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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Trailer Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 4


    • 2.

      Over Deliver For Your Customers


    • 3.

      Abandoned Cart Strategies update


    • 4.

      Testimonials, Reviews and Shares update


    • 5.

      Before You Launch Your Art


    • 6.

      Countdown to Launch Day


    • 7.

      Launch Day


    • 8.

      Post Launch Day Strategy


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      Part 4 Project


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      Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 4 Final thoughts


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About This Class

Welcome to the Sell Your Art Masterclass, Part 4!

In this 4 part course, you will learn how to sell your artwork to real customers online and marketing strategies to build awareness and a loyal following for your art business.

NOTE: This course is PART 4, the final part of this course series. This is due to the length and depth of the course content. This way you can take each part one at a time. 

In this course, you will learn how to:

1. Over deliver for your customers to keep them coming back for more

2. Use abandon cart strategies to encourage people to come back and complete their purchases

3. Encourage testimonials and reviews from your raving art fans

4. Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch marketing strategies to engage potential art buyers.

I hope you enjoy Part 4 of The Sell Your Art Masterclass course!


Vision City Design Studio

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio



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1. Trailer Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 4: everyone Welcome to the cellular masterclass part for this is the final section of a four part series called the Cellular Masterclass. My name is Melanie and the designer and founder of Vision City Design Studio. And I'm so excited to help you complete this course that you've been learning. And this four part series in this section of the cellular masterclass you're gonna learn how to over deliver for your customers. Now, over delivering for your customers is the difference between having customers come back again and again or only purchasing one time from us. So it's really, really important to learn how to over deliver and to really add more and more value to your art products as you sell them. I'm also going to teach you about abandoned CART strategies. Maybe it is something that you may have never heard of. But it's actually an effective way to get people to come back when they have actually put something in the check out. Maybe they haven't purchased it. For some reason, I'm gonna teach you how to get those people to come back and to purchase from you. I'm also gonna teach you about the value of testimonials and reviews, as well as how to really build a pre launch launch day and a post launch marketing strategy so that when you're launching saying new Siris of art or a one piece of artwork, or maybe it's a whole collection, maybe you're having an event. Whatever it might be, this is a really great strategy to really cover your bases on only a pre launch on on their launch date. But actually post launch. What do you do after you've already launched your new art collection or art? Siri's these air Really great tips. I know you're gonna love so encouraging to go ahead and join this course, and we're gonna learn how to sell your art online and to really master the art of getting it are to customers all around the world. 2. Over Deliver For Your Customers: when you over deliver, if your customers, they will come back again and again. It's really that simple. In my experience, whenever I've over delivered and I've really gone the extra mile to make sure my customers super happy, they have not only written me great reviews, but they've returned, and they've also told their friends and family to return to me as well. So for that reason, I want to make a really special point of talking about being an over deliverer to your customers. Now, one of the easiest ways you can over deliver to your customers is to send them a thank you note with every single time you get in order. Maybe it's a little note card. Or maybe it's an actual greeting card saying Thank you, but saying thank you goes miles and miles. It is so important to be thankful to your customers because they're the ones who are helping you build your business, saying thank you goes a really long way and I want encourage you to do that. Whenever I right to think, you know, I will actually write it by hand and a lot of the cards that I use personally their blank interior so that the inside messaging is not conflicting, Obviously with what I'm saying, So I will send them an actual card, and I will have it sealed in a really beautiful envelope that has, you know, specialty paper sometimes sometimes only used like my linen envelopes just to kind of get that extra umph to my to my thank you message. And then I will always right the person's name by hand as beautifully as I can. I'm actually I do hand lettering as well, so I'll actually hand letter Ah, hand letter piece of their name on the outside of the thank you envelope again, It's just another little a little touch to make sure that they know that I appreciate them . And I'm so thankful for them coming into my shop. Another thing I will often do with my orders is I will actually include a secondary order in the shipment now for orders with, um with art prints, for example, it doesn't mean you have to actually package everything separately because obviously, then you have two sets of packaging. You be doubling the wait, for example. But what you can do is actually just slide in a secondary print into what you're already sending out. So I might take a secondary print like so and just add it to the order like that. And it's not gonna cost pretty much anything extra ship. And they're getting two of your beautiful art pieces. And you're gonna be able to say that in your thank you notes. You're gonna thank them. Thank you so much for visiting my online art shop. I'm so happy that you order from me. Look out for a special gift inside your package and these are little ways to excite your customer. If somebody sends you something in the mail and you're expecting one thing and you get to you're going to comment on it and trust me, whenever I've done this, people write reviews and they actually mention it publicly. Oh, my gosh, she sent me to when I was only expecting one. Wow, what a generous thing Toe Have ah, from this designer. And I'm so excited about this. So these are things people talk about and you want people to create buzz for you. Now, when people talk about your business, it's a lot more powerful than when you and I talk about it. We want people to rave about their experience with us. So that's one of the ways you can do that. Another way is to actually include some information on the back of your print. Um, now, for example, for me, I've actually included what I call the story of Vision City. Now, this is a bit of my back story, kind of letting them into my