Spark AR Yennefer (Witcher) effect for Instagram / Instagram Mask | Ekaterina Usova | Skillshare

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Spark AR Yennefer (Witcher) effect for Instagram / Instagram Mask

teacher avatar Ekaterina Usova, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What we'll be creating


    • 2.

      Shadows and lens edit


    • 3.

      Retouch and shadows meshes


    • 4.

      Face Shape


    • 5.

      Violet eyes


    • 6.

      Fire sparks


    • 7.

      Final part


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About This Class

Today we are going to create Yennefer mask using Spark AR.

We will change eyes color and face shape, add make-up and flying fire sparks.

Download face assets -

My instagram - @kate__kucher

Meet Your Teacher

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Ekaterina Usova



I am a designer a creator, currently living in Florida USA.  I have a passion for teaching people and creating amazing things. 

Do you want to learn new skills that are in demand right now? Do you choose to create, to be an artist in the modern world? Welcome to my courses!

My courses are designed for such an enthusiastic people as me, who always want to learn more! 

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1. What we'll be creating: Tulsa call into your Witcher whole Valley of Slanty Whole Valley of Plan T. Oh hi, Ron, when it was Kate. Welcome to my channel. I hope you guys have watched richer by Netflix or was playing the game. Or maybe even read the book. It's an amazing world, full of great characters, such as an effort Yenta for is a Witch, and it's famous for her immortal beauty. She always dressed in black and white gold. She used lilac and gooseberry perf use. She had wild eyes and the raven black hair. I can't make my hair black, but I really like her ice collar and her makeup, her dark green shadows. So my effect includes the following steps. Ed and shadows changed eyes collar. And yes, it will work on instagram changing face shape a little bit. Make lips fuller. No sinner. Andi, I want cheap boats and finally sparks off fire to finalize our magical character. 2. Shadows and lens edit: first thing first, the makeup. I used the female phase from classic asset pack. You can download it. I put the link in the description. Open this file in fought a shop, add a new layer. Next, we need to choose a color. I choose this dark green and start throwing using a very soft brush. Let's do it for both eyes. Yeah, All right. Make the bed ground layer invisible and save our shadows as a PNG file. Ah, this is the simple technique you can use to draw any eye shadows and any makeup. The asset pack also has a male face, not only female, so you can use Boss. Besides, the makeup I need to edit my islands is I found this picture off. Contact lands on the Web and off course. You guys see that? It's not while it and the background is not transparent. Yeah, not good. But don't worry. I'll deal with it. The white background can easily cut in photo shop on. Since the lands is light blue that is almost white, We can change the color and spark A are later 3. Retouch and shadows meshes: Okay, let's create a new project and add a face much. I rename it Tiu touch and and and touch. Material shaded type is 2022. 21 is Okay. Okay. Next, let's add another prince mush for our makeup. Put it on our based Rucker soon's college. Mika. I'm gonna add our dark green shadows here. So to do that, I add another material. Rename Teoh Makeup and, um Shader Tigers face paint. No, I need Teoh. Choose my texture, texture. It looks pretty funny and his phase. But let's change to mine. Maybe it's to green way. Have this render options here so I can change the opacity and brightness before reading the eyes color. I want Teoh change the face trade a little bit. 4. Face Shape: to do that. I add another face mush. Put it on my face. Stryker again. Let's rename it how it looks funny with my mike. Okay, um, rename it Teoh, for example. And here we have deformation. So what I've done is, um I added so I selected a three d face which I have created earlier help to do it. I have another video where you guys can see how to do it, but, um, shortly it's go Teoh this website upload three d face from reference asset pack and deformity the way you want. But remember that spark your team doesn't like and doesn't approve effects with plastic surgery. So make sure that you wore face is steel natural. It still looks natural after your deformation. So what I did is that, uh, cheekbones. My nose is Sener now, and we'll lives. It's fuller. So invisible 5. Violet eyes: next. Let's add our violet eyes. So I add a plane object. Okay, so now the plane object iss behind my face mask. All right. Next. Let's Ed and cheerio, you cereal. It's one. Name it Itchy eyes. OK, now I choose my car. I choose my lenses New texture. OK. Oh, right. So here is my islands but of course, it's not on its place. Um so my next step is to make it violet. So click on color and the color I like Okay, the opacity Sentence T. Okay, so and I have two eyes, so right click on my plane object and duplicated No help. Chillin says Ok, ok. And now we need to place them on our eyes. I select my plan object gives you the inspector panel and find these actions but a bottom here. So click position on face on and left eyeball thing this patches were created automatically and it makes you work faster, which is great. So first of all, I need to adjust the size. So I said like my play an object again When skill here. And um let's fix it. Okay. Nice pass City and Teoh. So now I see the problem when I close my eyes, The lance is still here. It shouldn't be like that. Really shouldn't. So I'm gonna fix it. So to do it. Ah, find face record here. And the face output. And that's find left. I closed. All right, left. I closed. And the next patch is not Not okay, so ive my left eye is not closed. Then I should see. Ah, this Let's this plane object. So I go ahead and create the visible. I create the patch from this visible option here and now I just need to connect them. Good. So now when I close my eyes, no man's is here. Great. So, um, we need to do the same thing for our great I. But before we do it, I want you to pay your attention. That although I chose, um, left Eyeball spark have added eyelid patch instead of eyeball. That's okay, because you know that Instagram doesn't support viable patch and I don't know why. I think they should support it, but OK, but this island patch can work good with ice collar. Oh, you need to do is just add this. I closed patch on and not a patch on. And that's all. It works pretty good. I want to do the same thing for my right eye. I wear the same for I would reach I so Ah, hey, Stryker phase right. I closed. Not and create a patch from visible. Okay, Tested. And it works good. Really good. I love this violent ice love ticket out. I look pretty nice. It looks pretty eyes. Where's my girls? 6. Fire sparks: So the last thing I want to do is to add virus funds flying. So to do that way, add what right? Political system Jax Medical System. Okay. And it's only somewhere here. Okay. All right. Thank you. Do not connected. Teoh your face record. Let's first ad material, new material. Rename it to fire on and I select new texture. I'm gonna use this fireball. This is PNG file. Transparent background again. Okay. Where is it? Sit. Need to move it. Okay. It's not It's somewhere here. All right? So yeah, I like I really like this viable. It works fine for me, but I'm gonna choose this'll material and ah, just a passage. He a little bit like this. Okay, now I need to move my So let's go back, Teoh. Immature duty inspector panel and bring I just want to adjust in the way I wanted, but course she just just way wanted borough 3 to 15 once you make them slower. Que And next, I could see medical and find life span, so I want them to live longer. So instead, off less than one second, I select each seconds and now they leave longer on my and I don't like this radio change into one. Yeah. And yes. Now the particles fly around me alot around to you, Uh, which is great. Well, I really like the result. It Let's 7. Final part: But let me know if you that if you think that this shadows are too much Okay, just leave comments below right? If you have black hair, this effect should work even better for you. I have submitted this effect for review, but I don't know how long it takes for it to be approved. Because I used this deformation, my face effect. And you know, when you use a face shape, it always takes more than ever each time so. But anyway, you can check out my instagram. You find all CSO does call into your Witcher whole valley off plan anti overlay of plan C. Thank you. One time Tulsa. Call into your witcher How Valley of Slanty Whole valley of plant e and together your turn .