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SEO Google : SEO Basics : Wordpress SEO For Beginners

teacher avatar Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      SEO 2020 For Beginners


    • 2.

      SEO Keyword Strategy Part 1


    • 3.

      SEO Keyword Strategy Part 2


    • 4.

      SEO Keyword Strategy Part 3


    • 5.

      Best SEO Platform Installing Wordpress


    • 6.

      SEO Wordpress Security


    • 7.

      SEO WP Plugins for Security and Functionality


    • 8.

      SEO and Site Speed


    • 9.

      SEO Other Useful Plugins


    • 10.

      Free SEO - SSL Certificate Installation


    • 11.

      On Page SEO Prt 1 - General Requirements


    • 12.

      On Page SEO - Prt 2


    • 13.

      On Page SEO URL Slug, Headings and LSI Keywords


    • 14.

      On Page SEO Rich Content Images, Video, MP3 and PDF


    • 15.

      On Page SEO Internal/External Links and Post Tags


    • 16.

      SEO - Content Creation


    • 17.

      Video 9a Post Structure Video and Text x264


    • 18.

      Video 9b Post Structure Image Alt Text, Tags, Meta and Slug x264


    • 19.

      SEO - Building The Post Structure


    • 20.

      SEO and Backlinks


    • 21.

      SEO - Site Ranking The Case Study


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About This Class

SEO - Google Page One is the goal for any kind of business, and Search Engine Optimization can't be left to chance. SEO For Beginners teaches on-page SEO and shows in great detail how to build a Wordpress site with 3000 word posts perfectly optimized for the Google search engine - but fast!

NOTE: This is not just SEO theory. Discontented with the advice given by hundreds of SEO experts on the net, I decided to apply the Search Engine Optimization Techniques I've learned over 15 years of earning a living on the internet and create the perfect site.

All of the finding are based on a real-life case study and everything is revealed. You will learn how to duplicate the strategy and apply on page SEO techniques that gave me these results:

  • my website hit the first page of Google search within 3 months of creation
  • keyword volume was 600 searches per month
  • only FREE tools used
  • total cost of the niche site SEO Case Study? Just 7 dollars!

Following the instructions step by step, you will learn how to:

  • research and generate laser-targeted keywords for your posts
  • discover and integrate LSI (Latent Symantic Indexing) search terms into your posts
  • install Wordpress using cPanel
  • install bullet-proof Wordpress site security (hacking is becoming a big problem!)
  • install a FREE SSL certificate (fast becoming a Google requirement)
  • install the right WP plugins for security, SEO, page load speed and more
  • apply a complete blueprint for perfect on-page SEO
  • create unique posts with 3000 words of rich content - fast! (Special technique)

I know exactly what it's like to read on the internet how easy it is to rank a website on Page 1 of Google search using a combination of perfect on page SEO and powerful backlinks, but the reality is a little different.

For one thing, the Google search engine algorithm is changing constantly, so what is good for SEO one day, may not be the same for SEO  the day after! We need to look for a constant that resonates with search and optimize our sites to follow Google's guidelines.

This constant can be found by a careful combination of three things:

  • perfect Wordpress on page SEO

  • long and unique rich content

  • a small quantity of powerful backlinks

  • social signals - a must for SEO

Often, beginning internet marketers come to the SEO game a little late, after they have a website that has been changed and added to over some time. It may have a variety of grey or black-hat backlinks and questionable on page optimization.

This certainly was my case. I tried to adapt to Google's changing SEO algorithm by adapting my main site (which sold guitar lessons). However, hidden penalties and faulty page/post construction made this very difficult and made effective on page SEO much harder.

The big Google search engine optimization changes came in 2012, and my main site dropped out of site, massively affecting my earnings – from $3000 to $400 month!

At that time I diversified into social marketing and other products to gradually recover earnings, but it wasn't easy at all.

Over the years I have purchased SEO packages, joined paid SEO groups run by so-called gurus and I dare not count how much I've spent on tactics that just don't work!

The sad fact is that 90% of the money made online is made by people selling services to show other marketers how to make money online. To be successful with a website you need to break out of this cycle.

On Page SEO For A Brand New Wordpress Site.

I decided to create a completely new Wordpress site and add posts that were perfectly optimized for on page SEO. I had this course specifically in mind and present it now as a case study.

The results are pleasing – after 3 months I hit Google page search for a keyword with 390/month volume in just under 3 months. The incredible thing is that I spent no money and used no backlinks, just great content and great SEO.

This course shows EXACTLY how I did it, from using keyword research to choose the domain name, to installing Wordpress, all the way through to creating posts, integrating best SEO practices along the way. You look over my shoulder as I explain it all with great screen-shots.