world as to why I started the business and why I sell my art online and how much of a blessing it's been to not only myself but to other customers over the world. And I talk about these things on my story. So your stories is actually not as much just your story as much as your why. And I find that when you share your heart as to why you create products in this form, what happens is your customer start to go. Oh, wow, that's so cool. I really relate to that, and it's a bit more relatable than just telling our story alone. So I would encourage you to do that. I also include a photo as well as my. You are also my website you around my f etc. Are shop as well as my social media. You are else toe encourage them to stay connected with me and to follow me on my journey of creating more products. And then they can even have a say on what I'm making over social media. And I'll talk more about that in other parts of this course, or people that are on your journey with you can actually kind of have a bit of input on what you're creating. So that's always really cool, too. I find people really like to receive this. People who are buyers on etc. Like to know more about the artist than the average purchaser, so I find they've really like that as well. So these are some of the ways you can over deliver. Another way to is you can include a coupon code to encourage them to come back to your shop , and this is just a great way Teoh just to encourage them to come back. This is awesome. People love coupon codes. If they've already kind of opened their wallet, take another credit card once. Then chances are they are your highest potential to come back again to make another purchase. It's a lot easier to have somebody come back and to have somebody coming for the first time . So whoever has become your customer, you want to hold on to them and love them and show them that they're like gold to you. So you want to give them coupon codes you want encourage them to come back. Another thing you can do is also do a follow up. So say, if they did a special order from you and they've ordered some materials from you, you can actually have a follow up email sent to them or a convo over at sea. Now convo is over. Etc are basically the email system within etc. So this is a great way to follow up with them. Just a haze. Want to check on you? Make sure you receive your order. Okay, Um and just make sure that you are really enjoying your order and feel free to even post your order online on social media and tag me so I can also post on my social media and so forth. You want to keep this conversation with your customers going now? Sure. This is a lot of extra work in a way. But when you think about it, would you rather have a bit of extra work for the customers you are getting or not? Do any of the extra work and then not getting as many customers? I mean, it's pretty, obviously answer right. We want people coming back to our shop. And so these are some of the over deliver steps we can take to ensure that they come back to us over and over again. And not only them, but they bring their friends, their family or co workers and so on. So I want encourage you to over deliver in your art shop online. Another great way to over deliver is actually in the physical product that you send outs to your customer. So, for example, when it comes to actually the production are the packaging of your item that your customer receives. Taking that to the next level and making it such an awesome experience is only gonna make you stand out even more and even make you more of someone to kind of talk about to their friends and her family and to really rave about you as a designer or creative. So I've actually just found this really cool. It's actually a boxing service. It's called Tree mark tree mark dot com. And I will include this on the resources guide, and this is actually where you can create customizable boxes. So get this. Let me just show you one of the examples. Okay, Let me just zoom in. So you kind of see what's happening here. You can actually create and design your own boxes. Now, this is not always going to be applicable to us creatives, but those of you who are, say, doing prints and things like that. But say if you're making I don't know, little booklets or you're making reading cards or you're creating wedding invitations. This could be a really fun way to actually stand out and actually have your boxes arrive. Teoh your customer, um, within you know, looking like like your own brand so you can actually design it. You can put your own logo on top of it. You could decide the the whole three d box can be designed, so it's kind of interesting. Now you can even design the inside of the box like how cool is this? So all of us artists, I mean, it's how fun is it to design your own packaging, Right, So this is a great way to actually do that. And the great thing I love about this company is you can order a minimum of only 50 at a time. Whereas most production companies that would do this kind of thing like they would not do this little of of ah, quantity. So they do as low as 50 boxes at a time. The cool thing to about this cos it's a Toronto company. So all those of you who are in Canada, um, it's another good thing to know about locally here, but I know that they did. They do ship over to over the border to America as well. The price range depends on the size you go with. So let me just show you here. Let's go back. They have three different packaging types. They have a poly mailer. Let me show you that the poly male mailer is about $1.22 per unit. I think that goes down, though depending on the quantity. If you if you order more, you get you get, like, a better price. So these are actually for, um, assuming. Okay, so this is more for, like, things that are flat that I guess you could use it for prints. I'm not a huge fan of using just Polly. I like using a rigid mailer just just because I'm obsessed with anything happening to my prints. But I guess you could try using it. If you design your own packaging for this poly and then you maybe had, like, on actual corrugated cardboard in the front, in the back and maybe another sleeve inside. That could be really fun. So you can do that. I'm still more of a fan of using a rigid Miller for, um, ship shipping of our products. But, I mean, depending on what you make, you could give it a try. I'm not gonna disqualify this. I think it's really, really cool, though it looks so you can actually design your own packaging like this is actually really exciting. I really like this. This branding this year shows more of an actual magazine inside. So maybe you're creating something that's more of an actual booklet of some kind. Or maybe you're a cartoon or are you know, illustrator that is actually creating your own, uh, you know, comics or something. I'm just saying, like, an idea there could be to send these kind of poly bags. They're very cool. So depending on what you get, there's three different sizes. 