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Sketching with Sumi Ink and Watercolor

teacher avatar Teoh Yi Chie, Sketcher, watercolour lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Sketching with Sumi Ink


    • 2.

      Hanoi Street Sketch Pt1


    • 3.

      Hanoi Street Sketch Pt2


    • 4.

      Fullerton Hotel Pt1


    • 5.

      Fullerton Hotel Pt2


    • 6.

      Amsterdam Central Station


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About This Class

Sumi ink is known for it's beautiful textured look. This class will show how you can use sumi ink to make your sketches look lively.

Tools required:

  1. Pen with waterproof ink, or a pencil
  2. Watercolor brush
  3. Watercolor paint (1 or 2 colors)
  4. Watercolor paper
  5. White gel pen
  6. White gouache

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teoh Yi Chie

Sketcher, watercolour lover


I'm an artist, visual content creator and urban sketcher based in Singapore. My passion is in sketching outdoors with pen, ink, watercolour, and digitally with portable tablets.

Through my Skillshare classes, I want to share the passion and joy of sketching to all who wish to learn.

You can find me easily on my Youtube channel (230K subs), blog and Instagram page (links on the left). I've hundreds of tutorials on Youtube, and many art supplies reviews on my blog.

If you want a more structured learning experience, these are the courses arranged from beginner to intermediate level:

