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Setting Up A PINTEREST Account In Less Than 90 Minutes

teacher avatar Melanie Rockett, Internet Marketer, Writer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      How To Set Up A PINTEREST Account In Less Than 90 Minutes


    • 2.

      Start Your Timer


    • 3.

      Getting Ready To Register


    • 4.

      Pinterest Registration: Step-by-Step Demo


    • 5.

      Create Your First Five Pinterest Boards


    • 6.

      Repins Are The Easiest Way To Start Pinning


    • 7.

      Pinning Images From Websites & Blogs


    • 8.

      Pinning Images From Your Computer


    • 9.

      Using A Feature Image To Make Your Boards Look Great


    • 10.

      What's Next?


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About This Class

Pinterest has over 175 million ACTIVE users.   If you have a business it is in your best interest to set up your own Pinterest account and start promoting your website, products, books, services and more.

In this Fast Track class, Internet marketing expert Melanie Rockett will show you how to register and set up a new Pinterest account in less than 90 minutes.

This class is designed for beginners.  You will get step-by-step instructions on the registration process.  BUT … who wants an empty account?  Melanie will also show you how to quickly set up your first five boards, AND three different ways to get PINS (images) into those boards.   

In less than 90 minutes you will have a fabulous looking account you will be proud to share with the world!

You will learn:

  • What you need before you register
  • How to register
  • How to create Pinterest boards
  • Three different ways to add PINS
  • How to make your boards look GREAT
  • How to announce your NEW Pinterest account

  All it takes is 90 minutes.  Go ahead, start NOW!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Rockett

Internet Marketer, Writer, Teacher


Hi!   My name is Melanie Rockett … and YES, that is my REAL name!  I have been a freelance entrepreneur for decades.


 The basis of my career has always been business oriented writing.  I've written  thousands of articles, over five hundred television scripts,  30 books and countless training programs and manuals.  I've worked for  Fortune 500 companies, have written master degree programs for several universities and have developed documents and training courses for all levels of government.


I've spent over 20 years in television production producing hundreds of programs.