7.5 by 10.5, 10 by 13 or the 14 by 19 which is actually quite a large size. So the pricing does change depending on how many order. Okay, now, if I go to mailers again. So there was these three different kinds of mailers. Um, the sizing again does very let's click on one of these now. It's interesting, because on Instagram, it was very clear that the minimum order was 50. So I'm not sure why. It's only giving me 500 here, but maybe that's a promotion happening, So you may wanna look into this, but either way, whether ordering 5500 252 matter what the minimum is, I still wanted to make this available to you. Just that you know about that. Okay, I know that these are obviously a more expensive form of, you know, packaging. However, if you're doing, say wedding invitations and you want to make a big impact with your brand like this. For example, an eight by 88 inches high, 12 by 84 inches high, or a 16 by 11 at 7.5 inches high. Now again, it's only giving me a quantity of 500 online. The promotion was 50. So maybe that that is an ongoing promotion to ask them about when you call in their things company. But there are different heights. I just think that these could be really beautiful. If, for example, you are doing wedding invitations or you're doing announcement cards for I don't know, baby announcement cards or baby showers, bridal showers and so forth. Maybe you are providing not only the envelopes but the cards and so forth. This is actually really pretty packaging to be receiving in the mail. You can have fun with it, go more like ICO friendly with bright colors. Um, you could actually create the whole box as a color. This looks like it's like a Pantone color, which is really cool. So again, really cool way of over delivering. And the pricing seems like from the smallest to the largest. The smallest seems it goes from, um I think it was 1 23 for the smallest item. But now the largest seems like it's approximately 3 48 per unit. So, yes, you're gonna invest because obviously right here it's Give me a minimum quantity of fifth are 500. But if there is an option to get a quote for a lower quantity, this could still not be bad. 3 48 for a whole box that's customized is not too bad. Um, depending on how much you want to spend. But if you're getting paid, like hundreds of dollars for every wedding order, for example than what's $3? 48 cents, right? Not too bad. So I want to make sure that you are aware of this company just to make sure you're aware of it, because I think these air beautiful, and I'm sure that US creatives could do wonders with a plain boring box to make it really interesting. So I want to make sure to show you this as well 3. Abandoned Cart Strategies update: Hi, guys. I'm really excited to create this specific video for you, because in this video, I want to talk to all about abandoned CART strategies. Now, some of you might be wondering, What in the world does that even mean? On abandoned CART strategy is basically when somebody has gone to your website and maybe they have really liked something and they've actually clicked to buy it, and they've actually added it to their cart. And then, for some reason, along the way, they became distracted. Maybe they are a mom, and they're, you know, child was calling out for them. Or maybe they were on lunch at work and they didn't complete the purchase. They didn't go all the way through the process of adding in their credit card number or paying with PayPal. They just for some reason left it in the cart and they literally abandoned it. Okay, now that happens all the time online and people who just don't do anything to actually go after the customers who have abandoned CART are losing out on a ton of sales. This is something that my husband and I have been implementing our businesses this year and It's been something that we've really been growing in and in the knowledge of, and it's been astounding and what we've been learning. So I want to be sure to pass it on to you guys that you do not miss out on what is called abandoned CART sales. So an abandoned cart strategy is really a way for you and I as artists to reach out to those people and to notify them that, Hey, you still have something in your cart at my store And I wanted to be sure to make sure you came back to purchase it. So you're kind of like tapping them on the shoulder, so to speak, and letting them know that you're still here, you know, and you're kind of giving them a wave, so to speak, over the Internet and saying, Hey, you have don't forget about us. Come back and buy, Okay, that's you're trying to do. Encourage. There's a variety of different ways to do this, and that's I'm gonna share with you in this video the first way that you condone draw people back to purchase things that they have abandoned in. The card is over email. Now a lot of times over a different selling platforms that you and I would use, For example, the one that we've been talking about in this course etc. And Amazon and Shopify they have is actually built in so that if people do walk away and not purchase from you, it will send them an automatic notification that will let them know that they have not completed their purchase. And this comes in an email that goes into their actual inbox. So, for example, I have one set up currently on my Etsy shop that will say something like this. It will say, you know, thank you for checking out this art product. I noticed you did not complete your order. Ah, here's a coupon code for, say, 20% off for 10% off or whatever you choose for you to come back and make sure that you complete that order, Thank you so much and then sign your name. So it's a really great way to draw people back. A discount will always piqued people's attention, and it's kind of like rewarding them for coming back and ordering from you. So be sure to set this up on your selling platform or on your personal website. This is a strategy that obviously it's going to be applied in different ways, depending on where you are actually selling. But I wanted to be sure that you knew how to do this and make sure that you at least have this first strategy set up, which is an email strategy. So this is something that you don't have to do every single time. It's an automatically set up email. They call it an automation that happens within your selling platform. So be sure to even pause this video. Go ahead and look into your selling platform and make sure that you set up an automatic message offering them something if they come back and buy another abandoned CART. Strategy is actually using an app called re cart. Now this could be applied. If you are selling via Shopify or Blue commerce now, will commerce will be something that we applied to a personal website, maybe Ah ah wordpress site, for example, Shopify Plus or big commerce. Okay, Actually, big commerce is not yet started, but looks like it's on its way. So if you're selling on any of those platforms This is something that you're gonna wanna lean forward and listen into because this is very, very powerful. So re card is another way to really bring people back to your shop who have already kind of been checking you out through what's called pixels. And I won't get all too techie on you. But basically, what it does is if you if somebody's already been on your website looking at products, maybe they've added it to cart. Um, record is a way that you can actually use messenger to kind of bring them back. Okay. So in other words, you can do an abandoned cart strategy, which is what I was