move on to the next one. So number one, we're going to start at the top of our head. And you're balancing a bowl of salad that represents healthy eating. Hollow solid on the top of your head and you're balancing it. And that means healthy eating. Next our eyes. And with our eyes you've got an answer, eating at your eyes, head to the blood pouring out your eyes. Remember, remember the batsman hits vivid. That's right, Jensen, it's dripping down his cheeks. And that stands for reducing ends. Next, our nose and we're shoving those brain pills are Panos. Maybe one's got stuck. You're having a sneeze real hard getting a 1L. And that means rain vitamins number for our mouth. And we've got lost sweat in our mouth. That salty taste after you accidentally like your fingers. Nestle's way. And that means exercise. Sway mouth. Exercise. Number five. We have an awesome neck tattoo. And that's writing. So government overheads, Tom overhead, solid, healthy eating eyes. And the inner allies. Reducing ends. Knows. Brian pills, sniffing pales, mouth, sweating, exercise, our neck, and also nectar to dash Whiting. Final five kilos I shall our shoulders and we've got dandruff on our shoulders and what brushing dandruff of Chicago natural. She'll never come to lawyers. And that's clean environment. Number seven is sleep. An astronaut chest amygdala baby sleeping on our chests. It's a picture of a baby, maybe urine, maybe babies come healer and sleeping on your chair. Number a is our belly. Looks like you're pregnant because you've just heard a helmet and a helmet and somehow made its way to your stomach. And as Brian, protection, number nine, is urban and sub-urban. Keep this as clean as possible. Will know the books, The Coming up abandons the govern everywhere. We can't control books of all different sizes as well. The image just keep gammas. And finally, number ten is our knees. And we're doing yoga. And how do you feel when you do yoga you feel relaxed. Such stress management. Hebrew, Russia, opening, write down three things ten times time to the top of your head. I'll give you the top one, top of my head. Body part, the visual image. Solid. Habit, Healthy Eating. Work your way down your body. If you forget one, don't panic. If you really struggle. Shut your eyes. Go through your memory palace one more time. When you're finished. You forgotten, shut your eyes. Most of the visual image of your body. And that's what it was. How long it's taken people. Impressive. I think I got them on our website with the words govern the city and across Hagar is is you came a little bit, lay em cause he didn't do the previous tests. And Kusama covered blog content that MY web-based style from jama article 26. Yeah, we'll, we'll average Latimer really be involved in that. And while believes he got them all. Jump-start again, mass par excellence. So laminitis students need more time. He will know promulgate Koopman once more given tungsten time to answer his one's eye wants a quick question about laptops and TVs in your womb. Okay? So I'm assuming this is abound, the BMW's libido sleep is arrived. Kaizen, Excellent. So to my knowledge, if your TV or laptop doesn't receive And text messages and phone calls. It doesn't use BMWs now anode is love Smart TVs out there. So I don't know if I can put down and record a long story short, if your phone or device receives calls on messages, it uses BMWs. And it's those BMWs, the effectual sleep. So to my knowledge, if you've got a standard monitor and your laptop and it's just on Wi-Fi. You got enough with white man. Okay, question or a question. The excellent X maximum maximum competence system, like in the continent. Like that, he go, don't beat yourself up. You got plenty. Go free. And of course we visit this and it will click OK. I see Jensen still working away. So I'm going to have a quick look at other questions. If we have any sucker for steam meditation, that's interesting. What people's priestly routines. Do you have one? Do you have one? Because once again, just like having a routine many wakeup, having that warn them, telling your body, okay, we're gonna sleep Now. Just as essential. Just as essential. Yeah, good man. Like you just started. And it's an idea of if you're not using night mode on your phone, the easiest way to get rid of blue line. And this blue line tells your brain is still lie outside on the Apple phone. I believe if you swipe up, you can then go to the top left box. And if you do a long crosstown, Ou, He says, biologists, She's along, I've been using this for. Let's go to settings. And if you go to settings in your file and you throw a pin mode Libya, you type in night shift in your settings on your Apple phone. It will then present to you when your fingers are orange, stingy color. And I suggest putting in and out two hours before you got sped. Okay, for your desktop, you can use a tool called flux. Or the flux is a free desktop extension. And once you downloaded, you can add certain to reduce eye strain. So if you need to work day and night, but you still want to be able to sleep. You said what time you want to wake up. And it adjusts the orange color scale accordingly. So definitely look at our devices. And it's impossible costs jump off them two hours before bed. Let's see how you can mitigate that blue line. 22.5 minutes per fall bad, and families aren't waking up. Your papers in a medium is hard. It is is a discipline that pays. So quick check him with Jensen. Rob is a bull up-to-date now, YAG slum area is HER astronaut speed. We did that. So, okay, I'm Levin and loved man, love, met. So we're gonna see how did you do. So the temporary parts to begin with, we have the top your head, eyes, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, just barely bomb and now half marks. I'm cool, but fair, judge. So there's ten points automatically, these that that should be easy. You should know your body parser. And the great thing about this, this is a memory palace. And memory palaces using a physical space to link information too. The reason why you want to physical space, because our brains are much more data to calling a physical space has shown if you enter a room that you've never been in for 25 minutes and you take yourself out, you'll be able to remember the layout that when packet length. And if you don't believe me, a willingness, by now, kind of a cool their best friend's room layout. You can probably recall your aunties moon Liao. House layouts we've only been in once or twice. Our brains are visual-spatial. We remember the most when we can visualize them at a location. And the only increases. And so what we've done is we've used your body because you know your body pretty well. I hope. The key thing is when you create a memory palace did not use an imaginary memory palace. What I mean by that is, don't use an imaginary house. Don't use an imaginary body. Let me know what you want to use an imaginary house on imaginary space to attach information. No reference. And I can only infer as much the spaces of new things. Remember Yen combining by for Bob and Jamie said you have no reference. The reason why you don't want to come up with an imaginary houses. That one extra thing you need to remember, you have no reference. So when you're choosing a memory palace, whether you decide to use your body. I love because you can feel and it never changes. It could the order that you need. So you can place information in a sequential order. For Jensen, I know he's a student. This is going to be k. Being able to touch information different parts of his body. Next, the visual images now a little bit of leniency. Depending on causal wet Fourier. Balancing skeletons of yet, and eating, sniffing blame pills, swept, tattoo, dandruff, baby signatures. How many new buildings throughout the helmet? But flying our being aware and yoga makes it a little bit leaning on this one, as long as a wet for you. That's all that matters is that you want to use the first image that comes to your mind. The reason why you want to use the first image that comes to your mind. They'll be the first thing you remember. When you forget. Try not to fall in love will create in the packet visual image for your memory palace. The first image that comes to your mind because you moonlight, forget it. Exactly them. And finally, the final ten complete that full house. The ten habits. Healthy eating, the GCM, brain Gutman, exercise, right thing, clean environment, sleep, rain protection, new learnings, and finally, stress management. So it just confirm with yourself where you spend the money with the original score was a 27 Moser foregrounds. And more importantly, last known a child, did you improve? And if you happily share last night, how much pi CA Cecilia and bigger Nabisco to watch, to review. So you can see what we went through and then you can get a true reflection of your skull. Jensen 27. We will need to go live attendance hours. He's the happiest and he's got the best health and illness and he's gone on Batman with o. But that that stopped him. There's extra years that paid off Boolean AND NOT Gemma. When you're ready, let us know how you go on. Of course you go, you've got enough the comparative. 