Silence & Curiosity: A Guide to Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery | Stephanie Nehme | Skillshare

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Silence & Curiosity: A Guide to Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery

teacher avatar Stephanie Nehme

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Why Silence & Curiosity?


    • 3.

      My Journey


    • 4.

      Silence for Self-Reflection


    • 5.

      Curiosity for Self-Discovery


    • 6.

      3 Exercises for Self-Reflection


    • 7.

      3 Exercises for Self-Discovery


    • 8.

      Chapters on One's Journey


    • 9.

      BONUS Lessons from My Journey


    • 10.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Find and explore your interests, through the power of silence (self-reflection) and curiosity (self-discovery).

Hello, I'm Stephanie Nehme, Creative / Educator from Lebanon.

Welcome to this class!


In this class:

. I will share with you my own journey of becoming - how I went from a kid and an adult that could not draw and resisted it for years to launching my country’s first textile pattern design studio, a studio based on drawing, illustrating, painting, coloring… words I’d never thought I’d ever hear associated with my career. And all that due to embracing stretches of reflection and exploring my curiosities over the past decade.

. We will go over the value of silence for self-reflection + curiosity for self-discovery

. We will complete a class workbook that would hopefully help you find and explore your curiosities (learn more in the Project Description).

. We will touch on factors that define one’s self-explorative journey – fear, choices, courage, patience, discipline, failure, regret, and alignment.

. BONUS I will share with you 7 lessons, from my own experience, that could guide you on your own growth journey.


I decided to make this class because I continually keep seeing an unfortunate pattern happening where many people continue to cater to policies of fear rather than those of hope – giving in to conditioned thinking, pleasing the status quo and outdated and fake measures of success on the expense of honoring their true gifts and well-being.


This class is for:

. any young adult shopping for a career

. adults that are at a halt in their life and feel that it’s time for a move but are overwhelmed by where to start

. happy career campers that wish to continue exploring more of their curiosities


I hope sharing my story of becoming, will encourage you to start taking steps towards your own paths of discovery, growth and liberation.

Let's get started!

You can check out my work @fabrictextilestudio on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet Your Teacher


Hello, I'm Stephanie - Creative / Educator, living and working in Beirut, Lebanon.

As a kid, I had a passion for textiles and patterns. But, I never knew how to draw and thus concluded that a creative career is not for me. I resisted that even as an adult. I graduated university with a Business Marketing degree. I later catered to my creativity by experimenting with personal fashion design and fashion illustration projects. I also explored storytelling through journalism and writing.

But in 2016, I finally decided to explore my passion for textiles, patterns and storytelling through textile pattern design, which I pursued online.

