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SEO for Beginners - Get FREE Traffic to Websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

teacher avatar Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is SEO?


    • 2.

      Before Doing SEO


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO


    • 5.

      On Page & Off Page SEO


    • 6.

      SEO Ranking Factors


    • 7.

      Google RankBrain


    • 8.

      Dwell Time


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About This Class

Welcome to SEO for Beginners -  Get FREE Traffic to Websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Inside this course you're going to learn all you need to know about SEO. 

SEO is the act we need to perform on & off our Website in order to get organic (FREE) traffic from search engines such as Google.

What You'll Learn In This SEO Fundamentals Course:

What Is SEO?
Before Doing SEO
Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO
On Page & Off Page SEO
SEO Ranking Factors
Google RankBrain
Dwell Time

See you inside the course :)

Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


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1. What is SEO?: Now, in this video, guys, we're gonna talk about what s CEO is also known as search engine optimization. So let's dive into it now. What is a CEO? Well, as he always basically the act that we need to perform in order to get free traffic from search engines, search engines such as Google, YouTube, Amazon we having being where having Yahoo and so on. So zero is basically the act itself that we need to perform in order to get traffic floor free from these big websites. So now your question might be, How do I do this? So how do we do this? Well, first of all, we need to make our content more relevant. We need tohave. The answer that people are searching for our job is to find out what people are searching for. And the search engines job is actually 2% the best content for the users on their platform . So this is what we need to do. We need to make our content more relevant for the search engines and also for the people that are searching for it so they find our content. Next step we need to take is to increase our authority. We need to make sure that our content, whether it's a block post, is a YouTube video is a product that we're selling is popular. So if we go to the Internet right now, now, by going to Google searching for the term beard oil, we can scroll down, we can see in the top wearing sponsored content people actually have paid for this. So this is not eso. Then we're having videos here in the top, and then we're having some websites here with some articles. Now, a fun fact is that the top five results on Google is actually getting 75% off all website traffic. How crazy, Right. So that is why you would like to rank your website in the top off Google. Now the same goes for Amazon. For example, If you go to Amazon and you search for beard oil, then these are companies that actually have made their product popular. So the top results here will get the most sales. You can see the results with the most reviews, for example, and the most stars. They are getting the most sales and the ranking in the top because they made their product popular and the used S E o in the right way. Same goes for YouTube. If you go to YouTube and you search for beard oil, you'd make a search for beard oil here. Then you will see that while in the top we're having an ad here, not a CEO. But you can see the top results here has the most views. They're having a lot of use and also a lot of engagement. This heavily depends on what platform that you are on. Do you have your website? You would like to rank it on Google? Or do you have a product to sell like on Amazon, for example? Or do you have and YouTube video that you would like people to see? Now this is different. Eso and we will talk about in Maurin the course. But just know that you need to make your content popular. Then we're having something called technical optimization. This is the entire process that we need to do in the background in order to get seen and get found on Google, YouTube or whichever search and you would like to get traffic from. So that is the technical optimization the entire process that we're going to go through in this course. In the end, it all comes down to if we would like to perform good eso. We need to help search engines to rank us. We need to help them with presenting relevant content, popular content. And we need to do this in the background over website over YouTube channel inside over Amazon account or which ever platform that we're using. So this is basically what eso is and what we need to do. Let's dive in MAWR into depth on how to do as Seo properly. I'll see you in the next lecture. 2. Before Doing SEO: in this video, guys, we're gonna talk about things to do before we go into a CEO before we trying to search Indian, optimizing any over content on a website on a YouTube channel or wherever we're having our content. So let's dive into it. So before we do any eso to any over content, it's really, really important to consider a few things. And the 1st 1 is, what's your goal with your S E O is to get more traffic to your block post. Is it? To get more traffic to your YouTube channel is to get more traffic to your product pages is to get more leads for your business. What is your goal in this video? I'm going to take one example off hours. So you have a better understanding after this video what you may consider to do before you do any search engine optimization to any of your content. For us in this video, it will be to sell this course. This is our goal, so we want to sell more copies off this course. So by knowing that we would like to sell more copies off this course, the next question is who is your audience now. This is heavily depending on what you're doing. If you're having any business, if you're having type of niche on your maybe blawg content on your YouTube channel or whatever content that you're creating, who is your audience? For this example, Our audience will be marketers, small