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Spanish Course LEVEL 2 (Past Tenses and Pronouns)

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      How to Work With This Course


    • 2.

      Clase 1 Presente Simple y Ejemplos


    • 3.

      Clase 1 Verbos Irregulares cambios


    • 4.

      Practica Presente Simple


    • 5.

      Practica Presente Simple Parte II


    • 6.

      Clase 1 Necesidad, Deseo, Razón Práctica


    • 7.

      Clase 2 Presente Continuo Ejemplos


    • 8.

      Practica Presente Continuo


    • 9.

      Clase 2 La Casa partes y adjetivos


    • 10.

      Practica Partes de la Casa


    • 11.

      Clase 2 Objetos de la casa


    • 12.

      Clase 2 Describir un salón Preposiciones


    • 13.

      Practica La casa Vocabulario


    • 14.

      Clase 2 Describir Material Práctica


    • 15.

      Clase 3 Aspecto Físico, Describir Material


    • 16.

      Clase 3 Textos


    • 17.

      Practica Descripción Física


    • 18.

      Clase 3 Relaciones y Adjetivos Posesivos


    • 19.

      Clase 3 Posesivos Práctica


    • 20.

      Clase 4 De compras Comparativo


    • 21.

      Clase 4 Superlativo Adjetivos


    • 22.

      Clase 4 Adjetivos y Pronombres Demostrativos


    • 23.

      Clase 4 Diálogo Práctica


    • 24.

      Practica Pronombres Demostrativos


    • 25.

      Clase 5 Vacaciones y Texto


    • 26.

      Clase 5 Pretérito Indefinido y Verbos


    • 27.

      Practica Indefinido Conjugación


    • 28.

      Clase 5 Dar opinión sobre el Pasado


    • 29.

      Clase 5 Pareció Parecieron práctica


    • 30.

      Clase 6 Deportes y Ejemplos


    • 31.

      Practica Pretérito Indefinido (texto)


    • 32.

      Clase 6 Biografías Ser & Estar


    • 33.

      Clase 6 Objeto Directo Práctica


    • 34.

      Practica Pronombres OD


    • 35.

      Clase 7 Pretérito Imperfecto


    • 36.

      Clase 7 Hay & Había ejemplos


    • 37.

      Clase 7 Era & Estaba ejemplos


    • 38.

      Clase 7 Frecuencia práctica


    • 39.

      Clase 8 Pasado y Presente


    • 40.

      Clase 8 Preposiciones y Pronombres


    • 41.

      Clase 8 Pronombres Indirectos


    • 42.

      Practica Pronombres OI


    • 43.

      Clase 8 Salidas


    • 44.

      Clase 9 Intenciones & Proyectos


    • 45.

      Practica Presente y Futuro Próximo


    • 46.

      Clase 9 Futuro Simple ejemplos


    • 47.

      Clase 9 Obligaciones Práctica


    • 48.

      Clase 10 Presente Perfecto


    • 49.

      Clase 10 Usos y Ejemplos


    • 50.

      Clase 10 Conectores Práctica


    • 51.

      Next steps


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About This Class

¡Hola! Soy Flor, I'm a Spanish teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With this course you're take your Spanish to the next level, I'll guide through new grammar points, vocabulary with loads of examples like texts and dialogues.

This course is perfect for people that have some knowledge of Spanish, studied using apps or know just the basics. We'll go step by step to improve your Spanish and practise!

All the 10 lessons are tailored from the basics to the most complex. Every class is divided into parts (videos) so you know what you're learning.

In this class you'll learn:

  • to talk about the past (indefinite and imperfect past tenses)
  • to express habits and routines in the past
  • vocabulary connected to sports and physical appearance
  • how to use prepositions
  • to describe your house
  • the basics of the direct and indirect objects pronouns
  • loads of new expressions to give your opinion, to invite somebody out,
  • to express likes, habits, frequency and more!
  • and practice

You can get a downloadable resource pack with all the contents from the course and exercises to practise and study at your own pace!

