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Sew Your Prints: Custom-made PDF Sewing Patterns for Pattern Designers

teacher avatar Agnes Somogyi, Textile Designer / Apparel Pattern Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      The Class Project


    • 3.

      Setting up Tailornova


    • 4.

      The PDF Pattern


    • 5.

      Choosing the Right Fabric


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      Printing Tips for Non Pattern Designers


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      The Technical Sheet


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      Purchase Your Fabric


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      Tips and Tricks


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About This Class

Are you a surface pattern designer who knows the basics of sewing? Are you thrilled to create unique well fitting environment friendly women clothes showing off your stunning patterns? 

If your answer is yes, this class is for you.

Are you a sewist or a maker who wants to make PDF patterns easily for your projects? You are in the right place. Additionally you can discover where to find and how to use seamless patterns.

I am Agnes a textile designer and experienced apparel pattern maker with a professional background in womenswear and swimwear production. Discovering Tailornova gave her the opportunity to create professional digital sewing patterns without expensive software licensing. 

In this class you will learn how to create custom-made PDF sewing patterns made to measure to print on your printer. No sewing pattern drafting skills required! 

You will use Tailornova, the online sewing pattern generating platform. You will create the sewing pattern of a dress to learn how the platform works so after the class you will be able to make plenty of different garments.

You will learn how to prepare your file for printing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or where to find seamless patterns.

You will  learn how to choose the best fabric for your project and upload your file for printing on Spoonflower or other Print on Demand websites.

Taking the class you will learn: 

  • you will know how to create custom-made sewing patterns for you, your Mom or any woman around you. Menswear patterns are coming soon on Tailornova.
  • You will be able to shine on social media wearing your own printed garments.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint creating your own sustainable clothes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Agnes Somogyi