business owners, freelancers, influencers and social media experts. Knowing this will help us to understand what type of language to speak in text, to get found by a CEO, so knowing your audience is very important. If you don't know who your audience is, you may consider to figure that out. Next step is what type of content is it that you would like to search Indian optimize. Is it a block post? Is it your poor? The cost isn't your YouTube video or any other type of content. You have to figure that out because next up is what medium will use. Now you can either use Google. So if you would like to rank on Google, you're having a website, maybe, and you having blood post on that website off course, you would like to rank on Google, then you know that your medium ISS, Google or else if you're having a YouTube channel on YouTube, is the medium that you would like to use now. As I said, Google is great for website, for example. Now this is our website. If we we have like and block post on this website, then we will definitely go with the medium off Google. But for this we would like to rank video, so our medium will be YouTube. So every search engine works a little bit different, but it's in the end, this same. So there's different types of criteria to Google than it is for YouTube, for example. But the main goal for these big search engines is to rank the best content and to show the best content in the searches for whom ever is searching for whomever who's searching for anything on either Google, Yahoo being YouTube, etcetera. So right now, knowing that our goal is to sell our digital marketing course, then we know that we have started with the fundamentals before doing any Seo to our content . Let's go to YouTube and see how this looks. So here are YouTube video and the title says, digital marketing branding why most businesses fail within the first year. Now, if I scroll down here to the description of the video, you can see here where it says and rolling to our best selling course on digital marketing here, and we have linked it here in our you tube video. So whenever anybody is clicking this link, they're coming directly to our best selling course, and they're able to buy it biased, adding it to cart here. But this is a goal for also always have a goal in mind when doing any optimization to anything on your website. Simply speaking before you doing any Seo to your content. And when you know all of this, it's time to find your keywords. We will talk much more about keywords in an upcoming lecture, so I'll see you in the next one. 3. Keywords: in this video, guys, we're going to talk about what keywords are. And I'm also gonna present to you an example on how to use keywords in wanted to rank on Google YouTube being Yahoo, etcetera. So let's dive into it in this video, guys, we're gonna take these pair of Converse shoes as an example. But first of all, what are keywords? Key words are the words that people are using when they're searching for something on Google. YouTube being yahoo in a search engine. Those are the keywords, and people are mostly searching for keywords to solve our problem. Now we would like to be the solution off their problem. So let's say that they're having white sneakers and they need to wash them. We would like to pop up as the first thing on Google to get all the traffics to our website , because the reason is we are selling these pair of shoes. So you would like to pop up number one in Google search for thes keywords. That is why we're performing something called keyword research because we would like to rank even better in Google search. So if you look on the screen right Now we're having the search term wash white Converse shoes and you can see where the air was pointing at it says Volume zero monthly searches, which is bad guys. So if we were to like creating a block post or a video or some kind of content with the keywords wash white Converse shoes, then nobody would see that content. So we need to twist our keywords around a little bit when we're right in the title for our content. For example, instead of writing wash, for example, we could write clean, and now we can see that we're having 90 monthly searches, which is way better than Ciro. But by just twisting this a little bit more. Look on the screen right now. It says clean, But we're typing dirty. You can see we're having 840 monthly searches. So if we were to rank for this, for example, Number one on Google and people were clicking on a link common to our website, seeing that we're having an article that is very, very helpful on how to wash their dirty Converse shoes, and we're also having a linked or sales page where we having sale on these Converse shoes, we will get traffic to our website, which is the main goal here, guys. So this is the main reason why we're doing keyword research. That is because we would like to rank for the search terms that people are searching for on the biggest search engines. And remember, guys is very important to use relevant keywords now for this example, use Converse shoes. If you would like to rank for Converse shoes, don't use Nike shoes. For example. If you would like to rank for Converse, use if you're selling commercials. Because if somebody is coming to website, maybe let's say that you wrote in clean white Nike shoes. They come to website to see that you're selling Converse shoes, and they would like to buy Nike shoes. Then they will just exit your page and moved back to Google, and this will eventually move down your page in rank because this tells Google that your content on your website is not good enough, then eventually your website William disappear on Page two Patriot page for etcetera, and nobody will find you buy these keywords. That's why we would like to use relevant keywords related to our products, services, articles or YouTube videos or whatever type of content that we're having. So always use relevant keywords when you're doing any type of a CEO on your content. And as you already seen that related keywords works to as you look on the screen right now . In the beginning, we have wash wide Converse shoes, and