To keep improving your Spanish join the Intermediate Spanish Course - B1 Level

Spanish with Flor

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


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Level: Intermediate

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1. How to Work With This Course: how to work with the's course. So every lesson follows the structure from basic to dialogues on more complex texts. Watch the lessons pause. Read out loud. Write down notes. Fine words in the in the dictionary. If you have doubts, every lesson, as I said before, has practice. So I recommend that after you watch all the videos, you pause. You take your time on you, use a resource pack or the cheat sheet to do the activities. I also recommend that you write riel sentences about yourself so then that learning will be more meaningful and more real for you. If you have any doubts, right it in the comments on and any suggestions you have, you can write them below, and I'll be happy to read them Happy learning. 2. Clase 1 Presente Simple y Ejemplos: Ola is dies Classic, you know, And in this lesson, we're gonna learn on revise the present. Simple indicative. We're going to see a few changes. The most frequent changes, but that are a lot more on. You're gonna learn how to express necessity. Wishes on it to give reasons. I will give you tons of examples on practice, but I sent this implicit in the cattle. This is a present symbol on the first thing we're gonna to revise its the uses Rousseau's salsa batter routine as Rabbitohs de corrupcion iss A chose a chose means a fact. Okay, so routines, habits, description and facts I'm going to read a text. This is about me. Have a look at the verbs that I am. I'm marked in blue. These are changed because I'm talking in the first person. Okay, so listen on. After that, if you want a pause on, repeat after me or read aloud. You can do it. So I will read the text on If you want. You can pulse after. Listen carefully. Me number s Florencia tangled in the unanimous. So we the window scientists are Andina, so I profess aura Radio mus May Costa Bihar layer ico Sener Main Kanda Kaminer E Cooter Lario. Okay, some off the expressions and phrases we've seen them in the previous course. Remember the difference between my ghost? Um encanta so, e tango, If you haven't watched the first course and you have doubts about these, I recommend that you go back and watch those lessons. It's toys, although text Oh, okay. There's another text. So I'm gonna read. This is about Luis Fonsi. He's a singer. OK, so I'm going to read the text and then you can have a look at the burbs. So this is about he So his name ease, He sees he plays. Okay, You can pause the video after I read and then practice rating allowed. Okay. So listen carefully. L said Yama Louise policy is the sank one. Puerto Rico. A suit and hunting. So companias Selkin said there Really. Deanna were in the union Anya's Ocala Terra ill piano Lego Stop la musica pop Balata irrigate on tambien leg Austin love coaches He lost the parties The end of those sickos Viva in una casa in Miami. Consul sickos poza So I poza say Yama Argueta isoc echoes the German Mikola Hiroko Okay, you can pause a video here 3. Clase 1 Verbos Irregulares cambios: This is for you to remember that some off the burbs in the present simple indicative are irregular. So variables present indicative able algunos cambios frequent is some off the changes that you may find and these are some examples. Okay, but that are more the 1st 1 when the o changes into U E all i o n nobody him blood way, though. Where this wedding weddin. Okay, if you look at the verb body most that's regular. That doesn't change other examples. Very. And at quarter that Issy OK, so it's the same rule. If you want to say I go back, you would say your well because it's the same rule changes the second taint. It's when he turns from e to i e a scene. Get it? We saw these verbs in the previous scores. If you don't know, write them down. Okay, I'm right. Then the meaning in in your own language get it? So get very changes into Kyoto key Ettus key ETA Kiet in the only one that its regular is today most no So seeming to the verb kidded and then there Andi Ben Sadam Yes. So they follow the same changes the 3rd 1 ease when he changes from E to I, as in Belize, but it means to ask. So we would say be, though, be this be they're beaten the one that its regular East Betty most no. Soto's no so dressed petty moves. Other verbs that are similar are Vesti LA said set of Etem. Yes, so they will follow the same rules. The same changes. The last one is from sea to sea seem as seen. Go No started to know or to meet somebody. The only regular is the first person. Go no school or gone Osco that are two different pronunciations, Um, so the only one that it's a regular is the 1st 1 Go no scope. The other ones are, Cano says. Go no, say Carlos Amos Arneson. Other verbs that are similar art that I will seed Gondo, see them. So if you want to say I drive or translate, you would say Your travel SCO, your candy yusko on the other ones will be travel, says Brother. Will said Rather, Wilson, those emails Okay, so these are some off the frequent changes. What I recommend is that you always check with the Spanish Online congregate er 4. Practica Presente Simple: On this video, we're gonna do present the simplest practica. Pn, ES graveyard osteon is gone less pallidus. Here you will have a photo and you will have this word, Joe, a linear. So what you have to do is think of a sentence using the present simple. I buy online. You can take a few minutes before I show you the answer, you can pause the video if you want to write it down or if you need more time. So remember, I'll show you a photo and then you'll have to think of a sentence using the present simple. Remember to pause if you need more time. Let's see the answer. Elaborate request that is Joe and linear. Violence of L proximal Asia is to the university that that is a jack is Julia en la universidad Proxima Asia. They said United Auto Imodium. That is a job. They said You are less auto image area. Remember when we talk about the time we say Alice auto in media at 830 edges of Athena is a Joe's, a low-fee Siena. They work ADLs. But oxymoron, a Joe's Glossina, they hit that lists. That is a Joe's cosine, then they hit Dallas. But oxy my makin Asia live on data set then brand now. So attention here, this is a reflexive verb that will reflect CBO. Elaborates, that is Ada Sullivan. Then Brando. Remember the difference between disparate data to wake up, live on Thursday to get up. But OK, Sima, ages, they said United, say DLS. Remember Latin means milk. That is a Joe's. They said Union City, Alice gone later. You can also say here a dose, this ideal city Alice E lead to ADLS correlating El Camino pleasure. That is El Camino lab Lyceum. But oxy my makin l. Liberals. That is lay liberals. But oxymoron photo Asia conducive movie VN. Vn means very well. Asia. Muy Bien. That is conducive, more avian. But toxemia, EMA Hen is to the power k. That is, is to Dia en el perky. But Oklahoma, american, Asia via had mucho. A lot. Mucho elaborates boys, that is Asia via mucho. She travels a lot. Asia, Bianca mucho, moiety N. This is the end of this practice, SSL financial days, the practica. Let's continue with more videos. 5. Practica Presente Simple Parte II: To continue the practice of the present simple you'll need. So in this exercise, you will need to match O'Neill. So I recommend that you write it down and then you check. So if you don't have paper and a pen, go and get it, pause the video, go and get it, and then let's start on it. Last Polaris, you have to match the words to make a phrase. On one side, we have all the subject pronouns, joel to Sandra, nosotros, WHO status. And here pay attention because there are two questions. And then we have the verbs, bold way most, T80, Kid, n, Bn, set and then this tail cafe, Colossians. Yeah, S I will read the book or the Francis cafe. So what do you have to do is match columnar, columnar, columnar trees. You have to match the three columns to make a phrase. So you can pause the video here to start writing the phrases, and then we'll check casa el video. But most of it does. Let's see the answers. So for the first one, pretty meadow, Joe ketone, cafe and dn this on poco differences. Sandra, pn, Kayla, CNCF, a reader. Nosotros, Volvo, most. Godzilla data than Volvo demos means to come back. We come back at five volt. Steady, scared and au cafe. So these are the answers. Check now if you need to pause the video and check, we're going to continue with more. Let's see the next one. Vamos a vital proximal own LS Polaris. Do know Ada, nosotros, ages, say translate VV most DNN, be this conduced. So remember p, This means to ask or to order comes from the verb. And it's irregular in the present simple. Camila, Tina, oh, Thailand, Lisa equals circa. Circa, remember means near circa key. Cinco idiom as a single idea, mass languages allow fussiness or you have to match the three columns. Only loves pellagra, see Lascaux, luminous butter as set of phrases to make phrases. Moussa, LVDT or key. That is a two-step process. Okay, Let's see the answers. Dressed West as you-all know. Kunduz go, I love the sinner. Conduced coal comes from the verb conducive to drive. To be this comida Tina or Thailand. Lisa. Do you order Chinese or Thai food? Asia produces a single nosotros VV most circa keep HOCN and the host. Do they have children? Acos DNA and the host? A movie and you can pause the video here to check your answers. Excellent, the vowels are continuous data. Let's continue. Or net loss. Polaris. Joe, EGN, nosotros aid? Yes. That is beer does reflexive, say the spirit than reflexive? Again, voi, var, more samples. So remember voi, that they come from the verb eat to go, but they are irregular. So pay attention here that they lost Domingo's. Then Brando loss Venus de semana. Alice does say, I've seen economy does the emperor annual Xena. So you can pause the video here. Bow set. It'll be there wacky, but as grubby to stresses, ie less sun. Yo voy, I'll see Nick. Economy goes to Ted SPR them Brando, loss Venus, the seminar. So here is a question. Yes. So do you wake up early on the weekends? Loss Venus de semana, van den Bradwell of the Siena. Dusky go early to the office, El Nino, Elephantina. Remember them, Brando, early data, the late nosotros, more samples. I'll ask those more salmons comes from the verb to have lunch. A jazz, say the spirit than that of the los Domingos. They wake up late on Sundays, set of spirit than data. They lost Domingo's. Again. You can pause the video here. What is Posada, LVDT wacky, but a tick yet to check. Excellent the movie. And let's continue on LS Polaris. Yo nosotros, mis amigos. Star. Meat animals to watch do at a mall comes from the verb, Sleep dormir. Vivace is to the n riba, the upstairs room, upstairs. And GSA, the Louisiana law not contused Padres, the vagus Eunice consume familiar with a wacky but SQL DB 2s process. Okay, Let's see the answers. Resp West, does joe dweller, mom, and Leviticus, yonder, Rebbe. I sleep in the upstairs room to vivace condos Padres. They buy Cassian is consu familiar. Nosotros media most delivery C or nella nausea. Mis amigos is to the n, n kasa. Excellent. Then you can pause the video here in case you need to check a bit more. Perfect though. Let's continue with more exercises on it. Last pellagra, joel, to Silvio me Madrid, EDO. Last cheek as the girls. Van. Way they're not robot has Tango. Most classes low, Salvatore's, Khan Lewis with Louis. Various EVM has many languages. The Vaca, CNS or Grassia. At glasses, they violate dancing lessons with espouse everyday wacky, but escalated to stresses. You can pause the video here to write your own phrases. Violence have less risk. Let's see the answers. Joe, tango, classes, low Salvatore's. Here we cannot say at glasses, because atlases has a preposition and that means thing. Okay? I have to go at glasses. Thing. Okay, That glasses. But when we say Tango, tango classes, we don't need a preposition here. To, no driver has gone. Lewis, you don't work with lists. Cbo way there are various CDO mass. He can speak several or many languages. Me mad radio kid and moles. We want to e to the vagus Uranus are Croatia. Less cheap gas van at glasses, the violin. So here is the verb to go ead, a classic violin. So the girls go to dancing lessons. You can pause the video here if you need more time to check your answers. Moynihan, excellent. So this is the end of the present simple practice and we're going to continue with more videos. Let's go vamos. 6. Clase 1 Necesidad, Deseo, Razón Práctica: express out of the sails necesidad Iraq's onus to express wishes, necessity and reasons we use the word. Get it? Yes, the one that we've seen before, Kiddo. Up in their espanol Kato aspirin there espanol por que and Marceau voy Pero Kato apprehend espanol para via hard. So here we're expressing what we want to dio on. Also, we're giving reasons so to give reasons we use Border K all we use the word bada okay, when we use the word border get that means because we saw it in the previous course. But if you haven't watched it, remember that pork it means because on we continue with a full phrase because in March I go to per room when we use the word powder we at a verve in infinitive Batavia Hard to travel so you can use either pork a on a full phrase or batter and a verb in indicative another way of expressing what we want. It's to say Medical studies megastar area of lard in espanol megastar area I've laid in espanol por que tengo amigos t Leno's megastar area of land in Espanol para us there no huevos amigos, So the difference between a megastar area of land in Espanol. Boracay tangle, amigo. Still a knows it means because I have Gillian friends on the last one to make new friends. Okay, So never Then the world patter is followed by your verb infinitive. Necesidad necesito is to the other espanol. Necesito estudio espanol Por que tengo examine iss in less quella necesito to the are espanol para mi trabajo. The last phrase would be I need to study Spanish for my work. Okay, Pata me trabajo dangle Give me harder me espanol make order means to improve dangle Give me hold our me espanol four k g eight Okano said Allah Familia Day means post tangle chemical Adamia spaniel part up and then their mass. So the second phrase would be paying locum accord Adamia spaniel pork a Kiyoko Ono said LF Amelia they means bozo Because I want to meet my husband's family Allowable democracy The last phrase A I have to improve my Spanish to understand more but and then there must Okay , I recommend that if you want to write this down you use that teach seats or this bunnies resource back on post a video on write down notes that opinion to give opinion. Remember the birth that to give. So there are three different weights Ways in which we can give our opinion. The 1st 1 is Goodale case important. Practical motor could a okay, last personas they even have large en espanol. So when we say Okay, okay, it's I believe that today. Okay on then You wouldn't continue with a full phrase like the 1st 1 would be. I believe that it's important to practice a lot. Moocher, Jokela personas They will never let unep annual. I believe that people should speak in Spanish Seem save on the pharma The second way May para se que el Espanol is more popular. May Perisic s Kuchar musica una buena practica. My Paris A k means it seems to me that okay, it's my opinion. I'm not, like, 100% sure it's not a fact is just my opinion may participate Game. Remember that Here I'm giving examples that are about me today. Okay. You okay? Okay. Okay. But you can change them if the person is Elk Creek to escape. So you would change According to the person on the last one. Pienso que el espanol. The panorama is more Linda Pienso que la musica colombiana is more liver thida. I think that pienso que and then you go one with a full phrase Pienso que el espanol The panorama s Melinda. Okay, so these three ways to give opinion today okay? Maybe had a sick day being so okay, But I think Adam, what you should do after you've watched the first lesson. So use a resource pack to write all these activities and all these tasks I will say the means. Spanish now? No, I don't know. Responding. Alas, Preguntas four k is togs Espanol KPN's Us Della Musica in Espanol Wallace Musica Rita. But again. So the idea here is that you use old expressions that we've seen before to give opinion to express necessity wishes reasons. Okay, so the idea is to practice those expressions new made of those. It's creepy. So very Italian. The grievous Sweda Isso Rudeina. This is similar to what I did about the same girl response E So the idea is that you find somebody that you like or somebody that you know could be a family member or a famous person A new describe using the present simple indicative. So you say l viva Barca d n a iss So try to use different verbs Numero, tres creepy or Ascione escala Virgos fall. They're very accords are stay care and their pens are buried Vesti severe So right, riel sentences about you They could be negative. That could be questions. It could be about somebody that you know, um, try to use them in different. Like, for example, the first sentence would be I. But maybe the second sentence would be he on then another sentence sentence. We so try to use different and different people different subjects in order to write and practice these birds. So that's all from a lesson one. I'll see you in the next video. 7. Clase 2 Presente Continuo Ejemplos: glass it Those here we're gonna learn about the president continues in Spanish uses and examples on Also, you're gonna learn about the house for Cavalleri parts optics in the house. Prepa stations. How to these Dr Rooms on how to talk about material. After that, you'll find a few exercise to practise all these new content. But I sent the continual Rousseau's Acciona scale. Corrine, our order in este momento. Olson temporal s actions that are happening now at this moment or that are temporary. A la for Emma. They'll present a continuing less stroke toda available. A star must very Winnall Catalonia. Yes. So the verb to be a star on the i n g form. Let's say in English it would be so. We have all these changes. This stoy esta is thus esta most estan on the verge of the main. There would be Cam Nando Operandi Endo trabajando viviendo Lady Endo. So if I want to say I am walking, I would say a story coming, Nando, He's learning esta operandi in though you are working a test forever handle. We are living s Thomas Viviendo. They are reading a stun lady and the so I marked in blue all the endings So have a look at the changes. The last one layer It's irregular. So we changes. We have to add a y e Greta. So some of the verbs they could end in Ondo e n no or Endo. See, those are the endings. The 1st 3 Kaminer coming Nando s study our is to the unknown trabajar trabajando the ones that end in Yar it layer Lady Endo, It's regular Goemaere. Komando up it in dead Apple Indian know their viviendo. So pay attention to the changes. Okay? It's always the same unless they are irregulars, as in the case, off lead on the last part It's verbs that ends in. I are coma. VVe viviendo s crib. Etem s Kribi Endo Sally Sally Endo. Okay, In this case, the I is already there. So which is Ad Endo? Algunos camblos A story coming, Nando, Our I'm walking now A story coming, Nando! Maria! No e Catalina istan Esto the under me battery Is that trabajando order in este momento? Estoy Sally Endo, The Cassa. The last phrase would mean at this moment I am going out or I'm leaving home. Estoy Sally Endo The Cassa. So all these four phrases are happening now on the next four They are temporary actions A story Apprendi Endo Happiness Wana is that s creepy Endo Sue Premera Novella me ho s o para a Stan Viviendo in Puerto Rico Miss those Nieto's istan A study Endo in La Universidad. But if that means partner so have a look at how the verb a star changes According to the person Wana esta me ho is a pariah is done Miso Nieto's estan 8. Practica Presente Continuo: I'll let others on this video, we're going to practice presenting continuum. What do you have to do here is look at the picture and unsere k is done as a key is that Lima Han dynasty Endo. And the answer is a Joe's is done, come in. So remember, for the person continues, we use the variable S DAD, and then we use the verb with asean though, grab a handle with Endo or ando. So this is what you have to do. You look at the picture and you answered, gay is dynasty Endo? Let's move on with the next one. K is that as the Endo GIA is that dude mean though, if you need to pause the video between the photo and the answer, remember to pause. If you write down your, if you want to write down your answers, you can do that. Just remember to pause the video in case you need more time. Let's go with the next one. Gay is done. And the answer is a Joe's, a Stan Korean though. Let's see the next one case does the Endo. And the answer is that, is, it says that do tend though. You can also say here, it says that Banyan. So you can say do tender, which means having a shower or by Nando, which we also use it for having a shower. Or you can also say barnyard to have a bath. So you can say both. Do char would be let's say the appropriate one because this is a shower or do check. K is dynasty, Endo is a jazz, a Stan, windowed yoga Proxima case does the Endo. That is Asia is that condition though? The verb here is conducive to drive. But obviously my case, dynasty Endo. That is a dose, a span, a CN though, a courtesy CO. Remember that in Spanish, you can also meet the subject pronoun. You can say it's done as a hertz ECO, but for the purposes of this practice, it will be good if you say a Joe's, Asia, a jazz. So you remember the subject. But oxymoron, gaze dynasty Endo is a radius, is ten. Net under the verb here is to swim. Nevada is done, not done though. K is potassium though. Is that Amanda owner photo? You can also say is that secondo photo from the verb. So that our two options, though, Madonna photo or SAT god on a photo. Then as the Endo, that is, a dose is done, go see Nando. But obviously my next question is, does the Endo elaborates voice that is Asia? Is that legend? So remember layer in the present continuous is irregular, so we say lazy and we need the y legend. But obviously Mount Gay is done. Haciendo. E lattice points, that is, a dose is done. I've lambda k is basion though. That is Asia, is that it's Caribbean though. But oxymoron K is potassium though. That is Asia, is that as good gender more Sica. But oxymoron, gaze dynasty Endo. That is, ADOS is done. Grab a handle. Here. You can also say a dose is done. Then even though they're having a meeting as dentin, landowner or neon, or you can say a Stan of Lambda n are not real neon. So there are other options. But oxime, I guess that's the end though. That is Asia is that domain though? Own cafe. Here. If you wrote t, It's okay to a cafe. If you wrote here AJ is that baby Endo own cafe, own day. It's okay as well. K is dynasty. Endo is a juice is done up in the Endo Espanol from the verb, the variable appended to learn edges is tan, upper engender, spaniel. Proxima. Guess that's the Endo. So here the keyword is k star haciendo Asia. Asia is that they'll variable comes from the verb to buy ages that yucky determiner. And here it ends this first part. We're going to continue with more practice. So keep an eye on the next videos with more practice and more examples. 