1. Drawing with Pen, Ink and Watercolor for Beginners
2. How to Make Colour Swatch Cards with Watercolour
3. Watercolour Mixing for Beginners
4. Using a Limited Colour Pale... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro to Sketching with Sumi Ink: Hello, Scare share students. I'm que In this class, we'll be learning how to draw with pen Sumi ink and watercolor. Let's take a look at some of the sketches will be drawing as well as the two's real use. This is the first sketch. This is a Hanoi street scene, but when you condone, or the reference photos from the video description or the class and it's just below this video. So this was wrong with pen and what Proof, Inc and painted over with Sumi Ink. One thing I really like about Sumi ink is it can produce beautiful textures like this. The meeting is very Haley pigment, that ink, so you shouldn't use it in found him pens. So you see textures like First is would be very difficult Teoh create with other types off pit. For the next sketch, we will be a sketching this beauty. This was also drawing with pen, waterproof ink and Sumi ink. Before this catch, I had OPEC what color over the swimming basically, to make the subject matter look more interesting, the use of a single color here, together with black and white, really makes the color stand out and lastly for the Knicks. Catch. We're gonna be using more water color here. We are also using a very limited callup, Helen, in this case, this orange it waas mixed with yellow and great to get the variation within the color. But other than that is just Sumi ink on watercolor paper. Just black and white. We've got another. The does you need for this class are a pen. With what? A proof ink. So here I have. Ah, you know, Boston nojel. Stick with waterproof ink in it. You can find the signal. Siri's off pens for, um Unipol. Most of them have waterproof ink. Or you can just get a phone and pen and future up with waterproof ink. But make sure that it is safe for use in phone and pence. If you do not have pens like this, you can always use a pencil. Wouldn't pencil automatic mechanical pencil. This are what a proof. Of course. We will need Sumi ink. This is wins the new turn. Liquid endearing. This is also Sumi ink. So, Sumi ink, it goes by many different names. Sumi ink is made by grinding Chinese ink sticks. So if you see Inc that is made with Chinese ink sticks. That's assuming Inc and not a brand. Also meeting that I can recommend is the Sumi Ink 60 that's made by create hockey. I actually prefer the crew tacky one because this bottle the opening its white small so and you use this with a watercolor brush. It's not as easy compared to a bottle with a larger open, but as long as it's still being, you can go along with this to Taro. Next, we will have to use a water column brush. Anyone call a brush will do. We will also need to use wash. This is for painting highlights for pending white over black and for little tiny details. We will need to use white gel pens if you have a very if you have a brush with a very sharp tipped and you may not need to you by the white yelp and because you can draw those details we want kind of brush. And lastly, we really need to use what color you can use any water color paint that you have. I hope you enjoy this class and leave me a review at the end. And don't forget to check out my odd Acosta's on skew share. All right, that's draw 2. Hanoi Street Sketch Pt1: Hey, patrons. In today's video, we will be doing a pennant ink sketch over this street scene in huh? Nine. You can dollar the reference photo from the video description below for today's sketch. I will be using this food in new fountain pen. A foodie name is a name that is bent happy 10 and it can draw thin and thick lines depending on how depend is held. And you seize on black ink on this knit because I will be using this pen as a dip pen. Today, the income using is the Windsor Newton liquid India ink, which is not what approved. This is made with Chinese ink sticks so you can call this meeting as well. First thing I want to draw is the tree and the bottom up. The tree will be here, goes up diagonally, comes up turns and comes down. So when drawing tree trunks, you have to fool the direction of the tree trunks. Tree branches sometimes they would go up sometimes day were actually turn. Now, depending on where you are looking at the brunches, sometimes they may move in directions that you do not expect for tree trials. I try to keep the lines, um, jittery because in nature, we usually do not see straight lines. So when drawing tree trials, try to keep those lines jittery and you can do so by holding your pen foot away from the pendant. Next, I can draw the beauties that are behind. So I'm going to start with this site for us. No, when measured is and go here which ISS? I think it should look something like this by measuring the angle My pen and I'm going to draw the bottom here, Um, this sign here taking note all the position here on where that black sign bought ISS. It's a row here. There is a great sign bought which ISS, which starts year. This point here is towards the rights of this point. So when drawing, I am constantly comparing at this point here it is to the left side of this point here I'm comparing so as to you make sure that I get the proportion right. Sometimes when drawing it's very easy to just draw what you think you see, you draw something that look someone like what you see, but you don't measure it. And that's when you start to get your proportion wrong. This one. This move here angle, it's 22 slightly. Yeah, a second floor here. And it goes all the way up to this tree brunch here. So I'm using a tree branch here to measure on. We have this roof here on the window. It's about three parts to five parts off the height. I mean, just draw one window there so that you can remind me that that is actually a beauty on. We can draw air conditioning unit, pay attention to the angles, often lines. If they're horizontal, we can draw them horizontal. But sometimes they may look like they are horizontal and realize, you know that conditioning units, they are placed horizontally parallel to the ground. But when drawing, you have to draw What? Your seat. Uh, Despont here. I see. Okay, this is the corner off this floor here. So what I'm doing here is basically to draw the big ships first. So know I have this part here where I can few in the little details bit by bit and again. Once again, I am comparing where this line is compared to where the same boats are okay. I think I mean, a mystic here, Um, this part here should be like this. So when drawing very complicated starves, especially with are there things protruding in an old you have Teoh actually concentrate. You know, you may get lost when you're drawing, and that's when you start to make mistakes. That's when you start to draw things you think you are drawing. But actually, it's not what you actually see. So I'm drawing the blue curtain here. Andi, this will go down to the mid point off. This rates I bought goes to the lab as I'm plants here. There is this extrusion brick, balcony like thing which is under the air conditioning unit. I was a Drood underside off the air conditioning unit and his new curtain will continue like this and play some dots here to tell me that this is a rough. This is the rough textured wall, and there is some thing Metal roof, makeshift roof. Yeah, All right. Once again, let's draw the big ships first. Sore on this, I on to draw the power lines. This line here in this first line decline it's almost vertical and stops right here and This is a rectangular structure that is holding the power lines. And we have another line here and another line here. I'm gonna draw the media structure first before I fueling the details later on. I mean, uh, my details. I'm in those tiny little wires and this line, it's to slightly to the right side stops a ride here in my drawing. I think it's all right. It's not too inaccurate. It should stop near the brunch here. Right turns. So we have this structure here on we have another protruding balcony when this photograph was taken in such a way that I can see a lot of overlapping elements. So this line come down here, it ends here because the leaves are here on the lab site and we have this. Sorry about here. A side of a slave bought and one here, of course. Try and get the and goes