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Sneaker Design: Sketching

teacher avatar Ann Ponurovskaya

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This class covers the basics of sneaker designing process. 

Here you will learn how to render your best sneaker idea, how to make it look realistic and cool.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Ann, an industrial designer. After graduation from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, I’ve been working as a sneaker designer for two years.
I’m orienteerer. 
I like almost everything (except injuries) about extreme, sports, changes and adaptation to it.
Also, I am a captain of an airsoft team. Callsign - Tiger.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Anna. Been Rosca. I'm a sports footwear designer. Welcome to my class. Sneaker designs catching today. I want to show you the process of sneakers Kitchen. As I perform it, step by step in this class, I'm going to show how to make a proportional skitch regardless. What? See what you choose. And also I'll show you how to shaded in a realistic way. I'm gonna your sketch markers so it can catch some tips on applying different textures with markers. You're in the process. I'll explain all the construction elements decides implement to make a sketch more accurate in terms. Both production. See you on the next figure. 2. Proportions: how to make a proportional skitch. Firstly, I draw a horizontal line about this. I draw a diagonal line at a small angle. This hate difference between the hell and tour is called drop. Then I divided the land into two equal sections with a little in down to the hell I throw the vertical, which is a bit shorter than the hell part. As a result, would get a triangle and a little bit above the middle point. I draw a second triangle. It's epics might be higher or lower it the best on the style. Usually it has a lower position from the middle. Off the four foot from under the joints arise the bottom line off the toy part this'll line is becoming a curve, going under an arch and around the heel. Then, after deciding the desired hate off the soul, I draw another horizontal line, which is the bottom life off the outside. Keep this land horizontal from the heel to joints. Otherwise your sketch will be imbalanced on four sideways to finish. I add some more lies to a land upper and feel 3. Shading: how to make this Gunter hell water on the upper part. The gore shadow falls in the same way at the last. The more simple case is when the light is in front of the show and above. In this case, you have the shadow for in the contract. So it is rounding on the tour books and becoming weather in the run up to the hell they're . Finally, it appears most intense. Oh, shadows. I put it a distance from the outline. It makes a reflects reflected light, which is essential for volume perception. Good on the upper close to the door plan, I am putting a meat on to enhance its wrongness. Now I show you how to make a quick, realistic skitch besides the classic way off drawing when all the countries go first and the shadows and lights go after, you also have another option. After general shading, you can add bore, squanders a top and immediately put highlights on the top edges and cast shadows beneath its dales. Good. Because of the general shading, you see, your sketch is a more finalized one, so you don't feel the urge to add more and more deals just to make it look interesting. This method is good for those who don't to go into detail. At the very beginning, it will prevent your sneaker from useless complexity. 4. Construction: I'm starting my sketch with an outline. So what? I am outlining the shape of the last at an angle and adding the counter of a soul I always draw from the general. There's a specific the classical way. Usually there are two main semantic elements upper, and so these two are reference points. I always keep in mind the anatomy of a food this follows joints, heel, bone, a killer standing ankle. There should be no issues with Robin. The foot in the shoe needs to bend normally. I already see some lands, which I find quite good, so I make it more visible. Make it Federer, so to speak. And I erased all extras to keep it clean from graphic. After erasing, I've mentioned the line that should be moved a little bit. That's okay. Now I am going to outline the biggest deals on the upper Someone's could be parallel to the lands off the soul or repeat angles and is a way to make your sketch. Luke Ceremonious is to keep repeating lies, directions, angles and simple forms make the lines fall on the repeat each other, just as in the complete story. Instead, off disarray off Kartik lines. Imagine having a song with a catchy refrain. I'm considering the shape of the mid sole. I'm adding a cross sectional cut toe. Understand the volume in considering With a counter off a rubber outsole, the robber covers the meat so accordingly toe imaginary sectional cuts. Here I put some groups for flexibility. The whole upper is going to be and the room I'm covering with a neoprene show which looks like a book. The lacing system is going to be with thread loops and webbing loops. Having convey the idea, I'm now coming back to the main details outline the core. It's applying to make it. You complete the prophet detail on top off the hell s stitched. And while I'm here, I quickly add a back room in a lesson system. One loop is a threat. Drift into the quarter. Another one is ever been speech to the heel counter. The top toe islands are embroidered by the age to reinforce the need. Such a big well might be looking kind of Mt is. So I put on top of it on investment, semi future semi embellishment, a dick shape to kind of protect the upper parts from specious. Also, I'm adding a toy cup. I'm sharply drawing the outsole locks in the four food. It should be expressive, but not to to see. Okay, add in some groups on the mid sole to prevent that legal wrangling. 5. Details: at this stage, I could start using a thin line er and get rid of the graphite. - Now I'm adding counters for an engineering need. The line divides it into twos. Old's the lower one is more of a best need, and on top is a loosely lace is fine, but I still have to show its thickness. It's just going to be first. Please. The furniture is hidden under this inverted lining up raising or extras again making notes to be sure which materials which and do not mistake the cars. Later Working on realistic elements, checking the lines are following each other, defined areas off light and shadows. 6. Coloring: with markers. I have to be quick to complete feeling before the under layer dries up, and that's why I was prepared all the markers and cars before I started. There are basic race in a young green that I make out of a yellow highlighter in a bright green pencil and starting to feel my sketch risk collars. Firstly, I define a charity off things and shades and put in one off the darkest car. Here. I have the logic that the darkest parts should be those that assume the most about dirt. It is also practical while drawing because all teams blower the pencils graphite, which makes it look sleazy. So as a next step, I strolls lines with the liner and erase all pencil marks to get the surface completely ready for the markers. So on the mid. So I keep some traces just beat as guidance for later shading. - It seems to me my sneaker is starting to look quite William, so I exaggerate this feeling with a shadow on the vamp as quickly as possible. I cover all the shape without Inc overly at some texture to highlight the junction off different types of meeting feeling the toy kept the texture. It's going to be a free T print within a brassy, forever like effect. Fightin contrast is the thing here over the dark ink I'm doubting with like, distant marker to get a water eroded defect like you get with water colors shows on the soul. 7. Textures: and again to the upper parts. It so happens that I don't complete the whole soul, then the whole hell and so on. All parts one, the one. Instead, I constantly toggle between them, are work it out evenly. So at any time during the process, my sketch looks more or less completed all over. I am putting shadows according to the shape of the last and below each extruded or stitched element. It happens that the heel counter still remains empty. It's is if I'm not yet satisfied with the results. So I would make here a strong presentation off diamonds made with embassy. All shadows here are laying the same way. Therefore, I must producing it instead off drawing them one by one. I am putting 1/2 tone first and then a shadow. - It's done toe at some accents into this grace cholerae on weddings and pretty much everywhere or the lining. It has so called an exterior. Yet it's so chicken site it's more inside out. The reap on top is like a teaser Haynes in the taste of insects with a white ben. So I'm putting uneven light on the texture, using the same technique is on the troika I feel in the arch. Then, with a thin liner, I drove all the need, it seems, and stitches single or double. These details bring realism into sketches. They show that it was thought out in terms of production process. Toward the end, I'm looking at it closely and carefully and noticing in a lack of shading or lighting, warrior or contours for textures and correcting it is needed. - So here we have this other hybrid sneaker. I also highly encourage you to submit your projects here. Thank you.