9. Clase 2 La Casa partes y adjetivos: like Assam. Here we have different parts of the house, so I'm going to read them and I recommend that you repeat after me. Okay, so we have had a bean. Hardeen. Abby does your own Abbey Basyan by Neil Buy new A studio estudio go Sina gold Sina Call me Lord, Call me Lord whereto they llevado cuarto the Llevado Escalade us Escalade us God ahead Got at him Salon Salon. Okay. Remember the word room or bedroom? We say Abbott asean remember that they hate the h is not pronounced. We don't say habitat soon, but we say sabotage in In other words, that you confined for these is cuarto and that some people say cuarto as a bedroom. OK, call me Lord, it's the dining room. Andi Kalidas are the stairs okay? Abacha TiVo's para discreet beer. LaGrassa. So active thieves to describe the house so we could say la casa is more gloomy. Nosa fedora. The house is very Lemonis on and cozy seem we use the word movie to say or to refer to very la casa is more gloomy. Nosa yako else alone is Esposito. So like a Xena is Grand e Moderna Grandy means be L Hardin s my Linda Lhasa beat us unis sewn Super Armada's. These last phrase would be The bedrooms are a super comfortable Goma. Less so. All the words in blue, our objectives. You have to remember that objectives can be either feminine or masculine. They could also be singular or plural. The first sentence La casa is Mulu Minoza Yako Hedorah. So here a gloomy nosa, it's in the feminine. Why? Because I'm talking about la casa La casa is feminine singular El salon iss iss Paseo. So that's masculine. Singular because I'm talking about El Salon. But the last phrase less Evita Sione is sun super Commodus, Comal us. It's in the feminine plural because I'm talking about last sabotage bonus. So this is something for you to remember when you want to describe something, you have to change the act active below. We have opposites or breast does so here you have a few objectives. When I wrote the bar and then there were a slash and then oh, or a that means that it could be either feminine or masculine, so we can say loamy Nosa Luminoso on the opposite would be off Scordia or school. That's that means dark luminess on dark alcohol. Dorda for the year. Yes, cozy. And the other one would be cold if Paseo So is Paseo za picking you begin. You can. You mean small? More there now glass. Inga, Linda Fail Komada, as on the opposite is in coma less. Okay, so here you have the opposites. Lindo means nice and fail means ugly. Remember, all these adjectives could be feminine, masculine, singular or plural. 10. Practica Partes de la Casa: This video, we're going to practice vocabulary, lacA, practical also ketose. What you're going to need for this practice is quite ill obese. So what do you will have to do is listen and then write down the answers and then we're going to check. So make sure you have those things that hand for the next exercises. Vamos sacraments at it. Let's get started. So here you have a house in a casa. You have to do is write the parts of the house. Numerator, owner, numero dos tres quatro cinco essays. So look at the arrows and write the parts of the house. Osa video. Pause the video here. And now, what we're gonna do, a cd answers resp West does no middle oh, no. Bi-annual. Numero dos be doc1. Numero tres studio. No matter what DO escalators, numerator sin go Glossina. Numerator stays salon. So these are the parts of the house that we've seen in the previous video. If you want, go back to those videos and revise all the vocabulary because we're going to continue with more parts of the house. 11. Clase 2 Objetos de la casa: Oh, hit those Della casa object in the house. So we have the first when he's s Steitiye is Sunday is Sunday is just a shelf we want. When we want to say bookcase, We se estan diarrhea. Where did that breaded them? Gardina then Donna Window Ventana Lava plateaus Love a blood does lava Dora Lava Loadem Naveda Nay Veda make grew on the US me groaned us. Go See now Cassina would be the cooker or no or no. It's the oven Messa Mesa Gamma comma. That means bed lumbar area. Lombardo Adam, are you? I admire you. I didn't want them. I more than that means pillow. Don't chan Does Chan Banya data Bangna? They'd, um IHS Bay Whom? IHS Bay home. Eternal voto e no voto can media God media, This is a tab. Live Obel. Laughable. That's this thing. Toe. Wash your your hands more heavily. They'll value Webley. They'll Banyu. It's this piece of furniture here in the bathroom. We call them more heavily Delavan. You 12. Clase 2 Describir un salón Preposiciones: this created own Salang. I'm gonna read a few phrases to describe these living room area. Okay, Ellen. Salon I those so fast. So in this living room that are too so fast I wanna mesa the cafe I those lump Paras Blanca's have a look at the word here Blancas. I'm saying that our two white lumps But remember that in Spanish the objective has to change. So Blunk us, It's feminine plural because I'm talking about lamps lumpiness I own up in Duda in Leporello, the recent painting on the wall. But it wool I Onalfo Umbra our soul Theresa Blue carpet I all more bonus nl So far Al modern modernise It means cushion cushions. I never in Tanna grand, so we use the word I to mean the Reese that are so Whether it's something singular or plural that we are talking about. We use the word I that comes from the verb of it. And so here we're gonna describe position. So when every descendants, every sentence has a number, so tried to find the number on the picture on the right. So to understand where Andi get to understand the proposition before I say it in English. No matter You know I live Bro's sobre el is stunned them. Did you find it so that our books on the shelf So, buddy on I liberals sobre el is standing No matter Those are you know Lombardia a lot, so well, money door monitor means screen are you know, lamb bara A lot. So they'll money toward him. That means there is a lamp next to these green Elavil Then a lot of means next to no medal address I own callin Dario debajo del a photo I own callin Dario calendar debajo they left photo debajo means under Solaris a calendar under the photo Rough photo You can always you can also say fotografia. But in general we say photo new made a Platero I own Sesto debajo del escrito Oreo says stop means being excrete Oreo means desk Ah Yun Sesto Debajo Vela Scriptorium. There is a rubbish bean under the desk debajo under no meadow single. Ah, you'll read ratto endre low Sistan test l A photo, but that don't mean support rate. Are you ready? Ratto and closest on this l A photo. So the receptor in the recent picture frame or the re support trade between themselves on the photo end. Between on, we always need ended a something e something new Meadow Saiz are you know, computadora sobre a less great Oreo. I own a computadora sobre a less create Oreo. Remember his great audio means desk And I say computadora them. But you can also say or they know the order to refer to a computer. So there is a computer on the desk sobering on no meadow. See it then. Ah, you Murilo debajo. They lost liberals I owned real Oh, debajo They lost liberals Yellow means what in those is Ayu Morello debajo under the books Debajo the Liberals You can pause the video here if you want to write down any notes on your resource back Remember the Caribbean? Bozize young So we say so, but it debajo in today Elavil they sobre debajo andrey a lateral. They 13. Practica La casa Vocabulario: For these exercises, you have to listen and find three mistakes. Is scooter e and when the restaurant is. So here you have a picture of a kitchen. Imagine they will not casino. You can pause the video here if you want to revise the vocabulary of the kitchen prepositions, lanugo, they are in set a. So try to revise that vocabulary. Remember the parts of the kitchen. And then you're going to listen to a description twice and find three mistakes. You can pause the video if you want to revise the vocabulary. We're going to listen to the description the first time. For the first time, no matter who know. La Cocina, I haven't done a lot of the land Nevada. You miss a big Kenya circa the Lorna. Oh, no, no. I only grown does the backhoe, the 11 Diana. Are you not levodopa of data? In a spec casino? Know I love a plateaus. All. Love of a hideous numero dos in Nicosia or you have indiana, a lateral innovator or you mess up again? Yeah. Sedaka, the laudanum. I oh, no, no. I only grown thus, they are unilateral. Oda a lot of the land, Nevada. It needs Tycho Siena. No, I own level plateaus or lava. You can pause the video here. If you want to write down your answers, you can go back and listen to the description. Again if you need. I'm going to show you the answers. Now. I haven't done a lot of the land Nevada see I, you know, are not in S that Cocina. See. Eops, cosas, No, I, Omega. Thus, they wacko, they live in Tana. Noah. You mess up again? Yeah. In a stack of Siena? No, I own a Levodopa Ionesco recta. Know I love a plateaus. Low stress rotis son Macedon does mess up again. Yeah. 11 Laura. So we're going to repeat this exercise with other parts of the house, like Elsa alone, potassium. You'll have to look at the picture, listen to the description and find three mistakes. Let's see the next one. Vamos, EL proximal, scooter, e and Gwen. Notice here we have L value. You can pause the video here to revise the vocabulary. Remember, you are going to listen twice. Thus I Scooter those basis. Let's start with a description. In a venue or Eunice Baco, sober, 11-year data. Unesco chair, union or daughter. A Leonardo, is that entry-level lovable? A study of a hotel is Paco. I've done this and then venue. So relevant data. Ellis pay, Who is that a lego the losses than this? We're going to listen to this description again. Oh, now this mask one more time. And then venue or units sold 11 yeah. Data Unit Nevado, Elinor load. Oh, is that in the lovable lava was that the hotel is pico is ten days in and venue. So relevant data. Ellis Paco, is that a lot of the losses than this puzzle with a wacky. But as COVID, pause the video here to write your answers. Song. See a uni know the auto. Unesco chair. You lovable the right holder less pay home. No, I own as peco Lavinia data Navarro noise, the entry-level. Luca No, I expand this. I those is done this remember a standard means shelves. Is the sun Lazarus post-tests. We began verbal second, dinar Khan Lab Proxima, Imogen, a, scooter e, and Gwen tra, that is serratus. Yucky. Then MOs salon. So here you can pause the video to revise the vocabulary. And you're going to listen to the description twice. And then salon a uniport that into 11 Diana EL sofa. I those went Diana's in El salon. So far in Atlanta, LLM para elaborated. And in salon solon sofa. You liberal, the Banco de la Mesa, the cafe. So we're going to listen to this one more time. All nervous mass. In a salon, a uniporter and relevant Tana yell so far. I lost when Diana's in El salon. I own so far in Atlanta, LLM butter. In a salon or units done. So far. You liberal, they were hot della mesa Cafe, Moussa, LVDT wacky, but as grubby, Vamos severe last dress boy stars, we're going to see the answers. So, yes, there is a sofa. Sofa and relevant Diana, LLM better elaborate. I those Antanas. No units. No units than the Enola you liberal. They were della mesa de Cafe. Those son, low stress arrow, this will be N by 1 second Cornell Proxima. So here, remember is good. That is erroneous. So here we have a picture of a bedroom, lab, EBITDA, Xian, Biao, Salvador, wacky, but Amit add lime makin. You can pause the video here to look at the picture and revise the vocabulary. Let's listen to the description. I unit gamma in relevant Tana, ELS Paco, elaborate osteon. Those lambdas. They are unit less lamb, but as they love it, as soon as solace, our units pay less sportiness. The 11 Diana, some blank guess. Il-17, sobre la karma. Let's listen to this description again. Whenever is mass unit gamma in the relevant data, ELS backhoe. In love it. I, those lamb Perez, the Banco de la gamma are uniform. Bram less Lambda. Xian son. I own is backhoe. Last gardenias. They love Indiana. Sewn blankness. I want us. So Rayleigh, comma bossa LED wacky. But as revealed to us, pause the video here to write your answers. Let's see the answers. Here. I'll form breath. See a United formula. They were how they lack gamma. Il-1 does. So Rayleigh comma i, those lamb Perez unit stay home, paid off. But let gamma noise that in 11 Danielle is Paco, Les Lamport has no sonar, so less elastic earthiness. Know some blank as less Cortina son Pro has elapsed comparison. Blank. So here you have the answers, more VN excellent there. And this is a reminder for you if you like these exercises and if you want to learn more vocabulary, remember on my profile here on Skillshare, you'll find more courses to practice vocabulary and to learn vocabulary about the city, about the house, clothes and accessories. So remember to check my Skillshare profile where you will find more courses. And there are three that are vocabulary courses that you might like and that our examples. And there is also practice at the end of this course. These are not long courses. You can take a few hours to complete them. I hope to see you in the next course. 14. Clase 2 Describir Material Práctica: describe ear material. So we're going to describe the material so we can say in La Cassina I wanna messa them a data In the kitchen there is a wooden table, but in Spanish, we say they Madeira Last copas sewn degree style copas are like glasses. Could be wine, glass or and champagne. So we say last Copus sun deck crystal los vassals son, the video vassals mean a means glasses, video, glass loss Vassals, son the video last survey Gators, son The Purple La Cortina is the tailor Dela means like a cloth. La cortina is the tailor. But I think, Adam, this is what you have to do with your resource. Pack numero uno, the screaming toe Cassa Milicevic Bonus algunas ahem, blows. I wanna Cassina Andrey Elvan, you yell salon. So, for example, you describe your house. You can say there is a kitchen between the bathroom and the living room. I own a CD a the Madeira I dress Sabotage Bonus LaSalle beat Ascione is sewn Mui Esposito says in a salon. Are you so far in Telelombardia? Una Mesa the cafe so tried to use all the propositions that we've seen the adjectives try to describe how the rooms are. You can add objects. All the research our una lucha una Vanya data Blanka, are you know, Vanya later, A soul and a van. You okay, so try to use riel sentences to describe your home. 15. Clase 3 Aspecto Físico, Describir Material: glass. It there is here. You're gonna learn about describing people their physical aspect, what they're wearing, you're gonna read text. You're gonna also learn how to describe material, how to talk about relationships and how you get on with other people on possessive adjectives. Everything will also come with practice, so pay close attention. Aspecto physical. I'm gonna read a few sentences to describe these four people and then I want to explain what it means. No matter. Oh no Ieva Duffus The n f l fellow Castagna the end a all host Maraniss So when we say you have a golf us, it means she wears glasses. Goofus glasses. Hello. Hey, look, it's hair. You can either say Palooka video Andi Castagna It's a brown DNA Ojos Maroni's eyes. She has brown eyes and again Maroni's. It's in the plural because, ojos, it's plural Photo Those Vienna Elka video re saddle Deanna l fellow or scooter? So cavalierly saddle means curly hair and we say Vienna she has no matter. Address the ever una Gorham Deanna Bartova IHS below. They won't have all right means he's wearing or he wears a hat. Deanna Bartova. He has beard is Bolado. He's bold, no matter what The room. Deanna l fellow Glad Oh, Vienna or horse are so less or better this now that I'm looking at it so it could be either blue or green are so less over this Bill o clad. Um, well, we say she has, um, like, fair hair we used clad. Oh, on the opposite would be or school. So these words, we use them to describe physical aspect or features this Caribbean material. So in the previous lesson, we were talking about describing fabric or material for things in the house. And now we're gonna have a look at things we wear. No matter. Oh, no. Ona got data. They wayto Cueto means leather unique. Arteta the widow o Nebo Fonda. They Lana Lana means will una boo fonda scarf unichem isa. They say that COMESA means shirt. Say that means silk una commie Ceta. The al goes on I'll go on means cotton. So as you can see, every time we describe the material we use they the proposition they the widow, they Lana, they say that they all got on the mother Ada the freestyle 16. Clase 3 Textos: Okay. Now I will read to different texts, and I will describe what these people are wearing. Okay, I'm gonna start from the left from the person on the left and then the 2nd 1 to the right, and then all of them. So I'm going to read. And if you want, after I finished you compulsive video on practice, reading out loud, which I highly recommend. Listen carefully, Jabba. Gaffe as this soul DNA, Una barba larga Deborah N'Goran Negro either pl asia DNF a lo largo. The who never fund that a Meridia, the Lana Deborah on Goro. They Lana Blanco l the Belloc orto Do you ever own go, Rosie? Lana A Dia de Vaca fast This soul Goro Able Funder day, Lana Also one days Maroni's day. Lana So gaffe as the sole. They mean sunglasses. Goro hot. Remember the pl It means that it's for yes, the pl, as in this case with his wearing on and, um, one days are gloves one. This. So she is wearing brown gloves. One. This. Maraniss, you can pause a video here. This is another text. So I'm gonna describe this girl from the left and then I will continue until the right until the girl on the right. So listen carefully. DNA or Gnabry go the color or Greece or scooter. Also both us Negras. The Kanye Alta DNA pail of Skoula on Dolan L d NFL oak orto every salam Deanna Blanka Also bundle loans Negroes, Asia DNF fellows Kudo a lateral also or Nevil fund the *** ladder L d n a l pale oak lado e quarto also or neck and said that Celeste them UniChem Isa Celester Asia Vienna l paella Rubio A lot ago they ever go run a groom D n a who never ego blow Uncle lateral. So here we have a few words. The 1st 1 is Abbott Eagle. Arrigo means coat. Yes. So DNA, you gnabry go vehicle or grease or school like a dark gray Both us, they mean boots both us the Kanye alta. It means they are thes type off boots she is wearing. We say Kanye LDA because their knee high de en el fellow Skuta on to lay low on the ladder means waving the boy on the right. He has d n a bona Takita Blanka. Check it. That means a jacket take it. That Blanca the next girl a d n l pail of school. So a lot of she has dark and long hair. The boy he's wearing a light blue shirt COMESA say less day The girl the last the last one Asia Jnl Fellow Rubio Illogical. So Rubio means blunt DNA whenever ego A coat She has a white long coat on every go Blanco Larible This is it You composite video here. 17. Practica Descripción Física: On this video, we're going to practice the script Xian FECA, physical description. So you have to listen to the description and choose the person that I am describing. So you have to identify who am I describing. Let's start. You can pause the video at any time. Remember, you can go back and listen to the descriptions. Again. I'm going to read the same the description twice. Let's start the persona, the P&L paleo, negative e CTO, know Java. Java, Xena, Greece or scooter Davis about those negatives. Unicode data color Greece. Let's listen to this again. Is the persona, the NL paler *****, ecotone, Nadia, that fast java, Greece or scuba diver Sabbat those *******. Unicode data called lot of Greece. Okay, you can pause if you need more time. We're going to see the answers. But most of that library meta description. Oh no. Is this man is the Senor numero uno. Let's continue with description number to this group C on numero dos is the persona than bn Dava on Sina Pedro, the color Greece collateral than bn gave us about those negatives. Beta. Beta is the color. The DNA low-carb AD or negative E. Lisa debugger. Excellent. Let's listen to this again. By mosaic WeChat or travel if mass is the persona than being Java on the Uffizi. Now, Pedro de Color, Greece collateral than b and Java support those negatives. Beta blocker beta is the color self-esteem, DNA, Cabeza de Vaca half-ass. So this person is, we're going to see the answer. Number two, better. So nanometer dose, diva on track idea of the Siena, an office suit or a very formal suit about that Celeste. A light blue tie. Numero tres. Let's see. Number three is the persona, the en el pelo ***** in that regard. So suppose son Moroni has AGGA, AGGA own best DDL and Maria unit check, get them. Diva, Sabbat those blank cos one more time. We'll never have mass. Dna. El pelo negative, illegal. So sofas, son Moroni, Asia invested or Mario unit ticket them. Devops, Sabbat those blank goes. So I'm going to show you the answer. But yeah, I'm Australia. No matter today is she has a yellow dress on the ddo, regio numerator quadro number for D and L payload on gelato egregious, Dava gaffers bundle on its own sweater. Isn't dahlias? My rawness? One more time on MEMS. Dns record though on gelato e, Greece has been talionis own sweater. Isn't dahlias? My rawness? Let's see the answer. That most of us, no matter what the dough is, this woman here, she has gray wavy hair. The last one, numero cinco loyalty, my persona, DNA or host Marone is EJ via own academies into Blanca. Owner check it down. Talionis Marineris is bailout law. One more time. Whenever months, loyalty, my persona, DNA, or host, my rawness. Dava owner can be said that Blanca O NET jacket. Balanus Martinez is bailout law. Remember belladonna? No hair. Do you know which one is it? Let's see. Numero cinco. Excellent, There we are. And I hope you were able to do this exercise. Remember, if you want to revise this vocabulary, go back to the videos where I explain and I gave you examples of physical description. Excellent movie and let's continue with more practice. Vowels. I continue African mask practicum. 