right. This diagonal lines and goes off this night. Diagonals lines right by measuring. Okay, so and I can draw the bottom off this. Now that I have drawn the big shapes, I can just go in a few in the little details this part of the route will start here and curve your like this. Based on what I have drawn here, I can see that is tree here and it's TV a bit. Put it down. And here I've run a tree trunk a bit too thick, which is all right as long as it's not too drastically different. Oops. This is where I made a mistake. You see this line here? The angle should not be like this. I drew this with that measuring angle. And mango should actually be much steeper like this. So that's the thing. Withdrawing It should always be measuring. If not, you're going to make mistakes, especially when it comes to diagonal lines. Perspective lines that are close to being vertical, especially at the top Two beauties. And now I'm going to view in the D Shoes here, basically, by drawing or the different houses apart Mons. And as usual, I'm going Teoh brick. The different parts, like a good to draw, invite the apartments into different parts so that I can draw them few details after after only all these big parts, what is here? I try to draw to close up this ship here and know that I've closed up this ship. I want to close up the top as well. We have this structure here on the beauty will be here. Has this line here comes down here. So I'm basically drawing the big ships again. Really need a lot of concentration when it comes to drawing things like this. All right, now I'm going to fast forward this part here. - I actually forgot to record a part where I was running the motorcyclist. Anyway, when drawing the motorcycle is we will see where hideous relative to what? I have a really drawn so ahead. ISS Estrada This morning. The hate is here somewhere at a meeting point between, um this structure here and the end of the T shirt will mean just draw the bottom of the bike. What I want to buy it would be here and all the t shirt. It's around here. We have a light there. This is the license plate, and this motorcycle is you're looking at him or her from the back, so it's very compressed, and we can draw the other motorcyclists here, which is around the same size as this. There are two person on this bike while the wheels will be lower competitive other wheel, which is in front. It was a perspective. So we need to get that right. We have a car here that is between this two on motorbikes. Soda window will come here, and, uh, wheels will be here. Um, my, my drawing is not as accurate, because if you take a look at a photo, the wheels should be I mean, this was here. They should be on the same level. Ask the bottom of the hand. My guess it looks still looks all right here, because my perspective, my proportion is not that off. We have not a car here, so the top off the car will be here. This is, uh, front window. The bottom off the car. We have to get their size relation. Right? And now let's draw the box here. This is where while it gets quiet, kind of tedious when it comes to drawing motorbikes because Okay, I think I drew this to big, right. I definitely drew this wheel too big, because again, I'm bring what I think I see. But I should be doing what I actually see. Let me just start from the ages again on drawing the big ships first and then feeling into use. So the route of ages we have a mark. Your one bite really mean during motorbikes really is about concentration. This is the last bit off the sketch, drawing the really small details when it comes to drawing such a small details. If you run out of space when you run out of space, eventually will run out of space. You can leave the details out. This is what I have so far. So now we can draw in the overhanging cables on things that we have according to draw earlier on. There are so many cables. Let's see where it is cable goes to right? Okay, so in the second view in the next video, we will color this where ink wash. 3. Hanoi Street Sketch Pt2: Hello and welcome back to this again part off this deal. I'm just touching up some parts that I have to call it a draw. No. When you are using ink wash, you should know what type off ink you are dealing with. So today I am using Sumi ink. Which ISS not what a proof. I'm adding Inc to, uh, apostle In palate, you can use an eyedropper. Be very carefully if you are using India ink because I'm India things they have Charlotte, which means when the ink dries, they will try to form a protective coating over ink. And if you're using a watercolor brush with those sort of things, we should wash the brush thoroughly after use. If not, that courting will form on the brush and make the hair hot. And that's going to be kind of difficult to get rid off later on. I'm using Sumi ink, which doesnt have shellac, so that's do all right. So now I am diluting the ink going to try this on paper. So the earlier brush wars too small. So no, I'm using a bigger brush school. This is the so the other brush was too small No, I'm using a big brush. This is the Dobbin Sheikh Hassan. Your brush. I wouldn't paint everything that is not lit by sunlight. So for everything that is lit by sunlight, I am going. Teoh did that white. We will go over with one pause first and family are on at players to subsequent process subsequent washes. So this hope hot here on the right side, it's or in shadow. So we can just paint over this very easily. Actually, we can paint the roots here. The shadow lie on the road and everything that is in shadow. The car is in light, so that's kingdom white. But the motorcycle is here they are and shadow in shoe. I'm also going to pit the bottom off the balconies. Some of the sign What's here? They are in shape. Some are not the bottom off. The same What's, which are the shops? They are shaped the bikes. The wheels are black. I'm gonna leave the top off the bikes. White shadows for the bikes. So this part here mostly lit by the sun except for the bottom off the balconies and some of the windows which are dark horizontal patents here for this son sheet. The first wash is done later on. We'll wait for this. Wait for this to dry, and then at the second wash. This is almost dry. So that's at the second wash for this particular sketch. I will just be using to wash, just graze on black just to keep it simple. You can have more values like like Radack agrees between light and dark grays. That's really up to you. Of course, if you have more grease than your sketches going to look more realistic, I'm using a smaller brush, right? No. When painting. Let's try and get the ships to look right. If there are shop ages like corners off triangles, try and get those right. - And now I'm going to use this graph white to add in sandy to sleight of words. Highlights. You can use what gel hand. Of course. This is good for painting larger white areas. That's at some what's studio signed what's in the back grow as well. This is now almost dry. No, so we ink when it drives and drives to met texture. The surface is completely known glossy, so me exam it from grinding Chinese or Japanese ink sticks, so they have textures that look really nice. Typical India inks will not give you textures like this. Is this really nice? And when it's in concentrated form, it's going to look like this very dark black, non glossy met surface. And when you add water to it, it gives you this washed this kind of wash with textures. It's very beautiful and notice. I drew the ink first and then applied the diluted Sumi ink. But most off the ink lines that were drawn. They don't fatter, so this ink is quite what her resistant. It's not totally waterproof, but it's water resistant and this other type of lines you can create with food and nips We have been lines, thick lines on, drawn with one pen here at the top. I try to adapt on the tree to create does textures, and I like how the black Sometimes they can just blend into the lighter washes. You can use this just like watercolor and use wet on wet technics. I drew this sketch in a sketchbook, so when I close it, the pages are going to rub against each other and some of the ink me right onto the opposite pitch, so to protect your sketches passed to spray some fixative over it. This ink, so meaning is different from India ink where when it dries, it will form a protective coating. Meaning doesn't do that, so something give you run