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Shipping Simplified: An Introduction to Shipping Products for Handmade Sellers

teacher avatar Diana Carter, Fall seven times, stand up eight.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Class


    • 2.

      Lesson 1 - Shipping System Overview


    • 3.

      Lesson 2 - Basics


    • 4.

      Lesson 2 - Topic: Basic Shipping Tools


    • 5.

      Lesson 2 - Topic: LWH


    • 6.

      Lesson 2 - Topic: First Class vrs Priority Mail


    • 7.

      Lesson 3 - Package Prototype


    • 8.

      Lesson 3 - Topic: Sourcing Materials


    • 9.

      Lesson 3 - Topic: Calculate a Price


    • 10.

      3 Tips to Shipping Fragile Items


    • 11.

      Lesson 4 - Shipping Spreadsheet Setup


    • 12.

      ::Bonus Topic:: Free Pickup & Ordering Free Supplies


    • 13.

      Congratulations & Bloopers


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About This Class

Discover how to simplify shipping for your small online business or handmade business by learning how to set up a shipping system. The shipping aspect of an online business can be intimidating for many people desiring to sell products online. Learn how to simplify the process by systematizing it and never having to stress over it again.

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Diana Carter

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1. Intro to Class: Hi, my name's Diana and if you're someone who's interested in sewing maybe a handmade item online or starting a small online business. But the shipping aspect of everything is kind of scared you off because it is very confusing from time to time. In this class is perfect for you because I'm going to show you how to set up a simple shipping system, utilizing a spreadsheet and setting up a package prototype along with throwing in a few extra little bits. Were you really help you reach your business goals and get your products online? I hope you join the class and I'll see there. 2. Lesson 1 - Shipping System Overview: way. Welcome to the class. And in this lesson, I'm going to just pretty much give the overview of the overall plan for how we're going to go about setting up our shipping system. So the important thing of system drew quick is just in a business. You want each category of operations a systemized and is organized as possible. So when it comes to the shipping aspect of the business, that's what we're doing. We're setting up our system that will be repeated over and over and over. So once it's set up, we really shouldn't have to make that many changes unless we're adding more products to our product line that require different materials to be shipped. Andi, things like that. So, um, so we have our shipping system, and the idea is to create a shipping spreadsheet, which will be going over in another lesson. Ah, shipping spreadsheet is a tool will used to record in track, um, our, our weights and which um, materials are going to be used for each item as it's packaged. That way, we're getting the same consistent result every single time that we are shipping our package your items out so we're going to determine all of the information for our shipping spreadsheet by creating a package prototype and a kind of sounds fancy. But really, all this is is just figuring out exactly how you are Packages to be looked to be shipped and look, um, and how our customers going to receive their package. So from our package prototype in this research phase, we will get the No, the bubble wrap, the type of box the size of box that is going to be needed. And any other marketing materials that we're gonna be putting into each package will be determined at this stage. And then from that set this stage, the package prototype will then be able to go source all of our materials from bulk suppliers and, um, get all of our materials at a much cheaper rate than if we were to buy them individually from my gay retail store, like a FedEx store or UPS door. Even walmart things like that. So, um, that will lock down what materials we need to source, and you can do this step over time. There was a time when my business was just so small, I I bought product packaging product as I needed it. Um, but as my demand steadily grew, it just got to the point where I had to buy bulk materials, just even keep up with the demand. So, um, this is something that you will use websites such as you line for or, um, their paper project companies that I will be supplying a just a little freebie of quick clicks to find maybe since a wholesale suppliers that you like, just to help cut out some of the research time, Um And then from here, where we have all of our package prototype information into our spread sheet, then when we are listing, are items online whether it be through our own personal websites for a business, um, selling platforms such as Etsy or eBay. Shopify stores Amazon anywhere. Well, we're putting up online listing is always going to require some sort of shipping profile filled out even when you're using, um uh, credit card processing companies like PayPal. You know, they go ahead and create your shipping profile so that they can put your shipping costs onto the item that your customers purchasing. So with this information all locked down and recorded in our shipping spreadsheet. It creates the shipping profile side of filling out online listings really, really quick