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(Selfish) Abstract Art: Landscape Oil Painting

teacher avatar Alina Harvi, Ukrainian Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Painting Preview


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      Suggested Materials


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      Creating Landscape Painting


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      Final Words


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About This Class

During this class, you will turn on your favourite music, pour some tea (or wine), inhale your
emotions and create your perfect abstract landscape painting.

Much of this class is demonstration based, I will take you through my process of creating abstract landscape painting. You can follow my lead and create the same painting or you can choose your own landscape for inspiration, colours and tools. My inspiration for this artwork I've found in the landscape during my hike on Madeira Island!

For this class, I will use oil paint, but if your medium is acrylic, watercolours, pastel, anything else, I still encourage you to go through this class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Alina Harvi

Ukrainian Artist




Hi! I’m a Ukrainian artist currently based in France and I’m here to guide you into the world of oil pastels and colorful drawings and paintings :)

Hope you enjoy!


YouTube Art Channel
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1. Introduction: Hello and thank you for joining me in this class today we will create it's beautiful abstract landscape painting on small canvas. So if you want to create something new for your goals or for your lost ones, just grab your palette, knives, oils and pleasure. In the next lesson, I just want to show you really quick of the materials you're gonna need for creating this painting. 2. Painting Preview: - way . 3. Suggested Materials: for this class, you are gonna need a blank canvas. 90 brushes, four color mixing oil. 4. Creating Landscape Painting: So in this lesson, I invite you to work alongside of me. As I take you through my process all creates abstract painting. I will use a landscape as my inspiration of this piece. Much of these classes will be demonstrating based. I will speed up some parts off the video, making sure you are able to follow the process on bond colors I'm using. You can either for my lead in this process and create the same painting or choose on colors and reduce. You will use having the best way to enjoy the creative process and till the results of it is to trust through yourself and build selfish in art. Sometimes you just need to take a break. Turn on your favorite music for some tea or wine and enjoy yourself by great something beautiful. That's what, in my opinion, selfish art is about. So in the meanwhile, I've started working on the sky, starting with dark blue. I'm going down with light and blue, and I want to add something colors in here to make it to look more like sunrise. So just a bit off being and why it will grate just beautiful marshmallow green color. I think I will go with some yellow, too. It will brighten off the painting and Teoh make the sun rise more bright, more dynamic. That's what I am looking for in this painting. If you want to, you can use some bride Li mon yellow, too. You see how great it works here with being can blue and yellow makes it more vibrant. So it great Great effect. Don't be afraid to go with you Got and use Teoh some unexpected colors. And if you want more yellow or more pink, Junco have anti heart goes. The next thing these landscape needs is a horizon presence. Make landscape endings more beautiful. And who so I'm edging mountains to this painting for Montas, I would be using dog wrong and from the first rolls off dark brown, you can see how it adds great contrast to the painting and the sky looks brighter and more vibrant. So it works just great. - Yeah , as you noticed, I'm not covering old the canvas with paint. I'm leaving. Some space is untouched. I really like doing it, especially when I'm working with a blind of canvas. I think it works just beautiful together live in some space is untouched. Great new level off freedom to the painting, especially for landscape in my another glass calling art off Living blank after class, Keep painting with blanks. You can find out more about these techniques and create the same painting. Firstly, I want t decide on composition off the painting, So I'm adding some heels here, too. And after that I'll be able to add more bold strokes off faint way. - As you can see, I'm using only but at night for this painting. I really like using them, especially that I'm working on abstract paintings and landscapes. They helped me to add more debt and dynamic to the painting, and they also keep me from getting lost in the Dales, which works especially grateful. Abstract landscape paintings and blood knife is also great for creating gold and expressive strokes off pain way, - way , way, way I encourage you to go with some unexpected followers. Don't be afraid to add some being or bright red or blue to the mountains or hills. And if my surprise you have great the pink or boo looks on the hills, so don't be afraid off experimenting with colors. If you don't like it, you can always change it, especially if you're working with oils. And while at night you're just crap. It and Teoh apply another color you like. - So I was picking about some unexpected colors. As you can see, I've added some a light pink in here. Justice light of it. And, uh, yeah, mostly we have greens and browns and here, but I really want toe. Make this painting more expressive to add some bolt emotions in here. So I think I'll go with bright red and work together with sky because, as you can see, our sky is very warm. And it has these gorgeous yellow and orange and a little bit of bread, too, as you can see just few strokes off fret and the painting books so completely different way , - way . - So no, I really want to add that marshmallow in color. I used to apply on the beginning that I was working over the sky. I want to applied to the sky again and to leads over on my heels and a mountains, too. So it all works together, sky and heels, the whole landscape. It's just one beautiful place No . So now I just want no at the last few strokes off pain. But I want to fix something. Don't be afraid, toe. Make a mistake. Then you create in a painting. You can always, uh, fix it. And if you can't, well, maybe it's how it's supposed to be Action. So look at your painting. And I think if you like it, maybe want to fake something or at some last strokes off pained. Take your time. Don't forget to sign your painting. So I will see you in the next lesson for final words on and for project for this class. 5. Final Words: So that's it. Thank you so much for taking this past. I really hope you enjoy it so and so much as I am, you can say to see your banding. So So share them in the project gallery and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. See you next time.