 And then … I fell in love with the internet and started creating websites.  The thing... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. How To Set Up A PINTEREST Account In Less Than 90 Minutes: Hi and welcome. My name is Melanie Rocket. Did you know there are over 175 million active Pinterest users and that over two million users save shopping pins daily? Pinterest demographics clearly showed that Pinterest users by If you have a business, Pinterest is a marketing tool you simply cannot ignore. The good news is that Pinterest is easy to set up and it is actually fun to maintain. I've had traffic to some of my websites double in less than a month with less than 10 minutes of work a day, this course will take you less than 90 minutes. At the end, you will have five beautiful Pinterest boards and at least 25 pins. You will have a Pinterest account you can tell the world about you do not need any prior experience with Pinterest. I will give you demonstrations of all the really important things you need to know. We'll start by gathering the basic building blocks needed in order to register and then we'll go through the registration process in step by step detail. While registering is a critical step, I'm not going to leave you with an empty account. You'll learn how to strategically create boards, and you'll practice using three different ways to add pins to your boards. And lastly, you'll learn how to make your boards look professional and attractive. Once the course is finished, you will be able to use the same techniques over and over again to build an active account that helps you promote your business. You may be wondering who I am, so here's the short version. If this kind of stuff bored you to tears, just skip on over to the next video. My name is Melanie Rocket, and yes, that is my real name. I have been a freelance entrepreneur for decades. The basis of my career has always been business oriented writing. I've written thousands of articles, over 500 television scripts, 30 books and countless training programs and manuals. I've worked for Fortune 500 companies, have written master degree programs for several universities and have developed documents and training courses for all levels of government. I spent over 20 years in television production, producing hundreds of programs, and then I fell in love with the Internet and started creating websites. The thing that became very apparent to me was that most of my customers didn't have the slightest idea how to market their websites, their businesses, their products and services. I decided to help them not just by providing marketing services but by teaching them how to do it themselves. Today you'll find me working with self published authors, still working on websites and still teaching in this course. My goal is to help you set up a Pinterest account as quickly as possible. Pinterest is an easy and fun way to promote your website and market books, products and services. Let's get started. See you in the next video. 2. Start Your Timer: Hi, this is Melanie Rocket. Together, we're going to register and set up your Pinterest account. By the time we're finished, you will not only know how to create new boards and filled them with wonderful images. You will actually have a working account you can tell your friends about and that you can link to your website and other social media accounts before you start your 90 minute timer . Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this course and how toe actually get everything done in 90 minutes or less. Complete the steps right after each module video This way, you'll more easily remember what you need to do and why. If you watch the entire course all the way through before starting, you'll simply be wasting time, especially if you have to backtrack and watch a video again. Go through each module and then stop. You might even want to pause the video in the middle to complete a step right then and there Stay focused. Pinterest is an amazing and fund website. It is filled with thousands of distractions. I know from personal experience that it is way too easy to start following pins and finding new and exciting bits of information. You can literally spend hours exploring cool images and even cooler ideas in order to get your account up in going in 90 minutes, you have to stay focused and immediately get into action. In the future. As you grow your Pinterest account, you will be able to play and explore as much as you want. Be sure to download the resource is guide. It briefly outlines the steps, gives you website resources and answers. Some of the most asked questions about Pinterest. That's cool. Start your timer now. 3. Getting Ready To Register: Hi, This is Melanie Rocket in this module, I am going to discuss five building blocks you need to have in place before you register for a Pinterest account. Having these things ready will make the registration process easy and painless. Before you register, you should make the following decisions. Decide if you are registering a personal or a business account. Decide on what email you will use. What will the name of your account being? What will your link name be? What profile image will you use before we start? I want you to know that almost everything you do on Pinterest can be changed. You can change the name of your Pinterest account. You can change your profile, image, your privacy settings and more. First, make a decision on the type of Pinterest account you'll register. You will be choosing either a personal account or a business account. Both types of accounts are free. If your Pinterest account will be for a hobby or a collection of personal interests, you can choose a personal account. If it's some later date, you change your mind. You can switch over to a business account. My advice is to just go ahead and register a business account. It is easy and will save you extra steps in the future if you change your mind. If your Pinterest account will be connected to your website or blawg, you must choose a business account. If your Pinterest account will have anything to do with money such a selling books, products, services or promoting affiliate