18. Clase 3 Relaciones y Adjetivos Posesivos: But I said Is they Alyan all said Camilion. So if we say But I said to say Alyan is that you look like somebody, but it service it to look like somebody. And if you say Sir Comorian is that you are like somebody else. So let's have a look at the phrases on the left May Paris Co. I mean Mothering Day. Paris's Atwa SE bodies say, are so Tia. No spotty Samos on Westra Abuela se Paddison also mothering. So the 1st 1 would be made Briscoe on The matter is that I look like my mother. May Paris Comey moderate or like I am like my mother. If I am talking about you, I would say they radisys in a year instead say about a C. No, said Rose knows Paris Amos Asia's A jazz will stay this say Paddison. So the verb changes because it's a reflexive. We have to add May Day. Same. Okay, so this is 11 explanation On the right side, we have said Somalian to be like somebody. Have a look at these prices. Soy coma. Mia Walem. The name is lost. Mismos ojos. Ah Young. Like my grandmother, we have the same eyes. It is called moto patterning. Moist, simpatico trabajadores. You are like your dots. You are very nice on hard working IHS comas whose palace he or she ease like he's or her parents. So most movie altos Common Wester. Somewhere close. We're very toll like our grandparent's So Morgan Deli Hand this go most those batteries. They're very intelligent, like their parents. So as you can see, we can either use party status it or we can use said like somebody, Do you have our say Canal William, But in this case, give artists a canal alien. It means to get on with somebody so I can say may be able be in gone Alyan Saytiev Us Mull Gone prima l oikya stadia Danielle Gone. Marko's No see Obama's is to pend o corn low casinos, said Evan Massimo Gone Hefei. So the last will be, for example, say Devon Pesty more Cornel Hefei. They get on terribly with the boss. Best emo. It's very negative. No see. Obama's is to Pender called casinos. It means we get along or we get on. Amazing with the neighbors is to Benda. It's very positive. Relus Eunice persona list at his diva process. Iwas some here man explain personal relationships and objectives. I'm going to read The phrase is on the left. Marco's iss me married. Um Marcos is my husband. Markos is me. Merida Alina is too exposed. Is Elena your wife? Two ways bosom. Wana is like Sheryl C s Sweet, huh? East Wanna his daughter? Yes, she's his daughter. Suey, huh? Los Ticos cable Xanga First son. No Estrosi coz the Children that are wearing glasses are our Children. No extras. Eco's is a coach a soul Stu Status C s nice throw is not Look are yours. Yes, it's ours. No, Esther. So we are using here to describe personal relationships Both advocate DeVos process iwas possessive adjectives. So if I'm talking about something that belongs to me, I would say me, Cassa, Miss Kasas. So if it's the singular me plural Meese to NASA does gases your house. Your house is so Cassa Source Kasas He's or her house. He's or her houses? No esta casa Western coat. So here there is a difference. If it's for a 1,000,000 now would say Westra. And if it's muscular ing like are we would say no SDRAM and it could be either singular or plural. Newest Roehrkasse Nuestras Casas Noise Terracotta in West Rose Coaches. So Cassa so, so gas us. 19. Clase 3 Posesivos Práctica: both the Cibeles. So here you have attacked with what I've said before. If I'm talking about something that belongs to me your I would say me, miss remember, it could be either singular or plural. Don't it does so So's noise Throw Westra West Rose Noise Trust on the last one is so source So you always have to think ho I am talking about If I am talking about I I would say me if I'm talking about we I would say no extra on Western If I'm talking about one thing, I would use this singular If I'm talking about many things, I will use the plural form. But I think got him. So this is what you have to do No matter. Oh no, they own a persona Also in Kabul Audio visto describe a person use of a Kavaler You seen them? You can describe your sister, your brother, your parents, your Children, your friends You can describe them basically you can look at a photo that you have off them on to describe it. It could be also a famous person. You could look at a magazine and describe somebody on the cover when you can say if they have a beard. If they wear glasses, no matter. Those responding again embarrasses, but okay, come on, give us Carlos members the Tu familia. So the two questions or three questions here are Who do you look like? And why? How do you get on with the members of your family? You can talk about the members of your family, or, if you prefer, it could be your colleagues at work or your classmates. Or it could be your friends. Numero tres. It's Kriebel sobre la Jolla. CNN's person, Alice into familiar is so great to some. Yours, ahem blows. Luna asked me, Kenyatta. A smarter town, the unit or host Maroni's Osaka FAS. They layer Vanessa, Danielle Son. No extras. Primus. So here you have to describe about personal relationships in your family or about your friends. So the first example would be Luna is my sister really long. She has start hair, we say is motor. She has bro Nice, and she wears reading glasses. Vanessa and Danielle are our cousins, and then you can describe them a bit, So the idea here is that you practice as much as you can that you write true sentences about your family about your friends and think off what you want to say, Okay, and then use it in Spanish. If you're not too sure about the vocabulary, I recommended you check the online dictionary could be what reference or any other dictionary that you can find online but definitely do these tasks to practice more. 20. Clase 4 De compras Comparativo: classic Quattro Here you're gonna learn about going shopping, how to buy. You're gonna read a dialogue on your also going to practice about buying and comparing. You're gonna learn about comparative and superlative actives. You will have tons of different actives. Andi, you will also learn about demonstrative pronounce in Spanish. Don't forget to do their practice at the end. They compress when we say the compress we refer Thio going, shopping or just shopping the compress. I'm gonna read about different types of markets. I'm gonna explain a few words. So listen carefully. I the stink those people's the Mercado El Super Mercado El mercado L Sandra Commercial en El Centro Commerciale I noticed the end us I. D en Does this a plateaus? The robot airport Eva who get this liberal years accepted him. So what I said is that there are different types of markets. You have the supermarket, the market on the shopping mall or the shopping center Centro Commerciale on Then I said that in the shopping center that are many shops or stores the end us so that our shoe shops or clothes shops, toy shops, bookshops we call them the end us sap, Atos, they mean shoes, Ropa deportiva sportswear or sport clothes. Who get this? Toys? Libretti? Yes. Bookshops. Una bbd era una v Riera. That's a window shop on Dhere. We have a few expressions to ask for the price Precio one request Cuesta and then the price one, the cuesta or just the price. So when you ask Wanda Cuesta, you are asking how much? Okay Quanta Questa combat data to compare So you can say that something ISS mask cada gave isthmus But at that kid sewn months leaned escape. So when you are comparing and you say iss McAda, you say eats or east more expensive than ese Cheaper than but at that they are more beautiful or they are nicer than in Spanish. We say its mascot a kid IHS must But at that kid sold must Linda's game. So this is to compare said must at hit evil gay and the birth said it could be either s or it could be sown or it could be solely Okay, so we're gonna compare the clothes on the on the window shop in Latvia, France say Oh, no! Open Talon Rojo is mass barato help in Thailand a vaquero as well It opened. Alan Rojo is must Veriato Gail Pant alone the vaquero a soul. But along the vaquero it's, um jeans. So if we compare the red trousers with the blue jeans l pantaloon rojo iss mass barato que el pantaloon dakedo a school l open Caliandro ho quester van de lows e l pantaloon the vaquero a soul quest Stop! Sing Gwenda! Okay, so we say iss must but a Tok is cheaper than like a Mrs Otero, Huh? IHS must cada cosa like a me said Arocha IHS must gotta Okay, let me say that, Rosa. Okay, like, um etcetera quest that enticing go l aka Mr Derosa Quest stockings. Okay, so it's more expensive. IHS mascot Rocky Elkann Home toe Cuatro going Honda means outfit and come home to Quattro IHS Mass lindo quel con con toe dress Going home to watch no face One outfit number four s must lindo kill come home address. It's nice it or more beautiful than outfit three seem so a few things to pay attention to. We always use the word muss in all their sentences to compare. We always use the work A in all the sentences to compare the adjective contained. It can be masculine or it can be feminine according to what we're comparing if we're comparing pantaloon but alone is masculine. So I have to say Barato, Comey said ice for meaning. So I have to say cada Okay, Onda and we always use the verb. Iss is mass lindo iss McAda is mass barato These are a few things for you to remember. Okay, when we compare two things 21. Clase 4 Superlativo Adjetivos: Now when we compare one thing with many others so we say said L loss now last must on the objective at hit evil. So have a look at the phrase l pantalla rojo. A cell mass barato The red trousers are the tea pistes s l mass Barreto on. I don't write anything else. I'm just saying it's the cheapest. And if you look, this is a quest that bendy those then the Cinco Brenda is in. Gwenda l Pantaloon Rojo is a mass Barreto. Like a Mrs Rosa is llamas Beretta Like a Miss Etta Rosa quest that Kim said ls addressed. Question 20. Seeing go trend, I sing, Go sing Glinda So indulgences like a Mrs Rosa is llamas Beretta on because I'm talking about Comey said that which is feminine. I have to say la must bad data Panda Loanees masculine. So I say El Master Barreto. Okay, so the two best on the typist l can conduct Ouattara s a mass Lindo This is outfit for so I say outfit for is the most beautiful or the nicest. Welcome home Toe Quattro s a mass Linda l band along the back. Iwas fool s a mask carro. They told us so. The blue teens are the most expensive off all the dollars l pantaloon the vaquero A soul s l musk r o the most expensive Los Kong whom does? Son loves mass. Mother knows Della tienda. That means that these outfits for the outfits are the most modern off the store or in the store. These four love going home does son, because it's plural lost mass Mother knows they lati and then I'm using the word conch horn does. So this is masculine plural. So I have to use loss Okay, because Cancun toes masculine plural lost mass modernise And the same goes for the act Active, masculine, plural. And here I added, they let Tienda okay in the store. So when I compare one thing too many other I use this type off a comparison which is goal superlative When I compared to things comparative actives. Okay, I made a video about this on you can find it on YouTube and I will explain further comparative adjectives and superlatives Adjectives if you want to have a look Aleka DeBose . So these are a few opposite actor actives. Some of them we've seen them before. Like Linda Andi Fair. Remember that they can be either masculine or feminine. That's why I write a no or in a next to it. So we have a most or really or really when we have, like, thes e ending, that means they are masculine and feminine. We don't have to change. Okay, Basia. Basia s Ponderosa s panto. So classical Madonna the happy That Linda Ghada. But at the back, huh? Alta Corda Latiker. So let's go through them in English very quickly in case you have any doubts. So as we said before, Linda could be nice or could be beautiful. Fair, ugly, mosa beautiful or really horrible Beta. It's also like beautiful hand is Santosa. It's disgusting classical more there now rapida fast Linda slow, cada expensive but at the cheap Baja short Alta Toll Corta short ladder long. Careful with this to a little will use it to describe, for example, a person ladder It means long. So we use it to describe and walk or Streep or hair Here we have. All these actives are masculine on family and then on their right side we have the opposites so we don't They big begin yet. Small. He got there. Di int tiki death tiny in Delhi hen there Brut that overdue toe intelligent, A smart or intelligent and then brew that would be the opposite, not intelligent. In their day Sunday, I will leave that boring far seal easy. They face ill heart or difficult Swabey askgreta. So swab a soft on aspect. Eyes rough. Those say sweet, salada salty. We can also use those said to describe a person or personality. Not only food on the last one. Is Feliz happy in Feliz? Unhappy. Okay, so these are a few objectives on. I recommend that you incorporate more objectives to describe different things so you can increase your vocabulary. You can pause it here. If you want to write down notes on, check your course pack because that our objectives there too 22. Clase 4 Adjetivos y Pronombres Demostrativos: here. We have a few dialogues in a clothes shop on and we're gonna see we're gonna learn if you are demonstrative act actives. Okay, so have a look at the first dialogue. The woman in the feeding room, she says, May Busta esta Comey said that make Costa esta Comey said. I like thes, uh, shirt or these t shirt. She has the T shirt in her hand. So she's saying these Firstly, those Migo staff s a Hondo. I like that outfit. She is not holding the outfit in her hands, so she's pointing out that there is a relative distance between herself on the outfit. So we say Essay. May Costa is a condom on the last phrase on the right. May Woolston a que Dios SAPA toes. I like those shoes over there. When we say occasions, we refer to something that it's far from us. We can see it, but we're not holding it. It's known eras. It's far, so remember is the means When it's near, when I'm holding it, it's said, it's it's Ah, it's a bit. It's a bit fire from us and then a que Dios. It's very far from us. okay. We call them bro. Number is the most attractive. Owes the monster tive pronounce. We can divide them into singular um plural, masculine, feminine aunts? No, bro. Neutral. So if it's masculine, I can se este Estep and alone. Este Livro. I can say esta esta Commies! ETA These T shirt o esto I need it could be either feminine or masculine. It's neutral. Imagine that. I'm holding something and I say esto is the Maria. Is this Maria's? So I don't say is that Comey said that I don't refer to the objective if it's masculine or feminine to say Estell, if it's plural, I would say estos is thus estos pantaloons is thus flotus. If it's like near, I would say a say s a pond alone a psa commie Ceta isso. And imagine that you are in a window or in let's say in a clothes shop and you say Mabel's eso and you're pointing at something so you say may well stay So I like that you're not saying that T shirt, that pair of trousers you to say yes, so that may Costa s o A s source. It's the masculine plural SS my feminine plural. Issa's committee set us it's sauce. It bundle onus. When something is really far, we say ankle aquel Panta, Lon Al Queda Comey said that Arcadia megastar KGO I like that thing over there. Okay? It's neither feminine nor masculine. Al que Dios plural Ko spent alone is a Kjos libidos. Arcadia's Flores. Okay, so these are the demonstrative pronouns on. Remember, they're connected to distance. So este is something that we're holding that it's right nearest, they said. It's clothes on and kill the Latz column. It's far from us. Alguno see him blows. So pay attention to the arrows. They will mark the distance between myself on the object. Friends say, you know, but a Fiero Cambra esta both Fonda? Yes, thes carpets near me. May Busta a k. Jacques Arteta, The Cueto para Mi pattering. Yes, it's far from me. So I say I like that leather wallet over there for my dad. Miracle. Linda's SS sandal. AEA's those Sandoz K m. Also, those occasions Westie does when we say cared Mosul's It's like, um what beautiful are those dresses over there? Yes, they are far from me. At here. You can see a stop Boo Fonda, a k Jacques Arteta SS sandal. Leah's Because sandals are plural. A que Dios Vesti does masculine plural. May Costa aquel Goro Azul. It's far from me. Okay, so I say medical staff Kilgore a soul. Estos one day's sun means for burritos. I'm wearing these gloves and I say these gloves are my favorite. The ones that I'm wearing right now. So they're very near me. Estos one. This song means burritos, media eso sabri goes they in Vietnam? Maybe I'm standing right in front of all the coats, so I say, Look at all these winter, um, winter coats may go, Stan. Estos sapa toes. I'm holding to shoes and white one unrated ones. So I say make Goulston Estos Sabato's SAPA toes are masculine plural. So I say it's those potatoes. As you can see here, the distances aren't clear. So if I am talking about something that I am wearing or that I am holding, I would use a stows Waste us something that it's in between esos on something that it's far , I would say a kill a que Dios 23. Clase 4 Diálogo Práctica: here. We have a dialogue. So I'm gonna read a It's assistant there on. See, It's clear. And them. OK, so I'm going to read these thes exchanges. This is the first part and then I will I will continue with the second part. What I recommend is that after I finish you read all these exchanges out loud to practice. So listen carefully, Ola, whether you that them Hola Si estoy buscando una comesa get that name dies yet Amy all momento por five Order The name Wells is thus the risk. A missus The K material Isla Premera is the COMESA is the Seda. Some told us they say that may host on mutual Puerto Provopoulos. Okay, so a few, um expressions here as you Lahtela, Can I help you? And then I'm looking for a story with scandal. Get idea Diet Eman. So Dahlia means size And then he says momento por favor the animals is that there s Commies as we have these three shirts. But he made up the first they came at their yell is Lepley Maeda is the cami size. They say that this is silk. All of them are silk told us so on a also, but a little less whether provide less Can I try them on? Okay, now you composite video Here. I made it up loud. Second part See? May be able want Orquesta Cuesta 20 singles or lettuce is w bother Ineffective. Oh Oakland dedicate them Gonda here that the Credito might be in a key TNS or Aceval Muta! Gracias. So when we say may, dear boys, I take these shirt media was COMESA remember to us for price one request Cuesta, it is 25 Palin effect Evil Locanda hater in effect Evil cash Goldar Hedda card Restivo received you composite video here but acting gotta OK, remember the words we said before Baghdad Al condo In effect, evil it means cash or contact hitter the veto the credito. Okay. Estoy buscando. I'm looking for mediaeval. I take Brevard to try Ayudar to help. So what do you have to do now? Numero uno led owner herto the una tienda risk Rebelo material coladas, etcetera. So choose an object from a shop on. Describe it The material, the colors surprise the size. Everything okay if you want. And I highly recommend right and dialogue in a shop. Imagine you want to buy something. Look at shops in Spanish websites on decided. Oh, I really like this shirt. So what would I say if I want to buy it in Spanish? So right, exchanges. Okay. I recommend that you have a look at different shops from different countries speaking Spanish, Spanish speaking countries. Andi, have a look at the material. Have a look at the way they're described. You will find tons off vocabulary. And I highly recommend that you look at shops that you like or shops that you think you would buy something. It could be a shoe shop. It could be a bookshop. He could be a jewelry shop. So have a look at those. They are online and there are many. You just right a separate area. Do or you can write liberal area Columbia Bookshop, Columbia. And then you have tons. You can just click on one and have a look at the things I write. A dialogue, just a short dialogue to practice similar to the one that you have here 24. Practica Pronombres Demostrativos: This video, we're going to practice demonstrative pronouns. And for these practice, you'll need elapses. You'll need to write your answers. So if you don't have these things, pause the video and get them now. Let's see vamos, a letter. Let it completely lost the oligos. So you have to read and complete the dialogues. And remember the demonstrative pronouns are, is though, is that, is so is a say. Is those A's? Again, remember that it depends on the distance between the person that is speaking and the object. Here you have two women, a and B. A is the one on the left, B is the one on the right. And here they are talking about buying clothes. So this is where the women are. And you have to try to complete these dialogues with a demonstrative pronouns. And remember to have the context in mind. See a context though, is more important than I'll be there wacky parallel Y-Combinator. Carlos PRO number is demonstrate EvoS Vamos have less dress. Does barista her CCO, then go? Parity? I have this dress for you. And because the girl is holding the dress, she says, this, this dress maker will stop them being megastar. They stereoselective because it's far less lossy and not the angle or Kelvin steatosis. And to tidy your size, fatal go. They will stop. In this case, she says because it's near it's not that far from where she is. They go STA C, E man kann, Dann. So sad. But those protocols, I like also the Red Shoes. So subpath those grow hosts. As you can see, the red dress and the red shoes are not that far as the light blue dress. With these type of demonstrating pronouns, you have to remember the distance. The rest ddo parody because she's holding the video, the dress, Asia, the analysis ddo de novo is mere at kill is further. Okay. Mehrabian. Anyway, if you have any questions connected to these, you can go back to the videos and revise all the explanation and examples on. You can write a comment below and I'll help you with any doubts you have. Vamos, second thing, water. Where this lead incomplete Atlas, the logos cell with a wacky but SQL DB tool. Does vamos a lot. Later. I'm curious, where do you want to see something else? Kid is vital. Try casa. See good or bad thing. Go essay been Thailand, where the E essay or throw in a solo Skoda, get his fellows. So I have that green, those green trousers. Always open dialogue better the ESA or throw and that one other. In a solo scooter, dark blue key, it is very close to you want to see them. Yet as fellows see, Essay, been alone better, the colon can be setup Lanka, por favor. Remember they are not that far, they are near. So we say essay, masculinity, femininity is Blanca. Ibm. Excellent, The Perfect. I hope this exercise has gone well. Remember if you have any questions, you can write in the comments below, and I'll help you. And if you liked this practice, this vocabulary in practice, remember that there is a course if vocabulary cores on my profile, clothes and accessories. So you'll learn everything connected with clothes, colors, and accessories. And then you'll get a quiz at the end of the course is not a long course, is not a three-hour course. So you can take maybe an hour to finish or two hours if you need. And it's all about vocabulary. So if you're interested, go to my profile on Skillshare and you'll see these clothes and accessories vocabulary course. I hope to see you there. 25. Clase 5 Vacaciones y Texto: glasses. Cinco here you're gonna learn about holidays trips in the past on you were gonna learn about passing billions punished, but a territo in the fin eagle Valiantly cattle. I'm gonna show you a few examples. You're gonna read texts and dialogues. You're gonna learn about different verbs and their changes. Marivaux's burglaries, A irregularities. Gambia's Andi. You will also learn how to give opinion about the past. Andi, you will get practice, so pay close attention and enjoy the Bacchus. Uranus. Thes means to go on holidays here. The HVAC Ascione is on What we're going to see. Here are four pictures on different activities that we can do when we go on holidays. The 1st 1 is here. I last montane ius to go to the mountains. He'd alas, Montagna, the one below photo those et al applied eat a lot of blood. You can also say Besar, who knows the yes semanas l applied, But I don't know if yes means to spend a few days or weeks on the beach. Okay, so we have a Dallas Montini's Eedle applied on the right. A lot of data on the right asset own crusade. Oh, when you go on a cruise in Spanish. We say a said own crusade. Oh, on the last one. Here they come. Memento here in the camp. Um, Endo. So here we have four types of holidays. Quattro tipos. They advocacy onus. We're going to read a text about holidays. Avelar sober beyond his del pasado. What I did here it's a I marked the burbs and you'll see because they're in the past There different So we don't say vamoose as a meme say most a no host our home. What? You'll see that some of the burbs have changed and that's because they are in the past. Okay, so what I will do is I will read the text and then when you can Dio is Paulse video on Reddit up loud for you to practice on I will explain a bit more about the sentences so listen carefully Ln you pasado Freeman's the back Ascione is Gracia no school Stop motion If we go mis amigos No scale demos A new no Tell my mother No Campesina Visy Thomas Lacko Police is the most on tour More interest Santa co memos A known restaurant typical But Obama souvlaki is morally see also Kamina, most for a tennis aecom. Paramus Moocher require those illegal owes vz Thomas Lago in Alamos. Okay, we have the verb get. That s it. And that means to spend the night or the time. So here there is a key phrase at the beginning of the text and it's a annual pasado. A longer basada means last year. So that tells me that the whole text will be in the past. Ln you've asado free Mose We went for Imus No Soto's there. Canciones gracia No scale demos A new hotel We stayed Yes, in this hotel with swimming pool B Sina swimming pool on. Then I mentioned all the things that we did with my friends. So I say VC mammals E c Mose go memos. But Obama's we tried Comey enamels. Com Brahmos vz demos, pass ammo's all these verbs they are in the past, Andi, it's about we. That's what we did. Okay, The last phrase says Bassam owes una semana mood ever. Tita, we spent a very fun week, Andi. Then we have other words like require those e regular clothes require. Those are souvenirs, Andre. Gallows, Our presence. So come Brahmos. We bought many souvenirs and presence. Visit demos. Own logo in Alamos. So here you have the word. Now that most do you remember now that from previous from the previous course. If you don't, it means swim. We we swam busy, Thomas on level enough, mammals. We visited a lake Onda. We swam. Okay, so all these verbs here are in the past on the key phrase here It's a lanyard pasado. 