talking about earlier. Ah, through sending emails, let me just zoom ins. You could see what I'm talking about. Zoom in. So it offers you odd automated cart messenger e mails and push notifications to generate more revenue from cart abandon Er's, which is exactly what I just mentioned to you. Or you can actually use this app to enter in the area of e commerce marketing, offer better support and generate more sales through messenger. So that is through face. Look now, for those of you who are not familiar. Facebook has the ability to really track our actions in ways, frankly, better than probably the government. I mean, there's just amazing what Facebook unduly in order to just kind of find out how people are really, you know, interacting online with our business. And so this is a really great way to send people direct messages, messages through messenger on Facebook. And that's the little messages that kind of pop up on the right hand corner, lower right hand corner while we're actually on Facebook. And in other words, they can see if you're on Facebook and then notify you. Hey ah, you were looking at this art product in my store. So this is a really great strategy to use and re card is the app that could do that Now Re card can also do other things. Push notifications, add to cart, pop up email capturing as well as abandonment analytics. But in this video, I just wanted to highlight the messenger feature because that specifically ah, one of the features I wanted to mention of you who are interested in finding out more about re card. Um, this is actually the pricing as well that I want to mention before I left. So for them, it says here you only pay on the extra sales that we make. If you make up to $1000 extra sales in a month, you only pay $29 per month after that, that obviously you're going to pay more to say, for example, you make more than $1000 per month. You're gonna That fee is going to increase. They actually have a little pull bar here. So if you make you know $2500 extra and they can track it through their system, then your fee goes up to 49 per month and so on. So, as you make more, your feet goes up. But, hey, if you're making, like, 7000 extra dollars, obviously you're going to not care about of $129 fee. Right? So obviously, this could be a really great thing. I like how you're only paying based on what you make. Um, and so the $29 is the lowest amount. But, um, if you make nothing off of their service, then I wouldn't see them charging anything But that's what it looks as though to me anyway . But I want to be sure to let you know about the pricing structure for re card way that you can dio abandon CART recovery strategies is actually with SMS. In other words, text messaging now within certain applications and certainly no selling platforms, you can actually just add on this feature. So, for example, in Shopify, you can actually just add on this SMS notifications for people who are, you know, have abandoned cart. So maybe they have left products in the cart and they haven't purchased them yet. You can actually send them on instant notification. Okay, so get this. Somebody leaves your store. They don't buy the product yet. You can actually text message them. Send instant text message or SMS notification for order status update to your customers. You can also do abandoned notifications to notify customers, but account creation order creation order fulfilled or canceled, and so on. So this is really great. Just a way of having direct connection to your customer. Obviously, you'd have to have their phone number. OK, so that's a whole different process to get. You could actually have that when you're having people sign up for email list, you can also request their phone number in the actual form. So that's the way to do that. But you can also do SMS marketings of send custom SMS to think customers. I'm to promote new products and discount codes and so forth. Maybe Christmas sales. This is a really, really, really powerful tool. I feel like I don't really see anybody doing this. So this is really cool. This particular one is free to install and it is only available right now on Shopify SMS notifications. There are a variety of these types of APS So depending on where you sell, um, find out and you can even just google this and find out if there is an SMS notification um abandoned cart recovery app that will actually sink and be a plug in of sorts for your online selling platform. If you're selling on your own website, you can look up, you know, for will commerce or whichever payment system platform they're using for your online shop. Just basically google that name of that shop system and see if they have an SMS notification system. But this one in particular is only available currently on Shopify 4. Testimonials, Reviews and Shares update: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video. I want to talk to you all about testimonials, reviews and shares. As we know, the power of word of mouth is still very, very present. It doesn't matter how much technology has advanced when somebody convertible Lee tell other friends and family colleagues about what you and I make that is still like gold, because somebody else's opinion, especially somebody that we know and trust, giving them our their opinion and saying that this product is awesome. I had such an amazing experience with this company is gonna be leaps and bounds stronger than any marketing tools or strategies that you and I can do. And that's just the reality. When my best friend calls me up and says she found a new makeup or a new clothing line or a new art peas or something that she's in love with, then I'm gonna perked my ears up and go, Oh, you tell me about it. I don't know about it, and I'm send me a photo of it, right? And so nowadays, the power of word of mouth is even more powerful because why we all live on our phones right and we can share things and information on our phone so easily and not just share it with our friends and our besties, but with, you know, thousands of people that are maybe following us on our social media. So when you and I get reviews or testimonials, and especially when we get shares, it can just skyrocket our business in ways that are just going to add just a tremendous amount of power to all of our efforts. So I want to talk to you about testimonials. The testimonials are when people actually leave written words of approval and excitement for the products you and I are making. Now. Every single selling platform has your option for people to respond to what they purchased Amazon. For example, when you buy something on Amazon, the next email you get is will you, right? This product will you give a review? And so reviews are very, very powerful. Testimonials is what they're referred to on different platforms. If you are actually creating your own system on your own website, your testimonials better be right out front and center. We have really good testimonials. You could even on your own website, actually make it a featured beautiful thing like you can actually design. Um, you know, an image or words. You guys, she creatively display them even more than on on etc. Or on Amazon or Shopify. So I would encourage you to highlight your testimonials in