26 uppercase, a one-off, Solexa 27. However, no first Sammy got nine. Such tremendous results to minus down neck. So why don't you new memory scum, key PEP ideally next to your baseline one. Each month. During week two, when we cover memory, we're going to be doing tests. We're gonna be measuring your improvement. Because you all want here to help you become one with some bats when it comes to learning, you all on here, anything faster? So now this is my favorite moment where you get Zhang Kong and pick my brain agate, pick yours as well. So questions. If you've got a question, Tokyo microwave knew, of course Rob, I've not forgotten. And when a cover Benson's paper and I just want to check with either involved. Are you type for time? No work i, x and then Invisalign suggests is will cover that a little bit more embed tension when everyone else is left. Just because it causes CBER, which is described here. And if you're nice to me, Jensen, only fit estimate. Yeah. I have a quick question. Let me know if someone else has a question. My question is based on the note-taking strategy you mentioned. You said take notes and then make notes. And I guess my understanding of that is on the right or left side and you're taking notes as fast as you can, you know, trying to write down which which can then unless side is, is that you write questions about what you took. I guess the question is, do you do that during or after? These are kinda like a check back after you. Yeah, it does make sense. It doesn't make sense. So ideally because your wine, when you're taking notes, you're recording verbatim. You recording wide forward, and you arrive, it's Nineveh from cost of goods to be taking them out. And then of course, train your own meaning from, well. So why suggests is when you find that moment, when you Congreve, Definitely gotta right-hand column and begin to make sense of them. You know, so for example, we talked a lot about sleep. So maybe verbatim EPA cake Fourier is heat routine. On the right-hand side, you would start to plan massively same CMI. It would be nineth impossible to keep up with taking notes and making them at the same time. It So when does the pockets of time come for you to go back to the question? Yeah, definitely. Just real quick follow up question is Is there like a No, you said draw a line right through the middle. I guess. Is is that more up for interpretation? Like for example, I need more space to write. And then I can go back and maybe write 14. Rapid Pre-reading: Okay. Now, on to my favorite part and the most exciting for you and probably the reason why you've involved in this course. We're now going to start increasing your reading speed. Now that you know how your eyes actually work, we're now gonna look at why the strategies We're gonna use a gun, Increase giving speed. So begin. We will look at the first habit we're gonna address Focus. We're gonna use a technique called Rapid pre reading. The rapid providing is gonna show you how you commie that book in 10 minutes. Well, know exactly what it will do. It will give you a great overview off what the book's about. Before you start reading, you need to know how long it's gonna take you. This will give you a little bit motivation. There's only got 14 pages. You can estimate how long it's gonna take. And you could block that time. We've all done it before where we've started a Google scholar paper we started reading on. We realized only on the second page in that little scroll bar hasn't moved an inch. You need to make sure you go all the way through whatever document you're going through to actually acknowledge what you actually gonna beat this? What's your interest? Your brain. And engage that limbic part of it. If you see graphs making out of it. If you see keywords, take note. This is a form of skimming. Were you just looking for key things that really stick out your limbic prime? So usual pen. If it is your book, I make notes off visual things that pop out to you when you go through it. And finally it will give you hooks. So once you've done 10 minutes of rapid previewing for your material with the notes that you've made that really stuck out to you, they're gonna create hooks as you then use a speed and technique court paces later on. Because what it will then dio is it will mind your brain. I remember seeing the first time, and it will increase that comprehension just ever so slightly. So you're not seeing it with fresh eyes. So as you read, you get a bigger picture and short a period of time 15. Gliding: So I still hope you got that bankcard. How On your table. For good reason. Because you're not gonna use it for this next reading job called Lighting and the habitat is going to address its regression. As I mentioned earlier, we spent about 30% of our time as you bu beating. But what if we took away that safety net wife? You couldn't actually read the sentence you just read. Sounds counterintuitive. And it's a good point because you know that we have to do with all material. The thing that I like to call is the academic versus Harry Potter so I could have a piece of paper. You won't actually want to use this technique because what we've noticed from actually reviewing work is your notice. Your comprehension increases if you don't understand what sentence means purely because of the jargon and concepts it's used in. Yes, I advise you be vita. But for example, if you're getting high, potter advise you keep sliding. Increase that speed. Now, remember, speeding is the superpower is something you turn on, turn off at your leisure. But for the passes, Joe, I want to take your bankcard flipped over so there's no numbers facings that will distract you. And as you read the sentence, move it down that line. So you cover it up, and now we'll fix your focus as well, having to pay attention to what you're reading because you know there's no way to go back. 16. RSVP: this next door has nothing to do with invitations. R S V P. Sensual, rapid serial visual presentation. What exactly is that? Was an online tool and you'll find a link below in the pdf. Until then, let me explain a little bit about why I love r s v P. Now it focuses on the free habits that really do hold everything. Speak back. One is sub vocalization a little voice in your head you use when you read. And the reason why we need to eliminate that leaves limits it because we're then held toe are talking speed. So if we can only talk out 200 words per minute, how can we expect to read any faster by reducing that the few strategies Winner years The first is increasing your reading speed for increased orbiting speed. That voice simply can't keep up. The next is the fixations. With this artist VP tour, you're gonna be looking at the middle off the screen by looking at the middle of screen, you won't be able to bounce around. Your eyes will be fixated on one point Caviar. Of course, we don't actually beat like this, But the reason why we're gonna use it because it will train your professional vision the thing that has been limiting us for a very long time. By focusing on the middle word, you'll be out to see the words either side. Now, when you get to the drill, I went to acknowledge your base line of reading speed and increase it by two times. So if you have a baseline of 200 you're then gonna move it up to 400 words per minute. Now I don't want you won't comprehend a lot of the material, but you're then adjusting your assisting feast feeding speed. We're eliminating this little voice in your head and your folks in the middle of screen. After about two minutes of doing the drill, would you sit back to, say, 250 bites per minute on what you're noticed? It's a lot more comfortable, because what you find is just like driving on a motorway. If you're driving at 90 MPH, you're paying attention and you're not looking around too much, but slowly ticket for after guests and move about 40 MPH. You found this speed a lot more comfortable as to if we went from 30 to 40. So how that makes more sense. When she started a job 17. APPLICATION: RSVP: to use theocracy. Peterle head over to accelerate a dot com Once A, you'll find some dummy text in the box. You can have a highlight and add your own or leave it where it is for the stoma. More hit. Begin and you'll see that I've sent this to 250 words per minute with free words. Simply it read. Try and keep up. Of course. Trying Use their super compensation effect by setting the speed farther and you can keep up and introducing it on what your notices. It's relatively slower. Then what? It was second guard. Play around with speed. This is called Flexing Your reading speed, just like flexing a muscle varying from slow speeds. Too far speed, fast speed to slow speeds. Head of two settings and miss it. We can change the words permanent and the chunk size. For now, that's all. Enjoy 18. Peripheral Vision: Oh, sorry, I didn't see that now. But you don't have been the huge land struggle in this course. Well, juggling actually helps with your peripheral vision. However, for speed reading, you know, very that were operating at sub optimal level. The reason I say that is because we're reading every single word. But what if I said to you we can cut out about 50 words per page? Simple equation. Say, for example, 25 lines on with your peso in this next drill, I wouldn't start one word in. I don't need to finish one way out on each side. You'll miss out 25 ways. That's 50 words in total that we can save. The purpose of this Joe is not actually miss those words, but to see those were your peripheral vision. So by starting one way, then you should already be out to see the or a or and on the left hand side, and, of course, towards the right hand side towards the end of the sentence. So in a moment, I wasteland how to juggle simply by foreign one ball and catching the ever try and focus on the middle catching on either side Now over to you 19. Peripheral Drill: by now, you don't have to struggle, but seriously, you won't need to that struggle to become a speed reader. The weight this powerful toe online is extremely simple. All you have to start one wedding. I've using a cast as a Pacer bullpen on your screen finish. One went out. He was governor. Try to make this a habit because, remember, memories are stored best when emotion and action attached. It's about using your pace up when you're screaming. You reading Starting mom, Weddin fish one went out. You actually teacher brain, that this is important and it needs to pay attention because you're taking physical action , which make it a little easier when you associate information with the action off using your pacer. 