26. Clase 5 Pretérito Indefinido y Verbos: so the tens we use to talk about the past it's a readyto indefinite Edo indicative. Oh, okay. That's the simple past. Also acts unis finally satyrs en el pasado. These are actions that ended in the past and that have no connection with the present time Andi that they are finished. So when we say we went, we visited, we had that has no connection with the present moment. It's the same in Spanish. OK, also ACSI honest. Finally, Salis and Basada experts unit the Imphal Ellen, you el Verano Miss pasado less semana pasada in the familias asked that those Sanyo's as the door Sanyo's past a unio as the rest of manners You can change this part important things that you say the word I said at the beginning I say pressed the yes three days ago Asks a onan you a year ago, okay? Or you can use the word pasada la semana pasada Last week Basada means last. Okay, so when you see these time expressions, that means it's the past. Okay, you have to use but a dead Ito indefinite Edo. Here are a few examples off the regular verbs. As you know, the verbs in Spanish. They dividing to the endings The three endings Yes, our air. So these are the changes for regular verbs Cambios data, variables, regularities. So we have the verb to sing Kanta Any changes like Can Day passed a canto Thomas the verb in the middle bay Where to drink changes like this baby baby steps baby your baby Most Buriram on the last column esque reveal too, right? It's cree be ISC Revista is pre vo s Creavy Most s Caribbean on So have a look at the other three trabajar to work there to see we ve to leave. As you can see, they are similar. So this is what you have to remember. Yes, the endings on the more you practice, the better. You will remember all these changes, but careful because it are irregular verb forms on these air if you as he never they need, he said. I said a star young daughter veneered Veena bean east There we know Vini most vigneron ear free free Ste Foy Free most freedom. If I want to say I went, I'll say free. If I want to say they went, I would say Fred on but careful because then we have ever said to be on. That's the same 44 East there for four months. Freedom. So these two verbs are the same when we change them in them into the potato in the needle. How do you know if it's here or if it's said it? You know these because of context here these phrase 40 uh, Espana free, more popular in less quella. So free I spanien Timmons. I went to Spain, so that means went free, more popular in less quella. I was very popular. So the context will tell you if it's here or if it's there because they're the same. So every time you have a place, it will be eat Every time you have an adjective, it would be Saturday. Okay, So don't panic because the context will tell you everything. And then you have I said to do or to make. He said he sees there is e so e c. Most easy, Erin, is that it's to do then is to be stay. Stover is tuvimos s tuvieron on The last one is under Ondo Way and we stay on Dover under windows under Vieira, the verve under We can use it. Wait bikes, for example, on that NBC letter to ride a bike. Ondo. Where, and visit later, I rode a bike. So what? It's important here. It's that you remember that some of the verbs will be regular. Some others will be regular and you have to be aware off the changes. Okay, on again, this is just practice. I tried to write sentences. Try to use verbs that you commonly use in your own language. Tried to use them in conversation. Try to talk about the past. Andi. Use different verbs. 27. Practica Indefinido Conjugación: Ns, the Bedel Bokassa practicality in the finito, a scribble, a former correct that they lost variables. So here you have to write the correct form of the verbs. So for these, you will need a pen, paper, and a copy book. Let's start by most common Sarah, lay those variables. So if you don't need the conjugation, you can start writing. If you need the conjugation, you can have it here on the right side has come yet on Camille kami, Kami stem cell with a wacky loss variables. Lamas have Ed, last request, dance, gioco, me to stay calm, you know, so dress code, limos, or status, you all commit on. Within vamos a continuous variable. So if you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video here. And if you need the conjugation, it's here on the right. Bow sat l video. Vamos have less dressed points. Task yo E to E. So no, So Tracy, cmos, AOC, see I don't oh, here is a cmos Mavien balanced proximal variable. This data set S, the variables reflect CBO as you can as a z-test, but it started then. Here you have the conjugation on the left, on the right side, sorry. Fossa, LED wacky, Paradise, Lost variables, Lazarus. Joel Mavis, D. I dressed to divest this day. Service TO nosotros estamos ages service. Maybe an excellent day. Vamos, a continuous variable. If you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video here. Go who has Xian has the Hamas is based on variable regularity. It's irregular verb, so easier. Salvia, wacky, but excluded. Tools request us. Vamos a bad deal to know. So trust. Ages that are hired on. Excellent. The vowels I continue. Let's continue. Variable ear. So remember this is irregular, it's there an irregular verb. So if you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video. If you want to have a look at the conjugation is here on the right side and the lateral that H0 right side. Whereas Posada, LV, they are key. You can pause the video here. Less risk post-tests, son, Joseph, we do if we stay wet, nosotros females, ages for wet on movie n. Perfect though vamos, a wider variable, can or be able to hit those. E vivo irregular, irregular here on the right. So you can pause the video here. Pulse LBJ, wacky part is given to us. Vamos have added last, yo Boudin, I could GO pull the tuple this day. A poodle, nosotros, Podemos or status, pull the add-on, but affect the median. Vamos icon Dino adder. Let's continue. Variable kid to one. And here, remember this is also irregular estate ambien is unbearable. Irregular. If you need a conjugation is here on the right and left atria LV, they wacky. But as those requests tests, vamos, yo key, say I want it, jockey, say a Jackie. So, no. So Trotsky cmos ages keys yet on movie in that affect the oxime available via had to travel. This is irregular verb as in vivo regularity. So here you have the conjugation, come who? Osteon, bow cell with a wacky request. Request that your via k to l via whoa. No. So dress via hormones, status via had on movie an excellent balance. I continue either proximal variable layer to read and remember these verb, it's irregular and regular. So pay attention to that. Here you have the subject pronouns to hit those. Gaseon. You can pause the video here to write your answers. Spousal video or key by rescaling. That was a bad request. Does your LEA to lay stay in this case is irregular. Know so trust limos, status, lady, I don't excellent. The median proxy Volvo daughter mean to sleep. So ketose, job to El Salvador, wacky. Reveal those requests. Once. Those variables irregular is there are two forms that are irregular. Geodata me to do meal in this case is irregular. Know sutras, memos. And the second one that it's irregular, edges dormir on. So you change the o for the u, O, o due to meet on VN by most current proximal limb and say that reflects the bone to get up live on Thursday. So remember, you'll need the pronoun. I lead the data on the right, you have the conjugation. With a wacky. Those tests. Vamos yo Melvin, ten to the 11111111. Excellent, the movie n. So we'll continue with more practice of verbs in the next video. Let's continue that most water. 28. Clase 5 Dar opinión sobre el Pasado: that opinion sobre el pasado to give your opinion about the past, that opinion on several pasado here We have a few questions, so I will rate them on. I will post for you to repeat after me. No, I don't know. Get the Palacio at tennis May Palacio More Linda Kilis Palacio l two No spot ASIO muy interesante operandi. Mo's moochers cosas get a little via here a stool. Fantastical local media like Amina Ismael Erica movie sub Rosa. Here we have the question Katie Palacio, Gillis, Palacio And that means What do you think? Off a tennis? What's your impression off, Dennis, What's your impression off the tour? So we use the word bad issue because it's in the past on the person will answer. May Palacio. If it's I think it's very nice or for me, or my impression is or I would say no. Sparacio our impression, our or we believe our opinion. Okay, so we use the word, but I said to ask for opinion. The other one is Guettel. Get that Livia him. How was the trip? A stool? Fantastical it. Waas Fantastic. And here you have a verb. A stool estar en el pasado. Get that Local media. How about food? How was food? La comida is more Wicca. Moussa Brosa Sub Rosa means tasty Enrique eyes the same. It means tasty. Delicious. Okay, so we ask Kate embarrass you get that'll. Do you ask for an opinion? Some other examples here. I will rate them up loud and then you repeat after me. Come on. Bolivian Fremaux Salable idea co Mi familia que bueno Get a la costa Esto Penna knows Calamos in Uno. Tell Lost Chico's nada and Nell Matter said every tomato Latvia's is to be around soldados muscles. Here you have the word model, which means see on the question is come out ifwe in last. Bacchus. Eunice, how were your holidays? Go motif way. I'm asking you Cuomo Safeway a t a boy be in Fremaux. Salable idea. And then the next question is Kittel Lacosta. How was the coast? Esto, Penda? No scared. Ammo's in, You know, Tell Los Ticos Nevadan lost. The US is tuvieron So Leah, Those air muscles, The three verbs are in the past. We stayed. The kids swarm the days where Los dias is to be around Soldados. Remember when we ask about the days and we say coastal Colima estar solo Istanbul. Vlado Here. The Yes, it's in the plural. So we say is done in the past s to Vietnam. Love es is to be alone. So Liatsos era muscles. Okay, this is because we're talking about the days when we went on holidays. The next dialogue Proxima the allowable. Get the Palacio del Toro. No Mostow memory M Poko. But again, cominat por cinco orders Elia Ablow More Rapido? No Paramus Paradyne. Their own record. So here we have a few words. We have Abou Arida say, but our regale him Boco eso The question here is get the Paris deal. What do you think about the tour? No Mabel store memory. I will read to say it's a reflexive per bearable reflex. Even Maia Borough thereof or raise say are boring. Okay, in these gays, it's in the past. So I got bored. May ABRI home Boco. Okay, Kamina. It's a passed off camino coming. A poor Cinco orders El Guia of law wound Rapinoe very fast. Nobody emos. We didn't stop to have a break, but a dinner owned record 29. Clase 5 Pareció Parecieron práctica: So remember when we took about things and we want to give our opinion we used over by they set up in the past. If we're talking about one thing una cosa we say Paris CEO May Paris Ile day. But ASIO left Paris CEO knows Palacio less Palacio. So when we give our opinion about anything in the past and it's just one thing una cosa we use odysseo May Palacio de ver Tita may Palacio interest So this is your opinion about one thing. If it's more than one thing, we use the word by the sea it on. Okay, so but issue to give your opinion, for one thing but a Seattle to give your opinion for two or more things. So you would say may policy, Adam, they see it on Let Paris here, don no spot. Assiut on less potassium. Okay, so imagine we're talking about holidays or the days So you ask me. Kittle lost the Yes, the Toha cassio nous memory Sierra Fantastic. Als Imagine that you asked me about books. Guettel lost liberals May Paris Sierra on Lindows. Another question. Guettel. Last photos, No spotty CIA drone. Fantastic. Us. We think they are fantastic. So we are giving our opinion using Odysseo, for one thing but a theater for more than one thing. But I think Adam, what do you have to do to practice? Oh, no. Escriba. So burritos. Bacchus. Unis responded. Don't. If we stay going again if we stay and don't they take a last day? Get vz tested. Get easy step Get the Palacio La comedia lost lagares. So you will write about your holidays And he would say, Where did you go? Whole. Did you go with Where did you stay? What did you base it? What did you dio on? What do you think of the food and places? The ideas that you practice everything that we have seen today on and tried to use as many verbs in the past as possible. You can check with it with the online contra gator if you need to. The R line on tried to write full sentences on Tried to be riel with the things you're saying. No matter those responding. Okay, Sister and Finn, this Amanda What did you dio last weekend? Okay, sister and fin de semana again Tried Teoh describe everything you've done last weekend since you woke up until he went to bed. Okay, so then you get loads off practice off the verbs in the past. 30. Clase 6 Deportes y Ejemplos: glass. It stays here. You're gonna learn about sports, how to invite how to accept and how to reject invitations you're gonna learn. And they're gonna write a biography off a famous sports person. You're gonna learn about verbs in the past Like said, Yes. Data the verb to be in the passing boat putting Spanish on You're gonna learn about the direct object. Oh Kato, Director in Espanol. So this this'll Essen is full of stuff. So take your time on pay attention to all the explanations they parted Face sports, foot body on the verb that we used with football is who are footballing balance Sesto basketball. So there are two different two different words you can use. Either you can say balance esto basketball on the verve as well that we use with these sports is whole Adam Voy label who guided drug Be who lad Not a soon I said so if you want to say I play football, you would say whoever al football, whoever Oh, Adam football who are all balance esto who are a low level whole lad, I'll rugby, I said no. If you want to say I, um, I go swimming Avago. Natasha. There were two. Slim. It's another, but the sport is not a C on ultra support is by late yes, we're boys by Lara by a lot of a let sickly small A cell signal is more si clase More air cycling tenis who are all tennis? Go Olive, Who are ill goals Artist Marciel s Asser. Artist Marsalis. So, um, you will find different. Let's say different expressions. Some people say Who are Denise on? Some people say who are Al Dany's? What I mean here is that sometimes people say who God, their niece who are football, who are golf on some other people would say who are ill then these Yes, they use it as God. Uh l Danny's who were in tenis who got on gold who were on football s So you will hear both . You will hear both expressions You will hear people say and who had a goal, for example. And then you will hear people saying who are algal Eso yeah, that the recently one way which is that Al Thani's. But because off a connection with the English people change that and they say who are golf . I will add in my notes a link that's from dictionary and you will find more references there. But I particularly say Huaral Tennis, Yes, but you would hear people say Who are Chinese on my will at the link below so you can have a look at it. But these are the sports. The important thing is that you remember the verbs we use with them as their sickly small assert artists. Marciel is a who got gold. Okay, that's important thing. You have to remember a him blows a here we have a few sentences with the sports on A few barbs Maria, say artist Marsalis Lego stomach one quagga Al Dennis Las Venus is a manner This is what I was telling you who are ill tennis. Maybe use tomato Elsie Klezmer Kato and trainer bracero ciclista Professional and dinner means to train I want to train to be paras their own sickly stop professional A Pedro laying Kanta Another told us last manners as a not a C l and l clue del Centro caper fears who are Albelin Sesto Oba level. But if you do who are Albelin system May Was Thomas Okay, you compulsive video here to read the sentences out loud on write the notes you want 31. Practica Pretérito Indefinido (texto): For this practice, you will need paradise, the practical necessity that as a piece. So if you don't have it, pause the video and get it. And we're going to start vamos. A common side is good to take stock and Quinta, what throw errors. So you have to read these texts. Listened to me and fine for mistakes. I'm going to read this passage twice. So you can find the forum mistakes. Pause the video here. If you need to read this before you listen to me. Maybe an vamos a comer. And Saturday, let's begin. You are going to listen and find for mistakes. You are going to listen to this twice. Numero uno. El Nino pasado visited Mexico, dude endemism across Uranus domain Latvian, LDR vein, irregular, say L1, d auto Elena che, estaba more, we can settle beta Phyllis per cavea. Here IS the most opioids. And Mexico VC De Los Muertos, economy comida traditional, compressor gallows para mi familia, yellowness causes pyrimidine. Okay, let's listen to this one more time. A linear pasado visited Mexico, do then timess Vaca, CNS, domain, Latvian, iliac, vein, irregular, say, ala, naughty, estaba Morgan saddle, beta Phyllis, per cavea, hey, I asked the most obese in Mexico, VC Taylor's Mercado, economy, comida traditional, complexity gallows para mi familia Nunez causes. Pardon me. You can pause the video here if you need more time. Vamos have added last breaths post-test, we're going to see the answers. Domain Flavian iliac vein. There. I sell when the auto Alpha naught J in Mexico, VC De Los Muertos para mi familia, yellowness courses, pyramid, quatro auroras for mistakes. Vamos a container. We're going to continue with. The next part of the text is good chat text TO in Gwen drag quatro roadways. So you can pause the video here and read this text. And then you're going to listen to me twice. Basel video. Again. Median Odyssey is scooter. Now you can listen to me. Unless you that the Mexico than B and B, C, D, Socolow is la plaza most important. Nl Central Asian. They own the market chapel, the pec. As soon other parties must grant this del mondo in SDK for young juseyo. The anthropology here, EV is cool too, does the factors. Then D was Sibelius as Uranus. You can listen to me again. Unless you that the Mexico tambien VCD Socolow is la plaza mass important and central. The last few data. Next question. They own the chapel, the pec, as soon as the loss park is mask grandes the mondo. Here, EV is cool too, does Hodges ERT factors. Then D was severely SAS, Uranus. Video seen as the z-test mass, the MPO. Pause the video here if you need more time. Now, we're going to see the answers. But most severe respiratory status is la plaza mass important and central LSU, that is your next courses on their own DEA, one day. All know they love percuss mask around this del mondo artifact, those there. And D was Sibelius as Uranus. Ancient civilizations. For mistakes. Movie and let's continue with the last part. But most I continue our old paradigm, a scooter ELL text TO in Gwen DRA. Pause the video here. If you want to read the text one more time. Pause the video here. If you need to read the text. Vamos, a common side, Let's start. Remember you have to listen to me, I'm fine for mistakes. But after anatomy via foia Cancun portrays ds, make it in unitary can be Sina company and not NL matter. May, will still move to Mexico. Had otra vez. Let's listen to this one more time. We'll never have mass. But after me, Namibia, Fourier Cancun portrays ds, make it in Delhi. Camille of restaurant is now the NL matter. May will still move to my hippo. Otra vez. You can pause the video here. If you need more time. Pause cell with a wacky vamos, have it last. Let's see the answers. That amino data to finish my trip. But a determiner, common side to begin. Bought a press the yes, Theresa means 13 noon or make it into a hotel? I stayed in a hotel thing. Okay. I have to know T80 via how to drive is I want to travel again. Moravia and excellent. So this is the end. But we're going to continue with more exercises. So let's continue Vamos. I continue either. 