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Sketchnoting: Doodle your way to better learning and effective communication!

teacher avatar Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Sketchnoting or visual thinking


    • 2.

      Tools For Sketchnoting


    • 3.

      Basic Elements Of Drawing


    • 4.

      Drawing People


    • 5.

      Drawing Type


    • 6.

      Drawing Other Elements


    • 7.

      What to Sketchnote about


    • 8.

      Approaches to Sketchnoting


    • 9.

      Organizing content


    • 10.

      Practice makes progress


    • 11.

      Sketchnoting demo Part 1


    • 12.

      Sketchnoting demo Part 2


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About This Class

Sketchnoting is a new name given to a method of taking notes that involves text and simple images. People also refer to these drawing as doodles or this methodology as visual thinking or visual note taking or design thinking.

Here is a Sketchnote that I'll be demonstrating at the end of the class.

Research has proven that when we write notes with our hands and draw images about things that we are listening or observing, the learning happens faster and retention of that information is much higher than taking notes on a computer or just writing textual notes.

Sketchnoting involves using our left brain, right brain and our hands to take notes. This means that we are more present in the moment, are paying more attention to things in front of us, synthesizing the information gathered and are then representing it on paper using text and and sketches.

In this class we look at simple ways of sketching  or drawing things using few simple shapes and easy ways of emphasizing text to make our sketchnotes much more interesting, readable and memorable.

You do not need any artistic skills to start sketchnoting as we are capturing ideas and not creating "ART".

I also give you tips how to organize content on a sketchnote and how to make sketchnote more presentable using bullets, boxes, icons and arrows.

Anybody who wants to learn to listen more effectively, learn new things at a faster pace and wants to present their ideas more effectively to others, will benefit from this course. It does not matter if that person is a student or a teacher, a doctor or an engineer, a consultant or a business owner, a freelancer or a home maker. Anybody who has ideas, can learn to make sketchnotes and reap it's benefits along the way.

Anyone who loves to draw, sketch, doodle and express their thoughts on paper will love this class.

So, hit the blue Enroll button and see you in the class!


Doodle, doodling, drawing, sketching

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Download my ebook. 



I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

I chose to become a full time artist in 2011 after 15 years of corporate career in manufacturing and IT.
During my education and corporate career I made art on weekends and exhibited it through solo and group shows. But I wanted to make more art and more often!

After quitting my day job, I've created and sold my own art more often and have taught 20000+ students through my workshops, courses and membership.