and easy. And then when it comes to the processing part of getting our packages sent, we'll have a A system already in place from our package prototype will know exactly how each item needs to be packaged and look to get out to the customer. That is easy to repeat over and over again. You don't have to think about it anymore. And because we have everything nice and neatly tracked and recorded in our shipping spreadsheet, you could, in essence, give your, um, your information to, you know, a future employees or somebody helping you and say, This is this needs This item needs to be shipped. And here is my spreadsheet shows exactly what goes in into that box and what box to use. Etcetera, etcetera. So this is why a shipping system, um, is just crucial to the success of a business and makes makes the process organized, systematic and just to run smooth for you. And the more we can set up systems like that in a business and whether it be handmade or, you know import export, did it better systems that we have in place just create a well oiled machine, and that's what we want to lead to the success of our businesses and this shipping system hopefully will help you see just the benefits to having one in place and how it really helps remove any obstacles down the road with just a little preemptive work set getting it set up and it really is easy and you'll see as you start plugging in numbers and finding information out about your package prototype that once it's done, you don't have to think about it anymore, and you can just focus on the other aspects of your business, and it's very rewarding in that way. So I look forward to going over the next lessons and laying this out for you so you can get this system going for your business and I will see you at the next one 3. Lesson 2 - Basics: everyone s. So in this section of the class, there's gonna be a few short topics to cover that go over just a few. How twos. Some basic terminology. What? Some of the differences are between options. Go when you're selecting your shipping profiles for your customers online, so watch the following short topics and just make sure you have all your bases covered. 4. Lesson 2 - Topic: Basic Shipping Tools: I think this class I'm going to just touch on some of the basic tools that you need to be able to say that you're shipping system. Um, one item that you definitely need is a scale, preferably one that use you the ounces. The weight announces Course. If you have something that you you know you can use and only gives it to you and pounds, you could always hop in line and just do a quick pound, two ounce converters. But that's something that's really good to know. Are your ounces also gonna need to be able to measure no tape measure of some sort? You're going to need a printer in order to print off your own labels, even use a printer. Or, if you have, ah, label maker, that's great. But starting off with a small business, it's definitely not something that's required. You don't have to buy a label maker right off the bat. The really expensive and it's easy to keep it pretty bare boned by using printer in just bindings and labels from, um, you know Wally world or office supply store to start off really cheap. Um, also, you're going to need packaging tape. Definitely recommend spending a couple extra dollars on a higher quality figure. Mill tape. Three mil minimum is my recommendation. Anything thinner, it really crinkly, and it's just annoying. You'll be packaging a lot of things, hopefully shipping them out all the time. And there the bad quality tape will just get on your nerves. Take my word on this one. Just get the little thicker tape and it just works a lot better and it looks a lot better. So you needed a scale something. The measure. Packaging tape. And then we're gonna go over packaging materials in another video, but that's it I'll see in the next class. 5. Lesson 2 - Topic: LWH: Hey, everyone. So we're gonna go over how to measure the length with a height of any of ops, really quick. So you need to have a tape measure and then you can follow along. The most confusing between length with high it for most people is what's the difference between length? What's the difference between height? Okay, the rule of thumb that length is always the longest dimension of the box. Pipe is going to be a vertical elbow of your box, and then they with is going to be when looking at the opening of the box from the side to the other side. So this is my with This is my length. This is my height. So you say. Okay, Diana, that's so easy. I can't believe you went over it. Sometimes, guys, it gets a little more confusing, especially when you want to know if this is the hide the gearbox for this is the height of your box, and it is quite a big difference. So this box, like we said, the length is always the longest dimension of the box. So in this case, even though my openings air on the sides and you might want to say that your hype is from this way to this way, in this case, the longest dimension of my boxes. This one here and it is 24 inches. That is the length of this box and the height of this box going from the elbows is four inches. And then again we look at the opening of the box and measure from side to side, and that is four inches as well. So the dimensions of this box is a length of 24 inches, a height of four inches and a wits of four inches. I hope that helps clarify how to measure