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Snowy Galaxy Landscape Painting with Watercolors

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Art Supplies


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      Painting the Sky


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      Painting the Stars


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Everyone loves to gaze at the stars, what about creating your own dreamy imaginative starry night using watercolors! 

In this class you’ll learn my process for painting snowy galaxy landscape painting using watercolors. Each and every material will specified for everyone to follow, the class will be suitable for beginner and a professional. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

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Happy Painting

Z :) 

Meet Your Teacher

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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I believe that everyone can paint, and I am sure we have all had the desire to paint something at one time or another. Painting has a healing, calming and transformative effect on us. It's less about the end result and more about the process and experience. If you have always wanted to paint, or if you'd like to start a creative routine, join me on this 30... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, myself is any. Don't be. I'm an artist from India currently deciding to buy, and it's my first coaching class talking about me. I am somebody who loves to experiment with all sorts of medium, no matter what their watercolor clink our oil color. For me, like painting is a therapy, and I love to paint. So recently I have discovered my love for galaxy painting, and ever since I started doing them, that is my favorite thing to do. In order, today will be together painting a very simple, snowy Calitri landscape with a single ship. Okay, now it's getting static. 2. Art Supplies: in this video. I'm gonna talk about all the supplies that I used to create This meaning galaxy paintings. It is absolutely fine. If you don't have the exact same needles that I'm using, you can go with any of the brand to how? With a similar. Now I'll take you through all the materials. Okay, let's talk about the paper. First, I used Cancer Mountain Dry, which is 300 grand for me to square on 1 40 l B, which is 100 was in court on watercolor paper and that is school pressed again. You don't need to have the exact same brand. You can go with any of the brandy. How? But make sure their at least 1 40 l b on cool pressed, which gives you a very nice texture to the painting. Okay, now on to the paint. So I used fresh in blue from san earlier. That would be the only shade I'll be using throughout the class. You can go with any of the blue you have either in tego or French Ultra Marine. Any of the DACA tones. Two. Great The stars. I used my right glass main viral and talents. If you don't have gosh against Unusual by toward occur. Okay, now on to the brushes. So this will be the two brushes, but which I'll be using throughout the class. For the 1st 1 spring stone, he light around number 12 on Princeton Heritage, Siri's number six boat around sable hair brushes. This brush here comes back to a very nice point, which makes it good for the telling. Get to find to all the little stars and to draw some bigger ones. Abusing my secure, agile group on the number 10 I may be taping down the people using a mosque et so I'll deep down the four sides to get a clean edge. And again, this will prevent your people from buckling. I will be using transparent, heavy job to take my water because I always have the habit of actually hitting things concretely mess. So I always recommend to use a but heavy chart or something other than using plastic. It's okay, so that's and rice all the materials that you required during this class. No, that's being let's get started 3. Painting the Sky: All right, So we are here. We're going to start the painting before that, Let me show you. These are the two paintings which will be doing today with the same technique on with the same sheet. So we'll work on both of this together, and then by the end of the class, you'll have these two with you. Okay? Without for the do let's get started. Okay. So I have all my materials. Really? I have got my paper into Polaroid size. I have to off them. And then I have taped it down to the base with a masking tape on. I have my Prussian blue on. I have my Princeton round total number brush and a Benson and then a general water. We'll have a snowy landscape, one with a mountain on the other, one with some misty pints. Okay. Yeah. So now I'll go ahead on Drew An outline for the landscape. Art on for the mountain. Make sure you draw them in a very light or tone so that it doesn't stand out once you finish your painting. Now let's start painting this chi. How my Princeton drowned number 12 brush from the Allied cities on. I have my Prussian blue from Senate here. Let's start painting the sky. So I haven't made the people that I haven't applied over a code of water. I'm gonna apply the wet paint directly onto the tribe people. You really don't need to read the paper because this is a very small painting. The blending will be is here as you're using a big brush. Um, the A d A. You're applying. The pain is very small. Gabriel start from the top to