the best way you possibly can and obviously encourage them. Ask for them in any way that you can. Whether it's over, email are over. Your, as I mentioned earlier, your shipping notification. Ask for reviews, ask for testimonials and ask them even to share when they receive their artwork in the mail , encourage them to put it up on their wall once they have, take a photo of it, tag you in it and get you to be able to be featured on their social media. So, for example, if they post ah photo of their new baby nursery that has your and my artwork hanging there ah, frame looking great, then they can actually then showcase that off to their own friends and family and people who follow them. But when they tag you, you can always then repost it. Okay, a zong, as they you know, say that that's fine, which I can't imagine not unless it's a private account, then, and if it is, you can always just request permission. But if they posted it online for the most part, it's It's fair game and they're cool with you, then re posting it. You could then reposted on your insta stories, for example, is a great place to repose, um, to repose on your actual feed on instagram or on Facebook. Let people know that your customers are happy, even include their quote saying, You know, maybe they're thrilled with their new baby nursery design and so on. So you want to basically share, share, share, get people to share about you, and when they dio you share it again. So you wanna basically re share what has been shared about you. So you want to keep that conversation going. You want to keep and encourage testimonials, reviews and shares. Very, very important guys. I had to stop everything to make sure that we talked about that. Because the more people talking about you and about your artwork, the more people are going to be inclined to listen and inclined to buy 5. Before You Launch Your Art: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video. I want to talk to you about pre launch launch day and post launch day strategies to really market your artwork. Now, first up is prelaunch strategies. Now, first things first. Everything that you do before you have a launch of, say, your art product line. Maybe we're launching a new art piece, singularly or as a line of the maybe a collection or a Siri's. I'm really big on launching Siri's. I feel like that's a really powerful way of making a massive splash in the market rather than just only one at a time. However, there is definitely a place a time in a place for one of the thymus Well, so if you're launching either just one piece or a series of pieces, the number one thing you want to do in the pre launch time is to build what's called Buzz. You want to get people excited, get people thrilled and curious about what you're about to launch. And so the entire process that I'm gonna talk to you about right now is really about building that buzz, building that excitement in building that curiosity so that when you do launch. People are already aware of what you're selling. That's number one, and they're excited about it and they want to know more. OK, so that's what we're trying to achieve in our pre launch strategy. One of the most powerful things that you can do during your pre launch strategy, whether over your email list or over social media, is to tell your why. To really share the reason why you are creating what you're creating. You kind of want to share a story or something about this particular art piece or collection that has you so excited as to why you are creating it. Maybe in your case, you are actually creating this particular collection, and maybe you've tied it into maybe a percentage of it will go towards a charity, for example. Or maybe it just has something to do with inspiring thoughts in certain regard. Maybe it's the messages of this Siris are very important to you, and that's why you're creating it. So the reason why you want to share your why is because that'll give other people a reason . Okay, their own Why to actually kind of care. I know it sounds. It comes harsh to say that way, But remember actually having a consultation with somebody who is a really great marketing person And he actually said to me, You know, show me what you do and show me why I should care. In other words, why should I want to know more about this? And why should I want to get involved and actually give you some money and actually buy from you? And it really shook me up when this person asked me that I thought I never thought about that way. It almost sounds kind of harsh, but it's true. We have to give peace people the why behind what we're doing so that they can have something to connect to us on. Okay, so say, for example, it's a charity. Maybe you want to give a percentage of its even a small percentage or maybe a large percentage of the proceeds of this line of pieces to charity. But maybe you share an experience that you had that led you to fall in love with this charity that changed your life, right? Even just saying those words, it kind of makes you feel a bit more like, Wow, That's awesome. I really I love that. Maybe if I had a in particular and experience with the charity that changed me by being being involved with anybody volunteer and I went on a trip or I don't know, whatever it waas right by sharing those kind of rials stories. Um, or maybe I had somebody that I love who had an illness, for example, And I want to give to that cause. Okay, then, by sharing a little bit of that story, and by the way, you don't have to go overboard. You don't over share and share too much of yourself if you don't want to, um, if it's relevant than and if it's if you're comfortable doing that, then you can. But this is another way to just give people your why, as to why you're actually doing what you're doing with this, our peace. When you share these kind of stories, it actually makes people feel like they have a connection to you as a person because you're not just a art brand, right, But you're an artist, and so people will definitely connect more with an artist. They will. Then they will, with an art rand, so you don't only want to feel Justin company. Okay? You want to feel like you're really you have flesh and blood. You've been through some stuff. Maybe you've had a wonderful experience is you want to share, But maybe you've had something happen that makes you want to just do something very in particular with this collection of art pieces. By sharing those kind of things will give people a reason to feel connected with you to then follow you along on this journey of that you're taking selling your art and actually putting art into the world. So you're going to be sharing these kinds of stories and anecdotes about your art pieces leading up to the launch. You can do that over social media. Of course, with your posts, you can show behind the scenes of you creating the pieces baby offering sneak peeks or inspirations or mood boards, things that are going to give people a bit of a hint as to what is coming. Okay, so maybe you are shown the little parts of pieces showing your paintbrushes, showing your hands kind of doing sketches. Maybe you have your friend, your husband or your mom or whoever is helping you out. Videotape. You just can't even doing a boomerang shot of you just doing sketches. Just kind of something to keep people engaged in the fact that you're working on something . Okay. People like to follow that kind of stuff alone. They like to follow along, I should say, with those kind of journeys. 