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      Lesson 1: Preparation


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      Lesson 2: Chicken Stock


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      Lesson 3: Rice Seasoning


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      Lesson 4: Congee


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      Lesson 5: Chicken Shredding


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      Lesson 6: Finishing and Garnish


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About This Class

Congee is a traditional Chinese breakfast food (in Guangdong Province). But It is not only for breakfast, it's also a popular comfort food. It is easy to digest and perfect for patients. Americans eat chicken noodle soup when someone got sick, Chinese eat congee because it is easy on the stomach.

Chicken congee is my favourite and very easy to make. My family loves it and I want to share it with your my kitchen to yours, I will share a few Chinese cooking tips I learned from my mom and grandma too.

You will need:

Stock Pot -  8 quarts or bigger
Green Onion
Ground White Pepper (Optional)

Meet Your Teacher

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Ling Wong

Blogger. Writer. Fiber Artist. Mother of 3


I am a cooking, crafting and lifestyle blogger, sharing recipes and patterns. My pen name is "Little Panda Mommy" (learn the story behind my pen name here). With support from my family and friends, I opened my Etsy store "Little Panda Mommy's Creations" since October 2014 and my little dream of being a small business owner came true.

Handmade crafts are my passion. My mom taught me how to knit and crochet since I was 7, since then I became an fiber arts addict. I learned how to sew in school and fell in love with jewelry making as a teenager. Paper crafting is my new found interest. I got inspired at random moments and designed pieces to fulfill my family and friends custom requests.