Textile Designer / Apparel Pattern Maker

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hello. During this last, I will teach you how to create a big hair sewing pattern on life ready to print in your printer. Plenary Whaler. How to prepare your seamless repeat button for printing on fabric for you Really to cut sewing pattern. You were then use this case to create your own custom. Picked it floats year old breeds. My name is Zak National Body alignment. Excite designer read more than eight years in the textile industry as designer on the upper often recur. Working in a super company, I fell in love. It printed fabrics, and now I'm sending my surface but then desires on life over directly with clients and custom projects. This covered Villanova the mental nine special design software. Give me the freedom to create quick protest without spending a long time be drafting the basic block and then modifying it to get the design I want. Taylor Nova has plenty of different governments, ties and variations to choose from. You only need to fill out the form bigger measurements and your payday of pattern is ready for download. Feeling patterns are Ligitan sewing patterns in PDF file. Format toe. Drink yourself. You just take the pages together for long. The indications to get the resize pattern ready to cut. You can create a free account on telenovela, and you can download to free potential for personal use and then victor technical flats per month. With a pickle, you can get access to unlimited downloads and commercial license and premium design template. If you're obese. Over the free account is good enough, and you can make different clothes from the same pattern. This class is in that students quit. Mediums feel level in sewing, but no drafting skills needed. This class is created primarily for surface pattern designers. However. If you're a suicide or a maker, you still can learn how to create your custom made baby a string patterns. Feel free to use any fabric you wish steeping the simplest but their preparation part of the class. If you are a seamstress who creates measure made clothes for your clients, this method can reduce your time off better making. Additionally, you can discover where to find out how to use seamless bathrooms for your project. Another way you can utilize the skill is the great professional. Technical illustrations are more caps for your design portfolio are saying project handle. Forget creating your own clothes, house you to reduce your carbon footprint. Your stress levels. My hand of this must be able to make your own PDR. So in patterns the great clothes that will fit your body showcasing your offering designs that's gonna start. 2. The Class Project: your class project is to create a custom made so impactor on Taylor. Never using your body measurement and preparing your Souness factor for Pretty. You can showcase your project preparing your technical shit, using the template provided in the resources panel or taking a picture of your finished garment. I'd be lucky to get to know different parts of the textile industry as upper a pattern making and surface pattern design. Discovering Taylor Nova Give me the opportunity creates sewing patterns without having to buy expensive casts off. It is easy to use also for those who have no prayer pattern making and reading skills. It is also that I'm able to create the sewing pattern make to my measurements so quickly, especially if I don't feed the spender sizes and it has plenty of difference Ties going, Andy. It fascinates me. The idea to wear my own clothes with my own brings and create them myself in the styles I life. Today, there are several 19 on demand textile companies. We can buy a piece of fabric printing with our designs without having to purchase money are regions like In the old times you will use one of your existing seems US repeat patterns, and I will show you how to prepare it for printing. I will use other reasons Traitor and Photoshopped to show you my process. But you can use any other software you have access to. People are not affected. Designer. I mean, sure you where to find standing sickness, portents online or use one of the three example patterns provided in the resources section . I'm sweet to take you through the whole process. 3. Setting up Tailornova: in this class, we will create a free account of Dylan over. We will prepare our model Feeling decides chart with our measurements for using this always for creating any new clothes. Let's create a free account on Taylor Nevada com. Click on sign up in the right corner and fill out the form and confirm your registration in the milk you will receive. Right now. After signing me, you get to the design aider or hit the designer bottle If you're on the home page. This is the design area where you can find all the tools to create your designs. On the left side, you can see the available design elements like silhouettes necklines on the upper horizontal uber. You can find different buttons. Richard are discussed later when we start to design our government now we will create our feet. Mother, click on the customize field button. This is where we will add all our measurements. Name your model. First, do no later whom it belongs to. As you can see, you can choose if you want to work in inches or in centimeters. I reworking centimeters as this is what I'm used to pay attention, read in the client knees. It's very your neck meets your shoulder. Measured of buster conference right at the height off your nipples. Measure your under buster conference right under your breast. You can tie a string at your waist to help you to find the right spot for the basic conference, and it will help you with other measuring can swell later. Find your by this foot on your hips to get your right hip circumference. The following measurements are very simple. Fill out the form vigil side me up around wrist and shoulder measurement. Measure your past high from your center back. Nat point down to your breast at the