Basic On Page SEO Guidelines For Beginners

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of altering or optimizing your website and it’s content in order that search engines deem it to be relevant and useful to certain topics. You are able to select the most appropriate topics through the use of certain keywords in your website.

When surfers conduct searches on search engines they are presented with a list of results for that search term. These results are called Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and generally speaking, the websites that appear at the top of the SERPs will receive plenty of traffic to their websites from searchers.

In order to determine your position on the SERPs, search engines use their own algorithms for SEO. While nobody knows for absolute certain what these algorithms are it is widely accepted that your website needs to be easy to navigate, popular and relevant, as well as having great SEO.

Easy navigation means that your site should have text links to each of its pages. If you use a flash menu system then you should include a sitemap in order that search engines and visitors can quickly and easily find their way around the whole of your website.

Take it easy, Jim Bruce 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jim Bruce

SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer


I could write a book about the different jobs and roles I've had in my life - maybe I should! We'll see.

Online course creation seemed to be a natural step for me, after years of being involved with SEO and internet marketing.

After making a living out of playing acoustic blues guitar in Europe for many years, I became interested in teaching online about 15 years ago, and began creating online courses. In 2103 I was voted Number 2 top blues guitar teacher by users of

While blues guitar remains dear to my heart, the last year I've been concentrating on novel writing, movie script writing and SEO for internet marketing. It's all about creating and being the best we can possibly be!

After years of promoting my own products online, I realised I had ... See full profile

