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Realistic Character Modeling - Part 01 - Base Mesh Modeling in Maya

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Project Overview


    • 3.

      Finding Reference Images


    • 4.

      Interface Overview


    • 5.

      Interface Indetail


    • 6.

      Viewport Navigation


    • 7.

      Viewport Display Modes


    • 8.

      Creating Objects and Adjusting Inputs


    • 9.

      Using Select, Lasso and Paint Selection Tool


    • 10.

      Using Move, Rotate and Scale Tool


    • 11.

      Creating Project Folder


    • 12.

      Importing Reference Image


    • 13.

      Modeling The Torso


    • 14.

      Completing The Torso


    • 15.

      Modeling The Arm


    • 16.

      Defining The Torso


    • 17.

      Modeling The Leg


    • 18.

      Modeling The Palm


    • 19.

      Defining The Palm


    • 20.

      Blocking The Foot


    • 21.

      Eye Modeling


    • 22.

      Defining The Eye


    • 23.

      Modeling The Nose


    • 24.

      Modeling The Lip


    • 25.

      Modeling The Jaw Area


    • 26.

      Modeling The Skull


    • 27.

      Modeling The Ear


    • 28.

      Refining The Ear


    • 29.

      Finishing The Ear


    • 30.

      Finishing The Character Body


    • 31.

      Modeling Inner Shirt


    • 32.

      Modeling The Jacket Base


    • 33.

      Defining The Jacket Base


    • 34.

      Shoulder Pad Modeling


    • 35.

      Shoulder Strap and Buckles


    • 36.

      Completing Strap Base


    • 37.

      Back Panel Design Base


    • 38.

      Pant Base Mesh


    • 39.

      Making Hat Base Mesh


    • 40.

      Gloves Base Mesh Modeling


    • 41.

      Strap Buckle Modeling


    • 42.

      Strap Modeling


    • 43.

      Finishing The Strap


    • 44.

      Modeling The Pauch


    • 45.

      Modeling The Second Pauch


    • 46.

      Wine Bottle Modeling


    • 47.

      Modeling Buletts


    • 48.

      Modeling Bombs


    • 49.

      Modeling The Second Strap


    • 50.

      Modeling Gun Holder


    • 51.

      Modeling Thigh Straps


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About This Class

Hello,  Welcome to Realistic Character Modeling For Game part 01- Base Mesh Modeling in Maya course.

If you are a beginner student who wants to learn 3d character modeling. Then you have come to the right course. In this Course you will learn Maya modeling by doing the character, Clothing and Hustler.

These topics are covered

  • Maya Basics
  • Body Modeling
  • Face Modeling
  • Clothing Modeling
  • Many Modeling Tips and Tricks

My Name is Nalini Kanta Jena, I am a 3d artist and Educator. I have been doing this since 2008. Prior to that I had my B.F.A degree in Art. So in this course I will teach you some cool modeling process I have learn over the years.

So let's start the class and if you have any doubt during the class then ask in the discussion tab of the course. I will come back to you with an answer.

So have nice learning experience.


