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Realistic Goal Setting - Achieve Your Personal Goals FASTER & HAPPIER Than Ever Before!

teacher avatar Sumner Hobart, 7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Goal Setting Promo Skillshare


    • 2.

      Want To Set & Achieve Your Goals Faster & Happier Than Ever Before?


    • 3.

      Reality Check: A Better Life Is More Realistic Than You Think!


    • 4.

      Goal Setting Defined


    • 5.

      Which Is More Important: A Bridge Or Your Life?


    • 6.

      5 Goal-Destroying Myths & How To Avoid Them With Ease


    • 7.

      Honestly, What Do You Want From Life?


    • 8.

      Finding Your "Big Domino"


    • 9.

      How To Make Your Domino "SMRT" (NOT "SMART")


    • 10.

      Trick Your Mind To Do Whatever You Want


    • 11.

      Complete Goal Setting Template + Tutorial


    • 12.

      The 21 Day Challenge


    • 13.

      Drastically Increase Your Chances of Success


    • 14.

      Simple Trick To SKYROCKET Your Chances Of Success


    • 15.

      Transform Your Environment Into A Fountain Of Goal Setting Energy


    • 16.

      THE MOST Important Step!


    • 17.

      Use The Power of Neuroscience To Enjoy The Journey


    • 18.

      Use The Law of Attraction To Effortlessly Pull Your Goals Even Closer!


    • 19.

      Simple & POWERFUL Vision Board That Feeds Your Mind The Motivation It Needs!


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About This Class

★★★ How To Set & Achieve Personal Goals FASTER & HAPPIER Than Ever Before Starting TODAY! ★★★

(EVEN IF you feel you’re a terrible goal setter or have tried and failed 1,000 times.)

Did you know that 92% of people FAIL to achieve the most important goals they set this year?

The problem is that most people don’t have the right system or tools in place.

Most people have no idea how to…

  • Choose the right goals.

  • Break down big goals into smaller, more realistic goals.

  • Benchmark their goals.

  • Escape goal-crushing environments.

  • Increase the odds of achieving goals by 95%.

  • And so much more!

Setting goals without specific tools & processes is like trying to ski down a mountain without any gear.

While skiing is extremely physical and visual, goal setting takes place a large part in your mind making it difficult to see exactly when and where you’ve messed up in the past.

This means you may have NO IDEA what is actually preventing you from reaching your most critical goals which can leave you feeling defeated, living in regret as you watch others breeze past you in life.

Luckily for you there is a solution!

Let me introduce you to the Realistic Goal Setting Masterclass.

In this class you will learn…

  • 5 DEADLY goal-crushing myths and how to avoid them with ease. (Lecture 5)

  • How to trick your mind to make it do what YOU command. (Lecture 9)

  • 100% FREE strategic goal setting template included! (Lecture 10)

  • 2 little-known hacks to increase your chances of success by up to 95%! (Lecture 13)

  • Simple trick to transform your goal setting process from ‘tedious task’ to ‘energizing endeavor’! (Lecture 17)

  • Create your own POWERFUL vision board to feed your mind the motivation it’s desperate for. (Lecture 18)

  • 7 FREE goal setting apps to help you achieve your goals with LIGHTING SPEED. (Lecture 19)

  • So much more!

Why do I (Sumner) have a single ounce of credibility to teach this topic?

After YEARS of trial and error I have conditioned my mind & body to become a goal achieving machine by learning the secret strategies, tools, processes, & methods of some of the most successful goal setters on the planet!

More importantly I have helped DOZENS of people just like you become exponentially better at setting & achieving their personal goals.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

Here are few words from some of the goal-achieving machines made by this course…

★★★★★ “I’ve never taken goal setting as serious as I should and I’m glad I came across this course. I realize that I’ve been finding my way as an entrepreneur for these past few years with a few vague goals but with each passing year realize that I forgot about my goals halfway through the year. Sumner has done a great job in this course showing me how important goals are and why I need to pay more attention to them and that my lack of attention to them in the past is the main reason why I’m not where I am today where I thought I would be a few years ago.” - Ryan E

★★★★★ “What an awesome course! I love the fact that it's PRACTICAL and gives me step by step instructions as well as templates. I'm super motivated! Would definitely recommend this course.” - Ali H

★★★★★ “Interesting case studies worked well to jumpstart the course. It kept me engaged as Sumner subtly started to lay the foundation or principles of effective goal setting.” - Van

★★★★★ “The instructor is very passionate about the subject and the delivery of the material is very easy to follow and implement.” - Vin W

★★★★★ “Sumner is a fantastic teacher! Thanks for providing this course!” - Mike H

★★★★★ “Extremely well organized and explained! Thank you!” - Sandeep J

As what has been stated above, this class is going to give you every single tool, strategy, process, and hack that YOU need to achieve every single goal faster & happier than ever before starting RIGHT NOW even if you’ve tried and failed 1,000 times.

TRY IT RISK FREE: If this course doesn’t DRASTICALLY improve the quality of your life forever, the only thing you will "lose" is a few minutes of your time.

You literally have so little to lose and SO MUCH to gain!

ENROLL NOW and achieve the life you KNOW you deserve starting today!

P.S. This offer is only available for a limited time so act fast!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sumner Hobart

7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur


Hello and welcome to my profile!


Im so glad to have you here :)


My name is Sumner. I’m a serial entrepreneur who has generated over $1,000,000.00 in sales of my own products across a wide range of platforms including Amazon FBA, Etsy, Walmart, Pinterest, YouTube and more.


I’ve taken all of the life-changing business, eCommerce, and marketing knowledge that has completely transformed my life from a depressed college graduate to a thrill-seeking digital nomad and business owner in the form of in-depth and affordable classes here on Skillshare.


