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Sell art on Displate | Building your career as Digital Nomad | Passive Income

teacher avatar Mark Dubienski, Artist | Designer | Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How sell on Displate


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      How to customize your profile


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      Design art to sell


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      Upload your artwork


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      Carry on and stay organized


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      Class project


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      Important message!!!


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About This Class

Design your art and sell them on metal posters by Displate. Start earning money from passive income and become a Digital Nomad. Watch this lesson to find out:

How to start?
What's the receipe for success?
How to improve your art and boost your sales?

Follow this channel to explore this subject more and become independent artist.

Go with me on a visual journey :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Mark Dubienski

Artist | Designer | Content Creator


Hi, my name is Mark. I'm a graphic designer, artist and content creator. I was born in Poland, but most important part of my life I've spend in United Kingdom, where I found my own company Art & Roam Ltd. Now I'm existing as Digital Nomad selling my designs online and making projects for high profile clients. I had a pleasure to create graphics for such a brands like Comic Con, CD-Project, WGS or Marvel.


In my posters on Displate you'll find a lot of passion for travels and 80's aesthetic. Check out my brand's Instagram @night_trip_art and follow me on other social media platforms. Cheers :)



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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Mark. I'm a graphic designer artist in trouble in this class. Eltish, you help to make a passive income from selling your own artworks. Metal bolsters by display that received money for months, years to come. My journey as a designer goes over a decade now. Selling my graphic online was a game changer and open a new opportunities to me, I said, that comes when you continue to get after the work is done. So what it means for an artist you create your posters and selling it through licensing or print on demand companies. After some period of time, you'll receive money from artworks that your salt. Okay, so what's this? It's a friend of the man platform specialising in creating exceptional middle posters. They're gathering a talented artists from all around the world. I love display for the unique approach and quality of products. If you've never heard about displayed, then where have you been this whole time and where you should different features than not? This car's considers old do's and Dont's and practical tips will break this classes for a few short chapters to make it easier for you to follow how to sell this plate about strategy and creating profitable outwards kissed in your profile, which means how to make a good looking home page design art to sell how to fit the requirements and guidelines. Upload your content, which goes advice from these meta important stuff, like good title description and keywords. Marketing. So where we can highlight your posters to be founded by potential clients, promote your art and boost sales finally carry on and staying organized to increase your growth. If you have a question, please put it in discussion section below. All right and response for every question you have, don't forget to follow me and skill shirt and clean the follow button to be notified. Winner Lounge on your course if you want to learn how to make some extra money despite joined my class now and I'll see you in the next chapter. 2. How sell on Displate: how to sell this place. So the obvious answer for this question is, make a profile and start upholding your designs. No brainer, right? Actually, reality. It's not that easy. Obviously don't have to worry about backing and sending orders to your clients, but you have to put some effort to make a traffic on your profile because talent is not everything to make profits from your artworks, you should keep an eye on a few things. And before you start to creating some posters, first of all, find your art direction. Follow your instincts and passion. If you feel like SaiPan and inspiration and just go for it. Remember, do what you love and money will follow. Don't overthink it. Don't be afraid of making experiments and trying new things. That's how it worked out for me. Tried a white, a variety of styles like home, the car leave shapes, minimalistic themes, posters for kids room, and eventually I found what it makes me happy to create and brings me a most profits. The best example for my portfolio was simplex calling collection I found in the most inspiring to create, and at the same time they started selling pretty well till this day is my best setting. Collection it off movies from eighties like my old time favourite, Back to the Future, Blade Runner or Terminator. So I choose retro vibes and vapor wave style and design bright colors and radiance characteristic elements like grits or glowy effects. So find your own style and just go with the flow. The best piece of a practical advice I can give you here is include Transform marketplace to your artworks because trends affecting industry from photography to home, the car need to be up to date with what subjects there may be sources to follow. For example, articles on websites like Adobe Stock or Shudder stuff these big names. No, they learn stuff and realise was the hottest topic of the moment. Also, you should take a look on social networks for designers like Dribble or Be Hands, where you'll find the tons of inspirations definitely should check bestsellers on display to have an idea what kind of designs make the most profits at the moment. Also health. Who will be checking other print on the man's platforms? But I will suggest the look only of a world Arthur, the next thing is upcoming sales and the opportunities. You should try to cover calendar holidays like Freddie. Different teams. Hell, we for from July come back to school or Valentine's Day. Maybe not necessary does like Christmas or Easter, because it might be in the work more for accessories in society. Six. Like wrapping papers or Wall Davis tree. But if you have an idea what will fit with the most important holidays, this was go forth. Use your creativity to incorporate latest trance or upcoming sales opportunities and just make it work after a while, taking action displayed and getting some profits. Just look