Nalini Kanta Jena 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome you to realistic character. Morning for game calls. I'm Ellen Container. I'm in three D modeling and lecturing artist on educator. I've been doing this for years on in this course also you photo realistic model for game because this is a very big pores. I had to divide it. It's into different parts, and this is the first part of the course, and in this part we're going to learn my mortal. I'll start from my basics if I guess you don't have any my knowledge. So still, you can take this course. So I start from my basics and show you some basics things. Then I look forward to do the actual morning, so I'll start from the torso. Once I complete the torso, I'll do the hand farm panel to the head. I'll show you how to more than the ear. That's a very complex part of in character mortal. And then, once the body's computer, I'm going to start doing the clothing. Do the court genocide band on. Then I'll do the holsters. After completing this class, you can easily model any character basements inside mine. But that being said, let's get study this in their Incan Jenna on signing out, seeing the class 2. Project Overview: Hi. Welcome to Realistic character, Marling for game with my Angie Best scores. So in this course I'm going to cover too broad topics, which is my modeling on deeper sculpting. So this courses for beginners and intermediate level students both can take this course because I have planned this course for beginners. Gradual. I have put it there to basic sections before I start morning inside Meyer. There is a section for my basics, a lot be covering every Meyer tools and techniques in that sex and just the basics you need to know before you start the morning part again. There will be a sex and before diverse sculpting called zebras, basics inside that sex and I'll be covering basics off Jibril's interface and basic functions need to noon before you actually start sculpting. Okay, so let's see it in detail. What's there So the facets and be preferring for the project. We're in that sex and right now, So we're going to this planning and talking about the concept, and that's it in the next six, and we're going to start on my basics, except in that section, we're going to cover some basics up Meyer, then there were the nurse Excell. Where? Cattle body modeling. Inside the section, we're going to see just the body model. We accept everything. Just the body. The six and four were people jacket on this band. Onda had modeling sex and plywood with globes modeling here on the sex and six will be gone on this whole starts and his bags. All this west details you can see once we completed my half. So we're going to start the zebras, basics the sex and nine would be character body sculpting. We're going to see a lot off. No body sculpting details. How toe during girls How toe? No matching the face with their friends, How to do skiing details like those things on some basic gonna Toomey's On the next six, it will be hair making the sex and 10 or be hair and beard were going to see how to use fiber minutes inside Geagea's toe. Do these things on six and 11 will be zakat detailing. Our leg sculpting can see that a lot of details small drinkers on this kind of details. So we're going to police these things, so instead, my, we're not going to do every details. Every small details like this ring kills and small small were in tier. So we're going to do those inside jibber. So inside my are going to do some kind of a no blocking model. You can say in one trick dollar, does Zach it? Then we're going to do the next sex a where we're going to see a pan sculpting in that section. We're going to learn a lot off wrinkles, technique on out block auto detail. How to know. Create this scenes of this plan, how to do the same thing here. Cottons kind of you consider rough for kind of look blessed sex and orbits suited telling were going toe to tell the Sioux going to do the soul details. Intend Mayer. We're not going to do those things. So inside my are going to do just the best Sumardi Texan 14 would be gone and holster detailing. We're going to do a lot of details here. Then sex and people would be close to telling on the last section would be the hat detailing on the conclusion of the calls. So this is the whole structure. One happened. B Mayer. One helpful. Be Egidius. At the end of the course, you are going to learn my morning on diverse sculpting skill. So that being said, Let's jump into the next video where we're going toe talk about the concept. 3. Finding Reference Images: Hi. In this finding reference in this video we're going toe London from where we can find good reference to Mrs. So I'm going to tell you some good websites from where you can find good reference. Emit, scatter, conserves. Okay, so I got this concept by Googling on You can see the artist name is had destroyed Wa So I'm sorry if I pronounce your name wrongly on you can say his name again. This is his artisan portfolio Snaps are Let's see, let's see from where we're going Toe pints and good reference images and concept art for the first place is Google. If you see if you just go and put a testament to our If you put character concept art like this you'll get a lot off images on I just put it destroyed. Wa if we goto this immense sex and get this his most of his concept at here on you can say this is the concept of using make sure when you are using any at this concept, that toe give him on her credit for that. So I love you had a this too awesome. Your work is mind blowing. You can see I am an artist, so I can say that you are absolutely fantastic. Okay, so let's So Google is the first place you can search right? Character concept at here on, you'll get a lot off cape concept Er okay, the second is being pressed. This is a great website. Pinterest name is You will get here most of the time. A lot find in Google on Just saw its anything here in the tough source But you will get a lot of concept. Very good concept in mrs on even some no part images like if you are doing gone, you can find gone. If you're doing honor to me, you can find an enduring in its anything. Ok, so this is a great website. Most of the time I find the missus here I don't find in Google. Okay, so make sure you check this website on the tallest arts Dessens Artisan is very professional website for artists to put their work okay like head they had done there. So he has a like fort full year here at the server. If you Sergey and at a certain while you get the first link is here his artist s a link so you can go toe that linger. We'll find this here. You can find out concept we are using here. This this one on. There's another website, which is textures dot com. You can That's their textures. Dr. Cohn. Yes. So this is a site actually professionally made for no textures. So we're going to find a lot off highly jealous and textures for texting work. But this we can use this site for reference propose as well, so you can see there are a lot of categories here and you can go to any credibility. Let's say you are doing something. Let's say so. My ornaments. You can goto that Saxon and you'll find a lot off detail concepts. You got a lot off amazes real world images. These are not growing. We knew, said concept. It's basically growing sand painting. OK, so there are a lot off sub websites, but I use most of this website Pinterest to one most of the time. On dexter dot com is very good for texting. Proposals will find Lord off good textures. Andi. Some process you can find here as well. So if you go through the process you will find you can use this process depress process. Basically these achievers, but process you can use for modeling purpose you can just found or this So these are some websites you can use. Toe collector of friends emits concept art on some against for texture in purpose as well. So the next sex son, we're going to start from Meyer. That section will be Meyer basics. If you are intimated level student, you can skip that section. But I'll suggest Who was that six and see you there. 4. Interface Overview: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this my basic sex and Andi. This Exxon has a lot of my basics Tools you need to know before you start modeling. So in this first video, I'm going to cover Meyer Interface Overview. So in this video, I'm going to cover what's aren't going to face what things and what's their name. How we can sense the interface on how we can restore it back to the factory default more. OK, so first of all, I'm using my 2018 we can see from here. If you are using loyal person, that certainly fine. You can still follow me. Andi, if you're using my 28 in tight so great. So let's start from what's on their words on the in defence. Well, let's see. First the name. So on the top you can see is the title. But off Meyer. So every sector has a title. But you can see my 28 in here. Okay, bottom of that. This is my mini bar Men men about my has different mental Baraja Also you can see here there is a man about. So this is my amendment number on this is panel Minova Okay, so next this part is called Started slain underneath the menu. But this part this you I called status line When I say you why its user interface when I say you elements its user interface elements. So status line is one off the ey elements. One you elements. So many bodies. One you are elements. So underneath the started slain. This is self so for himself. We can, you know, create you some tools. So? So in the next version, I'll be covering a little bit in detail off into pets. So let's just know their name in this lesson. So this part is called Toolbox. So we have very quick tools here. We don't get those tools anywhere else. So this set Middlesex in the big sec TDH called workspace. Okay, we have our view Port. In what space? We have them. Gentlemen here on panel. Milliken's here. This is the channel box on. This is the layer editor. Okay. On here. You can see this is the time. Slider on underneath that The rains later on Underneath that the common line on the food back in yet. This box, the bottom bodies called my help line Okay, so this is mind to face Andi. We just saw What's their name. Now let's cover how toe change the interface. Okay, To change the interface, you can go to here first. So we have some presets if you see this menu, but at the end here, workspace. Now it's said to my classic. So this up this Upson is new. If you're using my 17 on 18 you'll get this in 16. I can't remember if it's there, but I think prior to that person, you won't get this upset. So what's best, my classic. You can click here. You'll get a drop down. You can choose from that. Let's say we're going to do modeling, right? So we don't need some leeway Elements here from my classic like Time Strider and Rain slide . We don't need those. Those are for animism, so we don't need those put modeling. So let's say we're modeling, so we're going to choose this my morning standard. Inter pest works best, so let's click here. We can see the interface has been changed on that time cider and dance like they're gone on . We're getting a little bit bigger space here to work, so I'll be using this into works best. Who are the modeling? So we contends from here there are a lot off other workspace as well. If you're using like if you are even rapping, then you can choose this irritating. You don't have to like select to work. You can work anything with any workspace. It's just part optimizing. You'll get good layers here to work. Okay, so you can change the interface of workspace. From here on, there's a second. Absolutely just mannerly. You can change it. Let's say I want this tool box to the right. I can do that by just going to the toolbox. You elements and I can look for this dot Double dotted line Every. Why has this toolbox had its on cough on the self hostage to the left? The started slain headed to the lipped men over Doesn't have that so I can drag this once I put my car, sir. There. I can just hold my left mouse on drag it. But make sure before you drag this Upson is off this lock. Little lock ups and bite. If all its tone on well if turned on the interfaces log. You cannot change the interface. Okay, If I try to do that now, I can't do it because it's luck. The lock is blue. This click here toe Unlock it now. The interface. My interfaces open to tent. Now I can just put my courser on double dotted line here. Then hold your left walls and drag. So don't release if you release here you to be like stock here. So let's bring that to the right side. You cannot put anywhere. Well, it's done. Blew. It can put that. Okay, so there's just Lord for it. So let's put here now. You can see I sense my interface again. I can put myself to the bottom or here you can say myself is to the lab. So I like customized as my whiz. So once you do this, let's say you messed up. Now you want the by default modeling standard workspace. Now the modeling standard works. Birth has this little star That means this workspace has been changed. Or customize now how you can restore it. You can destroyed it by going to windows. Men on goto workspace on. I am not licking and you had just click windows. Then put your mouse cursor here. We'll get this marking this Solomon here again, Find again chains from here to any workspace or I can restore it. That's a reset morning standard toe factory default. Click here to service. Set your works best. So, like this. This way. You contains the you a You can send it from here by dragging this double date curtains on. If you have messed off Oneto get back to the default more. You can go to windows and go toe black space and reset from here. Okay? And even if you want to save your new beautiful workspace, you have just dragged and made You can goto that and you can save according to experts, odds on give it a name. You'll get that next time. Here. Okay, So again, again. Reset. According to experts from here, Jewel. Okay, so that's it for this. Listen, in the next lesson, we're going toe cover the U elements off this my standard modeling standard workspace a little bit in depth. Okay, so I'll see you. That is 5. Interface Indetail: Hi. In this video, I'm going toe cover the interface a little bit in detail. Okay, so let's start from this. Minova. So this is my maneuver, as you saw in the last isn't on in this manner where we can see there are a lot of minerals on. Some of the main news can be changed, are there depended on this idea. So now it's said to modeling here, this is called Manu Selector. If you click here, you get a drop down here. Let's I choose rigging and you can see the menu bar has been changed a little bit. So now it's showing some of the rigging minerals, so some of minerals are still there. Those are called common minutes like file. It'd create the menus, has the common functions for any any kind off task. So make sure you choose the appropriate menu set from here, so obviously we're going to do modeling. So we're going to choose this one morning so that we can assess all the modeling menus here . Okay, so make sure this is said to modeling on. Then there's a little trick. If you want to hide the maneuver, you can just place. Control Andi am to hide it. Okay. Can just hide it to control him on, then the status line. So again, there are a lot of absence. We just covered this one, the menu selector. Then you can see some of the very common task. Like new scene opens in safe under 100 do things. You can do it from here under a lot of other absence. So I'm not gonna covert like each and every tools here. So, like this sex and is snapping sex and on this area is rendering sex, and you can just click here and it'll render the pupil. No, we don't have anything back there. So this is the render idea on this is a Saudi city is the snapping India. You can just click here, and when you move something, it'll snap. Okay? And you can see there are some small, small lines here, but tickle lines like this thes had, like, divided groups. If you see something on some line has little triangle. That means there's something here in there, so you can just click on that line on Now it's expand this area. So like that we can hide any segments are any groove. If you don't use that, let's say I don't use rendering against. Just click on the left line to the rendering. Grow fear and it's like a lobster. So this is some thing. If you don't see anything, let's say you cannot see snapping kings here. But I have all those things here makes your there isn't anything which has that triangle. If that that is there, just click there and check whether it's there or not. Okay, so makes you. You have everything here on other right to the status line you consider five absence here on now this abstinence selected, which this morning toolkit. And again I'll come back to here on Let's say I want 10 books and Larry Editor. That's the last one. Click here. Now it comes here against this drug on now my interfaces log. So let's click on this little key lock Aiken toe. Unlock it when it's not blue. That's unlock. Now I can drag on like input here. No agency I have. If I drive you tear, I have three things there. Let's I do want attributed so I can turn off that now I have modeling toolkit on the channel box later. So I'm going to use these things a lot. So I'm going to save this workspace as my own workspace So we can go to here and we can save current workspace as click here. So let's a more links standard mine. Let's are something their side mine. Okay, Okay, we get it. Here. Now we have to Morning, Stander. One is the default. My A model of stander on the other one is our creator. What you're more links to undermine. So morning toolkit, tell box Larry later. Okay, so yeah, then the self in the self we can see there are a lot of Selves. The PA legal modeling self is now active. We can select any self fund You can see the contents is being like, dependent on to select itself. So by default, it's Polly More link self inside every self You can see this again. These lines I can divide all those contents into different different groups like the first group here is political primitives on. Then there's some other other polygonal create primitives like things here on when you see it Twitter triangle. That means if you if you just have been deleted, it was just right. Click there. You can get other absence inside here and there on a lot of groups, like even rapping groups here on this whole sex. And it's my modelling tools. So this primitive tools and even dropping okay, even you can create your own self if you want to. You can goto this sim, this symbol. Click here on. Go to Yourself. You will ask you. You can give any name like, say, modeling on its OK, now you have an empty self on. You can put any tools, and you can create your own self with us. Know you're needed tools that I think it's I want something from from the minnow to here. It's I want, extra or so extra is a very often frequently used tools. So let's say I want to bring this. So do one thing. Just hold control, sipped and click. Here we look whole control sip, then click. It comes to active self. Make sure yourself is attractive. One before you controls it gently, so you gun. You can go to any men on. You can bring that absent. Let's say I'm going to use center by word. A lot. So let's bring that on going to you. Freeze! Transform. Instance. Let's used that. So, like this, it can clear your himself. Okay, then let's go to the toolbox idea. Here the leapt the toolbox again we can see there. Took out of it is to stop. Idea is the toolbox Men Tools area. It's not main tools is already know unique tools. You can find them anywhere else. So this electoral lasso select or pain selects untold. These three tools are for selection And then the move voted and scale class women's sandals . Okay, then here you can see layouts. Now we are in this layout. If I click here now, you can see my Lord has been changed. So basically lay out is a combination of different view port in the workspace area. So this is my workspace city on, and I have different combination off Vieux port of use a prospective tall front side. Then in fact, we hear again, the layout is sensed. Now I have prospective with front. We don't have now four of you. Okay, if you miss that for viewing and just click here. Okay. On the tool is highlighted in blue. That is the active tool. Okay, Makes it when Clegg, it's got active. When a double click, you get the tool setting. Okay. When you double click on any of the tools here, you get the tool settings to are just that'll. Close it and then you can just click here as well. This the second icon to the left here This icon is also to bring the toolbox. Okay then to the right, we have modeling toolkit and general box So modeling Toolkit has him like interface with us Some of the main new items here Parents to use like quickly you will get this menu Is there not any unique absence? You can find these absent inside the mineral again it is easy to like select the tools from here then going the men once elected So modelling tool kit is here on again We can switch between general box on modeling toolkit So channel boxes Basically this idea on this area is layer editor Now general boxes empty because we don't have anything selector If I goto polygon, more linen, click on any primitives. If I just left click, it will create it in here on. You can see now General Box is suing a lot of Bob since you are the object name and its channels Trance trusted generals. If I moved object. You can see it solves the value. How much I have moved. Okay. If I put here Jiro on, enter it. Put Joe Ananta, You can see the model moves back to the general idea. This is the zero idea, which is the origin area. Okay, so this is general books. And this it is layer editor again, this is empty because we don't have any earlier. Oh, I have not created any earlier. I just against a selected on click on the last icon toe created layer With this election now, I can just click on this veto down on off the visibility. Okay, so it's so easy on this idea is our works Best view port. I'm going to cover this area in the next lesson a little bit in detail. So the bottom here, you can see the help line again. Whenever I put the mouse, you can see the tool tips on This is my common line and pretty Arcadia. When you save or something. You can see the result here. So that's it for this lesson and the next Listen, we're going to see the view port navigates and techniques. 6. Viewport Navigation: Hi in this Listen, I'm going to So you how toe navigate the my beauty port. So for that, I need a file object something here. So let's open a file so you can click here or you can go to file toe open in my file on we knew Goto open. You can see it starts for my scene, which is the file for my December We see here. So let's open this file or to, like, practice it. You can take any model from self here. So now I have a very simple thing here. So let's see how I again do these things right now doing all those things here. So let's start from this Tumbling are rotating the view. How can I rotate this view on DSI The model from different angles for that unit to hold old Andi Holder left mouse button First world altered, then left Lost Borton Hold Then drag your mouse while you're holding both of them. OK, so we know drag like this, you can rotate it, rotate your view basically from any angle, you can see your object. Okay, so an old hold then left Rose holding drag. But then Let's see how we can do. Mean So for that again, hold old. And this time, right? Most button drug instead of left most when you hold your right Most brutal and Brad, it's gonna Juman and do moat. Okay, then the last option is planning or tracking like this. Let's say I joined here, but I want to see the bottom leg so I can pan here like this. So I'm doing this by holding old on this time Middle mouse button. So cabin and our biggest is with all done three most button again for rotates unaltered left most for June Jamaat all right. And for banning its alternative mouth strike. So the middle mouse is your scrawl, But on you you need to press it when you feel it's kind off a tick sound on then like press and then just move your mouse OK, so practice this navigates and as much as you can they Let's how toe see our full view layout Now we're inside perspective You can see here prs speak its transport perspective If you place paste but ones you can see the full view layout here. So we're we're actually in this layout. But this load words this be put was maximized. So now we can see the full view layout here against a prospective. Tough on this is front and this is the site. Let's say I want to maximize the stop you for that. Just put your course on that view. Don't have to select anything or click anywhere. Just put your cursor on that view on hit press hit space bar again. So now the top U is maximized in his space. Where to see the full and again let's say this view. So this is storages of Karsa and hit space bar. Okay, so let's say you have by mystically changed your view to anything else are because there are so many things going on here. You might change the view like this. Bye bye mystically Now we have to perspective you. We knew by mystically do this. Just go to here and click on the second Upson, which is the four view layout here. You'll get back your by default for Billy out any time you feel like you have messed up. Okay on, let's see how we can use some soccer toe quickly frame your object Let's I want to frame this piece So let's clear here. Now you can see this object is being highlighted in green on now I'm in selectable Andi. I can click anywhere. If it's a single object, you can see it's highlighted. Green. It said this one on If I hit, if it's going up quickly, frame the camera to that. The nearest position against it. Never want to see everything hit a so there to sod. Cut Selects something on the heat f to frame it. Andi hit a two frame. All the objects. Okay, so you can see it. Let's say in this view I hit. If it's gonna work on this bill, Yes, I want to frame this object in every view at a single sort card key so I can do that by holding saved while impressing F. So if you press only if it's gonna work on that view if I place, let's say saved. If you're gonna walk in everybody on like that, if I place it's gonna walk in this view, only this active you on defy precip. Here it's gonna walk in every single view. So these are some basic things for camera navigates in practice it or in the next lesson, I'm going to cover my AR pupil display. Moore's so I'll see you there. 