height of your nipples. Measure your front wing from the same center back neck point. The string you have tied at your race can help you now to find the endpoint treasury of battling from the same center Cut neck boy. When you're back down to the string on your based measure of back with between your two arms, the way you can see in the image, maybe they need some help for this one to get the right result. The last two points are a bit different. Did you have to find the most relevant form off your belly on buttock grinding yourself by the images. Now we are ready with the measuring part. Check the mark. You this model as the foot for new designs. Now, every time you will create a new design, this will be your default model. You can change this any time, saved the model and you're ready to start to design. In the next lesson, I even show you how to design a garment creating the media Portanova dress as an example. 4. The PDF Pattern: in this lesson, I will take you step by step through the design process. I will create a summer dress with a deer gonna crows neckline with ways, gathered bottom and short flats leaves. I know I want to you a knitted fabric with good dripping qualities. Feel free to design any other type of garment from the available silhouette. I would start with a top, a dress or a skirt. First, find something you think we'll beat you well and you will be comfortable wearing it. Let's get started. Open Villanova and click on Design Now need to design button and select new A new design just the type of your garment you want to create. You can choose from plenty of different silhouettes and variations. If you have a concrete idea, you can feel Terry in the upper minute. The fabric type waste seem variations, bodies, type enclosure. I'll be using it. Nature of waste, which is at the waistline and surplus as variation. And here is the Seelert I'm searching for. Now I will let the sleeves to my dress, choosing from this leaves money. I will choose short flirts, leaves all the slaves you can find here are for knitted fabrics automatically. Now let's see what I have here. I will close the left window as I have my garment already created. Let's save this design. I know. Call it summer dress, Agnes, to know that is created according to my measurement. You can confirm it by checking the name below. Then click on design and save on the left side. We have the technical sketch on the right side. The flat pattern you can see on both sides have. The dress is built tough. It has bad start for knitted for up fabrics. I don't really like bus darts, but as it has a quiet deep neckline, I don't mind. It will feel better, especially for those who have bigger bust size. The upper front pattern is the same for both sizes, so you have to cut it with the same pattern, flipping it vertically for the other side. You have to do the same way for the upper back and the sleeps. I will eliminate the same on the back skirt, and I will cut it as one piece. I do the same with the back neck facing toe. Now let's see how we can personalize are dressed more. Let's start with the specs. You can find information about the string specs and the fit model. You don't have to do anything here. The next one is an important one. In these money, you can change different respects off the garment and personal. I see you. Do you have to endure fabric type? I will use the modern jersey of school flower. I have to define how stretching the fabric is on the bottom of this window, you can find a stretch calculator to help you. You have to download it and print it and compare your fabric with the template I will set up to medium stretch. You can feel this later when you were no ready which fabric to choose for printing. Now you can decide how 50 you want your government. Toby. You can chose between very 15 picked ING or Sam effective. I would choose the very fifth adoption for this dress. It will affect only the upper part as the sleeves and discouraged or lose. In the next part. You can find the measures off the different parts of the pattern, like shoulder bees, back weeds, back lands and so on. On the right side, there are two columns. The right one is for the original measures, and the last one shows the changes made by changing the pig and the fabric type. Or so you can t make changes here if you want. For example, if you want the waste to be a bit lower, you have to change the back lines and the forefront length to waste. If you want that some extra linked to the sleeves or the skirt, you can do this year, too. When you leave your coarser on the box, you will see how can you make the changes. You can see how many centimeters you can add or table. Maybe you are allowed only to add and no taking up. I get the sleeps. Now I'm gonna make some changes to my dress. I want to change the length a bit. The gathering off the skirt and the hamline sweet. I wanted to be even more lose. The dress is about the need at the moment. I wanted to sentimental shorter so I would change it. I could take maximum 6.21 centimeter and that the maximum time 0.16 if I would want to have 12 centimeters, it would given error that it is outside of the allowed range. I will put minus two. Now Let's change the corruption. I could add up to 19 centimeters. I will add eight centimeters as it is already quite gathered. Now let's move to the hem line. Sweet. I will add three centimeters and I will see on the flat pattern. If I like it or not, it will give a little bit of a line tweet. I can reset my settings any time in the right bottom corner. If I'm not satisfied with the resolved, it's a little bit to show you all the possibilities, but you can leave as the default pattern if you will be totally fine. I close the attack to see the changes better. I don't really like the result. I find this girl white. It looks extremely gallant. I think I would prefer to keep Rider only the hem line and more curvy, and I prefer less extra gathering at the waist. Let's change it. I changed together to zero and the