In 2017, I launched Fabriq Textile Studio, Lebanon’s first textile pattern design stu... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I went from a person that could not draw and resisted it for years to this. Hi, I'm Stephanie, welcome to my Skillshare class. In this class, I'll be sharing with you my journey of becoming. How I went from a person that could not draw and resisted it for years to launching my country's first textile pattern design studio. The studio based on drawing, illustrating, coloring, painting. Since launching, I've designed a fabric collection. I've been invited to join a Creative Collective where I hosted a number of book printing workshops. I have worked with clients in both home and clothing across digital and handmade design. My work has been sold in shops in Lebanon and abroad and featured in local and regional press. Most recently, I've been awarded a travel grant where I job shadowed at the world's leading digital textile printer. But things weren't always this way. A turning point for me is when I started honoring stretches of silence, pausing, and reflecting on where I was and where I wanted to go, and at the same time, honoring my curiosities by making time to explore them. That formula, silence plus curiosity kicked off and sustained my growth journey and has led me today on a path that is in alignment with my interests and values. This is what I am here to discuss with you in this class today, the power of silence and curiosity for self-reflection and self-discovery. Throughout this class, we will be completing a number of exercises reflecting on our past and present in order to shape our future in a way that celebrates, not limits our individuality. We will also touch on factors that define one's journey: fear, choices, courage, patience, discipline, failure, regret, and alignment. I decided to make this class because I keep seeing an unfortunate pattern happening where people continue to cater to policies of fear rather than those of hope, giving into conditioned thinking, pleasing the status quo and outdated and fake measures of success on the expense of honoring their true gifts [inaudible] being. This class is for any young adult shopping for a career or for adults that are at a halt in their life and feel that it's time for a move but are overwhelmed by where to start. That's also for happy career comes first, though wish to continue exploring more of their curiosities. I believed through self-reflection and self-discovery, may not only arrive to self change but also communal change and at a grander scale, more global change with time when we are all awake and aware of our true potential and purpose. I hope sharing my journey of becoming will encourage you to start taking steps towards your own path of growth, discovery, and liberation. Let's get started. 2. Why Silence & Curiosity?: Disappointments arise when one feels that they're not where they want to be, not living to their full potential. How many of you have felt that at some point? I know I have. In my early twenties, I felt that I up for something bigger, better, and more meaningful than the work that I was doing. But why? Why do we fall on such professional paths that don't align with who we are? Because we fall into the habit of pleasing, following the well-trodden path. It's safer, familiar, and easier. But nowadays people are becoming aware, if that path is being offered them. But even still with that recognition, change does not come easily, if at all. We invent all sorts of excuses. I'm old. Life has passed me. My parents won't understand. I don't have time. I don't money. But we all have a right to a shot at freedom, regardless of our age, social class, upbringing, education, or geographic location. For some, the journey might look harder than for others, but just because it seems unattainable does not mean it's not worth taking. In this class we will be completing a couple of exercises. We will be reflecting on our early curiosities and joyful childhood memories. We will then jump onto reflecting on an alternative career path and well-being. We will also reflect on our current career path and well-being. We will then jump into an exercise to find our curiosities through examining your consumption patterns online and offline during your free and procrastinated time. We will then make time for exploring our curiosities by dissecting our timetable, and then we will start exploring our curiosities by laying down actionable steps. I always say that we are students of the every day, constantly learning, never professionals. As much as I am the teacher in this class, I am also the student of this very class. I will be completing the exercises alongside you, because I have a curiosity myself that I would like to continue exploring. I am happy that you have decided to join this class. I hope it will be a lighting guide for you. Every one of us has special gifts to share with the world. Let's try to unearth your special gifts together to send you off on your dreams of becoming. Speaking of journeys, I'll start by sharing with you mine. 3. My Journey: Growing up, I never know how to draw, and I always consider the drawing was the gateway to anything creative, and hence, I never thought of myself as an artistic person. I grew up saying that and hence believing it. Whenever a conversation opened about drawing or the arts, I would always declare myself as a shameful addition to that crowd. I would not feel comfortable putting a pen to paper, doing anything other than writing. Can you relate? A few years ago when I wanted to launch my career in textile design, my younger brother asked me, "But do you know how to draw?" It was an established fact up to a few years ago. If you ask me up until now, imposter syndrome, that me and drawing don't fit in the same sentence. But growing up, I had an interest in patterns and textiles and illustration, children's books, comic books. I used to get lost in there textured illustrations. It was something so comforting, soothing about them. As a teenager, I have confidence that I had good taste. I recognize good