there was nobody in the entire world that were searching for wash white Converse shoes on Google, so therefore, we wouldn't have any traffic whatsoever. But if you look on the screen right now by yes, typing in dirty white Converse shoes honor article on our YouTube video, etcetera, then we can see that is 840 monthly searches per month, which eventually can come to our website buyer products or services. Signing up for an email list or just reading are blawg, post and connecting with our content and us as content creators. So this is why keywords are so important now. What are keywords? Keywords are basically words that people are typing into a search and in order to find a solution off their problem, you and your content would like to be that solution and We're performing keyword research in order to get better ranking on these search engines in order to get traffic to our website and make sure that you always using relevant keywords because you don't want people to come to your website and then just exit your website so that you eventually lose rank on Google on YouTube, etcetera. And you're telling the surgeon in that your content is not good. You would like to have people on your side on your videos, on your content for as much time as you possibly can. Because then we're telling these search engines that your content is very, very valuable. And also we need to twist around a little bit, sometimes by using related keywords because they work to search engines such as YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etcetera. They're very, very smart these days. They're having boats that are understanding related keywords to whatever you're searching. So this is basically what keywords are, and they're very, very important, and later in this course, we will go into keyword research and really optimize all of your content guys. So with that said, I'll see you in the next video 4. Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO: Hi guys. In this video, we're going to talk about the differences between something called Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo. So let's dive into it now if you never, ever have heard something called Black Hat is your white hat, Seo. This video will be really, really helpful to you, so let's dive into it. First of all, what is Black Hat? Seo Black Hat Seo is basically when people are trying to treat Google to get bed the ranking for their website. So one tactic could be, for example, keyword stuffing your stuffing a lot of key words. If you look on the screen right now on the right hand side or stuffing a lot of key words that you think people will search for, for example, make money, make money, make money. So when anybody is coming to Google and searching for make money than their website can pop up in search. But it's very, very dangerous to do this, and often there's not good content on that website. They're just keyword stuffing because they want people to calm to that website. Another way that people are doing this is actually spamming blog's with back links there linking their website on another website and back links are very, very helpful and useful when it comes to eso and very powerful because of the reason that by back linking your website on another website then you're telling Google that your content is good because other websites have linked your website on their websites. But spamming blog's with a link off your website is not the way to do it properly. Another way that people are doing this is stealing and re posting others articles. This is just bad. If you look at the screen right now, Robin es but dot com. And then if somebody went into our website and copy the entire article on a website and they put it on there, it will look something like this and this is not good. Don't steal other companies and websites content. Create your own content and why you don't want to do any black hat. Seo is because Google can ban your website so your website won't rank on Google. That is bad. Guys, we do want to do good s CEO in order to rank on Google high up on the page for our keywords . So Please guys, don't do black hat Seo because your website will eventually get banned from Google. So your website, your content, your products, it's so on won't be seen by anybody who's typing in a search on Google because Google have banned your website. So let's have a look at what White Hat Seo is, well, white hat as he always. Basically, when we're having good content on our website and then people are coming to our website looking at that content, people are spending time on a content. Then we're basically just telling Google that, hey, our content is great Rancor content on the first page off Google. So there's basically different ways to do good White Hat a CEO and one example could be creating high quality information. Now, as I already told you by us creating high quality information on your website that makes people spend more time on your website. This will tell Google that hey, I'm having great valuable information for people to read and to watch on my website. So please just rank my page in the top off Google, and not a way to do this is by using relevant keywords for humans don't spam your keywords into your articles or block post on your website. Use relevant keywords four Humans that humans can consume because off the reason that you would like to have people on your website for as long as you possibly can in order to rank better on Google. Another way to do this is by guest posting your posting a valuable article or blood post. Or maybe you're posting a video on another website within your niche, and that person can also guest post at your website so that we're building some back links back and forward. You're sending your traffic to another website and that website, sending traffic to your website. This is a very effective way in order for you to get more traffic to your website and rank higher in Google's search. Another way to do this is by answering post vid value on blocks. Now you can go into any blawg really within your niche and write some valuable information for people