length, width and height for you in a really quick, easy way way. 6. Lesson 2 - Topic: First Class vrs Priority Mail: wait. What are the differences between first class mail and priority mail? It's important to keep a few things in mind when offering these shipping services to your customer online. First class mail is gonna be based off of the weight and the shape of your package. It can't weigh more than 13 ounces, and it also can't have any dimension larger than 12 inches. It needs to be square in shape as well. Now. Priority mail, on the other hand, is gonna be based off of the weight, the shape and the distance. It will generally always arrive within the 123 day time frame. And then there's also a weight limit up to £70. When you're dealing with packages that aren't square, say a tube, you always want to use the priority mail option. 7. Lesson 3 - Package Prototype: e everyone. So in this lesson, we're going to be talking about package prototype. Now, this is a crucial step because we're determining the exact materials that we're gonna be using to get our item to our customer the exact same way every single time. And because we're going to have it in a systemized method, we removed any of the question work later on down the road, we know exactly how it's going to get to them, what items we need to keep in shock. And everything is smooth sailing from there. So to determine your package prototype items, you clearly start with your item that you're gonna be shipping. So for this example, we're gonna use my very cute little llama. I don't sell him, but he sure is cute. And the first thing I need to get is my pre packaged wait. So go ahead and use their scale, and we take note of how much it weighs before it's been packaged. And we just go ahead and write this down. And we're going to be putting in all of this information into our shipping spreadsheet. After we're done that we've determined all of the materials we're gonna be using. So now that I have my prepackaged wait, I will consider boxes next and or envelopes for tubes. Whatever your product needs, you start considering how you would get it there where it's not gonna be broken, and it's going to arrive the way that you sent it. So when it comes to this little guy, um, and any other products try and consider packaging that I could almost multi task. Um, when it's so, this box is a five by five by five, for example, and this lama will fit into this box with lots of extra room so this box could potentially carry two of Islam is of my customer, ordered a quantity of two, which in my opinion, makes his spots a lot more valuable to me as a seller because it's not going to substantially change the cost of shipping for my customer, which is something we always want to consider to keep the costs as low as possible. And then it's also going to allow me a method of shipping quantities of two of this item if somebody were to order it so it kills two birds with one stone. I'm not I'm not raising costs for my customer, which is really important. And I'm also having a shipping material in stock that I could use for a quantity of two or one. So this is the types of things that you can consider when you are sourcing your materials. That will really help utilize the materials that you're going to start stalking to ship your items. So after you have a box selected, then you want to consider your packaging materials. Now, for something that's not fragile, I would still like to put something in there just to make sure it's not bouncing around, because I want my item to arrive to my customer the exact same way when I send it. Um, so one of these of tissue paper would work perfectly fine for something like this because we're not gonna have any been going on. And then I also want to make sure include any marketing material that I send out to my customers as well. So I always like to include a thank you letter to my customers for being awesome. And so that is what I'm gonna put in here when you are doing creating your package prototype. It is very important to make sure that the way that you do it here is a way that you plan on doing it every single time in the future or have somebody else do it every single time in the future. So you just want to keep those things in mind. We're gonna go ahead and steal this face, get my take and the nets step that we're gonna be doing is getting our post packaged. Wait. Our post package to wait is what we will be putting on our spreadsheet for all of our shipping profiles that will be creating in the future when we put up a a listing on any sort of website. So this is 3.3 ounces, So that is going to drop that down. And I'm gonna be putting this onto my shipping spreadsheet in the next class, which will go over the next lesson. Um, but now I know exactly how I would shipment Salama. I have all of my materials figured out. I have a box, a piece of tissue paper and my marketing materials. I have all of my weight's draught it down, and that's all the information I need at this point to get my shit being spreadsheet started and tract. So let's go ahead and move on to that lesson and I'll see you there. 