hem line to eight centimeters. Let's see what happens now. It is getting better Now the hem line is more curry. But I still will change it again. I change the hem lines feet to six centimeters and that two centimeters together. I like this better. I will stay with this one. Now I go toe design and save. Now I have my pattern ready. Let's check the flight path. Turn a bit closer. We can see all the pattern pieces we will print. We have the upper front and the back, the sleeve, the front skirt and the back skirt, the front neckline facing and the back neck line facing. Don't forget you can change the back skirt and the back neck line facing Toby Seamless. There are some pieces you don't really need. They are our whole facing. You could use them for a sleeveless version, so it is good to keep them. After printing, we can see that the pattern has seam allowance on the top. Right on the screen. Click on the three spot. There you can find three options print, download and see melons. He turns the melons, and now you see your three options has no seem elements. One centimeter and 1.6 centimeters. I prefer to leave it at the default one centimeter, but you can change it if you would need it. There are two exceptions. The hem line and the sleeves, but you have wider, similar events for defaulting at the top horizontal menu bar. You will find the sewing indications. Please read it carefully. It gives good advice on whether your pattern needs some changes. For example, for the bus starts on gives other saying indications. Let's take a look at the yardage I will need for the dress. This is extremely important. If we re porches our public online, you can find a very helpful yardage calculator in the menu. You can find different fabric with options to choose from. I know that the fabric I will use is 142 Centimeter writes. I will choose the 132 centimeter with just in case. I will need one meter, 87 centimeters. But I know I don't need all the pattern pieces, so maybe a bit less would be fine. But I prefer to have a little bit more fabric just in case. At the moment, you don't have to feel it. Come back later, when you were no, which fabric you will use. Now let's see how we download our pattern. You can click on the down adoption in the top menu. You can decide which four months you want to download. If it's for printing on your printer, choose the pdf five. Former If you want to take it to the coffee shop and print it in original size, chose the day x F five format. The last one is my neighbor industry professionals. For home printing. You can select the page size you need for your printer. I recommend selecting Drink that turn some fold for home printing and print fit. Mother name is highly recommended toe. Don't bring your pattern yet. In the next lesson, we will decide which prints company and which family to choose. After that, you will come back to define your fabric stretch and you will see the fabric meets toe. See you in the next last son 5. Choosing the Right Fabric: what you consider to find the best company to bring your design in this lesson, we will go through the older factors you need to keep in mind to find the best fabric for your project. It depends on what kind of fabric you need, the quality, the price where you live and so on. Today there are several print on demand fabric printing companies. When I have a project in mind, I tried to find the best option. I check first which company has the fabric type I'm searching for. Not all the companies has the same fabrics. However. They have several similar ones. If you find the right fabric in different companies, you can think which one to choose. Maybe one is closer to your town or country or has better price order. Shipping is faster, probably some off. You are selling your designs on some print on demand that size, and this is your first place to go. The most important thing is whatever company you are using to prepare your fights correctly , I will show you some of the companies I know. I'm selling my pattern. Designs are spoon flour, so I used Gordon my fabrics from them. But maybe for your project. Another company has better alternatives. I assure you. Three different companies to search fabric for my dress. I created in the last lesson I wager how I should prepare my five for printing. It is a square design at 150 dp I and 32 centimeters and 1890 pixels on each side. What type of fabric do I need for my dress? I want a nice draping knit fabric with cool elasticity and ideally made with nature of fiber. I will check at each company if they have this type of February on what kind of fires they need for printing, I will take a note off the with shrinking another important information off each possible fabric. Let's start with the Croatia based Casper Design. I reject their fabrics. I'm looking for neat, as I say, they have three different knitted fabrics, which could work for my dress. But as I needed with good draping, I prefer in the viscose stretcher say the composition is 92% Driskel's and 8% a lasting, which means it is from natural originated fiber and has elasticity. The weight is 220 gram per square meter, which is not to think I'm not a heavy fabric. The printable with is 156 centimeter, which is pretty good. Now let's see what kind of fights they need. You can find the guide in the frequently asked questions section. You can upload deeper. Pdf defies at minimum 150 dp I in S RGB color model no bigger than 40 megabytes. I go to create Fabbri. I'm you need two meters for my dress from the fiscal stretch jersey. Now I go to images and patterns and choose my design. My design tile is something like 52 centimeters Right now. This is not what I need. I have two options to change the size. There are the smaller and bigger buttons, but it is not working for me to get 32 centimeters exactly. I will try to change the big cells to get 32 centimeters. Now it looks good. Let's try fashion formula, which is a UK based fabric printing company. Let's see their products. If I find the jersey fabric for my dress, I like the wide range of products they have, So if Jersey is a hard re person. Police there fabric very sick, and I think it's not really good for my dress. Stretchers. A. Looks good, but I think it wouldn't have a nice for trapping Idea why Jersey looks good for dresses 180 GS, which is quite thin to person. Shrinkage. 