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Rock Your Blog with Canva: Create a Logo for Your Website

teacher avatar Ania Ciziel, Online Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Creation Process


    • 3.

      Canva login and interface


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Logo Elements - Layouts and backgrounds


    • 6.

      Logo Elements - Fonts


    • 7.

      Characteristic Element - Make your mark!


    • 8.

      Colour Palette


    • 9.

      Last touches


    • 10.

      Bonus: Getting Canva for Work (Premium)


    • 11.

      Bonus: Canva for Work (Premium) - Creating a brand palette


    • 12.

      Bonus: Canva for Work (Premium) importing external fonts


    • 13.

      Exporting your logo in Canva


    • 14.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

In this class you’re going to learn how to create a logo for your blog using a free software Canva. I will show you step by step how to use different tools in Canva as well as I’m going to share practical knowledge on how to choose the right format and resolution, where to look for some additional resources (like fonts) and how to export your logo in different formats.

You don’t need any design skills, as Canva is a very simple and intuitive software. It would be good if you would have an idea how you would like your logo to look like, but don’t worry if you don’t know the exact details,  you can work it out during this class.

At the end of this class you will be able to create your own beautiful logo for your blog and download it in different formats, so you can use it not only for your blog but also on other media.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ania Ciziel

Online Teacher


My right brain hemisphere won't let me stop being creative - from love to beautiful design, through endless artistic ideas, to finding more and more inspiration in everything I see.

But somehow my left brain hemisphere decided to also take I use my analytical mind on other technical skills.

In my childhood I would spend hours in the garden or nearby forest to observe the nature - and this fascination remains till now in an almost obsessive way in my designs! 

This combination of endless love for everything beautiful but also useful can be sometimes a curse, but... I love it!