7. Viewport Display Modes: hi. In this video, you are going to learn different pupil setting moles. So the first possible you can see every Butte fort hard. It's all Minoan Milliken's on its identical You can see the perspective has the same view style, few minnows and reawakens on every each of you has that. So is that because these absence are only going to are just this perspective you and like so, so on so forth. So let's first see this difference. Here. You can see the perspective looks different than this front view. This it looks like really pretty here, just looks like a drawing our line blue lines because those are in different setting. Moore's. If you go to setting minimum on, you can see this is active, Smooth said. All Upson is on by looking at this white circle on, if you go to the same meaning in this view on against it were from or is active, that means this is in or from more. This is inserting more so again you can goto the weapon more from here from this men, but this is not like easy to come again and again here to change it for that we have some off sense here so we can squeeze between this to hear this is, well, frame. And this is sad, more easy to switch even better than these. There's some sort cards, which I use our motive that issues, which is four for wear, frame on five for setting four were from five setting. Okay, so these two Moore's we constantly switch between 20. Weird, like morning. Let's say you want to see the background images. You have put out some emails there. So when you were in setting more, you're gonna see see the background, right? You might change to where Clements seat and are just a model again. You go come back toe setting more so you will find yourself excreting between weapon through setting a lot. So four and five is the quickest way to squeeze between Or you can use this icons. Okay, then the second the third more is we're from unstated. So there is a more called were from on set it so you'll see the same sitting on welfare would be on top. So that's their inside sitting member. You can see this where for Montella adoption here, But this you don't have any sort cut. You need to come here and likely here. Sometimes we, like, said this more to see our model at the same time, to see the floor okay, under density. Or you can say when he's stoned off. You can really tell how how many polygons are lines that there unless you select it? Okay, so that's that's the best way to take that are no. Some other propose propose at the Archer. So this is where Clements aided more. So for that they just raise the substance. This fourth upson from this family, this four Thompson is the weapon and said it, and Seima said it is still gone down. But when I goto affirm, it switches between this too. But I can againt on on off with this one. Then the next option is the texture. More so now we don't have in texture to our model, so we are not going to see any difference. But the text images there Andi, that's here inside the setting moon on this hardware deck, stirring up some and that's not good is six. So if you press six, you can see this up some external now this checker kind of circle Hobson. So if you have any texture, let's put some Texas quickly. So let's right click on the object. Onda Julio, Right? Most Burton Goto a central grid material Jews Lambert here. So don't worry what I'm doing here. I'm just going to so you the texture and just you'll get this absent here. This legal color, right? Check out here. Just follow this color line here and click on this checker box. You'll get this on. Click any off. Let's say this one checker now you can see the texture. We have our plates on texture. Let's don't off this weapon. If I go to four, we just for a weapon more. You can see the set of more Doesn't so any texture when you press six. Are you talking on this? Upson? You can see the texture if you are using in text on the object. If you doesn't use you're not using any tester. It doesn't so anything It souls like the setting moon. Okay, then the last one is lighting and again that's inside lighting tab Here on. You can see this. Use all lights and this sort code is seven. When I play seven, it don's black because we don't have any lights here in our sin. So in the saving more you can see this object because off by default light. But when you press seven, this is actually lights more my records You're actually light so we don't have any lights here. If I goto create mini on good lives, I can create light from here. So let's create point like let's take this move tool on moved this by holding these lines The zeros begins in now the papers for five setting six texture and seven lighting. Okay, so 4567 therefore four side cards we use most. So please remember those Onda practice does so in the next Listen, we're going to see object Greece and techniques on how to use the imports. Okay, so I'll see you there 8. Creating Objects and Adjusting Inputs: Hi. In this video you're going to learn different ways to create objects in the view port on. We're going to cover how you can modify the imports to modify their structure. OK, so let's start from how many object types that they're in. My, we have to object. Ives, one polygons and the other one is nerves. So if you go to create men on, you can see the knobs, primitives and Polident primitives. So this is kind of the whole of the object here on against it. There is a balloon primitives, but this is not objects. This is there for, like, adding fog effect to the environment when you render, so don't worry about that. So here we have to absolute lords and volume primitives. Who knew who over it? You can see this sub menu on. You can see it has Lord off objects on When you click here, you care the object here in the view port Our daughters it area When I say artisan, um, dancing about this great center here This tube old black line intersection area This is the center space off our you off our three d space is the center area. Okay, so So this is one of the way to create Primitives are objects. Basically, primitives means basic accepts, so you can create from here so you can go to public communities. We can create here all that we can go to North's Primitives. We can click here so basically pa legal and knobs at two different object types, and they're made from different, no different components. So we're going to cover that a little bit later. So So this is one of the way to create Mulligan from this men. When you create a polygons, we have one of sandwiches. Interactive creation, whether it's off or minutes by default off. When you click it on, it's off. It's gonna create the object here at the center. But if you don't on that officer before you create likes a tone on this on, Let's go back again. Now it's on on now I'm going to click here. No, it's not creating it by the fault of the origin. It's no allowing you toe create anywhere at any scale. So let's say I'll drive here. This secure fast drug is the foot of the queue. On the second drug is the height. So I get create anywhere at any side. So it's a little bit kind off. No, you have to manually do it. So I keep it off. Unless I wanted for a specific reason. So let's start off. So that is one of the way to create polygon or north primitives the second ways, the self. So you can see the polygon modeling self is on. And I'm like assessing all the pollen primitives here on some of the Polident primitives are hidden here to the strangle. If you right click here, you can see there are some other primitives here and there. Okay, so I can most of the time I use self to create bulletin primitives are North's primitives are here inside surfaced half year okay, on the third apps and I use is marking minutes. So if you hold sit right click first hole saved. Then hold your right Most Burton, you will get this men in this, like temporary men if I release is gone. So asshole saved and right mouse button to see the marking men here. This is Object Creeson marking men here on from here. I can create any Polian primitives I think this is the fastest way to create primitives. Once you remember the purchaser off the pollen primitives in this area, you can just quickly drug like this and we'll get the primitives. But that's for our Vance users. As a beginner, I recommend you to yourself or go to main one. Create from here. Okay, so these are some ways to create primitives. Let's see how we can train stop imports. Let's say I create despoiling and cube. Now it's selector because I can say it because it's looks green. Highlighter lines it when it's not selected. Looks like this or click here with this electoral. Now you can see in the centre Books idea out more than aunt here you can see in port on this the public you've won. Click here to explain its upson. Beautiful. It's collapsed. You need to click here to see the imports, Logan. See, we have some basic imports now. This is a very clean Mulligan Primitives. We have not modified it in anywhere. So now I can go to imports and I can modify it from here. So imports is basically but no settings off the phrase Polident primitives. So I can change this Weird. I can change the height. So how I'm doing this. I'm doing this by Isis clicking on the name Andi. Now it's highlighted by the local. Now I can just hold middle miles in the pupil anywhere in the blank India Holman most. Then you can modify that value. You can see the value it Tenzing. I'm changing the depth. Basically. So basically, the depth is Jerry access. If you are very new to treaty, you don't know access, so access is basically and direction in direction. So basically we have three access Prince treated Exxon on the top down direction is why access you can see from here on this left right direction is the X axis, which is the week front and back to Dixon. This to excellence Jared Axis, which is against a depth. So when I modify the date, you can see it's stretching the Cuban jail access to accept, because always remembered said is depth X is with Andi. Why is height okay? So if I change, this height is gonna treasure to in why, Jackson. Okay, so this is one way. Just click and Holman most drag to modify the value. The other option is. You can go here and put any numerical numbers. It's simple. You can put any number and hit enter so we have with High Dept. We have some options. Toe no. Are the reasons you can say if I change this attribute by middle most drug I'm increasing divisions Root structure. OK, let's put some in depth. Let's Putin's or height, Okay, so every every primitives has its own set off inputs. So, like in for the Q. We have this set, but you not get that same thing for a spear. Let's say so far this pier, it has different absence. So because for a spear that it doesn't make sense to have and we'd depth and height because PR is basically a round circle, we cannot modify all straight it. I can do that by using skeletal. That's a different topic. But we're gonna do that crude imports so we can but begin to change this radius. So radius is basically the side of the spear. We can see ended subdivision access subdivisions, but is basically these lines. We need these things to modify the CEP so I'm not going toe take every primitives inputs in front. Off you. Give sometime and check by yourself. Just go and select it Middle Mel's drug to see the effect. You can say what it's doing. Basically, in the next listen, we're going to see how to select by using select lasso, select and train selection toll, so I'll see you there. 9. Using Select, Lasso and Paint Selection Tool: Hi. In this Listen, you're going to lawn selected less. So select Poland, France elects and tool. But before that, I'm going to talk about polygon components a little bit. So when you take an object polygon object basically on you selected it's beautiful and selectable and we knew selected it got selected as a whole object. Okay, but if I, like, click on the object, I'll get its component here I have part vortex is on face. I have some other components but I would like to talk about this tree because they don't important component here for modeling. So when you go to Vortex, it changes like this It saws being points here Every intersection points is selectable Now on I can use my move Tool on I can move that vortex 0.2 stands the same. Okay, so these are the vortex again and drag and select them and move them like this again I can rightly goto face more on again again Select is in between areas So this lines in between your years I can select them on Giza Confess on if I goto EDS The intersection in between line is called EDS So I can select this line now I cannot select now The face of the vortex because I am inside, I mean is more so. I have to go to a vortex to select Vortex could face to select fests on good ways to select AIDS. These three are very important components of pollen primitives A polygon objects. So now let's talk about the selector. So this is the bite of false electoral here on the sort cut off. This is Q. So select it and you can use this tool to select object all components. So whereas the object means I'm talking about the whole object I'm not talking about any points. Are is a pace. Okay, so we knew. We want toe move this object the whole thing. You want to select it as an object, then moved that you're not like going toe. What text more than selective looting and move. Although you can do that. But this is a little different and that so don't make sure you're doing you don't do this. Okay, so now we can select objects from this selectable on again against select in components from this electoral. When a drug, it's it. Let me selected rectangular area. I can select anything in between that wrecked and I can click to select. Or I can drive to select multiple thing. Well, let's select. Just know that you are selecting. Decide as well it's gonna select the backside. Actually, if you don't want to select the behind thing, you can do one thing. Just goto modeling toolkit here. I'm here. You'll get an off son called Camera based selects in here. This is off. Bring on the strangle. I'm done on this. So camera based Alexa is on on amusing selected. Now if I drag now, this is scam it up. Best selection means whatever the camera can see. You can select that the camera can see the behind, so it's not gonna select those things. Even if I drag like this, you can see it's not selecting anything behind you. So this is very useful when you don't want to select the behind thing. So make sure you come here to the modeling toolkit and don't on this ups and this is by default off. Okay, So make sure you what turning on the substance if you don't want to select the behind so This is selectable Andi, let little tell you this lasso selector So the last of select tool is there difference between these two pool is we knew you selectable You'll get this school Sepp or square selection Sepp So the problem with this is you cannot select very complex EP So let's say I just want to select decidedly until here, so I cannot select it without selecting these things. Okay, so I can do this with this lasso Select because this will allow you to select very complex safe like this. This is free form, so I can select very complex if, as I like to select okay like this. So you cannot do that with this select tool. So this is the only difference between these two tool on the third ups and his pain selection toe on again. This is different. And this too because the first differences point is with select a lasso selectable. You can select the whole object on the components. Bartlett pencil X Until you cannot select object, I can't select the whole object. I can only select components on This is like a brush Fezzan. So when you select this, you get a circle like this And this is the boss. No phase are radius you can say on against, like, tens dis radios by using Just hold B and drag lift. Most drag to change will be before bald drag this like this on you can again paint like this to select peso are good vortex and select what tax whatever we want. But you cannot select the object and go here and I click go dot check more whenever we wouldn't a part ex more And now we want to go back to object more. You need to go to hear that. Okay, so we can use these tools to select object and components in different wigs. So let's see in the next lesson where we're going to see how to use move to alerted to line skeletal 10. Using Move, Rotate and Scale Tool: Hi. In this video you are going to learn how to move, wrote it and scale your object in my people. Okay, so let's first create any object here. Let's select a que So Now. So let's like move tool click here to select the move to you can click here all you can select the sort card, which is w to select the move toe. Okay, so now you can see this move to manipulator on. And I can move through this using these manipulators so I can Let's say I want to move this object up so I can hold this y axis which you know is the top down access. You can move your object up or down through this access. Let's say I want to move the object in extracts and which is weird are left right against it. I can hold here, so I'm doing like this. Just hold who to Moscow, sir. There, when it turned yellow. Like this. Hold your liberals on drug. Okay. It's a single hole and drop left Ross hole and drop like that on again like this. So movie object. Let's say you want to move this object to here. So this is a commune isn't off X and there so you can move like this. Then Roditi of he will abate. Then move like this. Okay, So you can move this object toe anywhere in the in the three despairs by using this three access Although you can move your object from the center square. But I never recommend this to a beginner. When you move from the center, it's Frene. Every access so you might You might be like We want to move in just there. But it's also moving in eggs And why? So I never recommend this to beginners. Just use this three access on you can see in the chatterbox. We have some absence here, some values here. It's I want toe Move this object to the origin again so I can just pour Jiro here. I just hold lived most on drag. So you're highlighting everything. Then put Jiro and enter. Okay. So, Jiro is the audience an idea? Get the center area. So this is the way to move on. There some squares you can move into access or moving planes. So let's say I just want to move here, which is the X and Jay so I can move like this two times. What? I can use this access this plane. Who saw this to access Aiken? Bring there on. You can see the eggs and dairy is changing. There isn't any value in why access. But if I do the same thing with from the center, you can see I'm also moving in. Why exes? You can see I have some minus y value. Their Certs were there. So this is the reason I I always say no to move from this center. So let's move from this thing. All you can move from Thistle. So let's see the rotating the rotating this one on the side card is E So this is the rooted man of Later on, you can rotate your object through these lines. So let's say I want to rotate this cute distraction. So there's the their access. I can work it like this and again. See, now I'm loading in only their access again. Only X axis only Y axis. Okay. On this a circle blue circle outside. That is the camera. Best road isn't this is again free from Lotus in you can see every access is being changed here. The values changing here. So again, I'll never recommend that again. Practice this three. Access on you can Also they rotated object from this thes center area. This cards like, say, from here I can select and rooted this is free rotation again. I'm rotating in every access again. So let's put Jiro Yah again when you wrote it. You can put 90 about 45 Giga. Let's say I want to rotate in jail 45 degree so I can put 45 year when you want a specific degree. Roto isn't the best way is to pulled value here and press enter. Okay, so this is the roadway. Let's Joe Rogan unless scale it so the scale to lives here on the side cut his art, so select it on. You can see the manufacturers were simple. You can scale the object in Why access this top down? Scaling means basically straight. See object. You're stretching the object. It's asked Vegas beer on. We just scale it in. Why? It's basically stretching the object in white direction on in ob down direction. Okay, on again, you can straight in any particle access or you can scale from center tojust proportionally scaled object. So this is one of the very good where toe no scale. You object with proportion. Most of the time you just want object to be a little bigger. Are a little bit smaller with the same proportion. So you can use this to skills object. Okay, on again, there are some planes scale. So to access Kalugin See, it's being high like a dish to access. So this man skeletal again don't put Jiro year when you put Jiro toe scale Germans basically it doesn't have any size to it. So by default, it's one again. You can put 23 whatever amount you want, but don't put Geo here. Okay, so this is W e on our former floated and skill. Okay, so with this video we have covered of my basic spot from the next video we're going toe jumped the next sex and which is the character body modeling sex on inside mild. I recommend you to practice all these things before you jump into that sex. And once you're ready, come to that sex and I'll meet you there 11. Creating Project Folder: the guys. Welcome back to this section on in this section, We're going to start the character of modern cattle model in my apart. On in this video, I'm going toe tell you about the project full. I'll cover one. We want to fasting. Alka Board, What is the present folder? And then I'll cover why? It's important, then. Then I'll cover how to create it. Okay, so let's start from what is a project folder. So project fold up, simply folder. Let me soil. If you go to your mind PCR your computer on def. You have installed my already. You can goto this documents category and link on. You can follow this Meyer folder double clicked open. And you can you can see a Project Projects folder here on If you go inside that, you'll get this default. This is the project for life. Your double flicked. Open it and you can see that a lot off self Fuller's Get these. They're called soft Fullers on again. See assets Auto saves gas A Is that named like this on you get seen Sinful sound source images folder basically of Project four. Looks like this by default. Okay, so this is Maya by default presented, creates automatically when you install Meyer, so a project for the looks like this on it's basically a fuller toe. Keep all your resources piles. Let's say you are working on a project on unit reference. Amazes for that. You need a lot of videos, maybe, or maybe any kind off resources, which you are using for that project on. You want that to, like organize inside a fuller. It's basically that it's a just just awful on my eyes, creating all this off folders for you inside that full so you don't have to create this model. So this is a present for low looks like Andi, this is important to organize your things. So let's say you had, like, sitting from a computer to another long. You need all those reference, Resource says. And files everything. So you just need to take this fuller We do. That's it. So now, once you understand what the project Fuller looks like on whites important to create, now let's see how we can create it inside Meyer. Okay, so let's move into Maya. So here, inside Meyer. So for creating a project for the unit toe Goto file menu here. Andi goto this project window here, click here, but get this project window floating window on. Now. Just give it a name. Yeah. Click here on new icon here. Now it's saying new project. So I'm going to create a project for my character males character or something. Okay. It doesn't matter what you are giving. So Melkite Project. I always like to keep this work at then so that I know this Fuller is my project full because sometimes people like, got confused, wistful eyes. Their project follows. I'll escape, but it is. It doesn't matter if you are not giving it. So now this is the locus and words it's gonna create. So I'm gonna create it inside my my course folder. Yeah. So let's go toe. Of course here. I'm gonna created here. So selected. You don't have to select anything. Just this full inside this polar. I'm here, so I like this part. So now I'm inside that, but I'm going to create this folder main folder and these are the sell for loads. You don't have to do anything here. Okay? Just your project name and the Lucas in. Then I said to you Now, if you go toe look isn't Let's go toe locus in here. Are you can see now I have a fuller on inside that folder. I have got this Fuller's Okay, so I'm gonna put my dear friends. Um, is this there? So here is my difference Amazes folder. I have collected some images there, so let's pull this emits Andi. Let's put this. Um Is this image very dismiss? I'm this immense. Copy them. You can always put your reference images inside source images pool Okay on. You can put your no videos. If you're using anything like video differences, you can put that inside movies Fulla. So it's kind off organising your thing. Okay, So I'm going to stop this video here in the next video. I'm gonna start importing. The difference emits on. We're going to start the model 12. Importing Reference Image: Hi. In this video, I'm going to tell you how toe no, bring referent emissions. Admire Andi Before that, I'm I want to say that I'm not going to use this Emits for the body body part because you can say I cannot use this as my background images inside Meyer because it it's a in a prospective angle. If I use this deal and my model is not gonna perfect because again, this is in prospective angle this character So I have a humane is here. So I'm going to use this