20. Pacers: if r s v. P was my favorite technique. This is my second favorite. I'm probably the most practical one that you can use paces. Now what? You need to do this for all these or pen and the way you're going to use this is gonna battle bad habit fixations because our eyes are designed to follow smooth motions. They read together. So just happen in the 10,000 meters how they have a pace out, and from you're gonna control your reading speed with the book in front of you. Lay it flat, place your finger, underline off each sentence and just follow in above the tip of your finger. Now, what this is gonna do, you're using jaw coding. Joe coding is a method once again, as I mentioned before, using different senses. So now you're not just looking at the book visually, but you can aesthetically touching the paper. And that has a spatial awareness. What if you find a keep it of information, you will be out to recall that a lot better. Just because you've touched that paper now paces it's a draw that we're gonna use in just a moment. I'm gonna crease it quite rapidly. But one thing I want you to say is make this a habit. So go beyond the drilled up about Teoh. What will increase your reading speed by least two times in just a moment? But what we need to do is use us in every format you can of its online, using the Cassa under each sentence or using your hand well. You'll find them because your eyes are bouncing. There will be a lot more efficient I following that smooth motion when you got to read longer, you have a lot greater focus because you're physically having attached to paper and keep pace, and finally you have a constant acceleration. So when you find out your reading speed is actually slowing down or you're not moving as fast as you want to, you can just pick up the pace. So in the job, allow you go through variations of comprehension the fast you you understand quite a bit as you move on your comprehend very little, because you'll be moving your hand at speeds under a second. Don't movie at that stage, because what we're getting your eyes used to is moving at speed, eliminating the fixations on increasing that focus. And then what you'll find is as you turn back to your normal reading, you'll see a huge increase, so we'll see how you go in the draw blood. 21. APPLICATION: Pacer: for the pace of job, head over to the chrome Web store and enter pacer speed reading. What you'll find is this genius tool, which is, I believe, underrated. As you see, only 250 users know about this. Once you've installed it, you've got this little icon top right corner, head over to any website, which has texture you want to read? It could be 11th this block, which I'm a huge fan about, or it could be your Facebook news feed. Once on the page, little like, um, set the settings. Let's put 250 words per minute, average being speed, and you can play around again with settings in your own time. Simply hit, apply now click on the text to start the Pacer. It's this in present, they're your eyes to keep up with a pacer and you'll finally be had to read longer and fast . And now that you have a visual guide and to stop it, simply head over to the link, it stopped and then click back onto text. Simple as that. Enjoy using the pace of speed reading plug in 22. How to Speed Read Everyday: It's been an emotional journey, but we've made it for together. But one final thing to make sure your reading speed not only maintains but increases, we need to make sure we keep using it. I watched you gonna lose that. The final thing I want to turn your attention to is micro learning. Micro learning is fascinating, but to do so, you need to practice. Be reading at every given moment, wash your waiting in the line speed. Read the chocolate by about five. Let's be read the adverts on the TV on speed Read. Maybe that love letter your beloved send you. I use that every moment. Keep exercising it because your eyes our muscle. You need to keep using them on keeping the brain engage. Constant. Review the material so you don't forget. Next, you wanna look at tiny habits. I touched upon it last time, but tiny habits of really important to make sure speed reading becomes a habit in your life . We're all busy on finding time is extremely difficult. If you don't have two minutes to your life. Well, you poor you don't have a life. So try and spend one minute in the morning leading a book on of a minute before bed and to make sure you keep that going down. No productive ity app such as productive and streak that each and every day it reminds you and you can record it so you can get a little war, a little boost dopamine to know you're on track. 23. The F.A.S.T. Strategy™: how to speed read anything. You've gone through the hard work, and now it's time to be your awards. But you also need to know how we're gonna use your techniques in a practical sense, which a lot of speed meaning training doesn't do. So I'm gonna give you going to give you the fast strategy we're going to stop with the f The first assessment, your rapid Previte, which we touched upon in area tractors. Next, you make your way down to the active reading. So once that document is in front of you and you've done your vapid pre leading and now we have to decide what type of speed reading technique are you gonna use. We use Arliss VP fits online gliding or paces. Next, we work away to storage the S. How you gonna store the information? I'm gonna use my maps, which had advice. Would you then use memory palaces or the technique off storytelling? And finally, the team transfer how we're gonna try and feel what you stored into a long time memory free techniques off teaching it, making that habit and then reviewing the information because the book is, um and so on your shelf to collect dust. There isn't meant to be read once. It's like a best friend. Keep going back and revisiting it. Now we're gonna break down each segment with my apology. So you know how to speak. Read anything? 24. *UPDATED 2024* Brain Health with Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder at Height: Well, what we'll do is we'll do the short little inchoate because this is recorded for our members or can't attend the live session, just make sure that they don't miss out on the value. So to the new people that have joined, welcome. Go fast would help you not last time. And you are now joining our weekly coaching sessions. So it's great to see some familiar faces and some new people. My name is John Henry. I'm the CEO and co-founder of study fast. And the reason why I pause it because I recently bought on a co-founder with me. And now you get into the habit of saying cofounder, cofounder, cofounder. And with that being said, at study fast, we are changing the way people around the world, my learning. And we're doing that through memory, speed, reading training. Now on our Wiki Cochin, I'm not alone because I'm joined by my co-host, Sam. He's got much better head and may buckle the Babbitt. Leisure whenever you are a guy's mother, son and Sally Frost instructor. And I've been working with children, delivered Civil salt content to study for us for about a year or two? Yes. Your your anniversary? Yes. It's crazy. Crazy. And I absolutely love it is also happy eyelash treaty. Our anniversary, right? Sam University. So that's enough about myself and Sam. We have a very special guest joining us, and usually we keep it to the last week of every month to have our special geeky guest. But then I just kinda miss this bringing new one because you're an expert in this field where I really am not. Yeah. And so what I'd love for you to let the people know is, who is Dan? And more importantly, who isn't time? Great question of firstly, that dad has arguably the big, sloppy, the bad guys just isn't quite as good as yellow sand by and have been using locked down literally like just see how long I can grow it. It's getting pretty intense light. My wife says all speeds of customer and I almost every week and I want to see what happened in my mind and I might get some sounds level and then we let light, or at least that amount with heroin periods. I'm the cofounder. That's much easier for me to say that because I've had a partner in crime through my ends up is the co-founder of a company called heights. And I am the host of a podcast, liters, which is the UK's number one business podcasts. We intervene phenomenal leaders. It will solicit