My art teaching method got refin... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro to Sketchnoting or visual thinking: do you want to be able to become a better listener, a faster learner on an effective communicator? This class? But did you just that sketch noting is about listening and observing things, synthesizing it and representing the important points. Using text and simple drawings, we will learn how to draw various things, using a few simple shapes. How to emphasize the important points in your notes, using easy typography and how to present this all as a cohesive whole using boxes. Adel's on separators. You don't need artistic skills to start sketch, noting, After all, we're creating notes on not art. Let's look at Who am I and why am I teaching this course? My name is Madonna. Monarchy. I'm an engineer and artist. I've been doodling, sketching and drawing since last 35 years, and I've used sketch noting in my school, my corporate career and also my artistic career. These skills will help almost everybody, irrespective of whether he or she is a student, a teacher, an engineer or doctor, a business consultant or a business owner. So what are you waiting for? Hit the blue enroll button and see you in the class 2. Tools For Sketchnoting: Welcome to the lecture in which will be looking at things which you required to make the sketch notes. It's a very short list. I use paper in two formats. One is ah, nor book in which show I go on making the sketch notes. The second is I used papers got in this size and bulls which one above and one below, which helped the paper to stay flat. The second item eyes the pence, which I use. This is a typical ballpoint pen, or sometimes I use gel pins, which just off two colors, one is ordered and oh, black color. The third thing is an optional thing, but I prefer using it because it keeps all my things in one place. It's a small bag which keeps all my sketch noting things the paper and depends in one place on I can canny go anywhere I want. Thank you 3. Basic Elements Of Drawing: in this lecture, let's look at the basic elements of drawings used in schedules. The basic elements are circled. A square or a rectangle, a triangle, a line, our dart on a goal line. I can show you now various things which can be drawn using just these basic shapes on. We're not looking at drawing in the sense of final, but the drawings, which are suitable for schedules. So have a look. I'm doing 1/2 circle on, then closing with the line on, drawing few seeds on. This becomes the waterman and I can draw house. Picked a square without the top line on a triangle without the bottom line and then the door off the house with a rectangle. Again, let's draw a glass of beer. So this is, Ah, rectangle vertical one horizontal one. Then let's draw some fraught using the girl lines and go semi circles for the handle on. Let's finish it off with three vertical lights. Then let's draw cup off coffee or a cup, having deep with that much on a tangle. Another one and it's draw you girls lines to show that its heart. Now let's draw a lounge chair, a vertical line horizontal line, a slanted line with two legs like this. Andi, Let's go on the beach umbrella. You semi circles on a big semi circle on top, and that's the loans jail. The let's draw a sunset. This lying shows the horizon, a semi circle for the sun, few lines to show the light and few lines to show that reflection off, Son in the water and let's go aboard, similar to what were drawn here for the watermelon. Now we have two semi circles. One circle for the head triangle for the beep, a circle for the I, A triangle for the tail or the feathers and two lines for the legs. If you want to go more elaborate or more specific about the bird, let's try to draw off Big cock. A semi circle, another semi circle. No, this time a triangle and then a beak. Another triangle for the big. Another triangle for the head gear, which the because it has. Then you legs and then long wrangle for the feathers and the deal. Let's draw some breakfast. This is the plate on. Maybe you can show read does on something like this. And in some of the who stuff here. And then you can draw a glass of water or juice, whatever that might be. Or if you want to show it as a top, you This is the side view off the breakfast. You can draw the breakfast like this. This is the brake. And some of that stuff here on this is the altering off the plate. And then you can show the spoon and on this side, you can show them for So depending on how we want to draw our what is easy for you, you can draw the same thing here. Breakfast in horizontal, in the front view or as a top u so sketching in sketch lords are growing in the sketch nodes are not about creating art there about coming what you want. Oh, gonna be on with the least amount off deals in the drawing. So don't worry about if you if you are ah board or the thing which are trying to capture doesn't look exactly like what it is in the real world. As long as the viewer or you are able to recognize that that's that's the thing. It's good enough on its also in scheduled. It's also find right that this is a big cock. I mean, there is no rule against that. So if you do make a mistake, then you can write what that thing is. Thank you. 4. Drawing People: Now let's look at how we can draw people in sketch notes. I'm writing in Sketch Nords here because we're not talking about drawing human finger in the fine arts since be just worn or drawing, which indicates a person, and there are several easy ways to do that. So this is the family are on very common stick figure, just pointing at something. Then there is a way we just called a star matter, which we don't draw something like a star and then out of the head. Good. Then there is a way in which again drawn elipse like this hair here. When I'm here, I'm using just the lines and basic shapes to show people. One more could be drawing a rectangle and drawing a few lines to show the legs crossed legs , in this case, here and in the neck. On this. So as you can see, these