taste in my family and interest for fashion design started budding. But then again, the voices always came back, "You can't draw. "How are you going to communicate your designs?" I don't know why I was so hung up on drawing, but that was my case. When I wanted to go to university, I followed in the footsteps of my brother and father who had already gone to business school. I was not into the sciences and the arts, so I played it safe, and I attended business school. I don't regret going to business school because I got introduced to schools of thought and marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership that helped shape me as an individual and still guide me in my work today. But I was still shopping for a career even after I graduated university. After graduation, I worked as a fashion marketer, but my curiosity for fashion design started growing, and I answered that curiosity by eroding and fashion design courses in both Beirut and London, and as a result of pursuing that curiosity, there is a shift that started happening. I started believing that I can make it in design, even if I could not draw. After months of reflection, I prepared to quit my job, and I started designing my first fashion collection, which was supposed to tell stories on textiles using patterned fabric. But while in the process of creating those designs, I sense the fashion was not my medium to tell stories, so I put the project on hold, and I wanted to continue exploring storytelling but not in a creative manner but this time, in its traditional format through journalism. I started freelancing in my country is English daily, covering art and design and also wrote for some local magazines covering design. But after a while, I felt that journalism was dry for my [inaudible] and an element of fiction was missing from my storytelling equation. Here, textiles and patterns, textile design started knocking my door again. I bought a textbook. I started learning repeats by my own a bit of Photoshop. I started digging in. Needless to say, a very bad countless stretches of silence and pausing and reflecting, enduring those various chapters on my journey. Finally, I decided to take 2016 off to learn textile pattern design. I felt it was the medium that they included all my interests in one storytelling patterns and textiles, telling stories through patterns and textiles. I chosen all on education. Now, when I acknowledge that I would be a textile pattern designer but one that could not draw, I thought I will love myself to just creating geometric patterns, but be aware the limitations you put on yourself. The first class I took actually here on Skillshare, the motives that I created were watercolor floral, and I was impressed. Another example I would share with you is drawing a very elastic bird that I took also in another class here on Skillshare. Be aware of those self-imposed limitations that you put on yourself. Throughout that year, I was constantly questioning myself, of course, but you start with practice and more practice gaining a bit of confidence and then some more confidence and you start thinking that you can jump. In April 2017, I finally launched my freelance career as a textile pattern designer, and just 10 days after I launched, I was contacted by the biggest fabric store in my country and so began the journey to start creating a fabric collection inspired by the Mediterranean. Those are the patterns that I designed for this collection. Do you notice something? Not a single geometric pattern. Again, be aware of self-imposed limitations. A few months after that, I was chosen to join a creative collective where I worked from a shirts studio at the heart of the capital Beirut for a year, experimenting with forensic techniques and hosting many block printing workshops. I have worked with clients in both home and clothing across digital and handmade design. My work has been sold in Lebanon and abroad and featured in local and regional press. Most recently, I was awarded a travel grant to job shadow of the birds leading digital textile printer, Spoonflower in Berlin. Over the past year, I have been going back to silence for self-reflection, seeing where I've went so far and textile design and where I want to go next, creating meaningful work that aligns with my values and interests. I have been delving into research and development. I'm very excited about the work that I'm about to produce next, and I feel that I'm just getting started. To recap my journey, I did a quick timeline. First, it was the no way phase, the stage of total resistance where I was completely blinded as a kid and thought that if I can draw means I can't have a creative career. The I can't phase, the stage of persistent resistance where I was still living in denial, fear, and tailoring my actions to the status quo. The test a little phase or the stage of overcoming resistance, various shift in beliefs started happening. There are ways to make it in design without drawing. The test some more phase is the stage of embracing a new path education and discovery, where I gradually removed the fear and pursued my curiosity through online education. The jump phase, the stage of launching where I'd jump and launched my career and continue to focus on growing my craft every day. The nourishment and flourish phase is stage of continued growth where I am confident at where I stand. I've found my artistic voice and I continue exploring my creative style every day. In the next lesson, we start discussing the first part of the equation of this class, silence. 