companies like Slack and calm and deliver r2 and basically some of the biggest brands in the world and Austin, Austin to unpack that mental health Johnny along the way. So it's not just one big, boring feeler exercise for them. I'm also a big believer in the community and paying it forward. So the thing that I'm really focused on with heights, which I'm sure we're going to talk about is we're building, which is like Jordan and I can say, well, I'll heights were building a brain health and mental wellness community. And we have a single product that we sell, which, if you will, is a service which is dense, which is very fine bottle of high-quality and nutritional supplements for brain health and mental well-being. And my journey with that, which we will discuss at some point during the coup, started with a bouts of insomnia and anxiety and a complete lack of awareness of the role that nutrition actually plays in mental health. So very, very grateful to be doing what I do nowadays. And in terms of the approach, we focused very much on building a community, communicating with our customers and our audience, and really building Troy around the topic because it's not good enough just to build products and services, in our opinion, that's all about building a journey together. So, who is that? Fundamentally the most important thing I can tell you about who is w1? W1 is a cat lover and has true adorable, fluffy counts would be remarkable if things I'm competent to rock this caucus. They love to walk across the desk when flopped down right in front of me when I'm usually talking, say We'll see if a husband who is not, someone who wants to disguise kinda questions succinctly, fastly. Secondly, not naturally, someone who picks up new information really quickly. Not naturally gifted, naturally intelligent. Someone who has worked hard on building intelligence, learning things, and has a life-long learner approach, has its pros and cons, but I work with a business partner who is one of the smartest people. I've had the opportunity to know what width and we pick up information very differently. You know, a holiday that retaining information and moving with reskill, here's something and pick up. He was the smartest kid in school type hazard, which just is unbelievably annoying when you know those people. But at the same time, we managed to move at the same pace. And there's lots of benefits coming from not the same starting point. So another thing that I really resonate well with Jordan and the messages is exactly this is learning how to not learning how to improve my cognitive skills and appreciating. Its a very long game. It's not a quick win and nothing in life that's worth having or improving either is a quick win out. So all of these things are about building habits, systems, being kind to yourself. Favorite. Well, we can finish now then write a dyes. Dyes, amazing. Sounds like an amazing generally. But how did you start Heights is a point where you started or yes. By the way, I just realized by looking into my own camera, I could have had the best joke and I feel like I'm gonna kill myself. And I'll say again that hell, which is, I'm bringing my tacky pellet ons ESA with my new pallets on in the background. And I should have done in someone who likes unpalatable and John is not someone who can capably rides a bike in the streets, which is true and use. I learned to ride a bicycle at 24 house, not for ridiculous. Yeah. So I told you I was a slow learner. Anyway, back to the question is, what was the starting point, the heights, correct? Yeah. How did you start? Yeah. So most importantly, didn't start height with a clear understanding of what heights would be. So I think, if you will, listening today and considering running a business depending on all these units, hiker business setup, it's businesses, it's battery difference slightly policies by reject Rabia has a good sense. You think the world needs to learn and what you want to teach it. And that's very different. A product business like mine. Quite different because I started off with knowing what area I wanted to work in. Because if my experience with mental health problems and overcoming it through nutrition, I knew that my next, my last company was a tech company. So very, very different realm like entirely and with heights, all I knew was I was really interested in wellness. I'm really interested in communication, and I really wanted to work in mental health in some respect. So that's not a lot of information to go on, but it's enough to give you like a frame. The area in general, I'm going to go to. The problem for a lot of entrepreneurs myself included, is when you want to be one and he wants to start a company that you don't have like an acquired skill and that you've got Jordan. And other times it's not obvious to you what you'll make. It wasn't obvious Jamie and tools and I didn't actually think I didn't think I'd be making us up for them. Or that wasn't even a concept didn't cross my mind. Ethylene I, when I start to type, say first and foremost, I knew that I wanted to meet into the area. And like any natural human being, especially board in Brixton. My ego wasn't big enough to think that I had the power of God behind me. Like most Americans get brought up thinking to do whatever the hell I once it with great conviction. Imposter Syndrome, kicking in massively decided, knowing what's I'm like. And I think it's important as well to know your own mentality and your own sense of things. I needed to. I would suffer from imposter syndrome badly because I had done in the past always anyway. Allen's as having a sense of self-worth in this space. There's going to be important to answer the way that I thought, okay, how can I get over this? I'm not going to be a neuroscientist. It's too late for that realistically, by the way, terrible limiting Khalifa on good entrepreneurship, kind of good at creating thing. And say, well, I want to focus on that. I'm not a nutritionist. So how am I going to approach them and say, well, I'm a good communicator. So I started reading a science paper every week from neuroscience, psychology. And then 30 boring and stuff. They, and people always say, Well, where's the evidence? Showed me the science and then if anyone reads one of those papers, I like, well let's get boring. Because they all, somehow it was like long, quite nowadays I'm going to read a science paper every way and I'm going to rewrite it in plain English and summarize in three minutes, but using quotes and appetite, gifts and all sorts of fun millennial tactics to help people remember something that is fun. It is about that brain in some respect. So that was like the starting point when I was like, I don't know what I'm going to make. Well, I know that whatever I do, building a community, building people along my journey with me will be a good way to start. The company at the time was called Dawn DAW n not because I misspelled my name just because it felt like a new dog. Whatever that seems like a good way and will say, I think sometimes getting really hung up on the name of a company is difficult because you could spend weeks sitting there thinking about what you should call something and it doesn't really move the needle will get you further along. It's a cooled it on Goff. And having satirizing this week, we needs lots. And the practical reality is, I got into looking at cadence, so and now a week 94. All right, so this is something that I knew. I set out this vision of myself, I'm manifested. What does it look like to be an expert in brain health and mental well-being? Well, it's someone who takes the time to read about it every week. It's built into my system in life. And so I reading a science paper every week and by the way, have to trudge through some pretty bad ones called Behind into plain English. So I read loads of stuff that's been used. So that's just not practical. Bob, like during that process and then rewriting it. It takes me about a day, roughly roughly about it's a incisor. We started rising, et cetera, et cetera. And that's something that's baked into my week. And four weeks later I can say I'm not a neuroscientist, I'm not a nutritionist. I read a lot of science papers and I've read it and communicate it and lots of this. And there was a saying in neuroscience, which is when you read or watch something you learn at once and when you share it, you learn it twice. So building these new neural pathways myself every week to do this was all very mess up becoming the person that wants to speak. So that was how I started and starts with this idea of knowing the category I wanted to be in. And knowing that creating my own cadence would be good. And it didn't matter what I was going to make it. That was going to be an online course or I thought was going to be an act of the time. That's why it was completely focused on, but I had an open mind to what the Fed should. They. Then getting into the cadence and writing a newsletter fulfilled every single thing. And my I was kind of like which which direction do I go? Doesn't really matter if I'm raising this nice data. I'm still going to be creating content. I'm still going to be learning from myself. And it was a very slow organic things. So I think the auto thinking to really saying about the newsletter is, we recently got tired of the 10 thousand readers. It's kinda still small fry if you've