6. Countdown to Launch Day: So the next thing you want to be thinking about is actually doing the pre work for the launch day. So, yes, you're gonna be promoting and long talking about what you're launching over social media on over email. But next year to do is actually prepping your launches. So you're gonna actually pre make your posts for social media so you can pre make them in Canada or in a photo shop or wherever you make posts. Maybe are using mock up editor or a variety of different online tools to help you create images of your art on having actually styled in rooms and so forth, so that you could even pre schedule your post for social media using hoot suite is one that I really love. Um, there's a variety of others, but hoot suite is a great one. And that's a great way to pre set up the launch day, uh, post so that you're not, you know, mixing it up and maybe not posting enough on your actual launch day. You want a pre schedule a lot of your posts as well as your e mails, So if you're using active campaign, you can pre schedule your emails so you can access a for launching on Friday. You can like on Monday get sit down and write Friday's email and pre schedule it to go out on on Friday at, like, 10 a.m. Okay, do you actually pre schedule all of that kind of stuff? You don't really want to be writing your emails and your your posts at the time of your launch. Number one, you're gonna be rushing number two. You're not gonna be pre thinking things and how to really sell if you're in a rush. Um and so that's really, really important. Number three, it's just stressful. Okay, so don't do it. I've done it and I will never do it again. I always pre right my emails and my social media posts, especially when it comes to launch days. So during your pre launch time, you're gonna do all of that work. So I would suggest having all that done a few days before launch just so that you're not having a panic attack. And before you launch your campaign, um and just basically for peace of mind, having all that stuff pre done is going to help you because you might be doing an event on the day of a launch or you might be doing Ah, lives will talk to you about in a minute and more other other strategies. They're going to need you to be more in the present moment on your actual launch day. So all your pre launch stuff is going to be leading up to your launch. So pre written emails, pre written and designed posts are going to be very, very important when it comes to preparing for launch day. The other thing you're going to create in advance during your pre launch period is your launch day banners, um, and different kind of promotional pieces for a launch day. So not just your emails, not just your post, but also your Facebook banner, your Twitter banner. Maybe even your actual profile image may change depending on what you're doing, um, different things like that. So your actual banners and imagery, even on your website, pre designing the banners that are going to be used. Maybe it's on YouTube. If you do YouTube promotion or on your personal website, Um, then that's basically where you're going to be sure to change banners. Maybe it's the top of your store. Obviously, you may wanna have, you know, Special Launch Day. You know, check out my new collection. You may have a title of that collection and beautiful images of it. I do this all the time constantly updating my banners, depending on the time of year as well as what I'm launching. So during your pre launch period is your It's your buzz building time. It's also your prep time. It's going to be prepping all again your emails, your social media posts and all banners and promotional spaces online. Okay, so that's all you're gonna do in your pre launch, and that will lead you upto launch day. Now let's go on and talk about what happens on launch day. 7. Launch Day: so launched the arrives, and it's like an absolute cherry on top. It's an exciting time because now you can finally share with the world what you've been working on. So maybe you've been sharing sneak peeks, but now it's time to actually share the rial thing. OK, so this time on launch day, you're going to have automatically. Your emails are going to go out. So I would have between 1 to 3 emails go out on your launch day and have those pre scheduled, obviously. So those are gonna go out automatically while you're not thinking about it, which is awesome. The next thing that's gonna go out automatically is your pre scheduled Social media posts that you can do using hoot suite dot com. And that's gonna be awesome, too, because again, you're not gonna be thinking about that. But those are going to go out as well. That's another thing is gonna happen. The other that's going to happen is your new banners. So the new banners that you have created for your store for your Facebook account off for maybe your Twitter account or wherever else your social other places that banners air going to be showing up. All those banners are going to need to be flipped over. A lot of those do not happen automatically, so you're gonna have to actually go in and change over all the banners and any maybe profile pics. If you want to change those as well. Basically, it's like a huge flip over to the next thing. So it's kind of like there's a new thing happening here, and I'm going to switch everything over all at one time. Um, you might need a friend or family member to help you to do it, cause depending on how many places you need to make banners for it might take some time. Or you could just take your time and it yourself, give yourself a cup of coffee and just switch over all the banners. That's gonna happen early on launch day. It might even happen on midnight the night before. If you want to be even more ninja and get in there at midnight, you can do that as well. Another thing that you're gonna want to do on launch day when you're launching new art products, every new painting Siri's or a new watercolor, Siri's or whatever it is you're launching is to get friends and family to post for you. I know people think Oh, like, you know, Cheverly bother people. My friends, my family, my colleagues Absolutely. Go ahead and bother them and ask them, Give them a social media post. So maybe give them a square or a certain cropped image with information on it and ask them to post about it and give them a link for people to then come back and buy that thing that you're trying to launch. Absolutely. Get your mom posting. Get your auntie is posting. Get your family or friends or cousins. Get your colleagues to post. Get other artists to post. One strategy you can do is it's called a post for post. So, for example, if your artist friends are also launching pieces, you can just request for them to promote for you and to post your art to their following, especially if it's similar style. And, um, some people will do that. Maybe some others won't. But if they're cool and friendly, they probably will and then just save them in turn. When