image just for the body. Best I'm not going toe make the character looks like this guy guy because both of them looks different. I'm going to use this reference just for the body best. So now let's goto photos open court, This fort and side emits a separate moment. So let's take take this immense. Okay, inside this folder I have this immense. So let's take this image inside. Photos up on double click here. I believe you know for this up, but if you don't know it's fine. Just follow me. Exactly this for yourself Here in the blanket gettable clicked. Open this I'm announces browse wherever you have kept your remains. Just go there. Here. I have been said miracles. Okay, I have this image. Open it. Okay, so let's guard this emits into two so I can do that by using this crop tool here. This stool. Just click here to activate it on. You'll get this dragged from this side. Let's say I'm going to start from this front elements so dragged from the site when you put your car severe on top of exact this line, you can see the mouse. Costa is changing. Once you get this arrow kind off thing, just hold your lip. Mohsen dropped, so I'm basically cropping the holy meds. Now I'm going to press enter on your keyboard when you press entered this part like, keeps on and it deletes everything outside. Okay, now this is my friend demands Let's save this CIF Let's say bods Good file and say birds from here I can save, so I'm going to save it inside my project folder on the sourcing Miss Full, You don't have to save here, but again if you save here my can directly in put from here. So let's save this. Let's say this is my character front. Let's give it a name front. Okay? Save it in Jeopardy. Jeopardy! Former. Okay, now I'm going to undo it. So let's go to fire every time. Step backward so it undo that dropping thing. Now again, I'm going to do that. You can click on there on this time I'm going toe drag from this side and dropped from the say So basically, I just want to images. Okay, front and side. I'm let go file and say But let's say this is my side. Okay? The site put side here inside. Mysore cements for land saving. Okay, I'm done. It's seven. Let's minimize it. Let's go to Maya. So now I'm inside Maya. Now I'm going to import maize into two reports. So first click here on this four view I can so that I can, like, see my all views here. So, inside front view, I'm going to import the front of myth on the side view. Decided minutes. Okay, So from the print view, I'm going toe click on this icon. You can click on this blue icon, or you can go to view immense plan important mints from here again. You can see it's directly looking at that social miss full when you create a project funded that project folder path said to my my automatically said that part do import things OK, now it's the party. Sit on for the importing Investing the source emits parties said that so I just say that leered in this video just poured The aim is inside this soldier Miss Poon So now I have this front emits open that you can do the same thing here on for the side view I'm taking on this Econ Exactly. Same thing you can do that from here are clicking on the Sagan on site. Now I have my two images you can see inside perspective you. Now I'm going to just move them to squeak here with the selectable click on this front view on Take the move Tool. A new fit in minus dead axis means the A project, Jered. So you can see this Aero directs on Decide just to go up. Was it andan selected on go x our budget. Okay, the front emitter go minus G on decided Mr Go minus X. I did this because I want this idea Toby free so that I can model here in the origin area. Okay, there is no specific reason, product, but if you do modeling the originating out at the center, you get like a lot of benefits off symmetry things okay, but it's not necessary. But if you do, it's good. It's a good practice. So then I'm going to select both of them on. I'm going to move that character as if it's standing on this on this original deep line deep, great line again. See, the food should be again on that, and then this is not necessary to do. But again, it's a good practice so that your character looks like it's standing on the trip now. The most important thing, the front immense. You can see the front, um, is the body of the center of the body is not aligned to this man or is in line. So let's do that. Let's move the front emits in eggs axes so that it aligned to this greed. I cannot move the grid line, but I can move the referendum. It's okay. It's important because if you don't like keep this at center, it's gonna have toe seem a two things. We're gonna model this hop hop at. Okay, so do this. On the side view is fine. So let's pest control space. But to get back on this you elements, I just a little trace control space, but toe back like maximize my view port or to hide these ear elements. So my referencing Mrs set up in the next video I'm going toe start modeling. 13. Modeling The Torso: Hey, in this video, I'm going to start it out there so part. So let's fast stick. Take a polygon, Celinda. So I'm going to use sporting on modelling technique here on I'm going to use this cylinder for the torso. That's for part of you against the rest. Stakis Linda on Let's go to the front view. Click on Go to Front view. We can just maximize it. My holding place A space but no state the move tool. Okay, Andi, I'm going to turn on extra setting up Samir inside the starting middle so that I can see through this model. So here in typesetting mineral began, find this X raps, and so click here. Once you activate that, it can see through your mess on You can know are just Rita. Reference emits. So let's go to imports of the ceiling that here, let's decrease this politics Objection access toe something like to wealth on. Make sure you can give any number, but as long as it it gives you a particular subdivision line at the center here, Okay, so let's say you're putting 10 with this subdivision count. You're not getting anything here, so it's not a big problem, but still, it's good appeared. Some problem when you want to deal it half because you don't have here half, so it's gonna like you cannot deal it help. So that's why I always keep something like to elf on any number, which gives me between line. I shouldn't be like more than and more than 12 everything because it's again hard toe. They are just If you have, let's say, 24. The reasons it's very hard to like are just for the best. So let's put to help people with a good number here on now I'm going toe decrease this radio, So click on this name on hold middle months and drag on the View port here in the interior on. When you do this, sometimes you feel like it's not in your control or something like it's going crazy like this. So that time just whole control and middle most rack. You can brag a limit most to change that value, but if you hold control while you were middle miles dragging its going, attending their value with some very decimal number points, so it's gonna be this low so that you have the control to stop. Okay, so now, like this. So the start. So wait on, let's because the height. So I'm going toe like said the height from this snake area. Didn't this can say this? This pelvis ball area here with this line? Yeah. So mystic little bits of this born line on base of the neck. Go to the side view here. Okay, let's go toe sitting on down on. Excellent. For this view, okay? It's perfect. Now I need some it this year so that subjects and height So let's pull some subjects are height there and again. I'm not going toe be crazier. Just keep it simple, like four or five at this extract so that we can just easily clear the best. Yeah, So once I put here once, I like just the cylinder. I'm going to start with the neck. Yeah, on going toe. Root it it here. That's the Vortec. I'm going to try this neck. Basie at this angle. Okay, If you got the hair like this, we'll get this body and get here. So let's see here on its I'm going to front view now. I'm going to scale it as my neck best. Okay? You don't have to be exactly You messing here because we're not going toe create this body ? Exactly. So now let's scale this scale This chest area till here, let's kill this Ariela bit some roughly trying to mask this referendum. It looking like this. Another school decide view again to the road is in here. So I'm going to rotate this line a little bit to get this floor. You I'm going to scale it just in their axis because the body now I'm like squeezing the cylinder, right? The body is not exactly 100 for sense, Celinda. Okay, the body's kind off overall. Said so. Here. Let's scale it, Liberte, with just this access, let's scale it. Because if you against Gail from the center, you're gonna miss the front agile. Okay? So once you say the front, then just scale in particular access in one single axis which is injured in this case. Now I'm moving this to get this line off. Accent are get this gesture of the body here. Okay, let's rotate it now. I'm using myself. Cottages E for rotate W for move a lot for skin, so it distorted it on scale it. So once it's done now I'm going toe clear this delta on this this part bottom. But so let's put this line at the arm pit area on I'm going toe are one is here. You can see this born color born here. Just R one is there. So let's go to edit Minutes and inside Just looked So they go toe May stools Andi Insider's look to click on there American Dragon Any is so I want a horizontal is loop So I'm going to drag on and 40 Girl, look here. Okay, so it's gonna like cross it or it's gonna, like divided like this. So let's put it here. The clavicle idea here on, I'm going to extract this area, so I'm gonna put one is here. So when I put is you can see So I'm inside my in perspective. Let's start off this X ray. Now I'm going to put one is here at the center, So I'm going toe going to again put yeah, like this. But I'm going to turn on one up, son. Inside that insider's look tool, which is inserted it is flow. When he'd gone on you would like adding one his loof. He's gonna have raised the same board. It's gonna I meant in the safe it's gonna try to create around set. Okay. So, again, it's not that important. You can do this manually, but I just wanted to saw it this absent. It's very useful. Let's reset it. Okay, Are now I have this side four face. I'm going to extra for that delta. So before I extra, I want toe make this safe a little bit around it. Okay, so let's make this a little bit rounded, so I'm going toe move. Tool on. Definitely. Can this move tool? Get the tool settings. Upson here. Andi. Now I have selected wall here so you can click on this little triangle and change this to a component. Once it said to component, you can see the move to tens is they wanted World concedes, lying to the world access. So let's change to comport in Oregon. See? It's now allowing me toe change the vortex on the surface. The surface did X in here. Okay, it's very useful sometimes. Okay, so here I'm tryingto like to around set for that hand or deltoid extras. And here again, it doesn't have to be perfectly round or something. Just okay, now reset it. Yeah, Close it. So I'm gonna extra this four faces. So again, let's go back toe front view, and I'm gonna extrude it from a did mess extra you on, You'll get this man of later. Just click on this icon little icon so that we were going to get the while Access Move, clicker. Now consider Extrude is suing while access more now on off it like this. Okay, now this is our deltoid piece. So I'm going to exist it like this on the hand or come from here. Okay, so let's go toe perspective you again. You can see it's good going straight like this So we're going toe to stop a click to select this small is love of it Forward book this so from top you can see it's like like this, uh again I'm going toe thistle bit so basically I'm trying to make it a little rounded Sepp organ except Okay, so this is my delta part here, so I'm gonna delete this half, so I'm not going to do this side again. So we're going toe work one side. Okay, so here I am stopping this video in the next lesson. We're going to do the leg part here at the bottom part. 14. Completing The Torso: Hey, welcome back to this video on in this video. We're going to complete their tarts apart here. So in the mess in the last video, you saw how to start the talks. So from a selling the run photo, do this doctor partier. So let's do the same thing here. So let's deal it all these faces from the bottom first. So let's select everything here at the bottom so we can select this part by this dragging like this when you drag like this, I'm also selecting all these places. So I am now I'm going to hold control and drug a little bit. This area's to like do select all those concessions. So control drag to de select on, sit to our Okay, so let's under. So now let's delete this process on. I'm going to also deliver this process. So let's see one other person to select all this place is easily so you can see all these places has a single common vortex here at the center. If I select that vortex on Goto, Selectman on convert Dobson and see this converts Alexa Lampson. You'll find a lot off absence there on. You'll get this up sent to faces. Now I have selected vortex on. I'm converting that vortex two faces. Okay, now it's gonna It's converted those common faces. Now you can delete it. Okay, so I'll delete all those, and I'm going to delete half the Absa. Let's go to front view on this deal. It hop off half of the body here. Okay, Like this. So I'm ready to set on. I'm going to do this bottom back. So let's add one Loof here on one Look for the but behind here. Okay, So let's again go to insert its loof on this time again. Down on this inside today's floor so that when they are, that is Loof. You can see Just keep Ally here when they are, that is Luke. It's gonna like snob a little Britain to create that roundness do the same thing again. This is not that important, Upson. I'm just turning on that two men and that's it. Let's go. Does electoral and select? This is on select the back. Corresponding is here. I'm going to breeze this area on. I'll create a smooth round place. So let's go to a did mess. Understand? I'm going to click on bridge. So when you click on brace beautiful, it's gonna give you a straight breeze here. Andi, I'm going to are some divisions here, so I don't have any divisions here, so let's are some divisions. So I'm just holding my left mouse on dragging on top of that name. Okay, Here, you can see. I put it three divisions there on Goto Vortex more select this vortexes on its goto move. Tool on. Just move them. Why access to the opposite? Why now? Not on. Just try to create a like swimsuit off thing here. Let's just imagine it's a swimsuit kind of costume. Now, let's goto front view, Okay? This year now, the same is like, except for the budget or fail here. So we want them like angle. We kind of set. So let's move these vortices like this to this pelvis born on this. Unmoved this and create this. It kind of this do the same thing here. Just move this area. Okay, so this would be my leg based toe. My leg would be joint here. Okay, so let's delete this faces from be from the bottom off the deltoid here on I'm going to. Our one is low fear. So the Islam is going to follow this this loop till here, so I'll get one for text. Year one Vertex here. So let's are one s roof. So go to mess tools Insider's look toe. Let's click here. Okay, On one thing you can see as I'm moving forward my messes like becoming messier so you can see the days are not evenly spread there. So let's do that. Got selected. So that says, select this is you can see this is is a should be somewhere here so that it's going like like theatergoer spacing there. So let's go to mess tool on this time using sliders. Tool click that American seeds Also men mentioning that middle most drag to move off slight . This loop is different than moving. You can see when it's light. It's gonna slide on the surface on its it's not affecting its not moving. The is in particular access. It's moving a sliding days on the surface. Okay, so let's do this agile year. Some of the most drug so mill hold you made mouse and rat. So do the same thing years. Some just tryingto spread it this small loof and see a lot of gap here can go in here. So when you meant and this basing your mace is gonna smooth because when beginners do their model, they don't do this properly. So when the smooth it they get like, then take kind of body on not not a good, smooth, smooth looking body. So that's the main problem, because they have loops on leaving Lee. Okay, so now if you place three on your keyboard, you can see the smooth may smooth preview, miss. Okay, now my torso is done on. I can just flip it to the side so I can do that by going to read it Miss and a Meter Giamatti by doing the middle geometry. But Asadi, it's in mess on dis mirror. Robson can see. So when you meet her, you can see the center hole is like snapped on most. It's because of this value most wrestle. So let's let me being here. Most vessel is too high. 0.77 is too high, so let's put Point Gero Gero one. This is the lowest value you can give this if your centre line is snapped to that centre greed toe this center line. Then with this value, it's gonna work. If it's if there was a gaffe with this value, they might not most. Okay, so be careful on once. You must rest three to check. Okay. You should see smooth, smooth transit stances in here. So still, I am not going to actually do this meter Finally, because I'm still going to do the hand and leg. So we're going to do that in the next lesson. 15. Modeling The Arm: I have one in this video, we're going to do this hand. So let's start from a Celinda. So I chose cylinder because this is the closest Steptoe the hand. So let's see. So I'm going to front view and I'm going to position it to this hand. India on Let's wrote it it like this so that it angles play along the hand there. Then I'm going to this imports to reduce this radius. So let's middle must drag to change the radios. If you find it's difficult to are, just hold control while you are using middle master like this. Okay, then let's decrease this subdivision access to eight. So this is the is this particle exist there? So if I Because you can see these diseases So I'm going to keep a t m. There's a specific reason for that. The reason is I have eight is here. You can see this idiot if I isolate this on click on this cycle. Yeah, so it's isolate your selected object, Andi. Everything else is here, and not so now if I select this area this border EDS I have eight days here. If you want to count it Technically, you can do it manually. But if there is absent here, display heads up display and there's absolute called poly count. If you don't on this ups, um, you'll get these things here on. Let's say now I have selected double click to select this border It now we can just follow . This is at the end. You you can see this is eight. The selection are a days. So again, click on this blue icon, too. Get out of this ice on it along and see I have a daisy Or now I have to keep it is here so that I can please letter. So let's keep eight. It's so now It's the same, like matching number off ages. Latter, I can easily, most them. OK, so that's the main reason off. Like giving same amount off it, Sister the Let's art. Five divisions to the height like this. So again, for this, there isn't any specific reason. This is just a number, which is alone. Um, I don't want oh blank dig a high number and our system blocking thing. So let's do that. Then let's start blocking the CEP there. So now the hand is drink. Obviously, in real life there isn't any straight thing, so you can see from the elbow the hand. It's like bending towards the front for Let's select this. These waters is on Go to rotate to now. I only wrote it from this elbow, but if I wrote it now you can see it's rotating from the center. It's just not giving me what I want. So in this case, I want to change this election pilot toe this area in order to do that. Just press d on. Move this to here where we want to like grotesque from there. Just take their press again, toe being the tool. Now you can see my pilot is temporarily there. It's not permanent. It does this election by what if I d select it and lose it? I lose Despite what position? Make sure you don't dis selected. Wrote it a little bit. Now I can see I'm getting that elbow angle there from the front Angan. I'm going to wrote it a little bit like this to get get this single. Yeah, Then let's a tapper to us this a rest area. So let's select this or disease on a scale them from center like this on in the city of the hand is not perfectly around. It's kind of square. So we can scale it in this particular access like this to make it a little squeeze square kind off thing. And see the reached has a lot of work here compared to the site. OK, so then let's poses in it. I can tall on this x ray, we take an also told him from here this double squared kind of obscene here. So it's very allows me to see through the object so that I can see my difference while ever adjusting the vortex. So just roughly master hand there so good. Now I'm going toe breeze it, I'm going toe connect with this body so on moving still here Andi, let's smoke this workers. So I'm trying toe get a space there in between them so that when I breathe I have some space to create my bridge. So I'm going to braise it. So there is a tool called Breeze inside a Did Miss Miller this one before I please, I have to make this two piece into 11 object. So first, let's delete this faces. So let's select this. What? Tex on press control F 11 to select all this faces and press delete on your cable to delete . Okay, now, if I goto this border EDS Select this Andi. Let's Goto. This border is selected by double clicking. You can see like the whole porter. It's so I have selected would borders. But these two objects are separate. Okay, If I go to object mode Urgency, this is This is a two different object But I have selected the borders and I'm tryingto please visit them You can see when when I'm tryingto breeze them You saw the era and it says you have multiple objects so we cannot graze between multiple objects in order to praise have toe most them are I have to make them one object In order to do that, go to mace and combine So you see like both of them on goto Miss combine So if I combine here against say it's now a single object like an goto is more double click to select The border is set to double click to select this border it now I can breeze between them Okay, so this is the hand blocking. In the next lesson, we're going to define the not so underhand a little bit more, so I'll see there. 16. Defining The Torso: I welcome back in this video, we're going to define the store so and the hand a little bit better. So obviously we're not going to do it exactly like the reference emits here inside Meyer. Obviously, we're going to do a lot of Muslims things into exhibitors. So here we're doing this best mess. Oh, we don't have to do all those things here, So let's start from this starts. Oye. So the first thing I want to being two notices now I have it on leaving distribution off. Live in for the best Miss. It's better to have square distribution when I said distribution means, I want to say, compared to this particle existing and see, I have very few hydrogen analysis, so it creates long or square along rectangle kind off hooligan. So it means we don't have same amount off original and vertical, even spacing polygons, which is a good thing for business because when you divided inside Cipla's, it'll get a lot of polygons vertically but will get less polygons presently. So that's not a very big ASU, but still, it's a better practice. Good practice toe. Have your base miss even distribution. So let's start from there. So I'm going to arts. Um is this year so before our I want Toe wrote that this is Loof Here at the terraced area , you can see all the muscle and born going this direction. So I'm going to rotate this like this again. This is not very necessary thing to do. It's a good practice to do it. So you get this is true easily. I know I'm going to are some polygons there? Incitement betweens them. So I'm going to insider's look tool here inside that. Absolutely. I'm going to turn off this option inside. Do it is flow. So once it don't on when you are did on his love inside it's going out automatically at just the CEP toe to make it smooth and say a little bit safety fired one. Yeah, And see, this thing is automatically makes the CEP smooth. So it's a good option, So yeah, no agency. I have square praise, So it means I have seemed almost it's not exact. 