Handmade crafts are amazing, they are unique and represent love and blessing when giving ... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hi. Welcome to simply cooking. Lighting introduced you to this. Both. Full of goodness is a Chinese traditional breakfast food. Candy I love chicken conjure the most is using to make and full flavor. Night, Gasic. My mom used to make that all the time. That this leg, I'm a fiber artist and the barker eye on the ball is little Panama me dot com. I share a lot recipes and great. Five years in. Some parents are there in this class. I'm going to share with you my family favorite country recipe. You can people on stone toff slow cooker a pressure cooker. All you need is some chicken, green onion, ginger, rice, water and elevate sold and oil. Want to learn how to make authentic Chinese food, but only where to start? Start here. I'm gonna show you how easy Chinese food can be prepared quickly. And Jamie in class. Let's make some country together. 2. Lesson 1: Preparation: Hi last call for the ingredients in the £5 chicken, two cups of rice, 11 oil it cups of water sold full stock of green lanes. I love ginger and a big part, so to start, we are going to get Start with Al Ginger. If you have a pillar you can use to pillow to hilda skin off the ginger root. If not, you can just like me use a knife kind of scrape it off. We need about 3/4 inch to an end of danger. So let's get this off here. You can slice it if you have a shelf life lie idea. Right this and they kind of give up. If you have a big clever you'll kala big chunks of it, and I just smash it with the big cover. So now that it's about a ginger winning that scoop them away and there were going to prepare our green onion next. So I have full stock off green onions here. We only lead to for now and the two for later. So let's cut the rich off. We're going to cut them into about two inches chunks. This is for the home made chicken stock so we don't really needed to be finding chop. And if you do not like green onions, you can skip them out easily when the stock is done and for the attitude were gonna cut the rich off. Also, we're going to slice them thinly sliced. Um, this is for garnish. So if you do not like green onions, you can skip this too. But I love a lot green onions. So I am going to chop this up and under at a lot of them. When the country is ready is ready. Get that little spice and little bites. Also, I am almost done here now. Okay, let's put this aside. I also 3. Lesson 2: Chicken Stock: last make homemade chicken broth to start congee in the big part or your slow cooker or pressure cooker. We're gonna put all our chicken pieces in the part you can just hold chicken, chicken, thigh, chicken breast this matter. Then we're going to add the danger on the green in next. Then be a running at the water last. Some people would like to feel the pop up at the tap and then at the chicken pieces. You can't do that if you do so very carefully, so that not have spillage. I will suggest chicken imports, and they're slowly at the water At last. That just seems like a list chance of you going spilled chicken water over, then makes we're going to turn on the stove, Lieutenant on medium to medium high slow cooker. If you have setting on high, please just press cook 4. Lesson 3: Rice Seasoning: while we waiting for chicken stock to boiling up, we're going to prepare a rice. You will want to read cerise about 2 to 3 times to do that just to get the dirt off. But if you think you have a very good Corti ways, you can actually skip this step all together so that to keep most of nutrition and vitamins , but for Chinese, we usually do wins it three times. After that freezing, you will want to pause about three seconds just to let the right set of Daniel over, and then slowly pour the water out so that you don't come all the rice out to Chinese life . He used just mean rice for the county or just reckless steamed rice. It's a short grain. Rice is more dark tree compared to long grain rice. You can also use Japanese sushi. Rice is also a short grain rice. Now we're going to add about half a tea. Spoon off vegetable oils in the rice. You can also use canola oil. Then I'm gonna add one teaspoon off salt. We just lightly seasoned the rice and this ingredients gonna help breakdowns the rice faster. When we got a cook it in the stock in the last part, for the seasoning is we got some water in it. The water is going to be absorbed into the rice. And then that's also speak up the breakdown process when the rice go into the stock. So I'm great story a little bit. Just make sure that is combined. Now we're going to use some plastic wrap. Cover this up and we will put it in the refrigerator. Give one to super spit up the breakdown process. When you cook into conjure, you can actually put in the freezer. We'll take it back out when the start spoiling. 5. Lesson 4: Congee: Welcome back now. Chicken stock have bean boiling for about 30 minutes, so we can check out. Chicken. Is should reach over 165 degree, but not too much over. You don't want to lift them in too long because it's going to get you want chicken all soft and juicy, So now we will remove them all out. And if you don't like queen onions and the ginger, now is the time to remove them. If you do not want too much fat in the county, now, use a schemer to get all the fat out. But I would strongly suggest you at least lived some for me. I just lift them all in there because it really adds a lot of favor into the Conte. But I know some of you have helped reason or just want to keep the county intact. Then just go ahead and skin all the oil out. Now, after we get all the chicken out, you will need to get your rice in the refrigerator or from the freezer. Get them out and get ready and put them in the boiling stock. Make sure you kind of keep them bowl low almost touching the stock when you pour in and do it slowly so that you do not splatter the stock is really hot. You're going to get hurt. So we're gonna scoop all the rice in, and they get a little stir when they all go inside. And then we will cover the lift and then continue in medium and medium high heat until it come back to a boil. When his boy up, you want Teoh mostly just a little bit and leave a little gap so the steam can escape from the pot and you will not have a boil over problem. You should constant checking it while the next 45 minutes is going down and becoming Condi . Because sometimes you have to start especially the last 15 minutes. So when they become thick and the rise all break down, your con gee is ready And in the meantime, we're going to a shred the chickens 6. Lesson 5: Chicken Shredding: So while we are waiting for the Conte to become Conte, we're going to shut from chickens. I just to Fox Teoh just kind of one to stabilize that. You can hold it in place and the other one to pull that. You can meet apart if you like. You want more uniformed pieces? Look prettier for presentation. You can actually use knife and just cut them in cubes and cut off the bones. Whatever way you feel like I prefer the rustic look. Just kind of use forks of tear apart. My grandma is amazing. She actually pretty much now, yes, they still steaming heart. She can usually handle shred it, which is the traditional way to do it if you want. Stretching is actually much find pieces. But my husband and Children do not like the traditional way because it's too fine for them . They rather have chunky peaches pieces. So that is how I show it here. I just got to kind of trade with Fox and the fork and they just kind of making lift them aspect Chung. And then you're going to continue do all the chicken pieces. You don't win any all £5 of chickens put it back in the Conti where you stand. I use about half of them, and I leave the other half. Polls show that chickens for chickens out later. I also do a class for that. So stay tuned here. Probably very delicious. Okay, Come back to the chicken. So, safety bones, just in case if your Conte liquid is kind of run out before informed of sickness has a conscious that now you can see on the right corner right here. The country is really steaming at whatever. So I have to leave them up on any for Gap is about, like, this much gave up power in just that should be created. So come back here and I'm gonna continue Shit all the chickens. And then when you're done, when you see the chicken congee, it's all thinking up in the part. There were going Teoh at all the chicken pieces about half off. The fathers are about 2 £2.5 of chickens back into the congee yourself on the story, and they do not put the leftover chicken away yet because we're going to use some off garnish that looks. And in case your Conte seems, say, already kind of drying up. And the rice? They're not breaking down enough state. The bones when that happened, were gonna ask some boiling water and for the bunks back in So that we continue to get some chicken favorite out from the bones and do not dilute the favor from the country too much. So I'm gonna see in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to add about the chicken pieces and plate the chicken conscionable. 7. Lesson 6: Finishing and Garnish : welcome back. So we have been cooking the country about 45 minutes. You're gonna story for these last 15 minutes or training this or so. Did she look about like this? If you're much thicker at the chicken bone back in and ask some boiling water and give us and much fina like soup like then you have to turn up the heat a little bit and start constantly. Now we're gonna addle the chicken back in and stir. And then that you hit up all the way for the last five or 10 minutes. Now turn off the stove when you saw down and then we can be served. Skip them in the ball. The hope is about self. 8 to 10 goals off rice bowl. Feel about like here, like 3/4 height for me, for my family. Each of the person you saw these two bulls from my kids. They are six and seven years old. And you, for my one years old son, years old football. So chances are that pot lighters size is going to serve 4 to 5 people and then we're going to ask some shed the chickens on top. The left over when I told you not to put away. Now we're going to put some untapped gas garnish and you notice I did not at any salt, apart from seasoning the rice. Now, when you're surfing, you can individually add some salt to taste so that you did not oversaw the whole bowls upset. Some people like it like playing laters. I like it. Tastes like chicken you for a favor, but my husband like it sold here so usually at them last. And if you want to see something horrible pots here, I will suggest about one teaspoon to 1.5 the most and the safest magic. Just season it individually. Just a touch light according to happen. Spoon this a lot. So now if you like spice at other ground, white pepper is really bring the favor up a lot. Just Brengle. It don't put too much because it's getting baby by. See real fast. And make sure you're starting in real well because if you have was full spoon off vice, it's not will be fun. I have fun showing you how to make my favorite Condi. I hope you enjoy them and you feel like it. Please give me a thumbs up on the class review