140 centimeters wide, 94% polyester and 6% l a stain. It's not made with nature of fiber, but it could work for my dress. Now let's see what we need to know about applauding our design. We can find it under community in design tips for creating the right size at fashion formula. You have to know that you will have the right size at 150 dp I. So if you have blood your file at 300 dp I it will be the double of the size you need. Now let's check what we need to know about the colors. They have a Colorado class with all the colors they print, so it's recommended to change your colors for the colors. They have to get better results. You can see the setting off the Image month and the image profile off your file in RGB, it recommends saving your files after changing the colors into format. Now let's see how the uploading process works at fashion formula. Let's go to create custom fabric. I chose my RJB fine. Now I confirmed the copyright and upload. Here is my fire shown on one meter of fabric. I chose the ICTY Wijers, a fabric and two meters. It's great that you can check by fasting your coarser on the fabric. If the repeat is fine, that check the scale of my design. It's 35 centimeters in 100 dp I It should be 32 at 100 dp I so I will try to make it smaller. Now it's too small. Let's go back to bigger. Now it's find 32 centimeters on 150 dp. I now I can addict tow the car. The last company I will check a spoon flour, probably the best known print on demand Fabric printing company. Let's have a look at the range of fabric offered by spoon flour. I'm still searching for a good draping jersey. They have different kinds of jersey fabric from organic cotton to stretch as I'm selling my pattern designs on their website. This is the company I know the best I have with some of their fabrics, but not with Jersey fabric. I have a simple back already, so I can check the quality of each fabric and the printing toe, checking their fabric types. I'm adopting between the cotton spandex jurors say, and the modern jersey, which is from 95% polyester and five percents. Spandex, which is not a natural type of fabric I would prefer but looks like a well drippings off fabric with Nice for the cotton. Spandex jersey is from 93% cotton and 7% spandex, which means it's quite stretchy and it's from cotton. Now I will compare my samples off both fabric. On the left, you can see the modern jersey, which has very read colors and Chris brains and nice draping and soft touch. On the right is the cattle spandex. Jurors say it has nights off touch, and it's very stretchy, but the print is not as crispy is the other sample, and for dripping, it's a bit rigid for my dress. I could imagine this fabric for nice 50 tops. Now let's see what kind off ice you need to upload for printing. You can upload Deepak BNG. Give 45. You're fine. Needs to be in a Sergey Pickler mode. You can find a very detailed explanation on how you can adjust your color mode and they have very useful design tools like the color map and color guy toe. Find the best colors for printing your fight. Now we will check out upload our fight to spoon flour. After selecting your file and call feeling the couple right, you can upload it here. You can see that the time is 12.6 inches in 150 d P. I, which is exactly 32 centimeters. So I don't have to make any changes on the scale. Now I can choose the fabric at the meters of fabric I need In this image. I gathered all the important information about the fabrics highlight at each company. I think all three are very similar and could work well for my dress. Would you know that all the three companies bring that 150 dp I and S RGB color mode Also, I checked the shrinking of each fabric this time I reaches the modern jersey from spoof lover because I already have a sample with this pattern, and I have the same purse. Watch also off the modern jersey, and I like it, even if it's not made from nature of fiber. In the next lesson, I give some printing tips for number 10 designers about chasing printed fabrics or seamless part. Thanks for more customizable printed fabrics. If you are not interested in this, you can skip the next lesson. 6. Printing Tips for Non Pattern Designers: His lesson is dedicated for all of you for not pattern designers and are interested to have a look at where to find custom printed fabrics. If you are a better designer, you can just keep this lesson. But if you're curious, just give watching. In the last lesson, I showed you some print on demand fabric printing companies. These websites are selling their fabrics with the SIMILARES portentous signs off independent designers. Every time somebody put chases a piece of February, they get a commission. You can search by categories colors from thousands off the sides. You can search for specific times and filter the results. For example, if you're searching for pennies, you will find hundreds off the size that truck's full flower. My new find one. Design your life, you click on it, and you can check how these designs would look like on different protect. This helps you toe have an idea about the scale of the design. You can choose the fabric type and the amount of the fabric I recommend for chasing the samples fudge before buying meters on the bottom of the page, you can see related designs and other designed from the same designer and from the same collection. Maybe you would want tohave coordinates for the design you like. If you would like a different scale of the chosen designed, feel free to contact the designer dressed. If it's possible to applaud this care you need. Fashion formula has a very similar system. When you have chosen the design you