I’ve been blessed to be one o... See full profile

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1. Goal Setting Promo Skillshare: Hello and welcome. My name is Sumner Hobart. I'm an online entrepreneur traveling the world with my wife and I've sent out on a mission to find the most effective, efficient, and realistic ways of achieving even the boldest of goals which I covered here in this course. By the end of this course, you will have all the tools, skills, resources, and templates that you need to realistically achieve any goal that you set out to accomplish faster and more enjoyably than ever before. You will learn five deadly goal-setting myths and how to avoid them. Not only how to plan your goals, but how to choose your goals by reverse engineering them from your dream life and exact step-by-step process and all the templates that you need to plan it, achieve any goal that you set out to accomplish. How simple tips to increase your goal setting success by up to 95% or more. How to trick your mind into doing what you want it to do versus what it wants to do. How to make your goal-setting journey more enjoyable, and how to use the law of attraction to gain goal set and power and so much more. If you truly want to achieve the life of your dreams and become a goal-setting machine that enroll today. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. And look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Want To Set & Achieve Your Goals Faster & Happier Than Ever Before?: welcome to the realistic goal setting course. I'm so excited that you're here and I hope you are as well, because by the end of this course, you're gonna have all the tools. Resource is processes in everything that you need to realistically achieve any goal that you set out to accomplish and specifically in this course. First, we're gonna be covering a few failure case studies. And what I mean by that is we're gonna briefly examine three individuals who began in situations that may be much more desperate in much worse situations than you may find yourself in now and achieve goals that the majority of human beings have never achieved and kind of get understanding of how and why That's the case as well as to put in perspective how realistic your goals truly are. Next, we're gonna understand what ago actually is not necessarily just what the Internet may say or what some guru online may say, but what ago actually is next we're gonna cover the five most common goal setting fallacies and how to avoid them. These air five ways, I find people myself included constantly falling and killing our goals early on, how to avoid those fallacies. Next, we're gonna reverse engineer our goals from our dreams. So a lot of other places, online or other courses will talk about in great detail how to achieve your goals. They have no information on what our goal should be where they should come from. Eso essentially what we're going to do is reverse engineer our quote unquote dream life and our goals are going to line up 100% with the life that we want to live instead of just setting random goals. And achieving those random goals will have a very specific purpose on will ultimately motivate you more to complete them. And again we go into a lot of detail. They're very excited for that. Next, we're gonna share some sip, or I'm gonna share some simple methods with you on how to trick your mind into success. Your mind is a powerful thing that needs to be guided. I will show you exactly how to do that specifically with goal setting. We're also gonna cover three ways to skyrocket your chances for success. Very, very simple, very easy, yet very underutilized and can drastically increase your chances of gold, said and success. And finally, in the bonus section of this course, having used the Law of Attraction to achieve any goal even faster and more Enjoyably than you may expect. Very excited for all of this. I know we have a lot, but I promise it's gonna be worth it. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the first video. 3. Reality Check: A Better Life Is More Realistic Than You Think! : in this lesson, I will be briefly covering the stories of three individuals, and I'm doing this for an extremely specific reason. So the whole purpose of this course is realistic goal setting. And I'm confident by the end of this lesson that you will realize that the goals that you have in your mind right now, that what you want accomplish anything that you want to accomplish is much more realistic than you may currently think. And I hope, and I believe that this these stories will ultimately motivate you and give you the insight that you need for the rest of this course. So I'm not using this to fill time. I absolutely believe this is highly valuable. Otherwise I would not be including it. So we'll be given with Jack's story. So Jack, by society standards, is considered a failure. He literally, from elementary school through middle school through high school, failed the majority of tests that he took, and even when he applied for college, he scored less than a 1% on his entrance math exam. He applied to 30 companies, all of which turned him down, including KFC, and later decided to start his own business that he wanted to be able to provide for himself for his potential future family on ultimately prove everyone wrong that he wasn't a loser. Initially, you could gain funding, but he overcame and made countless mistakes that, honestly, I couldn't even fit in the screen on Ultimately went on to create a company that is now worth $500 billion. This individual is Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba LTD. One of the largest companies in the world. Very inspirational story. I highly recommend that you look into a story even outside of the course, a lot of other detail that really could include here, but very, very inspirational and very interesting to see how he was able to overcome and achieve his goals. That his goal of building a $500 billion company is a lot more realistic than you may think . Now that that may not be your goal, maybe it should be your goal. But this man, who is considered a literal loser by society standards, went on to create one of largest companies that ever existed. But maybe he's an anomaly, right? Maybe he's just special. Let's take a look at just a couple other stories to look a little Joan's failure story. So Joanne was medically diagnosed with depression since she was a child. I mean, this lived on with her up into her adult life where even when she was married and within three years of being married, was divorced and with Child that she had to take care of. She was jobless and on welfare, and despite this, she ultimately wanted to become a prolific writer. And Teoh make a living and change lives of others through writing. So she began writing, and she submitted her work to 12 publishers, all of which turned her down. But there was one that accepted her kind of took a chance on her. Since that publisher took a chance on her stories. Her books have generated over $400 million in sales, and this author is the first female billionaire author to ever have existed. And you may now know who this individual is, and that is Jake Hero Joanne Catherine ruling, I believe, extremely inspirational, very motivational story again, highly recommend that you look into that. Her goal was to make a living doing what she loved, which is writing and to affect the world, to have a positive impact on the world through her writing and through her stories. And she was able to do that tenfold and far surpass any gold that she may have originally conceived. And she is nothing special. She is very special, and all these people are, but they're what really separates them from you. Why can't you achieve the same goal since then? Okay, so, like I said, your goals that you have let's say you want to lose £30 versus generate $400 million in book sales. You know, do you think it sounds a little bit more realistic? Justice example. So that's why the whole take way of this video is intended to be, and we'll go through one other story. I could keep going on about to start stop with this one, and that is Abraham's failure story. So Abraham, uh, later and it's kind of adult, like, decided to start a small business, and it failed and he was in serious debt. On top of that, the love of his life died that he was actually intending on marrying so pretty depressed. Hughes, you ran for Congressman His ultimate goal was to become his was to effect positive change through legislation in his country, which is the United States. And he was defeated. He was then elected congressman, which was one of his goals on. Then he lost renomination, so we only attained it for a short period time. But he kept persisting. Hey, ran for Senate. Was defeated for Senate. He ran for vice president, defeated for vice president. He ran for Senate again and was defeated yet again until he was elected president of the United States. And yes, as your pride, thinking this man is Abraham, like, in one of my one of my heroes, to be completely honest with you. Abolish slavery in the United States, kept the United States from dividing apart during the Civil War. Really incredible human being. And his story is filled with failure and filled with defeat on his goal wasn't even necessarily to become president. It was to positively change the country that he was put in, and he was ultimately able to do that as president. And these are only three stories. There are literally thousands of stories just like this of so many individuals, ordinary people, you know, quote unquote ordinary people like you, like me who are able to accomplish goals and achieve significantly more than what anyone would say is possible. So again, I'm not saying that you should set out to become president of states to generate a $500 billion company or become a prolific writer. That makes $400 million in book sales, which, by the way, if those are your goals, it is absolutely achievable. We have proof living realistic proof right here but again, that gold to lose £30 If you want to hit a certain financial number by the end of the year , if you want to spend more time at significant more time with your family, if you want to be happier being a better mental state to have better relationships. I'm telling you, this is all possible because a lot more crazier things have been done then what you may be thinking in your own money. And by the way, if you have what others call crazy, unrealistic goals. Like I said, I believe they're much more realistic than you expect. And we're gonna really dive in and show you just how realistic. Those goals can be. So I hope you're excited for the course I know I am. And other four to see you in the next video. 4. Goal Setting Defined: So what exactly is a goal? Well, the word goal in the English language has been around about as long as Shakespeare, right as early as 16 hundreds. But the idea of goal setting and goals have been around for literally forever on. Just ensure that we're on the same page. We're going to find goal the word go really quickly on by Merriam Webster's definition, a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. So to really crucial things here, Number one is achievement toward which effort is directed. Okay, Another word to be action. And really, this is what separates a goal versus a dream. A goal includes action toe act where dream Oh Joon requires is thinking, Yes, thinking and planning are very important and we're going to really cover step by step, how to do that properly and effectively and efficiently Here. In this course, however, the most important aspect of of goal setting and achieving your goals is through action on one. My favorite quotes and I live by. This is something I really had to force myself. I consider myself a perfectionist. Is this full unquote that is used by Facebook employees. Okay. And this is Mark Zuckerberg here on the right founder Facebook done is better than perfect . So to take action and to do something that's, you know, OK is much better than waiting around and trying to make something perfect. Trying to think and plan as much as possible again they came planning are very important, crucial elements on. However, What I find myself in so many other others around me struggle with is taking action. We can think and plan all day long. But for us to actually pull the trigger toe, actually, you know, step on the gas pedal, start running. Start moving is seems to be much harder. So I'm going to be referencing this throughout the course Now, you kind of have a very good understanding. I'm sure of why that is, and we'll go into a little bit more detail psychologically of why this so important and why this is really gonna help you achieve your goals faster on potentially more enjoyable during the process. So, without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video 5. Which Is More Important: A Bridge Or Your Life?: in this video. I just want to quickly show you the importance of gold setting by asking you a simple question. Is your life worth more than a bridge? Is? Your life is a human being worth more than any bridge. And I'm even talking about Guess the Golden Gate Bridge on. If you're having trouble coming up with an answer to this question, I can assure you the answer is absolutely unequivocally. Yes. Your life is worth more than any bridge. Okay, Why am I bringing this up? How does this have anything to do with goal setting? Well, any bridge while he's any major bridge, right? Any bridge that you've seen that's actually been constructed, not some natural land formation has had. Ah, a lot of thinking, planning an action that has gone into creating, building and sustaining that bridge. Okay, you're here watching this video. You're in this course because you want to drastically improve your life, and your life is worth a lot more than a bridge. So what does that mean? That means if you're really serious about improving your life, if you really care that you will be not just thinking about your goals you will be planning them. You'll be writing them down and you will be taking action. The exact same steps they're done to build just even a bridge, even a simple bridge. So I just want to kind of, you know, someone shared this with me. I found it very, very insightful. And that's why I wanted to share this with you. And we're actually going to get into the meat of gold setting not just these videos of motivation or inside or whatever. We're gonna get in a very practical, realistic step by step on processes for gold setting, which is actually going to start in the next video. But I just want to give you this framework or this mindset going into the rest of the course that that to not think of goals like ST before they're not just thought that you have. And let's say you wanted to lose a certain weight by a certain date. You're gonna wake up, think I'm gonna go to the gym and my nod. Maybe I'll eat this. Maybe I shouldn't I don't know. Maybe. And you just kind of get tossed around the wind right where you know this bridge next to you is standing firm and sturdy again. Bridge took thinking, planning and action. The same thing is going to need to happen with your goals to really drastically improve your life. And again, it doesn't need to take a ton of, you know of effort to do and to set this up. It's nothing to be scared of. It's nothing to be worried about. Nothing to be annoyed by just something that I want you to keep in your mind throughout the course. So I hope you find this insightful. And now let's actually get into the meat of really creating on achieving you're realistic goals. 6. 