4. Silence for Self-Reflection: Silence brings people closer to their truth and that can be scary. So people resort to keeping busy. By silence, I mean pausing and reflecting. Pressing "Pause" on people and activities that routinely take up your free time. Because when you do that, you create space in your mind for new ideas to come in order for old ones to resurface. I'm not saying this is the only way for self reflection. This is one that worked for me. Pausing and reflecting thinking, a few hours, days, weeks, months, whatever your time allows to reflect on where you've been, where you are now to see where you want to go next? Stretches of silence and reflection allowed me over the past decade to explore many of my curiosities. They allowed me to release condition thinking and make more awakened decisions, that are not crushed or clouded with fear. So how does one self-reflect in this busy day and age. Try to make time for yourself in your free time and stop the routine stimuli usually, feed off of places you go to, people your see or activities that you do. Silence might be literally just sitting in silence and welcoming your thoughts. It could be taking up several activities, that allow you to be silent with your thoughts. Be it carving a woodblock, going for a run, dancing, cooking. Also silence can be soul searching, sitting and journaling, recording your thoughts. Lesson recap. Silence is pausing and reflecting, why, to create space in your mind for new ideas to come in or old interests to resurface. Why? To make clear not clouded decisions at turning points in your life without rush? How, you could sit in silence, do solo activities, limit routine stimuli in your leisure time. Observe what comes up and take notes. In the next lesson, we move on to discussing the second half of our equation, curiosity. 5. Curiosity for Self-Discovery: What are curiosities? They are unfulfilled organic interests that excites you and consume you over a period of time. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months, and sometimes years if they hold truth and remain unattended to, and those are the curiosities I invite you to pay attention to in this class. Why do curiosities magically work for self-exploration? Because they are organic, they are honest, the whole truth. You are not interested in them to please or to impress anyone. So honor and explore your curiosities because they could hold answers, especially if you are wandering aimlessly after school or university, if you are in between jobs and lost, or if you're experiencing a mid-life career crisis. Now in its essence, a curiosity is a question, and for every question we wish an answer. Exploring your curiosities will give you an answer. It might not be the answer you're looking for, but it will give you an answer, and that answer could be one of two options. Close the door if that curiosity did not match your expectations, and start exploring another curiosity that you have, which usually announces itself as a result of exploring that first curiosity. Just like what happened with me, I went from exploring storytelling through fashion to storytelling through writing, to storytelling through patterns. So storytelling was the main curiosity, but I kept experimenting with different mediums of expression under that main curiosity. The second answer is, keep the door open if that curiosity met or exceeded your expectations and start exploring the next chapter in that curiosity. Let's then recap. What are curiosities? Unfulfilled organic interests. Why explore them? They hold truthful answers in one's self explorative journey. Curiosities are questions that require answers to be fulfilled. Exploring your curiosities could provide answers you need. In the next lesson, return to the classwork book and start with some self-reflective exercises. Let's go. 6. 3 Exercises for Self-Reflection: So just a note before we start those self-reflective exercises, emulate questions that you could ask yourself in a state of silence. There are not meant to be rushed, take all the time you need. If you want to do them in one sitting and you are willing, then you are most definitely encouraged. Let's go, let's get started with Exercise one. In this first exercise, we are going to go over early curiosities and limitations. List three to five curiosities that you enjoyed doing growing up, interests that felt natural to you that you are talented in or could see yourself effortlessly excel at. Why were you attracted to them? Try to note early memories. I went ahead and filled my version, that I will be sharing with you now. Some of the curiosities I had growing up. Well, I haven't completed the entire slots provided. I would say dance was the first one, I recall very lovely memories from my ballet classes. There were natural and effortless to me. The second one was acting. I was drawn to movies and I had a gut feeling towards it. An early memory that I recall is, one time I was sitting in a movie theater, I was watching a dramatic movie, I was a kid and there was a dramatic scene and the actor was getting more angry and more angry, and then he delivered the final punchline. I remember sitting there disappointed and I recall saying to myself, "I could do that better." Few years ago, I was watching an interview by an actress and she recalled a similar memory where she was looking into TV set and she said, "I could do that better." I noted that down, so that's that for that curiosity. Fashion design was a curiosity. I had an eye for design and styling and I loved textiles and patterns. When I was a kid then a teenager, I used to restyle magazine looks and make outfits in the mirror. Another one is illustration. I loved children's books and comics books, cartoons, I loved their colored palettes and textures and their warmth. The final curiosity is storytelling. I loved reading and writing, I used to like to read in the library and at home, and I would read it aloud as if I'm telling a story to someone and relaying a story, not only reading it to myself. That's it for me. Of the above curiosities, list the ones that you have grown up saying to yourself, or made believe by others that you can't pursue and that you abandoned as a result of that mindset or lack of support. Why did you abandon those curiosities? Note the source of limitation. Again, for me, I abandoned all of those curiosities, so there we go again with a full chart. Dancing, I abandoned it because of judgment. We want to please your surroundings. Unstable career, the unstable arts,so the source of limitation I would say is both self-imposed and imposed by others. For acting, I'm shy, there's this shame