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1. SEO 2020 For Beginners: I decided to create a niche website, a new website from scratch and show how I could rank it on Google Search on page one within three months at no cost. Hi, I'm James Bruce. Over the past 10 years or so, I've created something like 200 niche websites and I've been lucky enough to make my living online by far the best way. And the most sustainable way to make an income online is to create and maintain, unleash website and meet website cells, affiliate products or your own product. And it focuses on a tight niche or one product. Before 2012 it was very easy toe rank, a website on Google Search. As Google's algorithms became more and more sophisticated, it became harder and harder. It isn't possible to gain Google. The only way is to deliver will Google requires and that is the purpose of this course. Over the years, I spent thousands on advice from experts, many who claim to have cracked the Google algorithm. Let me state right now that no one has cracked the algorithm, although some have a good idea of the main ranking factors. The course takes the form of a road map of the process that I used to rank my site on page one. Within three months, everything is shown and explained in great detail. First of all, I talk about the overall keyword strategy on how to choose a domain name. Using free tools, I show how to choose the right keywords for that niche. I only briefly cover the WordPress installation and themes set up as there are many free resources available on the Net for guidance, security is becoming a major issue for all WordPress sites. I show the number on the type of attacks that my own site receives on how to ensure your site security. We'll cover guarding against brute force attacks. Click jacking denial of service on other dangers plug ins on essential part of a smooth running an effective WordPress site. These include plug ins for security and also for delivering ads in a smooth manner. Secure sites are favored by Google, and in future, all sites will have an SSL certificate. This lesson includes step by step instructions for installing a free certificate to have any chance at all that ranking in Google. Search on Page Seo or search engine optimization needs to be assed perfect as we can make it. In this lesson, we look at the you are else looks the title tanks. What attributes you should give your images on how to create and upload rich content the Google finds very valuable. All of your pages imposed on your site will be related to a keyword. We use this lesson to relate back to our original keyword strategy that we talked about in the introduction. Content creation is crucial to a successful site in this module. I'll show you how to create unique WordPress posts, typically between 3 to 4000 words on, we'll create these in under one hour. We'll talk about keywords and their variations on related phrases called Ellis. I will add rich content quickly and effortlessly, and I'll show you tips and tricks using widgets that will make your site super efficient. Will your site need back links? More and more bad things are not the powerful answer to S E. O that they used to be. Nevertheless, powerful back wings are a definite boom for this model. I present the actual statistics relating to my own site. It shows how I rang my site on page one within three months without using any back links, all paid services. In this next module, I'm going to demonstrate my overall keywords strategy. 2. SEO Keyword Strategy Part 1: for this part of the research, I use a free tool called uber suggest after entering how to write a novel. The tool displays 894 phrases, which are way too many. The next step is to filter out some words. I'll enter a positive filter so that only phrases with that word will appear. I will enter. Write a novel and click volume to display the keywords with the highest volume. Copy the 1st 20 to 30 words before moving on. It's necessary to explore related keywords by drilling down into the subject, for example, a novel as a plot, some applause dialogue, genre and the theme so I can use each of these words as the basis for Mauris. Virg novels are also written in prose, so prose is another phrase that I could use all of these form the basis of less competitive keywords that relate directly to the service that I promote. The services are all about writing courses, helping people to write novels use each new keyword to produce more possibilities in uber suggest. For this example, I'll enter how to plot a novel on go through the same process to come up with another 20 to 30 words. Remove keywords that are obviously not relevant until you have a total list of 100 keyword phrases. These represent the titles and your ills of possible posts for your new site. However, there's still a little more work to do on another tool to introduce. 3. SEO Keyword Strategy Part 2: the browser extension or add on called keywords everywhere is invaluable as a quick check on volume and competition. Once the add on is installed either on Chrome or Firefox into a phrase into Google Search, and it will instantly display search volume and competitiveness. Keywords are rated from zero toe warning, one being highly competitive. The numbers give some indication of the phrase popularity among advertisers who bid for ads on Google for this particular keyword. It's not sure that the volumes or competition are strictly accurate, but they do give a reasonable indication. I used to other methods of very vacation on. I'll talk about these in a few minutes. At this point, these focus keywords are indicative. Only the tools give us some indication of their competitiveness and their volume. However, it's a fact that over 50% of all the searches every day in Google have never been seen before. They're completely new. Add to this the fact that voice search is changing the way the Google is searched. Voice search tends to use question form in a much longer format than traditional text search. Also, more and more older people are using the Internet older people tend to use much longer sentences in the questioning, conversational tone, even when they're writing text. This is why I say that the main focus keywords that we find using the method that I describe are just indicators only. Of course, we would like to rank for these keywords because they're very good volumes. But mostly the keywords that we're looking for are enclosed in much longer search phrases that users tend to use with Google. It's these longer search phrases that we need to make sure are included in the text included in our site posts. Because of increased competitiveness, it's in our interest to choose a keyword with a reasonable volume. But with relatively low competition, this is becoming more and more difficult. But helped by the fact that more and more searches are being used, that a completely new in Google. Many marketers focus on keywords with high volumes and therefore high competition. The logic is that if they get to page one with a high volume keyword, they will make a lot of money. But the sad truth is that with a competitive keyword, it will take a long time to get to Page one if you get there at all. So don't be too concerned if you have a post that's focused on a keyword that maybe only has between 50 to 100 searches a month. First of all, the tools that Google provides are not too accurate. So maybe you'll get more than 50 to 100 searchers a month. And secondly, if you have 100 posts on your website focusing on a key word with 100 searches among and they all reach the top half of page one Google Search, you have been making money. 