5 Goal-Destroying Myths & How To Avoid Them With Ease: in this lesson, we're gonna cover five of the most common that's surrounding goal setting and why they're just simply not true. So first, myth Myth number one goes our thoughts. So as we've already covered goals or not just thoughts, they're also, you know, they require thoughts in planning, but they're really require action. And not only that to this number one goals require action, but number two true goals goals that you actually care about are going to be written down on a little piece of paper. They could be written down on a Google doc. A word document on gonna go. We're gonna cover the psychology of why that's the case later on in the course. But goals are number one written down and goals take action right there. Not just thoughts. Myth number two goals make people miserable. People believe this because they see so many people that are trying to achieve goals and are absolutely miserable. I would actually argue that the majority of people who are setting goals and in their process for achieving those goals are miserable because they're doing it, which in my payment is the wrong way. Or they could be doing it much on a much more efficient in a much better way. So in this course you're gonna learn not only how goals can not be miserable, but how you can make the process of setting and achieving goals actually enjoyable. And I'm dead serious about that. And I have some very specific tips and techniques that you can use to really make the process of gold setting enjoyable. Then, of course, once you achieve that gold that you've written down, that you've taken action for on then also your life afterwards also be enjoyable. So we'll cover all that later on the course. But no goals do not have to be miserable, although yes, they absolutely can be our rallies. The process of achieving them could have absolutely miserable myth. Number three Successful people don't need goals. You may look at successful people around you. For example, someone could have be in great physical condition or health wise. They could be making you know what you think is a lot of money or whatever. It may be great relationships, great mental health, and you may ask them and talk to them at a party at whatever and they tell you that. Oh, I know. I don't write down my goals or Oh, no. You know, I don't do X, y or Z, and you're like, Wait, but some recovers this in the course and they're successful. Why is there disconnect? Right? You know, if you do, I really need this to be successful. The reality is, and this is a fact. Okay, anybody can improve, all right. Including people that you view as successful people that you admire. OK, we can all improve. And it is shocking the number of people that you make goal setting and achieving goals significant. It takes them much, much longer, and they're much more miserable in the process of doing so. Then they could be. And I see those things. I've covered all that here in the course, so just get someone is further ahead of you right now. You believe that they're highly successful in their not using some of the framework that we that we cover here in the course. It's not necessarily That's the reason why they could have done it kind of despite why. And really, um to really paint a picture. Imagine this. Okay, so there are two people taking your tongue, right? Let's say you've started digging a tunnel. This is your first year digging the tunnel and you have a shovel. OK? The person next to you has been digging a tunnel for 20 years and they've been using a hammer. Now, you look over the person that's been doing it for 20 years and you think to yourself Wow there, you know. I mean, look at how far ahead they are. And look, they didn't They didn't dig their tunnel using a shovel. They used a hammer. So maybe I should be using a hammer. No. They achieved their goal. They dug this tunnel. They're able to accomplish this despite using a hammer. They could have done it significantly faster. They could have been much. They couldn't enjoy the process more if they would have used some of the proper tools versus where you are. You know, in your first year starting off, you're still in your ironically, you know, you're in a better position, then they are when they start off and in their entire process. Okay. Again, Like I said, don't judge someone's chapter 20 by your chapter one, right? If they've been out for a while. Just cause they've been doing it a certain way doesn't mean they could have been doing it better. So that's just the only just perspective I'd like you to kind of take into consideration. It's something that I've struggled with in the past, and this kind of illustration really made sense for me. And I hope it does for you. So that Smith number three number four better safe than sorry. Okay, this is mathematically untrue. And let me just define this really quickly just so I don't get any angry, angry people messaging me. So what I mean by better safe than sorry is not putting your physical health or your you know, your life at risk for something, although I'm sure there's a time and place for that. But I will not be covering that here. The course. What I mean by this is there's this idea that if I set much smaller, easier to accomplish goals, that's better than trying toe, you know, go crazy and try to accomplish something that seems so far have reached, like, so unrealistic and failing, right? So it seems like that would be the logical case Teoh set, and it accomplished small goals than trying to go after bigger, more seemingly unrealistic goals on. And I would I very much argue with that. And I found, if you look at any successful people that you honestly believe you're successful, like to the most in my case, right, I'm big in the off ownership community. And so when I look at some the top performing entrepreneurs, they all follow this exact methodology. And a lot rule will re quote this from this quote from Les Brown, which is better to aim too high and miss than aim too low and hit again. Any highly highly successful person that you ever meet will agree with this statement 100% . Well, maybe not every single one, but I can guarantee the vast majority. And this is based not just on. My opinion is based on my extensive research and research into high performers. So So why is this the case, right? It just seems like an arbitrary thing to say. Like better to aim too high. Yes, Sounds like a nice quote, but let's put this realistically, Imagine this. All right. You have you have a narrow you have you have a couple options, you could try to aim higher, but there's there's more potential of you missing that target or you can name really low and just hit that target. Right? And let's say the higher target up, up high. You know that the closer you get to that target, you know, the closer you get to your goal, let's just say I know there's some kind of monetary award or there's some kind of, you know. The reward is exponentially higher for trying to aim and trying. Teoh hit that higher up target in the lower and let's say the closer you are to the higher target, the better off you will be. So, yeah, with these two options, you would likely try to aim for the high target admits, because you can aim for the low target. Hit it great and you get some kind of result. You get some kind of benefit, but it's very, very low, right? It's very it's proportionate to the goal that you're setting where if you aim too high, even if you miss your still much higher up and you still gain a much larger reward and you're much closer to where you ultimately want to be. That if you aim too low. So here's the thing. Number one. By aiming too high and missing, you're still better off than aiming too low. Number two. If you aim too high, you can still hit and you can still realize. And this is exactly what I want for anyone listening to this is what I want for you is to to you know, not go crazy. Right all. I want to spread wings and fly. Okay, That's not what I'm talking about. But you really think about what do you really want in life and really go after it? Seriously, whatever that is. Whatever those things are, whatever those goals are to really go after it. And you may surprise yourself and realize Oh, my gosh. I thought this goal that I was saying was so unrealistic. I just realized how realistic it waas. So now you miss. We actually hit the target, right? So you actually hit the high target versus heading the low target. That's my perspective. And again, this perspective is not just for me. This is something I've learned analyzing, studying high performers in all different categories. Whether that's athletes are entrepreneurs or writers or anyone else, I can almost guarantee I should say that you will find this to be absolutely true with all of them. OK, so think of stress that enough. I think you understand the picture and that really tales into our final myth myth number five of gold setting, falling shortness failure. So I've already kind of talked about this. I think we've covered enough. But falling short is not failure again. It depends on on your goal setting, right? So if you set your goals fairly high and kind of stretch yourself and you've fallen short, that doesn't mean that you failed, right? You have. You know, there's yourself time you can still achieve that goal. But what's really great is when he set really high goals. And maybe you get closely. Don't ultimately achieve those goals you could not achieve. Not because you failed because you realized, oh, in taking action in getting closer to the school, I realised. Actually, I really want this goal right. You find this to be the case with a lot of people who chase after money, that a lot, you know, they kind of they get close, you know, I want to become a billionaire. And in their pursuit of becoming a billionaire, they realized, Wait, this isn't really really want to know. Now I'm 100 million here, so I'm still far away from being a billiard. But I have $100 million in man. I'm just It's not satisfying me like I thought it. And if I reach a 1,000,000,000 am I really gonna be satisfied? So that's just an example, right? It could be a reevaluation. Goals are really, uh, you know, it's not failure. It's not. You shouldn't think about it. As I've said this goal, I didn't achieve it. So therefore I failed. You only feel if you didn't learn anything from it, and you could realize that, you know, by taking action, you realize what your goals truly are. Where I think about it. If you never took action in the first place, you would have never learned so falling towards not failure falling short is learning. Oh, and by the way, let's say that you set a goal for you know, you know, you want to be, you know, in a certain physical condition, you want to get a certain weight by November and you and you get really close. But you end up being that weight in December. Well, is it really, you know, failure? In my opinion, No, it's not your ultimately trying to achieve certain goals or certain benefits in life on you can still ultimately achieve those. So that's two things. Number one is still achieve those goals. Even if you didn't hit the deadline that you expected or it was more worker harder than you expected or number two, you could realize, Oh, wait, those are my true goals. I realize that's not what I really want out of life. It's really something else. Okay, so I hope that makes sense again. If you have any questions at all, please let me know the Q and A section, but hope this really kind of dispelled some of these myths around goal setting. And like I said, we're gonna go into a lot more detail about kind of the psychology and the really tactical , practical and realistic reasons for why that's the case in upcoming videos. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video 7. Honestly, What Do You Want From Life?: Let's face it, most people will give you some kind of strategy or process for achieving any goal. Whether that's the S m a r t. You know, the smart or smarter method okay are or their own unique process or whatever it may be. These are all really great things. But people essentially tell you how to achieve your goals. They'll never tell you where those goals should come from or what types of goals you should be setting. And to me, it seems very, very simple. So on the following exercise, what we're going to do is essentially we're gonna detail your quote unquote dream life. Okay, not your fantasy life. But you're realistic. Dream like that you can actually attain. And then we're gonna reverse engineer or go backwards from that and ultimately figure out what smaller goals need to happen in order to make this bigger goal. This very large goal a reality. OK, so we're basically to take our dream reverse engineer it, and that's where goals are gonna come from. Instead of just coming up with Ah, well, maybe I want to lose some weight. Maybe I want Teoh have better relationships or make more money or live somewhere else or whatever it may be, we should all be really great things, but may not be 100% in the line with your ultimate vision with ultimately, where you want to take your life or where you want your life to be. Where in this method that I'm going to share with you, your goals are gonna be lined up 100% with your with your vision. Okay, So, first, before we get into that, let me just ask you a quick question. Every morning when you wake up is the first thought that comes near head. How can I be average? How can I be like everybody else in the world? If you look around everyone else around you, Do you think to yourself? I wish I made just as much money as the average person I wish I had. The same health is the average person I wish I had. The same happiness is the average person, right? Answer. Pretty obvious. Probably know, especially if you're taking this course. You really want to improve your life, improve the quality of your life and become a master at setting and achieving goals. Okay, So in order to do that in order to basically, you know, and not in a bad way to be better than others, right? You respect others. We love others, but we don't want to be average. Okay, so if you don't want to be average, you can't act average and the average person. Actually, the majority of people when it comes to writing, they do not have any written goals. So I think there's a pretty clear correlation between people who are the most successful of the most successful people. The happiest of the happy is the most fulfilled in the best shape in the best health, right? Are not the majority of you know the top 3% right? We're 97% of people who don't write down their goals. Well, there 97% of people who are miserable or overweight or want a better life, okay, but really don't working toward it. And that's just, you know, that's just reality. So with that being said right, if you don't want to be like the average person, don't act like the average person. So for this exercise, as well as all following exercises and unless you know when those occur. I definitely want you to write things down. This isn't for me. This is ultimately for you. Something is really, really short. Not a lot of effort again. It can be enjoyable, and it's ultimately going to help you achieve your goals. A swell as really a lot of other activities, like memorizing information and just here's another statistic. So just right, simply writing things down. Just simply writing something down as you here right after you hear something will increase your memories, retention of that topic by 50% or mawr right up to 50% or even above that. Okay, so this is just in terms of memorization. Writing down your goals has, especially writing them down and simply even glancing. Just looking at your goals you've written down every day can have a profound impact. And if we talk about you, let's say the likelihood of achieving your goals, I believe, can have a significantly higher likelihood of achieving your goals and achieving them in a much faster period of time. You know, potentially more Enjoyably, all of that. And I have a whole video on that section specifically, so we'll cover that later. But just stressing the importance of writing things down the most successful people write down their goals and writing has a profound impact. Psychologically, it's not just my opinion. So be sure to write things down, which will cover here in this video as well as future videos. Okay, so what are we gonna write down for now? What I want you to do is to write a detailed description of your quote unquote dream life, right? What do you want out of life? Like, Where do you see yourself were like with no holding back, right? With just with no hesitation. What do you want most out of? Like? Like, where do you envision yourself being And to give you an example, Just kind of help, because I know this can seem a little bit complicated. This is I'm being really vulnerable right now, so you guys might think a little bit silly, but this is my personal dream Quarter court. My dream, this is this is where I want my life to be. And I'm currently the process of making this happen. So here it is, right. This is a detailed description of my dream life. I want to spend at least two months living in different countries across the world with my wife. Of course, why wouldn't I? For the next five years, including countries like Croatia, Peru, United States, South Korea, Portugal and others generating a stable income that's concert port our lifestyle and invest $1000 per month toward her retirement, working 30 hours a