with the fingers. You may still get some ink dry ink on your fingers, so it's best to use spray fixative to protect it. I really enjoyed drawing and pending with Sumi Ink and meeting, it's very affordable so you can consider getting a bottle just to try and have fun drawing and painting with it. Right? Thanks for watching this video. See you and next one by 4. Fullerton Hotel Pt1: Hello, everyone. Welcome to another sketching Tuatara. Um, today we are going to sketch the Fullerton hotel off Singapore. You can download the reference photo from the video description being low. So that's analyze this photo first. This photo was taken with a wide angle then so the vertical lines that are closer to the age of the photo you can see they are tooting and the vanishing point would be up there. But if you were to draw from location, political eyes will be vertical on. This photo was taken with me standing. So the eye level off all these people in front of me are These people are off to seem highlights me so that I level for them will coincide with my higher level. And it's a very cloudy, so there are no strong, harsh shadows. So what about that? The file I'm at my place just keeps ringing for no reason. All right? So even though there is no harsh or obvious shadows, we can still see the light sauce. So the lifestyle is coming from this side because he this side of the beauty deals site on this site, the are brighter, competitive left site and the areas that are under the shit would be under the shelter. And we have some rate lanterns because it's still during Chinese New Year at a time. Where took the foot or so for these red decorations, I will be painting with an old pic rip can't read palm trees, the trees out of tooted we need the trees on the ages are tooted, but for the palm trees that are near the center of the photo, we can see the vertical. This is a rather complicated sketch because there are a lot of details, so we'll try to break this down and simplify this as much as possible. The meat point off this sketch is somewhere here, so I took this photo wanting to capture the left and the front off the hotel. So the meat point somewhere here, this site here it's foreshortened, and this site here is for shorten as well, so they meet points somewhere here. We need to have enough space to draw this site as well as this. Beside this catch month and 1/2 year, it's a customized sketch, but with 300 years sent hot pressed watercolor paper and the sizing has deteriorated. So that means when I paint on the surface, the paper is going to suck the water and the paint, and you may see impressions on the opposite page. So this was painted with what color against these impressions. If the sizing eyes optimally, you want to see things like is the pain and water will remain on this little face rather than soaking through. So because off the condition of this paper today, I'll be using liquid and their ink from means they're Newton. This is actually Chinese Sumi ink. The ink has a lot of texture and is obviously is black. So when it comes to using black things on this paper, there will be no loss of vibrancy because I think it's a really black. But if you use a watercolor on paper that has deteriorated, sizing the colors will appear dull, right? So let's start so it continues. So try and visualize how this how to place the beauty so the meat point remembered. A tall is part of the beauty. It's in the media. Also, if I place it in the meat off, this pitch is gonna four into the gutter and it's not going to look that nice. So I'm going to place the midpoint towards the left side and the right side I'm going to. So about extend is a bid. By drawing additional palm trees, I'm using my pencil to dropped out composition first, I'm gonna plays the ground level some raw here, and this will be the corner off. The beauty on this would be the height off the beauty so I can actually just draw one line . Don't. Here on this height, I would say it's one unit on, uh, left side off the beauty. It's majors draw and just used a full height of this pencil. So the left side off the beauty it's about 80% off this height. So it's fun to end right here and the right site, so is about 80%. So it's gonna end right here. So I'm using magic based on the height of the beauty and thats measure some more. So I'm measuring right now. Even though you cannot see it, I'm actually measuring the height for this part here, which is about 30% 30% off this and it's sort of ends right here just below the midpoint to meet point on this line. It's here and the height here and slightly below. So we can draw one for to go lined. All here and he have is pot here, which would go out on the way. Teoh. About 1/4 which is about here, is it? I think so. So now with this elements, we can try and sort off draw that mean remaining ships. So this will be just draw. Um, just put some rough lines first, so this will be like those. So when I'm drawing on this structure, I'm actually comparing with all the other elements that I'm gonna draw later on. It may not be clear because I'm using my pencil and this line here, it's not vertical. I mean, if you're drawing with the help of the reference photograph, you mean you want to copy a reference photograph? Exactly. So I just put some freak drafting. Alliance first bought him off. The beauty will be like this. We have some trees here. The trees will be above his pot. Here. Would be trees will be above this part here. So when we are at this stitch where it's still very loose and sketchy. We can try and try our best to get the proportion right, Because later on, when we put ink on paper, we won't be able to change things. Okay, so we have another tree here, not a tree here and not a tree here. So I'm just using vertical lines. Teoh, draw those trees just to sing If I do placement and place them where they should be and this would come down here and we'll go to the right side of this. And there are theory. Door's always one two. Okay. No, The strange thing is the top of the dogs, these are vertical lines on, and we have to draw this triangular ship thing here, and we have the peelers. Oh, this is the peeler One peeler to peelers on three and full so we can draw them fleshing out later on. Okay, So last thing to do the country on this side. Okay, so this is pretty much, um, pretty much to sketch. Of course, you can use knowledge off perspective to draw this as well, because the fashion point is on the lap site. You can just used oppression point to get the angles. But right now I'm actually measuring the angles based on sighting or it so capsulized done . That's cool Street to think, Um, sometimes when sketching, sketching is really about practicing, if you really want to be very detailed, very accurate than you should spend more thought. But it is just catching. Just making thoughtful fun. Sometimes you can be a big, quicker bitten you, sir. Don't worry too much about details are getting things right. But what's most important is to get the general shape the general form off the beauty right , so that when someone else who looks at your sketch they can immediately know what you are drawing. Even though the details are wrong. But it is. The ship's proportions are right. They will be able to recognize the beauty. So as I'm drawing, I was to be measuring cost pencil lines. They are just guidelines. So okay, that's start going to draw here his phone and pen that I'm using its a sailor from them pent with a Zuni soda lines. Today they are thicker than usual, so this will come down on this part here. It's about 1/3 1/3 of the height here remember that before you draw crossed a line across. So this part here this part here will also be 1/3 off this height here because, I mean, he has to be proportion to his site. So 1/3 will be about here on draw down. What's like this on like this? We have tree number Juan two and number three, the palm trees. And in this case, the pump trees. They are going to block the beauty behind. So that's great. Which means I don't have to draw de Tues that are he decided? Palm trees. Okay, so Oh, there are a lot of peelers. Let me call Tony under their 12345678 So now I'm going to connect this. And for the peelers strong Peters may have one to you has put, uh, one here three. So I find it easier to so divide divide the placement off the peelers. I put one on the last one on the right and then