4. SEO Keyword Strategy Part 3: now back to key word verification once I have a key word in mind, a focus keyword for one of the posts using the tool keywords everywhere I normally verify in two ways. First includes a quick the query in inverted commas to show how many pages have that exact phrase. If the result is resting, 1000 is probably a good candidate. Then I use another tool. Keyword. Reveal her to check further. There's also a free plan limited to just three searches a day, but this is often sufficient. Simply click the button to see the assessed competition. The tool also lists related phrases that you might not have thought off. Another nice feature of the keyword everywhere tool is that it offers related suggestions, which also show volumes and competition. Often, this tool alone reveals interesting phrases with decent volume that you might not have thought off once you've chosen your domain name that include your main key word, and you have 100 keywords that are the targets of your posts and you RL's. You can proceed in the next video. I'm going to run quickly through a basic WordPress installation 5. Best SEO Platform Installing Wordpress: although choosing a domain name on installing WordPress is not the focus of this course, I'm going to include a short section describing just how to do that. I normally buy domain names from Go Daddy, and you can also host your account there. Go Daddy uses user interface for their hosting service called C Panel on. This is what we're going to use to install our basic WordPress site. This is a C panel interface provided by my hosting provider. The user interface facilitates several functions from a file access to email account access and creation, and also the installation of content management systems CMS, such as WordPress. If you're familiar with the basics, you can skip this video and pass on to the next scrolling down. We can see that the WordPress environment can be installed using software on the sea panel called Soft Oculus. Simply click on WP on on the next screen click install. Now there are a few settings that need our attention, assuming you don't yet have an SSL certificate installed. Choose http the system automatically creates on the signs the WordPress installation files to a directory called WP for this demonstration amusing a temporary directory called WP one . But this space should be left blank to install the set up files into the root of your domain. Main the site and also, at a short description, pay particular attention, setting your user name and your password. The password should be very strong. I recommend using nonsensical words mixed with special characters on numbers into an email. Feel notifications and scroll down. Ignore the plug in section as we'll be adding plug ins for security later on. Now click Install Installation takes 3 to 4 minutes. When it's finished, click. The administration link provided an end to your WordPress dashboard. First of all, our remove example posts and pages that have already bean installed by the system. As a guideline, Install a theme that you like. This one is active ello by color lib, which is free. Install the theme Activate on. We're ready to move on. Click Customize to check your theme settings. This is where you can choose which side you prefer for your sidebar and how your post excerpts will appear on your home page. Content options should be left at the default settings on the slider turned off image sliders and Cara cells seem to be popular at the moment, but they do nothing for the site S C o. They just served to push your main content further on down the page. 6. SEO Wordpress Security: website. Security is becoming more and more important. Attacks are on the increase and there are millions every single day. My own website, the one that CIA, the subject of this case study, is attacked hundreds of times a month. The attacks very in intensity on a style, but there's always a danger taught unprotected site. Fortunately, it's quite easy for us to protect our sides against most of the common attacks. Hackers try to gain access to your site for a variety of reasons. Aan obvious. One is to add text or banner links to your site, which redirect their own sites or offers. Thousands of sites are hacked and used to launch D. O s or denial of service attacks on another site. These attacks operate my sending so much traffic to a website that the hosting server just can't cope on the site goes down. Someone with illegal files such as pornographic images may try to store them on your server to escape discovery. Some hackers simply like the challenge. They do it for thumb. Whatever the reason, there are millions of attacks every year, and currently there are almost 180,000 WordPress sites successfully hacked every year. So what are these attacks? The three main attacks account for almost 80% of all the attempts. These are hosting server vulnerability, brute force attacks and plug invulnerability. Make sure you use a well established hosting company. Send them an email asking about their record on water, their defenses against hacking. Just by using a reputable host, your risk is reduced considerably. A brute force attack is when a bought attempts to get your admin user name on the password , as you can imagine. If you leave the user name as the default, which is admin, and use a simple password, you'll soon be hacked. As I said, you're the installation video user and password should be random. Over 12 characters and mixed plug in should be kept to a minimum on only choose ones that actually supported and compatible with the latest version of your WordPress theme. Be sure to check your WordPress dashboard from time to time on update the theme and plug ins whenever you're notified. This is important as updates include fixes for vulnerabilities. Just recently discovered. The security plug in that I use is called Word fence, which has a free Onda Pro plan it guards against brute force attacks as well as many others . And even with the free plan, I have never been hacked. 