week, 30 hours a week or less work on things that I know in that we really enjoy. Okay, so again there's a lot there, but essentially and again, I could really expand on this even more if I wanted to. This is just kind of an example. I don't want to fill the entire screen, but essentially you just think about this is a really fun exercise and and also explain why this is so power subconsciously. Later on, we'll talk a little bit about the neuroscience behind this, but but writing this down is extremely powerful. Just thinking about this is very powerful, and that's why I'm asking you to do this. But again, essentially, what you're doing is writing down the life that you ultimately want to live in. Wording toe where if I was to read it without you reciting to me advantages. To read it, I would be able to know exactly what you want out of life and just here specifically just a really quick call out. So number one I want to spend at least two months living in different countries, right? Instead of just I want to spend a week. I just want to visit. I want actually live there. I want to be there. OK, so that's an important distinction. I want t o do this for the next five years. That's my goal. That's that's what I want. I want to be generating stable income. Doesn't really matter, you know, necessary where it's coming from much, I mean, obviously legally right. But but you're stable income that can support our lifestyle while investing for retirement . And I don't want to be working more than 30 hours a week on tasks, and I want to work on things that I enjoy so a lot in there. It may seem kind of unrealistic, but guess what. I'm my wife and are getting closer and closer to this goal every single day, and we've seen a huge, measurable movement toward this goal in the past year. But again, those were some very specific things that I want to call out. Specific things that my wife and I we want and we are we are we're going to achieve. I mean, there's no if Andrew, but about it. We're going to Andi. I want the very same for you. So go ahead, take just a few minutes. Think about you know, where do you want your life to be? What do you want out of life? Whatever that is, it's different for every person. Write it down on a piece of paper. Do so do that. Right now, this is the end of the video. And once you do that and make sure you do that first, OK, make sure you do that first and then we'll go ahead and get into the next video. So go ahead, write down your dream and I'll see you in the next video. 8. Finding Your "Big Domino": By now you've had a chance to write a detailed description of your dream life of what you truly want out of life. And now it's time to identify the Big Domino. So what the heck do I mean by the big domino? Well, if you haven't already read the book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Fares, I would highly recommend it one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite ah, book in the business and or kind of entrepreneurial space. Very, very, very good book. I would highly recommend it. And here in the book, Tim mentions something called the Big Domino, which is what I'm referencing here. And that is the one thing that makes everything else irrelevant or easier. Okay, and I'll give you an example of this, but just keep that in mind, right? What is the one thing that would make everything else irrelevant or easier in order to accomplish that dream that you've written down? All right, that is your big domino. And as an example, I'm just kind of including this a shorter kind of description of my quote unquote dream life, and you can positive if you really want to look through this, but I've already kind of mentioned it, essentially, just to summarize. Really? And this is this is real. This is truly what I want out of life at the moment is I would like to be traveling the world with my wife Jared. Stable income, working less, were working 30 hours a week or less on something or projects that I truly enjoyed. It really fulfill me. Okay, so So with all those things combine, I I literally brought this down. I thought about this Price took me a couple days to really kind of think about this really kind digest this. And I thought my mind kind of brainstorm. You know, what is the one that you know, What is the one thing that can kind of make all of this happen, right? Or at least make most of it happened. Make everything else easier, for example. And what I came to the conclusion over my big domino personally, it's gonna be different for you. Potentially could be the same is I need to create my own online business that I enjoyed working on. That's that's pretty much the summary of it, because think about it right? If I want travel around the world, I could get a a remote job, right? Remote working job, cause I didn't mention that I want stable income a nation that I want to work around the world so I could get a remote job number one. My hours, I know wouldn't be as flexible in the number two. This is just something for me personally that I haven't mentioned yet, but I just have a really hard time putting my all putting everything into building something for somebody else. I am very meticulous as much as I can be and strategic and and I do my best to create products and services that are the highest possible quality. Yes, I can always improve, of course, is you. Some of you already know. But it's much easier for me and significantly more enjoying and fulfilling for me to build something of my own. They build something for somebody else. So with those two things in mind number one wanting to travel the world and have flexible hours Number two, building something of my own. Those two things combined, I realized I need to have my own online business. OK, so that was my big domino. And again, it's called a big domino for a reason. It's not just something overnight. Oh, yeah, let me just remind on my business will be good to go. It's taken a lot of work. It's taken almost two years. But guess what? In those two years, I'm significantly again. This is the whole process of fulfilling our goals. We've actually created a few online businesses. Ah, few different revenue streams, stable income. The work I'm doing that I absolutely love, I absolutely enjoyed. This is actually part of this, is you one of my responsibilities And one of things I really love doing is creating courses here on you, to me and doing my best to really help. People live significantly better lives exponentially better lives than they are now at an affordable price and very efficiently. So anyway, that's going a little bit off topic. But this is the big dominant identified for myself, so you can feel for you to kind of go back through the video. Look at my you take a screen shot or bookmark or whatever of my kind of my dream life, and then look at my domino And again, this is gonna be different for everybody. But just think about what is the one thing that you would need to accomplish. One big domino, which is equivalent the same thing. It's synonymous with your big goal on. We're gonna basically take that big goal, right? We're gonna knock it down just like a domino on. Going the way we're gonna knock it down is by taking that big goal and we're gonna break it up into much smaller, much more manageable goals that we can actually execute on that we can that we can accomplish and knock down in order to knock down that big domino if that makes sense and this all makes sense mawr as we get into more videos. But for now again, remember the power of writing. I want you to take just a few minutes. Just think about it. Get something down on paper connect. The only thing that I asked you may not be able to really identify and clarify what that big domino is for you, at least not right now. But again, done is better than perfect. It's better to get something down now then you just kind of sit and think and then maybe take action later. So just get something down on paper now and look forward to seeing you in the next video. 9. How To Make Your Domino "SMRT" (NOT "SMART"): So now that you've written down in your big domino or at least had a chance to think about what your big domino is in order to ultimately achieve your dream life, we're gonna make our domino smart. Ah, specifically sm rt So many of you have heard about this smart framework. Ah, specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time bound. Well, I am I putting this smart framework is a little bit redundant, so we're just really convinced it down. Too smart. The smart framework on all briefly cover this in case whether you do know about the smart framework or not really brief and essentially, what we're going to do is better refine our domino into a language that is, that makes sense and is is much better and much more achievable. Okay, so number one s specific. So with your domino B s specific is possible, right? Remember when we when we wrote down our the light that we want to attain our dream life? I mentioned to be specific. Same thing here, right? With your domino, be very, very specific. And by the way, I'm gonna give an example at the end of this as well. Just in case you're stuck, so be specific. Number two measurable. You need to make your domino measurable. Okay, so make it is quantifiable assed possible to where you can measure progress and ultimately measure your success. That's the whole purpose of this. Okay, so you know, include numbers, dates, amounts, right? In terms of, you know, if you're trying to lose weight, could be pounds. If you're trying to grow your network, maybe it's a certain number of connections or type of connections, you know? Ah, certain calendar date for one. Some things that happen, a certain financial monetary amount, uh, etcetera would be is specific and measurable as possible with your language. Number three realistic eso. Can you actually turn this dream into a reality We've already covered, you know, three of many, many, many success stories of Of what? Mostly consider ordinary people or even like below average people achieving incredible, audacious goals. Eso you need to be realistic, right? Can you actually turn this dream into reality? In this case, can you turn this domino into a reality? So, in my case, it seemed pretty crazy, right? My own online business that I love working for working less than 30 hours a week. That sounds pretty crazy like that. Yeah, that sounds nice Under, but that's not realistic. Well, guess what it is in the process of becoming a reality. It's not 100% there yet. We're still in the process of achieving this goal, but so far really enjoyed the process. Overall, I would not trade it for anything else, but yes, it was a realistic domino on. Just make sure that your domino is realistic, which I believe it is. And finally, tea time bound. Okay, there must be a deadline. So you must set a deadline. And again, you may, you know, for certain, more audacious dominos. You may want to set more time. Maybe it's even like three years. Five years could be 10 years potentially for other dominos. Could be a short as a week. Could be a month s. So it really depends. But in any case, there must be a deadline. You need to set some kind of deadline again. Make it realistic. Don't kill yourself over this goal. But also don't set it go so far in the future that anyone could achieve it, right? Like all I want to be a millionaire in 10 years, I believe that you would be able to do so faster or challenge yourself to do so faster, for example. Okay, so anyway, regardless, there must be a deadline. So just as an example, taking all of this right specific, measurable, realistic and time bound we take my ordinary domino, which was a new online business that I enjoyed working to build. So I took this and this is guys, This is a real example. I took this domino and I turned it into a smirk. Domino, which is? My wife and I will generate $14,000 diversified online income. So that means meaning a T least two different sources of income from projects we enjoy working 30 hours per week or less by February 29th 2020. Okay, so this actually creating this video right before this deadline are fairly close for this deadline and we're on track. We're on pace for almost every aspect of this of this domino, which is again, this domino is also synonymous with your goal in the big domino big goal. So again, being very specific, immeasurable, we want to be making X number of dollars and diversified online income. You're being specific diversified online income, not just making this much money. We're making this much money from multiple online sources from Project. We enjoy working on, working again, being measurable 30 hours per week or less by and then we have time bound February 22,020. So we have the, you know, specific. It's measurable. It's time bound. But is it realistic? Yes, in our opinion and absolutely is. And again, this is a goal that we've been working on for a little bit less than two years at the moment on were actually achieving this much faster than we originally anticipated, which was originally deadline of three years. So I get aiming too high vs Aiming too low. So this is an example. So what I want you to do now is go ahead and take your dominant. You've just created and write it in smart format. Smrt. And remember that done is better than perfect. Okay, so just getting something down, even if it's not perfect, is much better than waiting and procrastinating. So go ahead and do that now and then. I'll look forward to seeing you in the next video 10. Trick Your Mind To Do Whatever You Want: in this video, I'm gonna share with you a small tactic that will have a profoundly positive impact on all of your goal setting for the rest of your life. And that is the difference between will and are the first. Let me ask you a question. What's the difference between a person being deathly afraid of something versus them, being extremely excited about that thing? Yes, of course, there are differences, right? But you may be shocked to find out that there is almost none almost zero difference physiologically between the human body being scared versus being excited. So that's interesting piece of information. But how does that pertain to goal setting, or what does that mean? Well, you may find out that many top athletes before certain games or events are public speakers or anyone who is about to embark on something pretty major pretty big. What they will do are one of things they will dio is your. They start getting kind of nervous. They start feeling kind of, you know, this this, this type of unrest or this unease in their body and they will verbally say or write down. I'm excited because what they're doing is this little kind of trick toe where their body doesn't really know what it's feeling, because again, there's no your body doesn't really know the difference between being extremely excited and being extremely afraid. It's kind of is pretty much the same physiological response. So you're doing your brain is your kind of telling your subconscious in telling your body? No, I'm not afraid. I'm actually excited. That's why I'm feeling the way that I am. And then in turn right you're telling your body or hitting your body your your subconscious with the fact that, hey, I'm excited and it kind of calms your body. Oh, it explains, and explains your body why you're feeling the way that you do. OK, so that's that's about it. I go into a lot more detail about this, but I highly recommend that you look it up for yourself. Very, very interesting. Multiple studies have been done about this topic, but specifically for gold setting. We're gonna use the same type of framework in the way that we write our goals in the same way that high performance athletes, prolific public speakers and others will use this technique so will versus our So when you're running your goals on this is actually you pricing In my previous example exactly how I wrote my goals are And this is exactly what I do when I'm starting off is I will or we will write. I will have this. I will be doing this. I will be this type of person by this date, etcetera, etcetera, OK, and that's accurate. But what you're telling your mind by doing that is we will achieve it at some point. But maybe, maybe not Right, like at some point will achieve it like we will at some day some point when you replace the word will with the word are again. This is a small change that can potentially have an extremely profound impact on your ultimate results. And we're gonna talk about this and a little bit more detail in a future video. But I kind of inserted this video here because it is so