drawings look like people on, that's enough as far as we want to draw people in schedules 5. Drawing Type: Now let's look at how we can draw I or how we can write in schedules. It's not about writing the levy latent value. Close. What we're discussing here is how you highlight few words in the way so that we can have our attention. Just like the headings off paragraphs are starting often even richer capturing just to emphasize that world. Let's go one by one This is the simple way off writing in a single line. So we want right the world. But I was and write it like this. Sorry, that's a mistake. So I can write it again. All I could write it like this or like this in smaller jeez and having the first better or me in upper case. I could write this same thing in double lines just to emphasize the world. I think this so as you can see, this looks more prominent than this. And that's what we achieved by doing in two lines so similarly, I can't do this. This form of writing off this then I can write in blast Make this this needs of a bit of a practice compared with these writing because we need to know external ship off letters, but that this U N. Martin is kind of fighting. Then I can write The world's in a manner that will carry the meaning off the world like an What I mean by that is if I travel like this and indicates movement All right, then Tonight, in fact, the world impact like this. The idea is not to use all of these times in a single scheduled. You have to make use off variety off, writing these off, writing judiciously on it should not look like an hodge parts off different styles off writing in one single bridge on. And what you have to do for that is Jews, though, were three days off writing. What? That's what people for your schedule on again, I Holiday ling. This all right? Can right, like like this. Or I can write that is like this Here. This e symbolizes die for dollar on again date love like this. So these are the different types off these. You can draw the type or the UN forbid. Andi, you can use them. Are different types of time judiciously in scheduled to give maximum impact. So that sketch no 6. Drawing Other Elements: Let's look at some of the elements that you can use in your schedules. Post me look at bullets and you can use different designs for bullets. The typical one is this. You can have a bullet with us and kill around it. You can have a job. Use decibel it by. You can use circle so lines around it you can use shaped like this and heroin. You can use a pick mark as a bullet and then go on this team. Did you look at the boxes? Boxes are nice, too, So some next. The idea is not to draw the box first and then write checks, but I exposed and then surrounded with the boss. Otherwise, there is a chance there. The text goes out of the box and you can use our boss, which is double blind, just to emphasize it. More than walks with single line, you can wouldn't have a box with some number. My dad's do it so that you can have widened for get the sequence, then have clung shape. Who said on the next inside, you can use speech bubbles on your heart. Bubble said that Gord Then we can use different arrows. Sure connections or direction can your different times and show you a few of them. One. This could be the 2nd 1 she didn't adult. You can use that would be job showing flu and everything. You can share them. If you want to increase their the importance of visibility, you get more in school animals. You sure things job coming together on and then you wouldn't shoot them. You know, there it does not get one in, and it's it's like then you get some icons. I conserve basically smart Brian's, which tell a laudable the world daily president they will use this year. Do you know a laptop computer? Then you could use this same toe. Sure smartphone. You can sure, some lanes who you know as if you're talking or is ringing or you will use. And I couldn't like this, which is and or symbol for wire phone can use this year. Boluda bulb or an idea? Oh, you could use shaped like this to show something with full breakfast lunch. Then you come to Cutter's colors are something that you use while you grow or different things in your schedules, but it's importantly use color in moderate amounts. What? I mean that you should You can use a lot of color, but don't you lot off colors so you could use maybe one. Are you gonna aside? Prefer generally on the two colors in one sketch? No, you know, use different colors, but don't make it look like as if you are doing a goal abanet in this kitchen or so I would recommend more than colors is still okay. But if you go beyond that, then becomes much of color and the color becomes distracting, then adding value. What do you have? Children? The schedule. Thank you. 7. What to Sketchnote about: Let's look at what all can you sketch not about? I mean, there is no limit. Oh, occasions when when you can sketch? No. But then let me give some solutions. Idea. Generation is a good opportunity to sketch note because you don't want any idea to get lost because you re noted down properly on DSO sketch, Noting helps you in that the next step off idea generation would be elaborated. Particular idea on that's also a place or an opportunity to sketch not about documentation off any kind is a good way or a good opportunity to sketch note, because with sketches and notes, specs notes, the documentation becomes much more readable. On understandable travel is another opportunity toe sketch note about because you get to see a lot off different places, different experiences and that's all. Oh, good for order for sketch noting food experiences. If you go to US Special Restaurant, our visit a place where you have ah food, which is completely different from what you have otherwise. And that's a good to be, ah, a good opportunity for sketch. Noting about events and seminars which you attend our could we are good opportunities post getting out about then if you're a student, lectures in your college or school are perfect opportunities for catch noting, but sketch nodes. You