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Save Time with Smart Social Media Marketing Tips & Hacks

teacher avatar Megs Hollis, #DoDigitalBetter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to the Course!


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      Social Media Hacks using just your Phone!


    • 3.

      My Best Desktop tips for Social Media


    • 4.

      The Productivity Tips you Need!


    • 5.

      Save your Sanity with these Tools


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      Your Class Project


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      Thank you for Joining!


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About This Class

In my class you'll uncover my handpicked collection of top-notch tips, tools, tricks, and hacks that will revolutionize your social media marketing efforts. Say goodbye to endless hours spent online and hello to streamlined efficiency!

Learn from my extensive experience of over ten years in the industry as I reveal the very best productivity tips that will transform your social media game. Whether you're on your phone or computer, these techniques can be seamlessly integrated into your routine, maximizing your results in minimal time.

Get ready to witness unprecedented efficiency as you absorb game-changing strategies. You'll thank me later ;)

Unleash the Potential of Three Core Concepts:

  1. Content Hacks: Uncover insider secrets for crafting captivating content that grabs attention and drives engagement. Level up your social media game with techniques that will leave your audience wanting more.

  2. Boosting your Productivity: Discover proven methods for supercharging your productivity and reclaiming precious time. Say goodbye to being chained to your devices and hello to a more balanced and productive work-life.

  3. Saving your Sanity: Bid farewell to the stress and overwhelm that often accompany social media marketing. We'll equip you with strategies to maintain your sanity while achieving remarkable results, freeing you from the constant need to be online.

Many of us have experienced the love-hate relationship with social media, and it's often due to the never-ending time commitment. Our mission is to empower you to create exceptional social media content without being tethered to your devices 24/7.

To get started, simply duplicate the Google Sheet provided, granting you full edit access. Take charge of your social media journey and unlock the true potential of time-saving strategies.

Meet Your Teacher

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Megs Hollis


Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to the Course! : Hello everyone and welcome to this masterclass all about saving time with your social media marketing. I'm so thrilled to have you here today so that we can all work smarter, not harder. This course is centered around three key concepts and that is when creating and curating content hacks to powering up your productivity. And three, saving all of our sanity. The first concept is broken up into two sections, namely all the tools you can use on your phone. And then all those that you can use on your computer power up your productivity is also broken up into two parts. Firstly, that it's gonna be tightly managing your time. And then secondly, content ideation and generation hacks. Finally, save your sanity includes my top tips was staying sane while living your life online. Each section is super digestible with five tips included in each for the OCD and mangoes. You are so welcome. Do also keep an eye out for burners sections as I love sprinkling my students was some fairy dust and do often post a bonus tutorials after my courses, go live to better support you in your journey. If you have any specific queries I am here to help you. So please be sure to leave me any questions or perhaps a review, and I might just create a bonus section to help you out with your specific query. Connecting with my students really makes my day. So please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me. If we haven't made it. It's an absolute pleasure to meet you. My name is makes an I am a YouTuber course, creates a and social media freelancers. I've been working in social media for over ten years and teaching it as really one of life's greatest joys for me, truly. The bust of feedback I received from views on my YouTube towel and happy students in my classes helps me to really live a life that I truly love. I would be endlessly grateful to have your lung for the stride. If you'd like to find out more, please do search for mates. Hello us on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to me over there for weekly golden nuggets in the form of take tutorials to help you do digital better. Why this course topic, you may be wondering, well, many of us have a love hate relationship with social media. And the primary reason that I find that this all boils down to is the fact that we end up spending a lot of time on social media. And to quote Miles Davis, time isn't the main thing, it's the whole thing. So if like me, you feel like you have absolutely no self-restraint online and you tell yourself that the reason you are on social media so much is that you basically needing it for your business. This course is really going to help to show you that together we can tackle this beast and not spend our lives online. So that object is really to still create that phenomenal content that we need for our business without spending all the time doing that sound good economy to catch you on the other side. 2. Social Media Hacks using just your Phone! : In this portion of the class, I'm going to be running you through what I like to call brilliant basics. That means the absolute no-brainers that you need to take on board when it comes to social media content creation. Without them, it's really going to be inevitable that we end up spending so much more time than what is a feasible and be healthy for us as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees, you are able to do the first set of tips and tricks in this section entirely on your phone. Make sure that we're getting off to a super simple start. Let's get into our fabulous phone tricks. First off, you want to bookmark all of the posts that you like on Instagram. So that when you're actually sitting down to brainstorm your content, you never have to start from scratch. You also want to be making Pinterest your absolute best friend. You're going to notice that a recurring theme throughout this class is to make sure that you never reinventing the wheel when it comes to your social media, you really want your processes to be doing the hard work. I use both the Instagram bookmark functionality and a dedicated Pinterest board for finding posts which will later inspire me to take action in my own life. And that helps me to create social media posts which inspire action in the lives of others. Top tip number two is that, you know, in Finding Nemo when Bruce the great white sharks is first-off friend, not food. While the reality of social media is that we need to make data, our friend, add our food. So we need to ensure that we channel our energy where we're going to have the most impact. So that means looking at the content types that simply didn't work for our brand previously, and avoiding them all together, all finding new angles on content that previously performed well. So trust me when I say that I am not one for numbers, but they can really help to point you in the right direction and make sure that you're not gonna be wasting energy or time where you shouldn't be. If you're not too sure where to find these stats, then just look out for insights on Facebook and Instagram and on Twitter it's called analytics, unlinked in. It's also actually referenced as your dashboard. And those are all going to help you out. Let me give you a really concrete example of how I've implemented this. Over the lifetime of my YouTube channel, I find myself posting about digital marketing content in all different shapes and sizes. In my mind, that was already enough of a niche. Well, guess again, younger mix. As it turns out, the videos of mine, which audiences actually wanted to see where those focused on two key topics. And that was WhatsApp, whatsapp for business as well as Skillshare course creation. The second that I started doubling down on those two topics, I saw a far greater growth and impact from my YouTube platform. Although niche in Dan might seem like a cliche. It's a really great idea to do a couple of things really well rather than a whole lot of things that you're not fully passionate about or that your audience doesn't want to hear about from you. Number three is to have the following two albums on your phone. The first I like to call business branding or something to that effect. This is going to help you easily change the background color of your Instagram stories using stickers functionality. The second album, I encourage my students to have as cold behind the scenes. This is gonna be dedicated to you forming behind the scenes content to use on story formats or later as a real. So people are no longer wanting to see just the polished parts of your business or the end goal. There's more ephemeral kind of content is really going to help you to be more of the calf, wearing less makeup and letting your head down. Make sure that you are having fun curating that stylized feed and not just feeling like you are trapped in the confines of perfection. September for is to use four sets of hashtags and save them with a keyboard shortcut or in a notepad app on your phone. This is gonna be super key to ensuring that you do use hashtags consistently unintentionally for organic growth. I like to look at what my competitors are doing as well as imperatively the size of these hashtags to understand just how competitive they are. Then using free tools online to look for relevant other hashtag ideas. Tip number five is to reuse your Instagram posts content as an Instagram guide. What on earth is an Instagram guide? You may be wondering, well, instagram guides actually launched in 2020, which is probably why not everyone has heard about them or seen them. Let's just say we had bigger fish to fry at that time. They actually allow users to follow a curator flow of posts with common tree, which is great for step-by-step guides, tips and recommendations. To create your very first guide up, you're going to want to tap the plus icon in the top right-hand side of your profile. Select Guide. From here, you can choose three different guide formats. Firstly, places, which is going to help you recommend places and your city and beyond. Products, which is for you to recommend your favorite products. And then thirdly, posts, which has recommending posts that either you've created or you've saved from other creators. Each format is really designed to suit a creators needs. Posts, for example, can be used to create a thread of Instagram posts that you've previously created or saved with customer headlines and come entry. This is a super versatile format that can be used to share inspirations, tell stories, and provide advice or guidance. Products can only be used to curate products which are already available on an Instagram shops. So that's something good to bear in mind. This is a great tool for brands or businesses looking to add extra context or come entry to their shop of a product on Instagram. It also opens up all new opportunities for influence of partnerships as 81, including influences and brand ambassadors can use this tool to curate lists of recommendations and products. Places is perfect for sharing location-based recommendations from city guides to restaurants and cafes. 3. My Best Desktop tips for Social Media : For this portion of the course, we're going to be swapping on over to our computers. The first step here is to use Canva templates. Ideally, I'd love for you to set up a premium camera cancer that you can more quickly realized content in your own color palette. But I have given you some alternatives if you're on the free version, did you know that you can actually create up to a 100 posts on a single project on Canvas. With the premium version, you can then gonna be able to swap these over to your save color palettes at the touch of a button. This means that when you end that idea gathering mode, you can literally add up to a 100 templates that you think could potentially work for your brand or for your niche. You're going to then change the color to your brand colors and then you can make further tweaks to them over time. For example, you'll know that you're going to be running a couple of competitions, but you may not be sure necessarily of the mechanic yet, I simply named these projects by the month. I'm planning to use them. If you'd prefer not to Africa to camera premium, I simply have a sticky note on my desktop with all the hex codes for the brand that I'm working on with it, which is a great workaround. What is the Higgs scourge you may be wondering, well, hex codes are really the web version of a Pantone color. The formal definition is that a color hex code is a hexadecimal way to represent a color in RGB format by combining three values, namely the amounts of green, red, and blue in a particular shade of color. These color hex codes have become an integral part of HTML for web design and remain a key way of representing color formats digitally. I'm beyond obsessed with using Canva to plan my feed. I've thrown in a free sample for you down below so that you can 100% steal my strategy. Here you can see exactly what the template looks like and all the different possible options that you're going to be able to choose from. You simply plot in your posts and see if they're going to look great. Often, just an order swipe is all the little take to take your Instagram feed from attend to an 11. Thirdly, use linked to your lincoln bytes, act as a switch board on your Instagram directing everyone where they need to go. The key difference between the two is that link tree is going to offer you a list view, whereas Lincoln Bio more closely emulates what your Instagram feed actually looks like. Making the latter really well suited to fashion and ecommerce. Tip them before is to use a free stock videos and photos using my three favorite websites, pixels and stat and It's not always going to be possible to have the perfect shot, even if you're working with amazing photographers and doing suits on the rig, that is where it started photography comes in. It is going to be a game changer for you in your business. Even when it comes to making my very own YouTube videos, I find that if I didn't nail a B-roll shot or I just need a little zinnias acquire. The second I add in free B-roll courtesy of stuff videos, I can see a whole new breed of life being pumped into my content. 4. The Productivity Tips you Need! : The next portion of this class speaks to productivity hacks that are going to save you precious time and energy so that you do not need to get to the end of the year and then drag yourself across the finish line. Now, I'm absolutely no LE dL if you know, you know. But spending ten years online has really taught me where to take shortcuts and we're not to. The first section of this class is all about time management. And the second is going to be about ideation and content creation hacks. Ready, Let's get to it. First off, I really suggest using a scheduling tool. Hootsuite or Sprout Social are both grades or for Instagram specifically, I can suggest preview plan or planet. These are all going to save you time from logging into every single platform, every single day and help you to schedule your content when your audience is actually online and not just when you're online. As a rather spontaneous soul, I truly believe that I would never be able to get behind scheduling software. But now that I am, I am absolutely shocked by them. I use spot social, but it is a little bit more on the pricey side. I would suggest starting out with the free version of HootSuite. You can link up a bunch of profiles into one scheduling dashboard and then voila, your posts are going to go out like magic. Just one note though, not all formats are supported, so be sure to check which ones are not supported on the platform you've chosen. For example, in Sprout Social carousel posts and stories actually are just gonna send a prompt to you via the app and let you know that it's time to post them. They do, however, feed you the copy and the image though, it's still better than is setting a reminder on your phone. Tip number two is to batch your work. So for example, photography, copywriting or scheduling. Using the Pomodoro method to do this country to what it sounds like. Pomodoro is not a pasta sauce. The Pomodoro Technique is actually a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have rather than against it. Using this method, you're going to break your workday into 25-minute Chang's separated by five-minute breaks. After about four pomodoros, you take a longer break up between 1520 minutes. Pomodoro is really a fantastic tool for just about anyone doing just about anything. But especially when it comes to the process of social media content creation, I find it really speeds me at all. I do is I group life tasks together and I do my best to whiz through them. Before I know is I have two months worth of social media content for a client, best feeling ever. Tip number three is to effectively manage approvals. I like to use Google Sheets for writing captions and then getting them approved of by my clients as a live document. Whilst tools like Sprout Social do of course have approval workflows. This is the kind of functionality that you're going to pay more for. That's why I do all of my creation in Google Sheets initially and then once approved, I transferred all across. This is also going to save you from teaching your client something like Sprout Social or potentially notion. And instead they just have to reference a super easy to follow Google Sheet, which comes with a drop-down. And don't think I'm going to leave you hanging down below. You're going to find a Google Sheet template that is completely free for you to use for your clients. I got your back. My final top tip is to always reference the images with a Google Drive or Dropbox language is going to make it super easy to find them when it comes to scheduling. Another tip is that if you've just been using the web version of Dropbox like this Nana, then be sure to download the app version onto your desktop so that it's gonna sync with your file manager. This genuinely makes life on social media and absolute dream sidebar. My computer actually recently had a motherboard failure and guess what, I lost absolutely no information of mine or my clients as heck. Yes. Tip number four is to set up auto responses on Facebook, Instagram, and if you're using WhatsApp, then goal, you need to swap on over to WhatsApp or business to use. They're aware and greeting messages. These are all tools to give the impression that your online 247. Meanwhile, you could be sleeping, doing your nails or watching ASMR in bed. Not describing me or anything. If five is, did you know that all of the major email platforms actually have template functionality? This means that if you're sending any repetitive e-mails, I want you to stop drop and roll. Female. You're going to find these on Outlook. You're going to find these. 5. Save your Sanity with these Tools : Let's talk about idea generation. First off, we're going to want to identify our content pillars. That means four to five topics which work well for your brand, which are going to help you to connect with your audience. This serves a number of different functions like staying in your lane, creating a niche for yourself, ensuring relevance between you and your audience. And from a content perspective isn't absolute godsend, as it means you do not need to reinvent the wheel each time. Tip number two is to have clearly defined target personas. This is really going to help you make content creation far faster and far more efficient. Checkout the template down below, if you're unsure where to start, It's best for these to be based on some kind of research no matter how loose, as well as your own anecdotal evidence that you will already have about your audience. Number three is to use onto the public, which has a fantastic resource to find frequently asked questions about your industry, which your business can answer. That means becoming a thought leader in your field and lending your credibility online. It literally spits out, are the most common questions in your niche with words like why, how, what, and then you can pick a handful for that content creation Croesus. I also love referencing Google Trends to see where the search interests lies in your industry or WIP niche. What are people really looking for and how can you meet them where they're actually at? You really want to use both of these resources to create a brand Dump of sorts so that you can always reference ideas that you've had previously. You can then use these free versions of Notion or potentially trailer to plan your content ideas. And I'm going to show you how I do this for YouTube. Keep it super simple. I stick to just a full columns. They are ready to be scripted writing and progress uploaded and more ideas. I'm really moving my ideas through a journey and picking them up as and when my inspiration strikes. Did you know that notion actually is completely free for just one user and it has an average syncs with your machine. So this means when I'm at the headdress that I'm actually making notes for my next video concept. And then when I'm back on my computer, I'm not you guys did starting from scratch, tip number four is to set up a topic alerts. Save yourself lots of time from searching for industry news articles by setting up a Google Alert for specified topics within your niche, you can then search through the topics that relate specifically to your business. And then when you find something of interest, share that with your followers. Helping you to feel like you're totally on the ball in whatever topic you need to be. Number five is to love your links. So when you're using links in your content, it's an absolutely cardinal sin not to shorten them. They look messy and unprofessional. If you do not, what is the alternative to that loan messy link? You may ask Berkeley, of course, you can sign up for a free version of this amazing link shortener, which also has a tracking dimension allowing you to see just exactly how many people have clicked on your link. Fun fact, which I also only recently discovered is that they also have a mobile app which allows you to shorten links on the girl. Safe to say, I'm absolutely obsessed, let's talk sanity savers took them awareness to cure rate your content diet. How would you feel if you lived your life on a diet of McDonald's? Pretty rubbish. But we're spending our lives following the lives of Kardashians without the content adding any real value to our lives. While we're so glad that Courtney is just living life. What about us living as I suggest, thinking of your content consumption as a diet too. The more bad things you consume, the least productive and output you're ultimately going to have. Of course, there's always room on my feed for dog videos, but I wouldn't be spending the bulk of my time consuming content, which is healthier for me. I don't even have to cut out chocolate. My ideas of who to follow to get great social media inspiration include number one, the digital technique. Number two, later and number three, tailored Lorin, she is hilarious. These are all fun and lighthearted accounts which are teaching me something new while entertaining me. Spoiler alerts, you can actually end up having it all in life. Tip number two is to pick a platform. This goes for content consumption and content creation. I would urge you to have one primary platform and not to spread yourself too thin. Oftentimes I will see a brand start twitter accounts only to neglect them. This is simply not as smart approach when it comes to social media. So even with consumption, YouTube is really the only social media app that's on my phone that's not hidden within a folder. This is helpful for me as it's going to encourage me to lean into YouTube as my primary platform, but I'm willing to invest time and energy into. I love Instagram more than the next person, but it just doesn't fulfill my business goals in the same way that YouTube currently does. So by putting it on my second screen within a folder, it's really a subconscious reminder to me that I need not pour hours of time into watching or producing the content on Instagram. Tip number three is to use Last Pass. I'm actually embarrassed to admit how much time I have wasted in my lifetime. Are you setting my passwords when the wonderful Maggie star, i recommended Last Pass to me ever since I have been absolutely hooked. So there is a free version which works on one device. So in other words, just on your phone or just on your computer or a paid for version which I have which syncs across all devices. I have folders for each of my clients knowing that all of their passwords are securely stored. And once I've onboarded them, I never have to share those written down passwords again, I simply use the native share functionality within Last Pass, which means not even I know these passwords as I'm generating 15 character random ones for myself or somebody saving my clients weren't securely. The only password I'm they're needing to remember is my master password is game changer. Tip is to use the Do Not Disturb functionality on your phone to make sure social media is not disturbing you after hours, I want you to limit your screen time in a day. We do genuinely have to become our own best friend when it comes to knowing what is constructed for us and our businesses and what is just not. Have your own back and make sure that mental health remains your number one priority throughout your content creation that journey. If you must procrastinate, then please procrastinated productively. The concept of productive procrastination was first introduced to me by the productivity YouTubers, Elizabeth Phillips and common medic. If you're not yet following them, then please go ahead and do so right now. They both lead extremely busy lives, but managed to get so much done while still having plenty time for loved ones, sports and other healthy activities. And this is really a goal that we're all aspiring for. One of the key ways I've noted that they do so is through so-called productive procrastination. And what this means is that if you find your concentration warning, rather than wasting an hour on social media, you actually give yourself permission to get up from your desk, go and fold your clothes, wash your dishes, or maybe even water, your plants. Catching up on any WhatsApps, particularly those pesky voice notes that you've been avoiding getting back to that email that you have been actively trying to get away from or phoning your granny. These are all the sorts of tasks that are going to be far more likely to enrich your life for the better, rather than using social media in a mindless way. Working when you are most productive and then managing your downtime a football constructively is really going to result in you having an altogether happier and healthier life. And that my friends is what I am all about. 6. Your Class Project : In terms of your project, I would like for you to implement any one of the tips, tricks or hacks described in this class and let me know all about it. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, but I'm really just wanting to hear how you are planning on or already saving time. What are you going to be doing with all that extra time? I for one, will be nurturing my fiddle leaf fig lying under the South African sun. And of course, eating chocolate while my content diets stays healthy as can be with all of these useful tools and tricks, you can save plenty of time when it comes to content creation on social media. I'm all about giving you all the benefits with none of the downside. 7. Thank you for Joining! : I so appreciate you watching this course and just know that behind this computer screen, I jump up and down with delight, every single positive review and comment that I get. So please be sure to follow me as a teacher if you enjoyed this class, don't forget to subscribe to make Tallis on YouTube. And please do also leave near review. I'm gonna leave you with another gorgeous quote by William Penn. Time is what we want most, but what do we use the worst? So let's make a joint commitment now to spend our time better, more productively and still grow our personal and business brands online. Thank you so much for joining me.