important. So what we're gonna be talking about next to where when you input the word and simply replace the word will with the word are, what happens is you can't you basically tell your subconscious? Hey, we actually already are achieving this, and what happens is your subconscious acts in a way that you kind of already achieved it. Now you may think, you know, counterintuitively are intuitively that Oh, well, that's not a good thing. I want my subconscious to think that we will achieve so that we work harder. Not that we ease up, but it's very interesting, and again, we're gonna go into more detail about this. It's a variation phenomena, but when you it's the same way of, you know, with athletes telling their bodies, Hey, I'm excited. I'm not afraid. It's telling your subconscious in your body. Hey, we've achieved this goal vs. We will achieve this goal. What your body will do is instead of accepting defeat or fuel, defeated or feel intimidated is, you'll feel much more confidence. You'll feel much more motivation. You'll feel much more. You'll look. You'll find ways that you didn't know before and just I kind of have. These may be small epiphanies of weight. I could be doing this right. I could be doing that ways of achieving your goal faster, making the process easier or better that you never thought of before, all by making this small change. Like I said, we'll go into more detail about this and there's no guarantee in anything. And it obviously absolute also depends on how you are utilizing this. But by writing down your goals like we've said before, replacing the wording again with, you know, of the domino that we just created our big, audacious goal. If we replaced the wording with our and we look at that every day and we condition our mind , I'm telling you, I'd encourage you do that for 30 days. And you tell me if there's not a profound impact on your goal setting. If you don't feel differently. If you're not all of the sudden having some some kind of creative bursts or burst of energy or things like that, okay? And that something that I personally experienced myself, which is why I'm sharing it with you. But again, I'm not promising you anything, which is a small change that can have a profound impact. Again, we're gonna go into more detail about this, but I want to cover this before our next video in which will be you using this a little bit . But I've uses for all my goal setting, and I have absolutely no difference from using this little technique, and I hope the same for you. So just to consider, go ahead and kind of makes these small changes to your domino to your goals. And just as an example, right again simply switching out the word will with our here's what a goal or a dominant could sound like for you. So, for example, my wife and I are generating instead of we will. We are generating $14,000 in diversified monthly income from projects we enjoy working on working 30 hours or a week or less by February 29th. 2020. Okay, so that's just again. This is an example. I'm not saying this. This is just an example. But again, we are doing this by this day instead of we will again, I challenging encourage you to try this out for yourself. And you tell me if you don't notice a profound impact on your goal setting process, I hope I hope it does. I believe it will. And go ahead and make any small changes to your domino to your existing goals that you have written down, and we'll go ahead and get into the next video 11. Complete Goal Setting Template + Tutorial: in this lesson, I'm gonna show you really the meat and potatoes of this course, Really the heart of the course. And we're actually gonna go in now and we're able to reverse engineer our dream. Right, So we have our big domino right are smrt domino. And we're gonna basically break that out into bite size, smaller goals that we can achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that ultimately lead up and as long as we're executing on those smaller goals will ultimately achieve are bigger goal in the future. And it really helps you plan out and see the future instead of just kind of winging it every single week or every month on getting terrible results. So that's the whole purpose of this. Um, I'm going to cover the Sheikh here and kind of show you how it works. I'm also going to give you free access to the sheet, actually, to a template, it's completely blank for you to be able to utilize and input your own data for you to use . This has been extremely helpful to me If I haven't mentioned already. My wife and I are entrepreneurs. We generate over income online from our own businesses. And we use this literally almost the exact same framework to schedule our entire days, weeks, months, etcetera. So for you can use the sheet for all of your planning. Or more specifically, and maybe more realistic for a lot of you is to use this for specifically your goal setting . So without further ado, let's go and actually get into it. So number one first thing you want to do is take the SMRT, the smart domino that you have your your big domino, your big goal. Take that and go ahead and paste it here. Oh, are right in here. So in this case, right, let's just say I'm just using this as an example. Um Smart Domino. My wife and I are generating $1000 in additional off Amazon monthly income because we make most of our income from amazon dot com. We sell physical products on Amazon, so we want to make $1000 in additional off aims on a monthly income, working a total of less than 30 hours a week and enjoying what we do living abroad, specifically living in Brazil by March 7 2020 Okay, so that's again a specific, measurable, realistic, time bound. And as you saw a zoo, we mention the previous video that we are generating versus what we will write and always seeing that is gonna have potentially very profound impact psychologically. So go ahead. Just copy and paste your smart. You're smart Domino here and then I want you to do is just this is more of a thinking exercise. But realistically, think about how much time you need to give yourself in order to achieve this goal. And really, what I want you to think about is, you know, there's obviously you think about kind of, you know, what is the soonest humanly possible could be done if you were hustling, grinding, cranking it out. And they also think about the longest time that would be needed. Where you're taking it really easy, really slowly, Almost, maybe too slowly. And what you'll want those your parameters. OK, so that's you know, now you know kind of the fastest humanly possible. That would be crazy. Maybe you would really hate the process, but it would get done. You will achieve your goal really quickly. And on the other end now you have. You know, you're kind of your maximum value, your other parameter, which is, if you were to take this if you're to achieve its goal really slow, giving yourself a lot, maybe more time than you need. That's kind of the slow. So you have the fast, which is, you know, really fast. Maybe not very enjoyable, where the other one is much easier for you to do. But then also doesn't really stretch you or challenge you in any way. And then what you want to do is kind of get find somewhere there in the middle. That's just an exercise that really helps me. But again, you could just go straight and think about him. Realistically, how much time would it take in terms of it? Could be days. It could be weeks, months or years. It really depends on what your domino is, what your big goal is. Eso whatever that is. Just go ahead and write that in here. In this specific case, I wrote down two months and that's actually pretty ambitious. One month would be extremely ambitious. Two months, three months is a little bit more lenient, so kind of in the middle of that is two months. So that's what I entered in here based on my own experience. Okay. And this is for Michael. Next step. Really simple. OK, And may require a little bit of brainstorming. You're not gonna have all the answers, and that's why you need to take action as you take action. And as you learn, that's gonna be the best way for you to learn. It's better than just sitting around and thinking all day And just keep thinking and thinking, thinking eso depending on your goal, this may be a little bit unclear. This may be clear for others, but what you want to do is think about what are the big projects, like the big overall projects that you will need to complete in the 1st 90 days in order to begin achieving your domino. So in this case, you know, my domino, my big goal, I estimate, will take about two months to complete. Okay, that's the time rings that I gave. So instead of my 1st 90 days, it's gonna be my 1st 60 days. Okay, so that's just in that case, if your goal is, you know, if it's four months. If it's five years, if it's 10 years, if it's one year, it's one week. Whatever. That may be, right. You think about what? In the 1st 90 days, And if it's your goal is, for example, less than 90 days there. What do you need to do? You know, in the first month, the first week, That's kind of the whole idea, right? So, ideally, you know, if 90 days, a little bit of a stretch for you, you really want kind of narrow and focus in what are the, you know, what do you need to accomplish in the first month where the big things you need to do in the first month in order to get this project started in order to get closer to your goal? Okay, so I would do one month of the least in 1990 days, kind of at the most, because as you start planning for four months, five months, six month, this is based on my own experience as well as, ah, lot of research and a lot of of data is that it will become much more difficult to attain. So having one year goals, just there in the future of just this is my goal for one year. That's great. But in terms of actually knowing all I know, I need to do this. You know, this month and four months from now on, you to do this and then seven months from now, I need to do this. That is very difficult. So really, I get hone in focus in in the 1st 1 month to the 1st 90 days. What do what are the big things you need to accomplish to get your goal started to get closer to your domino? Okay, so in this case, I have three big projects that need to happen in order for my my big goal, my big domino to knock it down. So number one is creating launch a passive income, you Timmy course, which is something I've been thinking about a lot I've been wanting to get to. And now I can finally have some time to be able to do that. I'm gonna be relentless in getting that up, because I'm very excited. Number two, I estimate that I need to create 16 YouTube videos. Okay, um, and for those who don't know somebody YouTube videos I will have. For example, I have some certain YouTube videos that have links to my uni courses. I have YouTube videos where I help Amazon sellers generate more income in revenue and profit on Amazon, and I made mention of a certain tools so will include a link to that tool. Basically, YouTube video is just a way to generate additional off Amazon income, as my goal states. Right? So I want to create 16 MAWR YouTube videos than I usually do. I'm gonna create a brand new, passive income unity course, and then I also want to post more on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that I normally do again. Toe also kind of drive more traffic to grow my audience. This is for Michael, specifically maybe kind of sound a little bit bizarre for you, but that's my goals specifically and says Step number three. Step number four again. You'll have to estimate when you're starting off, think about you. See each projects up on these big projects, estimate how many hours each project will take you and again. It's not gonna be perfect, but you got to take a stab at it. So in this case for my unity course estimate about 20 hours of time. So decent amount of time for that to take place. Ma, my 16 YouTube videos estimate about an hour per video. So 16 hours for 16 YouTube videos for creating and posting on instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I estimate about 30 hours of time for those 60 posts. Um, so So this is the first step. Okay, you have your gold bagel. Estimated time to complete what needs to happen in the 1st 90 days of your goal. T get closer to begin with. And if you can only start with just a month, that's a far as you can think. Then just start with a month, okay? And then once you write those down, give it a general time estimate of how long you think that would take. Okay, so now we've taken her goal and we've broken down. So the first project that would happen in order to achieve it as well? It's an estimated kind of time. All right. Next we literally use, like, copy this section here, your 1st 9 day projects head over to the monthly 90 days tab and go ahead and paste in here . And what I've done is I've broken out. So we had our big projects. Then you want to take each of those big projects that you want accomplished within the 1st 90 days and break those out into even smaller projects, for example. Okay, remember I mentioned here in the ultimate goal that I need to create and launch a you to me passive income course. Well, that requires me to do a complete audience. A competitor, a research I needed to complete keyword research. I need it. Right. Outline for the course I need to create the course presentation. I need to record and edit the videos. I need toe right to copy for the listing and do the S e O. I need to launch the course, right. So people know about it. All those things. Eso So you have those kind of you have your big domino, your big dominos broken up into big projects, and each big project is broken down into smaller bite sized projects or smaller bite side's goals that you're gonna input here. The monthly 90 days. So again, my goal was to months. Okay, so my goal is less than 90 days, so I'm only gonna have the 1st 2 months. So that's why I have January and February assuming let's and beginning this the beginning of three year. Okay, so So that's what you want to hear in terms of my YouTube videos. Remember, I said, I would like to create 16 YouTube videos in the next you know, between January and February. So that's about eight videos you know, each month in terms of the Post. I want 60 linked in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts. So again, 30 in January and then 30 posts in February. And then it also divided out through the You know, in my mind, kind of divided out in half what needs to be accomplished or to create on launch my upcoming you to me course. And this is what I kind of estimated needs toe happen. Okay, so again, it's gonna take a little bit of work. There's no perfect solution. There's no no one's gonna do this for you. It is a little bit of kind of thinking, and and but again, it can also be fun, like thinking about how to achieve your goal and just realizing Wow, I can really get closer within just a month, within even a week. I'm getting closer is for me. It's really an exciting part of the process and doesn't have to take forever. It doesn't need to take a really long amount of time. But again, the whole purpose of this is to really help you plan just like, you know, planning to build a bridge that stands the test of time. We want to create a plan for our lives toe ultimately, better and live the best like that we can so s Oh, yeah. Take your break down your domino into big projects. Take those big projects, make them or bite size figure out. OK, what are all the little things need to happen to make this big thing happen? You're gonna break that out by over the next 90 days in this case, You know, two months from there, we're gonna head over to the weekly tab. Okay? So now we know what we need to do on, you know, in the next 90 days, you know, each month. But now we know what we need to do in each week. Okay, so in January, So here's the weeks of January through February. So here's the total number of weeks I have. So I'm gonna take what I have here, and you can even living just kind of like copy this year. You can paste it down here and then kind of a sort where if it's best, what I've done is essentially kind of breaking down a little bit further, and using this process really helps me visualize that it can really, literally see what needs to be done every week in order to make those projects happen every month, in order to make those bigger projects and you could get done, be accomplished. And then you move to the next 90 days and so on and so on. Okay, so pretty straightforward. So you take your monthly goes breaking down into weekly smaller bites, I schools and again, you kind of know what's going on for each week again. Minimum of one month maximum of three months is what I would recommend. Okay, so I have all of January and February kind of planned out. I'll make sure that each of these goals are executed on every week, and then finally I know, I know this isn't maybe the most fun lesson. But finally we have our daily tasks and our weekly tasks. So now you know, instead of trying to just guess and come up with something now, you literally know. Ok, here's what I need to do this week, right? And if I keep doing that every week, I'm doing what needs to get done this week and in the next week and the next week in the next week, I get what I need to get done within the month. So, for example, the month of January, then for February and March. Now, now I've complete everything that I need to complete within the 1st 90 days. Now I'm ready for the next 90 days. So if your goal was a 90 day goal Well, now you've accomplished it, right? So it's for me. It's really exciting because I can literally see, and I can I can break it down mathematically, this is what needs toe. I got this done. I'm literally this much closer to my goal. I'm now literally one week closer to my goal. Now, now, on another week. Closer now, on another week closer. Okay, so So this is what I look at. Every Saturday I'll update this and I'll look at this section right here, the daily this week section toe where I know exactly what I need to do on Monday. What do you do on Tuesday? Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etcetera. And what you may realize is, once you get to this section, you may look at it and be like, man O, it seems like a lot. Oh, wow. There's a lot that needs to get done in each of these days. I don't know if I can do it, and if it's again, your goals should definitely, you know, they should be challenging, but they shouldn't be overwhelming. So if you get to this section right here and you're feeling overwhelmed when I'd recommend that you do is go back to the original section right here, your ultimate goal, and maybe re evaluate what really needs to get done in the not the 1st 90 days Maybe maybe you're biting on more than you can chew for the 1st 90 days and kind of rework it from there. And then you'll kind of rework your monthly section a little bit. Rework your weekly section and then finally get back to your daily. So it's gonna require maybe a little bit of brainstorming a little bit of back and forth. You may not get it perfect, exactly perfect the first time. But again, the whole point of this is this is ultimately it doesn't take a ton of time, and it's gonna help you tremendously on give you a ton of, in my opinion, in my experience, a ton of motivation and a lot of clarity in setting your goals that I honestly haven't found anywhere else. So there's been extremely helpful to me. I use this liberty for planning everything. It's been very, very helpful. So I hope the very same for you if you have any questions about this. I know this is kind of lot. Maybe the most complicated lecture of the course so far, hopefully the most complicated. And if you have any questions at all, please let me know. I'm more than happy to help in any way that I can, and again make sure that you download this from the resource is section below. This will be free for you. A student, of course, so be sure to do that, and I hope it helps you immensely. Without further ado. Let's go ahead and get into the next video. 12. The 21 Day Challenge: the beginning of anything is the most crucial time. So think about, you know, a baby animal or a baby plant. Uh, now think about your goal as a baby goal, OK? Your goal is in its infancy, right? You're just starting off. You're just embarking on your journey to knock down that big domino to to accomplish your goal. So within reason, right in the beginning stages of setting your goal in achieving your goal are some of the if not the most crucial, and you want to make sure you protect it. You want to protect your baby goal, and the best way to do that is by making goal, setting a habit. And here's the good news. Gold setting isn't a wish or a prayer. It's a decision. So if you want your goal to be achieved, that's up to you. You can decide if it is or not, and if you don't want it to be, then that's your decision. And again doesn't just mean it's easy, but it is your decision. Okay, so what? My challenges for you is by this video, right? You should now have a list of your specific list and in a calendar for what you need to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to achieve your goals. OK, your big goal is well of your small goals. But I encourage you to do is you now know what you need to do every day in every week. So for the next 21 days, every day without fail, make sure that you're executing on your goals in white 21 days. Okay, so according to Dr Maxwell mult on this is accorded from psycho cyber cybernetics. Doctor Melts found that for the average human, it takes about 21 days minimum to establish a new habit. So this isn't the average. It's the minimum needed to establish new habits for some. For some people, he found it's as many as 255 days of repetition. For some, it was as low as 21 days. Eso just is kind of a challenge to you. Word of encouragement to you is, um I believe that the you have it create habits and making habits is like strengthening the muscle. Okay, it gets easier. As time goes on, you get more comfortable with it as time goes on eso I really encourage you, especially those 1st 21 days guys air so important there so critical that make sure that every day that you need to be doing something you're getting it done that day. Okay? Or let's say you have you know, you maybe you missed a day, but hey, that's still due by the end of the week to make sure you get it done by the end of the week . So whatever needs to get done for the next 21 days, you make it a habit every day of every week of getting what needs get done, done on getting you closer to your goal. Because I find that so many goals fail and die within those first precious 21 days. So I really encourage you to do that. Now don't just go get today 21 Say Okay, great. Now I'm done, but notice on day 22 vs Day one. If this new habit of you adding kind of these different projects or these different activities that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal if there now easier on Day 22 than they are on day one I can almost guarantee you they will be so just as aware of encouragement, things will get easier as time goes on. It's kind of like you're rolling that snowball down the hill as you continue to roll on, roll on roll, it will gain more and more and more momentum. It will get easier as time goes on. But again, like I said, this 1st 21 days are really, really critical on Just want to kind of issue that challenge. So work on your goals for the next 21 days. If you're able to successfully everyday execute and complete and do what you needed to do what you wrote down, let us know here in the Q and a section let us know here in the group and I will personally myself congratulate you because it isn't accomplishment. And I want to give you I want to give you as much encouragement help a zai can along this journey. And I'm very, very excited for you. And I hope to hear from you in the Q and a section of this video and, um, yeah, I just want to share This thing is pretty powerful, and I look for to seeing you in the next video 13. Drastically Increase Your Chances of Success: What if I told you you could increase your likelihood of achieving your goal by 95% in just today? Would you get in here? Oh, I hope so, because I do have something for you. And that is accountability, a scary word that is not scary whatsoever and is actually extremely helpful and can really help you achieve any goal that you set out to achieve. So according to the American Society of Training and Development, also known as a STD, in a study that they performed, they found that people who achieve their goals with somebody else and not necessary, for example, say there's someone trying to lose weight and they're trying to, you know, they bring a friend to help them lose weight. You know, with them not even that, but just having another person accountable, holding them accountable, meaning, you know you're trying to achieve your goal and you have somebody else around you who is encouraging you. Who's asking about your goal on a relatively regular basis on is checking in with you. Just having that simple little amount of encouragement or even amount of accountability can increase the likelihood of one's ability to reach their goals. Whatever go they set by up to 95% or more, it's pretty crazy. S o k. Imagine you yourself trying to achieve your goal on your own versus you just telling your friends and family about it. Your friends and family ask you about it, your friends and family encouraging about it. Every once in a while you can have a dramatic, even though it's a small thing, could have a dramatic improvement and increase your chances drastically of achieving your goal. So with these kind of odds, I would highly recommend doing it. It does not need to be difficult. Eso What you can do is number one. You could text a friend, find a friend or someone that, you know that is in a similar position is you and the sense of you have very similar goals and one achieve very similar things. And what's most powerful is achieving those goals together. Okay, now that is a little bit more difficult. They take a little bit more time. Some of you may not be that brave. I know. I Maybe I'm more of an introverted. Maybe I won't like that as much, but something very simple. That you can do that, I'm telling you, is very powerful is posting your goal on social media. So Facebook, instagram Twitter. You know, Lincoln, depending on what your goal is, wherever your audiences posted everywhere, right? Just tell people literally. Hey. Hey, guys, I want you to keep me accountable. Here's my goal. I will be, you know, achieving this by this date. I'll be losing this much weight. I'll be making this much financially. I will be living here. That something that my wife and I did. He said, Hey, everyone, we're gonna be moving to Brazil in March. We didn't put pay for the plane ticket. We didn't know 100% of everything was gonna line up. But guess what? We because we did that, we make sure that we were there, that we were in Brazil, that we were living abroad by the date that we that we said because we publicize it everywhere. So we told her family and friends, and we also post on social media again. That's all we did literally took us a few minutes to do, and it had a profound impact on this actually achieving our goal. And I know that if I didn't do that and this is very, you know, just common sense that if we don't do that, that were a lot less likely to have achieved her goal. Or maybe are we would have missed her deadline and had to extend our goal. So what I encourage you do right now just is tell at least one friend even text them. You know, if you're listening to the video, right, next thing, you can turn and talk to them. But text share on social media, talk to someone in person. Just tell at least one other human beings you know personally about your goal and tell them exactly what you hope to accomplish. You have to share all your deepest, darkest secrets. But tell them on again. This small action will increase your likelihood of achieving your goal by the deadline and with all the parameters that you've set significantly. So that's why I'm encouraging. You do that? Yes, it is a little bit of time. Yes, it may feel a little bit uncomfortable, but I promise it will be worth of the end. So go ahead and do that now and I'll go ahead to you in the next video 14. Simple Trick To SKYROCKET Your Chances Of Success: What if I told you there was something you could do for only one minute every day, starting today until you achieved your goal that would drastically increase the likelihood of succeeding and achieving your goal? Well, there is. It's something very simple yet very, very powerful that goes in line of what we've mentioned before, and that is writing down your goals, but not just that. Write down your goal and then put it somewhere that you see every single day that it That's it. It's that simple. Okay, so what I want you to do eyes. Go ahead, write down your goal on a post it note. You could even write it on. You could even make an automatic update on your phone on your on your calendar for Gmail or whatever you're using on. And then you know, just to wear whatever it may be, whether it's digital or physical to where you write down your goal and you see that every single day. So you want to kind of put it somewhere that you know whether that's the bathroom mirror your refrigerator that's on your on your your laptop or your desktop or on your desk. wherever it may be just too where your senior go every single day on that's gonna really give you a little bit of an edge of motivation. It's going to really help remind you and again if you're using the framework we spoke about before in the sense of will versus are right structuring your kind of trick in your mind a little bit, you know, hitting your mind every single day with hey brain, you know, Hey, body, we've achieved this goal right We are achieving this goal can have a profound impact on it is really helped me establish habits, setting goals. And it really helps me enjoy because it reminds me you know why I'm doing the things that I do in that day and really helps me keep keep me centered around that goal. So again, something very simple to do You can literally just take a few seconds to look at it every day, take a little bit to kind of think about it, envisioned what your life is like. Once the goals accomplished. We're talk a little bit more about the law of attraction here in the bonus section, But go ahead and do that. Now I'll give you a few literally. Take one or two minutes. Go ahead and do that now and I'll see you in the next video. 15. Transform Your Environment Into A Fountain Of Goal Setting Energy: in this video, I'm gonna show you how small changes to your environment can have a huge and profound impact on the success of any of your goals. And specifically, what we're gonna be touching on is the law of averages. So Jim Rome is famously quoted by saying You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And as I'm getting older, I've realised how unbelievably true this is. And I encourage you to look at this in your own life. Essentially, what this means is we are the result of their environment, right? If we're around happy, people were more likely to be happy. If we're around, entrepreneurs were more likely to become more entrepreneurial. If around conservatives will be more conservative around, liberals will become more liberal. Okay, that's a fact. And you can look at this in your own life. But quickly just take a look and look around your environment to take a few minutes, right? Just to think about it. Who are the people that you spend the most time with? What music are you listening to? What movies are you watching? Your TV shows how much of them are you watching? What things are you consuming, right? Because the reality is everything you surround yourself with is either helping you or hurting you from achieving your goal. Okay, I say it one more time. This is extremely important, and it's unbelievably true. Everything that's around you, that your friends, the food that you eat, the entertainment that you have and that you seek all of these things either help you achieve your goal or they hurt you and keep you on. It makes it more difficult to achieve your goal. So just do a quick audit again of people around you of your entire environment. You don't have to go to a ton of detail. Just kind of think about it, right? What do you do the most often? Like what do you? There's a lot of time that you spent who you're spending Mitt spending the time with. Where are you spending this time? What are you spending the time with with, you know, Is it with mostly work? Is it with a lot of, you know, drinking or whatever it may be? Just think about that and think about Is this helping me achieve my goal? or not. And one simple thing that you can do very, very simple is if something is hurting you, get it out of your environment if you can. If you can't Hey, that's OK. Just be conscious of it. But, for example, if you're trying to lose weight and you have a lot of, you know, goodies around your house, get rid of them, throw them in the trash or donate them. T some friend or somebody, right? If you're around really negative people find ways to spend less time with them. The friends of your there more happy that are more ambitious, maybe find ways to spend more time with them. You can alter your environment. You're not a result of it. You are the captain of your ship. You're the captain of your environment, so just take a few minutes. Doesn't have to be a long process. Look around, find what's what's not helping you. Try to get rid of it if you can. It's in regards to people. Do so politely or just think about this. You don't have to do anything today, just kind of think about it. Everything that's helping you see if you can get around it more. See if you can do those things. Mawr getting that type of environment. So that just my encouragement to you again. You don't have to do any of this. This is your life. These air your this is you know, this is your life, your goals. But I want to do anything in my power. Anything that's helped me immensely. I am absolutely to share that with you. So I really want to share this. So go ahead and just take a few minutes to do that. Doesn't to be difficult, Angela, for testing you in the next video. 