draw from the center and then subdivided further and further. If I were to draw the peelers for are left to right. Sometimes I may get a place. Monroe so By doing so like this, it's easier to get distance between each peeler, right, the new system, bottom off, But your soul. I can see my distance. It's not that accurate, because for people's that are on the website, they are so close together. You don't even see that cap. So what this tells me is right now, my foreshortening. This is my sketches. Not as for short and compact Tudor photo, which is more compressed. But, I mean, it's OK as long as you know what's going on. Even if you make mistakes. You as long as you know why you make optimistic. It's great because you can learn from that and improve in the future. So even for me, I still make mistakes. Now and then, we have some trees here. We have some doorways here. Um, let's go over the top of the doll readers. First there seemed to be seven doorways, so let's try and place the doorways There. Some plants here one is here to. So as the hallways move Teoh back, they're going to be smaller and smaller and welcome. Press wanted 2345 six. So is this seven and we have some people walking on the street make sure to get their hits . The hits have to be at the same level because this photo was taken with me standing. So the hate that I love of all these people will be at the same level as me. So let's say if someone were Teoh, be very close to me. Obviously somebody with very close me will be very big so you can draw that person. Let's put the person here can draw the hit off the person here. Messi is where him back this and a hit shit hit should be at the same level of Azadeh hits here. I'm just drawing in dimension and imaginary tourists here just to you show you toe I level trees here that this guy all the laptop treat the bet grow No, this is a pen. This is one minute You can get penalized by drawing with the pen more vertical So four elements in the background I will use the thin aligns There's some flex their back role No , for this doorways is there are actually some lying some parallel lines. So how we just had the paralyze for the dollar is that are closer to me. And this is alliance that rock going into the beauty. I mean this part here. It's going into the beauty. But from the reference photo, you can see this part here. It's under shape, so it's very difficult to make out details. So the challenge for all of this catch really is the foreshortening part. And, of course, the very challenging perspective. So now I'm just going to just draw all the big ships first. I'm just going to draw the big ship Spurs and Dan a few in the details, which is going to be much easier. So that's just do that. This line here actually comes down, even though in real life I mean, this is a ruby. It's supposed to go up, but based on what you see, it actually comes down. So I should draw that down. What's Dan come down again like this? Not really accurate here. I'm just trying to get, uh, form the general form off the beauty. There is another palm tree here. This country. It's taller, competitive, this tree here, So make sure Droid told her. So that's continue to draw the ships. All right, so full this part here. This corner here, it's going to align with this pot here. So we need to get that angle right, so that when we draw it down here, it's gonna ally here. Okay? On this part here? A. There are a lot of lines for those lines. I'm gonna use birth in lines and this part here again. Food. It's 1/3. So that's Troy all the way down There is, uh, triangle shape here. The triangle shape the top of the triangle. It's slightly to its the right site. So that's do that because there's part here comes out slightly on the bottom of beauty. Here we have this peeler here, which is the killer. It comes. Tell here like this we have a pump treat. This country seems to be curved. We have some plans here at autumn. This plans. We'll come here. We have the palm tree trunk tree trunk here and that one here so you can choose. I mean, try not to You have their lines to ST because those countries, the line is that curving on. Just put here. So no, it's just a Bob. It's all about feeling into details more pencil eyes you put, the more accurate your sketch is going to be, but has lines they will make I mean things look a bit Massey. I was the one to draw the form Intraday beauty. So this line here will go into debuting. It goes almost half off this we've here. So notice Every time I draw, I'm comparing the distance and this part here It's things like this this popular, which is black. It's supposed to be smaller on this as well, so this will be even smaller. You can put some people here, so there is a tourist here and make sure that a hit off tourists. This is a line to the hates off all these people there and we have some people walking here as well. Make sure the hit is at the scene. My level. We have some trees here decorations and this is the pump tree on the right side. Before we draw that, that's to continue drawing details here first because I want to draw that tree first. I mean, let because I'm right handed. I have to draw from left to right so that I don't run my hand over wet ink, and we have a peeler here and another one here. Now this part here is supposed to be curved because we are looking upward. So this is gonna be curved. And we have this part here because there's actually goes into beauty and we have some windows we can place. The really does. Twin Peeler's our adult leaves Later on, you may want to add some little windows here and there a bit more detail here on this part here. It's a bit difficult. No, the perspective for this part. It's different from the front off, the beauty so dislike. It's not parallel to this line, so it gets up slightly. It's almost horizontal, but it's not quite horizontal. All right, I think I drew the is a bit too close to the angle of this line, which is not supposed to be the case anyway, that's continued to draw, so dispatcher would be under shadows. There's gonna be quite dark later on. Seems to be some plans here. Some windows here and Palm Tree will be here for this country, which is so much closer to us, we need to draw with more detail, and there are some lanterns that I'll be using opaque colors. Teoh painted the Clinton so we don't have to worry about drawing those lanterns. Let's put the trees here. Oh, okay. I think I drew It. Is pun tree too far away from the right pitch off this beauty, which I guess it so right. It's not some plunged in the background. Anyway, we're gonna drive on location. You can make your own artistic. You can have your own artistic impression. We can change things up a bit, as long as it doesn't make the in this case the beauty unrecognisable we have this them cause here street them here on some additional trees. So for this country, I want to have some details that's happening in a country suggestion off another palm tree on the right side, Some smaller problems here. There is a beauty. There is a war behind that window here, and this area here seems to have a big piece off glass. So maybe despite here, it's in those. Okay, so this sketch is almost done on now. It's all about filling in the details. So this is the completed sketch as I compare this sketch with the reference photo. I can see that my left aside, it's wider. So the reference photo. It's more for shortening and because of that angle for the photo, it's And here it's about 45 degrees. But my it's more gentle and this is Wieters away. Got the distance between the peelers, Um, a bit off Rome. But other than that out, say it is sketched, disputing its do pretty recognizable. This is just a casual sketch, so there is no need for me. Teoh go in and raise the pencil lines. So I'm gonna continue adding little details here and there as I see them, just to add things that that I have mused out right in the next few, we will paint this with Stew Me Inc. 5. Fullerton Hotel Pt2: So painting is the fun part. Well, sketching is also the fun part for painting. It's a different kind of fun. So I'm gonna be using this big square brush to add some water to this. Well, here, I'm going to fuel up this second Willis, uh, also, And I'm going to use this smaller brush. I have, ah, big brush that's clear brush and is small brush. So the big brushes to cover the big areas to small brushes to paint