you're launching something, I will post for you. So it's kind of called it a post for posting. People call it shout for a shout. Same idea. You're basically sweet, you know you're handing off each other social media, so to speak to them post for each other. It's really a great way to build community and to actually build friends in the artist community. You can even do this by offering some sort of a contest. So having people, if you post your own art piece online saying now you know I'm launching my our peace by getting people to engage with it by doing a contest. Maybe if they, you know, like it and they share it that kind of thing. That's a really great way to also do on Launch Day to really engage people, get them to start sharing your art. And if they share maybe three times they know they share, you can then have a kind of drawn name out of the post list and give them maybe something free. So maybe you're giving them a digital download free or something related to ah, your art piece. I would make sure it's something more digital if you can. If you don't, then you can also mail it to them, but that's up to you. Lead up to you. But you basically want to give a reason for people to share your heart with their friends, their family and their colleagues. So, yes, you want your own family, friends and colleagues posting. But you also want other people's families and friendly friends and colleagues to know about your art piece. So this is a really great thing to do on launch day. And last but not least, you want to do what is called Lives. Now on social Media, for example, you can do instant story lives where you literally just come on. You hold of your phone and you do alive and you say, Hey, guys, today's the day So excited. I've been talking to you about this thing for like a month, and it's happening, and you might want to give them, like a studio tour. Walk around your studios, share with them, maybe, like show them some of your original sketches, show them some of the drawings, and like the things that you've been working on and say I'm so excited now for you to see the final product, you can go now to this link and check it out. That kind of stuff. So you want to really engage with them live? People then can comment. You can then comment back to them, live, like talk to them. Shut other names. Say thank you, Marcy. Thank you, Diane. Thank you. You know, Francesca, for joining me today. That kind of stuff really engaged, Live is so, so, so powerful. You might even want to offer them while they're on the live that if they buy within next hour, our next to ours, for example, or with Met 24 hour day that they get something free or a special coupon code. You might want to offer a coupon code on the lie. That's also really cool. People do that, and it works really well. But these are just some ways to really get the live day, the launch day to be a a real splash. You want to make it an exciting event, and these were some of the ways that you can do that 8. Post Launch Day Strategy: so after the launch has happened. So the days and weeks and months after you've launched your new art, Siri's or the new art piece that you have launched, you want to continue to engage. The last thing you want to do after all the types been built up, is to disappear right, because now you have people's attention. They're listening. Now you want to keep things going and you want to keep them engaged. How, through Social Media Posts Again they would have already been pre scheduled, and you want to keep that going. Size people reschedule them for maybe a week or two osteo bi every day or every second day . But if they run out to maybe the pre scheduled emails run out or our post run out, then you can just keep posting, um, at least once a day over social media and at least email your during the launch period and pre long or post launch, you're gonna actually email them at least once every second Today, you don't want to disappear and drift off into nowhere on their email. You want to keep engaging them through a variety of different ways. Now the couple's Every things you can do over your posts and over your emails is to continue to tell stories about the collection or about the art piece to share how it was made. Show baby, kind of like process images showed studio shots of it, show your hands actually working on it basically show different things and talk about different things that were all relative to creating that art piece or that our collection another you can do is to offer specials. So if people by by a certain day, maybe you also throw in a second item for free. Maybe it's a smaller card or something that can actually be added in. That's not of a high expense to you, but that is a perceived value to customers. So that's another great way to keep the ball rolling after the launch. Another thing that you can do is continue to do live events so live events online. So live on social media. On Facebook and instagram, it's easy as pie. You literally just click live button and it comes on and you start talking. It's so easy. I know it can be intimidating, but trust me when you do one and people kind of like the fact that you're uncomfortable and it sounds funny, but they kind of like watching something happened live. They know that you're a bit uncomfortable, but so just make fun of yourself and just have fun with it. Just go ahead and try one. Remember the first time I tried when I was literally stuttering and like, making like, literally tripping over myself? It was really bad, but I didn't really, You know who cares, Right? Because it's not just about us. It's about how art can impact them. And if we believe in our hearts and I know you do, because if you didn't believe in art you're making, you wouldn't be taking this course. But if we believe in our art, them will be willing to kind of put ourselves out there, and I want encourage you take that first step and just try alive. Okay, you'll be thankful that you did, because you will get more sales and will really engage people to actually perk up and listen. Another thing you can do is actually live events. So, for example, maybe have launched a nart Siris in a couple weeks later, you can do a live event, maybe goto a holiday market. Maybe you do a craft. There may be a do some sort of a sale at your home. Maybe you actually offer a cool launch party or some kind of event if you do a cocktail party or some sort of a cool like coffee and like, treats kind of thing. And you invite your friends, your family, their friends, their family over to your house, to your studio, to your you know, wherever you are. Maybe it's in a cafe and that, you know, you know, the owner of the cafe, and they'll allow you to kind of set out for the afternoon. Hey, doing event, put on a party part People love to come to our party. Is there like I'm there because they need something to do? Let's be honest and going to another movie and going to another bar or whatever is just, you know, monotonous. So giving them something to do and something to support. They love it. And actually, when I launched my first art, Siri's, I did a launch party at my apartment, and it was a small apartment we literally took down all the art off of my dining room, and I