8. Lesson 3 - Topic: Sourcing Materials: so package prototyping. It's when we are re sourcing and discovering what the s packaging options for our products is gonna be. Halligan multi task those products at the same time. Um, it's an exciting stage of developing your business and getting your products out online. So for shipping, we are going to just look at a website or two and just show you just a za demo. How many options are out there? The supplies and kind of costs. So you want to match your supplies that you're keeping on hand for shipping with the demand of your product. So if you have haven't listed your product, let yet anywhere and it's not, hasn't sold, then you have no idea of knowing what quantities you need to keep your supplies in. So let's say you have two different items and one item you so one of them every six months . But the other item you so five of them a day. So you would want to carry the items package the packing supplies for the item that you're selling five a day in bulk and right away. But the item that you sell only once of every six months that you wouldn't need to start carrying that packaging in bulk until the demand was hired. Yes, it is more expensive to buy packaging supplies at a smaller quantity. But if you still work those costs into your products material costs and still making a profit as you are gradually matching your supplies with the demand, your profit is also going to a gradual agents increases Well, because those air costs you can trim down. So keep that in mind. Match your bulk supply of shipping materials with the demand of your product. And with that being said is, go look over at the U Line website. So this is what the front page looks like right now. They change it up all the time. I would recommend Go ahead and set up an account for yourself. They will track all of your orders. It makes really easy to just go back in and do a repeat order. Then you don't have to keep finding everything over and over and over again. So, um, that's a very convenient feature. Excuse me. Now, if you go under products, you can see all of the different categories that they offer. Uh, you line products. It's just a little smaller category here. I'm sure products these ones probably all say you lying on everything that they send out. Um, so we're going to start off and just look at a few boxes. We're gonna go to the mailer section and just give you just a quick overview of some of the items that they offer. Eso you've got things like these poly mailers and bubble ones and boxes. I sure love thes craft boxes, mailers, um, and all kinds of options. They even have things that are going to have color options. And, for example, these craft ones will go ahead and click on Kraft mailers. Um, it's just super cute when you look at him and then they're really easy to just customize. If that was something you want wanting to do it the stage with stickers or stamps and all kinds of things, So lots of fun that So let's go ahead and click on one of these boxes. Let's pickets do this one and see what looks like. So they show you an image of the product details of the product and then those dimensions, which are really, really important So this one is a five by four by two inch, which is awesome. So cute. And then sometimes if it is available in different colors, it will come up here with a link to like, different color section doesn't look like the size is, but the model number, the dimensions so price per 100. This is important for when you are doing your research for your package prototyping. Um, it looks like that this size comes in a minimum quantity of, ah 100. They generally automatically populate the minimum order requirement here, um, or mq. So for 100 of these little guys would be $43. So not bad. 43 cents a box. You could put your items straight in there if it accommodated your items. Little package bill, um, packaging to secure it bubbles or something. And you wait would go with a nice tape on there. So let's look at another one. We're gonna go back to those mailers and see it's quick on the white ones and see if those will pop up the other options. Look at this fancy fancy stuff, So these ones are pretty heavy duty. You could probably find even, maybe a lower quality. If you don't need this 100 or £200 test, it's pretty impressive. So let's look at something. Maybe in the book on this one. Guaranteed protection for your most fragile items. Interesting. Very heavy. Dizzy. So again we see the dimensions here, uh, price per 100 which is the MQ and these air 40 cents apiece. So even a little cheaper, So that's pretty cool. We're gonna just go back to the boxes in general. And as you can see, there are just a ton of different types of boxes. Here is a short cut. If you wanted to just go ahead and plug in the dimensions that you were looking for. So I hope you can see how awesome these websites, our asses faras supplies, though they have an extensive inventory, I hope the resource supply list that I have attached at the class project section is an awesome asset for you to take advantage of again. There's like nine different wholesales suppliers listed on there a couple of them, or for just testifies, packaging and things like that, but awesome little leads to just cut out some of the research time for you and get right on those sites to find the supplies that you're gonna need. It is a fun and exciting process to do. As you can tell. It's easy to get carried away and your mind starts to go. Go. I could do this. I could do this. I could do that. But just try and keep in mind just your costs to keep him as low as possible, especially in the beginning of your business. You can always change your materials and expanded that direction later down the road. But have fun and I look forward to seeing your practice prototypes assed part of your class project. Tell them I'll see you at the next lesson. 