got like a big game mentality and you want to share. That's real hard graph, like the first year. At least we got three, you'll save thousands like thing. And it's real hot graphs right in and use lots of not logs in budget. And so I constantly told myself like I'm doing this for me. Like the reason that I started this newsletter was so I could learn the thing, so I could read, write it, so I can share it. And that's Office for me. And for my learning. Not from my ego is a big newsletter and tell people about my big news. That's not as helpful. Because for consumer brands like this, it's not a beautiful thing. Yes, we'll acorns, big trees, et cetera. So you have to start somewhere. Understanding my y for the news lots and was really powerful. So that's actually technically where Heights, which was known as doormen started. And his great luck. I still get people sometimes sending feedback. They like I didn't start getting your license you would do on et cetera. And then my daughter has been going through a mess as long as Heights, Heights was which we can talk about two heights. I learned this is fun, fun, funny story, but I learned quickly that Dawn was a ridiculous. But basically if every liquid in America, so it's not like a small brand, it's like a giant household. Every single home in America. I quickly learned that the trade model is going to be impossible. And completely caught up with the good news about that was in my mind as I write. So dawn is like a period of my life, which is great. There's something nice about that is they don't alter. Do you think there's not necessarily, but new things I'm gonna mess away. I was like that's quite cool. And started developing heights and the brand for height and a messaging platform and everything. Heights pretty early on it say like two months into writing dawn, I knew that I wasn't No, no end up cooling the company dwell on near it wasn't gonna be all thing. That was going to be Heights and started thinking voters height sand fall was it's about and we did that. Me and my business partner did did the Brown Bullock on heights nine months in silence without any leakage of what we were up to, whatever like on top of the door and stuff. So dormi we're using to get customer feedback was always the same thing. And I, we were doing all this work for heights under the radar. And when we launched at a 100 of fresh, new, completely different look and stuff, which was quite hard at times because then he was managing two brands, right? I'm co-founder of dawn knowing that we were going to change it. It's like a year, which is a whole other thing because obviously people like to make a relationship with what you do. So changing the name of your company too late as not a good thing either. But we also didn't want to rush the round development like developing a really good brands stands for something looks different. That has a tone of voice and all these things that takes loans of customer research, like you can't rush them and we make a physical product, right? So this is all a bottle, this is a completely custom molded bottle. These petals that are patented capsules, they like all of the different things as he, months and months and months, and you don't want to print the wrong fucking logo on these things, so you'll screw. So you have to really be patient building a brand with physical products. But yeah, so I've done some rambling, but that's sort of the background to this is really, really interesting and I think it's amazing. You started to where you are now and you say, hey, you know, you really grafted hard for 10 thousand followers and sounds like really worked really hard to get to where you are now. Yes, I think a real truism like there's working hard, is working small. That as we'll say, like working with passion and purpose. So my last company was a company called grapple. And we had we had actually was called Moby another we had 2.5 on this program was called popcorn. And they both went pretty viable and they've had millions of users protocol visibilities, train arrived, gravel was the shopping up. We want loads of Awards which obviously great for the ego still had all the imposter syndrome, just different category. And the reality is didn't love it. I knew I didn't have and I was always very honest about it, saying it wasn't my ball company, which is y equal to z. Thought we'd be building my velocity at heights and still have the vision that we will. You know, I thought I'd start that. The reality is, I burned myself out. My Welcome to Oz. I can go to bed for three months. I felt really horrific. And this wasn't really a tasted like nutrition or anything else, is just like a case of always being locked into working on a company. I wasn't really loving. It was in Castlevania, wasn't massively fast way like I'll name Moneymaker was grappled and that was didn't care that much. Like a cat enough, but not loads. I wouldn't say I was passionate about it. And that's a really interesting thing. And there's lots of different ways to get blown out. But I think one of them is, you know, when you're forced to work on something and not really passionate about, now, I must suffer. The other problem that hides the other polymer heights is I think by now could creep up out of nowhere because I wake up every single day so unbelievably fulfilled. And as someone who's just like uncial older guys listening in, spent lockdown since February, it'll today much agrees porch column Wednesday to basically see something that isn't inside of my bedroom. So, you know, spending all that time in my bedroom, not seeing my business partner, NOT seeing anyone among the sprite vulnerable. And I wanted to see her once a week. So I really isolated dots being a practical sense to digging deep, not how to basically had two days off, which is terrible, terribly off-brand. Pop. The passion drives so strongly. You don't really feel like you're burning out. You don't really feel like you need the rest. And that's another really interesting warning sign. And because logically I know that that's not the case. Logically. I know obviously I should get fancy myself. So I'm going to take a week off when I get to Portugal at some point, whenever feels practical for us it on myself. But I think that's a really interesting thing. Light when you're trying to manage your brain, you know, there are times when you can suffer thought out for all, not lacking the hogs but not really nothing what you did. And now run the times when you can almost ignore the signs of it simply because you're not nothing and what you say because he will not be what you do so much that you were just do every day and that's not healthy either. So I think it's been really interesting journey, just name the founder of a wellness brands as well. And recognizing that you do have to practice what you preach it as well. You can't just practically unconscious preach about brain wellness and then proudly admit that you've taken two days, they'll since February line, that's a badge of honor. That's clearly stupid. I needed to do something about it. So so true and I'm so glad that you highlighted the other side of the argument, which is yes, when you find a wise so big the how becomes redundant, which unlike you Hatton, sanitation, very official, official. I mean, I feel very lucky. And it's important to say, and I, I became an entrepreneur since I was 2633. Now, Sandra illness like Julio did not. Just not quite as cool. But the reality is it hit me like a is before I really found my wife. That's a long time to be in discovery mode. And over those career paths. And he's a bit of a Johnny, right? And we can be very frustrated with ourselves when we find it immediately. And I think the benefit to the attitude the iPads with myself is to remain curious. I think it's the case that when, you know, you know, and I don't want to like, immediately smack you in the face and say, hey, I'm the thing. You need to have a bit of curiosity to explore these things. So again, when I was starting out heights that were just two areas I was really fascinated by, right? One was environmental sustainability around consumer product goods and the other was with mental health. And in the enzyme's created and environmentally sustainable consumer product good within mental health. So that's worked really well, but I spent a long time investigating washing powders. I thought I was pretty phenomenon is gonna do like there's a lot of innovation space that really cool brands X small. A few hours. I just really, really great thinkings to environment, microphone, theologians, outside things. It just doesn't need to be that I have. Now is an area runs geeking out on. I think, a really interesting period for product discovery is the difficulty of having to choose. So when you can pick anything, it's not very helpful. When you narrowed it down to two things. It's a little more helpful. And then what we basically did, the logical thing that I did, which was good, was I asked a bunch of friends for advice. I happened by coincidence, I happened to have a friend who literally built and sold a business in the cleaning industry. And she was obviously full of insight. She knew the space inside out. I'm really peritoneal fat. Like very well. She did an amazing job and telling me never to do it. And it was helpful in animals. And like I was gonna compete with that because she'd