around a Middle Eastern girl going into acting, and again, the unstable arts, so also I would check as both self-imposed and imposed by others. For fashion design, I was not good at drawing, we've already established that, and it's a risky career choice as well, the arts and design. I would check both boxes again. For illustration, I was not good at drawing again, unaware of illustration actually, that it was a career when I was a kid, unstable arts as well. I would say this is more self-imposed. For storytelling, I was really unaware what to do with it, again, I was a kid, I didn't know what to do with illustration or storytelling, I would say that's what self-imposed. Take your time, reflect on your early curiosities and limitations and I'll meet you again on the second exercise. This exercise we identified, curiosities you had growing up, curiosities you gave up on growing up, limitations imposed on you, growing up and that kept you from self-discovery, and the source of those limitations, was it you, was it others or was it a mix of both. Let's jump into Exercise two. For this exercise, we're going to be looking onto an alternative path. Is there any curiosity, you mentioned in Exercise one, that you abandoned but are still interested in exploring in the future? Why is that? When I was small, I abandoned all of them, but I catched up on experimenting with fashion design, illustration, storytelling. I would say acting. Picture yourself a few years from now, exploring and thriving at the curiosity you mentioned above. Express in the space below how you would feel about your new reality. Feel free to write, draw, illustrate or paint what you feel. I went ahead and answered this question through an illustration, a theme that I've been exploring since the beginning of this year and that is alignment. I would feel pretty happy if the coming years I keep moving more and more into alignment, so that's the way I'd answer that question. The point of this exercise is to help you release conditioned thinking towards that abandoned curiosity of yours and attach a feeling of possibility to it. In this exercise, we identify childhood curiosities that you abandoned, but you are still interested in exploring, projected and attached a feeling of positivity and possibility to those curiosities. Now we move to the last exercise in this section. If you are a young adult that has not worked any job yet, you can feel free to skip this exercise. The first question. Meditate on your current career path. Note sources of joy. You can choose to journal. You can choose to dig deeper and rate your job tasks. I can say that I have a healthy job, something that challenges me, but it's not anxiety inducing, something that I don't see as a job, thankfully. For the next question, list three frustrations that you wish to change or improve on your path and a solution for each if available. I went ahead and wrote down, to find a signature style and meaning in my work, and the solution for that would be daily art practice and alignment. I would also would love to improve in growing my work sustainably through eco-friendly production methods. Lastly, are you happy on your current paths? If not, is it due to the job itself or your career path altogether? Do you feel it's time for a new move? If you like your job or the path you're on, take actions to change the particular dilemmas you face on the job, but if it's a dead-end situation, either you had a change of heart or solutions are not within your reach, then you are encouraged to take time and reflect on the possibilities that lie ahead for you, be it another job or career. If you asked me those questions a few years back, I would say it's the job, it's the career, it's everything, was time for a new move, I mean, when you know, you know. But for now, I am happy on my current path, and I believe that this path is opening new paths for me and the seam of alignment that I'm trying to stick to. In this exercise, we identified what you like and dislike about your job career. The things you want to improve, the things you can not improve. The source of frustration, is just this job or your career path altogether. In this lesson, we completed three self-reflective exercises, which contained questions that you might ask yourself in a period of self-reflection. Take all the time you need, those exercises are not meant to be rushed. In the next lesson, we will start another set of three exercises, this time for a self-discovery. See you there. 7. 3 Exercises for Self-Discovery: Okay. So to find our curiosities that are worth exploring, we will be taking note of the content we consume both online and offline when we are in a state of freedom and non-judgment. After that, we will be looking into two-time slots. Our free time, the time we spend unwinding and chilling, either alone or with loved ones, people we feel comfortable around. The second is the time we spend procrastinating. Yes, I want to invite you to rethink what we are often directed to believe is trash. What is consuming us could equally be nourishing us. Now, from dissecting those patterns that we experience in a state of freedom, only honest things float to the top. We are going to go in with the net to fish those clues out from your feed. Let's turn to Exercise 4 in classwork book. We will dissect our consumption patterns online and activities offline. For the online part, I recommend two apps, Pinterest and YouTube. I chose those two because they are popular, personal, and behave differently. Pinterest is image-based, largely, while YouTube is a video-based, and by that, the content that you consume on either of those apps would differ. The second reason is because the are geared towards entertainment and discovery. It's where you go to when you want to unwind and relax, but also where you go to learn, discover, and dream. If you don't choose those applications and wish to dissect your activity on other applications, please feel free to do that, and if you don't use social media apps altogether, feel free to dissect your consumption patterns in terms of education and entertainment