9. Lesson 3 - Topic: Calculate a Price: way are at the packaging proto section of our course, and in this topic, we're going to do a tutorial of how to calculate the price on USPS. This is part of your research stage of package prototyping when you're kind of comparing different options as faras what type of of size box to use versus, you know, another size and looking at the weights and what what you can kind of get away with and not change the price of law. Because when we're putting together a package prototype, we really need to keep in mind, because I need to be as low as possible. For one, it's good business strategy to keep her crossed slow and for to our customer really is gonna want Teoh Ceelo shipping Price. And if it's too high, it could scare them away. And they won't want to purchase your product based on the extra shipping cost alone. So it's really something to put some time and research into, um to get figure it out so that it is cheap is possible for you. So this tutorial will show you just how to maneuver around. On the USPS is tool calculated price all right. So we're at the USPS website and I'm going to do it. Just a walk through of how to calculate a price and calculating a price. You go to the main main page and it's under male and ship, and it just scroll down to calculated price. And you don't have to be signed in or anything to do this. This is free for everybody. Um, it's just a tool to use and it's gonna pop up its domestic automatically, which is what we're covering in. This class is just basic domestic shipping. I'm gonna enter it a zip code. This is gonna be your ZIP code. So I'm out of Tennessee 37130 and then I always like to do 90210 for one, I never forget it because of the show. It's catchy, and for me it's really far away. So give me a great ballpark idea. Um, you could change this to the next day. Doesn't really matter just for calculating a price. Also, it's gonna ask, you know, we're emailing. No wonder doing live animals not doing old chickens. When we were not going HAZ mat suit and just leave those unchecked and then it also doesn't require ground transportation. So we're gonna leave that unchecked is Well, um, these four options down at the bottom. So I'm not looking for a postcard here. This one says view flat rate envelopes. I'm not looking for anything flat rate right now because we are calculating our price. So we're gonna land on this calculate price based on shape and sides. So when you're in your package prototype phase on, you're looking at all your box size options. This is a great place to come and just, you know, see what the difference would be, Um, or get the general idea of what the difference would be based off of different sizes. And then what you could get away with to use some of the, you know, same size boxes that you be buying in bulk. Um, for smaller items, maybe, and just seeing what the price fluctuation would be. And a lot of times, um, when it's under certain weights on and sizes the price difference isn't enough. Do not go ahead and buy the bulk packages that accommodate more than one item for you. So we're gonna just plug So we are going to go ahead and do something that is £1 um, eight ounces. So obviously, we're over the 13 ounces here, which rules out first class, and we're gonna go ahead and do a larger package. Um, released a different sized one since those are more challenging. And let's go ahead and do a say 36 height or length box and let's let into a six by six. And we'll see what prices we have so automatically is going to populate the most expensive , Which this is the express, which isn't what we're going to only be doing. Um, here we see the priority, which is going to be roughly two days, um, shipping time. And it's gonna be about 11. 70 which isn't too bad for this size of the package. 36 inches. Um, that's pretty good. So 11 72 ships, something that's almost £2.36 inches long all the way to California in two days would be 11 70. So not bad, not bad. So let's go ahead and do one more. Um, just to show the first class and maybe for something smaller, um, a lot of handmade businesses have small items, which there are definite pluses to when it comes to shipping. So we're gonna go through this, um, a little quicker, and we're going to do It's a three ounce item. Um, and this packages didn't be under 12 inches. So, um, you can see here priority for the two day arriving on the tent Roughly expected 7 75 But if you go all the way down to the first class mail, you can see the price difference is substantial. Do 67 um, and then may 11th. So for one day more, you know, roughly $5 saving. So, um, this would definitely be the winner as far as you can see how using the calculated price tool will help you determine which packaging materials you can use and keep your costs low as possible for you and as well as for your customer. It's a great tool to use in determining which direction to go with your package. Prototyping products 10. 