already sold her business. She made me all the different things that cause the head excitement. A client necessarily doesn't really sound like I know. It's funny like way of thinking about but no one had done that in the mental health space, right? People? Yes. You're going to have dog compensations? Yes. People are going to say things like, you know, you need a different kind of mental fortitude to work in a space like not quite publicly. For those the things I feel like I can not only handle, but things that I would love to develop skills over a period of time. And I said how I landed in this space. And yeah, I'll let you I'll let you ask another question. Sand for a Randall any further as far and it's great because this is what I sort of bow is people and connect with the person behind the brand because it in a day, people by people like, like and as Sam's going to devote, humans do supplements while. But before we get onto that, let's explore the supplement. And let's go with the fantastic model of why Howard wall. So why should people be taking the highest brain supplement? Should people be taking supplement and how to measure your hands on it. And what are the benefits? So I know from the IE, but we've gotten fun. So yeah. I mean, there's two versions of this I would like to share. One is I can happily do the pitch. And then a really interesting thing I'd love to share is a bit of the journey behind the way even started. But it's also a question first and foremost. The, why should people will take Height's predominantly the really responsible answer for everyone listening is for convenience, because everything in heights you can get and you'll whole food diet. And if you are someone who is responsible or irresponsible or a bit more than responsible if you're someone who is really, really not nutrition, right? You loved you really like the hours spent in the kitchen and meditative practices where you're holding a skill and that way you derive your pleasure. You should really think deeply about whether what you're cooking and making its pressing your brain fast. Because when you put your brain with nutrition, the rest falls into place. So if you find yourself sleeping, low-energy, exhausted, unable to focus, and even most of the basic ones, then I'll just leave the downstream ones anxious, slightly depressed, and other things. So much evidence that nutrition plays a key part in that. It's not. And this was a discovery for me from reading science papers and stuff, right? The awareness of the problem is super loud. But the scientific discovery of this is it's everywhere. It's fascinating. So we know the nutrients that all brains needles because you just got to dissect the brain and look at how it runs to say, this is essentially what your brain is doing. So like any other organ in your body, your brain is running on a certain supply of nutrients, how it thrives. And so if you eat those things in your diet first and foremost, you will fail over a 1-2-3 month period. Within and beyond, you will feel uplifted, you feel energetic, you will be able to sleep longer and more deeply at night. It will be a little too much about getting to save us on staying, staying asleep is more important. And you'll feel less anxious during the day. You'll have more focus and more clarity, miracles. I do you actually recognize that? I feel just every day. I feel better now, 93 months banks and he thinks that's what will happen if you put your brain class with nutrition and same with hydration right now, all heights is, is taking that scientific legit and putting it into a single product for convenience. So being responsible, we never tell anyone at HD first and foremost take itself has its not true first and foremost, improve your diet. What you learn is, by the way, I want to spend a little bit more time now. So I love the fact that you've actually told people know and supplement isn't what you need. And unless you will be going to a vegetarian and fairness, in which case you do need it. You need supplements if you've economy vegetarian, say Anna Hazare vegetarian. And somebody who was VG is even more important reality and is thus often unlike any supplement, is something that should be supplementing your diet. You're telling us. An excuse to have a bad diet, but it really is a very good sensible things when pests in your brain and policies, nutrition and well-being through that, just literally what we run them as human beings, it's nonnegotiable. So the big problem in the space is that a 0 when it's not and nobody gives a shit, right? So there are many things that we'll think on a daily basis are going to make us feel better. There's many decisions that will make on a daily basis, but we think we're going to make us well call to foster Chaka, etc, etc, etc. But like with all things with well-being, I'll bodies literally run all the food we eat. So if you're not prioritizing that, then you're going to. This is a simple common sense argument with heights were about convenience and that is ultimately what you're getting with the supplement. It is a lot cheaper office even cooking the food. It is also been cooking and eating that food, but it's certainly not as tasty. So each to their own. Secondly, on the, how did people take Height's preferably in their mouth with water? And obviously if you want to use as a repository that I wrote about your sense of humor. My preference is actually done anything to it through that mouth with water. But the cool thing about heights is we spent a lot of time on and on understanding habits. So the way that we think about that a long time it doesn't habits company. Jordan, We've always Hispanic and not as quite a lot, but we believe fundamentally a height, a healthy brain is the key to a happier life. And all roads on a happy life lead to a healthy brain. If you think about like everything, you'll like greatness and your entire body, everything that you do, not just your policies and your sense of well-being, but your bodily functions, everything it has to do with having a healthy brain. So thought is limited and human life is limited. And so the one way that we think about how to have a healthy brain is ultimately trying to build systems and habits. Positive habits, way, negative habits in the long run, because we will create habits. That's literally the brain's simple, smart way of conserving energy. So just for some fun facts, the brain is one of the lightest organs in your body this way, very much like how the power is mostly fat is the greatest sign of your energy. And so it takes 20% of your blood flow and energy, which is outrageously disproportionately for all the other organs in your body. So the way that it conserves energy as building a habit. So I quit neural pathway to design effect. Now saying might be on, you know, I'm, I get negative habit that you had like for years and years and years I bite my nails will assign some negative. Something that became habitual. Mit a positive. How did that you might be able to get yourself into the process of drinking a glass of water every health Allah, which is obviously a very good thing today. So on Brown for a second. And we got to everyone take us it. The reality is we know as a company and we're more likely to help people to fulfill the vision of healthy brains towards a happier life if we can encourage them to start having positive habits for that brains health and mental wellness. We designed a capsule with that in mind. One of the main reasons we learned when we were doing research was most people to buy supplements. There's normally a problem of getting people in the funnel, if you will, at buying supplements. And lots of people experiment with buying supplements and Fox crazy numbers like 55% of all Americans in the US takes off limits every week as 45% of people in the UK, it's enormous habitual thing. However, notice has to be way bigger than I wish it was. However, getting people to keep doing it is a whole different thing. Now the reason for that is because a is two main reasons. One is that supplements I just walk over night, right? It's not a cure. It's wellness is investing in better future you buying into that is not quite good enough. You still need to build a habit around doing that. And then the second thing is there's a lot of crappy supplements on the market. It's very, very, very, very old category where it doesn't basically there is a minimum amount of ingredients that you can put inside any soften that in the wild. And retailers with all the claims because with a marketing benefit. A great example of this and I louis shuttling because it's such a joy. Seven Cs, which is the number one best-selling. Yeah, well, you know not so you'll be able to read on your own package. This is the amazing thing about supplements because they were all anyone that's on something as legally bound to print the information on that. Seven CSL Omega-3 oil number one, brown and the whole entire world. And what you don't know is that what they do because it's on evidence in tiny print, vapor and 45 milligrams of oil into everyday, he does in that number one best-selling put up. But the minimum amount, according to science, you need for a healthy brain is 250 milligrams. So you need to take 70 years for six days straight just to get one day's worth of what science says you need. Now in heights, we put 350 milligrams and every day you