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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. CoastersNEWLASTREN

    • 2. Freeresinmainbody1

    • 3. Resinspopingbubbubbles

    • 4. Gilding coasters

    • 5. ResincoastersendREN

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About This Class

learn how to make a set for four resin coasters 

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Stacey Oflanagan



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1. CoastersNEWLASTREN: Hi, guys. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to make these simple coaster sex. So what you're going to need to create these are a G old shaped silicone mold. I bought this from somebody sparkle. You can find her on instagram. I'll leave her link below, but amusing art resin. Now the reason that means an art resin for these coasters is they're only going to be used for wine and per psycho. If you're going to be wanting to use thes for anything horror like teas or big trays for parts on it, you're going to need something like a countertop resin that can take the heat a little bit worried. These air okay at low temperatures. But if you're going to really want Teoh, have that he on them. Do do your research on Make sure you got the appropriate Rasim, and I'm also going to be using the Loretta's pigments in This is Magenta. You can use whatever call you like, but these are my favorite on this. Pink is one of my favorites to use to gild with the liquid leaf. I'm using classic liquid leaf by Robertson, and you can find out a most craft shops on going to be using some iridescent flakes as well in these coasters. So I hope you're ready to come along and learn how to make these gorgeous coasters. 2. Freeresinmainbody1: Okay, guys. So for this coasters, I am using am cynical mold like Silbey sparkle. And she's on Instagram s u b I sparkle. Andi. It is the coaster gate coaster. Mult. This one is really nice because it also has a pendant and molds for any of your excess resin because we always overshoot. Well, I always overshoot with a little bit on a hate weeks of my resin. So this is a nice way to use up that last bit of resin. So I have a couple cops here in front of me I'm going to be using for mixing my colors the's bigger ones for mixing up the actual resin I'm going to be using Magenta Blues by Lorax Pigments Act resin my hardener on my resume on for these ones, I'm going to do a clear middle and graduating now into a colored outline. So for the middle, I'm going to be using these that iridescent flakes I just got these in like a euro store. Sounds like a dollar store. So what I'm going to do is the mistake I always make when I'm making these coasters as I mix up my Rasin first on that I try mix of my pigments on my hands become sticky and the massacres everywhere Resin is really, really messy for a lot fun to play with. So I'm going to learn from my mistakes on I'm going to mix up my pigment on my flakes, forced another mistake and that I made when I was beginning this process, Waas adding the flakes after I had poured the resin. So I was just popping the flakes on top and then I'd have to push them down into horizon on . I was getting a lot of them sharp. It's pointing appoints. The Rasim was cured. So what I do now is I mixed the resin into the flakes on Dem poured on, which is the smart thing to dio theon obvious thing to do. But you, Olivia, land. Um so we're mixing the magenta blues now, some of that into the cup. They're quite pigment. It's so you don't need a lot of what I do want this and quite dark on the outside. So I'm going to use a good keep off the resin. It does go a long, long way. I'm sorry. The pigments, It does go a long, long way Someone set that into the side while a mix up my resin on with the art resin. The reason this is so awesome on so expensive is it's a two part system, so you're mixing 50% resin into 50% hardener. The resins that I used to use had a catalyst. It was a tiny little hardener with a big drum of resin on. It was very hard to get that ratio of hard data resin Roy on but often get sticky bits. So aren't resin is amazing, for that's just 50 50. It's simple enough to measure up. It has no smell, though. You don't have Teoh, where a event, a mask usually do wear a mask. Anyway, if I wasn't doing a video, I wearing the mask anyway, I like to better be safe than sorry and I have asthma anyways, so I use a lot of alcohol inks. I'd like to protect myself. Eso these cops are already marked. I like to reuse. Thes is also have my resin on my heart in a cook, so I'm not wasted. So you want to do is pour. I'm going to just pour halfway off this cough with the hardener. First, I'm actually going to pour too the force measure line on this court because I may use some clear resin after for a different project. Here we go on going to use my large morgue to mix the two of them together for some set my mold aside. Okay, Just he was a large popsicle six. To make sure. Scrape all the excess from the end of the court. You want to make sure that you get equal measures, so you need to get everything out. The Corp. Usually the hardener is slightly thicker than the resin on. If you're finding that you're hardener is coming really, really tick on, you may want to heat your room alone. Resident needs to be done in a warm temperature, so it's too cold in your room, and the viscosity off the hardener is going to be very pick. And then you know that it's there needs to be warmed up a little bit. If you're a beginner, beginner on really have never used resin before, you may want to just use warm color instead of gold Numa clearers and, um, hombre kind of colors. So once you're isn't is in your jar or your mixing bowl. You want to make sure that you mix it for two or three minutes to make sure that the hardener and the resin are fully mixed together. I'm just gonna pause this lesson till you're not bored, too, that while I'm mixing, Okay, So making sure that you scrape the edges and get all the resident hardener mix together. What will happen if you don't makes this properly on the resident of Hartnett isn't going together is when you do your pool on your resin. Sets on pieces off resin that have been mixed properly will be sticky and they just will never, ever cure. It would completely ruin your piece. You have a glass finish with a sticky spot on. You can wipe it with a little bit of alcohol. It does help a little bit. Boy will always be tacky, and it won't be smooth. Onda and it just it's really disappointing. So you want to make sure that that doesn't happen on have your resin on hardener mixed properly. Just give my hand to avoid there really stick you right now, and I got a mix of my pigments now makes up my resin into my pigments. I think my Popsicle stick so on. I'm not going to use too much off the cooler explaining a little war war I'm only using very little color on. I'm gonna go in more with the clear, maybe a little bit more here. Great. So you want to get a good mix of making sure you're scraping all your flakes from the Bolton bringing evenly trulia resin? You're gonna get all that lovely pigment from the Bolton, especially if you have ridges in your cup. He can get stuck along in these little ridges, so just give them a little row ban holding. The more true to resume. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start with my color that I'm going to bring it around the edges off my mold. Now I'm only going to use a tiny, tiny Beth color because what happens is as the resonance sentence, any color that you put into your resin is gonna pull Roy True. All off the clear resin, it really, really seeps into a. I've made a mistake loads of times by going about an inch with the color. And when I came back the next morning, the whole coaster was colored, which is noises. Well, we'll know if that's the look you're going for. So I want a glass see true circle in the middle, Andi, A color just on the edges because I'm going to add my gold detail. And I wanted to really pop. So what I like to do is this usually works better. If you have paper corpse what you want a pinch your crop in just slightly. So you're getting yourself a little lip on holding your your spoon back. This can take a bit getting use it on. I'm still trying to master trying to get around there quickly, and then you pour your color into the middle and then you repeat the process around the rest of your most 3. Resinspopingbubbubbles: So once you're happy with your levels and your colors and everything like that, you're going to have to take the bubbles. Oh, so you concede. Use bubbled, our boy foaming on the top. We want rid of them. We want it to be smooth. So what we're going to do with what you would usually do If you were using a wooden panel or something like that, you could use a blowtorch take at the ball, girl dead. But because we're using a silicone mold, we can't get too much cheap near this. So you definitely can't use your blowtorch s. So I'm going to use a heap on, and this works relatively well. This is a dove craft. He gone. You can buy them on Amazon. I take, like, 12 or $15. So you're just going to direct it on the boat? Pop all the heat pump out of a book. You can see them disappear in Theo. - Andi , As you can see from this one here, the resin level has gone to for and over. Now you will be able to peel this off when you're finished for its a lot. So what? I'm going to do is I'm going to use my Popsicle stick and not to lay it down. I'm gonna just scrape off the excess resin. So you're just like level Ana and again because we're using the flakes. I'm going to go down onto our level with it. I make sure that there's no lake stick and all. I'm going to give us some slow cubits sometimes, like this one, the flake will not pop back down. So take that one were just removing troublesome flake so that we could have does not want to come when I was a big one. Okay, so there we go. What's out there? He may edges again on a more blast with the going because I'd been messing around with it. Make sure all your bubbles are pumped. Now, what I like to do with this is because there is going to be dust particles floating around your room on bond. If you have pets or the doors opening and closing on bones and stuff around, I'm going to put a lid on top of this one. It drives just to keep it safe. So I'm just going to use this box. It's just a regular. Still Fox. We'll handle just gonna pop it over to talk, to keep my rise and safe. But I will leave that for at least 24 hours so that resin can cure, and then he can pop it on. We can do some detail in honor. 4. Gilding coasters: Okay, So once you have left your molds overnight to draw and just check that they're not tacky and they're ready to dim old. This is the best part. So you just want to gently peel your present peace away from the side of the mold and so you can see here we got our transparent middle bay and our pink at border, and we're going to add some detail into this. So I just have some cops here where I'm going to leave my pieces to dry once I at the gold leaf toe and you can see we have our little middle bits on our accessorize. Independence is air really reproof. I'm going to use the smaller ones. I'm gonna course she's up into and tiny shards and I'm going to Adam toe a resin piece Later date. I'm just collecting all that little slippers of resin. I also and have a small square silicone mold. So if you want to keep your cooked, if you're going to recycle them and turn them upside down and let the resident drip the bottom and then you can just peel the resume right off the side on your it's just a handy little trick. I don't know if we are. It's Here's this Popsicle stick again. But perhaps Hebdo end now to decorate this. I'm going to use and see Robinson and Cole Liquid leaf. This is a gilding at Leaf, and it's really vibrant. Andi makes a gorgeous gold. I was originally using the AM Gold Alcohol Inc. Or its quite tacky, and it takes a long time to dry. Andi robes are very easily so. I found that this Sam liquid leaf is the best. So you're gonna give it a good shake and get that pigment from the bottom royal. Oh, be careful. Close your left on pop on a pair of gloves. This is quite smelly. So I usually where? A mosque When I in gold leaf in Islam. So I got a pop my coaster onto the top off. Well, just any jar talk that you have. Andi. I used the same frame push every time a gold leaf because it's quite hard to clean your paintbrushes, so you're gonna have to sacrifice one and make it your gold leaf in papers. You just taking a gently around the sides 5. ResincoastersendREN: So now we're doing. I hope you're happy with your results. And thank you for joining me in this class, man and have to make gorgeous resin coasters. I also have five classes on you. To me, if you're interested in taking any of them Abstract Inc courses, mixed media will build on war colors. Please do let me know. You can contact me on Instagram via D. M or my email address the call for hardest at gmail dot com. I could send you some coupons if you want more information on any of my order classes. So thanks again for joining me on Enjoy today.