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1. Intro: having it with luck on your block or what site and be crucial, then this tension. Are you thinking about creating a logo? But you don't have any design skills and you don't want to spend money on expensive software? It's the answer is yes. This is the class here are looking for mining's Ana, and I'm going to teach you how to create a beautiful local for your block using a free software. Condra have a little bit for everyone here. I'm going to explain you how to take easy steps in power that she's design you're looking for from choosing the right template through changing the phones and color palette to don't know, think your logo and best for me, I will show you how easy this did. 2. Creation Process: Okay, so this is an example of a local we're going to create income from. It's very simple and nationalistic. It consists only of a title subtitle on the characteristic element, and everything is tied up with a color palette. This local doesn't have a background, but within this class we're going to have a look on different backgrounds. This is a logo I have created for my own block, So feel free to recreate it if you want to just exercise how to make a logo. But I would in create you to create your own logo, which you can use in the future. For example, on your block in this class, we're going to have a look step by step. Have to go for the creation process. So we're going to have a look how to choose the right resolution for your logo. What templates we have within can vow which one is the best. Choose how to change the bag Grants had to delay the backgrounds. How to at titles, subtitles How to change the phoned and I'm going to share with you my favorite website to also upload your own phoned, which is available within the prime emotion off a con va, which you can get a free trail for the first month. Also, how up characteristic element from the convoy library, or how to upload your own element, your own design into your logo. And then we're going to have a look how to change the color palette of our logo so everything will look very nice and tidy. So I hope you're going to enjoy this creation process with me and please share your logo in our project. Gallery wants to finish the class. Let's get started. 3. Canva login and interface: Okay, so let's get started. The good can value can our Google convert or just go www dot com. And you need to set up an account within Congo. Already have minds. Obviously, I'm going toe looking. I'm just going to tell me now a little bit about the interface with in Culver. But I'm not going to focus too much on it because you will learn alongside why creating your logo on this left hand side is the main menu here on the upper side. There will be, in the future, a small venue, and this will be our working space. Let's have a quick look on the main menu. This area is mainly your account. This is the most important bottle, which starts creating a design for you. You can have a look on what you have designed previously. Those two elements are mainly used when you work with a team so you can actually work with more than one person ivory like this one, especially within the convert premium version, which is actually now cold. Come here for work, but for the free version, you can still create color palette for your brand. Only one within the free version on the rest of the elements are actually accessible only for comfort for work the primitive ocean, which I'm going to talk a little bit more about it in the future. Here are some templates, actually, all of the templates from Con Va and you can also within the free version of Con Va, create two folders where you can keep all of your designs and also a way to upgrade your account. Okay, so in the next lesson, let's get started to create our own logo and we're going to start with choosing the right template and those I'm going to tell you a little bit more about how to choose the right resolution for your logo as it is very important in the future. Okay, that's moving. 4. Templates: once you have set up your account, then start designing our logo to do it. Let's go to create a design. And now convert will give you different options off templates, and this is a right moment to have a step back and have a little bit off fought about how we want our local to look like, obviously within cover. You have a local template. That doesn't mean you need to use it. I will show you the example for logo previously shown on the website. So as you can see, it's quite small and stretch alongside. So I would probably go for something more off this shape. Spend this shape. The second thing, which is very important, is having a look on the resolution. Combat is not like, for example, illustrator, which means it doesn't produce vectors, but pixels. I'm going now show an example to explain you what I mean. This is the logo I have created that if I will zoom in to start to show me pixels in my logo. But that won't happen if I will make the local smaller and smaller and smaller, so the best option within can vies to choose quite high resolution so you won't need toe worry. It will show the pixels of your logo. For example, a weapon banner, which has the right shape I'm after, has quite small resolution. For example, the many a post a Facebook up, maybe tweeted post. Actually, it's 1500 so that's quite high resolution. If you really need something very big, you can always go into presentation. But that's a really big resolution, something like an instagram post. If you're after this shape, our Twitter past will be a good resolution, and you don't need to worry. It's called Twitter Post. It's only about the template and the resolution, and you can change everything within it. Okay, I'm going to choose Twitter. Post, you know, kind of are is taking me to death design part. Now we have something a bit different. We've got em a new a main menu for our design, a small menu on this site and differently oats to end this lesson. Let's first safe our design. I'm going to change the title. Let's say lo go. Why it's keeping the Shan and convert automatically saved the changes within my template off logo, and I don't need to worry. It will disappear somewhere. It's within my account. Okay, so in the next listen, we're going to have a look a little bit more on the layouts on the bag grounds and how to change those elements within our logo. 5. Logo Elements - Layouts and backgrounds: once we have chosen the right resolution for our logo in the right shape. Now it's time to have a look a little bit more on the layouts. As you can see now, the layout is quite different than a typical locally out. But don't worry. We are going to change everything here. The most important part is actually the resolution in the shape. So I'm going to show you what would happen if you would choose the local there. Should. The layouts are because for logos, so from one side it will be so much easier to use it. But then, as I showed you previously, the resolution his not so big. And if you would like to make