online, be it Skillshare or other websites. I went ahead and filled out my table. In terms of education I consume online, I would say there's photography, acting, cooking, art, design, aromatherapy, herbology, politics, history, all different sorts of DIY tutorials, music. Offline, I jotted down acting, design. I've previously also pursued drums. It's a curiosity that I had a few years ago. In terms of entertainment and self-care online, I would say movies and documentaries. I put the late-night comedy, architecture, and interiors. As for entertainment and self-care offline, I move around with my close confidants and I would jot down voice acting. There's cooking and hosting. I love aromatherapy, natural skincare, interiors, and I also do sports. Now, let's move on. Let's pick top three curiosities from your above list that you would like to start or continue exploring in the coming years. For me, I jotted down performance arts in parentheses. I would say acting because I have already started exploring that. I also included aromatherapy, and skincare, and cooking/hosting or cooking for nourishment. After filling this table, try to see if there are curiosities that you abandoned as a kid that are popping up again in this chart. Okay. So now let's pick only one of those curiosities to explore. Why did you pick that? I invite you to choose the curiosity that not only interests you, but that also scares you. My personal experience has taught me that curiosity that I feared or abandoned as a kid are the ones that were worth exploring as an adult. So for me, performance arts scares me, but the sound of aromatherapy or cooking relaxes me. I don't feel challenged by it. I would choose performance arts. In parentheses, I would say acting, because I noticed the same negative thought patterns towards it as I did with drawing. We are constantly reminded, especially at the start of a new year, to start making plans for ourselves to discover what we really want to do, to find that ultimate life, not only financial security, but also joyful living. But with people leading busy lives these days, one first caters to the essentials, your work, your household, your family. But what about yourself? That usually gets pushed to the unnecessary list, but caring for yourself is essential. But let's say you really do have a very highly packed schedule and you really don't have time for self-exploration. Guess what? I'm not talking about your busy time. I am talking about your free time, the time you have for yourself to unwind either after work or on the weekends. So you do have the time. You just need to make the time, not find the time. Make the time. Free time is absolutely important to recharge, but just because it's free does not mean it should be wasted, especially in the context of trying to make time to explore our curiosities. We have to be very intentional in that case of how we spend our free time. Let's turn to Exercise 5 now. In this exercise, we wanted to highlight any wasted time during our essential sign and free time. To do that, we will dissect our typical work day time table. If you don't have a regular daily work routine, you can dissect more than one day or your entire work week to get a clear idea of your timetable. For me, personally, for a typical work day, my timetable would look something like this. Twenty-four-hour day. I would discount eight hours of sleep and that leaves me with 16 hours of awake time. To dissect those 16 hours more fully, I will fill the table below. I've went ahead and put my before noon, I would say I have time for exercise, shower and breakfast, work, lunch prep. Then two hours of work before lunch. Basically, this is a daily work routine for me. It's a lot about cooking in the kitchen, nourishing myself and others, and working. Then some dinner prep, dinner, dishes. My free time in midweek is at nighttime or after I finish all my essentials, if you wish. So yeah, I would say free time is three hours for me. Sometimes I use less time to complete a mentioned task, but I decided to round up activities to an hour to get a deflated estimate of the free time that I have left in a day. Another thing to note, every person's scheduled will be different, of course. If you don't work from home, you might add time commuting to and from work. If you are a parent, you might have to take your kids to after-school activities and also put in some commuting time. You might spend less time in the kitchen than me. Every person's schedule is different, so go ahead and fill your table. After finding free time in your day, where can you make time in that free time to start exploring your curiosity? Throughout the years, I've explored many curiosities of mine in the nighttime. I would enroll in night classes, be it fashion design, be it acting. As a freelancer, I also get to play with my schedule. I've explored drums classes in the afternoons at some point. Yeah. That's it from me. Now that we have made time in our free time, we can start putting a list of actions to start exploring that curiosity. What are the classes you need to enroll in, the applications you need to file, the essays you need to write, the contacts you need to make, the jobs you need to take, the money you need to save? Firstly, the conversations that you need to have with yourself about your new plans, and then later on, with your family and friends, when the time is right. Write down a list of actions that would help you start exploring your curiosity. I also went ahead and filled out mine. I've been exploring my curiosity for performance arts in specific acting for the past couple of years, some of the steps that I took, firstly, I privately acknowledged my curiosity to explore performance arts, and after that, I enrolled in an acting class at a local arts and music school, and I ended up acting in two school plays. I then later on enrolled in additional two acting classes at the local actors workshop. I pursue online education. I watch tutorials, Art of the Craft, everything that I can find online really. It's something that I keep investing my time in. Moving forward