links, you must choose a business account. A Pinterest's business account will allow you to advertise, and it will give you a lot of really useful stats in their analytics section. If you are setting up a business account, you will need to register with an email address. The first thing Pinterest will ask you for is an email address. I have several Pinterest accounts, and you need a different email address for each one. Since this is your first Pinterest account, just use your best address. Next, choose a name for your account. The name is what your visitors see here. Your name can be 30 characters or less, including spaces, punctuation and symbols. Consider using the same name as your website like I did here since I had room. I added book marketing to my name because it reinforces my Pinterest theme. This will help you build your brand or a recognizable identity. The name of your account can be changed at any time, but but But But But one of the challenges is that Pinterest makes it too easy to set up an account. People end up with account links they don't want. Your account link is also called your user name or your U R L. This is your Pinterest user name, and finding one that has not been taken might be the hardest step in the whole set up process. Here's where the too easy part comes in. If you have a common business name an inter it in the registration panel Pinterest automatically add a random string of numbers to the end of your name to create the U. R L. Your name. Brody Brown becomes Brody Brown, 16 to 4. Now you might not care, but if you do, there is a way around this. First, you have to find out if your business name has already been taken in your browser bar Type https, coolen forward slash forward slash Pinterest dot com and another forward slash and then the name you hope to be using so it ends up looking like this. If the Link name you are testing has already been taken, you will be transported directly to the existing Pinterest account. Hit the back button and try again. Look for something that is a close match but makes more sense than a random scatter of numbers. Author. Brody Brown, Brody Brown Author. Brody Brown Ink Brody Brown Lt D or Limited. Brody Brown Ent or Enterprises If the link name has not been taken, you will see an error message in your browser bar for once. That's good news. It is what you were looking for. The name is yours. Write it down. You will temporarily use his business name in your registration process. Once you have the user name or the U. R L. You want, you can go back and change your business name to the one you really want. Finally, choose a profile, photo image or avatar. It's going to show up here. Your choice of images is wide opened and should represent you, your brand, your website or the type of content you will feature in your Pinterest account. Author Brody Brown could use a nice photo of herself. She could also choose something that represents cooking or her cookbooks. The Brooklyn Cat Lady. A cat sitting service could choose a friendly personal portrait, a cute cat photo or an engaging drawing of a cat. You can upload a photo of up to 600 pixels. It is best to have a square photo to start out with. Pinterest will resize your photo to 165 pixels square. Don't panic about this. If you can't find the perfect image, just choose something that is good enough for a placeholder. You can change, too. Perfect later. If you're still challenged, you can find hundreds of perfectly sized avatar images at icon archive dot com or icon finder dot com. Okay, we're done. Stop the video and make sure you have all five elements decided on and ready to go in. The next module will register your new Pinterest account 4. Pinterest Registration: Step-by-Step Demo: Hi, I'm Melanie Rocket In this module, I will take you through the process of registering a new account with Pinterest. My demo involves setting up a new Pinterest business account that will be linked to my site . Focus on romance dot com. Here are the five elements I have ready to go. I will be registering a business account. The name of the account is focused on romance. I was lucky and focused on romance was also available as a user name. The profile image is ready to go. The email address I am going to use is romance at male haven dot com. Let's get started. The easiest way to do this is to pause the video for each step of the process, filling the information on Pinterest and start the video again. By the time you get to the end of the video, your account will be ready to go to create your Pinterest's business account, start by going to business dot Pinterest dot com and click on the joint as a business button in the panel that pops up. Enter your email address, a password and the business name you decided to use. Choose one of the business types from the drop down box, I have found that the 1st 1 professional is the best fit for most small businesses. Click on Create account in the second panel. Choose a language and your country. Click on next in the third panel. Add your website name and click on next. If you don't have a website yet, click on later. Pinterest will now present you with a selection of subject headings. Choose at least one something that matches your business niche. Pinterest uses this information to fill your news feed. The newsfeed will enable you to find interesting pins that you can add to your own boards. The research is done for you and helps you grow your account faster. And, yes, you can come back later and change your topic settings any time you want. Click done. Finally, Pinterest will offer you the opportunity to download their browser button. You can take the time and do that now or skip and do it later. I'm going to skip. What you're now seeing is a totally empty Pinterest account, including a blank user photo on the upper right hand side of your panel. You will see a small blank circle, click on it and then on settings in the setting panel. Scroll down until you see profile. Click on change picture and on Choose photo. Select the image you previously decided on and give it a few seconds to load. Pinterest will automatically resize your image and add the circle effect. Be sure to click on save settings. Finally, go and check your email inbox. You should have an email from Pinterest asking you to confirm your email address. If you can't find an email from Pinterest, be sure to check your spam box inside the email. Click on the confirm link and you're done. Your account is now set up. If you didn't register as we went along, pause a video now and spend a few minutes setting up your account. In the next video, we will start adding content to your brand new Pinterest account. 