3 Tips to Shipping Fragile Items: all right. So when it comes to shipping fragile items, this is where shipping gets a little intense. But I have one quick guide for you to follow every single time when you are going to be shipping something that could break. You need to make sure that once it is packaged in its box getting ready to go to your customer, it's going to be able to withstand a three foot drop. No joke. This is one of the best skylines to go off of, because if you're packaged, item is not going to be broken after a three foot drop that is probably packaged exactly how it needs to be, and we'll get there safe and sound all right. So when it comes to shipping your items when you're dealing with something that's really expensive or fragile, it's great to offer your buyer the option to add on insurance. So when you're doing this, it gives you a peace of mind that if the item is broken and damaged, which is shouldn't be if you did the three foot test, but if it were to be lost or stolen while in transit, then at least your customer and you have the peace of mind that there is insurance covering your item. So that is one little tip, Teoh. Consider one setting after shipping profiles. All right, so one of the last tips I have for you when it comes to shipping fragile items is never overlooked. Resource is at your FedEx or UPS store. They have staff who can ship your items for you, which I would not recommend. But I would recommend having them package it for you. Take your fragile item into the store and say, Pack this for me. They will pack it for you. You couldn't buy the materials, take those home and then find them at a much cheaper rate on a wholesale supplier site. And supply yourself with those items now that you know what you need. 11. Lesson 4 - Shipping Spreadsheet Setup: e everyone. So today we're gonna be talking about the shipping spreadsheet. Now, the shipping spreadsheet is a very valuable tool that you're going to make as part of your class project. And the shipping spreadsheet is a tool that is gonna evolve with your business. So the earlier you can set it up, the better. If you are just starting out with a handmade product line, it's just the perfect time to set it up. You've got your prototype. Your package prototype already figured it out, and the next step is just to keep tracking all of that information. Um, when did you have your product prototype or your package prototype? You can just duplicate the same system all the same materials your weights. Not gonna change all this. All the information you can start tracking. So when you start using your online seven platforms, you have all of the shipping information at your fingertips, and it just makes the system in the process so, so much more smoother, smooth sailing, you know, and that's just it just helps keep things going in the right direction. So I I have an Excel spreadsheet where I go over kind, just the basic, you know, categories. I like to keep things as simple as possible air bones. It can evolve and grow with you over time as you add to your product line. Um, and you start adding more quantities and things like that. So let's head over to the Excel spreadsheet and take a look at this, uh, shipping spreadsheet. Okay, so this is just an example, uh, shipping spreadsheet. What you're gonna want to set up for your, um, your shipping system, and this is a tool that you, uh, evolve with your business. And the more products that you add to your product line, you'll add to this spreadsheet so it will just keep growing with your business. And earlier on that, you start using a shipping spreadsheet. Just It really helps keep your business, um, flowing and really easy. So, um well, not really easy, but systemized, which makes things smooth, will say we'll put it that way. So what, you're gonna pretty much want you're gonna want a product category, the quantity of your products that you will be offering the weight of just the product alone and then also the weight of the packaged product um, and then your materials that you include every single time for when you're shipping that product. So for the example of the llama that we used, we had the llama. Um, and for 11 lama, we determined, is about two ounces for just the long by itself. That's important to know for duplicating quantities later on. And then we got our weight from our packaged prototype, Um, that we determined after we already figured out the size of box, we would be using the packaging materials we were gonna include and then any marketing materials that we were also including in our in our package. So that gave us the weight of 3.3 ounces. And this is something that now you will always know It will never change, You know, unless you change something in the future as far as materials go. But, um, all in all, you could give this to anyone, and they would be able to duplicate your system so he could say, ship this and use this toe. Do it, and they would be able to say okay for one lama and he had a five by five by five box. I'm gonna use one piece of tissue paper, and then I'm going to be using putting in the thank you card or any other materials marking materials. So, um, when you are offering the same product to a customer, But they wanted a quantity of two, then you would know that. Okay, the weight of just the llamas product. Four ounces. You could use the same box, um, to fit to. Into So we've got our pact. Wait here. Because we already know all of the basic weight of this. This one, we're using all the same material. So this is obviously duplicated. And their ago. Um, now, since we wouldn't be able to fit three llamas into the same five by five by five box at this point, we