100% are still. Now. I have a good distribution. Some go do our one here. Okay, So did this. Then I'm going to reset it here at Stalag this, then the second thing, I'm going to do this chest area. So I'm going to do this. Just say believe it. So let's select. This is on its put this year at matching this lane here. Our list. Select this vortex. See, now I'm concerned about this side. I'm not doing anything here. They say because I'm going to delete this half on. I'm going to meet really decide to this other side. So Okay, so now I'm going Toe are one is here. So again, let's go toe Miss Tools, Incidents. Look to Lampson in today's floor. Click here. Okay? Or the site view. Then I'm going toe like I just This just here a bit better. We decide a French emit. So obviously we're not doing this character. Our character is a different guy. So obviously we're going to change a lot in Taji, Rosemary, everything to his body. But still, it's a good and everything, so we can just follow it here as best. Then let's do this. Syria. Now the neck looks too wide there. So let's see like this on a scale a little bit like this. And if you check from this front view we had. We don't have any a trap. Aegis muscles here in this area. So let's let's pull this area again. I don't have toe do our mats everywhere. All perfectly, because again, first ofall, we're not doing this gator. And second, we can do all those things inside. Digress easily. I'm just tryingto take it. No average looking this Mexia. I know. I'm going toe Delete this side. Select Delete this I makes your your is This center is is perfectly lined off with this center black line. Andi, that's important. Let's say you you have a vortex like this on you have not noticed that on. Now we're trying to mirror it. So let's middle it miss, go to me that here on when you meet her, the first thing you get notice these areas have been most very orderly. Okay, so that's because of this more stress hold value here. So this now it has won six something So poor point Geo Geo one. So this is the lowest value. So with this value, your center aids, which Waas like, perfectly aligned with this line should be most. If you put this this value when Georgia one is the lowest value. So with this value, it's gonna mars. Only the snap vortices to that line are to the center, so you can sit. This vortices have not been marched because it was not aligned properly. So that's why elicits a group good practice before you meet her. It's a good practice to select. This center is off this vortex, but very carefully usage in to select anything like insider this row vortex. So select carefully. This send us our techs are is. Then you can do one thing. You can goto this Asari move tool on good DoubleClick go to move to settings here can find Dobson called Return Components. Pacing inside this move. Snap setting, substance written components pissing on nine Faith Just move on. And let's say I told them this snap Great so that I can slap this selection to greet this Great. So let's move, noggin. See, it's moving whole thing as an address. So still those are not aligned individually to this line. So when I don't off this on with this snapping upson I'm moving all these waters is we could this absent on off. You can see it. It snaps every word. This is individually. Okay, so now every vortexes snapped toe that line with that access. So let's turn off. So this is a very good absent for this purpose. Beautiful. It it's a bit on on. So you need to go. Come here and down off this one. So once it done, that means now you're see your everything is lined off on you. You can just go toe mess meter on. You can just put blindly this value and you know it's gonna march. The right waters is there. So that's it for this. Listen, in the next listen, we're going to block the leg. 17. Modeling The Leg: Okay. Welcome back, guys. In this video, we're going to do the leg blocking. So let's start from this base here. So let's go to front view. So I want toe narrow this area where its solar select this area on scared the city like this. Like this or God. Then let's take a Celinda, which has same amount off volatile in subjects and access here. So let's select this. His low fear. You can see I have Dennis look here around this kind off. 123 like this damages. So I'm going to take a cylinder. We just stay in subdivision access here, So let's go on foot. Pain subdivision axis here. Okay, let's go to front view and I'm going to I'm just here to the knee area. So again, you can do the whole leg like this till here on like the hand we did. So what? I'm going to do this Still the mean that I'm going to extrude. It was extra to do that. So let's decrease the radius here again. We'll control while you are decreasing. But it's was the Senate. Now I can see the leg isn't perfectly straight opened down. It's kind off this angle over legs, kind of in this angle solar supposes and that on the next thing is let declares the high deliberate so export the end here at the kneecap. India on thesis. Other Basically. So let's go to the side view and again from the site. You need to rotate it like this because again, the we can say best of the tire, the knees north in a straight line. It's kind of angle like this. Dover, Legace like coming back right This Okay, so let's put some subjects and height there. So maybe maybe three year four max, it's put It's poor pre year as a starting point. I can always increase as I'm doing it. So let's Estrich is like this on the strike, Master safe there. So scary. It s I'm just trying to amass measure the reference there. So in this idea, we shouldn't wrote it like this because because of this angle here, the leg basis, kind of this angle because of the bone there. So, like this solar, it's looks like the city on skin like this Liberty. So I just part here like this. There are goingto please this with this this part of the body Select. Select this vortex. Go to select Convert selection on defense. Then, as you can remember, we need to combine for us before I brace them. So let's combine. Goto is more select. Board more rests and then goto statements and bridge. As you can see, I got a very clean breeze. But this is not a guess all the time. Sometimes you might get something like this. This kind of pushed their kind off breezing effect. So when it tries to breathe is to the different at the other side. It's it might like, calculate like this. This is to this is the system. This is so you might not like that. So it's kind of a twisting, kind off thing. So if you get this, just go to breeze upset and try to change this value. So there isn't any particular number you can put. Just just hope with your mouth your bees upset and drag it. So it's gonna twist kind of keep twisting that there will eventually read supposes on where it's almost read. Okay, so now I've got a clean grease and good, Then I'm going to extrude this bottom area. So select this vortex on to select all this process. I have already told that technique to use convert office Seligson. Now I'm using control. Right Click on, Go to to face to face here. So this is the model mineral sort cut off doing the same thing. Select vortex Whole control Right click to face and to face. Okay, now I'm going toe extrude their Oregon Just delete it on. We can just extra this is look. So let's go to edit minutes on extra So I get it. I can also do use this technique to block my model. As you can see, I did a box morning technique. They're just taking a primitive and not just in the whole set on. This is another way toe builder model by his extremes and technique. So bought a lot of them have their good and bad thing. So with this, continue extruding and go toe side view the new extra Lee can just You can also just look at two views like this. Let's say, this year I'm looking at this view on this view so we can do like this as well. Solar's like this I'll stay back. Scale it. Okay, so double click again. Extra. You can extra from here as well. This is the story taken extra. Or you can use control E which is the default extra Sarkodie Eric unsee are you can against seat right click on you can extract from here as well, So same tool. But you can assess that from different places on the quickest ways this separate like extra technique. So once you get used to that marking many thing you can use those things easily. So again say do the leg easily. Then I'm going toe again like delete this part on You know this part again you can You don't have to do it now we can do this hand and everything the site And then you can do the final meter What I like to middle invitations to see how my legs looking both side and it's about personal preference. It's not a humble something. Let's do this on in. Let's goto this. Tell them I just lose that marking mineral our pop up minimum from here, So I just leak somewhere outside anything. So if that's happening, began assess that here from Importancia you can see I have all the inputs, Whatever. I have applied to this object. I have those things, but I have to clean these things. I don't need all these old histories, so let's decrease that value from your parent, Jiro Jiro. One is the lowest value. Okay, now I'm goingto clear all these things because it's unnecessary toe keep all the history. So let's go to edit on dear by Taif on history to get rid of those history. So that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we're going to do the hand, but 18. Modeling The Palm: everyone in this. Listen, I'm going to do the bomb. So let's start from a cube this time. So I'm going to do this bomb without a finger idea fast so you can see just this idea without the finger. Then I'm going to extrude the finger from there. So put this idea. I always use a Q because it it looks cubicle to me on on. Let's scale it approximately like this. Bar media here on. I'm going to position it here, and I'm going to scale it like this. So let's say this is the up upside off your palm. This is the bottom side of your mom on this is the like com Beria. Okay, so let's scale it like this on to stir. Make it live it angle. Keep it, like in the single here on can see. So I'm just trying to get this angle of the bond there. Collect this. It looks like to wide there, so try toe, get the proper proportion like this, Then I'm going toe use some subjects, and so I'm going to put pre subdivision in the high idea on. I'm going to extra this face as my tongue alum. I need four face here to extract my four fingers. Okay, so I'm going to add some divisions in the depth area in this guest I have for now. So I'm getting four faced there. Okay, so once you poor subdivision, then let's adjust disip. Now it's a break. It's a cube. So we have to, like, make it deliberate. Soft are around. Same kind of thing. Obviously the top of the hand isn't flat. It'll like this. So we're going to move it. This Jackson. So now my move tool is against see in a light to this objects. I can easily move anything with that object angle. So because I have said to object more here by beautiful it said the world. So if it's said to wild, you will not get any angle there, you can see if I move like this, it's it's gonna move in vertical axis. So let's change this to object. By clicking on this little and triangle, we'll get this drop down to subject on my arrogance. See, when they change it, it's switching the rotors into the object angle, so it's a very good absolute when you have something oriented and you want to move something with that angle? So move this to Karna like this Unless it's select. This is on. This is so I'm just I'm just trying to select this tree. What is this Lanier To get this set a little bit bottom. Corfe said there. Okay, then I'm going to select this borders is or you can say all these bottom notices and scale them to make them narrow living. So this part should be wider are more ticker than this spot. So this part is a big no tickled in this part. Ah, Now I need a square kind of face here before you can see it's kind off rectangle. If I extort them, it will give me overall say finger. So let's scale it on until I get a square Sepp like this. Okay then I'm going to select this tree on Let's do this so all the fingers are not coming from a straight best the basis can see the basis like this again. Now I'm going to select all these four face on Let's extra so it can extra premier. That's extrude. Now, if I move with this jet access, you can see doesn't give me forefinger its single singing extrusion. So in this case, so either have to extra one by one. Or I can do one thing I can make this keep faces together off Now is by default on If you drag this to let it turns off again right here off. You can put Gerard entered to make it off you fix off now we move into it. Access you can see it's extruding individually. Okay, when it's down on its exterior as a whole, single selection when it's off extra, every faced individually on When I move with the zero axis, it's extruding them with with their local Eareckson. Okay, so let's move them like this. So I'll put some ages there for their finger. Or I can just do you want us to more like this? So obviously it's funny, so I have to, but I just them just quickly, but double click. So yes, you. This finger is littlefinger is the lepton, So I was just roughly then I'm going to extra this face for the for the tongue so extrude that I I actually like this from the front angle agencies going districts and okay on always. I brought it at the end like this on game nail sides would be longer side on. Decide should be to sort of say it's always followed. That thing will get a good like Finger said there, because the finger if you closely check the finger, the fingernail topside is the longest, and the bottom is like cornflakes. So if I keep like this oneness when I'll smooth letter, I'll get a good safe there. So these little things comes from, you know, doing things repeatedly, our from experience. So the next lesson that's going to continue this hand and will define it more. 19. Defining The Palm: Hello, Everybody hope you're good. So let's continue defining the hand here so it against He is very blocking Putin states now . So let's start from this finger. So fingers are looking a little bit longer than I believe. This angles are back this angle sinners scared a little bit can see Goto object is the longest finger here and I'm you can see I'm just trying toe make this two fingers a little bit like more band kind off here because he never relax Partisan. If you notice your finger, we relax. Hand partisan intends to bend more than this to to So let's put one is live here, so let's go toe So here I am using my sipped key and right clicking into this look Tool can do that as well. So as you can see flips because that off send there. So I'm going to our don't off. I'm going to turn off that upset year in separate days flops and off. So again, this is looking too long. Okay, on the base of the tongue is very funny here. So this would be if you, Jake from the front view the referential can't see this death here, so it's kind of this. So this is kind of this on for trying to get that just sort of the finger and palm here. Okay. But you don't have to be too much perfect here because we're going to do the sculpture. This ideas will be a little narrower. Yeah, like this. Okay, I'm going to do this faces here so that I can breeze here. Let's deliver thes things as well. So looks like this. Or text control if 11 did it on. If I select this border is you can see it's eight. I know I have then here. So either had to put two more days here, or I have to decrease you. So I think we can decrease here. So let's selected this three. It is like this. No, I'm going to collapse them corrected. Miss School. Austin, when you collapse on its you can see it's school left and these two vortex get most at the center. Okay, so it miss collapse. What? You can just combine the Imagine you can go toe. Sorry. You can morse them by selecting to on Go to it, miss on Mars. But in this case, you have to do, like twice a price. Select both of them. Pressed Z this Time D's the repeat tulips. Um okay, so now arrogance See instead of two ways here and one. So now I have nine. I I want to do the same thing at the bottom here. So let's select three redness collapse. Okay, so now I have matching numbers here. Eight year eight. So I'm good to prisoner. So let's select both of them and go to Mace and combine Miss combine. They'll select both of days on God. I did miss an bridge. In this case, you can see little twist. It's not a twist effect is because off our POTUS alone you can see the promise little like towards the site. So have to office disagree stating on we need to manually just here and there. And this is the palm bottom media. It has a lot off love for living here. We can say you can look at your palm and you can see the city is like kind of a balls there next. Now I am using my move tool component more, which allows me to move a vortex in its normal direction. The signal normal direction is directs unlawful magically. So you can say if you see this vortex on it, saws it magically. OK, so this is a better way to, like, make things ticker are maybe no. Give them a little volume by just removing the vortex to the normal direction. Yeah, like this. Just relax them and And you can do one other thing to relax this area. You can use this sculpting brass called. Relax here so you can use this. Brush us on and as soon as I just click there, you can see it's in sculpting more now on. I can't just sculpt on neat on against you when I scald exchange this whole whole, almost whole modern. It's because the radius is too high. Yeah. If you check the radius radius of the prospects, undo it. The radius of the Brussels to highlights Selected press B on decrees it. Let's go to its double click here. Let's go to site. You can see the sizes to almost there. It's a small scene and you can see the brush size now. Okay. The second thing is the strength is too high. So selected. Bring this on. Just bend it. Just hold left, mouse button on. Just drag on the area where you can see this. This kind off on leave in nus There it conceives of raising them by moving the what Expo? Jason, You can just use it anywhere we knew use at the on the body. You can use their symmetry husband from here. So let's click on here. Object X so you can see I can do both sides at the same time. I said this video So physical averaging. Okay, so good. Come back to selector. So we have our hand here. If I placed three, you can see we have a good best there on. We can just define it inside Yukos. Okay, in the next lesson, we're going to do the fit on the feet will be very blocky because hey has a year in a suit , so I don't have to do the fingers there. So we're going to do that in the next lesson. 20. Blocking The Foot: Hi guys. In this video, we're going to do the feet in the feet. I'm not going to do the fingers because our character is not going to visible. So he has weird sue. So I'm doing the peat based from a cube so you can take anything. So I take a cue because the overall shape of the feet look ski regarding me. So it's like a rectangle. So let's go to side B. One is McCue. Skin it on export is on this and scale like this. So again, I'm not going to do the finger. So not worried about those things as the base accepts. So artist it. Then it's good to front view on bushes in it so we can turn on extra formula. So let's skill this, like the Fitch return. Put it over like the front were on the side length. You okay? And if you look at this feet, you can see this this say vis like a roast cylindrical here on this is the ball June out kind off because of the wear Tonder feet. So it's kind of bulging out here, So the city eyes are like joint and warms on This is a cylinder, Sepp. So that's start putting some subdivisions here. So let's are some substance in the depth like this. Maybe again, you have to be specific about these numbers because we can at any time. So let's go to front view on Let's our son in the were terrier. So now I'm like, taking minimum three and 400 things I might increase letter. Then I'm going to do this freak roundness from the fraud If you see the food doesn't have a like square separates kind of rounded like this. Dis idiota. Uh, it's what is it? But this so from the side we're going to are just distance vortex is Think about the loops . The vertical loops are going like this. The direct sun of those saves there. So let's so I'm just I'm taking this line. This is the height side of the Cube on. I'm putting that here to this city Onda critic like this. Almost something like this Aunt abreast denote with. So let's look at look your moral in perspective. You So now this is I have something on. Let's do this behind part So the feed behind should be rounded steps of Let's put let's move this corner like this and we can just scale it to make it narrow. So this is now I'm going to I think I have bring this to down their soldiers for them. Then I'm going to delete these fences. This tree in faces here it's kind of this. And then the front of the free should look like this. This is my toe men toy idea. So this will be like this on the bottom inside off this part of the fit. So we go inside like this on if you look at it from the bottom or to look like this. Andi, this part should be this momento on disputable like this on it should also go up kind of thing, the same of the inside features like this. This is the basic form of the feet on we have around here. Save on here. We should have a balls in kind off effect. So let's Arden is look there. So I'm going to are his loof study. It's put on these. Look here and then I'm going to those who let the holiest look then scale it in this access so that I get a lot bolder, Rounder said. There and then from the side view, the backside is still flat, so took. It will be like this on it's it's kind of bulging out from the behind you. Okay, so it is a basic safe here on if you want to do the polls, you cannot one of two ways here and you can extrude these things as a stores or you can do the stores separately. Then you can deliver this Visits and months can use those to techniques. So here are not going to do those doors because again, character and soup. Okay, so if you press tree to look at it, you can see it looks like a basic fit day. Let's Margit with this idea. So now I have toe count it. So let's double click on this. Border ends now I obtain is on here. I think I have less less than thing. I have aided, so I have to. I don't art to is they're so after, see, where can I? I think I cannot are One is here, so let's one is here on After adding I have toe like move these things to make them even in this best. Okay, so that when I smoked the they don't create any bare hard It's kind off hard saving or sip . So now I have 10 and 10 so I'm going to combine it first combining Then we're going to breeze it. So let's go toe her Select both off your border EDS Then go to edit mess and preach Okay, kind of this again. You can see the art like positioning years. So I have to adjust it. Live it so fast upon me Scale it because it waas like to like that I can see still after scale in this access I forgot to do one thing. The fate is now perfectly straight. If you look at from top u, it's perfectly straight foot. So don't be like this. Always food and Toby like go outward like this a little bit angles will be there, so I'm going to do that. So let's select all this futility of vortex here. So are all this vortex. I'm going to rotate it a little bit. Little you can see the angle there. Okay, I think I should start the lesson here. You can see I have a basic feet on the next. Listen, we're going to start the head 21. Eye Modeling: Hello, guys. Welcome back and this. Listen, we're going to start the head model, so I'm going to start from this eyes on. Yes, I'm going to do this place on this would be a generic face. Our character is different. We're going toe like mass. This face injurious. So we need a based best face here. You can see Gen. Eric Fist. Andi. So I'm going to use this So we have some good and front and side view to use. So let's use this thing on. I'm going to start from this I So let's take a beer So again, days in any specific reason before starting from I So I have a practice off, like starting from my soul. I'll just do that. But you can start from out of from a Newell's. So as long as you are following the top Alozie on in this case against ability isn't the is fluids, Drexel, isn't that like important here? Because we're going to do the High poly Andi latter we're going to do globally in the next thing another cause. So here's the spear on and you can see the reference is not that high quality. So we have to assume something. So this is my spear. Then I'm going to rotate it so that this Paul of the Spear let's press F to frame. You can see this poll. I'm going to rotate it so that it it should be like the ideas are something I can use that thing. So let's rotate it 90 degree like these soldiers go to General box on Put 90 degree in X axis. So let's put 90 enter. So I have this eyeball on we knew Scaled Aibel. Make sure you have the approximately right skin. You shouldn't be like this big or this small, so the eyeball skills. It's a little important because when you have the right skin, the skin of that surrounding I will rest on that I bought. So we'll get around savior. It's a big, big spear will get a less round. I think you understand that point. So let's put this beer here unless start again. You can see the references not matching perfectly with the face area, so I'm going to are just other friends. So let's are just this side reference and I will do, I think I don't know. I have moved a little bit, I think I don't know. I see because the body is not even matching without. Fine. So let's move like this. Just go down yet. So I'm just selecting it on me, the most drug to change that value. So, yes, my still looks like small. So once I put the eyeball there, then I'm going toe model. That surrounding skin on it should be a little like, upset kind of thing, the skin. And then I can see the depth of the skin around eye here. So I'm going to make life it. I have selected it and just click here. So now my model is a live object. When an object is life, I cannot select it anymore. But I can create something on top of this. So let's want its life. Then go to modeling Toolkit here, Clear here. So now I have assessed a modeling toolkit. It's a menu absolute, and it has some frequently used men who are absent here. So I have something called Cuadrado to click on it. So with Cuadrado on with a live object, I can directly create war Tex, On top of this, like this on. Then I can hold seat on Once I'm holding. Sift. I just put my mouse cursor on top off here on its creating, its indicating I can clear the face there. If I click there, I'll get a face. So we use these things for irritable after High Polly. So let's clear the darts here. So if you go to life constraint off some here, expand that I have something here called clear dots. So to clear all these dots, steer the starts go to front view so you are going to do the skin. But when you do it, make sure you have surface upset on on. You have some small value it because my skin should be a little offset from the surface. So let's put some point dio some value. Let's see. I don't know. I'm to check. Let's see how far it is. It's too far. So Xperia darts. A 0.2 is too high for this point. Jiro Jiro five movie. We have to experiment deliberate so it's you can see now it's upsetting. You get. I'm going to do this Skinny. Yes, I'm going to click this. I'm just from drawing it like a lie. Okay, so draw like this. Like this? Yeah. I shouldn't go close to the border here. So Andi put the same amount of point at the bottom I lived. Yeah. Okay. Like this, then This is my cortex. Then I have to pull some. Let's say I cannot put here because my self is isn't there? So I have to put somewhere. Here. Here, here, here, here. So basically have put it some just cross that organ, etc. So hold seeped. Now on. Let's drug on this to lying here like this. Okay? Okay. Once you do this, then come back to select. Oh, so we're done with this squad thing. Just click off here. Midlife off. Come back to Channel Box and Larry liter. So I have something here right now again. You don't have to follow my technique here. I just used you can just do it by, like, extruding a publican plan like this and you'll find as long as you have upset it a little bit by just manually moving up like that. So now I'm going to apologies in this vortex as my corner here on, I have to mars. This too. So in this case, go to edit mess and marched to center. So there good Morse at the center. Now I have to. Our one is here, so let's select it Goto metals inside as look up some this time I'm going to use this substance in such irritates close so that it are adjusted like this. If it started off, they knew who knew what. It doesn't affect change the safe. So yeah, So now you can see my I lied is there. I think it's two inside. There may be a little bit then I have to extrude this area. Sorry, this is Loof. So let's go and extra it. Let's go to scale to land scale from the center. So this this would be mine. My I brought idea. Okay. Or I can just extra once more and I can make that my eyebrows. So let's click here to extra again on I can use this man of later to like move it, then go to move toe Then like this, I just would come forward. Uh, this area should be there is to do come that most off? No. So it's a basic Not surrounding. I just May. So I'm stopping this lesson here. In the next lesson, we're going to continue this thing. I going to do the chicken, Elbit. 