5. Create Your First Five Pinterest Boards: Hi there. This is Melanie Rocket. In this module, you will learn how to create Pinterest boards. Aboard is a collection of pins with the same theme. For example, on one of my Pinterest accounts, I have a board called Purplish IHS. It's all about the color purple. The fastest and easiest way to set up a series of new boards is to create them all at the same time. After you create the boards, you will go back and start filling them in with pins. If you registered a hobby or personal account, anything goes. You can randomly create any type of board you fancy. If you registered a business account, your 1st 5 boards should reflect your business theme. For example, the Brooklyn Cat Lady should focus on catch related boards, not fashion or on cooking. Author Brody Brown, who is a cookbook author, should focus on creating cooking related boards. When you create boards, you will give the board a short name. Describe your board. Choose a category. You will decide if you want your board to be secret or public. You will also decide whether you want collaborators or not. Let's go log into your Pinterest account, you will see an empty space click on Create board and give your board a name. The first board I am building is brand board. This board will be filled with pins from my blawg. I'm going to suggest that one of the boards you create today is a brand board. Give it the same name as your website. Once the board has been created, click on the Edit pencil toe, open a dialog box, rate a short description and choose a category. Don't worry if you have to resort to other at the bottom of the list. Next, decide if you want a secret board. The default is a public board. Also decide if you want to collaborate on this board, the default is no. Finally, click create by clicking on my profile button. I will see my first empty board. I'm going to go ahead and create four more empty boards using the exact same process. Name the board. Describe the board. Choose a category. Will it be a secret board? Will you have collaborators? Several minutes later, I'm done. I now have five empty Pinterest boards. Stop the video now and create your five boards. We'll start adding pins in the next module 6. Repins Are The Easiest Way To Start Pinning: Hi, this is Melanie Rocket. Now that you have your boards set up, it is time to start pinning. There are three different ways to add pins to your boards. Re pins from other Pinterest accounts, pins from websites and blog's and images from your computer or other photo sources. Re pins are the life blood of Pinterest. Re pins are what made the site so popular. When it first started up, someone would add a pin from their website, and then 1000 other people would repent it to their own Pinterest boards. Pinterest simply exploded with content. The re pending process is a fast and easy way to add content to your boards. You can literally build a great looking starter board in about two minutes. Here's the fast track process I use in a search bar. I type in the topic of my first board Up pops hundreds of existing pins to choose from. At the top of the page, you will see a dozen or more additional topic choices. Click on one of thes. If you'd like to narrow down your selection, scroll down until you see an image you like and simply put your most over the image and click on Save. A pop up panel asks you to choose which of your boards you want to place the pin on click on the board. And in less than a second, your first Repin has been created. Let's repeat the process one more time. Choose an image. Hover your most pointer over the image. Click on Save, Choose a board name and you're done 10 minutes later. I have filled in four of my boards with repentance. I've left my brand board. Focus on romance Blank For now, you can look at your boards at any time by clicking on your profile button and on boards. Pretty cool. Right now it's your turn. Stop the video and start repainting to four of your boards, leaving your brand board blank. For now. Just go for speed and try to find at least one pin per board that is bright and colorful. 7. Pinning Images From Websites & Blogs: Hi there. This is Melanie Rocket. I hope you're excited by now. You should have four boards with some pins on them. The second way of adding pins is by pinning images from websites and blog's, including your own. I previously suggested that one of the five boards you create is a brand board. The purpose of a brand board is to promote your website by linking back to it and driving traffic to your site. Onley Images from your website should go on this board. It might take you some time, but eventually you should have at least one pin for every single post on your website. For now, just start by pinning five images. Let's get started, go to your website and find a post with an image. If you have more than one image on a page, you can pin each image. On many websites, you may see more than one type of pin link. There basically work in one of two ways. If you hover your most over an image, you might see a pin icon pop up right on the image. Click on the link. Choose the board you want from the pop up menu and click on Save, move to another blob page and search for another image. The second kind of Pinterest link, for example, this one on the sidebar creates a pop up with a selection of images to choose from. No matter what image you choose, it will link back to the article you are on. I'm going to keep on going and 10 5 different images to my brand board and I'm done. It only took a few minutes to create five pins. Let's go and see the results back on Pinterest. Click on your profile image and on boards. As you can see, my brand board now has five images. I don't know about you, but I have dozens of favorite sites I visit on a regular basis. Simply go directly to one of your favorite sites and find something you want to pin or do a search on Google. I'm going to add one more pin to my romance writers board by searching for romance author interviews. This looks like a nice article. Perfect. It has a great image which will add by clicking on this image pin link. Here's a result and you pin it's your turn If you have a brand board, add five images from your website to the board. If you don't have a brand board yet, find five website pages and add images to any of your boards. 