it bigger on your website, you may actually lose the quality. Let's go back so I will go and let's have a look what we can change on this side. You have different layouts to choose from. I like this one. Folks place. It's very simple, so I can use it for my logo and have two elements. The background and thanks. Let's focus a little bit on the background. We can, for example, change the photograph with in the background to do it. Goto elements Free floaters. Let's choose, for example, something for free. Nice baby, for example. Oh, I like this one. Make bigger. Just move a little bit, okay? You can also upload your own photograph. Go to upload, upload your own images. I've already prepared a small image from my local just to show you as an example, I'm going to take now my image and drag here. What small? Let's make a beaker first. I'm going to let's say change the color of my background. I want to show you how to change the color. So instead of a photograph, I would like to have something very like who? Yeah, I know. You can add a little bit more colorist using the polit. Say so. Think every light yellow. Yes. Okay. And now, if I want my element being my background, I can make it bigger. And now, as you can see, the phone is below my graphic. So I'm going to choose the tags marriage and move it forward. Okay, let's make Dica much bigger. Okay, so that's the solutions. How to change the background within our logo. But for dill ago, I have prepared previously, actually have no background and what is very useful Leuven can ver You can actually don't load your logo with a transparent background. So especially for websites, it's very useful and you can use the background off your website. I'm going to delights the graphic. But here Okay, I'm going to first change the color of my thanks. It's talented, great. And now I'm also going to the light background and the next lesson, Let's move on to our funds and text. 6. Logo Elements - Fonts: Now we're going to create the text in our logo. So as you can see in my logo, our toe have title and subtitle. So I need two lines of my text to do it. I'm going to just click on this text and used. So now I'm having and you can see cover easily. Show me. Where am I? In the middle? Hey, this is my next off my title. Let's change it. But I'm not very happy with this fund. So to change the phone off your logo, go here and that's true something. Let's play all the with. Maybe this one? Not really. Ah, maybe something like that. As you can see, combat is changing automatically our fund so we can have a look what we would like to not really. Maybe something else for your screen looks. But then, but what I know with the logo I have graded that was different. Yes, that's what I left it. Now let's change a little bit the size off our text. Let's change it into something smaller. 72. Yeah, maybe next. Good. Maybe a bit speaker. We can change it in the future. Now it's time for this text. It's going really, really big. So I'm going to choose that. Thanks. Change it for something much smaller. Hey, and also, let's play a little bit with the front. I can again have a look through the phone, please. So what else do we have? Maybe this one. Well, it's a bit too small. Yes, I like this one, but I know it's definitely too big, so I'm going to make it's smaller. And don't worry. You can play with its why, for a long time, especially once you were at some color, you will say it will look completely different. 7. Characteristic Element - Make your mark!: Now it's time to find a characteristic element for our block ago. And my look. Oh, I would like to have an illustration off a leaf to find all the available illustrations with him. Camper go to such. And here you have all the stock photos administrations within convent. Some of them are for free. Some of them are available for free. If you have the problem version off convo, which you can get the first month for free, and some of them are, you need to pay for them. It's a very small faith for them, like Wandell or $2. I just said that I'm looking for at least illustration. I would like it to be a green leaf, So let's type green leaf and go to illustration. Now I'm going to picks you different designs. For example, this one and I'm going to scroll down and have a look. Telesis, available within, come found to choose from. Okay, so now I have chosen few different designs. As you can see, some of them have a watermark, which means they are paid illustrations or, for example, you can get them. As I said previously, with a canvas family I don't think I actually like this one. This one looks quite similar. Purpose one. So I ended up with those three different leafs shape. It's good to have a look what different options we have within this illustration. For example, this leaf has a quite big color palette. This one is only one color, but it's for free. And this one has like two different colors. I can change. Onda has a watermark. This is the illustration by both for my logo previously. So I'm just going to keep this one. And actually, when I will move on on show you how to get convict Premium, we'll also remove the watermark from this one. This home is for free, but I cannot really change too much within itself. I'm going to delight this one, and this one could be interesting. But that's not what I was really looking for. So So I'm going to dilate this Leave No, let's have Look what we can do with our illustration. Obviously we can make it smaller. It's definitely to bake for my logo. I don't like the way it is arranged. Not sure I wanted to have on this side. Maybe uh, that's sleep it. You can sleep and the situation horizontally off to college. Try this one. Have a look. No. Yeah, I like it. The weight is on life. State still be this site? I'm going to turn a little bit. So you need to press this bottom below and tune the way you feel like you would like it to be. And it's still not where I want to be somewhere. Okay, So we had a look on the illustrations within. Comfortable. It's really cool because some off them are for free, and some of them you can actually get for free within the combat premium. But if you think you couldn't find what you were looking for for you, look up there. A few websites worth having a look. Um, for digital illustrations, downloads. One of my favorite websites is an Votto. If you are looking for digital illustrations, you just go toe en Vettel market market and you can search. Let's say we want graphic and Victor's off green, please, as you can see, have quite a lot off illustrations to choose from there. Not so expensive. I think it's worth sometime paying like two or four doors for an element which we would really like to have live in our logo and that one. Next. Listen, we're going to change a little bit all ago to make it more compressive by creating a color palette, so I will ago will be put together and ready to use in the future. 