like, you cannot just too scared to, which is a very with extra feature that lets you customize the fabric more. If you want to have even more control on the patterns, you can pour chase seamless part tens or even collections in digital format and customize them changing color skills with any anything software you have access to. There are several stop agencies where you can find back 10 designs. But official you search for salable seamless repeat but tends to ensure the pattern is repeating properly. You can search on shutter stock at the beach dog. I stop another micro stock agencies on creative market. You can find whole but then collections, and you can choose the license type for your project. If you're a maker who has brother Strange for selling, you should choose the commercial license, then you can upload these patterns toe the fabric printing Web size, and you can purchase the fabric for your personal or commercial use. As I showed you in the last lesson, you will find 33 patterns in the resources section for personal use for your grass project , you can change the government off the original C and y que version, or use directly the S RGB version, which are prepared for printing already. You can upload them directly. Choose your scale and print your fabric or just practice with them. In the next lesson, we will fill out the missing parts off our pdf pattern than we download all the fights needed, and we create the technical shit while preparing our fight to upload. See you in the next lesson. 7. The Technical Sheet: in this lesson, you may feel out the missing parts off our PD a fuck tonne. With all the new information gathered in the last lesson. Now we will find that the download all defies needed. And we will create the technical shit which will help us to make a decision on the scale of our print. We will save our file in the correct size and color mode for printing. Now, let's see, what are those important pieces of information we needed? We know the fabric with that we need for the adage calculator to figure out how much public we need. We know we have to save the file in 150 dp I in the right size and in S RGB color mode. Now let's go toe Taylor Nova signing and open to design area design and opened and select the government you created Go to ease and choose your fabric type. My fabric is a medium stretch knit fabric. Now go to the arctic and choose the closest option to your fabric with mine is 142. So I chose 130 to choose yours. You can just take a note off they are. Did you need? It's not necessary to bring this document. Now go to specs and we will search the center back lying to race right down the Yemen because you we need this information later. My knees 39.56. Save the changes you have made on your design. Now you will find $3 next to your technical sketch with three download options, you can download your sketch only this you will need for your technical. She. You can also download the swing information on the center bottom. You can see the feet size of your design. You can change and ed another person here, and you can choose which size you want to bring your pattern. If it's for you, you can go directly to the download button. Choose the way you want to download your pdf factor. I will bring on a four size paper and media format for home printing. I checked print patterns unfold and the modern in just in case. I will print it for somebody else to and not too messy. Let's see the pattern we have just unloaded on the first page. You can see some very important printing indications. When you print your document, you have to have the square at 10 centimeters on each side. This means you're better is on the perfect scare. You can also see how toe tape your patterns. Then you will find all the parts you need to cut later. And how many pieces you need from the same one plus one means they have Toby mirror. Check your pattern map. Maybe there are some pieces you don't need, so you can decide not to print those pages now, I assure you in other be illustrator and Photoshopped my way to decide the skill and how I set up the right color mode Preparing the technical she if you create rester patterns, you can work in photo shop than your process may differ a little bit, but watch this part to get the essence off the process. Open another illustrator the technical she template from the resources section Your seamless repeat button file and you're svg technicals catch fire you have just downloaded Copy the front view from your technicals catch and taste it in the template. This document is in original size So one centimeter Israel and sentiment er you can hide the dress behind it. One needed now, right? The center backlands, he wrote, done earlier. This will be our help regarding the correct scale of the sketch. Now scaled a roto the size of the centre back and done just the dashed line toe the two final points. Now you have to scare the sketch that the back neckline and the waistline should meet the deadlines. Make the strokes habits stronger. Copier bet. Earn and paste it into your text sheet. Drag and drop it into the swatches panel. Select the part of your garment and fill it with the pattern. You can scale up or down until you get the scare you like. When you have it, feel all the parts of the clothes, place the pattern to the place of the original color and feel the size of your tile. Now we have the scarce, so it's time to fix the colors. My origin of file is in C M y que color mode. I have to change the human color. Moto RGB. Now I go to assign profile in the edit menu. You need to choose the profile S RGB i E. C 6 1966 Dash to that one. Now save your five with a different name to know it is your RGB file. I created a plane by direct angle under my pattern to see better. But if you have a white background, it's not important. I we're dealing this later. Now, coping the color swatches from your texture and taste it somewhere close to your pattern. Select your butter and create a new color group. Clicking on the