the details. So I'm going at some Sumi ink here to get a lot agree. Wash forward of beauty. So the only white areas for this catch would be the clots and window frames and like that is reflecting off the class. So let's start by laying down a grey wash off Sumi ink. The leaves will be meat valued tree trunks, maybe Mitt Valerie as well, but the top of the tree trunks will be almost black. So for the tourists, maybe I don't want to paint over him. So what is guy here? Maybe he's wearing a white shirt, so that's not paint over his white shirt. Me, too, to my sketchbooks, lightly So that pinned can slow down. I will not be painting the cloud outs because it's such a cloudy day. So this is just a very light wash. And for the front, maybe I want to keep it. Is punch your white always the front of this doorway white just to have a little bit more contrast. Anyway, this is just a sketch you can used is as a value study. I would have to be to pressures about it because it's a very loose sketch. So far, I'm just painting the very light values. So if the first initial water can start to see how you can start to see the form off the beauty, so I'm going to paint it back off the peelers Well, to keep it some impression off the shadow. This part here I missed out on routes, but continue here. Justin, give entrance to the white ship that this person is measured. Why should that distant measuring imaginary person is wearing? And now let's try and go in with a meat value. So I have made this well here, the pink here much doctor. So depending on the this part here, Dr Okay, just looks like I mean to have a bit more ink was just talk enough. I missed you. Need a bit more ink when doing value studies? It's about comparing the tunes. The values is this dark enough compared to the other value on the left site. If it's not, continue to add more, increased the value we get, Doctor. So I see here in the doorway. This is a light water gray. So now I need to make this doctor. So this is just our painting. The meat values the medium agree what year seems to be darker? The windows, trees, tree trunks, the trees here and the plans here. Those are white, dark as well. So when you are painting, trying to look at your sketch from a far to get a few off the tonal values off how their ships are working sometimes when you look at your sketch from afar, you won't be too caught up with the D to use. So that's one good advantage. I mean, good tip. So for this pot here, I need to add another layer over here, and little on this part here will be total black. So they are on in the out of video. The video I mentioned that I am painting read. So I'll be using postcard markers or Captain Reed to paint the lanterns And the Panis. I'm not sure how that will work with this with Sumi ink, so hopefully works well. And we were not off police together with this black. So this is like a two color sketch. So it is tree trunk here. This is very dark, almost black. So I want to just use Sumi ink on its home. There are some cables on the tree. I'll be pinching the cables later on. We have white gel pin as draw. Uh, vertical. Yeah. Sorry. Off defense. Now we're pending the trees here in the palm tree leaves get, try and get the ships right. So these leaves. They have a very distinct shape that when you look at them from afar, you can immediately tell that this is a country. So you want to get the ships right and grows on. Get yourself for the leaves. I, the individual leaves for this area hitter, which is behind the trees. It's a bit darker, so maybe I can add a bit mall. Great to it. And here as well. I may want to come. Had a bit more water, wash my brush and start off. Did, uh, fit disgrace? Washington that top so that the shadows, they're not so harsh. Yep. Uh, three under that site. The hair here. It's black. And trees here on the left side, Black as well. But I don't want is shaped to merge into this shape out of wise, it's good. Just gonna be one single ship. It's going to be very difficult to read, dears. Our ship. So now with this area's off white separation, we can see this person more clearly. This is the back, so I'm just gonna have black stripes. Put it back. I feel like I should make the road here a bit darker compared to the right site. So I'm going to paint, um, and earlier on top of this light meet value for this part here. I'm going to work very quickly. So for this area here, I'm going to wash my brush very quickly and use clean water to fit this part here. Okay. So I think it's this is a bit better for areas that need more contrast. You can use black. So for just the right here, for example, it's almost black on his part. Here. It's black. Is this? Well, I'm pinning this black so that later on I can use the white Japan to draw over the black to create contrast if I use the white job handled Drover Grade contrast is not going to be as strong as obvious compared to white over black. So there's other things you can play with when you are sketching with black and white and pending with black and white. Try white, all the great try white over black, black over great, great over black. The bottom off the trees will be darker, competitive to top off the trees. So how do you know when to stop when you don't know what else you should paint? That's the time to stop and try not to overwork your sketch light continuously pending older and a working, it's just going to make things look a bit malm messy. Then you want, and now that's at some details with the white gel pen. There are some reflections here, and I'm going Teoh use. Why wash to paint the reflections now if they're using the same brush that your using earlier for the black ink. Do you wash it very thoroughly? I usually have another brush dedicated just for black ink for the rate lanterns and banners I will be using Captain ret. In this case, I will be using a lot of paint and not a lot of water to keep the paint as well pick as possible. But what is just you Um um dissolved pit and pick up the Pete. All right. I hope this is will pick enough. So there's a banner here and one here. Some lanterns Here, Here. All right. This is great. It's really beautiful. That's creating for my eyes. Kwan trust for the lanterns. That's try. Keep them round when the really is picking up, You can also covered the black beneath. So this is how I use all pick pains mostly to cover other stuff that I have painted. So for pick colors we have kept me in Britain, kept me in yellow. Can't me an orange. I also want to add a little bit off writ here as well. I see a hint off, probably from the rich color roof I had forgotten to draw the white cable cell year I was all used is to at some details there are actually some root barriers here. So that see if I can use a white gel panty at does Paris So ones there Okay, all is I can get some contrast going. So maybe this is not obvious enough that's used White Wash. Okay, this ISS more obvious now, I just realized that this glass panel is actually behind a small plants, so images brought those plans again and white wash. It should be whiter anyway. I'm just going to leave it as it is. If I go into a correct it, it's going to make things waas. I'm going to add some very thin lines to the peelers here to give those Peeler's some texture, drawing with the tip. Help the phone and pen to create those brilliance in lines. I don't want allies to get too much attention. That's why I'm using the birth in one's Seems like they're Osama things here that I have gotten to draw the square block and also some of the thoughts and for this building in the background that's have really tiny dots for the tiny windows that we cannot see. So this is the home. Feed it sketch. Let's take a closer look. So these are the pillars that I should have drawn closer together. Forgot to pin deflect there. But I shall just leave it as a tous. No, you noticed this. Our ship here we only have black is light wash on the white, so it's a bit difficult for me to differentiate between this back and a person's arm. So I could have made this talker by adding one additional year to make this stand up against the So that's how you use are thorns to create contrast. I liked a kept man read it are really mixed, sketched stand out rather than just having a black and white swimming sketch sort of really works here very nicely. We have the white job hand for the little details, cables on a job for