from here, I plan to save up for exploring that curiosity more and embracing that curiosity when it comes knocking. So that's it for me. I look forward to seeing what you have come up with, the curiosity that you wish to start discovering in the coming years. I did not want to tie you down with a progress report now, just welcoming or embracing that curiosity in your life. But if you would like to start a personal progress sheet, then by all means, feel free to do that. Before I let you go, I want to push you for one final prompt. What is something that you feel is a calling? What can you offer the world? In the space below, write it, draw it, illustrate it, paint it. For me, personally, I stuck with the same curiosity that I mentioned in the workbook. I feel something's calling me to it and I know that I will commit myself to exploring it as I've done with previous curiosities that I've had. I hope that you would commit to exploring your own curiosities as well. Please share your workbook in the class project. 8. Chapters on One's Journey: Why would something scare you if it did not interest you? If you're interested in something, you might be fearful about how to start making the first steps. But a big goal is a collection of small steps. Honor that first step regardless of fear because it will put your plan in motion. Then there will start being this intrigue, and momentum, and fearlessness to discover what's next. We are presented with choices at every moment, but it takes courage to make the decisions that feel right in your gut when they don't line up with the experiences that the majority of people around you are having. I think people are rewarded for being courageous. I think someone's always watching, and our efforts to bettering our lives don't go unnoticed. Self-exploration takes time, meaningful journeys take time so patience, patience and then some more patience. Meaningful discoveries need time to simmer before they reveal themselves to you. Of course, discipline, the work is not going to do itself so put an action plan in place and stick to it. There is no failure, just an answer that you don't want to hear. Listen to that answer, it will guide your way forward. Time spent on self-exploration, that's always the winning bid, even if it takes time to reveal itself as a win. Don't regret decisions you made in your past because you made them with information that you had at that time. But we don't always get second chances, so don't waste time. This quote is about honoring yourself by honoring your interests, it's about liberation. 9. BONUS Lessons from My Journey: When you first start exploration, it's okay to keep things to yourself. You don't have to share immediately what you plan to do with your friends and family. Sometimes, an unnecessary know will deter your plans. Just because something is impossible for someone, does not mean it's impossible for you. So keep to yourself if you need to. You don't need permission or approval to start. In my country, we have an internationally celebrated fashion and product design scene, but textile design is not there. People were skeptical of my move, but I was not. When you know, you know, and don't pretend you don't know what I'm saying. Move forward with your ideas if you have a strong conviction about them. What you put in is what you get out. This is what I learned from my experience. When I came from a place of judgment or fear, it's a different result from what I create in a state of flow. If you're stuck, stop what you're doing. Go unwind and relax. Move on to a different activity, your mind will thank you for it. Venture online, maybe there's a lyric, a song, a video, something that is calling you. The point is, if you hit a roadblock, don't try to remove it. Move past it, move around it, but don't tag and push and pull trying to remove the roadblock. It will only frustrate the entire you. Scratch that, create work that you love. You should not only want to write a book, but also want to read it, not only paint the canvas, but also want to hang it on your wall, not only design a fashion collection, but also want to wear it. More importantly, talk proudly about your work with no ifs and buts. While we're at it, also, let's receive nice comments that people have to say about our work and stop deflecting them. Creative work coming from the imagination does not happen overnight. You want the ideas to announce themselves to you. Your responsibility is to show up, do the work, and keep a window or a door open for the magic to come in. 10. Final Thoughts: This quote really resonated with me fresh out of university. I re-wrote it in my notebook and wrote, ''Give people stories about change they can tell themselves.'' I hope by the end of this class, I would have told you a story of change that you can tell yourselves. When we live the life that is meant for us, it's when we will be giving the most to ourselves, community, and the world, and by doing so, we would be inspiring others who are ready to do the same. Show up for yourself every day and it will be the best gift you will ever receive. So what will you remember six months from now when you look back on this day? Will you remember it as a time when you started making plans to explore your curiosities or a time where you continue to make old excuses. I know the classwork book is a very personal exercise, but please feel free to share whatever you will of it. Either all of it or parts of it. Remember that sharing your curiosity with a supportive community like the one here on Skillshare will not only help you identify further with that curiosity, but also there are people taking this class that might already be pursuing the curiosity that you want to explore. They might be helpful for you in starting your journey. Thank you for sticking around until the end. I hope this class was informative for you. If I can make it from a girl that could not draw to launching a studio based on drawing, you can do it in anything. I wish you the best of luck on your growth journeys and I can't wait to read about your new commitments to honoring yourselves.