16. THE MOST Important Step!: Are you ready for the most critical? The most important and most powerful step of this entire course and of the entire goal setting process. Well, I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again. Take action. I can't stress this enough, Andi, just to really kind of you understand, You know, mentally And feel this in your soul, right? Imagine having a plan. That's okay. Constructed. You spent a few minutes on it. Uh, and you took that plan and start taking action, okay? And started doing an acting based on that plan versus having the best, most meticulous, most well thought out best research plan on the planet and doing absolutely nothing with it . Which up Which option is better? Which one would you rather have? I would take taking action any day because guess what? That plan will sit there in the dust and the dirt or wherever it is. Maybe it's in a nice, shiny case, and we'll do nothing right where At least with when you take action, you'll be able to kind of figure out how to build a better plan. Or maybe you'll figure out all my plan wasn't great when it started off, but you're at least getting closer even slightly closer to your goal than you were before. Now, of course, both are extremely important. You wanna have proper thinking, planning along with action, which I've done my best to, kind of, You know, we through this entire course and really give as much detail as possible. But I just want to really emphasize here the importance of taking action on and give you the reasoning for why that is I'm not just saying that. And what I want you to do is ultimately I would like you to do this. I know you. Some of you may be in public places, but say out loud, You can even whisper this, at the very least. Just think of this in your mind to say, Sumner, I'm going to take action today, So taking action could be I'm gonna you know, I haven't written my plan out something. I haven't got the worksheet. I'm gonna work on that today. You know, I don't know what my domino is. I don't really know what I want for my life. I'm going to start writing today if I haven't already. So just tell me something. I'm gonna take action today and you can whisper it if you're in a public place or at least just think it or write it down on. I promise you that that's gonna that's gonna get this ball rolling that's gonna get you know, that's gonna just to be the beginning of this momentum because, remember, right is someone much wiser than myself once said, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step and that it's so true, right? You may seem audacious. It may seem almost unrealistic, even though we realize how realistic those goes truly are now. But even the longest journey begins with one single step. It begins with figuring out What do you want from life? Figure out what? What what do I need to accomplish that makes everything else easier or irrelevant? You know, what do I need to do on a weekly basis on a daily basis? Right? All of those things right? Any of those things just get started today, make that promise to me, and I promise you, you will be rewarded for your effort for doing that. So So take away, take action. I'll see in the next video 17. Use The Power of Neuroscience To Enjoy The Journey: many people ask this question. So I want to make this video to specifically address this so somewhere Should we reward ourselves as we're accomplishing? And as we're progressing toward her goal or should be on Lee, reward herself once that goal is accomplished, my answer is unequivocally absolutely. Give yourself rewards as you're going through this process again, Make this an enjoyable process. It does it. Yes, it might be hard work, but make it rewarding, okay? And give yourself rewards on specifically, give yourself rewards that are equivalent to what you've accomplished. A goal that you've achieved. Okay. And I'm not just saying that I'm saying that because there is reason there's data behind this. Okay, so here's the again. I'm not a neuroscientist. I'm not a psychologist, you know, But I have been a lot of research into this topic, specifically very, very interesting and essentially right over simplify things. Uh, once when you take action and you reward yourself after taking that action. So let's say you know, this week I needed to do this OK? U x y z, and then you do X y Z and you reward yourself. What happens is with this reward. That could be, you know, I mean, it could be a smaller you. Listen, toe you listen to some music, relaxing your bathtub and listen to some music are you? You go out with your significant other by yourself to a bar to a nice restaurant you go to , you know, whatever it may be, right. There's all different kinds of rewards that I'm sure you're familiar with. Maybe you eat a cupcake. But once you give yourself that reward, what happens is you actually increase the level of dopamine in your brain. And what you're doing, okay, is you're actually wiring your brain in conditioning your brain to wear OK every time. You know, in my case, some senators brain is thinking, OK, Every time Sumner takes an action, I'm gonna feel better. He's gonna feel better. So you know what will happen is you taken action. Your reward yourself. You want to take even mawr action to get even more rewards, and then you get that reward. Do you take more action to get even bigger reward and so on and so on and sort of like the snowball effect. And like I said before, you want to make sure that your rewards are proportional to your to your effort. Okay, so for example, let's say you know, you accomplish something this week great, and you're like, you know, this is just an example of what not to do. Let's go on this, like, huge, like a luxurious vacation because I accomplished this thing in a week where when you accomplish your goal, your reward is money like a cream cheese bag or something like that, that would be like the opposite. But that's not because that would, you know that this thing about it logically, that confuse your mind. There's no there's no correlation. It just kind of it almost seems random to wear. Oh, my action isn't proportional to my reward. So whether I do a lot of action or a little bit of action, it doesn't matter, right? No. You want to tell your condition your mind to where yes, it does matter. And the more effort, the more action, the more results that I get. The closer I get to my goal, the more rewards that I get. Okay, so again, it's gonna be kind of a snowball effect, and there is no right or wrong of await summer watching my rewards be, and when and how it's really up to you. It completely depends on your your objective. But every time you take some action, so like every week, every month, every three months, I definitely recommend having a reward system in place and get It doesn't need to be this huge system that takes hours to figure out just something really simple. And another little tip before the end of this video is something like you psychologically is one time consuming. So, for example, I like to play video games. I play Star Wars battlefront. If there is any fans, let me know the Q and A section, but likely not. So I like to play a few video games. I don't do it a lot, but for example, after I record this video, I'm actually gonna go right now and you practice what I preach and I'm gonna go play like, uh, 30 minutes or an hour of my favorite video game. Okay, because I reward myself for this week, where for this day, right at the end of this week, maybe I'll go out. I actually planning going out with my wife. We may go to like a nice Italian restaurant or something. And the next three months? Well, actually, in the next three months, we're gonna be in South America, and I have to figure out what we're gonna do there. But we're gonna figure out some kind of reward. And that's just an example of what I've done personally and literally am doing today personally, but definitely encourage you to do that, not just because it feels good. So Number one is going to make the journey more enjoyable. But actually, it's gonna make you a more effective goal setting goal achieving machine. Okay, so that's it's like it's like a double u double. Great, right? We have one. We enjoy the journey more. And the number two, we can actually make the journey go faster because we're conditioned ourselves that the more action we take, the more reward that we get. Okay, that's really think concept behind a definite questions about this or anything you like to add. Let me know in the rest of community no, in the Q and A section, and look forward to seeing you in the next video 18. Use The Law of Attraction To Effortlessly Pull Your Goals Even Closer!: in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how this thing called The Law of Attraction can help you achieve your goals in a significantly shorter period of time and make the journey in the process of achieving any goal significantly more enjoyable as well. So there's a lot of controversy about the this idea of the law of attraction. And if you go online, you're actually find a lot of different definitions and ideas, and you'll likely hear words such as the universe or manifesting. It almost seemed like this spiritual Paris scientific phenomena that you may be kind of like, uh, maybe I wanna stay away from this. Okay, that's how I was at least when I first heard about the Law of Attraction did my own research. But regardless of how silly it seemed, I did. I did more research. I kind of put it to the test of my own life, and I absolutely found this idea that I'm about to share with you is true. But I will keep in mind that this is my personal definition. It's a more realistic and practical explanation on definition of what the law of attraction is. So again, if you look online, you may find something a little bit different, but again, I believe this is you know, this This is absolutely true in my life. And I found this is absolutely true on other high performers and highly successful individuals. So that further do let's get into it. So how I defined the law of attraction. It's very, very simple. And this is backed by lots of data by a lot, many psychological studies. And that is your outputs are directly proportionate to your inputs. Think about this on a physiological level. If you eat chocolate cake every day for 30 days, how do you think you're gonna feel right? How do you think your body is gonna perform? How do that you're gonna feel right? Maybe the first time. You feel great. By the end of it, you may actually hate chocolate cake, and you'll feel like crap. Your you know, your Yeah, I won't go into all the details. Right. You'll if you're great. Okay. Another example would be right if if you constantly are telling yourself negative thoughts were around people telling you negative things, negative things every day, all the time. What do you think that's gonna have any impact on your output on on on your actions on on where you live or what you try or anything like that. Of course it is okay, and it really kind of put this in perspective. I'll give you just a brief example, right? And this is again, This is true. I've spoken with many people and they find this is absolutely true, even with this kind of specific example. So to situations, Let's hear on your way to work. And every day you walk to work, you pass by this retail store with these for sale signs that merchandise in the window, all of that right? Situation number two. Let's say you walk to work. Let's say this is some parallel universe, right? But situation number two, you want to work, but there is no retail store, right? You just go straight to work. There's no retail stores. There's now restaurants, not just us. Search work. Okay. And then you're there. Great. In which situation do you think you're more likely if either one to purchase products at this retail store? Right? You guessed it. Situation number one. The more that you see of something, right? Basically, you're in putting into your mind all of this data. All of this information to censor information off. You know, merchandise. 50% off clothing retails. Are all these things in your mind and your body and your your body Your your your subconscious mind is gonna find ways to make that a reality. See what I'm saying? This is absolutely true. Get back by multiple many, many studies back by my own personal experience and I would recommend is you keep listening , but we're gonna go in a little bit more detail tests for yourself, test it for yourself and see if it it's actually true. It's true for you because it's actually true for me. Okay, So, again, the idea is just what we surround ourselves with. Okay? On a conscious level, even on a subconscious level. Just things that we see. For example, if we're costing around, negative people were gonna become more negative. Okay? And we're gonna be kind of like a magnet attracted to that negativity. Right? If we're constantly bombarded with with clothing, ads were more likely to buy clothes. And we'll spend a lot more money on clothing, another and think about this, too. On a realistic level. Why would Coca Cola spend billions and billions of dollars on advertising if it didn't work ? Right? You know, billboards, TV ads, social media ads, like all of this advertising bombard people just basically images of people drinking Coca Cola really, really simple. Just putting that image constantly and in front of the eyes of potential consumers has a drastic impact just by people seeing it. They want it cause that they're more attracted to it. So Coca Cola does. This is true. Any Fortune 500 company knows is true. And now I'm taking this information that they know and the marketing team knows very well. And I'm sharing this with you and how you can use this to achieve your goals. So we talked about a little bit about food and clothes and all that, and you're kind of like, Okay, how does it apply to gold setting? Well, really simple. Where thoughts go, energy flows and results show. Okay, I'll say it one more time. Where thoughts go, your energy will flow and results from that will show. So just take a second to think about this consciously. What do you think about On a daily basis? Do you have a more positive thoughts? The negative thoughts are the thoughts that you're having on a daily basis centered around your goal. It doesn't have to be directly about your goal all the time. But are they in line when 100% alignment with your goal? And if not, well, there's an area of improvement. Okay, because we're thoughts are very simply, your energy is going to go to that place to where those thoughts are. And your mind, your subconscious mind is gonna find ways t make results from that and to make that a reality, OK, so we can use this and to kind of put us in a practical sense, something that you can actually do, you know, on a realistic practical level to help you achieve your goals faster and enjoy the process is by creating what's called a vision board. Okay, so this is an example of a vision board essentially what it is in a very simple way. Look, remember what we mentioned before? What we kind of put in front of our eyeballs and kind of look at and think about that's where energy is gonna go. So why don't we, on a daily basis, put really good things in front of our face right in front of our in front, into our mind into our thoughts and constantly that college washing are brainwashing our thoughts with these really great positive things. So essentially, I'm actually walking through a step by step real example of how to create your own vision board, and you can decide to do this or not. That's why about it. This is a bonus section, but I have done this. I have done this and do this personally. This has had a profound impact on my goal setting process, and I've know many countless others that have had a profound impact is well on their goal setting process in their journey. So I'm a sexual what you can do. There's a couple ways to do this. You could do it digitally or physically, and in this case, let's just say this is a physical you have. You know, this small court board, right, some kind of like little board, and what you do is you go online and you find images just really simple images that directly relate to your goal. So, for example, and I'm gonna show you my real example. You know, who are some people that you that you admire, the type of person you want to become? You know what type of place you want to live. You want to spend more time with family that maybe you included image of your family. You'd like to donate more to causes, fight human trafficking. That's an example, in my case that I include that there. You know, I want more YouTube subscribers. I want more. You know, Ah, students in my you Timmy courses, my skills, their horses and all of that. Those are examples of images that have include here. Inspirational quotes and things like that has been See here as well. Just think about what your goal is. Find images online that relate to your goal. Whether being in shape financially, relationship wise, spiritually wise, whatever that may be for you. You'll find those images and you'll just come out, put them here on this board, and then essentially every day, right, spend 5 10 minutes does not need to be long. And what you're gonna do is just look at the board. You could see you could be spending that time looking at negative social media comments. Or you could be you know, you're watching some, you know, you know, brain numbing TV show what? You're good, you know, at times, of course, to relax. But this could be a very enjoyable experience. Just again. 