the window frames. This is a very fun sketch to draw and paint. I may actually go back to this place again to draw the beauty on a day where there is light and shadow, because I'm very sure that is beauty is going to look more beautiful with the shadows. All right, so thanks for watching this to Tora. I hope it's helpful. See you in the next video by 6. Amsterdam Central Station: for this sketching to Toro. I will be coloring this a bit differently compared to my usual sketches, so I'll be using Sumi ink. This is Windsor Newton Liquid India ink. It's not what approve. It's made from Chinese ink stick and the other name for this sort of ink iss Sumi ink. It has a very beautiful texture when you lay down ink on paper and for the colors, I will be using the genter and transparent orange, this opera mush maker. I'll be using these colors to colored Ah Rewe Station and for everything else is gonna be painted with Sumi Ink for the white areas I would be drawing with my white yelp as news I'm planning before we proceed. So the strategy is to draft out a layout using pencil, and I'm going to draw the people in the foreground using what a proof ink the ink have in this pan. It's catch pink. It's what proven dry, and after that I'm going to paint the real way station with the orange and magenta, and then everything else we have Sumi ink, right? So that's that We've drafting out Station the station, by the way, it's m stirred in Central. I was there for urban sketches imposing a few months ago. I'm just going to dropped out station with very faint pencil lines. I'm going to try and keep the proportion as, um I create as possible. Now, this is a one point perspective seen, which means there is a vanishing point somewhere around here and all the die colonize, they should go with their Hey on. We see that this is about it's a rectangle. Andi, I think this should be the proportion. My lies are not that vertical, but it's all right. And there is is there's pool here that goes all the way up here too. This part here it lies with this part here. I'm not sure of. You guys can see it, but later on, when I draw it with think it should be clearer on this This line here it's actually coming out like this. So many drawings as light as possible so that when I paint later on the pencil line, state will not be that obvious for people in the foreground. I don't need to draw them because I already have beauty behind, So I really know where those people are going to be this flu waas taken with me standing. So the eye level of all those people, they are at my eye level, which is around this point here. This is the top off the first floater station. And this is the ground level. So I have always somewhere over here. So I'm going to draw the Purcell wearing the white T shirt first. Now, these are very mind a proportion. So I level would be around here. The neck will be your Don't draw it too big because you draw it too big. It's going to be is gonna figure what later on and bought him. It's here. So when you draw people always make sure you get the right proportion. In this case here, I'm drawing the people first and stayed off the back ground. Sometimes I draw the background first. Sometimes they told people first. Okay, let's draw the lady on the left side. Who is shot her top off. Uh, hit off. What? A lady coincides with the nose level off the guy on the side. And there is hen here. Hoops Could has have to lead equal behind a guy I mean have drawn this a bit too big and bottom here and here. This is the hand for the guy. This is the lady on. We have not a guy here who is holding the hand of the lady. Do you have to cite no drawing on location? These people, they will be moving, so you have to draw really fast. The trick is to look for people who are stationary and draw them and then draw a few people who are actually moving. That will make the scene more likely rutted and just drawing stationary people. So we have a hand here and we have another hand here for all the other people in the scene . You have to make sure that they are. Eyes are between this two lies here. It doesn't matter where they are in the scene, whether there are standing very far away in the background, for example, that's there's this lady. It's very finding background. Her eyes real be between these two lines, and we have a men here with one hand on his back strap. Hey is too small for me to draw d choose. So I'm just going to draw like lines like this to represent his one line to represent his. But not that the hit is between these two lines here. And there are many other people behind. Like people writing the bicycles. I can draw the bicycles and make sure that a hit it's again between this two lines. So now I'm just going to very quickly sketched this section here. So this is what I have so far notice re gutless off the size off the people where they are , whether they're closer to where it's all very far away their hate and I level they are always around. This does narrow area here. Okay, so now I'm going to draw the poll here on the site. This is in the foreground, overlapping the train station behind. So I'm going. Teoh, draw this with pink and this extension here. Go to the right side at this angle and I'm going to draw some lines as well. This will be a line here. This on here. Andi is to go to to write site, and now we can pin. So I just realized that I have some paint left over from the previous painting sessions. So instead of using the magenta did I say I wanted used earlier? I'm just going to use the transparent in orange peel 71 together with this that was left over previous time, so that's mixed. Some pit good, too, that the color mixing happened as much as possible on the paper rather than on the palate. And when you paint, make sure you pinned pay attention to the ship that you are painting. So, for example, this ship here, it's a triangle. We need to make sure that we get it right on this. We'll go down all the way here. I'm good, too that a little bit of rate and pinned here. And make sure that I leave a line, a white line there. If you accidentally paint over the white line, I don't worry. You can use the white gel pen to draw the lying back Later on notice. There some color blending. So this was painted with orange, and I added some red wilder wash. I must do wet. So that's pin this part. Now the front of the station. We have little areas off colors. I count 623456 and 1234 small ones on this bottom part here seems to be in grey, so for that I will not use any colors. So last year's payment to this site now the windows they are. They look like they are dark gray. So maybe I can paint like this and later on overly doors, colors over later orange we Sumi ink and we'll see what happened. The thing with this sketchy is, I don't know know what will happen. So making out sometimes it's about experimentation. So far, this part here I'm just going to pinch the Orange ship like this, and I'm going to pinned. What is that? I drew the boundary first and then I'm gonna pay with thin the the shape. It's easier this week for windows. Later on our be overlaying this wash with, So we think we'll see what happens making out. Sometimes it's about experimentation. You. Sometimes you wouldn't know what you work or what would work unless you try it. So the more you painted, the better you will get. 123456 41234 and there's a little dot here. This has to be symmetrical to the left site. Now the reason why I don't want to draw all this details here with pen and ink is because those details they don't actually contribute to the form off the beauty as in by former I mean the physical aspect off the beauty. I mean, that means when the war is turning and each of the water right turns, I would draw that with a line. But if it's just on the surface of the war of the windows on the surface of the war, I don't have to drive with mine because the windows don't contributed to form off the beauty. So this part here we have another triangle that goes up, comes down. That's paint all the way to the right site with porridge and steppin Occasionally Depp in a little bit of read just to get that variation and make sure usto pay attention to the ships that you're painting. This is what we have so far. Let me paint the flex here on a little bit off. Details here for the decoration on may be your window here on here. This is usually what I do. We're Sumi