32. Clase 6 Biografías Ser & Estar: be a good FPs they northeast test. So I'm gonna read these short biography on. Then I will explain a few words and then you can pass on read out loud. So listen carefully, Louisiana. I'm our Natio and Rosario Argentina and Milam Asientos said, and I see it them is one who had ordered the HOK. So this Espen common So who are ok all of Seattle and use Louisiana Khobar ACLU s their Andina there LaMagna Espana Monica Rada More sexy Tosa. Well, Wahida lawmaker who Adorable Moonda in auto basis parties, people and defendant this competition Internacional is intimacy analysis Got no Middle Ages in lost weight. Also limb because Pan American knows. Okay, so we have a few words Natsteel common So who go gano They are in the past This is a biography. So everything here it's, um in the past But the burrito in the in Edo And all indicative Oh, okay, So I say Nasedo and Rosario a common So who are Alysia and use when she was seven. Luciano, who go para blue is there Can Dina So she play for clubs in Argentina, Germany over Onica Rada movie Taxi Tosa! She had exit. Tosa means successful. Well, he didn't. She was chosen the best player Lammy whore Who had order? Who was Order means Player party. See people in different this company see owners She participated in the past in different competitions. Nacional is a internationalist here I say a internacional is because they word starts with E Internacional Is when you have a word like this. You cannot say E as we say And in Spanish you change for a Imagine if I said nasty analysis E Internacional is that doesn't sound good. So I say Nacional is a internacional is so I have to change these in English Would be nationals on board International Gano made ideas. She won medals. So all these things are in the past. All these actions are finished. It's about her biography. Okay, you composite video here to read it out loud, be able to Fi s They put it peace test. So when I read, I would explain if he works and then you can practice reading up loud which I highly recommend. If you're not doing it, start now because reading up loud will help you with pronunciation with help you with memorizing your words if you're doing it great. Keep on doing it. So listen carefully. Manu Ginobili, Natio, Mbaya, Blanca, Argentina and Milne of Asientos said 10 dicey at them as soon x who? Whether the valence esto come in social correra and Milner of asientos No anti single. It s an use displays via ho Alitalia but who were singled import others in Italia Gano those copas una Elder leader and in Los Mellos Manu come in Soho where para San Antonio Sports asked that all those millions your toe do nt so correra got no moochers Premios become Barreto's We have a few words again. We have no Aseel Gunnel but a meals then bought at us and nil those meal those manu common So who are para San Antonio spores? Asta l Those millions Your chou the word asked. That means until 2018 Asked that in those millions Yo tow so you can pause the video here Write out notes in your resource pack if you need to Basado They said yes started So this is a past off the verb to be. But remember that in English we have to in Spanish. Sorry, we have Teoh said Yes, that so Here. I'm going to read a few sentences for you to have an idea on. Remember when we use said And when we use that Okay, What you can do is after I with this races you compulsive video unread them up loud. If we you know who would order the balance. Sesto But globe the Monsieur asic Quattrone use free state another lower, more popular. And Milne of ASEAN does no one time Where LeMay Horror by Llerena del Instituto free most members daily people for dressed annuals Ford on Lost Iniesta's mass farm also owes the America Latina the second part of sentences A story in a clue Esta manana is the waste a Latina a stupid policy Another you know, pull the Khobar El Partido is to we must waken dentals. Is Toby it on any blue Al Atar then? So these are the past off said e esta Okay, you composite video here 33. Clase 6 Objeto Directo Práctica: but a numbers person. Alice, there herto the doctor. Oprah numbers personal is the complement the doctor. So this is the direct object in English. I want to read a few dialogues. And then it would explain, uh what? It's the youth off thes pronoun. Okay, But first, have a look at the verbs in the past. There in blue. So you have the verb. The first phrase has a verb. The hit that comes from the hard on. Then the second phrase V That's the past off bed, The third phrase in country. Then you have on the right Another serving blue A school check. That's the past off Esko chatting The next one is V the past off bed. So I'm gonna read the dialogues on the never translate them into English, and then I'm gonna explain what's happening there. Okay, What are the words? So listen carefully. The al Oh, you know, don't they stop Miller Keita Lather hit n l gotta So here the first person is asking wearies my racket on the other person is saying I left it in the car. Okay, so, um, we say lap because we're talking about the records we don't want to repeat it again. So we say I left it in the car Lado hay and got him because racket, it's feminine. We say le because it's feminine. Let's have a look at the next phrase. The stent. Miss Goofus, did you see my glasses? The stent meat's got for us last V and to also I saw them in your bag. Last B and also goofus. It's feminine. Plural. That's why I use less Last B. And also I saw them in your bag. So the idea here, it's not to repeat the word gaffe Us. Okay, have a look at the phrase number three Dialogue three No se Donde esta me? Goran? I don't know where My hat East. No se Donde esta me? Gorra? I kissed uh Lewin. Contrary in alarm, Mario, The clue. Here it is. I found it in the locker off the club. So we say I found it low in country. We don't want to repeat your hat to Goro. So we say low in country. I found it. Goro is masculine. That's why we use No. Okay. So we used to laugh when it's feminine on. We use low when it's masculine. Okay. When we want to go meet the word as in English, as you say in English. I found it in Spanish low income bread. It will change whether the word is a mass killing family, singular or plural. Let's have a look at the next phrase. The next Tyler, the local Cuadra boy. This bazaar Mela who I am Then you hand me the towel. Daraya Powell No avail. Done. This time I can see it. Where is it? A bajo del banco under the under the seat. We call it Banco when you are in a club and you have those seats. They're not We don't call them. See? Yes. Or chairs. We call them Banco. Okay. Those are the seats in a in a dressing room in a club. So here the person says No lap veil. I can't see it or I don't see it. Daraya! It's feminine. So we say No laugh. They'll the idea Here. It's not to repeat the word toe. Yah, Let's have a look at the dialogues on there. Right? Men can. That s double arena is fantastic. Lie Skuta in la radio estaba en el programa de la manana. I'd heard her on the radio Life school A stubble in el Programa de la manana She waas on the morning show lies watching I heard her So here you don't want to repeat by Latina or a stable arena by Larry Nice Feminine. So you say laugh leis koce I'd her her Okay, Law school a door is Who Garon movie in El Partido See my Libyan lost be in latter Levy's young So who did you see the players lost? Who? Whether it is in this case, who got Lotus It's a word that it's masculine needs plural. So I say loss, loss V. I saw them. You don't want to say BLS who got the orders and the television. So in order to will meet loss whether it is you to say loss, let's have a look at the last phrase l s l may heart any startle. Moonda C four is so low Contra Theron and it would open local Bratton. They hired him because I'm talking about a man. I'm saying l it's masculine, So I replaced by law. Okay, so we replace loss. Who had Otis, for example. With loss, we replace l for law. We replace me, Skaff us four less Okay. And they always go before the verb last be last day here, low in country. So this is something that you can maybe remember in English. It's the opposite. The object. It's after the verb in Spanish. It is not so we say lap the hit. Okay, but a number is the complimentary dictum. So here are the problems we were talking about. We can divide them into singular Andi, Plural, masculine and feminine. So we can either say Lois KGB when we refer to the email El Correo Levy I notice when we referred Teoh lapel equal Um Los Casino. When we're referring, Teoh lost Brave Ulis last the name I left take us So remember their law? LA loss last. Here they come The compliment that direct compliment always goes before the burb. Not as in English on there are only four. But I could think got him. Oh no esque reveal level Rafia The only party sta SG beat him Don't then ASIO Cuando no ASIO one the common So so corretta Don't who will But the people in campeonato seat of nails Que premios Goneau I recommend that you tried to use different verbs on tick because the verse should be in the past. Okay, So this is your homework. Take your time and I'll see you in the next lesson. 34. Practica Pronombres OD: On this video, we're gonna practice, but are numbers, they'll hit the director. Loves young correct data, choose the right option. So for these, you might need a pen and paper if you want to write the answers. So here you have a question, don't they stand less Java's, where are the keys done this DownloadService? Less V and L salon, Bay villas and El salon. Say v less than El salon. So you have to choose one option, a, B, or C. Let's see the answer. Remember, you can always pause the video if you need more time. The answer is letter a, less V and L salon. I solve them in the living room. Less v. Last Java's the keys. Moiety N, violence, I continue ADA. Don't they compress, left Rwanda or Control-A and al Mercado, lac operon, al Mercado, Lacan, bro, left root that and al Mercado do tempo. Ladder is pasta. E is letter D. And L Mercado. I bought it. Laugh rota, and then Mercado, when we say, like in letter C, lack umbrella fruit that we don't use left router. We say like ombre because it's implied that we're talking about fruit the comptroller. That is incorrect. Vasa recta, DNA illiberal, the stria later, later away, then goes your lead. I say low Tango. John Dhamma to the MPO. Para responder. Is Deanna liberal days 30, load Tango. John, I have it. Leave rho is masculinity, low, singular, low. Then go do it. I have, but we don't know what you're thinking. Follow the order is incorrect. We can say Joe, load angle, DBN, proximity. Receive is less than Beta CNS. Teach you get the invitations. See receiving less agenda. Bates, see literacy, we say see recipe less, Algeria. Dhamma to the MPO, para, responder library go into force that is led away. See less vis-a-vis idea. Yes, I received them yesterday. Last recipe. Later. Illiteracy, son incorrect us. Muy Bien Vamos have one that I serve as the lost volatile Serbian. When did you book the flight tickets? Lossless survey, luminous, bed, fellows, aloneness, say loss reserve as Dhamma to the MPO. Respond their lap. That is quandary service telos volatiles, their vision, loss of a survey, and Luna's here, the person is asking me, when did you book the tickets? And I say I booked them loss or a survey and luminous loss, masculinity fluid, loss bullet. The IBM is wrong. Loss of a set of Asda is like you book them. Okay. So there are two people in this conversation? A. When did you book B? I booked them. Loss or a survey. We've yen balance. I continue article approximate. Done this tan misspent alone is what are my new trousers? They both cellos, a Levodopa, say low, SBU, say. Here the verb is, I put in the past job posting, I put in the past million. I hear you have GOP. Dhamma to the MPO, para responder. Is literacy, loss poor. Say a lullaby, Dora, I put them in the washing machine. Levodopa, Vandellas Musolino, fluid loss at eBay, Sony incorrect. Us know the cmos pull cellos. The CMOs loss will be in proximity on that one, the Media Lab Caligula, when did you watch the movie? Lambda less than monopoly sada, the media loves him and epsilon say, lambda stay lastName and capacitor. Remember, seminar Posada last week. Do the MPO better responded? That is, when did you watch the movie, cuando me that. Lambda less than Amanda Sattler? I watched it. Femininity, feminine no less Amanda cella. I watched it last week. Medulla, less than menopause data is wrong. Lambda stays, you watched it instead of iWatch did basis. So an incorrect test. Remember if you have any questions about these direct object pronouns, please leave a comment or a message in the section below the video. But oxime lay still periodical or yellow Mariana. Did you read the paper today in the morning? Lillian L. Trend, Bay, Lola, say lolly and doma to the MPO para responded. Take your time to answer. Isla Vista is lettre a lowly and then trend I read it on the training video, legal masculinity, low, lay low. A single recto lolly is femininity or masculinity. Lowly NL trend, I read it on the train. Proxima prevalent that DNS zone continuum level. Do you have a new car? See Maslow, L must be C Compiler, Compiler. Most LMS pasado, say, see locum promise LMS pass along to tiempo para responder is that is let's say C locum, promise and mess, but seldom. Yes, we bought it a cocci, LMS pasado last month. Later. Maslow is incorrect though, later at bay. As incorrect though. Look on promise. We bought it. We end vamos con approximate pregnant, that is Caribbean Lenovo fella, who wrote the novel, gain is trivial. Land novella. Is Viola who now thorax, Helena, bit less trivial or no authority. Lena, literacy. Let's gravy on authority. Lena. Don't I do the MPO para responder. Lrs points that is later obey lies trivial. All know, delta T Lena. She wrote it, lies Caribbean novella, feminism, Lamb Lies grubby. I wrote it, lies. Rubio see wrote it. Excellent. The movie ends. So this is the end of this practice. Remember, if you have any questions, please leave them in the section, in the comment section below. Let's continue with more practice. Vamos con mass practica. 35. Clase 7 Pretérito Imperfecto: glasses. Yet there in this class, you're gonna learn about military don't imperfecta, Val. Indicative. Oh, in perfect tens. I'm gonna give you examples. You stays on. You're gonna read a lot of sentences. You're also gonna learn about the verbs. Abed said yes, that in the past. And we're gonna compare different times on different tenses. You're also gonna learn about time reference markers, Markle, or is different when Zia on a lot of examples, but a tentative perfecto in the table. These another type off past tens. Okay, so I'm gonna read these sentences If the photo is the me Abuela the NEA vein Daniels Vivia Gonzalez Batteries mania. Welcome. Raise your lad ago E Negro that have a harbor inla tienda a superlative lejos, Taba. Sally Sami, CO Mary Laval. Even larger. Lo Sava. Those by lava include the problem. So, as you can see here, I, um I marked the verbs in blue. They are in the past. They are not like the verbs we've seen before. These are different because I'm describing my grandmother. Andi. I'm talking about the things that she used to do when she was younger. All these verbs have nothing to do with the present. They are in the past. And the idea here is that I'm describing Andi that I'm talking about the things that she used to dio in the past. The nea Elka video Lateral Inigo She had war she used to have. This is a description of her in the past. A trabajaba in Letty and the super battery that waas a routine in the past for my grandmother. She used to do this continuously. Okay, It wasn't just one time, but what I want to emphasize is that she used to work Trabajaba Llevo stab a salad again. What I want to emphasize it is that the continuities off this preference? She used to like to go out Lo salvo those by lava in a clue del pueblo to emphasize the past habit. Ok, it's not that she danced only once. But what I want to say is that these happened every Saturday when she was young. So I used these thes these form off the bar by lava. Okay, so here we have a few changes The nea via have a have a Gustavo by lava. This is pretty territo in perfect er in the cafeteria. Also, those e ahem blows that are three uses parable are the continued a true Tina or Alvito del pasado? No survey Most one galaxy in common. So or tell me No, we don't know when the action started or finished. We know that it's over. We know that it's finished, but we don't know when. This group CEO Ennis del Pasado. Okay, So when I give you a few examples, pay attention to this. You can also repeat after me when I finish Really no examples. You compose a video on, read them out loud to practice pronunciation and understanding. OK, maybe when you read them out loud, you will understand them better. One lawyer Kenya May will stop a who are in l Hardin Commissar manos Cuando epa Kenya. When I was little, May will starve a who are in l Hardin commission manners in less quella losses to the end. This who Saban uniform is very says our order, Olson only for Mrs Solis. So here means at the school the students they used to wear gray uniforms Ladies Gray Oda. Now they wear blue uniforms. Okay, so here I want to emphasize they have it in the past. So I say Saban only for Miss Cuando has mean any Adia Sanyo's by Labaton said. So those lost blueness Where is era una by Llerena Mui Buena by level ANSA past routine Ada , you never Latina a description off the past Mis amigos CDO whoever most football in a plaza told us last Are this this place alkali here? So here it's a past habit So we use whole lab animals They live on Dallas Timpano When the waders Hovan no, even less quella let are they So they live on top of us to use to get up early when you were young Live and have us that comes from the verb live in Paris e to get up the answer No evil escwa I used to go to school in the afternoon So Eva is the past four ead to go And here it's a habit past habit Mi familia see embrace celebra on You know I went Carcela Miss Dios Saleh Brava. This is a habit that always happened every new year. Celebra n mi casa told us teniamos area Bony Holomisa Parallel Marceau Emir Mono Barrel Ascena does teniamos. This is a habit in the past, the description In the past, everybody had their own task. Okay, What I want to emphasize is a continuity is not just once, but it was like continuously. Do I know when they started? No. Do I know when this finished? No. I just know that these happened or used to happen continuously in the past. It was a repeated habit. Miss Batteries is to the oven home. Does one LaDainian vein Daniels? Maybe they were 20. Maybe there were 2122 23. I don't know. What I know is that thes waas passed habit They used to study together a missile. Willows less ghost Abba Here the back Ascione is our last Montagna Lamari Devil Area C Embry Kosinova Comedians Delicioso. So these means always. Here we have the works. See, Embody Go See Nava So that's something that I don't know if she keeps on cooking But I do remember that she used to cook delicious meals Kosinova commit us daily CEO says so you can possibility of here to read of the Gracie's write down notes on your resource pack on will continue 36. Clase 7 Hay & Había ejemplos: veritable a bottom I having yet. Okay, so remember that when we say I it means the Reese that are Abbey yet will be the past. See, So we use thes verbs to describe things that existed. So here we have two photographs one from the 19 hundreds meal Noveski and those on another one from now our down. So when I described I'm gonna read three sentences on the no one explain What's the difference between the verbs? So listen carefully and meal, no vision. Those a bia are novelists. Are we less mean Means tree trees. Advil is on this. No obeah. Every need us on this Noah via graphical. So in English it would be in 1900. There were trees a br Wallace on this new obeah every need us. There were int avenues on this Noah geographical before there wasn't traffic. So I'm describing what there used to be in the past. Now in the present, our order are moochers Every physios I fabricas in negocios I order I must personas. So here would you have to remember, is if you are describing what there used to be in the past. You use the word Avea. If you're describing something that exists now you use the word I So, Abby? Yeah, The gypsy honest del pasado I the scripts Unis then present more examples and millions of asientos quite enticing. Go rabbia focus personas on this No area to restore us on this No habia me less they cast us How old am I? Move Just personas I trabajo en in syndrome order. I must breathe all so Remember Abia, when you want to say there Waas there. Where? In the past I the race that are in the present. Okay, this group c Honest Abia, I 37. Clase 7 Era & Estaba ejemplos: Ada e estaba so here. I'm gonna explain. When do we use Ada? Andi? When do we use estaba? So here. Trying to remember the first course of the inner scores I talked about When do use s on? When do we use a static? Said Yes that so? This is the same bad in the president passed both its are in the past eight a estaba So have a look at the first and phrases I'm gonna use the word ate out one the way happy can you Maybe Mustafa Who are all football? Komada to see that in El Pasado. How was your CD in the past? So here I want to know a description. Yes, the physical descriptions I was a Komada. Okay, in Los agenda La musica disco era More popular. So here I'm talking about a description. I'm saying it was very popular in a buoyant papa ladder Maybe subway HLA a HLA Must Hovan. They left familia. She was a youngest daughter in her family. So remember I use Ada when I talk about descriptions Cuando ada begin you when I was little So Ada on an adjective going to see that How was your city. I want to know what description I'm asking. La Musica disco A more popular So Iwas very popular in the seventies. Maybe some Wailua Italy must holding. I'm describing my great grandmother. So in these four cases, I use Ada. No, let's have a look at four different cases with the word estaba Nicholas No foi Alice quella pour que estaba and family So I used estaba in fed. Um um these waas a temporary situation in the past I don't say Ada because he was never all the time sick, but only for thes time. It's a temporary condition. I use the word estaba is that I'm fed Immel. It's a temporary condition. One Low media Donald Prem you estaba movie content So this is how I felt at that moment in that exact let's say moments when I got the price estaba movie candente Okay, 10 priority So I use estaba la casa de mi abuela estaba in a sample. When I talk about location we got soon I used the word estaba is ravenal gamble I don't say a final Campbell I say estaba because I'm talking about location where wasa house estaba en el Campo estaba Mouyokolo pago por Catania Moto trabajo a stab Mouyokolo battle That's a temporary condition, Let's say off the past Estaba, Mouyokolo, Pado at that moment or during those days or during those weeks, is there a Mouyokolo bottle? But that's a temporary condition. Okay, so I use the word estaba. These goes back to the uses off said Yes, star that I explained in the my first course, beginners for beginners. So you can have a look at those lessons in particular, if you have any doubts. Okay, but just remember, the uses off said yes, data And they are They applied for the person, the president, the past, the future. So pause the video here, read the sentences out loud and if you have on, if you have to write out notes in your resource prime pack. 38. Clase 7 Frecuencia práctica: America. What is their frequency? Um, these are very useful if you are talking about. But it really didn't perfect negativo. If we're talking about these past tens but you can also use them for the press and thymus. Well, so we can say see embedded Always Cassie. See Embry Generalmente general Normal men A menudo com frequency A Muchas basis. I mean, no, that would be often our basis. Sometimes the racing wonder Radha men, they more bogus basis. This will be rarely or a few times more people cast basis. Cassie Nuka Almost never Noga Hamas. Okay. Never. Ever. So we go from CME. But that means like always till Noga Hamas Never ever. And then on the right we have lost loneliness, loss, matatus dollars lost Blueness does lost the yes to all those lost Mrs does Los Banos Those means every told us last money ANAs told us last surveys Told us last nurtures every morning every afternoon, every night Galatea every day Callus semana Callum is kala Prima vera cada on you Okay, Cal A semana Every week Cada miss every month Cada prima vera every spring Calagna every year. So these are market or is there frequency A a him blows. CME Bray is to the ABA this place del trabajo the racing Cuando se now the most common missed EOS Cassie Nuka visit Dabbagh ASU's Remo's Those laws by Daniels, Marcos Supatra Even Allah Costa the back Ascione is so here. Remember, I'm talking about something that happened or that used to happen every summer. But probably that doesn't happen anymore because it's in the past. Gotta say mana me Mallory in Sanya A Lemon associates to the end days Poor low general in general. Poor looking middle A movie Difficile nbr cartas in a sigh Polka I am really fee. See, That means that in the past it was difficult, used to be difficult, but now it's easier. Alice is no school stabber live in Tom most Zambrano para Kamina. So you can use these phrases these time reference phrases to talk about things you used to dio or you used to like in the past. But I got him. So that are three things you have to do to practice these tents. No Madona escriba soda to routine. A en el pasado one way that speak. And you hope a Kenya a emblem. One good up in Kenya. Evil Esqueda 11. Yana Milliband, Tamala. See a day. This are you never call me Spalla is so here. I am writing about my routine when I was kid when I was a kid. Andi, I'm saying I used to go to school in the morning. I used to get up at seven. So that's what you have to dio. No matter Those keep us at the impose hobbies. 