22. Defining The Eye: I welcome back in this video I'm going toe refine this area a little bit brought. So let's delete this roar. I just extrude to most there. So this is my against this disabled this I hear on this area die, bro, on this set. So I'm going to are just like that. So school to the vortex more and both study one dead. Select the spirit behind their serviced. So I'm going to pull like this just following this line here. And this would be my eye, bro. Here. So let's go on this I blow should come forward at least this three points area. So it should come forward like this and eyes inside their socket. Okay, so the smoke this area of it on the I savored service in perfect right now, so we don't have to do perfect things here Instead, Meyer, because we're goingto do lot off works inside zebras. Still, I want to make it looks like a ny years assist. Okay. And those things on this idea, di should go backward. Means they say of the first there's in Venice on anything here, like coming forward there. I'm just trying to refine it And then I'm going toe Put some depth there to the island radio on. I think now, before I put the debt, I should move this gun of a little bit inside and being this land back that extra this loof here just move with this blue access and get the depth there. Then I'm going to extrude again so that the skin a subtle stuff here it should go like this . So it's this part of the island is basically take a skin so we're going to extrude it again . So let's click. Here are pressed z again and again I'm going to extremely disprove line. So now it conceives going inside like this like a real skin should going on top of diable this Okay, so now I have something there just as a thickness of die. I think it's certainly pronounced that take this a bit more pronounced. Elevate. Yeah, like this. So it's looking better now. Now I'm going toe extrude. This too, is Andi. Now it's gonna like like this to the nose, please, of the North. So I'm going to do that. So let's scale it to straighten off a little bit wrapped, illustrated perfectly. So then this. This is the breeze of the low. So it's like, Come forward, Ian. So you can imagine the nose and I hear so again she's just here. Then I'm going to extrude it again by sit right clicking and by using the marking minimal Oregon use from anywhere. So let's move this. Now you can see my reference isn't at the perfect center. So I'm going toe like move the reference. No, let's go to object more to select the background reference, select the X axis. Go close Now you can see I don't have the move to here, but I can move it in eight. Sex is because I have selected access you just by clicking just on top of this yellow, you can select it. You can go to anywhere. Even if you don't see the man of letter, you can hold your middle mouse on. Then move your mouse left or right toe. Actually use that man of Later can see. Okay, so then I'm going to move this line here. I can just steal it. Tow lined off exactly vertically. And then I can use this snapped Agreed Apps on the move in that particular direction to snap that line and all of this. Okay, so now I have the breeze up the nose here. I think it's a go little backward to create that round around Said there. Okay, like this. So you can just imagine like, I'm, like, creating the skin. Let's do like this. So this is my agro on. Now I'm going to select the whole loop except this stools half center line. And see, this is the harp center that said this to this whole look. I'm going to extremes, Andi, I'm going to use I think I can use this blue access, which is the local church like this on. If I used that this move like this, I think it expected toe undo and scale it. Just go to your scale to land scale like this. So it's hard here, but I can always like de select some part and move. It may be yes. This duke, and obviously can move on are just your individual vortex. Unless this line should be lined off so that between nine meter I won't get any like, mortgaging issue or something like that. So now you can see I'm truly creating on animator object here. Animated model. The move is perfect, and but he had the We don't have to be concerned about the loop because it's just for hype . Early. Yeah, so I think I should stop the lesson here. In the next lesson, we're going to do the nose spot. 23. Modeling The Nose: Okay, So in the last lesson, we saw how to do this idea finding things. So in this lesson, I'm going to do the nose blocker. Yeah. So let's start from extruding. This is here from decision to this is so whole city and never click to get up. No, in between his look, So then I'm going to extremely it on. Let's move it. Just using the move tool. So do this. No. Stop India and the nostril top area on. Then I'm going toe artist these things a little bit to get this. Look, if you look at the whole notice legs ag, it's I'm just, I think, making that global Livas knew that on then this lane come to this industrial line here on this lane should be at the ball of the news here. So at the center, we have the ball of the laws and this is the nostril wings. So we have to lens for that. So then I'm going to extrude again this loof again extrude This time I'm extruding too. We reached the bottom of the most here. Okay, so now I have to face two extra the nose before extra. I just like toe. Move this to the nostril base here. So this man nostril Best line here, you can see. Okay, Andi, Then I like to like Adan's these things like this on this look, you can see this is going to ask the leap on if you see this original Look, it's going like a around the leaf. You can say around this kind of this on and always look at your different views. So forget those views. Listen, look. Are those views and are just If it's necessary, just select This is on extruded Must this like this? Looks murder this to work. This is here Goto litmus and most to center. So I have something kind of a block there like this. Okay on, then I'm going to extrude this this face as one nostril. Okay, Andi, let's extra this first. So let's scale this on. Let's scale like this. This will be my nostril on Now it's roughly block out. Okay, good to go. Now, I can't even extrude this on this face. Just extra this like this to make the most role there. Okay, So extreme like this. Andi Now I'm going to pull something is look there. So I'm going to put one. Is love here like this to create this safe here? You can see from the side view if I our justice, this mine Australia, like this is Let's not adjusted right now properly I have to are just these things this water says Now I'm using my name. No component more. If you double click on the move tool or Saudi, I'm using that world more. You can change it to component so that you get the angle off your mess direction like, let's say this one. You can see almost the wise like almost to that direction. So now I'm extruding this to face here. Soldiers extrude those insight to clear the nostril on. I can delete that. First, I think I should keep their face here. We'll study. Just move in, say so now you can see it's like moving orderly, so it's because of this component. Let's gents, this two world. So if you place three now, you can see something like like laws. Again. It's not perfectly defined. That's fine. We can do that letter. So then I like toe extra cheese Is this, too, is on Let's most this to what? X So you can say just to use this model. Men like this whole sit and rightly so you can see I'm so in your water ups and leg from the men. Hey, this on? If you select, put up them on hold. Sit. Rightly. You can get this market men where you'll get this year. Mars vortex on Mars vortex to center. Okay, so no, it's fine. Let's move these things on the side. Viewed. You can see it's going backward. There. Get on the mountain. Okay, so make sure your puts, like creating the same at the same time when x two. Okay, so, yeah, that's it for this. Listen, in the next listen, we're going to do the multi area. 24. Modeling The Lip: So let's create the leap in this lesson. So for the leap, I'm going to use create polygon tool to draw this leap so we can find their tool inside. May stools. Andi He is the tool called Create public until so let's take that polygon on. With this tool, you can just create polygon anywhere on the scene or even you can create polygon on a live object. Okay, so now I'm using Create public. Until now I'm going toe klik toe get a publican like this. So I'm going to follow this leap safe here. So this is the recep of Bolivia and I'm going to put one is here. Once I put the heart vortex, I get like, Pinkola face here, so that's fine. Just for lawyer the leap Control. Andi, let's say this is my leaf corner on again. This is the bottom part, and I'm like putting matching number area and is the bottom lip lying there? Okay, you can see I I'm just created 1/2 of the leaf. Then express enter creative polio. No, I gotta inside the polygon accessing ill polygons. Okay, so now I'm going to do one thing. I'm going toe extrude these ads This you consider this? Just accept this one. So I'm going to extrude this on less extreme your and go to Skeletal and skill them out like this. Move them so that this site is lined off Scalea again like this, something like this. And then I'm going to delete this interface. I just don't need that. First on, if you go to your perspective, you can see the faces here. Not here. So you just created this in the front view. So we get that here at the front, Clear. You can see this line, so I'm going to move this forward. So let's go to translate Jalen this guests and take this forward, okay? I'm putting here on Meghan. You can see the leaf isn't flat from the side, but here we have a flat leap. So it's looking also, let's select this corner here. Okay, Let's select the sorts, lex. Until so, let's go to move, tool and go too soft. Selection here on dollars sort. Select, Absent. When you don't know that, you'll get some yellow red color here. Indication. So this is the full off? Yeah, So I'm going toe decrease the follow fear From here you can just hold control and drag left mouse Here you can see my number is changing here. So as I changed my number here because my nobody can see now the color coding here for yellow, red and black so yellow part is the highest, like no influence idea. So when I move, Absa selected these two attacks you can see as a selected this to a text. But it's moving softly around that area on this fall. Off radios defines that lets still post office like this. And then let's done off this sub select Thompson. Okay, something like this on Now you can see don't black and this side is looking fine, but decide is black and decide is black. So this is called the normal direction. So the color here is the perfect side of the polygon on this side, Black side is the opposite side of the political. You can say you can just imagine it's like a skin one is the up like outside skin on this is the inside one. So inside one should be inside always here In this case, it's opposite. This wouldn't be a in the case. So in this case, I have to reverse this normal direction. So in order to reverse, you need to select it. I'll goto mess display on reverse it from you. Okay, so now the skin flips. Okay, So this side skin should be always outset. So once I do this, then I'm going toe select this inside roof. So I'm going to extrude this thing now to get the leap area. So I'm going to use the scale toe. Once I click on extra scale it like this, I'm going to scale it like this. Okay, I'm going to dis elect this idea on. I'll move these slowly to select move. So they there's space on. Now I have something here like this on this. But if you see the live from the profile angle, you should, like, go inside like this. It's an angle like this on this leap front part. I think this to stop leave line is still flat, so it's come out here. Considers followed that of friends. You'll be fine, just No, this is the leaf side on. This is the leaf. Starting a vacancy. The boat off the lift. Does there Americans arrest on top off something always the top. Live rest on the bottom, Lip on. And this is the corner of the lips or should go inside. Okay. Like this. So existing This saves are very important. Don't just follow the steps. Always try toe, create the same as well. So I'm going to put here these things with this idea. Concede this Parchin. But here on going toe that put those here live it wider on from the side. It should go inside like this. Even this color. I think the live cannot is still to know in front. Let's go inside of it. Okay, so this is our live again. We can just r one is roof inside here just aren't one is Look on. We'll get this around said because of that incident Is Lou pops in there? So we have to most this on I'm going to refine it and market in the next lesson 25. Modeling The Jaw Area: No. Guys, welcome back to discuss on in this class. We're going toe connect this leaf here on. We're going to this job being the job part here. Okay, So I'm going to start from this connecting the leaf here, So let's count this. So I have 1234 is here. Andi, In the library. I have 21234 is same number of fences. So now I'm going toe combined them so that I can braise them. So let's go and select those four on debts like this. Poor and go to edit mess and bridge. Okay, you might get some art like this kind of thing. You have to just as existence men really like this on against it. The laws is getting to inside there to inside that. It should be like here on DNA. Now it's two inside, so I have to move the base of the nose year, So I think I forgot to do that, sir. It's too inside there. The whole knows anything to inside. So let's select this idea. Concede the basis here. So we had here. Let's move it to the position on bond. Yeah. So now I have to select this. Still, it's going to to backward there. So I guess this height of the most is too much there. So let's select them. Goto more by pressing four on your keyboard and select This is area on its way. We can use this sub selection are inside just two years earlier. Use that inside the move to Lampson on again without going there you can turn it off that upson, by pressing be on your keyboard be so on again. You can decrease increase this fall off by holding your Beaky on left Most drag. Okay, so you can do this interactive lead. You have to go there, toe down on our often or to our jester follow. So that's fine Here. Now let's start off this by placing be again. And now I'm going to move this line. This would be like exactly at the centre. Okay, so I'll snap those letter. So this is my leaf on. She connected here. I just I just feel this is true, like coming to forward their so this city of the physique and see. So this what? This is a way forward there. Okay, that's fine. so please take time to refine this. Saves deserve very important. Andi again we're doing get generic fest. This is not our character, Fayssal. You shouldn't be so much concern toe mass the face with this character face because anyway , we're going to change it. So let's let's scootin created generic face which looks like a human face Okay on. And so then I'm going to do the job But here again before the job. But I'm going toe You can see this round loops around The leap on this looks should come again like this so I can just extra till here. Let's extra this on. Let's move this like this then I'm going to Mars. This tour takes by going to edit minutes on Monster Center. Okay, like this on it can be careful with the CIF with this aids extrusion technique. Morning. Take me You can you might like get a very bad safe If you don't get the safe on, do you just just extruding and extruding and extruding you'll get a very bad set, so make sure you are also like creating the state by adjusting and looking looking at your more than from different angle. Okay. And make sure the safe is right before moving, moving? Tow us the next step. So I got the safe here. I got the loops here. Now I'm going toe. I believe I can extra the whole thing, the whole loof till here. The whole loop again. Extraordinary. Okay, so let's extreme cold here on this extra like this. So obviously we have a lot off bad safe here, so we'll do that letter. So just you can see I'm getting that safe here. Let's you can see it's not rest properly. So I'm just moving goes from side view, looking at the front view we can see from the front. If you don't look our check, you might get it like white face there. So it should calm inside like this. Something like this. And this Ford part should go inside as well on here. I have a lot off. Just I don't want those. It is. So I'm going to marred some of them. So let's say if I march this maybe these three. So let's more than this tree next march on. You can see I have to bring that forward like this on. I have, like, two triangles here. So I'm going to delete this middle aids. So just delete on keyboard are just sit right click and militates already can go toe treatments and deal It is from here. Okay, And then I'm going toe move this vortex and in this case, I'm going to move it in component more so I'm going toe changes to component so that I can see the move. No aligned to the model safe there. So I can easily change the World Expo. Chissano it out. Changing the sip. Okay, so now you can see the Loof. Don's around like this. If I move this, you can see it's it's kind of extruding aan de skilling. Enough effect, Andi, I don't have much vortex here to worry about. Okay, so now Yeah, good. Safe here then I'm going toe here the joe, So I'm going to extrude once more again the full lluvia And make sure you're not selecting this centre here so extrude again. Andi can use this green to West. You like this? We're gonna go to save you. Move this. So I'm trying to get the jaw. Yes. Okay. This folder here, So yeah, so I'm stopping this lesson here. In the next lesson, we're going to do the skull part here. Okay, so I'll see there. 26. Modeling The Skull: you guys in this? Listen, I'm going to do the skull part, so let's excuse amaze here, so I'm going to extra. This top is still here to this age, I'm going to extrude into the skull. So before I extra just look at the model from front view. So let's don't off this exception. I think this is pneumonia life. If you can see this safe here, these steps will be like this. The steps will be around it. So let's move these two or tax like this. Because if you extrude like that, it will give you like, like a dent in the maid of the head scholar. So it should be around that because just called profile will be like this. Okay, like this. So then I'm going toe extreme. This is still desserts. Okay, then I'm going to extrude it so extra until this in part. So I'm going to extrude in some stairs, steps against so here one step, but will have extruding also have toe wrote it a little bit like this andan. It's stone off this that you can see it. Italy. So here you can see if you don't rotated the angle of days is like this. You should be like Do you hear this? AIDS will be straight particle like this. So? So that's where I'm they with Every state's on every extreme. I'm going toe wrote it that like this Then I wrote a deliberate again. So it's like the this face move. This face loop should be like a rounded here like this the direction of that face Look, Onda, obviously you can move about xto I get the same writer to operate the position that say this. So here is almost straight. Then let's extra again, Andi move. So I'm using Move tool to move So did it. Something like this. Look it so you can see I'm like extruding And there's a big gap here. I can always are. They are in is La Plata so you don't have to extra or like with very little distance are like that. You can just block it with three or four extra. Then we can art in between step. Okay, so again I'm going to rotate it a little bit. Okay on then Extrude again. So here have hold sifter right months to get this minute the next year It's okay. Once you have selected as whole sit and write most to get this minute, then I'm going toe extra great. This on here? It's more. But this followed Shaker model in perspective. You tow guy. That guy idea of the no sip. So at this idea, at this point here, it should. He likes scaled down over to get that the school round superior. Okay, just on. Then I'm going to extrude it again, understand? I'm going to use it from the minimum, so I'm trying toe. So you different ways to use the same two from Menem from self from marking Miller so loaded it and it's partisan it here. I think this is superior to take it a bit more like this. Okay, so yeah, here. I'm going to do one thing. I'm going to most this three word text district corner. Okay, so let's go toe treatments. I'm more strew center like this. So why I did this to get this look, this face Look, if you see now, it's going like this on its its this idea is they It looks like extruded and offset it. Okay, so it's not necessary. But it's I think it's better to have because this call is rounded. Here is the skull. You can see the skull. Okay, So, no, I have around do for that so I can create that safe easily. So that's why it's just more stores now. I'm going toe are some his loop in between Islip. So I'm going to take the best tools incidents loop Upson week. The inspectorate is flew off sometime on. Okay, Make sure it's on so that when we are done is Luke he's gonna raise the sip. You don't have to do that set manually so you can see this is the beauty of that ups. Um, if that's off, is just gone are the days without changing the safe, so make sure that's on. Okay, now I have added some years loops. Yes, you can see you never dissents call here, but overly looks at the age. Weight, though, is just reverse on white. It's messy because you can see that there's a little there's a big gap here compared to this step here. So what I can do, I'm going to just average those on. I'm going to try to make those leg even in evenly spaced So I can do that by the selective and is Look, let's say I want to, like, slide the sense to here. So the select days look Goto May stools on Take the slightest Epsom. Once you have selected that, hold your middle mouse button, then drug we knew drag. It's gonna slide to the left and right. Consider, it's being slighted there, so I am in that tool right now. So I'm just like double clicking to select his love and then middle. Most rap I don't have toe. Bring that to Lega Nord again. Once you have selected that, you can see that from here. We just need to select on a slope on Slide it. No, to do the manual, even spacing thing. No. Yes, So I think Now let's based three to check it. I think it's fine up for a based mess here, so yeah, that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we're going to start doing the year model 27. Modeling The Ear: Hi, guys. Hope you all are good. They're on in this lesson. I'm going to do that year, so I'll take two lessons to complete this. So let's start the year. So before I more than this, I want to just say even I was thinking Your year model is the hardest thing to do. Andi, it looks very complex. But if you break down the complex step into two or three basics apes, it's not that complex. Truly. So let's break down the years, say Pinto. Two or three Best accepts basic part. Okay, so the first part is this. This you can see despite kind of thing. Just imagine. It's like it's a pipe kind of thing. It's starting from here like this. It's going around till here. It's dyin parties here. So this is one sec on the second step is deceptive again. Say this. Say it's starting from here, this whole against a big Kamarck and upset. So it's like coming from here, and it's following that massive and it's turning around here. I'm connecting here again with this process, so it's basically too safe. The 1st 1 is like this starting from here. It's going like this on the 2nd 1 is wider here. It's wider here, and it's getting married here on. You can see it's stunning here, and it's connecting here again. So we have it looked like piece extended of balls, RPC there's basically two. Or if you counted this one as an individual, pistes or maybe three. So this is the