7. SEO WP Plugins for Security and Functionality : the right plug ins. Congressional Improve the efficiency on the look, the functionality of your website. The wrong plug ins can give you problems. As a general rule, only use plug ins that are well reviewed are compatible with your theme, and they're well supported. I only use free plug ins, and these fall into three broad categories. These are security S C O, um, functionality. In the last video, I talked about the need for protecting your site from hackers. I use three plug ins to protect all of my sites. Word Fence. As a free Onda pro plan, the free plan provides quite a high level of protection straight out of the box with its own default settings. It's got 100% protection against brute force attacks. For example, the settings options are quite extensive on their best. Explored yourself using the word fence help service online. This is where they recommend optimal settings scrolling down to the bottom of the dashboard . You can see that this site has had hundreds of attacks every month worldwide. The plug in blocks about 70 million attacks Every single day. I use a separate plug in to guard against X s s vulnerability attacks, which protects against cold script manipulation. Note. We don't have to fully understand the precise nature of these attacks. The plugging is simply activated and forgotten. Leslie, As I am building a knee site, depending on links to products that I affiliate to, I use an anti click Jack. Plug in click jacking is when a hacker places on I frame over your page that is identical to it. When a user clicks on your banner, it is redirected to the hacker site i e. The clique has been hijacked. 8. SEO and Site Speed: Now we move on to S C. O. And site speed is becoming more and more of a factor for Google. Search the speed at which your site loads into a browser should be optimized. It makes sense for a service like Google, which tries to provide the best experience for its users to give preference to fast sites. A sign that takes longer to load begins to lose visitors. 50% of all visitors simply don't wait for it to load once this time exceeds something like four seconds using the following plug ins, I increase my site load speeds from 4.7 seconds to a little over one second, which is a significant improvement. Images take time to load on display on normally, images are processed even if they're not displayed yet. The A three lazy load plugging holes back on the image, rendering until the user scrolls down and views them. This saves initial page load time. I have a similar plugging called Lazy Load for videos. It does the same thing. The YouTube in bets a thumbnail image is displayed on the video code is only processed when the image is clicked. The plug in Smush compresses the overall image size without reducing quality. This also improves page speed. WordPress Fastest cash delivers a cached file of your posts and pages. This plugging alone should reduce your site load time by 2 to 3 seconds. 9. SEO Other Useful Plugins : it's worth mentioning others that I used to enhance the presentation of clickable banners directing a user to my affiliate office. The sidebar has many uses, and it's generally the place where we put a search bar, archived posts and categories. These place in the form of widgets. It's a great area for wanted to square badness, but with normal functioning, there's a problem. Normally, when the user scrolls down to read the post, the banners are lost from view. I use a program called Q two W three fixed widget. This plug in holds the banners in place. Once activated, the widget containing the banner code can be selected as sticky. This means it will be on view the whole time when them user scrolls down the page using another plug in called widget context. I can have several banners, each one laser targeted. According to the post content, A box appears underneath the widget, where you can select the posts where the banners are displayed. It may be from time to time that we want to run a special promotion on place, a banner or some text in every post on the site. As your side grows, this becomes quite a task. The plug in called ad insert er does this automatically. Ads can be inserted at the top of a post at the bottom or even 23 or four paragraphs down. It's very flexible and saves a lot of time. It's fast becoming a requirement for Google that a website is labeled H T P P s, which means that it's secure. It has an S S L certificate. And in the next video, I'll show you how to install a free certificate for your site. 10. Free SEO - SSL Certificate Installation: I'm please, You're still here with me. The previous video was quite detailed on basic, but I wanted to provide everything that I including my own site so that you can maximize your success and copy exactly what I do. Another factor that Google is very serious about is the privacy and security of the users on the Internet. S S L stands for secure sockets layer. And it's a protocol that they was a very secure connection between a user's browser on the server Were the website lifts. Many Internet users will not buy from a website that is not secure. I will not give their private information. The S at the end of H T T. P means that the link between the site the browser on the server is secure. It's encrypted to a very high standard. One of my sites has an expired certificate, so I installed a new one to show you the procedure. I use SSL for free dot com. The certificates are free, but only less. For three months. You receive an email one week before expiry, so it's not too much of a hassle to renew. Here's my site, and if I click next to the U. R L In the browser bar, a message pops up telling me that the site is not secure. Next up, I'll go to the SSL for free dashboard. As a previous client, my site has already entered. For a new site, simply click, add or edit domains. On the next page, you can enter both versions of your domain. Click, create free SSL certificates, click manual verification and then manually verify domain scrolling down. You'll asked to download two files. Do this on. Remember where they're stored on your computer. We now need to create two folders using C Panel one called dot well known on AC Meet Challenge. After the files are uploaded, the correct placement can be verified by clicking the two links provided here I am in my C panel for Jim Bruce guitar dot com. Click the file manager and then public. HTML. Even though I previously created the folders required, these are not visible. This is because files and folder names proceeds with a dot or normally hidden click settings on DTIC show Hidden Files to display the folder dot well known. The folder Acme Challenge is inside this folder on the two files inside the folder can be deleted as they have expired. For a new site, you will create these folders ready to hold a verification files. - Once the files are uploaded, go back to SSL for free dot com and click the links to verify if all is good, click download s s L certificate. Now copy all the text inside the certificate box on. Go back to your C panel dashboard, scroll down to SSL TLS and click to enter. Now click. Manage SSL toe. Open the space where you paste the certificate. Select your domain name on pay shore certificate into the top box. - Next , copy the private key into the next box. Click install certificate. After a few seconds, a message will appear. You can now close. See panel on SSL for free. The