10 years park it a emblem. May will stop by a lot of dollars. Lost lunacy. Whoever's Tamada glasses the ransom. So I'm saying here I used to like dancing. So every Monday and Thursday I used to take dance lessons. No matter. Dress, get they will stab A said can noting Mustafa said, Board game, What did you use like doing or what not And why May Mustafa Mihdhar, LA. Television. No Mustafa. A state lottery a day less Kuala. I used to like watching TV. I didn't used to like doing the homework. Uh, yeah, the homework from from school. So that's what you have to do. Answer these three questions on use of verbs in their potato in perfecter del Indicative evil. If you have any doubts, go to the allying, congregate er on and check the burbs on. Try to use this many verses possible so you can get all the practice. You can. I'll see you in the next lesson. 39. Clase 8 Pasado y Presente: glass a photo. So here, you're gonna learn about and you're gonna practice the three different tenses that we've seen. You're gonna practice but editing perfecto. But it's daily during the fin Edo eat placenta, the three of them together. You're also gonna learn about going out on different things that we do when we go out. Andi propositions with pronouns. Andi. Lastly, even I learned about the indirect object in Spanish. Okay, Toes, the complementary in director. So again, that are loads of stuffs here. Loads of stuff here. But you have to listen carefully because we're about we're very near finishing these cores , so enjoy via his the pasado representing. So I'm going to read a text about a man that he talks about his trips in the past and in the present. So I'm gonna read the first part then Evan, explain if he words they compose on Read it out loud after me. So listen carefully. Cuando era begin. You even advocacy Onus Call me Familia. I order void of acacia onus Camino Via on this May will stop a who are committed. Halladay in Latina I remember most. Castillo owes Nadal, Ramos and Elmar possible Tiempo Commissar Manos me, madam, I order may boast of a hard ass you that this boy am Buzios cafes breast out And this Camino parties think those luxuries. Toma photos. So here we have a few words Arena Kosti, Joe's Louise. Okay, so I underlined and sometime references. Words Cuando one the way happy can you? When I was little, even the back Ascione is coming familia So in these sentence for the sentence is in the past and it's talking about or expressing habits in the past, So I use them perfect tens but the veto imperfecta. But have a look at the next race Our order voy advocacy Onus commune obeah. So now he's saying No, I go all holidays with my girlfriend. So first, the first race is about holy days that he used to have in the past But they didn't perfecto second phrase actions that he do now or habits in the present time presented the indicative . Oh, okay, then the next sentence starts with on this before May will stop the Khobar coming armada. Most Kosti Geo's r. Meier means to make. So he's talking about the things he used to Nike before and then next sentence. He says our order may well study hard issue that IHS. And now I like traveling to cities. So he's comparing when he was a child on the things that he likes? No. Okay, so remember these words one, though. Order on this hour. Okay, You composite video here to read it out loud, he continues with the second part. So I'm gonna read, I'm gonna explain, And then you can pause the video to read it out loud. So listen carefully. So all those lost radar knows even most ona Cavagna Circle Murder B a r Wallace Cavagna Molleda, Komada May will stop Oppa saddle tm body order may boast Akhisar me a note Ellis apart a Mentos in Louvre's sentry cause cerca del transport a publico our bases Al Kilo Coach own every sick later Iraq or oh, bless you Ln you pasado free away No ciders Make it they a Bonaparte aumento and Recoleta in una zona Centrica v c k El Centro The last year call me and restaurant this free Al Harding Happiness. Yeah. Puerto Madero. May Gusteau Moocher. Okay, so when the right I wrote four words, Cavagna said it Al Kilo break or l. So have a look at the first race Solos? Lows Mariano's. Every summer we used to go to a cottage near the sea. So what he's doing here, he's saying what they used to do every summer. So in this case, we use military toe in perfect to talk about past habits. And then the next phrase starts with our order. And then he talks about the things that he likes doing now. Okay, so he's comparing what he used to do every summer and then no, but the last party Gruff. It's about what he did last year. A Lanyu pasado. So here we don't use presenting the cathedral and we don't use a territo imperfecta. We use a dado in the vanilla or what it's called a passing boat, because here he's talking about his last holidays. So he's saying, I went I did. I had visited. I stayed. So in this case we used another tense. Okay, and here the key phrase is a Lanyu pasado. So that means these action happened last year. It finished. It was only one time when I went all holidays here. He is referring to those holy days that he had last year. Okay, so in these texts, we have different types of birds. So in blue I wrote here, there was an l presenting on. We have Busta Al Kilo, Camino Voy mama Brick or Oh, these are the things that he do. He doesn't know. Okay, medical staff Kilo Ricardo. And then we have bearable us in El Pasado on as I said before, there are two types. The one that we were reading before was in perfecto. Remember when he was describing his holidays when he was a child megastar va are mama's now that most remember when he says here are were out of a list. So he's describing the place where he used to go. Remember past descriptions when we compared Abia and I Okay, so here is a use of Libya on the other one is indefinite needle last year in an IP asado. If we can they visit a Comey Gusteau. So here you have the three different tendencies together to express past habits, things that he does know and then in action that happens in a definite time in the past. So you composite video, Read it out loud. If you want to go back and write down notes, do it. No, 40. Clase 8 Preposiciones y Pronombres: but Apple C CEO nous people are numberless propositions on problems. So I wanna read a few sentences using propositions on and the problems. You have the phrase translated into English below. So I'm gonna read And what a house. And then you can read the sentence after me. So listen carefully. Para me last May, Horace Bacchus, Joonas son in law applied Diego Carta de Free the Bacchus Uranus, Cornell in Liberty. Motome, Creo leave. It'll iss the Asia. Okay, as you can see, when we're using their proposition, as in this case. But up on the first phrase, I don't say, but Joe, But I say about at me, Okay, Remember when we were giving when we were explaining how to give your opinion? Well, this is another way of expressing your opinion. You say bad on me. You don't say hi, Joe. Okay, The second phrase when we're using again the work Pata, Do you own a car? Paraty? I don't say para two, but I say Bata de So we changes. But the next two, they don't change. Okay, for the advocacy Honest Colonel, it's the same. And leave us the radium. You go in a card data para Asia Left recorded Likas Unison l A player so l yaya don't change your do. They do change but at me. But at the that are more expressions here. So I'm gonna read when a pulse for you to repeat after me. So listen carefully. Julian is my begin. You know, Via had seen no Sotelo's Boyd on Alice Sina called. No So trance Ben say in a Dios Badri's see Embrace Abla. Soviet ages. But I was there. This What is McWhorter? Okay, so as you can see here, the pronounce they don't change with the propositions. So seen no photos gone? No. So dress in a use. So today? Yes, but oh status. Here the problems do not change. Okay, You can use any proposition and the Brennan will be the same. But careful with that. Go have a look at these two phrases. Kyodo Avelar Cornell here is have Larkin no Sotelo's. So the first price would be I want to talk to him on the second phrase would be. Do you want to talk to us? Ok, Cornell, babydoll, Attention! Have a look at the two phrases below Kierra of Latin Montego I want to talk to you. Kids have a lot of Camilo. So I don't say care of large county. What? I don't say care of Larkham too. I changed these one. So every time you use a proposition con on you refer with me or with you. You changed into Montego Camilo. This is the only change. Okay, Montego Amigo. Kids have logic. Amigo, do you want to talk with me? So these to change with the proposition gone. Okay, so don't forget this. 41. Clase 8 Pronombres Indirectos: Okay. Now I need your full fullest attention. But our numbers in complementary in director. So in previous lessons, we talked about the problems off the Derrick compliment. Okay, the director. No, we're gonna let learn about. Okay. Toe in director. So I'm going to read these sentences and they don't want explain what they are about and then if you want, you can pause the video. Read the sentences out loud, Write down notes if you need to use the resource pack. Have a look at the notes that I wrote. So listen carefully. Phrase number one Claudio Mehdi Hok are you musical in a bathroom? Claudio Maryjo Okay, I almost legal in the bedroom for us. It does. El Sabado, your discreet be correo electronico. Los Burial East us Lacey Error own and revista the only problem today, Claudia K. So el sabado pasado mis Padres no stragglers own up in toda paranoid Straka's lepre office soda knows that that I am and director less explica. Oh, lie storia Della pelicula no less. Gusteau l Musical Gillis Palacio Lex Position. Okay, so here I underlined all the verbs, but you can see the whole screen be easier on their brega Laurent that explica Gusteau Sparacio. And then I marking blew a phrase Yes, in every sentence. So these phrase answer the question. What? When I have the first sentence? Claudia Medico. So Claudio told me what they are you musically and Teatro. So this is what he told me. Okay? El Salvador. Joe Tess, Caribbean on Saturday I wrote to you What? Oh, Correo electronico. Any mail lost? Very Arista's Lacey era. The journalist made him what? Own and baby stuff. Any interview? Julie Brave India. Claudia I asked Claudia what? Que eso in Sabah? The asado, Miss Batteries Nobrega Latam que oh napping daughter. But on West Roehrkasse Lepra for sorta knows that the teacher gives us Okay, Daria homework it Director less explicable. Okay, Life story Adela Pelicula The story of the movie no less will store. Okay. L musical careless Palacio Okay, likes position. So these are all the optics that we are referring to. So he told me what they are. You will see Colin in the bathroom. But the reason musical in the theater. Ok, so these are the things that are connected to the burbs. Okay, so he told me something I wrote to you something. They made him something. Yes, on then We have these problems before they ever May they lame Nos the less so when I say Claudio May the ho Okay. Are you mostly Callanan Teatro? It means that he told me he didn't say that to anybody else. But I say Claudio May vehicle Clough, you told me. Okay, evening in Spanish. The prophecy or them? Sorry. The pronoun goes before the verb. Not after as in English. So loud audio. Mary, hope me if I'm talking about you. It's Sabah, though. There s creepy. Okay. At the lost period, the stuff lay Sierra. The journalist made him an interview. So I say Lay because I'm talking about him. Left Britain day at Claudia. Okay. I asked her let rebel there because I referred to again. Niece batteries knows regular Laurent. My parents gave us so in this case, I used knows. Okay. Lab professor Soda knows that area she gives us homework, knows the area a direct or less explicable. So we can also say director explica Oh, like storia. But here I'm saying who received the explanation. So why are less? Because I'm talking about eight years a director. Explain them the story of the movie less explicable, no less Gusteau l musical. They didn't like the musical ideas, no less Gusteau. Okay, lets Palacio Lex position. Let's buy this year our stairs. Okay, so I use less. So for every pronoun that we have in English, in Spanish story every person apartment that we have, we use a different indirect object. Also, they're screaming kin receive Alexia. So who receives the action? Who receives the Who received the email? Who receives the interview? Who receives the painting? Who receives the explanation off the story off the movie. So we were talking about me to me. We use May Medical me this Creavy again. Adee I wrote to you Lacey Iran again. I'll so they made him. Okay, Les Prevalent Akin Asia Liberal Idea. No swagger, lad. On again. I know Soto's. So we received the gift. Okay. Knows that I know. So dress. So she gives us I know. So dressed less explica Oh, Akin. Less explicable, less explica. Oh, I years. So who received these Explanation them less Gusteau again. Ideas less Palacio Akin. House Terrace. So here we have a chart with for a number is the complimentary in director. So it's May there Lay knows ls So we would say Mehdi ho soon Armory Sylvia Daily ho soon number Sylvia Lady ho Soon number Sylvia knows the hook So number Sylvia blessed the house so normally So these are pron ominous The complementary in Director para Practical What is that you have to do numero uno. But I spun that gas is lost Penis this Amanda K C state and fin de Semana basado They will stay, don't they? At home one off way. That will be my best if we stay almost so, they will stop one the way now with team ofhis if we stay on Park Italy where CNN's so the idea here is that you use the three different tenses that we've seen the two past tenses but editing the fin Edo in Perfecto on presented indicative. Oh, okay. And they also recommend that you searched a line for a the indirect object to practice more . Okay, See you in the next lesson. 42. Practica Pronombres OI: On this video, we're going to practice PRO numbers in the rectum. Lot Xian corrector. So here you'll have to choose the right pronoun. For these practice, you'll need, remember, pen, paper or a copy book. Is great. Deal catering director. Here on the right, you have the pronouns. May, they, lay knows less. If you want to revise this theory, you can go back to the videos, watch them, and listen to the examples, listen to the explanations, and then go back, come back here and do the practice. Key, DNS or siRNAs. Here you have sentences. What you have to do is complete the sentences with the pronoun cell with a wacky, but as cremated, those crisp West as vamos. A lot request. Let's see the answers. No middle now, at T to you. I did the MVA on Korea. I send you an email. I did. Then VA Medicaid on Gael party though, a stack and seller, Portola is Euboea. I was told Mary head-on. Amir man, oh, yummy knows. Latin, basically does a mere manual. Yummy or nosotros. So they gave us knows the I don't know, so like a ladder and as the suppressant, BC Clidastes more VN, excellent there. Remember if you have any questions, you can write them in the comments below. Less Proximus or as DNS. That is, a scribble per annum brain cell with a wacky but excluded those risks. Let's see the answers. Numero uno, Leopard of a soda. They did she ask you, loved professor, that they're pregnant though. That means homework. Numero dos that lay estimates socket I'll detector. Can you give him this message? Can you give the director this message? Whether that lay analytic thought, it's like I said, to him, numero tres added to the less the eran los Delos examiners. So yesterday, they gave the students less the add-on. They lost examiners. So somebody gave them the results for the exams. We've Yen Let's continue with the next sentences. I keep DNS Lazada, CNS, numerator, numerator those numero tres. And here you have made Wally lack of ESA. I have a headache or my head hurts or my head aches. I have a headache. Manuela, bows, LBJ wacky. But most of it does numeral, no way this may speediness. Midwest. So can you buy me aspirins because I have a headache. Numero dos necessary TO they see the algo muy importante. I need to say to you something very important. Numero tres Mathematica Romano is more difficile. So here we have the context is mu0 difficile. But boy, this relay to him, explain to him math. Okay. So the cmos, That's why we say lamp. Excellent. Let's continue. A key DNS quatro or SNS. Bao San Diego to eLance best place Sun. Let's see the answers. Cuando members domain socket, no recipe neither. So here we know it's men because we have no receiving other I didn't receive anything from MBS day. When did you send me a message? And nosotros know CMB data, ala fiesta. So they invited us to the party knows in Bhutan. I mean prima, Lydia, add-on, premium and heme Nazca. These thicker. So they gave her or my cousin, Aida Liddy it on L Premier Premiere, the first-price numero cuatro amniotes Bolsa liberate, CAGR of Lalla Mon. So they asked her MES posa, excellent, excellent movie. And I hope these exercises are going well and that you get a better idea of how to use the different pronouns. Remember, if you have any questions, please write to me in the comments below. Let's continue with more practice. 43. Clase 8 Salidas: Salinas. So here we have a few things that we do when we go out. Even I have seen it even own a galleria. They are here almost sale. They're peliculas en el sr et al park. It is even a stillness et al They're all musical now over time So you can either see a play over a or a musical. Musi Cally a him blows I'm gonna read The sentence is I'm gonna pass for you to read them after me. So all these phrases, they have their previous vocabulary. Okay? And they are used in sentences. So listen carefully. In Salgado free most natural area they are they are via own expose Easy on the photos Cuando era Kenya may will stab a year a loss Parkas The ataxia honest cases that elfin the same Anna Well seen a v una pelicula. This is pencil. They will still the ad room may encanta el Teatro boy una vessel miss even over us in music . Alice One love easy. Thomas Francia. Women safaris Evey most Elmo sale Blueberry. Okay, As you can see, I marked diverse in blue. So the first place I say in the Sabbath off limos. This is in the past we went. Guanaja Bay, Kenya may boast Abba. I'm talking about past preferences, so I used in perfect tens. Then the next is Casey still feed the same Ana? What did you do? And then the other person answers Free Alcina, the una pelicula. I went to the movie. I went to the movies or to the cinema, and I saw a movie. The next one is in the present. They will sell the Afro. Do you like the theater? And then the other one says, I love the theater. I go once a month, or Navis, I'll mess Ive a all over us and I see place on musicals. One Luisita most Francia free most Abbadi's even most. So these is in the past. The person is talking about her. Or he's last trip to friends. 44. Clase 9 Intenciones & Proyectos: blessing whether they were so near to finish the scores. In this lesson, you're gonna learn about to future tenses, to talk about plans, predictions on general events in the future. You're also gonna learn about obligations. The network it all very in Spanish. So we're so near to finish. Come on, you can do it, Mammals. Intense Eunice projectors. And when I read, if you are dialogues, their three di looks here and then it would explain what they're saying. Okay, so listen carefully. A scooter Attend amending Keep Manistee Anus. Is this our model? It's the Sado Ramos I year Al Maceo Cola familia disposal. Give us a sadist. Defend a semana. It's the fitness Emana, Voya visitar una media even sports voya Alcina comeere gas And it's the same Ana esta semana vamoose Opera Pereyra will complain. Use the memory compressing Kuantan use LVF nous So here we're talking about plans on the way to ask about plants is to say kill planets, Dennis, or give us a said is the Phoenix Samana. What are you going to do this weekend or gas and esta semana? What do you do this week on the way to answer it's to say when you have an intention or a project, it's to say vam als I eat. We are going to go to the museum boy a visitar una media. I'm gonna visit a friend. Boy, you don't seen it. I'm gonna go to the cinema Bama. Separate data. We are going to prepare. So in Spanish, we say Vamoose. Boy A Yale Sr Rommel's at you. Okay, so this is a way in which we talk about plans, intentions and projects Express unit that temple. So we can say is that are they is the No. Two is the fin de semana manana tomorrow bass saddle manana the day after tomorrow Basado manana, then through the Una Semana mess Union Within a week, a month or a year? A whoever's que viene in next Thursday and whoever's Kit Vienna last Amanda gave Vienna next week. Unless a manuka Vienna next month or next year, you can also say Proxima o proximo you can say last semana proxima that means less in my neck of Vienna, a Lanyu proximo Ellen Yoga Vienna indulgences para expressed our blandness or intense Jones hotel is almost esta formula. We use this formula eat a vegetable. So here we have put a number This your do l Asia? No. So task a goes and then we have the verb to go eat. So remember the conjugation in the present. Your boy Two of us in bar? No. So trust familes. We'll stay this fun and then we use a proposition. What follows? The proposition is a verb in the infinitive. Boy. Uh, coming out bus a layer. The, uh vvd vamonos ear one. Is that so? This is the formula that we use when we talk about plans. Intentions in the future. 