don't have to create notes after the lecture is over and the content off the lecture becomes much more memorable when you don't do the sketch notes books. If you read, uh, then you might want to summarize them in terms off sketching also that whenever you feel like you can. Just for that sketch note on all the contents of the book are you come? You're reminded about all the contents of the book Historic Places of Any Visit. It's a good opportunity, so sketching out about the traditional way of doing things off, doing things. For example, I've shown stone mill here, which can words the raw grain which put into this whole Andi. What comes out here is the floor off the cream, and the way you do it is that with this handle, you turn the upper stone in circular fashion. So these are some of the traditions value can use your sketch noting skills and build. Yours gets noting skills, but really speaking, the opportunities are unlimited 8. Approaches to Sketchnoting: Let's look at the Approaches school sketch, noting one of the approaches is to sketch note during the event. What I mean by that is it should be synchronous with, even so, if a lecture is going on or a seminar is going on or if you're generating ideas, are elaborating them or having a meeting. Then if you do the sketch noting during that period simultaneously with your discussions or with your listening while the lecturer seminar is going on and it's called synchronous sketch, noting or ah, it's done life than the other way is toe toe sketch notes after the even deserve our, for example, our documentation, full experiences or travel experiences O R. Visits to historic places. If you create schedule or based on any of these, then they would be are synchronised because you won't be able to do sketch Norden while you're having full or while you're traveling. So that's the other way off doing schedules. Actually, there are pros and cons of going on about whether you can do synchronous are a synchronous sketch notes during the event, depending on the type of the even. But generally this done sketch notes done during the event tend to have less details because you are doing it like Onda. Tend to be fast. Andi, Where is sketch notes done us synchronously or after the event is over, you have all the time. You want to complete the sketch notes, and they tend to be the one, and our drawings on the text becomes is you have an opportunity to do it more detail. There is no rule as such, whether you should do we're synchronously or a synchronously. But the more you practice doing sketch noting synchronously on at the same time. And something is going on, the more you will be able to do it in a better fashion, no matter when you do it later on with its during the event or after the event. Because that gives you limited time and it increases your ability to listen toe on, not get caught in tow. The details too much on just writing. The somebody are drawing a sketch that somewhat I just the point which the person is talking about 9. Organizing content: in this lecture, let's look at how to organize content in a schedule. There's no rule as such. Toe follow a particular way off sketch noting, But these are some of the common things people use when you write content support. This is a page on which you're doing your sketch note. And if you write the content from top to bottom in a linear fashion, and it's called linear or vertical arrangement off content in a schedule. If you follow a circular. But then that's called the circular, Obviously, then, if you have ah, particular but which your content follows down the page, then it's called the part the off arranging content. If you group your content off sketch note in different sections and it's called modeler. If you arrange them in vertical silos, then they're cornered. Skyscraper. And if you know down the contents or the points off your sketch nodes in random fashion, it was no without any structure or without any peculiar part than it's called random arrangement. Uh, the sequence Also a sequence off things are points which, you know down anywhere on the scheduled can also be denoted by using numbers on in circling them like this. So you need not follow any particular way off organizing the content. You can also do random and then include these numbers. As this is the 0.1, this is the point of this is a point he and so on. So it really depends on the content with your sketch noting about and the time you have to arrange the content on the schedule. The important thing here is that the better the structure you have, it increases the reliability off the sketch note. Andi, in turn, the effectiveness off the schedule. 10. Practice makes progress: in the next lecture will be looking at a demonstration off me, doing a sketch note based on a 10 with you. But before that, let me give. Give you some tips about sketch. Naughty. It's important that you prepare yourself in terms off your mindset as well as the tools which will be using before you start with sketch noting, if you're doing scheduling for the first time, or you're not very familiar with drawing small, simple sketches than I would suggest you to start with just the text and the typography while you're doing sketch notes and you can include sketches as you practice catch, noting more and more another way off. Doing this is doing some sketching beforehand off things which need to be sketched most commonly, and then using that killed in your schedules. Don't be hostile yourself. You won't get a very beautiful sketch note when you do the sketch noting for the first time or second time on third time, I mean it's learned. Think Andi Ah, there's no need to expect spectacular results. And first go if you're doing ah, sketch noting session. And if you lose track off more, the speaker is saying Leave some space for later and concentrate on capturing the details, which he's talking about right now. You can fill up the blank space later and, as always, in any other work practice makes progress. 11. Sketchnoting demo Part 1: 12. Sketchnoting demo Part 2: