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(Selfish) Abstract Art: Floral Oil Painting

teacher avatar Alina Harvi, Ukrainian Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Chapter One: Intro


    • 2.

      Chapter Two: Art Supplies


    • 3.

      Chapter Three: Painting Process


    • 4.

      Chapter Four: Final Words


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About This Class

During this class, you will put on your favourite music, pour some tea (or wine), inhale your
emotions and create your perfect abstract floral painting.

You will learn:
○ how to push your artworks into abstraction
○ make your art more selfish
○ what materials, tools and medium you can use
○ how to overcome blank canvas intimidation.

Guided with the help of speed up video of the painting process with my comments and pieces of advice, you'll create your own abstract floral painting! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alina Harvi

Ukrainian Artist




Hi! I’m a Ukrainian artist currently based in France and I’m here to guide you into the world of oil pastels and colorful drawings and paintings :)

Hope you enjoy!


YouTube Art Channel
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1. Chapter One: Intro: For me, abstract painting is a perfect way to dive into creativity, mostly because of basically into each or emotional improvisation. It's like some special kind of language. Their strokes of colors, lions and shapes serve instead of words. Hi, my name is Alina Amon Artist's entrance later from Ukraine. I've been great in oil paintings for years, and I want to share my passion with you and introduce it to the walls of oil paintings now pushing your art book. Inter obstruction. Maybe intimidating. Great in abstract art book artist eel with emotions and his own region. It doesn't have any recognizable subject, and that's the reason you can hardly find some instructions or manuals Health to an abstract artwork. But I just decided to loosen up my paintings and make them more abstract looking. It was challenging for me. So I have developed a few steps which make this process easier for step starts with an idea or a concept to director artwork. It can be anything abstract landscape or cityscape or people in our case, for example, to be farmers. Seconds tip. Build your abstract painting on the compositional structure. How do you see how to imagine the flowers. You've got the pain. I know. Step, use for never materials whenever techniques. You wanna Jews in order to support 1st 2 steps and finally realize as an artist got no fast or hard rules to follow except bones you make for yourselves, especially when it comes to creating an abstract natural. And this is sport, in my opinion makes and are perfect and selfish. You make your own rules you desire on the shapes and the colors and their combination, the more you love it, the most introspection you have from this process, Stephen, Every year in advance parties or just curious, how are you going creating an abstract artwork or simply want to create your own For abstract painting, just give it a shot and discover the new abstract side of your creativity. 2. Chapter Two: Art Supplies: before we get started, I just want to show you really quick. Some tools. I usually work with a swell as mediums and materials before start creating anything you're going to need to actually help because you work on the recipient of materials you can use. And I personally usually work on stretched. Congress would all paper. If you work with like I am, I recommend you to try everything of it and see how different it works and have. It opens new ways to be creative Now. My Mendham soil. I love its male. It's picture, and I allow how they extend to dry. There is plenty of pigeons you can work with to, like acrylic squash or watercolors. Now tools. My favorite. I'm obsessed with palette knives. I found them the best tool for creating an abstract art. You can use them to create texture. The colors you apply with a bullet. Life is more vibrant. You can also use brushes or even your fingers. So now we're all set up. We've got off the brushes and palette knives we might wanna use. Our media is ready and then covers right before us. We're good to go 3. Chapter Three: Painting Process: sitting in front off brown canvas might be intimidating and exciting at the same time. It's the first stroke that seems so difficult to release. Just think of all the potential that think Congress holds and never be afraid to make a mistake, especially in comes to creating an abstract heart while working on these kind of absurd fours. I usually like to start with the background. Try not to overthink it. Just choose intuitively. The color here are in the mood to choose, because it will help you to set up the mood for painting from the beginning number. Ground is ready and you can start with a few first strokes. You can see I have already established there. I'll have stems off lovers. So now it's a good time to add some the ground strokes for flowers themselves. So these vice strokes off Rose and Blue will be serving as a background fathers, so don't worry about the shape. Now let's start on ending the actual powers today. I want no make them kind of love. Enter shaped. I'm choosing more autumn color palette, so here's a little bit off brown. For starters, I love then my obstruct followers of a rejection. So I'm applying thick paint strokes with help off palette knives I'm using for that knives off different shapes. But you can easily use just one or two of them. There is no crucial difference. Step by step, I'm adding new colors to the father's, a bit off orange and dee brown to brighten up or the painting and and some contrast to it. Don't be afraid off using some unexpected colors like red or boo. Even few strokes can add an interesting eye catching effect. School. As you can see that I'm mixing the colors. I like to make them a little bit messy, so I don't make them till the end. It helps me to create this vibrant, lively effect and to show the imperfectly nous off flavors shape. - I want to add some greens, too. - Now I want to add some last strokes off bright yellow and through the orange colors to make painting more lively. Good and then I'm finished with farmers. I always like to add some vie it between them. It grids this mercy, shapeless background, some kind of book hair. It looks like a bright and fresh might sky between the powers and this is the final stage off our painting process. Take a look at your painting. Maybe you want to add some last strokes off green or white as a final touch. Don't forget to sign it. And this is it. Your floral abstract painting is ready. 4. Chapter Four: Final Words: So that's it. Thank you so much for taking this class. I really hope it inspires you for creating an abstract painting. I can't wait to see your artworks. How? Just share them in broaches calorie. See you next time.