at your path sales. See what's selling and try. Feel those collections with more art words. Analyze in trying to get right conclusions than plan your next move side out. Keep in mind that beginnings on this. They are not easy to be successful. You have to be patient. You prove your work and consistently keep this party going. Okay, enough motivation is go to the nice subject 3. How to customize your profile: all right, so let's get through essentials in a dashboard of your profile. It's like your business cards place where you can shine, so don't screw this up. Make it consistent with your ark. Nice and tidy. There are four steps that you need to accomplish here to create a recognizable profile. First of all, upload your profile further, which should be ah, characteristic with you, like your artwork or drawing consistent with your style or maybe logo of your brand. It's totally up to you. Next, you have to upload your background photo and is the same situation. Like with your profile photo. It's good to put a banner matched with your style and keep that in mind that on the right side of the background, you can highlight free of your artworks. In my opinion, the best will be to leave this space empty for an example. That's how I designed my Benner. I left a gap on the right side of it to put my best posters here and then other Your profile description. Your limit is 200 science maximum, so try to write a few words about you. More your passion, your style. Try to use the sentences that will include keywords matched with your style. What you like to achieve in the last one. Create your first collection. And that's crucial because on this play they put big emphasis on making a consistent collections with these posters. For a start on your collection, minimum amount of artwork is four. That's how you can see on the farm nail here, but the best for exposition of main page off every collection is eight. At least that's how they are displayed on Web site, as you can see here. So it's better to think forward with designs and have a plan for a few more posters. Also customize your home page and big free to eight keywords that interest you most. You'll see best sellers from chosen keywords on your home page. In this way, you can follow what's happening in the displayed, which designs make most sale end like a sit before try to incorporate this data into your designs. It's really important, and war fit to follow 4. Design art to sell: Okay, so this chapter will be more about technical aspects of creating designs for displayed. These requirements for our courts are extremely important. So bear with me before you start creating pictures, and you would give them chance to shine and be posted and shop, and you need to check all these boxes. So 1st 1 make sure that you're creating your poster with cry resolution materials. If it's not a painting or vector graphic, of course, your artwork can be blurry and slightly pixelated. So keep that in mind because makes it unsuitable for printing, especially in larger size. Minimum resolution is free. 100 dp I In RGB mode, Jay peak size file must be up to 30 megabytes. Not more than that. Shortest side must be at least 2900 pixels. That's the necessary minimum. One point for 21 ratio for the best product fit, for example, resolution will be 4060 pixels on 2900 pixels. This resolution is enough to get through upload process, but I will recommend to make it proportionally bigger in case to use it on a different print on demand platform not only on the war art this is only for your consideration. You didn't have to throw it everywhere. Keep in mind that some designs just not fit for canvas, clothing or duvets, but try to be ahead with things like that. Remember not to put any logos, watermarks or boulders, just the clean artwork. Text countin shall be from the edge at least 200 pixels for the file with minimum size, as I mentioned before, which is 4060 pixels on 2900 pixels. The whole continent, the design must be included in one uploaded file. No multiple uploads on the same image, with slightly changed color palette or tiny detail. Don't try to cheat on any of these points because it's not worth it. Trust me. And death. The last important thing displayed Crew is checking every poster very carefully around very eight hours. If they will start something wrong, your artwork will not show up there. So take care about technical details. Off prepared files. Make sure that everything is polished 5. Upload your artwork: all right, if you have our ports and ready to go debts. Fantastic. Congratulations. You can get to the next step and uploaded on your display profile. This is another super important section, and you need to take care of these detailed below because positioning of your poster in searching results on the website and founding and my potential clients depends on this. So watch out. First of all titled, you have 26 science to use, try to describe your artwork and freaky words that appeal in the best way. Next his description, which is a little bit more. One. Her 40 characters Try to write a brief, clear description of your artwork around. Free sentences with strategic keywords will be for enough. Don't avoid making interesting and engaging description for an example. This is how I did my own after death. Need to at your artwork to collection. If you just starting, you have to create a collection or use already. Safed. Try to keep everything clean and tidy and then choose type of your artwork. Is it illustration or photography and next chooser category. You can check maximum free boxes here, so just click the most relevant with your artwork these free. In my case, they must pretty well with the subject, and the tax most important section here wants to write it down. You can't change it later. Thanks need to correspond directly to the subject of the artwork. So the best piece of advice I can give you here is find your keywords using a Google trance or Pinterest. These are easiest way to match the perfect tax for your poster and usually definitely taken advantage of that. Okay, so let's try to use a Pinterest type of Berlin and let's see what we have in the results. It's over here below we have, ah, some words that we can combined with Berlin. These are key words that we can combine with Berlin. They are mostly searched on Pinterest. Also, you should try to get some informations from displayed, and he uses searching results. Remember, the first posters are best sellers. That's the way of sorting these artworks, so you want to definitely keep a nine on first free or five pages off outcome 6. Marketing: it's a time for marketing to sell your posters in tons. Marketing is necessary. There is no other option. If you want to sell a lot, you need to put a significant effort in this area. If you dream about being a full time artist, let me explain. Essential is this subject. First thing that you can treat as a warm up. Choose your promoted designs. Click displays, show change on this plates and then over over and given work and click the promote button. That's how you can feature the best months. Make them more visible for your potential clients. You can choose Onley free off your best artworks to make more profits. You should share your article by special link on product page over here, as you can see here and get up to 50% off all sales. How cool is that, right, what you can do with this link and where to use it? I'll explain that later. There are so many social media platforms out there to promote your posters. Best examples. Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler. I'm not considering it, whether it was the best medium for the artist, but I'm aware that for some people that works and that you're using it. Actually, it's totally up to you personally for my brand from all those platforms. Pinterest works best, and I would like to talk about this particular platform, or mostly because I get the most traffic from there and I have where you get the results. So the advantage off Pinterest and compare with Instagram is that you can include these 50% links in the description of your pin to put link for Instagram Post. You have to pay for ATS, so there's the big difference and Pinterest you can make it organically for free will remember. Don't my expanding because Pinterest is very sensitive for such a bad activities and your account can be suspended. That happened to me once, but there was actually mistake. My profile was suspended. I appealed because I was 100% sure that I haven't done anything wrong and my account is legit. So they checked carefully. My profile restored my does birth and everything came back to normal. They sent me apologies and I could carry on with my best. So watch out for this. Don't be irresponsible, but don't go anywhere because it's not the end. Let's talk about the process of creating pin, so we have to name it. Give it a catchy title using a 100 signs where First Ferdi are visible in searching results . Also create a description of your pin using 500 characters maximum. But keep in mind that only 1st 50 signs people will see to write or text content. Use a search engine off Pinterest thinking advantage from tapes below. In search bar, look at best pins. Find some inspirations there for a title and keywords. As you can see, here is a place for your 50% link, and here we can create a new board or save it for a previous one. Besides saving your own pants, you should give something back to society. In social media. It's very important to safety pins from other sources and creators. For an example, you can make a board with inspirations for your next posters. Name it as a style you would like to develop like abstract synth wave, home to core or something else that you are into at the beginning. Try every day to make a unique free to five year old pens and free rep ends with counted from other artists. Make it as your daily routine will be a good idea to use a platform like later to schedule your pins and make a plan for a whole week instead of doing this every day. So go one step ahead with this. With all that painting every day, sometimes a multiple times a day, your birds can get a little messy and disorganized. And we don't want that because visual aesthetics is everything of interest. But it gets to that stage. It's time to clean them up. Used the sites in house editing tools for it. 7. Carry on and stay organized: Okay, we get to the last chapter. Thank you. View still watching this course. I appreciate that, and I will give you my last tips. So you measure a profile, created first collection with few posters and you started sharing your art with the whole world by social media. And that's great. What's next? Just keep working on next posters and stay organized with your creative job. If sales of particular compilation starts going well, then make some new additions to this. For instance, when some artworks don't sell or collection doesn't seem to be enough good to sail in the future, then maybe you should consider to lead these. It's OK to abandon some designs after time only if you feel that it's right. Keep on Lee does that. You were said this white with look for new opportunities to keep your head fresh and start a new collection in some point. Remember, if you're not doing progress than you're taking step back. Stay organized with tracking and saving your progress because they town displays from your sales is expiring after maximum 90 days, which is unfortunate. So for a long distance, is good to save informations about your profits somewhere like Excel or Google Ducks. I would recommend to try keep the statistics somewhere because they will be helpful for your future decisions. Okay, now it's the time for a summary. Find your our direction and making posters. Try to incorporate smartly transfer coming sales opportunities. Kristen your profile and spend some time on accounting for it. Meet technical requirements. Do research off Mater data for your artworks. Promote your designs online wisely, carry on and stay organized. 8. Class project: Okay. I'm almost done with talking Now it's the time for you to shine and taken action. I encourage you to create your first collection of artworks for display minimum for posters . Find a subject that appeals to you and try to make your own original take. Thank you for much for watching. I hope you enjoy this class. And it was valuable for you. Please subscribe my channel on skill share and follow me on social media. Leave me a comment if you have any question, Good luck. 9. Important message!!!: Hi there. So I felt obligated to recur one extra video for this class because something happened recently. It's sixth of October 2020. And unfortunately, sometime ago, display switched off. Option for register of new artists is temporary or permanent agreed on, No. But they don't want you to think that it was a waste of your precious time to watch this class or it's nothing like that guy's. There was a lot of platforms where you can upload your graphics and make some passive income. You can use a big chunk of knowledge from this class on a society sakes and bubble. Also, there are two other platforms that I'm using, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock solved the question for us about which platform you would like to learn in the next class. Is it red bubble Society six, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock. Please let me know and comment section down below, I'm ready to record a new video content for a skill share dedicated to each of those platforms. I would love to reach your opinion and share my experience with you. Have a great day and take care.