installation is complete. When I go back to my website, I can see that the u. R L is preceded by https and the site is now secure before creating content. In the next video, I'm going to go over a few points explaining and demonstrating what constitutes a good post for S e o In the eyes of Google you learn about U. R L slugs, title tanks, image attributes, rich content on how we integrate the keywords that we found in the first video into our post text. 11. On Page SEO Prt 1 - General Requirements: before creating a post. We look at some of the practices and elements they're important. In the eyes of Google search, Google gives president toe articles and post content that is highly relevant to the search phrase. Onda also is of the very best quality variations of the post Focus keyword or called LS high phrases. We stands for latent semantic indexing. Search robots are becoming very sophisticated. They couldn't even tell if your article is written in a lighthearted manner, whether it's serious or if it's academic and approach, however, they can tell if the text or the page is interesting to a visitor. The only way they can really tell is how long the visitor stays on the page on how he reacts to the content on that page. Posting long articles of 3000 words helps to keep visitors, but it must be attractively laid out on broken up with other page elements. Also combined with rich content, Rich content includes video sound, text on pictograph images. You learn how to create long content in the next video, but for now we're going to look at how such a post should be structured 12. On Page SEO - Prt 2: moving on to on Page S C O. The plug in called All in one S e O provides a way of writing a targeted description for your posts. This is the title and description that Google will display in search results, so a keyword rich text will help. Enormously. Meta tag manager allows the addition of meta tags, which are basically keywords. Meta tags are not considered to be that important for Google search anymore, but the main keywords that we enter in here can reinforce the overall tone of your post. I usually add three or four main keywords. If it's overdone and you add too many, it could be judged as keyword stuffing, which was common years ago because in those days it worked. The rest of the site is fairly standard, with additional plug ins used that help with administrative tasks. 13. On Page SEO URL Slug, Headings and LSI Keywords: the first opportunity to tell search bots. What Your post is all about is in the post you are l by default. This is a month stroke date type of format, and it is quite ugly. James Air setting in the WordPress dashboard to the domaine dot com, or whatever your extension is on the key word. This looks shouldn't be too long and contained the posts. Focus. Keyword. A variation of the key word is a longer phrase and is then used for the title worth press codes. The title has H one. Another variation can be used as a subtitle further on down the page, and this has tanked eight to You can carry on and do the same with H three and H Full attacks. The main focus keyword can be inserted in the 1st 100 words and in the final 100 words on this is sufficient. So called keyword density is not important, but l s I keywords Ellis. I stands for latent semantic indexing. These keywords are not just civilians, although they can be for their words and phrases frequently plays within text relating to your focus keyword. This is how Google decides how relevant your page is to any particular search phrase, and it also serves to remove ambiguities. For example, if the main focus keyword is best auto paint, it's possible that the word auto could mean automatic. The search robots just don't know. They decide by searching for latent semantic indexing words throughout the text. If there are reference to bodywork to cause or body shops in your article that it's safe to assume that the auto refers to automobile, don't worry about ls I keywords. Any well written article is filled with them, particularly when created in the way that I'm going to show you later on. 14. On Page SEO Rich Content Images, Video, MP3 and PDF: use plenty of images to break up the text and spread out the text with plenty of spacing above and below short paragraphs. You could also use the quote function on bold and italics fonts to further enhance the text appearance. This adds variety. Blocks of text are difficult to read and not easy on the eye. Rename images before uploading so that they contain variables of the focus. Keyword in the file name another key word variation, or LS. I can then be added to the Olt text field for that image. In general, images should be large, relevant and eye catching pictographs are great. They contain info in picture format the visitors really like, so they tend to stay longer on the page. Always add at least one YouTube embedded video to your posts. If possible, the title and the description should contain the focus, keyword or a close variation. We will revisit the subject of videos where we create post content. In the next lesson. Google lives to find rich content on your post, which content is different styles of content Like MP three, you can convert the video that you have to embed to an MP three file and also embed that underneath the video, create a Pdf file of the text and upload it to the post. 15. On Page SEO Internal/External Links and Post Tags: internal linking to other similar posts on your own site reinforces relevance at two or three such links to every article on to Ling's to authority websites. Normally, I would enter my focus keywords into Google and link out to one of the top three results. Unless their competitors, of course, into tend to 20 related keywords as Post Tex, a significant amount of traffic can come through tag you RL's. I also add 3 to 4 keywords as Met attacks, using the meta tag manager at the bottom of the post Edit Page and Leslie add social sharing buttons. Social traffic is a good indicator of post popularity for Google Search, and in the next video, I'll show you how to create unique content of between 2 to 3000 words in under an hour. 16. SEO - Content Creation: at the beginning of this training, I said that we would aim to have a site. What about 100 posts just not off with. That's a lot of posts. If you had to write one a day, it would be a lot of work, given that each one needs to be unique, focused on a particular keyword and relevant to Google Search, paying for high quality articles is not an option because it's too expensive. And even the best article spinning has no place on the quality website like yours is going to be. The answer is to use YouTube video transcripts, the transcripts and the videos of publicly available. And it's breaking no kind of rule or ethics to publish the content on your own side. In fact, it provides extra exposure for the video creator, particularly if your post goes to the top of page one. In addition to the video embed, I also link out to the Creators Channel as an extra thank you into your