who read that post because people also read comments within block posts. So if you have additional information to this block post, then you can write some additional information and then you can type in your website, and then you will have one more back link. But don't spam your website on anybody's website because eventually they will report you and then Google might ban you. And this is not the way you would like to do it. You would like to go into block post and answer with valuable information. So for you to just have the information off what black hat Seo is and what the White Hat Seo is, you definitely want to go with doing White Hat Seo, create valuable information network with people, answer post with in blawg posts. And this will make it so much easier for you to become best friend with Google. Okay, So go with the white hat, Seo, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 5. On Page & Off Page SEO: in this video, we're going to discuss the differences off something called on Page as CEO and off Page Seo . I'm also going to share some tips and tricks on how to do this effectively, so let's dive into it. All right, guys. So first of all, what is on page as CEO on page? Ezio it. What's happening on your website? What you are doing, what's in your control. Things such as creating better content basically on your website, creating and optimizing it for search. And we're gonna go through that later in this course, but basically is create better content. Create longer and more in depth posts on your blog's for example. Another way to do this is by creating better user experience. If you look where the arrow is pointing at right now, a better user experience on your website would be some kind of menus or sub menus that are really pointing people who are on your website to the right page where they would like to end up. So by just creating better user experience, we will have people on our website for a longer period off time, which is great for a CEO and you already know that if you watched some lectures off this course, another way to do this is by improving usage off key words. Now, don't stuff your keywords in here. Yes, use keywords when they are necessary. Next way is to improve page speed. We will have a look at all of these four inside of this course by just improving page speed . So when anybody is coming to our website, our website isn't loading for several seconds. So they are just exiting our website. We would like to have the traffic on our website. We would like to traffic to do whatever our gold with a website is right. So by increasing and improving our page speed, then we will make people to stay longer on our website if we're having good content. So let's talk about off page as CEO. Now what is off Page Seo? Off Page F CEO is mostly out of our control. Some are within our control, but well, let's have a look at different types off off Page Seo first off creating back links now creating back lings like networking with other website back and forth. It's very, very powerful because then we're telling Google Hey, I'm having valuable content because I'm having my website link on other websites. So by back, linking back and forward and networking with other websites, you will create a win win situation for both of your websites and this is great in order to rag on Google and to get more traffic and we will talk much more about back links in an upcoming video. Next thing that you can do is basically to encourage people to do social media shout outs. People can share your website by you mentioned your website in a blawg post in an article in a video etcetera. Now this is not fully inside of your control, but on the other hand, if you're networking with other websites, if you're networking with maybe a youtuber or something like that, you can get social media shout out. So people are mentioning your website and you eventually can get more traffic to your website, which eventually will move your website higher up in Google's ranking system. Another way you can do this is basically by encourage people to do social shares. Now if somebody is on your website there, reading one of your blood post, and they are liking that block post. Now. They can share this with a friend if you're having a share button on your Web site so they can share this with her friend through Facebook messages through what's up and so on. And this will also tell Google that, hey, this is great content with a lot of value for people. People are sharing content all around the Internet from this website. Let's rank this websites so off. Page Seo is not full in your control, but networking with other website with in your niche creating back links encourage people to do shout outs for your website articles and videos, etcetera will move you higher up in Google's ranking and also to encourage people to share your content on social media platforms or yes, through and message because this will also tell Google that you're having valuable content on your website. So please do both on and off page as CEO to rank your website high up in Google. Okay, so by now you know what on Page Seo is and off. Paychex, CEO on Paychex CEO, is fully in your control off. Paychex CEO is not fully in your control by by just networking with other people and websites. Within your niche, you can create better S e O and get mawr traffic to your website. So let's follow along to the next video and I'll see you there. 