8. Colour Palette: Once we have chosen our characteristic element, it's time to put together a logo and one Cohasset design. Using a color palette, I'm going to change first the cause off my leaves and then the colors off my text. Too much belief. So click on the leave. Let's go here and all you can choose a color formula. Default palette are some of your recent colors. Oh, you can click here and chose any color. I'm the color palette, and I encourage you to play a little bit with colors. Check how different colors looks get together, because sometimes you would be surprised how good some color much is look like. Let's go back, and that will choose the cause off my go. Now I would like to change the colors off those little bits here. I want my logo to be very simple, very delicate and the minimalistic to achieve that. It's good to choose very septal colors. In this case, I will go for some grace a little bit to lie. So let's go here, Dr Oh, are that's just this darker color. No, it's a little too dark. Change it for something more support. Yes, I like it this way. Now it's time for the people. And again, let's let's play a little Let's have a look how it will look like if it's going to be bright green, both definitely not or just green from my palate. Well, maybe gray. Yes, that looks better. This one. I don't have a little bit of contrast, so I will go for something from this colors. Still, I think there are things I want to play with, but I'm pretty happy with those chosen colors. 9. Last touches: Once we've created all the elements of foul ago, it's time to put all of them together so everything will look more nice and tidy. I already see that there are a few elements I would like to change here. For example, let's see how it will look like. So take that sleeve, put it my local naked bug, maybe make it a little bit transparent. I think it could look really well this way. I think what I would like to be be next. It and I'm going. It's a little bit back and make it smaller. Yes, that's far more better. No, I see this subtitle is eloping too harsh. So first I think I would like it to peak upper case. Mm. Look smaller, even smaller. Yes, that's better on. And what we could do also is to change this pacing, make it a little bit read. Yes, that put it together. And still I think the leaf could be maybe a little bit smaller, maybe actually, the main title. Hold on. No, actually, that was good. Was good. Sweet. Maybe instead I would like to have something in between. Let's try 70 six. Yes, that looks better. I still think I could make some small changes. Que maybe moved this one close. I'm 10. Bonus: Getting Canva for Work (Premium): As I have previously mentioned, there are a few additional features women cover up primarily get kind of a premium. You can get it the first month for free. You can do it in a few different ways. Go to main menu, come from and go to upgrades, and here you can start your free 30 day trial. 11. Bonus: Canva for Work (Premium) - Creating a brand palette: Now let's have a look on what extra features we have within Canada. Premium. What I really like is your brunt. And here you can set up and you color palette, and you can actually set up a color palette with the free version of cover, but only one. And within the premier me can create as many parts as you want. You can upload a logo. Also, choose funds hand when I really like. You can also upload a newfound, which I'm going to talk about a little bit in the future. So let's try to recreate the color palette we had within our logo to do it. Let's change first, the name. We'll go for skill share and lets out a few calls from our pilot. What I'm going to do. Does it go here and that Waas schooler press the plus and I'm going to copy this coat. Go back here, paste the color. Yes. Now let's add the second color, which waas great cola and maybe let's think about it. What other color will look like with our local? Maybe something Hello, green blue that actually looks for interest. Clean up this one. I'll go. You re like this one, so think more bright. Yes, this is a very basic palette, but let's recruit. Let's create a new one. And this time I want to go with something. Say, if I left, do so. As you can see, it's very easy to create a palette. You can use the color palette inspiration from Canada, and, as you can see, cover will show you a different color combination based on photographs. 12. Bonus: Canva for Work (Premium) importing external fonts: another brilliant option within comfort Premium is the possibility to add your own fault. If you, for example, have not found a phone you would like to use within your local design. With comfort, you can always go. And don't note I phoned from other resources. For example, there is a website, gold phone square, ill de phoned or 1001 phones. So I'm going to show you how it works. For example, on this website you can have a look on different funds. Oh, you can choose, for example, calligraphic fonts. But look, real iconography phones. It's interesting. Why not? And what is great Within this website, you can preview your phone. It's make life mitt. Not really sure. In fact, back. Let's choose another colleague graph. Oh, let's try this much. Okay, let's don't loot this phone's. You need to remember that those websites allow you to use those phones. Um, only for your personal use. If you would like to. I use it as more commercial. We can always go to the enV acting like it, and there you can buy a license for a phone. Let's try to upload and your fault. My God, see here. Let's have a look. How it will look like would, for example, sign our local a great life. Let's make smooth. So this is the way you can change the phone for any phone she would like to. There are other additional features you can get within convert premium like, for example, additional layouts. Three elements for illustrations. Photographs. So I think it's really worth even on Lee for creating your logo. Because once you're going to create your logo with incumbent premium, you can don't load it. So even for this 30 days free, I think it's worth set up an account. 13. Exporting your logo in Canva: We're always Abdi and off this class. And now it's time to don't look our logo so we can use it. For example, on our block. Teoh don't vote. You look up. Just go to download and you have few options for your Donald. I recommend the PNG or G PG fallen. So let's don't look. We have our logo. Don't loaded. It looks really good. No, let's have a look. With our options we have, you can also click transparent background, which is really good when, for example, you have a website set with a background and you would like your logo to be put on this background download. You hear it? This it's on them transported by grown. That's why it looks this way. But it will really look good on the website. You can also download an APP. Pdf standard four months. Our pdf print for months. Have a look. Okay, so I hope you just have don't loaded your first longer created within cover 14. Final Thoughts: Okay, fine. You go to the end of this class. I hope you enjoyed it. Consists off. Great in here. And please share your projects. I'm very excited to see all of them, and I hope to see isn't next less.