fall difficult on the bottom of the swatches panel. Now you have all your original colors were the original color swatches with these colors one by one, Go to the three lines in the swatches menu and select opens. Watch library, other library and choose the full flavor color My file you have recently downloaded. You will see a huge color palette with all the colors. Spoon flour prints on their fabrics. Try to find the closest colors to your original ones and think toe the edited color swatches. When you are ready, select your new field stretches and create a new color group with them. The lead. The great color you got from the stroke off the swatches selector pattern and opened the color bill. Choose the nuclear group. Change the position of the course if needed. I have the colors in the same orders. I just click. OK, interest some color you don't like. Keep changing the colors from the color map until you're happy. Really? When you already copy oldest watches and based it to your technical sheets. Do the same with you recently. Regular pattern toe. Place it under the original one. Your technical shit is ready. Save it. Delete every unnecessary layer from your path and file and save this too. I recommend creating a name for document with your design. Scalea Toe the size you have just decided Printed Toby. Sure you really like it If you are not satisfied with the result adjusted until you're happy with it. To avoid a fight line issues and other problems, we will create our Jeep backfiring. Photoshopped create a new file and the size your betters needs Toby minus 32 centimeters on both sides. Choose Arjun Pickler mode and 150 dp I photo file assigned profile and choose the same S R J B I a. C. 6 1966-2 dot one Profile as an illustrator, Goto added color settings and choose North America. General proposed toe the working space need Toby the same s RGB i E c 6 1966 2.1 Copy your benton from use traitor and based it in the photo shop. Find too smart Object option Mine looks too small. I was scale it up in Illustrator. I just delete this one and praised the bigger time. Now it's fitting perfectly. My file I select all and go to edit defined pattern My great the new feel layer with my pattern But I scale it down to see if my pattern is repeating correctly. This is perfect. I delete this layer and save my file s PSD and that's a jeep back fight to this is what I we usedto applaud. In the next lesson, we will finally upload our pattern to the selected website and purchase the right yardage of fabric 8. Purchase Your Fabric: Congratulations. You need a great job. If you're watching this lesson where we will finally upload the right pattern, find this process will be very family here. As we have checked this process before, I will purchase my fabric from spoon flour. If you're uploading your fight to another website, do the process there the way I showed you in the lesson choosing the right fabric. First of all, you have to create an account on your chosen website. I already have an account on spoon flour. So I log in. I go to design and sell and upload your design. I select my design. I saved for applauding confirm my copyright and upload. This can take a couple of minutes. My button is 12.6 inches at 150 dp I which are 32 centimeters. So I have nothing to change on the scale. I choose modern jersey. I recommend order One test watch for a fed quarter first Toby. Sure, everything is fine with the repeat color and scare. I chose two yards. This means two meters as I'm in Europe and here you buy per meters. You cannot buy fabric per centimeters. So if you need, for example, just one meter and 20 centimeters. Backyard yardage file. Maybe some piece from your pattern could fit in a fat quarter. In this case, you don't need to buy two meters you by one meter on the Fed quarter and you won't have a huge leftover fabric piece. You can feel the form under the design area if you want. Now you can add your family to your car, go to your cut and check if you have the right fight, the right fabric and the right meters you need. If everything is fine, you can proceed to check out. This is how my pattern is printed on the mother jersey. It has a nights off touch and a great draping. I hope your fabric twitter Not great to. In the next and last lesson, I will share some bono steps to get out the most and best from your class project 9. Tips and Tricks: in this lesson, I will share some tips and tricks with you. Revive your anxiously waiting for the postman captain. So a sample from a cheap fabric. Toby. Sure, everything is fine if you are not satisfied, Jack Hawking. Improve your pattern on the website or manually very carefully the sewing instructions before sowing. But be creative and feel free to modify the patterns. So the government from two different families and they will look totally different. Playing with the patterns create different versions. For example, if you made a long sleeved about the dress, make a short sleep maxi dress or a mini cutting or ending to the patterns manually. Be sure you always make a copy to transform the pattern, create more designs and use the technical sketches to create more technical. She's for your portfolio or just to help you, to visualize your patterns. Some problems. A plain white fabric to sew your garment. Take a standing photo and create your own woke up. If you are selling a spoon flour, you can purchase a failure if you're chosen. Fabric is selling as a feel they are you can use as many Square says you need for your garment and the remaining squares you can feel with the other designs you want to prove. Be sure you great a collection with all the patterns you want to prove with your pattern. Thank you for taking this class. I hope you have found it helpful. And you will create endless, beautiful and perfectly fitting clothes with your lovely patterns. Please share your project video classmates and me to inspire us. No, Forget to follow me if you don't want to miss that coming classes and other news. Bye bye.