8. Pinning Images From Your Computer: Hi, this is Melanie Rocket. The third pinning technique will learn today is how to pin an image from your computer or other photo sources to a Pinterest board. Let's say the Brooklyn Cat lady is busy with her cats hitting service today. She has a bit of extra time, so she decides to take some great photos of her Kitty clients by the time she gets home. The photos have already been uploaded to her computer files. It will only take a few minutes to add the photos to her Pinterest account, and then she'll let her human customers know where to find their for babies. A few weeks ago, I found a great image and added a quote to it. It's not doing me any good just sitting in a file folder. So all added to my author quote sport, let's see how click on this plus symbol from this panel. You can add an average from your computer, create an ad or grab an image from a website Click on Create Pin. I'm going to upload the image from my computer by locating it in my image file folder. I could just add the image, but then it would sit on my board just looking pretty and not really helping my business. What I'm going to do is add my website link so that if anyone clicks on the quote image, they will be taken to my website. Sending traffic to your website is a good thing and add a description once you've filled everything in click undone. Finally, you have to choose aboard. Click on Save. Here it is. Once again, it's your turn. Be sure to try pinning at least one image from your computer. Finally, fill in any holes in your five start up boards. You are aiming for a total of a least 25 pins practicing each of the three pinning techniques. 9. Using A Feature Image To Make Your Boards Look Great: Hi, I'm back. This is Melanie Rocket. We're almost finished. There are just a few details to wrap up. When you look at your Pinterest account, you will now see five boards filled with some pins. The boards are kind of ugly and could use some improvement, so I'm going to take a minute and choose a future image for each board. The feature image will help improve the looks of the boards by displaying one large image and then a few smaller ones. Hover your most over the first board and click on the edit pencil. In the editing panel, it is easy to change anything you want to select a feature image, find cover and click on the change button. Scroll through the images on your board. Look for something bright or striking an image that fits nicely into the display panel. Look for a simple design and hopefully something that illustrates the topic of the board. If you put your most in the middle of the display panel, you can move the image around a bit. Choose the best slice of the image, click on save changes and make sure you click on the save button here at the bottom. In spite of the thousands of boards I have created, I often forget to click on the second save and then wonder whether board hasn't changed. Be sure to click on save changes and then on Save. As you can see, the boards with the future image look a lot nicer than the other two boards. We're finished. Not only have we registered a new Pinterest account, but we have populated or a new account with five boards and 25 pins. Go ahead and choose feature images for each of your boards, and be sure to watch the next video because there are two more little things you need to do . 10. What's Next?: Hi, this is Melanie Rocket. Now that you have some boards and a variety of pins, it is time to tell the world about your new Pinterest account. There are several ways to do this. Send your friends a short email telling them about your new account and how excited you are . Ask them to add you to their friends list. Tell them that you will love them forever. If they re pin or make a comment on any of your pins, be sure to return the favor. Let the people in your other social media accounts know about your new Pinterest page. Make announcements on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and more right, a blawg post, and let your loyal readers know about your account. If you have a news later, be sure to send an announcement. This is what your Pinterest link looks like. You can copy it from your browser bar. Don't stop with five boards. Keep on adding new boards and pins. Set aside 10 minutes a day to build a board or add a few pins. Pinterest will send you a few emails encouraging you to fill in your profile and telling you about accounts you might be interested in if you don't want to. The emails click on your profile image at the top and then on settings you will be able to easily turn off email notifications. Don't forget your skills share project. Add your Pinterest account. Name your link in a short description of your account to your projects. File. When I see your link, I will visit you, follow you and do some re pins. Other skills share users will also be taking a peek at what you have done. Be sure to ask questions if you need clarification on anything in the course, and I'd be thrilled if you would give me a review in the months to come or will be adding on several more Pinterest courses. You will get a notification when they are ready. Pinterest is with ODed Dote, one of the most engaging and useful social media accounts online. Have fun with it. Keep growing your account, and in no time you will be getting traffic to your website selling books, products and services. That's it for now. Have a great day and enjoy growing your new Pinterest account.