45. Practica Presente y Futuro Próximo: On this practice we're going to do, but listen if we'll do the proximal. So we're going to practice present simple and the future go into voice. Or if you want to revise these two topics, I suggest that you pause the video and you revise this to grammar tenses because we're going to practice these two. But the practica for this practice you need, but the practical necessity does while there are no ylab piece. So if you don't have it, please grab it because you'll have to write, to write down the answers. What do you have to do here is listen and complete the calendar. A scooter, e completer, alkaline diarrhea. So I suggest that you pause the video here and you write Luna's Martinez miracle is whoever's BMS, Salvador Domingo, and you write the numbers. What you're gonna do is listen to me and write what this family are gonna do each day. I'm going to use the presence in bold to say the things they always do. And I'm going to use the future to talk about the plans they have for the weekend or for the month. So you can pause the video here to write the numbers calendar. What you're gonna do is you're going to listen to this description twice, and you have to write, write down notes. You can pause the video at any moment in case you need more time. So let's start. La familia Gomez. Dna will miss more Yoko paddle. Kinda persona is less activity. That is, they'll mess an alkaline diarrhea. Familiar. Los padres se German ladder. If Fabio, LOC host, say German, San Diego illusive, yeah. You're going to listen about familia Gomez gonna write the activities they do each day. Let's listen. The first time. Left. Emilia Gomez. Dmu means more Yoko paddle. Gather. Persona is grieving less activity. That is, they'll mess in a calendar year. Familiar. Loss. Luna's, Emir colas, San Diego DNA practica, the balanced system. These points, they'll color here. Luciana sewer manner, DNA practically football, loss mellitus, EVM furnace, El Salvador, Tracy, Asia via the network. San Diego, can be in Vancouver, own parties and Sister, Ilia Domingo, venues. Lemma three, Clara, vital medical, Ilia, whoever's onset or less, Nueva media, tambien age at DNA classes, they be lattice loss Di Salvo, those polar manana, es, ds dilemma, piano. Leah Salvador vein, the vein a celebrated, a complete genius. They San Diego OF Emilia e amigos, EL Domingo Kaltura, c'est la familia Vab is gotten a level, but a celebrated Millennials. We're noticing wearing Lucio, No bad soup, practicality, football, Asia, DNA, a complainers, they assume a hoarder MIGA, miracle as Van de cuatro, San Diego nova, see steed, a lab practical the balances, diner owner window and less quinoa. A whoever's quadro, Los Amigos de Lusaka, Vanna either la casa, but a van I eat at CNN familiar. This is the lab practical, the footwall. Domingo CAT, vanilla Mohr's circle, loss of willows in su casa. Leah Luna's vein, DDOS, five-year-old el padre y, Omega osseous reside at GSA aliyah. So again, the LVN distress, CO2, glider, if Fabio DNA, new Neronian, the Padres, and less and less AC media Della data then. Hello, whoever's Van de cinco, los ninos, van idle then T star or less stress though they lacked data there. Okay, so we're going to listen to this one more time. Remember, if you need, you can pause at anytime in case you want, or you need more time to write. Second time, la familia Gomez de a new Miss Maria Cooperrider, a persona, a scribble as activity that is, they'll mess analytical and daddy are familiar. Lost. Luna's Emir, coolest, San Diego DNA practica, the balanced system. This point they'll color here. Luciana, swear manner, DNA practically footwall, loss mark this eagerness. El Salvador, Tracy, Asia via the net on Perdido, San Diego, tambien var. Hoover own parties are the balances to L. Domingo venues. Lemma, Clara, Valley, Dell Medical allele or whoever's onset or less Nueva media, the lamina. Then be in Asia. Dna glasses, the bill at this lowest, da Silva, those por la manana, I'll SDS iliac vein the vein a celebrated Santiago de la familia, amigos. El Domingo catharsis, la familia via biscuit and a Lego butter. Celebrated companions. Cosine wave it, Luciana, nobody had dinner to practical the footwall for age at DNA. This omega omega miracle is Van de cuatro, San Diego Nova assisted Allah, practical level ancestor, own event, Escola Los Amigos Hallucigenia Vanna, either La Casta, but when PSAs Vanna, it'll sienna and familiar the spoils, the lab practical, the football. Domingo, Societe Generale Mohr's circle, looser willows, and su casa a Luna's vein, DDOS, five-year-old el padre Bobbi, a. Harper negotiators, reserach, ASA, dress. Co2, Clara, five-year-old, DNA, lunar reunion, the Padres and less Scala media, the latter then Dima a whoever's Van de cinco loss Munoz van idle, then t-stat allosteric Della data there. Let's see the answers. Resp West das. So here you have on this calendar, you can pause the video if you need more time. Here you have the calendar with the activities. So Mondays, lunettes, practical level ancestor might have this practically football miracle is practically balanced system. Los Amigos, the Lusitania. One Aida like Kazaa, L, weirdness, DNA practically football. Salvador lemme, clarify in a classic epilepsy, Celsius, yell Domingo, Societe, DNN, a lot more so In Casa de Luna's, practically balances to Martha's practically footwall. Lunacy miracle is practical Avalon system. And whoever is on, say Clara, DNA K, L and D stylus. And we have a media LVN, practically football, salad dressing, DNA class, FAB Lab, Ana, Luciana DNA, own party or the football. Domingo catharsis, when a postcard in a Lego. Luna's practical imbalances to Martha's practically football. Miracle is practical. Whoever's the CO2, los padres, DNN or Neronian, Alaska AC media, LVMH Eosin Y value C and not D. And a practical way football, forget the generic company and use this Omega L vein De la Madrid Clara DNA class if epiglottis, ESA compliance. They San Diego San Diego DNA alone system, DDOS, lab practical the valences though E Fabio, TNM via the negotiators. Irregular is that GSA AND dress? When de cuatro know I practically balances stop. Or you know, even though los ninos DNN, l then d star, the lateral them. L1, d says, laugh, Emilia vital seen it. The spoils, the lab practical, the football team or LVN, D, C, a, D, Lamar DNA classes. They be lattice LSTM. Okay, So this is the end of this exercise. I hope it has gone well. If you want, you can listen to it again. And you can practice writing down. If it was difficult, you can listen to it again and do this exercise and take your time. This was a lot so well done. If you complete it with some of the days. If you completed all excellent, That's amazing. So we're gonna continue with more practice. So don't give up because there are many more exercises. I'll see you on the next video. 46. Clase 9 Futuro Simple ejemplos: Wallace on those products. See? Honest. Mm. Photo lab technology here said a must have on Sada manana. Good. Okay. Job, Adam que craze Cape Asada inland. A vellum. Okay, Okay, great. That the school that level be. And so get in through the owner. Sanyo's use a day. Most coaches electronico in Cassie moonda que had as one of the meanest lie Skweyiya No, no se probablemente is to the array and low never sedan. It's doing weekend Saleh drama. Hey, macho esta semana say would amend making in casa de stiff in the same manner service Kors is thus Marcus Eunice Su Pongo gave a upon journalists know why commit Samios. Okay, so here we have another type off future tens food. I've seen blood. I'm here. We're talking about things that will happen in the future, but that we are No, um were not. It's not a plan, it's It's not an intention which is talking about the future. So have a look at the first phrase and then photo dough let technology. He s said at my seven. Sada, this is like a protection money, Ana, I have no really evidence that tomorrow will reign is just my my opinion. Money Ana Roca Jovita. The next one we're talking about a novel or a soap opera on were saying, What do you think will happen? Good. Okay, great that they school buddy down. This is my opinion about what will happen in the future. Pienso que Then throw the owner Sanyo's who said Emma Cortez again? My opinion about the future or my prediction Que at us when looked at meanness less quella What will you do when you finish school? No, no se But Obama, lemon day esto the array and lonely mercy I will probably study save him and make it these means that I have no plans. I don't know, maybe I go out, but I'm saying most probably or most likely said would amend that I stay at home and then the last one. We're talking about holiday. So what will you do? Well, I guess that super Okay, e day upon the real estate. So in this case, we use for Trudeau simply they'll indicative. Here we have a seat. Usual the regular verbs under changes. Okay, so we have trabajar Avelar comeere layer reveal is prohibited when you can see the way they change today. But it's the same for all the regulars that ends in Adam Air. Go made a comedy. Comida here should be comida Commodus Go Memos. And it's the same for letter b v a t be V day vv desk Vida baby day Most baby done. So look at all these endings. So they ending a or US or animals? Vivi Demos. These are the regular verbs, but careful that are irregular verb forms as usual. So here are a few examples than their for their which are conjugated similarly So we say. Then today, bulleted Then there s both of us. Kendra Barbara 10 Ramos Podemos Hendren Bold on the reset and extract in here both it on. So this will be I will have you will be able to you will have you will be able to a ser they see they have a similar ending a day D day at us Vidas Adam Data Today Most Demel's Arun didn't Okay, so I will do or I will make I will say on the last one and they are also similar. So this is okay. I will want caressed Keira Ramos Karen, this is I will want you will want he will want You will want they want And they never had Which means when we talk about things that the res that are so we say about it Abbott s But I would Amos Abberton, This is for the future. Let's imagine the sentence. And in full duro obra autos allegories. In the future, there will be flying cars. However, now Altos Boulevard is so I'm talking about things that will exist in the future. So, um, pause a video here If you need to write down notes a him plus therefore do them. So here we have both tendencies. Okay, though the ones that we have to seen I'm going to read the 1st 1 on the nominal rate. The other one on After I read all of the prices you can pause a video on read out loud after me a scooter Attend them in them. Is this Amado Voya Alipay, Leucadia. Then go seat that I left New Haven and last but Cascione is vamoose. Obviously amiss Batteries a naughty Come Paramus lost Barreto's mis amigos van who are Partido is the Flamingo. We're done laughing. And Alberto prepare our lab. Arica s Domingo Carney. No. Yes. Elite is the fin de semana. Maybe you can are in Castle. So here are all about plans. Okay, so all these are plans. Let's have a look at their right side. A scooter con attention. But a problem in they Didem ozel seen It s the Phoenix Semana. Not the name US planets Pedro knows will study here. So punk. Okay, Mariano, calm. Paralysis Parlato cereal. They don't know Lucy video camera must released us. Este bereano less you. There s Tommy Horton. Then there s much trabajo is the same Anna posse of lemon, then me prima around a fiesta Kenya para so complain use. So here we talk about future things that we're not really sure. So here you can see the difference between boy even when they are. When that our intentions and there are plans on. We have evidence. And then we have the future simple. It a most compra when it's our opinion, our prediction or which is talking about the future in general with no plans 47. Clase 9 Obligaciones Práctica: open legacy anus. They wear binary gay. So have a look at these three phrases that I'm gonna explain what they need in English. Andi, you can pass the video to read them out loud. A scooter connotations young. They was to the r key. Mika Pork aloneness. Tango, cunek, salmon The name was get trabajar is defending semana. There was a juvenile post re Allah Sina. Okay, so we use their bed then that gay your thing. Okay. Toe DNs k l d n a que no So dressed in a mosque. A status tnk And that means oblique asean now have a look at the other three phrases They are in the future just to practice obligations in the future. Escutia, attend them in there. Mattias Kendra bag are Laurinda Entous the bonus van at then they're keeping dark like a Xena or Travis Lady Victoria Day. Vera Avelar Carlos is to the antis. So these three obligations are in the future. So you can say then Braquet, They Derrida Deputy David Ramos. Okay. So you can use his obligations for the future as well. Practicality. These are the things you have to do. No matter. Ono responded last a woman does. Oh, no. Gave us and said It's tough because Uranus, those gave us regularly at Amigo Amiga Barrel complain use que pasa Quattro gave us as there is. Defend this Amanda single planet steeliness barista, miss. So the idea here is that you answer these questions and they are all about your plans. So the idea is to use the future in food. Choda boy, I e voyeuristic boy. Okay. And new Widodo's complete that estas process. Say we lament probablemente soup. Okay, perceive lemon thing. So you have to complete these prices with the future. Simple, for example Perceive. Lament either. R l seen a So bongo. Okay, a Senate committees Amigas, LVF, miss. So these are sentences to practice the future. Simple. If you have any questions, please don't forget to write in the comments below. And I'll be happy to help you and see you in the next lesson, which is the last one we are ready to finish 48. Clase 10 Presente Perfecto: glass said Yes, who you be? You reach lesson 10. So here you learn about military toe Perfecto, You're gonna learn its uses, and I will give you examples. We're gonna learn about experiences on experiences in the past. We're gonna compare potato perfecto, Keep a steady tone deaf in Edo both past tenses. You're gonna learn about connectors. Fatal board gave E O in Spanish on bond practice, as usual. So this is the last lessons. Brahmos Expedience? Yes. Here. We're going to talk about experiences. So I'm going to read out loud on gonna pass for you to repeat after me. No matter. You know, I said bull sale bull say Adam, no matter. Loss on the right is gala numero tres assert barrack. I ve small de data see in Barack Aida's. So the word he's but I really small the one below on the left, I said, But up in there I said, sort of sort of fatter. The data stay in Edo, Lesa the data say poor Latino Lena. So again, there are two different words. Either did Elissa or did Alina It depends where you are in the country and the preference of that word, but the birdies deed at ISI I'm glad. The experience? Yes. So I'm going to read a few phrases talking about experiences. Okay, A school teacher con Attention, Nuka April Bottle Barrack I dismal able Sadow algunas basis as sort of Seattle in Libya here, Marcos I h o sort of in Mexico me prima say at the Daegu in Barrack Aida's No so dress Amos is Collado moochers basis? No, a most polyglot Sofaer asked our them me prima is to expose so on Aito para pending mis amigas on booze Iago en El March, NBC shadow El Pueblo. Ditto subway lows. So here, because we're talking about experiences things that we have done or that we've never done. We use their present there, but efecto present Perfect. This is the same ass English. So it's called voluntary. So that effective. And this is the way you form it. So we have a number this as usual. You're too and also addresses status on then what follows is a verb. Okay. In English, you have the verb have or house in Spanish. We use other on these birth changes according to each pronoun. So if I'm talking about you. I would say a do as l uh no. So dress Amos all status on bond. And then I used the verb investable and party CPO. So I say a commie nalo ass laid low A vido Amos eagle on Estado in English is would be I have walked. You have read. He has lived. We have gone. They have bean okay in Spanish. We call it bearable in a party CPO and have a look at the end is coming Nazal Eagle Ystad all here are a variables in participate. So these are the changes off the verbs. OK, so the verbs can either end in eagle door. Mido Vido laid. Oh, Camilo Carriedo So either. Mido, I have slept every video. I have lived a lei though I have read a Camilo, I have eaten a garrido I have wanted See told us they're mean and corn. Edo. They can also end in angle Coming narrow, hollow visit Hado Hado Hado Imagine I want to say she has worked. Yeah, avocado Asia uh, avocado. Or if I want to say we have visited no so draws a most Veazey Then there are other verbs and the U n in tow. So we say puesto that comes from the verb Ponette. We still that is Frito Sgb. Very well toe drivel. Where a Vietto freedom. So we don't say abri though we say aviary Imagine this phrase I have opened the door a Vietto laporte They have reading a letter on escrito Jakarta. These are the ones that you have to remember. Then there are verbs that end in so as imprinted impress Oh, aim Bresil una foto I have printed a photograph Impressive on the last one is so like Rachel done or made detail, said Eddy Choe. I have said on Aito they have done so. They end with the's, um, sea level. 49. Clase 10 Usos y Ejemplos: also the secretary to perfecter acsi honest del pasado. Momenta No definite Edo Middle. Every metaphor s a DEA, every sea battle buddies. I have already visited bodies. Cano says La pelicula Selena, Do you know the movie Selena? See? Lively stop merchants basis? Yes, I have seen it many times but we don't know When was it? Last year was 10 years ago. So we don't know. We know that there were like many times, but we don't know exactly when. Avia Hoddle, Moto Paracha I have travelled loads around Asia Avia Hado Moto Board Acea We don't know when but we do know that that happened. It's an experience Acsi Onus KTN and owner L A C o Connell present But I CN eight at Manado in projector I have just but I see in other Manado l protector It's the same Anna Avocado Astellas social These week I've worked until eight esta semana. Maybe the week isn't over yet so maybe eats like Friday And I se esta semana trabajadores Telesat No other mean ago they layer so novella toe area. I haven't finished reading his novel yet. The labia experience? Yes, Nunca is Collado. I have never climbed. See, Embrace a Garrido Behar. I've always wanted to travel here. We're gonna practice two different tenses. We're gonna practice Present the perfecto EPA territo in the fin edo That would be the present perfect on the passing ball. So listen carefully to the questions on the the answers. They will explain them and then you composite video to read them out loud on Right on notes on your resource pack s Gupta attend amending as his battle in Latino America C four year Latinoamerica in those meal single visit a pedo chile Brazil Yet Mother as his Graito on a postal alguna vez si Guan Nova Hey, Equador less creepy Owner postal A Miss Paris Ask Antalya and probably go No, no, no May go Stock and Darren Publico So here the questions in blue us you can see are in the present perfect potato perfecto as Estado have you bean And then the answer It's in the military during the few Needham because the person is talking about, um the action that he or she did. So we say see, free Latinoamerica I went in 2000 and five V c day I visited so this is an action that happened in the past and is finished. And it was in 2000 and five as this great owner postal alguna vez. And the answer is C one nova. Hey, I was over less creepy una postal So when I went, I wrote as can travel a bullet Go no Noga know most. Um I don't like it. So here we use the military to perfect when we ask about experiences. If you have ever done something or being somewhere on, then the answer. If it's about a past action that we did, we use very definitely. Massa came close. Attend them in there. I need to butt up in then si Cuando free most the acacia onus No supuesto macho fantastical As we stop una pelicula in espanol c v algunas peliculas The Mexico Cantina Mayo started Pork IPO The practical me a spaniel Ask God on instrumental alguna vez See, I said those son years in Passaic toe Karen saxophone in Sao Paulo pasado participate a new Concierto and include the community motors personas sweater Oberman. So again, the first question is about experiences as we still have. You watched a movie in Spanish c b algunas I watched a few. I liked them because I could pour. Keep pulling. See, I said those Sanyo's two years ago. I started in may say I started at Okura saxophone to play the saxophone. No pasado Last Saturday party. See pay. I participated Mood test better Sonus Boyd on a better man. Many people went to see me. So as you can see, we can use the present perfect potato Perfect Oto Ask about experiences or to ask about Have you ever on? Then we can answer using military to indefinite Edo pants simple in English to talk about things that we did it in a definite time. Wonderfully. The Casio nous and the meal Cinco asado You compulsive video here to read the sentences out loud. 50. Clase 10 Conectores Práctica: express our temple in El Pasado. So what? Here we have a few phrases that I'm going to read and then I'm gonna explain its usual a schoolteacher attend them in there. I said those Sanyo's in pace. A trabajar en esta Messina! Go know sey at Padre Ben Daniels. Address gano Si I met last semana pasada to weigh fee every perrotta stowing McCord every bead. Oh, in s Departamento best those millions he say's don't this time really say I eat So I say those signals he has gone two seconds ago I said those windows because thes we use. But it did, Ito. But effective because thes action has just happened two seconds ago. Esta semana No mason deedle movie in. Okay, okay story condo esta semana this week No, Mason Dedo. I haven't felt very well. Forget e beta. All these aren't connectors. We have seen four K in previous lessons. E it means on and pedo means, but at all means or so have a look at these phrases and then you can stop Read them aloud. I said those son years and they say I have a hard in a stuffy Xena equal new see a memory dough And I met my husband ecosoc Carlos CIA to Padre Bain. Daniel Sutras. Poor case toe the other most windows Because we used to study together last semana pasada to Wi Fi Every pedo our historic record. But now I'm better, pointless and a heated Emmanuel Velia Oh l'm a wicket Arianna Barely make Arteta comprado una Nueva Cueto Barely. I lost my wallet pedo but I have bought. But I feel this be a hard and then one of you then or energy on a plane. But I think out of this is what you have to do to practice Lesson 10 Newman Oh no, it's creepy. Or Ascione a celebrity. Ut Lisa Estos variables Bihar visitar Brevard To try a sir where they're meaner to finish trabajar is color, Busta So you have to write sentences about you So you can either say every Hodel board Asya , I have travelled around Asia Or you can say via hey Asya and those means single. What? I traveled to Asia in 2000 and five so you can use the tense either potato perfecto or hereditary toe in the needle. Ok, but trying to use these verbs and trying to write sentences about you. Think of things that you really want to stay in Spanish or in your own language. Numeral those this grieving own experience here responded Chaos h o in Dundee. Dunkin, get the Palacio. You have to the describing experience. Either Scoppetta being climb, being parachuting Whatever experience you have done, you have to answer ksh en Done they where Dunkin With whom? Quetta. Palacio. What do you think about that? Okay, so trying to write as much as possible because these things last lessons we have learned too many different tenses will try to use this much verse on words as possible because this is the last lesson. Yes, goods were finished. Watch the next video needs about next steps very important. And see you in the next video. 51. Next steps : movie en you have finished. Excellent. You've done all the 10 lessons more avian Felicity ASEAN is now. Listen carefully for the next steps. What is that you have to do now? So if you haven't done the exercises on the resource pack, I highly recommend that you go back and you do all the tasks provided in the resource pack . Another thing that you could dio. It's to start reading short stories for the elementary level. I will, at a link off a blood post that I wrote about short stories. Things punished, and I highly recommend that you start reading those. Try to find podcast in Spanish that are plenty online on. I will also share some resource is for you to keep on learning. Practicing another good recommendation is to join language Spanish community. You can join a group on Facebook. You can find them online on my advises that you write a comment in Spanish or you can make a video speaking Spanish. Tried to find a language partner in these communities on. You can practice conversation. You can exchange languages. Maybe you can teach your own on the other person Will teaches punished on you can practice at least once a week. Another thing you can do is to live fit back for these scores, you can write it in Spanish on you can practice a bid, say, in what you think about the cores. If it was useful and you can use it a Spanish to do it. So keep up the practice. I tried to speak as much as you can. Try to listen as much as you can. And you see how you improve how you can improve your Spanish? Uh, no. Most in a Proxima course up.