focus keyword into YouTube search. Choose a video with a title that contains that keyword or a very close variation of it. I'm clicking to view. Click on the three dots underneath the video and choose open transcript. The text will appear on the right hand side. Default settings is to display the time stamps. Click toggle time stems to remove them. Copy all of the text and paste into a word processor. As you can see, the text is truncated in tow. Half sentences with double space lines between click, edit and choose, find and replace. Set the fine field to the dollar. Sign on. Enter a space in the replace field. Click replaced all on the text will be normalized. Now set the text size to 11 on the front toe. Calibri before continuing. We need to verify the uniqueness of this text. In Google, you can use on online plagiarism checker or simply choose two or three short sections and copy. Paste them into Google Search surrounded by speech marks and click for the results. If no results are found, you can proceed. The last stage in preparing the text ready for posting is to perpetuate and separated into short paragraphs off a few sentences each. The punctuation phase is the most time consuming, but with a little practice, it becomes quite quick in the next lesson. We're going to take this text and create a structure post using the lessons for S C O that we learned previously. 17. Video 9a Post Structure Video and Text x264: and in this lesson, we're going to take the content that we created. Are we going to structure a post? It will be fairly detailed because I want to show you exactly how I build a post on how I rank on Google Page one. Let's go Search and download five or six relevant images from picks. Obey renamed them to contain the focus keyword on variations. Search YouTube with the Post Focus keyword and copy the U. R L. Convert the video into an MP three file online download and safe convert the punctuated post text into a PdF file and name it as a focus keyword variation. You also need the list of related keywords discovered in uber suggest. As described in the video lesson keywords strategy. These key words have to be separated by commas. Open WordPress, dashboard and click. Add a new post. Add the title. We should contain your focus, keyword. The key word itself should be the first words in that title paste the YouTube video You are l into the post when The Post has published the lazy load for video Plug in will display a thumbnail on Load the video. If it is clicked. Now click at a media Onda blowed. The MP three of the video audio WordPress will automatically display a simple MP three player underneath the video, a normally type YouTube channel in text here and link out to the video Creators Channel now pays the whole text of the video transcript into the post and at the pdf at end. 18. Video 9b Post Structure Image Alt Text, Tags, Meta and Slug x264: post the images throughout the article, having he would variations as the old text for each one, - two or three paragraphs down the article at an each to title with a keyword variation throughout the text. He was bold font from time to time for variety and then close certain passages in quotation marks. Link out with relevant keyword variations to other posts on your own site and link out to to authorities science. Choose a category for the post and add the comma separated keywords as tax scrolling down to the three and one s. You plug in fields and the title on the short description containing the focus keyword. - Lastly , at three or four keywords using meta tag manager at the bottom of the page, go back to the top of the post. Check the you are else. Look for the post generated automatically by WordPress. The system uses the title is the basis for this slug. We need to check it on short in it so that it is your main focus keyword or a very close variation. Now preview the post. Make any adjustments necessary on publish 19. SEO - Building The Post Structure: and in this lesson, we're going to take the content that we created. When we go into structure a post, it will be fairly detailed because I want to show you exactly how I build a post on how I rank on Google Page one. Let's go Search and download five or six relevant images from picks. Obey renamed them to contain the focus keyword on variations. Search YouTube with the Post Focus keyword and copy the U. R L. Convert the video into an MP three file online download and safe convert the punctuated post text into a PdF file and name it as a focus keyword variation. You also need the list of related keywords discovered in uber suggest. As described in the video lesson keywords strategy. These key words have to be separated by commas. Open WordPress, dashboard and click. Add a new post. Add the title, which should contain your focus. Keyword. The key word itself should be the first words in that title paste the YouTube video You are l into the post when The Post has published the lazy load for video Plug in will display a thumbnail on Load the video. If it is clicked. Now click, Add a media Under blowed. The MP three of the video audio WordPress will automatically display a simple MP three player underneath the video. I normally type YouTube channel in text here and link out to the video creators Channel Now . Place the whole text of the video transcript into the post and at the pdf at the end. Post the images throughout the article, adding he would variations as the old text for each one, - two or three paragraphs down the article at an each to title with a keyword variation throughout the text. He was bold font from time to time for variety and then close certain passages in quotation marks. Link out with relevant keyword variations to other posts on your own site and link out to to authorities science. Choose a category for the post and add the comma separated keywords as tax scrolling down to the three and one s you plug in fields. Add the title on the short description containing the focus keyword. - Lastly , at three or four keywords using meta tag manager at the bottom of the page, go back to the top of the post. Check the you are else. Look for the post generated automatically by WordPress. The system uses the title is the basis for this slug. We need to check it on short in it so that it is your main focus keyword or a very close variation. Now preview the post. Make any adjustments necessary on publish. 