Ink. If I were to bring this outdoors. I were usually bring a small container like this with water. And I will pour some water into the camp here so that I can use this with my brush at a little bit off Inc to the small cap here to dilute the ink. And if I need the ink to be even lighter, like the tone to be even lighter, I can very easily wash it here. If I need this to be doctor, I can get more ink here. I'm not sure if you can see it, but, Sumi ink, it's very Hey, Billy. Payment. So you should never use this ink in the fountain pen. My brushes now stoked with some Sumi ink. So the task and see how dark those colleges I'm going to end, uh, here to see how doctor this. So this is not bad. Its not too dark yet. So it's quite like So I went to Kindy is very slightly and used these to wash over the sky . Just have a lot of water and wash over this guy because I want to pin, uh, clots when the wash is still wet. So now we see this area. It's wet. and what it's doing when we can't at some off the doctor Inc on to the paper and have the ink spread and defuse. Now my schedule is actually flat on the table so the England diffuse spread out like that. But if my sketchbook is actually to, uh, Inc will actually fluid out in this direction. So for this part here, I'm gonna wait for it to dry. Meanwhile, Alcala or just pot here. So this is the first wash for all the people were wearing white T shirts. I am going to just, um, if those white those people were wearing gray T shirts, I'm going to leave them white as well. So I'm just going to paint over the ground the docker areas. Diskin. The reason why I'm painting over the skin color of all these people is because if you compare to skin color too white, its color against white so white will be white. And for the skin unit, you have some color. So when pending like this when pinning with rays and blacks when doing total studies, it's always about comparing. This is lighter or is this doctor? If it's lighter, leave it light all. Leave it What it is, Doctor. You can paint it docker or later on. Go over. We've not earlier to make it even darker by comparison, everything is relative. So the hair obviously is dark. Just paint over. I'm gonna leave a lot of people with white T shirts. No, it is grown here, going out a bit more water for people in the background. I'm gonna have them were white T shirts as well, Because I want to trust you. Don't actually have to full exactly what you see. When it comes to a calorie. Sometimes you may see light against dark, but if you're painting, we look back to her with dark against light. You mean change that up? This part here will be grass. Well, we need to leave. What line on this side. So planning for this sort of sketches definitely required, especially for details. Catch the scenes where there are a lot off things happening. No, this part here to top its do wet. So if I were to paint the top off the beauty right now, the pain is going to suck out into, uh, it's die, which is not going to look good, so I need to wait for this to dry first. Meanwhile, let's continue to paint the bottom. Right now I'm going to paint the roofs. I'm using a much smaller brush now because there are some details in fourth on. Using a smaller brush is easier to paint smaller areas. I have also added some of the mixes from here to here. So this is a much smaller paddle and I've added some ink here as well just to make this a bit darker. So I'm going to pin this ship here and using this brush, I can also draws on details like the spirals or their fans at the top. I can also draw, uh, social. What this thing is called extension anyway, Anything that is not going to be orange, all rate are dependent with Sumi ink. It is part here will be like this Now a lot off simplification is needed. What is my hand? I actually have a dedicated brushes for black ink. The reason for that is because sometimes black ink, it's quite difficult. Teoh wash them off. So if you don't wash a brush properly and very thoroughly, the blacking is going to interfere with your painting of the colors with your column mixers . Next time this part here it's really difficult because off all those didn't use, I probably should have used more pencil Teoh like, draw the details. Anyway, Let's see what we can do here. So I'm just painting a suggestion off the details and top we have the fence. Some extra details in game. All right, the flag that I paint a holder of this meeting. It should actually be in front, off the black lines. Unfortunately, I painted over. Never mind. Later on, we can see how can correct that. So for this part, I'm just going to continue painting with the current washing I have. This is a dark gray wash. Not black yet. All right, Doc. Agree on. Later on, we will paint with black. Now for the windows on this orange wall. I'm gonna pin them like this as one big shape and later on. Used what? Japan To draw the window frames. Find that to be easier. So the tricky part. Curious to make sure you get the shape right and for the windows at the bottom, that will be pure black. So make this as dark as possible. As black as possible. Basically used, concentrated. And let's see one. We have missed out. Okay, so for this poll here, it's going to be much darker. Okay, this looks good. And we have windows here as well. Same thing. We just paint one big shape. And then later on, we'll draw with the white job right out of gray Areas have been painted. So now that's pain. We have concentrated ink. So this will be a day hair for the pedestrians, the people in the crowd and black for the bottom. Here. This a ground level here off the train station. This is one big Lackman tangle penned is requires a lot off patients because we need to paint. Make sure you get the ships, right. So the hair of this lady is supposed to be black bird. I want the contrast, so I'm not going to paint it black. Otherwise, it will be like this guy here and this guy here, right? Uh, hair will blend into the black ship. So here it's easier to read that there's a hit here. So these are some off the artistic choices you can make when painting. Basically, what you want to do is to make sure that the scene reads properly. That's dab in some black here and there for the windows. This sketchy is almost done. So now I just have to draw the train tracks here, which is a docker. I agree. So the train tracks are wider at the bottom here, but they will take her, um, as they moved to the top. And if you notice for the train tracks, it's actually Ray and then black agree that great. But here I have black, then like degree. And now all that's left to do is to draw the window frames on all the details with the white job. Some of the window frames are actually black. Some are white, but, um, I'm just gonna draw everything. Worked again at some people here as well. All people riding the bicycle, and I'm going to at some little details above, uh, really No, no. What is the beautiful texture off the Sumi ink? So this is the completed sketch. After adding the white lines, let's take a closer look. There is a lot off simplification going on here, and I didn't even draw the clock face because there's just too much details for me to troll . And this is a very small here to troll those did you. So I just leave everything out and we have the windows as mentioned earlier or someone new Frames are white, some are black. But just to make things consistent, I have order. We know frame is white and we have some details here as well. People front. I tried to write the name off the station here, but this area here, it's just too small. Palm use alleges, basically added dots here in the state and for the other site It was orange. We what we new friends. But here I forgot to paint the orange here. So instead I have black window frames on white and it would be a bit really if I don't have all these are people here because people are everywhere and the scene. So I wanted to have some people here as well. This is actually a very simplified version off the sketch. The main idea here is to basically paint the big shapes get the Contras. And here I use the limited palate to make the colors pop out. So I have black begins days, our origin. So the colors, they work really nicely here. Okay, so if you have any questions, do let me know. Um otherwise I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching. See you in the next to Taro by