would need to come up with another packaging prototype to determine, um, the weights for our package weight and so on and so on. But this is all going to be determined on the quantities that you're gonna offer to your product to your customer. You might not offer more than two. Um, you know, you might, but that's just a decision that you'll make further on down. Right? So I hope that helped just demonstrate how easy it is to set up a shipping spreadsheet. It does not have to be some crazy complex, Um, tool it just keep it a simple Aziz. You can. I've started them out on paper before and then added them onto an Excel spreadsheet later. Um, it's just It's a tool to start using, so that when you're creating your listings online, whether it be on eBay or Shopify or etc or your own website, you have all the information you're gonna need right at your fingertips in one place. There's no more guessing. There's no more remembering, and it just makes it a really invaluable tool to use and lead and help hopefully lead to the success of your business. So all right, um, I look forward to seeing you at the next class, and please let me know if you have any questions. I'll do my best to clarify anything. I can see you the next one 12. ::Bonus Topic:: Free Pickup & Ordering Free Supplies: Okay, so when you come to the USPs dot com website, this is pretty much what it looks like. Um, you can scroll up and down and see all the features. Poster holidays. This is awesome little thing you want to keep track of or when they aren't shipping. There's all kinds of things you can actually do on the website as well as, um, pay for your p o box if you have one, which is pretty cool. So, um, but the areas that I pretty much stick to our this mail in ship area to calculate my price and then one of my most recent discoveries about six months ago. I hate to say it was a schedule, a pickup, and scheduling A pick up means you get to let your carrier your postal carrier, know that you've got boxes that need to be shipped. I was taking all of my packages to the physical post office location pretty much every day in having a 30 to 45 minute long wait in line. And it was just such a pain. So because I wasn't looking at, you know, ways of making my my system a little smoother for a little bit longer than I should have. I did not discover the amazing feature that is completely free. You don't have to sign up for anything. You don't have to log in or register your business or anything. You can simply hop on the website, schedule a pickup, put in your address and let them know how many boxes you're gonna have. And they your mail men. When he drops off, your mail will come pick up your boxes and it's completely free. Absolutely love it. I don't go to the post office really anymore. Now it's wonderful. So, um, so there's that under male and ship, you've got your click and ship option, which is where you would be purchasing your labels. Um, the order stamps and supplies. This is really cool. So what's talking about supplies is there are free packaging supplies that you can have shipped to you for free and you would go under shipping supplies and these air gonna be all your flat rate boxes. So, um, in another class, we discussed flat rate versus calculated, and this some of the benefits of flat rate is you can get all free shipping materials um, these are the size is that they offer. So you would be going on a flat rate. And how this works is you can go to your post office and pick these boxes up. They'll carry a few different sizes, but on this website, the USPS website, they actually have a lot more sizes available and they're completely free. You just have to make sure that you use them for the purpose of mailing with USPS. Um, and they can ship him, too. So let's say you've discovered that the go with the medium flat rate box, this one the last I checked was 13 65 to use. Um, and you can put as much in here as you can fit and have closed properly. Um, does. It doesn't go off weight as we'll discuss in another video, so I won't get a side drag to go on to that. But, uh, let's say this is gonna be one of my shipping containers that I use. My package is Aziz. You see, here it's $0 I can click on this and have it shipped to my location for free. And you can get, um however, body boxes you're gonna need. And that's just an awesome little little service that's included so you can have all your you know, this is a shipping solution for you that would work. That's Ah, one nice thing to know is that you don't have to go to the post office to pick up those supplies. So it's a pretty cool little feature that USPS does. I am not aware of any other carrier providing free boxes and sometimes a zoo. We've discussed the priority flat rate boxes air really convenient and work out better, um, than other other solutions. 13. Congratulations & Bloopers: you have made it through the class. Congratulations. Thank you so much for participating in this force. I hope that the shipping system is just invaluable tool for you and your business. He's working hard, learning every day. Enjoy the journey. All the best to you. Thank you. And I'll see you around. I shipping rinos our nation your customers online. Very hard work. I foundation late may know some of this a long way of your mom. The difference is long way of your box. You will be blown away By how hard plugging along when I you go get your dreams in your hands