basic thing. So I'm going to do the fasting first here. So I'm going to use create polygon tool for that. So again you can start from a primitives or base except, like cylinder or some sorry pipe like something. But I'm going to use Kate Polygon tool so that I can easily bright. So before the pixelated emails, you can see what it can. No, look at a good reference while you're doing this to get the idea, but I have done a lot, so I know the things here. So let's start from here. So the struggling on I'm going to draw this five thing here, so I'm going to pull some ages here. I'm just following that outline there on. If it's hard to see, just press poor to, like know goto every more on exports. Um, por instead like this on this outside anger here. I'm going like this. Then let's say now I'm coming back here to get the actually, no, you can say upset. I'm upsetting it right now. So let's put here now. It would be flat thing. I'll get it flat face. But I can extract that to get the thickness there. So, like this presenter toe, get the polygon so you can see I have those single polygon here, so it's not connected yet. You can see it's not connected at all. It should be connected yet toe this. What extra? This vortex Dismore text to this vortex like that. So I'm going to do one thing. I can connect it by using multi car, too. Oh, I can use that Onda again. Just drag here like this on, but I can just click on that. Well, I see that night highlight. I can click that and I'll get the vortex connector there on, then right click to execute. So again, click, click, right click Execute. You can do this what I can do. One thing I can try. One thing it's so say, because that might not work. So let's select it on Goto mess. I'm triangulated. So when you triangulate its collect like, connect everywhere like this Okay, so you get very triangulate earpiece everywhere. But you can see this line satchel. So you are getting those straight lines that you're so once you make it, wrangle it. Then let's go again. Go back to that minimum. Yes, minimum. And now I'm going to use Quadrangle it. So just below the travel it off some. So now I'm going to use this one so you can see it's now like deal it although strangulated mess, except that in this one, so we'll get this easily if you take the multiple tool, it might take some time, right? So this my and say, except that fast safe. So I'm going to move it. So does sent by what is there. So I'm goingto bring the pilot here. So there's an upside call center pirates. So let's go to more feminine on Glicken center private to bring the Vibert toe those objects enter, it's automatically gonna bring the pilot here. So let's move these two here to the airport. Jason, you can see it's flat. Andi, it should be rotated a little bit. So just goto front. Be one distributed in Why access here like this? Okay, so because the year doesn't like aligned to those side Exactly. It's facing, like in this direction in 45 degrees something maybe this a little. Right. So you can see like this out. Maybe again, rotating this angle a little bit. Okay, so I have this, then I'm gonna, you know, do our nothing. I'm gonna move this part inside there. So let's go toe enough tools. Make sure it's not technology. So let's move it like this again. You can told us no sub selection like this. Let's stone on the sub selection on. I want to move this area shortly. But now if I move, I'm affecting this idea. So I don't want that to affect that idea, right? I have to change some off, son inside here. So let's go to move toe DoubleClick toe, get the tool settings on. Let's go to sub select Salafism. Click to expand. Then here I have to chance this follow up more. Now it's said to volume on volume. Affect Dover area can imagine it's a wild volume, so it doesn't look to the model and follow the modern safe. It looks to the idea that idea. Okay, if it's a single check in in that area, we have some vortexes. It's affecting that. So let's change it to surface when you said to surface, so we'll be on left. Most rap. No GNC. I'm enclosing the fall off with the surface direction. It's increasing with the surface. It's not increasing as a like wall access our world space. Okay, so let's move this. This part of the year should shouldn't be parlamento this part. It's suit like to stay here. This spot is outside. This parts will be inside. It's to stay here. Okay, So make sure you do this. Make sure you do this. So yeah, it's kind of kind of this question on on this, but could be out a little bit like this. Something like this on this part could be in illiterate. So from the front angle, you can see the outline or silhouette. Okay. Okay, that's done. Then I'm going to extrude this thing to get the depth there so I don't have debt right now . The normal directs and his reversal. Let's first do that. Sotomayor display Give us to get the normal dicks and they say, Now I'm going to extrude it. The whole object in a particular Andi let's extrude To get the tech like this, or even you can, is to the I think that would be better. Let's extra AIDS because I don't want the face behind there. So if you extra the whole thing, you'll get the pace behind there. So there's extra there is on get the tightness there. Then I'm going to do the second part That so basically this this thing the second set. Okay, it's wider here, getting married here on its training and again more zing here. So let's do that for that. I want to extrude this two or three years a CIA, maybe three. It's years from starting from here. Still here. Okay, so I think I can take this as well. But let's don't take that so extra. Okay on, I'm going to move it manually here, like this again again. Rotate it so that it lined up with this line so they reckon worst letter. So Okay, then I'm going to extrude it again, So I'm going to extrude till here, so There will be a lot of extra here. So now you can see it's like so extruded like lying to this is here on Yes, I have to move the vortex in between state excuse to like mint in the sip Proper Sepp like this. This would be like stressor goulash tourists there. So let's extra again So you can press control e g two x True, That's the by default shortcut. You can take that here added Miss Extra Control E. So there are so many ways to bring the same tool. Choose your own way means whichever you like the most are whichever you feel is the fastest way to reach patrols. So extraordinary line here against you, Elaine. Here most of most of the time I use marking men personally when I walk. So that's my personal preference. I feel it. It's very easy to do, but it doesn't have to be. You can use anything. So here I'm just falling there. Andi, I'm going to extrude this thing, do you? Till you So let's first look at what I'm doing there. Okay? So I'm just doing the same parts esperan doing. So let's move all this thing. I mean, all this center face loaf and look this outside like this. Okay, On spoke this outside just roughly so then I'm going toe are just it they let select again . Let's go into new extruding it. So here, it's gonna turn like this. So I'm rotating it extruded again like this Here. It should be a little wider. Take this next to No, I'm going to Mars here. So I have to Is here. You can say I have Sorry, I have one is here. I have to wear text there. So one vortex to vortex. Okay, so now I have four here so I can do one thing I can just connect this edge to This is so it's like feeling this area. Then I just breeze that. Okay, so let's do that by using the up in polygon tools said, Let's go to match tools. Let's use this tool up into political. Bring that tool on. You can see lords. We just need to click on and ends first. Let's see. This is then click on. This is you'll get this pink face. So next presenter. So now I'm going to most this vortex here on this vortex here. So I'm going to again use a tool called Target Welt. Here inside my stools on the tool is started world. So because in this case, I want to move this vortex here on Mars here. So I want to things so with this to like and just go here on when it's high, like it, I can just drop to here. It's gonna move on most there. Now I'm gonna Amar's all these things, All these steps here. So again, again do the same thing. So let's press why? To bring the last tool again. The last tool is still there. You can see you can like assess from here or you can press. Why on your keyboard toe bring the last tool again to use. So let's use this. I think I think I have a triangle there so I can fix that. Let's see letter. So I'm going to Mars. All this vortex makes sure you don't do this. When you have something there, make sure you don't more sto like any inside politics. So that's that Corbett like, created known men for general, which is a wrong kind of generally so in this case C I find difficult. More solids, most to center. Okay on. Let's most of center. You can press d to repeal the accent. Okay, Andi. Again, let's press y to bring the last two on its own. Morse here. Oh, sorry. I have already selected this one. So make sure you have not selected when you drag anything, so make sure you have not selected anything else before. So here, stopping this lesson. And in the next lesson, we're going toe or the rest rest of the year. 28. Refining The Ear: Okay, so let's continue during the year. So last lesson we just did. This thing's part of their. So let's continue from here so we can see this depth here is like too much in the said. Yet The year doesn't have that much updates. So this depth from here coming, Premier, it's so be settled here. Yesalis first, move these things out of it from this angle, this parts would be like balls out like this on. Here's a gradually decreasing that height. Okay, so make sure just to observe those steps that on here it's almost gone. This step, this no hard deadline. So we need to oppress these things. We need to move this part here so that when you smoked, we don't get that. Have nest there. Okay, on here. That loops is very odd here in this area. So I'm going to connect this vortex and this vortex to get the connected dates. So again we can use this Mestel connect Upson there to connect or you can use multi car to connect. Putin is there. I'm going to do it. This is from my deal. Deal it. Keyboard. Get on now. I got the triangle here, but I don't want triangle here, so I'm going to delete descends aswell on it left me inside. You're facing this face. It's more than four sided Can count one toe 345 on the face whizzes who? It has more than for ages. That's called insider face or in guns. Okay, so I don't want that in guns. Most of the time we have word and guns. You know, more than so, let's not going to put on his look there so we'll sit right most. Burton, Andi in today's loop are that years I'm going toe that and again, I'm going to connect here. So my stools connect. Okay, so now the loops is better here, clean on. Nike considers safe here if you this is a pixellated image that I cannot see it. But if you check the years here, you'll get, like, this part this part to be like this. And this thing's come like this, the safe is like that there. Like this. Okay. On here. Have toe. Yeah, on here. I can't on, Like since the move tool direction, toe component. By holding w on left, most Burton then go to component from here can tense your move. Tool settings Agency. Yeah. So once I mean move tool whole W which is the short cut off. Move on, then. Hold your left. Most button toe. Get this man Andi. It same in Rotech and scale to largely when you breasts are, which is the sort sort of far left, most will get select Olafsson tool settings. Okay, so I always used this thing to sense from wall toe component toe, No normal axis. So let's go to a component to move toward Texas along along with objects safe there. So I think this area looks good now. Now, let's x cured this part also before extra. I would like to move this part outside here, but this Andi, let's go to save you. My disip is good. I think I'm ready to extra decision. So select this is on select. This is double click. It just shows the subtext. But But actually I was I was trying to select this look so sometimes it's like, choose the shortest path to select. So for that to solve that I just want to selected here. Let's say on then I'm going toe selected here again. Just hold. Sit under. Okay, so this time I'm going to extrude it. Insight. Now I'm moving in while access here on, I'm going to scale a little bit so that if you don't scale, that would be nothing. Fine. Okay, so I got that death there. Now this it this death you can see. Look, first moved this line out of the weather. This thing should connect here with somewhere here. So I don't have much polygon there. It's a big polygon there, so I think I'm going toe know, develop this aids. So select this is Goto statements on bevel. So by building, I basically got to it just instead off one center. It's there. So then I can slide it. Oregon's bring the side from my stools and slightest the middle most track. Make sure you you're posting the middle most, which is just crawl Supposed that hard on Ben. Move your mouth. So then I'm going to connect here this thing. So let's select. This is this is make sure you have selected the bottom ins, then go to regiments and bridge. Okay, so I connect that. Then it's just a matter off feeling this blank India. So again I can breeze this too crazy to praise. Or I can use my up in polygon to logical from a stool up in polygon, which is a great tool like this click here on this is done. Okay. So again, I'm going to do the same thing here writing solar. It's let's feel this serious. I'm going to place. Why? To bring the up and pull you into Ligon. Andi and I'm going to No, yet this is our This is a triangle here. I got the triangle there and then I'm going toe connect. This is to this is to fill this area like this on this idea. We don't have to feel this area. So let's select this to select the holder the whole border, then extrude the border together your whole So it's a student scale to get that loop on, move it slowly moving to access as well. The year whole should go. So extraordinary moved there. I'm extruding again to make sure the empty space not resume from this angle. So I'm moving that there on bending here so that nobody can see it. Actually, not empty space there and if you press three, you can see it's not that great. But still it's looking good. Still, we have to, like, sculpt and make the saves. Right. So here there's no point years old. I think I can do one thing there. Either have to put one s. They're I think they're so present. Is so I'm going to Mars this this to what? I thought I'm going to it collapse this Cingular's so goto treatments and collapse. So it's gonna Moore's both of the vortex of that aids like this. Okay, So still have something there like it's not most or something. Sometimes it happens. So it makes sure that's like most Yeah, it's most bird somewhere. It's happen till, in this case, just delete a face on definitely to select the like border on this, Let's go toe mess and feel it. So what is the fill hole? Yeah, feel whole on press three to check it. It should be clear. Okay. So, yeah, I'm stopping this lesson here in the next. Listen, we're going to finish this year 29. Finishing The Ear: Okay, so let's finish this year in this. Listen, So you can see you have contributed most of the thing here, so I just need to complete this bad behind part here on. Then we're ready to market with this Best head here. So? So I'm going to start extruding This border is here from behind. So to get this year safe here, So I'm going to select from this is to this is in the single, so I'm going to double click here. So again it shows the shortest path. So what? I don't like solar. Select. This looks like this. So this is the fattest partner. So now select this month early. So make sure you have selected from here from this you can see from this angle on doing here. So then I'm going to extrude it so extremely on. Then we're going to extra lean dead inside. Yeah, So it's It's gonna be like this. Let's move a little bit so that its door planet penetrate here with this piece here. So it's kind of this, then here we have to, like no more things protects the studio texts or let's go to it. Miss Sotomayor, stools and target world. Bring this vortex. Bring this vortex to here. You can see it looks like it. Like it has a thickness now, So I just extruded and most this new attacks here to this site. Okay, Okay, let's hide these things. It's on the way there, So let's select breast control edge. Okay, hide it. Let's I read actual control H placed f to frame it. Okay, So already, then we're going Toe braised are most this vortex. So I'm going toe reuse. I'm going to use the Stargate welled again. So being that from year on this term watching you like this source, it gives me a triangle there, so that's fine. Now I'm going to again select. This is select Tia like this. I'm going to extrude it again. And this time I'm going to move in while axis like this. Okay, Something like this on then. Let's say until here. Okay, then. This is a straw. Did it like this from the top angle. So that being said to be, like, whiter than this site. So I just wrote it a little bit like this on then I'm going to again. Moore's despotic. So Let's go on. Bring the target world on. I'm going to most distinct off. So let's bring that again. Target Welt and like this. So I got a strangle their on. I'll do the same thing. But I'm here. So do the like most that. Now I'm going to our UNAIDS. Look here in between. So I'm going to bring the is incidents look tool and privateer. So in this case, I don't want that absentia. Let's go to insert his little obsolete box Enough in today's floor. Okay, then let's kill this This move this so obviously I have to, like existed. Great. Like this is go to slightly store amusing sick right mouse to get all these millions. Okay, so now you can see I have the behind part of the year and now I'm going toe extra the whole thing whole working. You can see I'm going to extra you and let's go to scale to learn scale like this. So this thing about this is the head part. This is the part of the head here. So we're going toe Mars dis part of the body or the head there. So I'm going to on hide all those some water display on go to so on. And I'm going to sort the military all Okay, so just unlike them. So we're ready to Mars it first I need to combine both of them. So let's goto maize and combine. So now it's a single object. Okay, now I have to align All those waters is so that said, this is well aligned. But years not a line here. So let's allying first, make sure selects Bring this thing this like that. Okay, now let's smarts them so much to center. You can see I'm just like a boat up them all sipped on, right? Most are non tough. There's the moors. Whatis Hobson on Mars vortex to center on. Then once you use that, then you can press Z to repeat it. Okay. Like this on. Let's move this. I don't think we have a We haven't vortex there, so I think I have to are building their solar see? So I'm going toe Morse, both of them Like that on this city. A I can was here. Let's say this part. Let it like this. Maybe, but maybe I can hard something there. Okay. Under Let's cars, Those two so kind of this. I don't have anything here. So I think I have to put one. Is there or against us? Not wrangle it it. So let's go to multi core Total. We can bring that to hear Miss multi card on drug on. Pulled a vortex there, then go toe. But that's more than go to edit. Mess most to center. Well, good place. Three. You can see your year has been our best. Yeah, that school. In the next lesson, we're going to do the neck. 30. Finishing The Character Body: Hello, friends. Welcome back. And this we do. I'm going toe do the neck here and we're going to wrap up this character in with this lesson. So let's first start from calculating the Aziziyah two, if I count Is is this from here? Still here? You can see I have 12 inches here on here. I have just It is. So let's calculate half here. You can see it's eight and I have here tool, so I cannot breeze between them. So I have to declare all increase here and I have to mass them so that I can breeze them. OK, so let's decrease here. So partial fall here. You can see I can execute all this line here to get the jaw here. So lives start from extra in this. This is so I'm going to extrude here so extremely and move. So if I extra here again So I'm gonna most fish tortoises so go to edit minutes and march. So now if I Jake, I should've bless number faces here. I can most Yeah, again, Most dish too. So this time I'm holding sipped on right mouse to get this marking When? Here and when a march to center. So now if I check from here to here, I have 10. So I have to decrease to more. So I can do that by Marzen. Something here. Everything. So I can just collapsed. He said So select this whole sipped on right mouse button to get this marking mineral goto this collapse and collapses. Or we can just go to a treatments and collapse from here. Okay, so you know, I have nine leading. Yeah, So I have to decays one more. So let's collapse. This is so I'm getting triangle here. There. That's fine, because it's the best mess and we're going to subdivide it to inside zebras. So now I have a disease, which is the magic number with the bottom one. So now I'm gonna please between them. So before I breeze, I want to just delete this harp so that they can just breeze up there and after I breeze that I can again meter the whole body So let's go mine first Goto miss and combine. Then let's please So select upper part here already have selected those soup Select this one and sits double click here to sit the whole loop on. Let's go on grease Here. You can see I made some misses in between there. So let's increase some divisions there. Maybe to refine here. Okay, so the neck looks two straight years or less. Let's just this city. I think you can just scale it a little bit. Something like this. Okay, on. Let's meter it. So before meter, I need to check all this center vortex, and this would be lined off properly. As you can see, they're not lined off here. So ex select all this center things against us. Double click to select holies. Look there, you can see on I obviously don't need this mouth inside. Is this because I don't want Oh, straighten them here. So let's just select by holding control and drag, I think have selected everything else I want. So let scum. But this is Loop two orders is by just going to Selectmen and convert selection. And you can just go into what this is are you can use this sort code, which is control if nine. So let's convert. That is Luke. Toe check selection. Now I'm gonna use the written components placing inside move too weak. It's not too great upset. So go to move. Tool Donald is not too great a person. That was like a move tool toe. No, none that setting, which is inside move snaps and things that get in components basing it should be off. Don't off So that when I snapped all those vortices this is like move on, snap individually toe the line. So just move on. Snap. Yeah, So see now my all borders is that if I undo it, you can see it was like May stop before a lot. So what I did just don't off the 10 components pacing on just to move the move to a little bit. So snap everything else to get Lane. So now I'm ready to meet her. So let's go miss on me that it. So the accesses said if if it's made it to the old site, let's say it's meter to this. Say that means it's said to jail access, so let's change it. If that happens, discord omitted. Obsolete. On select this are choose this mirror lack six accurately. So now I have selected X, which is right for this guest. So eggs a play on a toucan. See most all those closer vortices because of this really loose or let's stick to business , 2.1 So let's declares it to point. Usual. One on presenter on a Louis after meter. Distressed three. So smooth review and take your miss. Yeah, So I'm going to jump into the next lesson where we're going to start the second morning, so I'll see you there. 