guys, because we like to go above and beyond. But it's really interesting because we get to make the same claim they do. There is a difference. The difference is we just feel very strongly about we funded the science was this scientific dosage that'll make an impact in someone's health. That's the amount that we'll put in and no less. There's two things that become really interesting route not one is product decision. So if for example, we can't put Magnesium and swap product because even they, magnesium is great for energy as a great products is great for your brains, helping, massively recommended to people in general and all the people are magnesium deficient. We can't put enough magnesium. And to make a scientifically, we can only put in enough to make a claim. So if we put magnesium that I'll put off, we'd be ripping customers off from a brand promise. Now, magnesium, magnesium and evolves. You listened but you're basically being written off you, magnesium attempts product. You basically say 24 pills that magnesium If you want to take magnesium ME. So the supplement industry is very odd because it's murky and people get away with modular, then it gets to educate customers incorrectly. So you think you're getting what you're getting. However, legally they all required to put all of this information on that. And you will see later that Jordan seven C's bottle, it will say, and I stress and on the back with asterisks, it will tell you how much you should be getting on the RGI. And you'll realize it's not what they sell, this bizarre. So I left them behind years ago. Yeah, good. Good. But this is the thing and say, it is one of those annoying catch degrees when he has a lot of cheap products. But actually what price is a really important thing. Supplements and actually you get what you pay for. So that was one of the things we learned was with one of the reasons why people don't stay. They never feel anything from any necessarily sense of improvement. Well, it's very hostile sets recruitment if what you're getting on a day by day is a sixth of what you were meant to be getting, not just a joke, right? And so that was one thing we learned. And then the other thing we learned about loading this habit was really fascinating was the old supplements. Hey, here's my MVP box and of heights, which will look familiar or possibly indefinitely. But this type of most common he's kinda bottles. So that's how the industry works. They can easily come in blister packs, and that's just how the industry, by the way then only it is literally because they systemizing, obviously they systemized things to scale. So it just retail shelves that way inside to how things differently and even bottle, bottle supply lines as we learned in possibility what's changed since we're that we saw them. And we learned by going into people's homes. Well, firstly, we asked people this customer development phase. We asked people, what do you take? People with constant tell us all these different supplements. But then when they would get rounds telling us their habits, they would actually get out to the hardware. And the reason they go out to the habit is because they usually keep us off when it's in a drawer or in a cup. So out of sight, out of mind. Now, as you know Jordan, the best way of building a habit is, is your environment is to print it around you. If you want to build a habit around something, you put it in front of you. If you want to drink a glass of water, wreck reality, you have a full glass of water every hour. And if you want to be a real stickler for it, you pull on rheology, remind you if you want to remember to take your supplements in the morning, he put them out in front of you. That's just how shit works. But the reality is, when you're little bottles are ugliest, you don't tend to do that. So what we learned was we asked very polite ladies raw newsletter readers of the time like we're asking and the habits will aging, etcetera. We also go into homes and just see what they like. That's why would it getting out to the 100? And actually, a lot of people had these supplements puppets. And we're full of loads and loads and loads of different products that we're basically all started another finished. And part of the problem really was they they they were learning. So he does my wife thought I think things that she wouldn't be seen, but she definitely will. They actually January so long as the word huge and your wife in the same sentence and get very, very, very, very, very plentiful. I was like, yeah. Back in the bottle was the thing with staying in cognitive like broken promises, right? Say people would still describe the stuff to them and they'd open it and it'll be like overwhelmed with the sense of memory and memory, by the way, as, you know, it's such an emotional thing if you really want to remember something that's touching memory till it will. This is opening a cognitive memories of promises you made yourself in January and stick to it was not good. So you look at Angular I if I do the vitamin C today, kind of go to the zinc like all of those things. I'm not gonna do it, and I close it again. So we spent ages designing this fonts a little Which is like sustainable. It's through the letterbox, gets 60 pills. You know, this is a whole design project, but designs. I run a clay when I run it labor like I think people will find it funny. And not surprisingly, it was, the men would generally like, whenever the Whitman will, I know if I want something so nice. It's got to look at Center. My sort of be aesthetic is going to be beautiful and different. And so we designed this with feedback from mostly women saying this is the kinda thing. I pulled my bedside table. Now, last one side, the other side is the pill itself. So mostly with supplements. If you need to take them, you need to take everything. That's difficult if you're fasting, for example, it means Econ statements. So lunch. But also the idea of taking something that's really the reason for that is because they need to be filled with fat foods that January facts, right. So you need to absorb them effects again into your bloodstream. These we use these passengers capsules. I'll show you one, which I like completely bespoke designs and basically and this was the other thing that's happening long, long, long time. We got very lucky that the packaging designs or commerce as long as it still design. But we see that it is an Amiga three capsule with actual floating inside it. And why? And that's so important is because that is a dual released, slow release capsule with Omega-3 oil on the outside, which is pure fats. That's all omega3, only Alice. And when it dissolves, it dissolves in your bloodstream with the thoughts. And it means you don't need to take a look through it. You can, if you want to note that people do and some people decided as fanciful them. Thought was really cool to say is the ability to not have too. And what that means is you put those two things together, right? You put it in a bottle that has no outside out in line. But as annual face every single morning on your bedside table or at your workstation before you've left the house. It's in and a design that you don't have to take because you don't have to wait. So we mutually eradicated the things that we learned were the reasons why people go out of their habits. So by doing those things, people start the habit. Because again, if you decide to become a customer of heights, you've chosen the path of looking after your brain's health and mental wellness on a daily basis. But just by choosing that Paul doesn't mean that you're gonna stick on the path because you're a human being. So everything you can do to help someone recreating that memory on a daily basis. That's how you get into the cadence. And by building that cadence, you're building up a healthy habit. And if the first thing that we do with Office products that the company has built up a daily habit of ripping off your brain's health with the nutrients rif over a three month period, you're far more likely to have stocked with this habit. Therefore, feel the benefits, therefore will be a lifer. I once you're a lifo with our products, the other products and services well, for him to start to make a lot more sense because you trust the way that we've approached the whole thing. And so this was really systematically, it really thoughtful design process that we put in the, we never would have known if we were just like we're just going to take us up on it, right. Or if we just, for example, like I'm sure people might be aware of new tropics. If we would just say we want to just make some neutral picked people like to like working on, like double time mental capacity. There's two problems with that. One is the, a lot of that is over-promise and London, Geneva. Because guess what? Like everything in life you've got to work hard for things that you want to improve that. And the second thing is I would just be packaging up a bunch of different random fills into its actually, which is what mostly in the tropics companies do. And that's fine. But if you want to have kind of already preaching to someone who's amazing habits, right? If you're already eating one of your lunches and takeaway and measuring everything micrograph on microgram. And you will ready. Absolutely killing it turns on, on terms of the cadence, but that's not how most normal people