the bottom, will start applying the pain from the top and then going down the bottom will apply the same matter for both the paintings. Let's see how it's going. Apply the darkest tune on the top and then coming down. Then I'll slowly start blending the color and getting the lightest or so this I'll do for both of them and then on the 2nd 1 will create a milky way to blend it down. I'll use plain water and then turned down the Prussian blue and get a lighter tone. Once you reach though land portion. This particular cities of brush comes toe very nice to which makes it good food be dealing as well. - Now let's start with the 2nd 1 I'll go with the same method, which I applied for the 1st 1 I'll start with the darkest tone from the top, and then once I come down, I'll blame the shades with water and then get the lighter tone when I come closer to the mountain. Now I have finished applying paint into the sky. I have left the mountain and the land as such. I haven't done anything to them. Now I let some more Darko tunes on to the sky. Okay, so we have applied on Doc adults. Now we'll create a Milky Way to the 2nd 1 Better. We have the mountain to create a mile. Givi. I won't be using any white water color or any Are those shades I'll just use a plane brush with a little water? And then I left out the paint from the wet people because the paint hasn't dried totally, it is still wet, so you can easily lift out the paint and create a Milky Way. This is the easiest way to do it without applying any on any new shape. As you see here, I'm taking out paint from the paper but the plain little bit fresh and then wiping it off on the people travel, then doing the same thing. King. Too great a Milky Way. That's it. The sky is really now let's create some stars. 4. Painting the Stars: Okay, let's do the stars now. To create the stars, I used my white glass paned by drawing talents. You can use any of the white wash you have, or if you don't have one, you can even do with your white water color. But then it watercolor. They're not 100% beat, so it tends to fade a bit still, if you don't have ah gua sh, it's totally okay to use your quite toward a color. I'm taking a bit of the squash beans on to the live and adding that with a little water, so we need to have a bit off tickle consistency to get the right size of the stars. If it's to lose, you get like X platters, which we don't require. So we need to get this tiny, tiny little stars. So the consistency needs to be like somewhere metal off the ticker on the loose so you can try on a sample sheet, and then I want to get the right consistency. You can apply onto the mean pretty so I did the brush into the paint and then the backside of another brush. I tap onto the hair off the brush on, Greet the stars. I don't You said to bridge because that is a very messy week. And then I normally don't get the right size of the stars of the toothbrush. So this is the way I normally use. You can use any of the metal. You're comfortable, but we just need to get their fights. Sykes of the stars. - Now with my Sekera Julie Road, this is number 10. So with this pain, I just find to the stars I just go randomly here and there and put some stars. Okay, Now we have the Strauss in place. Now let's move on to the last step and finished painting. 5. Detailing: now on to the final detailing of the painting. So for that I'll be using my Princeton Round Number six from the Heritage Cities. So this pressure is very good for beating as it comes to a very nice. Then stop with painting the mountain. We'll start with leading the moment in first. I'm not using any white paint here. I'm just using my preaching gloom on I'm turning it down to the very lightest shape possible. And then I am doing some strokes here and there to get a snowy mountain feeling. - You see how effortlessly you gotta snow filled mountains. It is that simple. You just need to leave your people white and then trying your brush with the very like Don't off a Prussian blue. But some strokes here and there. We'll do the same thing for the first landscape Aspen. Take the light of one of the Prussian blue and do the same thing, which we did for the mountain through some very random strokes here and there with the lighter tone. And then after that, we'll go with details about the pine trees. Now why Latam Darko strokes the mountain, and the that will be finishing this painting. Now let's drew some pine trees and finish the landscape, so this one is very tiny. Still, you don't need to put too much of effort and drawing the pine trees. Similar landscape pushing with pine trees. You can draw some light to countries in the back of and then some doctor once in the foot, so this will give a depth to the painting. And again, you don't need to put much effort enjoying the country's paintings. Do tiny to make all the details so you can try to go and fill in the landscape but asked many times And that's it. You're done. Now. I'll go ahead and tear the masking team, and while you remove the master, be careful that you don't tear the people. 6. Final Thoughts: on to be a test. We have our to landscape painting. Sweetie, I hope you all enjoy painting this stuff landscape with me, do postal feedbacks so that I know how to improve in my next class on her trying to spendings please upload them frigid calories that I can see them. Thank you for watching and happy thinking.