6. SEO Ranking Factors: in these video guys. We're gonna talk about the top five ranking factors that Google are considering when it comes to your material and your website for any keyword to rank in the top of Google search . So let's dive into it. So you want to rank number one on Google to get targeted traffic to your website to buy products or to you just read your blood post or watch your videos etcetera. Now they're different ranking factors that Google takes in consideration before ranking your page in your websites, and the first and biggest one is actually optimized high quality content. Now to write the blawg post that isjust generic that won't do it to write content that it really, really help for, for whatever targeted audience you have is key here. To write helpful information that is really in depth is key because Google will see that people are spending a lot of time on your website and therefore they will rank your website and the same goes for videos to have videos ranking on Google. It's key to try to make videos on YouTube as well because, as you already know, Google owns YouTube, so to make videos is also great and optimize that quality with great headlines and great meta description. Meta description is the text beneath the headline in Google when anybody is searching for something so by yes, optimizing that content for search, you are on the good hand with Google. The second biggest ranking factor is actually high quality back links. Back links is when you are having a website, you creating content and your networking maybe with another website and you're sending each other's website links back and forward. Then you're telling Google, Hey, there's a great valuable content that are helping people because people are sharing my content on their website so high quality back links you would like to network with big websites. If you look on the screen right now, we just made a random search for drop shipping. Master close And if you look where the arrow is pointing out, this is our course guys. Our course is ranking number one on Google for drop shipping. Master cloths and people are also searching for this. So we are getting traffic to our drop shipping monster close on you to me because we're having our course on their website and this is one type of back link. Actually, we're using their website a high A Tory to website in order to rank number one on Google. Because the web sites on the top, you can see there, it says add and add Those are paid content and actually this is a seo. We have optimized our title and we have also optimized the text beneath. So when anybody is searching for drop shipping, most of clothes, they find our course. The same goes for social media masterclass. We're ranking number one in Google search with S E. O. On this because we're using you to me ass and higher toward the website and you can start doing this as well. But let's go to Google and I will see you how it works. So if I'm here at Google right now and I'm searching for drop ship being Master Kloss and I'm going for the search, you can see actually in the top here you can see way says ad. It says ad. It says at this is paid content. People have paid for this, but actually by us using and high a toy to websites such as you to me, which means a big website, big websites that you, to me, you're having entrepreneur dot com and so on. They have been in the game for a long period of time. They're having a lot off content on the website, which means that Google are ranking them high up as and higher toward the website. So if I click on the first link which not says add here, you can see that we're coming to our course. So we're ranking number one on Google for drop shipping masterclass, which is awesome, and you can do the same if you doing this correctly. So by using higher toward to websites and using and networking with other people and websites within your niche, creating back links back and forward with Onley. Optimize your chances to rank in the top off Google, so use back links and don't spam website with your back links. Use them wisely and use them on Lee for websites within your niche and your field. Next up, we're having something called Google Rank Brain Google Rancor Brain is actually the artificial machine within Google that it's scanning all the Web sites on the Web in order to find help for information for whom ever who is on Google searching for keywords and the Google rank brain is actually just looking at two different factors in order to rank a website and content on their platforms. Number one is SETI A, the click through rate. That is how many percentage people have clicked on your link when they have found you on Google, and the 2nd 1 is dwell time. That is basically how many minutes or hours that people are spending on your websites clicking around, so to take an actual example, if you look on the screen right now and you're searching for, let's say, Robin in Jesper and you having different types of websites or links here to click on and you click on one of them, and that is the click through rate we would like to have as high click through rate as we possibly can. That percentage a good percentage. It's 10 and a bob, but as much percentage as possible is good, but and somebody's clicking onto this website and it come into the website now, it's time for the dwell time. We would like people to spend as much time on their website as they possibly can, by just pointing them in the right direction to the right block, post videos and information. So just by making people click in on a website on Google and come to our website and spend a lot of time on our website were telling that Google rank brain, that our website is great and that they should rank our website in the top, we will talk more about the rank brain in an upcoming lecture, but basically biased with your content on the website. Just improve the user experience. So with a lot of links, though, click on this link or click on this link. If you would like even more information, as you can only see on the screen right now, but just making the use experienced good, you're telling their Google rank brain that your content is awesome and that they should rank your content high on Google and the next CEO ranking factor that Google has in the consideration when the ranking any content or website on their page, it's actually how mobile friendly your page is. Have you optimized your website for mobile search? So today the majority of all Google searches for information on the Web is coming through and mobile phone and that is amazing guy. So by just knowing this, we can optimize our website for mobile traffic and if we do this, Google will notice this and also move us up in the rank. So always optimize your website for mobile traffic. So all the information within