converted my dining room until kind of the gallery setting. People could kind of walk in, mingle around, have drinks, have kind of fruit and cupcakes and things, and it was a really fun party. But I was shocked. And how many people just took other credit card and was like, OK, I want that one And I didn't really. I was in preparing. Didn't know how to use a square radio at the time. But you'll be so amazed that when people come to an event, they feel like because I'm here. I want to buy something. You know, they kind of come with their shopping hats on, and so I would encourage you to try. An event is even more personal than even online and over social media, and then people could kind of come in. Maybe if it's a more of a public event, maybe it's added out a trade show or a craft fair. Then people might have been following you on social media than they can show up and shake your hand and actually meet you. And whenever that's happened to me, I feel like those people buy for me over and over again. They kind of become like lifetime customers. I feel like maybe not Lifetime, but they become, like, really loyal because they've then met you and they feel like they've had a conversation with you. They can go home and take your art home, put it up in their wall and they can say, Yeah, I know her. I know this artist. I met her, you know, So they kind of have more of a sense of ownership of the art piece because they feel like they know us. So that's a really great weight after this is now post long strategy is to really keep that conversation going. Keep those buyers coming by doing a live event. Last but certainly not least in your post launch strategy is I would encourage you to get reviews and testimonials from people who have bought from you, So maybe they have written them over email. You just get the back over email. You can actually use them on your on your website. You can even quote people if they allow you and they give you permission and I actually post their quotes on social media. That's another great way to do so. You can even have people tag you and encourage people to tag you on social media and then repost. They're tagged images, so maybe they've taken your RPS home. They put it up in their kids nursery, and they've taken a beautiful photo of it. Then you can actually any tagged you on social media to be on Instagram. Then you can actually repost that post and actually share what they said about your art. So these are things that really encourage sales to continue, because then other people who are kind of I'm you we'll see that and go Oh, it's so cool. I love how that our piece looks in that you know that girls baby's nursery and so again it just gives people more reason to fall in love with your brand. It shows of them seeing you, um, and how your heart is impacting other people. Testimonials in reviews are gold, so you want to encourage those You want them to be on your store, so somewhere on your story, you want them to be on your website. If it's separate from your store, you want them to be all of your social media if you can get lots of different other people talking about your social are about your art pieces on social media and before I leave you what I want to also encourage you to consider to do promoted listings as well as or end or ads within your chosen platform. So say, if you sell on Amazon or Shopify or etc. By actually doing ads associated with your store. It's another great way to continue the stories to say the prelaunch. Maybe you're a pre getting people excited to then son it for an email list to be aware of your launch. That's another way you can do it or on your launch day. You can then start running ads to your new items you're selling and definitely in your post launch. You want to keep that conversation going, so maybe have an ad running on instagram, and people can then see you on a regular basis on their INSTAGRAM account. So maybe they're already aware of you, and now they're scrolling through instagram account that like, Oh, there's that girl and you actually show up as an ad. Okay, so you basically want to keep your art in their eyes over and over again, even after the launch has happened. And I'm talking about months afterwards until you're ready to change the conversation into your launching your next items. So I hope that that's helped you guys. So your pre lunch, your launch day and your post launch strategies. I want to encourage you to implement as many of them as you can, and I know that this will help you and serve you as you're launching your artwork to the world. 9. Part 4 Project: everyone thank you again for taking this letter at masterclass. And in this video, I'm gonna outline your last project for this course. Step one is to print out the cell your art masterclass part for checklists. Step two. As you watch through the video content, you're gonna learn about how to over deliver. If your customers abandoned cart strategies and testimonials, you're also gonna learn about pre launch launch day and post launch strategies. Be sure to watch all the videos. Step three uses checklists as your guide when launch your next art piece, Siri's or collection. Now, as you can imagine, this is not necessarily a project that could be implemented in one day or in one sitting, maybe have as the other ones were. But in this case, you're going to be applying this project to your actual real life. The next time you're launching an art piece or a collection, I want you to use these checklists. Step for sure, your checklists and notes in the project section, for example, How did you find that the checklist helped you? How did the pre launch launch day or post launch go? Sure, Even one story with us no hint. Not everything may go according to plan, especially on your first launch, but what did you learn as a result of your launch? Share what worked and what didn't work. Step five. Feel free to share an image of your launch or images. For example, a screenshot of your online store product photos, launch event photos. Have fun with it and let us all behind the scenes. I hope that you will enjoy the cellular masterclass. It's helped to kickstart your online art selling business. There any sections that you found to be challenging, feel free to rewatch them. Starting, stop, Take notes. This is a process, and learning is always in the doing, so I encourage you to go for it and enjoy the experience. 10. Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 4 Final thoughts: Hey, guys, thank you so much for taking the cellular masterclass part for I really, really hope it's encouraged you and help to and equipped you to really have the tools necessary to really have an effective art business. I want to encourage you. If you have not go ahead and download the worksheets to fill them in, go ahead and do so. And I would also love to hear your reviews. And I love to hear how you felt about the course and how it's served you. I want to encourage you that you absolutely can do this. And this is your dream to build on our business online. You absolutely can do this and I want encourage you to go ahead and to use the tools that I have provided for you in this course to help you along the way. Thank you guys, and I'll talk to you again soon.