lived on life. Rule generally quite fallible. And anything that a company can do to help nudge you along in the right direction is a company's responsibility if they want to be successful. So even from the outside, w 25. First Assessment: the first step to the mythology, the F The first assessment This is not so simple or you need to remember, is rapid pre reading. But what Santana again, So I'll quickly refresh it. We need to look at the title. Sounds obvious, but common sense isn't common practice with any to assess. How long is it gonna take us by looking at the amount pages on the death of each wires and lines on each page? Then we need to see how much time we have as individual to go through this. If we only have 10 minutes, then we know we need to quickly scan and skim, picking out the key bits of information as opposed to doing an in depth scan with paces. And then we moved to Pappas. Why we've eating this? What we look at the game from this novel is helping motivation. We'll make sure that you're using a time efficiently because time is precious, so wasted wisely and finally, we need to look at the contents page to give you that overview of what you're about to take him. Doing. The vapid Previte fast will help you decide what speed reading technique you're gonna use in the activating in the next step 26. Active Reading: the second stage is the active reading. What speed and technique are you gonna use? This is a process where you need to actually do that. Rapid pre read and assess. What material is it? Is it online or hard? Copy. And they need to go for the checklist. If you use an r S V p, it only works online. Unfortunately, that's a software is only available online. However, if the hard copies or online you can use busted lighting on the Pacer technique for online , would lighting simply scroll down as you get along? So it covers up that line or usual Castle with the Pacer. Each line next you need to figure out Is that a mass report? Are there gonna be numbers involved? And if so, probably not best to use R S V P because you won't have the chance to go back because that's the whole purpose of R S v P. It's Dr Oppression. The same again with lighting, gliding prevents the question. So if you look in the equations, it's probably not best to cover them up as you go along, but one that will help you of the Pacers whenever you on the phone book. I'm sure if we still use them, you still use your finger to look for a number. So I encourage you to keep using the pace of whether that's numbers or words. And finally, when we want a fiction and non fiction I mentioned, I live in the course that speeding is a superpower, something you turn on and turn off usually at night time. You may have 20 minutes, and in fact you don't really want to speed read your high Potter novel. Instead, you take your time. So the R S v p I wouldn't recommend for fiction, but from non fictions that as an academic paper, feel free to put that into software. But as a caveat here, make sure you review the paper afterwards. Next we move onto sliding. I recommend that you only use it for fiction and not for nonfiction, because it does stop question once again. So make sure that if you are using gliding that you do go back in the view. So lift that card up on re vihd what you've just read. Once again, we come to our old friend who's our favor. The Pacer, the pace of works for all of them. Once again, this is either the physical or mental checklist you want to use when you get to second stage. 27. Storage: next we move into our fat stage storage how, you know, store the information you're taken in using the speed with techniques. Face it, we go back to our free old friends. We have the story telling my maps, Have memory Palace. We go to the fast technique, the story telling you beat the five worth of online and hard copies. And this pattern follows throughout with the my maps and memory palace with its digital, or how happy you'll be out to take that information and put it into ever format. Then we move our way down to words and numbers. Unfortunately, storytelling doesn't let's say work with equation the numbers because what's gonna happen is gonna get ever so confused. We have visual images, attachments, different associations and you're just gonna get muddled up. So instead, stick with just waas in key locations. But with my maps and memory palace, you will have the luxury of using up both words on numbers, moving our way down to the final step. Fiction or nonfiction. The good news is it works with all of them, so when you get to the story stage, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of what technique you use. In fact, you can combine quite few, as you mentioned earlier in Crete, your mind map and use story telling or the memory palace to remember that key information on the my man. 28. Transfer: Finally, we come to the final step T Stansell transfer. We're gonna look at the free stages you can use to transfer this into a long time in me. The first is teach what you actually estimated. The information. Make sure you pass on. Pay it forward. So teachings you've learned today teach someone else because some think once talk is twice lamb. With anyone down toe habit, you need to make speeding and in fact, any information you take on a habit, and the way you can do this is through space landing. There's a lot of studies done in space landing, and if you're interested more in depth, you'll see below a pdf where you can learn more. But to put it simply, you want to keep making sure you review the information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Creating a habit is hard than what it sounds. First, we need to look at the queue. So, for example, if you want to learn to read more, we need to put a queue of the book by a bedside table. It's every time you see that you have to then do an action, you pick it up just for one minute. This is called a tiny habit Tiny have. It's a great because what you'll find is that reading for one minute may turn into reading for 20 minutes on what you'll find it because it seems so small, effortless. It's easy to do and you do on a daily basis. Finally, you'll have that award. That is the final step for the habit formation. You need to make sure you have some sort of award in place. Whether once you finished that book, you award yourself by buying another book. All you treat yourself and some of a form all that you decide. But make sure you make a habit. Teach people have reviewed the information. Don't let it connect test. 29. How to Speed Read Everyday!: I finally thank you. It's not been easy on I warned you the beginning. You might be mad with frustration, but you persisted. You've learned. And hopefully by comparing your first test your final one, you've seen that you've increased your reading speed by 200% and maintained and if not improve your comprehension. If, however you did him, make sure you revisit some of the content, contact me or leave your question in the discussion section, or myself of the community can answer your question. And don't forget to download your satisfy certificate to show the world that you are now satisfied Speed reader. 30. BONUS: How to Speed Read With Dyslexia : So how do you speed read If you have too sexy speed reading isn't limited by your physiology is affected by your beliefs and force. And that's why we adjust your mindset. Begin with. So what if you do have to sexy the key principles You wanna be taken away from the course she always wanted be using a pacer. Pacers are crucial for you to make sense and keep track off the words that you're taking him next. Gradually increased abating speed. So for some of the drills, and as you move forward, make sure that you're no increasing speed too fast because comprehension is an issue we don't make any West. So what we'll do is gradually see that progress over extended period of time. And finally we come to the mind maps I've ever about the my maps. But for people of dyslexia, make sure use them not just as a note taking strategy, but as a thinking tool to make sense of everything around. You use my maps for by academic life on our planet to make sure that you know, the faster you read, the faster you learn 31. APPLICATION: Pomodoro : to use the Pomodoro technique in your day to day life, head over to the chrome Web store again. This time, enter strict workflow once you've installed at your says Little red tomato, which in Italian is Pomodoro. That's why it's called Pomodoro technique and Start, or you Do is left looking and you see a timer begins the only through the minutes go down, and then once you're finished, all you want to take a break. Simply click again, and you can have two options where you'll be able to edit the work on the break time. You can also create a ring so you know when time's up and, more interestingly, which I havent used your exact little willpower. You can block certain websites, so during the 25 minute period, you can't go on them. I don't really use this feature cause there's times where I do need on Facebook. I need to speak to someone on day. I have to go into the app to them removed, so I would advise no using this and use your will power. But that's how used strict workflow. Very simple, very functional on to reset it. You just have to left like it again. And I could say, When the break time comes, it runs automatically, and then you start your next Commodore.