the images, videos and text is optimized for mobile search and for mobile use. And the last big ranking factor when it comes to Google is actually to include videos in your content. Yes, you're blawg Post. An article is awesome, but also try to include some videos and bed some videos on your WordPress website or weeks of website or which ever website you're using. Just embed videos on your website, and this is if you're having like a YouTube channel, you can create back links from your website to YouTube and you will telling Google that hate this is valuable information. Let's move it up in rank because creating video content and sharing that on your blog's, for example can make you rank on Google in the top. If you look on the screen right now are you? Search random for their search term. How to make pancakes? Yeah, I love pancakes. Guilty. But as you can see, the top results is actually a video showing me how I can make pancakes. So by just knowing all these ranking factors, we now know much better on where to look when it comes to optimizing everything for good Seo to rank in top in order to get more traffic to a website. So the 1st 1 is create optimized high quality content on your website, such as videos such as bloke post, such as articles and so on, and get into back linking back linking with high it or to websites. Create content for other websites to get backings to your website and also optimizing all your content for Google rank brain, which we'll talk about more in an upcoming lecture, its key also so that Google's artificial robot loves us and then making your website mobile friendly. It's really keep because the majority of all Google searches are coming through mobile phones these days, so this is really key and also include videos in your content. When you creating any content on your website So this is basically the different ranking factors that Google has in mind when they consider to rank your website and or your content on Google in the top. So now it's time to move on to the next video and I'll see you there. 7. Google RankBrain: in this video, we're gonna talk about that Google rank brain and how we can affect it in order to rank better on Google for our keywords. So let's dive into it now. First of all, what is the Google rank brain? The Google rank brain? It's an artificial program at Google has created, in order to scan the entire Web off their useful information. Useful information based on the keywords that anybody's typing into Google. So it's basically an artificial program than runs in the background off Google to try to find the most helpful information for a certain keyword search on Google. So how is it possible for us we'd or a CEO to affect that rank brain? First of all, as we already talked about in the earlier lecture, that click through rate and the 12 time So somebody is going to Google. They're searching for, for example, drop shipping Master close and they're seeing this course here. Now this course is optimized both in the title and in the meta description. So we get found by Google. Now, this is something that you need to do also with your articles, bloke posts or videos you need to optimize both the title and the meta description, you can see where the arrow is pointing out that is called a meta description. So that is basically how how somebody is clicking on anything, really, to get that click through rate through the roof. And then we're having this second factor, which is the 12 time. So if you look at the screen right now, somebody is clicking into our website, for example, and you off course would like the use of to spend as much time as they possibly can on your website Now. They either can go to the blogger here, for example, or they can go and click on the learn more button. You would like to create as good user experience for the end user as you possibly can to have them on your website in order to tell this rank brain that your website and your content is awesome and that the rank rain should rank your content in the top off Google's search. Another way to affect the rank brain. It's to optimize your website and your content for voice search. Now people are coming to Google and they're clicking this voice button every single day, and the voice searches is just increasing for every day that it's going by. So people are on their phone mostly these days, and the most searches on Google actually are through mobile phones. And just by knowing the fact that voice searches are increasing, you would like to optimize your content off their voice searches. So when anybody is going for Google and let's say that they are looking for pizza and you're selling pizza locally and they're grabbing their phone under asking Google, where's the best pizza near me? Off course, you would like to rank for those keywords. What you do is you type that phrase in into your content on your website. If you're selling pizzas, have that phrase in. Think of this, like in conversation when anybody's picking up their phone there conversating with the phone. Ask them at general question with normal speaking language. So optimizing your content for voice search is very important in order to affect the rank brain itself. Another way to affect Google's rank brain is to use keywords often. Don't spam your keywords in your content, but use them quite often. If you look on the screen right now as a busy is almost everywhere here, and this is telling Google that you're having content about this particular topic. Don't spam it Google with detect that you're spamming? Don't do that. Just include your keywords pretty often within your text, but also when you're writing something on your block post or you writing an article, please do it as you're talking to humans and also consider Toe have something in their optimized for voice search and then also to affect the rank brain, we can do something like adjusting existent content content that we already have created. If you're having Google Analytics, for example, installed on your website, you can see what is working house people coming to our website. And what content should I do? Mawr