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Welcome to my kitchen!  Who doesn't love chicken fried rice, it's delicious very simple and guaranteed to please even the pickiest eater. It's one of the most popular dish that everyone has to order when they get Chinese food! Today I'll be teaching you my easy and simple version on this classic favorite! Here I'll also be showing you the ingredients, tips and tricks to make this process very easy to follow.

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Easy Peesy Cooking With Me

Quality over Quantity...Let's Cook!


Hello, My name is Sandy or you can call me Mama. That's what my 2 little girls call me when they're hungry! Welcome, first I would like to introduce myself. I'm a mother of 2 beautiful little girls Mimi and Coco. They are the most fun loving and very energetic girls you'll ever meet. They love to eat, dance and swim all day long. I'm not a professional cook but I've been cooking all my life, thanks to my parents. They own a Chinese buffet restaurant and I got a chance to learn some of the most delicious recipes which I'll be sharing with you here! I'm constantly learning, trying to better myself and pass along my success along the way. I'm a huge believer of Quality over Quantity, in life and with my food. So please join me, discover delicious recipes and let's cook!

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1. Introduction: Hi, everybody. Welcome to my kitchen. Before we get started today, I would like to tell you a little bit of myself. I have been managing my parents restaurant for over 15 years. They're the head chef and have been cooking for over 35 years. As I was working there, I got a chance to sample most of the most delicious Chinese food ticket items. Anything you can think of from but ginger beef, this means are poor to beef and broccoli. Cagney's Xiaochao may on the very popular chicken fried rice want on soup, Sprinkles anything who think of from a Chinese restaurant. We make that, and the time that I've been working there, I got a chance to go into the kitchen and see how they cook these dishes. That is where I learned to cook and know all the delicious recipes. Today I'll be showing you how to cook one of the most popular item that we have a restaurant. This is one of the most popular dish that everyone has to get when they order from us, and it is the chicken fried rice. The chicken fried Reyes is one of the most popular item that everyone always seems to get over and over. So today I will show you how to make that and hopefully you can make that on home and enjoy it and share it with your friends and family as well. 2. Ingredients : Hi. So before we get started, I would like to introduce you to some of the ingredients on the sauces seizing that I'll be using for making this dish. This is the rights that I've left overnight on my cooked in the rice cooker, Um left it for overnight, and this is what it comes up to be. So it's not dry. It's just easier to fried with. Okay, The 2nd 1 I have is the chicken, the chicken that I'm using. This is actually the rotisserie chicken that I got from Costco. Eyes normally would buy the whole chicken. My girls love to eat the drumstick and the chicken wing and always leave the rest. So what I did is I just take out the breast, take off the skin, and I just dice it up to small pieces like this by using this. It saves you a lot of time. You don't have to go by, you know, chicken breast, which costs pretty much the same amount anyway. So you might as well that the whole chicken and with the left of a bone from the rotisserie , and I use that to make vegetable broth for them to go with their rice or noodles the next day. So, yeah, I don't like to waste anything, but you just take out the skin and cut up the the gym breast cubes and just use it for the rights and it's it's not try. All is very moist and very, very flavorful. Saves me a lot of time, so the next influence I have is a piece. It's in water right now because I it was in my freezer. I normally keep a bag of frozen peas in the in the freezer just because I need to make soup or any kind of stir fries. It's easy. You just take it out. Put in the cold water and thoughts very fast. Easy, Kate. Green onions. Just get three spring green onions. Cut it up. Really? Finally, Like this eggs. I have three X. Um, you can do two or three eggs if you like. I like to use a lot of eggs because that, um, first of all, it keeps the rice from sticking to the walk when you're when you're pan frying it. And also when you cook the rice with baked together, it gives the rights that fluffy nous and um and adds an extra, um, texture and flavor to the whole, um, the dish. So it just gives it that extra flavor and pepper. So this ingredient I have here is the chicken broth mix chicken broth mixes on ingredient that every Chinese restaurant have. Um, they use it in pretty much almost every single dish to, from making broth to stir fried to steam to anything like they always have some sort of chicken broth mix inside their their dish, and it gets such good flavor. It's easy, a very convenient, and it's you can get this ingredient pretty much everywhere, like Asian supermarkets. They all carry this. It's just the powder mix. I have the big one, but if you're a beginner, you can get the smaller can tickets to start that with. But yeah, so this is the chicken broth mix. Next, I have the pier sesame oil. Um, this is the friend that I use. You can pretty much use any kind of system. Oil doesn't matter. Um, I just you can get this anywhere any of the grocery stores out there or Asian market. It's easy to find, and lastly, this is my secret ingredient, the sweet soya sauce. So the sweet soy sauce. I use this in my fried rice. And I like to using my fine noodles, depending on what kind of news that used. But mostly all my fried rice is I use the sweet soy sauce versus the regular light soy sauce. The sweet soy sauce gives it that very savory, sweet, salty taste to it. It's It's I know you're thinking sweet suicides. Maybe it be too sweet. It's not. I'll show you how to do it and how much to put. But, uh, once you try it, you'll be like, Wow. Okay, I'm gonna have to use this for all the fried rice is cooking This, um, this is the Brandley come key. So I'm sure that team we're gonna be cooking with this, Okay? All right. So these air all the in greens that you be cooking with making the fried rice. Okay, so let's get started. 3. Cooking: Okay, so let's cook. So I turned on the walk. I have to heat on very high drizzles and oil, nothing more. Okay? And I have three eggs beaten hot. You wanted to be on very high heat. Make sure that is on very, very high heat. Okay, we have a kind of next. This is about three cups of cooked rice. Hey, just cordon. Okay? So make sure you pour the rice. And when the exit bill nice and raw, so the ache will hope the rice and then Okay, let's at the chicken. This is about to chicken breasts are roughly about two cups. You can add more or less, depending on how much you like in there. Very, very versatile. You can add as much as little as you like. Okay. Okay. So you just verify and then you act the peas. At this time, I would turn the heat down to maybe mid high way to add maybe about a one teaspoon of the the chicken broth mixed that'll tell me about one useful And how and about half a teaspoon of salt. Remember to keep certified. Just certify. Press it down on the walk. If you feel that the rice is still soft, turn it up to high heat and just keep pressing it down. The walk the heat on the walk will help Crisp the rice gives you that crunch flavor. I would just add a drizzle for the sweet source on you. Just do a drizzle. So the sweet source sauce is the one that makes the rice. Gives that really nice color for the fried rice You go just kind of stir frying. Mix it well, Okay. And then you have a little bit of sesame oil. There is a little bit length Owens the green onions save a little bit to Sprinkle it on top when it's done, and then you just fry for three more minutes. Look at the color we really wish you would be hearing on. Smell this muscle. Wonderful. Oh, okay. Pepper. Sprinkle the pepper in. You can put us much pepper as your life, but you could put a little bit before and after it's all up to you. Okay, so this looks pretty good. Turn off the heat. Okay. There you have it. 4. Final Thoughts: you have it. My version of the chicken fried rice. Easy peasy, isn't it? So remember the rice. When you cook it, keep it overnight. It will be better to have the rice it make the rice nice and crisp, and when you cook it, it's easier to cook when I eat it. It's nice and crunchy. Um, remember to use the sweet story sauce that I recommend. If you can't find it, you're welcome to use the regular lace so sauce. Remember to Sprinkle some sugar in there And finally, as I hope you enjoy my my cooking show and hopefully you can try this and puts it on the gallery to share with me and let me know what your thoughts are. I would love to see your final product on. Duh. Hopefully you can join me for the next class, so thank you very much. Have a nice day