20. SEO and Backlinks: even though Google algorithms are constantly evolving, it's true that links back Ling's from authority sites have a big impact on your ranking, particularly for the very highest rankings. It's difficult to see how Google could ignore these kind of links, because if a high authority site considered your site valuable enough to link to, then it must be quite a sight. It must have authority in its own right. Google can't afford to ignore it because their commitment is to provide the very best quality sites for their users. It's largely true that excellent, with great quality content, will not reach the very top of Google by itself. However, even if the site has fantastic back Ling's from authority sites like CNN, Wikipedia, Ford's etcetera, it will not reach the very top of Google search unless the Collins the quality of the content is very, very high. Ideally, you need both a fantastic site with great back lings. Now, the case study that these lessons rely on don't rely on any back things at all. But I'd like to say a few words about back Ling's because there they are important for any site all those search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Links from an authority site do have a big effect on your ranking. It's difficult to see how Google could remove this element from its ranking calculations. After all, if an important site considered your own site to be a valuable resource, it's a big sign to Google that they should rank it highly. It seems the quality rich content and back lings go hand in hand. While it's difficult to rank at the very top at number one with good quality and no back lings, having great links and poor quality content doesn't work either. Ideally, you need both. However, back links from powerful sites are still not sufficient to achieve the best rankings. Google knows the kind of activity that surrounds a new on growing site. The algorithm takes into account social activity sharing and links from other sites or forums. Increase in activity as the site grows, follows unknown curve and any activity not following this curve, this natural growth will be suspected on may be penalized. Although frowned upon by Google, it is possible to create a natural looking back ling profile using the services of S. Il Professionals, however, take great care It's a very difficult area, and it's probably worth waiting for your site to grow organically. Gathering back links naturally as it evolves, create social profiles. Even the links created are no follow. It indicates to Google that your site has social reach. Create Facebook Page dedicated to the site. Join groups on be active, posting interesting content regularly. Create a YouTube channel for the site on link back from the dashboard. Try to create a least one video per week with a link in the description toe one of your sites in the pages or posts a great do follow link can be created, using his as a video site that compiles playlists from YouTube video and other popular platforms. Simply search for videos related to your focus, keyword and write a description containing keyword variations on the Link Deal website. The resulting back think is Do follow and bed the playlist on your site, and it should be indexed on your site as it gets crawled by Google robots. A really good way to get a strong back link is to approach similar size but not a competitors, and ask if you could write a guest post for them. A link back to your site will be included in the article profile. In the next video lesson, you see how my site ranked, drawing the three months following its creation. 21. SEO - Site Ranking The Case Study: and now we're going to see how my site addressed through the rankings. Ah purchased the site on April 4th, 2018 and started to build it just a few days later. For this case study. I needed a means of tracking up to 100 keywords for this purpose. I used the software called Serb fox dot com, and it cost $10 a month to track 100 keywords. This is the only time that I used a paid service at any time to rank my site, and this is not strictly necessary. My strategy was to identify 100 keywords closely related to my site content and to track them regularly. As I added content to the site, it's important to get your post indexed in Google. So how did this site to Google Search console and added the site map? There's a free plugging for WordPress to generate the site map you simply uploaded to Google Search Console to get the ball rolling. From this point on, Google search bots will crawl your site regularly as you add content. You can also check how many posts are indexed in Google. Using this console, you'll notice that there be more your Ellis indexed than they're opposed on your site. This is knowable as it takes into account category pages and also tags tags are treated a separate you RL's. Some experts say that tags shouldn't be overused as it can lead to duplicate content. Penalty from Google Search. I haven't found this, and anyway, it doesn't make sense. Google Search is sophisticated enough to understand the tag. Urals do not constitute intentional user content duplication. It's just the result off a content management system such as WordPress. Even though Google may show a certain number of your L's, it may not decide to show all of them in search results. For example, currently, my site has over 1600 or so your ella's indexed. But if I use the site Colon Command for Google search, it shows considerably less at 590. Also. Even so, there are many more than the number of posts. My advice is to add a 10 to 20 tanks to eat post as Tagi oils often rank and bring traffic on the search analytics page. For my site, you can see the tag Urals a ranking even though the monthly volume is showed a zero. This is not true. It's just very low. But it's important to get traffic flowing and it will grow over time. Each week I track 100 keywords on Serb folks don't come. A good way to build this keyword list is to add the focus keyword as you create a post and then at four or five variations. About one month after side creation, my key word started to rank the key word. What are subplots? Entered quite strongly a position 27 and then drop back before steadily climbing again. It reached Page one Position eight on July the third, three months after I created the site. Two related keywords. Definition of subplots and subplots. Definition followed soon afterwards. This was particularly pleasing for their volumes of 1300 searches per month of her interesting. All of these keywords continue to move slowly upwards, and it has to be noted that progressing through the top half of page one is much harder than the bottom half. Of course, any Page one position brings traffic, but the top positions bring much more. In addition, my site has more key words on pages 23 and four, just ready to move up over the next month or two, I will be focused on promoting them on building back clings to start moving them up to page one. I'm confident that this site will continue to grow. Continue to bring traffic on, build a solid income over the coming months. And now it's up to you. It's up to you to take action without action. Nothing can happen using the information and strategies that I've given you. Within this course, you can build a very good, solid site and build your own online income, even though it may take three months to rank anywhere near Page one and something like six months to nine months after this to build that solid income. If you take no action now, within six months, you'll still be wondering where to find extra income. Start now, let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear from you. I hope you've enjoyed the course, but I