5 to 10 days. I want to do this in the morning personally, But whatever works for you, find a time. I could do this for at least 21 days. And you tell me if this doesn't have a profound impact on on setting your goals. And I think what you're gonna find is really interesting because as you're looking at this board and you're you're kind of cleaning your mind with this with all of these images that surround your goal and do this every single day, your subconscious mind is gonna find a way. Okay, how do we make this a reality? Because Because it's looking at this and it's thinking, OK, this is our reality, you know? How do we need? You know, it'll go out and you're still fine that you have more creativity. You find that? Oh, I didn't. You maybe you wake up or you take a shower or something. And this this literally happens to me and have this creative bursts. And I my weight, This is so simple. Why don't I do this before? Right? Eso again? Like I said, I occurred to try this for yourself. I think you'll see some really interesting things start to happen. That air that air seemingly unexplainable. But there really is science and psychology behind it. But I'm gonna go in the next video, going in more detail about actually had a creative decision board for you on in kind of my process of how I utilize it to achieve my goals. So again, yeah, I appreciate you bearing with me. I know it's something a little bit different. I like toe base, everything that I have in some real data and facts and not stray away from that. But this is something that's kind of profound impact for myself and others on. I want to share that. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video 19. Simple & POWERFUL Vision Board That Feeds Your Mind The Motivation It Needs!: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to create your very own vision board using Pinterest. And there's a few reasons were using Pinterest. So number one, this is very easy to do and very easy to set up. You have toe go online, find images, print them off, cut them out, find a bulletin board, pin them to the bulletin board unless you would like to do that. And I'll talk about that in a second as well. But very easy. Number two. This is free as you don't have to pay anything for. This is a completely free and the number three. This is portable because it is your very own kind of miniature portable vision board. And the reason I say that is because you can download the Pinterest app on your phone. You can open up interest on your laptop from anywhere that you are a so long as there's WiFi on and take a look at this and I'll talk more about that later. But this is especially advantageous for those of us who travel like myself. And even if you don't really said, Pinterest has really set up well to create our own vision board. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into it. So Step number one, you want to create a Pinterest account, and as you see, I've already created one here. Very simple to do. Just go to Google type in Pinterest dot com and it will prompt you to enter an email, password and other information. Okay. And then you'll create your account. Very easy to set up. Should take only a few minutes to do. Once you've done this, can you have your pictures account? And this is why this is one my existing accounts click here on boards. Okay, so we click on boards and we're scroll down and were to create a secret board over here. Okay, so all secret board is, as you see right here. Is that on Lee? You can see them or specific people that you invite, but really, I like to keep it secret, because this is really more of the vision board is really more for one on one. If you would like to share your vision board with other kind of friends and family, feel free to do so just for me personally, this is more of a of an individual type of thing, so I kind of keep it more private. But I do, of course, post my goals publicly. Just not my vision board. Okay, so what you'll do is you go ahead and click on create Secret Board. You can name it. You know, you just name it Vision Board or your name, followed by the words Vision Board. I've already created mind here, which will go and take a look which is called Sumner's Vision Board. Don't get this is purely for example, purposes. Okay, although there is some truth to this. So usually I have ah, lot more kind of pins saved to this board. But essentially, what we do is we go on Pinterest and we find it could be different articles, images or whatever else other types of graphics that directly relate to our goal. So, in this case, you may be thinking, What the heck is all this that I'm seeing right here? Okay, so let's briefly explain it one. Let's say I want I want to get in shape, which which is a goal of mine. And so I want to go out and kind of find some different motivations for kind of men's fitness or men's health or whatever. My goal is right. So let's just say as an example, this is something that I found okay, over here for human trafficking. I'm a big advocate against human trafficking, I believe, is the greatest evil that exists in our world today. So I donate my own. I donate a certain percent of my income toward this, and I want to do mawr. And, uh, this is kind of helps me stay focused and reminds me of this every day. I mean, should absolutely be on my vision board if it's important. Over here we have just a few places societies, Florianopolis and Washington State in the United States. These are all places that I plan to move within the next year to live for at least one month in the next year. So I put them here incredible places. I'm very excited, and this will happen, right? So this this is an absolutely gold mine. You can follow along on my Pinterest, but also on my social media to see if I'm holding up. You can keep me accountable. Okay, then, over here I just have a couple images of a couple of men that I really admire. Abraham Lincoln and Dr Peterson, two gentlemen, that I really admire greatly. You can do your own research into that. But essentially, these are all kind of different goals. It is not about the specific goal that you have just kind of surround your goals. This is all good things to include and how you're gonna include this or how are you gonna get to this point is your gonna go appear to search far and simply type in things that relate to your goal. So let me think of something that maybe we'll do something like I want, you know, maybe I want to work on my hat on my on my mental health. Right. So maybe I was gonna type in literally happy person because I want to see because again, the more you immerse yourself with good things that MAWR, you're gonna ultimately become that. Okay, So if you constantly and this is true to buy, this is a little hack. If you if you're trying to go to bed a really great way to kind of calm your mind out is to look at images of people sleeping. And by looking at images of people sleeping, you will become more tired by looking at pictures of people who are active. You will become more active. So let's say you want to exercise more, find an image of someone exercising. If you like to be more happy, find a so, you know, images or graphics of people smiling. OK, so, you know, I might have to do a little bit a little bit of looking, right. For example, this this might be a really great example. I'll just include this. So what we're gonna do, because we creator aboard is this is something that I want to say. I really like this graphic. Maybe I even want to read this article. Oh, click on the drop down arrow. Here. We have Summers Vision Board right here. I have a lot of other boards as well, but this is the board that we want to save too. We're gonna go ahead and click save. So now this has been saved to my board. So if you go back and look at it, this has now been added. Um, let's do one more quick example facility. Say man X Pretty sure I misspelled that, but that's OK. Um, so I might want to look at your something that might motivate me. This looks like something I would motivate me. Looks like something realistic that could do in my home as I'm traveling. So I'm gonna go ahead and add. This is already pre selected Summers vision board. I'm gonna go ahead and hit. Save. It's not been saved on just to show you kind of what has happened. We're gonna go back to our profile. Okay, So we're gonna go back to our profile, click on boards and we're gonna go back down to my vision board. And as you can see my take, just a second. I might have to reload them. Just try reloading the page. And it may take a second for you as well. Just keep that in mind. There we go. OK, so he's had to refresh the page. And now I have these added as well. Essentially, you may be wondering well, summer, how many images? Who would be adding or how many pins should we be adding into our board? It's really up to you. I like to have a few more than what I you know, several more than I have here. But really try to focus, have a few images on each thing. So, for example, maybe a few images for my mental health. A few images for my physical health, a few images about traveling, maybe all have some things. For example, I want to grow my YouTube channel. It's on my social media accounts. They don't have images of those inspirational quotes are actually absolutely other great great graphics toe Ada's well, and it's really what you want. If this is up to you, this is your board. There is no right around. There's no formula to this other than again. The key here is to remember this, that the more you input, the more your output is gonna be. So the more you input of happy people happiness, then we're happy we're gonna be period. Then he getting test me on this. Try this out for yourself. The more you you at least look at people exercising or being fit your around fit people. All of those things right, both with your vision board with surrounding yourself, with good people that's gonna result in. It's in regards to exercise. You likely exercising more if I was gonna make it easier, more motivated to do so Now again? Of course. It only works if you ultimately take action. But I'm telling you, there's gonna be certain. I do believe this for you that if you create this board like I've done here, what you want to do is look at this. Like I said at least once every day. So this could be the morning. This could be at night. This could be in the middle of the day. What I prefers in the morning, as soon as I wake up the first thing I want to hit my mind with and really hit my subconscious with are these images in this data? So that's what I like to do. But the key is to do this consistently, so whether that's in the middle of the day, in the morning or at night, you need to be consistent with doing it. Okay, So make sure you send out this this Maybe maybe this is your first goal. Maybe this is your first small go that you're okay somewhere. That domino that we talked about that seems really overwhelming. Let me just let me just get started with something today. You know, smaller that I don't have to plan out. This could be a really great start for you. It's just create this on, get this set up and then just start just 5 to 10 minutes a day. So two things. 11 you're gonna notice again. Maybe more creative bursts, maybe more motivation to do what you want. Maybe you can feel happier. So that's number one is is it's gonna help you achieve your goal. But the number two is actually found. This is a really enjoyable experience, but I like to do is kind of listen to some nice music, maybe some motivating music's and relaxing music while I'm looking at these images. And while look at these images, I just kind of think about envision myself in the image. Like, for example, I'm looking at this image right here, and I envisioned myself where this woman is here in Florianopolis on the speech, right, which is, you know, somewhere were fully intent on living and actually being, and I actually want to be literally in the same spot and maybe upload Ah, photo of me in the same spot once we get there. But that's what I would envision myself in that photo. I would envision myself in some of these different photos or I envisioned. Maybe, you know, in this case for me and again, you can do whatever you want. I envision what impact I can have against human trafficking. Envision my my ideal body, my dream body, right? We're more realistically, my goal body, all those kind of things, right, Envisioning myself, smile and be happy bringing energy to people around me, all of those things, for 5 to 10 minutes. Complacent music and number one is gonna help you achieve your goals. And like I said, number two this is gonna be enjoyable. This is gonna make the process more enjoyable. So you're It's great. It's kind of like you eat something. Wow, This food is absolutely delicious. What are the calories? It's super low in calories and actually extremely healthy for you. You know, food that's really really healthy and really, really tasting right. This is the same type of thing. Vision boards are really simple. There really could be very, very enjoyable and can help you achieve your goals faster. Eso very had a huge impact on me. I'd encourage you to do some more of your own research. And really, when I heard you do, just test it, test it out for yourself and see the results for yourself. So that is how you create your own custom ice vision board. We could also do is take some of these pens or you just go to Google, go to Google images and do the same type of process, but instead download the images. They cut out the images from a piece of paper. Find a corkboard. You could go and purchase one from Target or WalMart or wherever or wherever you're living around the world, some kind of court board, and then literally take a actual physical pin and pin each of those images to your corkboard as well that something else you could do, especially if you're in a M in a specific location. You're not traveling around a lot. Don't have a lot of luggage that could be advantageous for you as well. But again, this is thistle is a much easier. It's free on, but still very powerful in portable. So if you have any questions about this definite. Let me know the Q and A section. I hope this has tremendous impact on you and your goal setting journey. I wish you the very best and look for to seeing you in the next video.