off what is working and what should I not do mawr off, and then you can also go through social media platforms, and you can also look on Google analytics for things that you may have like shared on your social media platforms. So what is working? Is Facebook working? The best is instagram working? The best is YouTube or Twitter working the best in order to drive more traffic through back links so you can actually go intact. Google Analytics and read out this data and see what kind of content is working best for me . And how can I affect this Google rank training order to rank in top off Google Search for whatever key what you would like to ranking. So basically what Google rank brain is it is an artificial program that scans through the entire Web, searching for valuable content that they can percent as the first results when somebody is typing anything to Google, to please the customer that is coming to Google. And how do affect the brain well through click through rate biased, optimizing our title and meta description. So it fits Google for search. So that fits Google for search, and people are clicking on our link once they are on a website. We would like to keep them therefore, as long time as we possibly can, and that is called dwell time. Then we would like to optimize our site for searches. Now we for having a local store. You then definitely would like to stuff in some keywords related to your local area house. People searching with their voice and try to use your keywords often when you're writing and a block post or article, and also actually when you're creating videos, for example, for you to bend your back linking that to your website. Also use phrases and keywords that you would like to rank on Google because Google will detect this and they will rank your website if you're having valuable content for the end user and also try to adjust existing content with Google Analytics, we will dive in more in Google analytics later on in this course on how he can see what type of continis working best for you so that your policing Google's rank brain and become best bodies in order for it to rank your content and your website on top in search for any keywords you would like to rank for. So that is basically it guys. That is what Google rank brain is and how to use and how to affect it. So now you know that Let's move on in the course and I'll see you in the next view 8. Dwell Time: Hi guys. In this video, we're going to talk about something called Dwell time what it is and how you can improve it for better. Seo. So let's dive into it now. The first question to answer is what is Dwell time? Well, well. Time is basically how long time people are spending on your site. So if you look on the screen right now, you can basically go into Google Analytics and see for how long time people are spending on every in each of your pages. In order for you to optimize your content for better a CEO, and not only the time that people are spending on your page the time that people are engaging like scrolling and clicking, that is 12 time. So if you look on the screen once again, if you're having, like an email, opt in like we're having on a website, for example, they are engaging. They're clicking there, scrolling, etcetera, and that is what search engines such as Google or including in their ranking factors when it comes to dwell time, the time people are spending on your site, engaging with your content. Now how can you improve your dwell time well you can go to the resource is that we have been linking Resource is such as answered the public or Basu mo content analyzer and answer questions related to your keywords. You can find a lot of different types of questions that you can answer there. Not only question that you can answer. You can also find content there that people have already created that's getting tons of shares, likes and so on engage ment, which you definitely want to go for when it comes to improving your dwell time and eventually improving your S E O. So use the resource is that we have linked throughout this course and answer questions related to your keywords within your articles and block posts, and then one really important thing that you would like to do once you created an uploaded . That content is also to check in if you have asked questions within that content. Otherwise, go back to that piece of content and ask questions questions such as. After reading this guide, how will you change your attitude to Wards s CEO and then you will get comments, comments within your block post on your website so people are spending a lot of time on your block post and within your articles, commenting, maybe asking you even mawr questions. Or maybe are answering which every question that you are putting out there in your piece of content, which makes your dwell time shot through the roof and your ranking own Google, for example, shocked through the roof as well. And then, once you've asked questions within your content, what would you like to do then? Yeah, you guessed right. You would like toa answer these comments. So by engaging back with your audience answering comments within your blood post, you will eventually get even more questions. And people like to read comments. So let's say that you have, like, 20 different comments within your block post. People will definitely scroll through all the way down, which means that they will engage more with your content. They will read the comments, and maybe they will ask more questions themselves. So this is how you improve Dwell time guys. So first of all, what is it? Well, dwell. Time is basically for how long time people are spending on your site, engaging such a scrolling, clicking, answering questions, etcetera. You would like to use the resource is and answer questions related to your keywords in order to increase the dwell time time spent engaging on your website and then ask questions within your content and answered those comments. That is how you do 12 time the right way in order to rank better in Google's search, eventually with better as CEO, so without further ado, I'll see you in the next video.