31. Modeling Inner Shirt: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this new sex, um, and the sex. And we're going to do the jacket and the parent Onda had best mess. So we're going to start from the jacket. So let's start first. I'm going to do this inside. Sudden, you can see that in Assad, you can say this wide set. So let's do that on my plan is to duplicate from this body. Okay, so whenever you do a sort of and now like a piece at or something which is feet to the body , the best way is just select the faces and duplicated OK, so I'm going, going to do the exact thing here. So let's let's elect some Francis here. So I'm going to use spend selection tool. You can use any selection tool here, and I'm going to go and I'm using the middle. You can see just do one thing. Go to select tool and inside that seven to setting stone on this object X on the news. The pen selection tool. You'll get this meter. So let's select something like this. Maybe I cannot take this look because I don't have a round. Look there. Let's take this I think you can take that. But let's see. I'm gonna used till here like this on till here. Okay? So I think this is good. So let's go to it, Miss on. Go to duplicate face there. So here is a duplicate. Don't use this eight duplicate. This is to duplicate the whole object on here inside this Eric, Miss, you can duplicate some faces, some selector faces. Just use this duplicate. Use this blue thing to upset all. You can use that upset here. Now I'm going to artist award decision to lie enough here. Select whole loop on go to scale tool. You can scale it like this to straight enough a little bit. Conducted it. Let's more defensive that it don't penetrate inside the body there. Yeah, so let's extrude once a the whole loof here again. I missed one face. So let's press control Oneto Isolate Or you can click on this icon as well. Two Separatist control one. And now I'm going toe connect. This is still this is so let's go to treatments and use up into public untold study in my stools, up into polygon. Um, just click on one. It's here Megan C Turn green on. You can see this little square there that will size a split on that is on. Then click on visits. You see something like this on press enter to generator faced so again place. Why? To bring the last tool on click here, Click here on a rescue or enter. Okay, so now I'm gonna extrude this whole roof here less. Go to it, Miss and extreme. Yeah, I think it's good, but have to scale it. I'm trying to No, bring that cloth still here. Somewhere on you can see these printers and all these things. Don't worry about all those things here because we're going toe modify the whole body intact ibra's so Yeah, So I'm going to extrude this whole partum so that I can dress somewhere here. So I'm shopping this lesson here and in the next lesson, we're going to start the jacket 32. Modeling The Jacket Base: OK in this video. We're going to do this. This jacket back. Okay. As you can see, this jacket has two layers. So this party's one layer and this party's that top layer. So you can see the spa, this part on this, but so I'm going to do this inside part first. Then we're going to do this stop part, Okay. So popular. So the inside part looks exactly the the same of the site. So let's do that. So I'm going to reuse this part again to do that because it's identical. Almost. So let's go toe. Yeah. So let's duplicated my just press control. D are just good. Read it and duplicate toe duplicate the whole object. You can see the piper. It is here. So I'm going to being the pilot to the centers over the more defends Click on center by voting. Okay, so this is my jacket here, so I'm going to go Sintra track toe, reverse the selection, and I'm going to hide that press control h I'll goto display hide. I'm so hidden. Other study high selection. So I just hide that inside enough are there. So this will be my inside parts. So as you can see, it's kind of year, the kind of hop it's kind of mostly. So let's go and only fight. Your bit can see the safe is not good. Soldiers Move all these things like this again. I'm not too concerned about the safe here. I just need a mass death so that I can no modify intact. Jeepers, I'm Let's light. This is included, Miss Later stood said image tools slate. It's minimus drag toe slide This Okay, so let's look at it. Yeah, the bottom part you can see it's kind off you are Visa, But you can see the front Lafer or the behind parties way no up there. So that stood assenting are You can see the bonus here, but this bull summer here's the Western eso I don't need I think this loaf So let's delete it. It's just me to move to ease up a little bit something like this behind you to weigh up. Yeah, so just to Loof all this behind part something like this. Okay, so from this piece, I'm going to duplicate this Stop back on. As you can see, it has a little bit design going on there. They concede this parties like this, and it's kind of there's a golf here on the square Safeya. So I'm gonna duplicate the whole thing, and then we're going to Delic and on will create other this kind of seps there. Okay, so yeah, a solution duplicate the whole face. So again, I'm going to replicate it. The whole mess replicated on Let's hide it a little bit. So, as you can see, it's not a symmetry girl on. So I'm going to delete that the connection park and at the center, And then I'm going toe extrude decide. Still here. So this first No, not this symmetry off Somalia. So it's cool to select a land. So symmetry selection. See where two sittings and let's don't off this and I'm going to delete this whole loop. Okay? So that I can take this is Luke could hear on again next to again, just extra. This hole is loop. Um, I can take that that site. Okay, then. Obviously, I can just take this is loof. Could do slide a stool. Sit right click like this tournament of most drug. Just like that on I can extra this snow make part here. You can see this height. So that's extrude that I think I can extra from here till here like this X Q Oh, no. Let's click on this. I going to get this manipulator global manipulator and move up on magic ansi x penetrating here. So I'm gonna move front and a big this. So we're going to modify all these things inside. You just actually led to spend more time toe? No, bring the basic saves right here. You can see there's, like, folding thing going on. So I'm going to move this vortex a little bit forward so that it looks like it's fully yes , still there. So let's move. So here, as you can see, it's hard to select the correct vortex. So let's like this one and then move. Raise your move. Opti r r p a rookie. So when you huger, apparently it always go to the up biotechs on that line on that Islam. But easy, smooth, forward on for religion. So, as you can see, this second layer is still here with the love here. So this is the first layer, so we're going to deal it here and there. So I think I'm gonna delete this team here on. May be this look. So it this change. Do the same thing here. Yes. Soto, select the whole place. Look, just click here. Whole sit and double click on the new government first. So it's gonna to let the whole pace loop do the same. Thing, will sit. I don't think on it. So something like this on the belt, this buckles are going toe. Hold these things with this back piece. So stopping this lesson here in the next lesson we're going to finish this jacket. 33. Defining The Jacket Base: OK, in this video, we're going to refine this jacket a little bit better. So let's check the reflexive minutes. You can see there's a curfew, so let's do that first with this Schwann toe. This too fast. Deluded. Let's go to multi car tool inside this mess tools here, Marty card on. With this tool, I can just create a line from this vortex to this vortex on right click toe execute with this or the Selective Land and did this fest on. Then it's just moved this vortex. Andi, let's goto settings make it companies already in component murders. Good. Just move a little bit. Move. Okay, so we guard that roundness there. Okay, That's good. Then if you check the reference, there is a square, like, got out there. So it's do that for that. I'm gonna deal it. This true faces from here, unless against them. So that it looks like there, uh, looks against this again. We're going to, like, exist. All these things in hyper list is so I have to do a large there, so I'm just doing the base here. So this got out. I got this one on from this product and see these things. I'm gonna do all these things in surgical us. I'm not gonna do here, so let's give it the thickness. I think it's fine now. Okay, So it's first. I think I have to do this side agile because it's no asymmetrical. Okay, so let's do that side as well. So we're still it. So let's go toe hit, Miss Asylum. A stool small to court. You can just drag like this by your look. Most right. I click to execute. So I could have done that with symmetry of Santo non. Okay. Something like this. Things. I think this should go up. Oh, Uh huh. This is go come down. Okay, so I'm gonna extrude again. So extraordinary, vit thickness on. You consider inside part there. So I'm gonna give the thickness or escapes and thickness to that piece as well. This time, I'm gonna give some minus thickness there because I don't want toe penetrate there. That's minus sickness on. It doesn't black because of that minus thickness. Let's go to miss display on reverse it to the street western or months there, place three to check. So that's it for this lesson in the next. Listen, we're going to do this solar park 34. Shoulder Pad Modeling: But we will come back in this video. We're going to do the solar pair this whole back. But as you can see, I have just done this. Isa forgot toe. Do this in the last radio. So I just did it The exact way I did here is this deleted. Andi, as you can see, just extruded toe get this loop there. I deleted that thickness before give the thickness. I just want to give some is loops to hold this gardeners, because if I extrude now without giving some is love to these things. So I'll get something like this. Or let's extra or on Let's give some thickness. Let's say this is the thickness on when it press. Three r smooth. I lose those gardeners as you can see this goodness in the concept we have like circles here, but when I smooth it, I get around things here. So let's undo so before I extrude for the thickness. So I just want to give some loops here. So let's select these things this look on extrude it. So I'm like using my sit right. Most Burton extrude on Let's give some upset here, So control lit most drug toe. Get a loop. Upset. Look there, like this. So, yeah, I got this, love. So when I smooth it, I'll get a cabinet here. Not Sarkander. So let's do the same thing here. So this is to this says this thesis on this is we do the same thing extra or I'll give some upset. Okay. Like this. Honest. Keep some upset inside here. So they're stubble fleet to select on. It's pour some upset there. Something like this. Try toe, maintain that. Same with it. Okay, Something like this Legal. I can give something at the bottom. I think that's fine if you don't get that. So let's excuse this. So now I'm going toe. Yeah, I forgot to do this extra. This gives some absurd. Okay, So let's extrude the whole object to give the thickness or let's keep thickness. Sometimes when you try to give some thickness from here, you might get something like this. So it's kind of a bog off Meyer. So in this, guests undo it on. Don't use this thickness. Instead, use this next gen Access yarrow. So that's to move from there. So this is the solution of fine Okay, So whenever that happened, when you use this technique don't use that is the same thing. Excluding the dead axis. There's the same thing as taken it. So don't use that used this one. Okay, so I got the thickness. I Should I go or something bad? I don't know. What is that? Okay, So when I slope it as you can see Igor some better here, I might extruded some. So I just under the extrude and let's see, The problem is, I have double extruded here. As you can see, if I move about Tex, I have something inside that so it's not everywhere is just on this line. I don't know. I think I might have a student double price there, so Yeah. So the solution is less Mars it. So let's go toe. So let's go to Reddick. Mess on Mars. With this value, it should be marched. Does not import. Export is is to be marched. So now you can see it's fine. So now I'm gonna extrude it. I'm gonna give you the thickness. So let's do the soul of bad for the soul apparent. I'm going to use something like maybe cylinder up up the cylinder solid school and take a cylinder from Polygon modeling. Here. Striga, Celinda s decree Something subdivision permit. So let's go here and decrease its subtitle access. Maybe tool would be good on distorted scale it. So you can see it's absolutely, which is like getting narrow here on is the white part, So yeah, so I just want to delete it. Did it all this versus so select both side center vortex Andi Press control F 11 until it Yeah, so then I'm going to My symmetry is turned on, so I'm gonna don't off this. So let's go here and symmetry do enough So we're still it all this faces from here. Then let's let's go toe skill. Yeah, I do Scale it. I don't want this face. Okay, so I'm going toe narrow. It s killing skillet on. As you can see, this side is never Arcelor's skin diseases and do the same thing here, so this penetration are fine. I'm gonna do those things letter, So yeah, so let's go and give it the thickness again. I'm going to use this blue access, which, with rare access again, this doesn't matter whether we're going inside or outside, so make sure when you go if you go inside, make sure to reverse it. Miss display and reverse. Okay. So yeah, this is fine. So I'm going to stop this lesson here. In the next lesson, we're going to do the buckle straps. 35. Shoulder Strap and Buckles: in this video. I'm going to do the strap on the buckles of the solar so he can see the character jacket has some no straps going on there on the soldiers and some off at the briefcase area. So in this video, I'm going to do this strap. So there's do this draft, so I'm going to do it by using a simple no cylinder. Extra are no, maybe a cubic, too. So let's take a cube. Uh, skillet toe skill down to create that base. Profiles up soldiers who's isn't it on the success there? So it's lang off. Or did it? No, I'm gonna extrude this face extreme on moving dead access, and I'm going to do it repeatedly. Let's press Z to repeat the extra Jackson again Press G to repeat it again. So then I'm also going to no modified this drop a little bit. So here we're going to do one more thing and there's a connect something with disconnected here on. There's something here under something at the behind there. So we have three here, 12 under center and the three the 3rd 1 is at the Are they inside there? Okay, I can press tree to smoke, make it smooth so that I can easily not follow that safe. Smoot said there. And I'm going to know triplicate this base because every straps at the like, the same wheat, and you can see this is the connecting straps here. So I'm going to move this like this on its Laura total bait move. Okay, so, yeah, I'm going to do a strangle kind off safe here. The still metal base here. So for that, we can use, I think, who can use a wife. Yeah, Let's try disquiet. So stick this pipe. So let's make it here on. Let's decrease these subdivisions. So I don't want this Subdivisions. I want three here like this unless decrease thus radius on 600 years. We just this sickness here like this. Something like this on. Obviously, I don't want this this month off. No polygons in the height area. Celestic visit toe six or eight, maybe. Yeah, it would be fine. Then I'm going to Look, baby, will this cardinal raises Because if you look at the demands, it has no rounded Gardner stood that they will all these three cardinals this good rigidness and bevel on. I'm going to decrease this fraction. You're like this and just changes. Some put you off, so I don't want that roundness. But I want these divisions there. You can see another way to our divisions to harness. So now, in a breast. Three. I'm getting a little bit cool around itself, but this So let's let's make it small. And let's move it to that video like this I'm going to rotate it 45 degrees of press J or you can put value here. So I'm going to pray. So J on list wrote it. I can see and rotating in 15 degree interval. So now I'm in 45 degree Saturday. It doesn't have to the 45 degree, but it should be like this. This point is, on the bottom side there, something like this. So, yeah, I'm going to stop this. Listen here. In the next lesson, we're going to complete this trap 36. Completing Strap Base: Hello. Welcome back in this video we're going to do. We're going to complete this trap. So let's go back to the Simaeys. So I cannot say exactly what is the details there. But it's just follow this snow concept are closely so I think there's a no kind off. This is the built on days early. No base piece. I think there were just these two. This based solar. Still that so I'm going to know use this same thing. So let's duplicate it on its throat debt. I'm going to scale it to know, make it a little bit whiter than the usual strap here. So let's make it a bird wider on this will be no Steve's to this jacket there. So on top of that, there's the strap so lying this properly on. Yeah, I think it's good to go. Just base accepts like this. On. On top of this, I'm going to do the strap. So let's duplicate it again. And so position it properly on top of that. Yeah, on there's a boucle on this, so we can are all these particles inside Jibril's. So I think it was. We can keep it a simple at days right now, so I think that's fine. Well, obviously going to do all those details and tactical. It's just a basic steps. Are there just too low on block, miss? So in the next lesson, we're going to do this behind part. 37. Back Panel Design Base: Okay, guys, in this lesson, we're going to do this back piece here. This But so let's start from a cube. Yeah, So let's take a cue. So I'm going to take a cue here. Oh, I'm going to know a Justin some here in their extrude and is look for those things. So that's and again all these things you can do inside deeper us. But here I'm just using this pipeline. I I'm doing this basements in Mayer, but a lot of things I will not doing my like these things. So we're going to do all those things in Taiji Bra's so here kind of. I'm trying to give you both Nawaz in my more ling and diverse absence on Dole's techniques . So yeah, so let's start from here. So I'm going to do this. So let's scale it. I'm now going to extrude this so extra your move and scale toe make this narrow thing here . You can see this corner here. Let's again scale these things. Which kind of this on I can just move. It'll bitto a liar in this back there. Then I'm going to extrude get the same so let's extrude their on extrude kind of this. I think you can do one thing. I begin to scale this like this to get this angle okay on, then I'm gonna extra down against, so let's move down. So I'm here right now on you can see overall, it's like going narrowing their souls to the same thing here. But this on X, you kind of a very best. Except so I can scale overall side thing. It's Yeah, you know, you're going again. Are these loose of separate click in today's loof? Alan is low fear and then may be able going to scale it something like this in a very basic basic layout. The basic Sepp do you still love so disputed this year? I think it's between part this part did This part is longer. So let's move something like this on. We're going to define all the small details all this panel kind of things inside G vessel and they're going to do here, So yes, I'm stopping this lesson here and in the next. Listen, we're going to do this band business 38. Pant Base Mesh: Hello. In this video, we're going to do the pant best mess. So I'm going to use this body to create the band business. So let's use this body. So I'm going to hide everything else except the body. So place old age to hide everything else except the selector one. So I didn't those things and then let's duplicated all this faces from the body. So I'm going to drag All this place is country dis elect. So I think I'm gonna take till here So carefully selected aloof video on I'm going to take So you haven't holding controlled Sit on dragging So I'm just adding can see the most Carson had changed to a plus Aiken there, so yeah. So again, I'm going to sit down Flick to get are these things. So you here have my bant on? I'm going to duplicate all these faces, so go to it. Maize on duplicate. Okay. No, no, it's used This move their access to move on, give a little offset you can see from here. I'm just giving a little bit upset so that the parent assumedly like the body. It's a little lighter than the body. Okay, so that's fine. So it's already looking like a parent, and I need to make it a little bit proper optimized and, as you can see, the loops under proper young in this area. So let's use the sculpting relaxed Burruss on. Let's use this rush to relax and he really space on this. POTUS is so you can use so really spaced those things. If the strength is low again, double click here. Unless it is the strength deliberate. You can see a muting the symmetries. I just have to do one. Say okay for the base mess are you can say this is the only one thing you need to concern about. The divisions are the segments of being a unique, uniformly distributed so that when you divided inside zebras to get out to do all those details sculpting, sculpting, details. When you divided inside zebras, you'll get same concentration of polygons everywhere. So So let's go to select all my Press Inc, you are justly here, Andi, here, you can see have some long rectangular face. That means I conard wantedto is here, so let's double click. This is Luke or select this as low on It's very lit. Let's go to Preval. Sometimes I use bevel. I wanted to have two ways loose instead of one is there So I just not believable. That center is 22 ways. Lows on that center is is gone. Now I have to is on its more evenly spaced in this area. So this shake your model with this perspective are just look at where you can put one out. Welcome, Poor days, Lopes toe, Make it more uniformed Looking here I can put one is look so looks aren't needs. Look here. Okay, on the breast thing I'm going to do inside Reversal against the ban has a lot of wrinkles lot off status on and at the bottom. It's like without So we're going to do all those beautiful sculpting details inside genius . So for a based band, it's enough, I believe the pan So let's on hide everything else So by control sipped h So I a night ban this penetrating here. That's fine. I can just go to for text more select every vertex on now I want to make it a little bit Narrow it so selectively Vertex go to move to land Set it toe normal from here. So we'll select that Norma, you'll get something like this. Medical it on. Now I'm going to use this noma. So basically, I'm moving all these vortices in their normal directs on inward. I can bring them out, work on, make it like bro Ted are, I think, or I can do the opposite, So I think that's fine. 39. Making Hat Base Mesh: and everybody in this video, we're going to do the hard, best mess. So the head is very simple. The top part. If you just divide this had to to part the top part would be Hop cylinder. You can say hop cylinder spirit ical on. This is the extruded is off that spear or half cylinder whatever. So let's start from nothing. Let's start from a cube is to get Cube. So here I need to change it toe also the world. So just click and resettle on you get here the your golf tour. So I'm gonna do one thing in this place, so I want to make it round it. Okay, so I can do that by just smoothing it before I smooth. I want to delete this face so that when I smooth, it's gonna stay hard and these things are going to be around it. So let's click on this smooth inside Messman when smooth. Let's stick. Is this to to okay, something like this on I didn't use any cylinder are spear because we took you on with districted. I'm getting really clean loops like this. If I If I use this spear or cylinder. I'll get a pool kind of thing. You can see with the cylinders Beer every vertical is is. So let me everybody colleges are going to point so I don't want that is look there. So it's gonna it's gonna create bad polygon distributes and inside zebras and I'll know get been thinking of effect when I try to do small details inside Cipla's. So I don't want that. So I find this is better than that thing on its make a dough bit smaller. So obviously there's another perfect safe or I had, but still, it's a good starting point. Then I can just extrude This is its X. You play safe to frame your view on its extra. Something like this again, I'm just trying to get a letter off idea. Okay, so I just want to our Warner two ways low fear. So let's select one ends here, or we can just use our incidents. Look, tool, I think this so it is fine. I can just take this loof on with a little bit to get this guy off kind of thing. Okay? I think for best gap, this is fine. I don't want anything else? Oh, yeah. So I'm stopping this video here on in the next video we're going toe do the groups. 40. Gloves Base Mesh Modeling: hi. Friends will come back in this video. I'm going to do the globe's business on, so let's start from smoothing this model. As you can see now, this model is like globally, so I don't have much publican here toe duplicate er to get the safe here, so I'm going to smooth it. Let's go miss and click on Smooth here. So now my model is Smoot Andi. Now I'm going toe select on duplicates on faces. So let's elect Let's take this paintbrush stool and decreases both sides. Let's go to face more. Andi, hold B and left. Most RATTO decrease or increase the plus size off Spend selection tool. Now let's select against elected by using in Italy. Doesn't have to be the pain selection tool. Okay, No, I'm going to select till here till this this loop of the finger. So let's select quickly. So imposing the video once I selected and come back. Okay, So, as you can see, I have selected updating here, tell these fingers and once they have leaped in this area, if you can see the safe here. So let's select this process here like this on Let's go toe it mess I'm duplicate. Okay, so I'm going to duplicate it. I'm going to use local translate Z like this, man. Just a little bit. Something like this. Okay. And now I'm going to extrude this place so kind off straps. So I'm gonna text you. This is extrude State. The move tool. Yeah, Again, Extra or move. So he had this, like, this empty part would be here unless extra This idiot this is insane have been extra or so Do something like this on. I need to look are just so let's select this vortex does hit your a p arrow key toe Go up, Slept out Vortex, move! Look, something like this I think thesis to most I can connect here, So let's go toe May stools up in polygon Toe on Just click And this is And this is here. I want around said like this So I'm going to are just so I'm going to exist. This too. But this is so let's go to move to land changes to component so that I can no, from the surface There on the surface. Jackson kind of disip there. Okay, on. You can see there are a lot of details, this detail and I think this is a hard part on this detail and the straps. So now let's let's give it their thickness. So let's go on extra the whole piece on Let's extrude and move injured Jax's outside All inside. I think I should go and say little bit inside, Then go to surf. It is amazing. Display and reverse rest Street to check on your cable. We can see you got the best means there. Now I'm going to do this trap. So let's take take a polygon kill Now you can see it said to interactive presence. I need to turn that off now Let's bring that skillet. No, I again Just hold the Vielman cable on, then left most track to snap somewhere here. Okay, on its then let's extra defense, Teoh, move on. Police. Um so I'm going to extruded here and I'll report sometime. Once I'm donated, I'll come back. OK, so here I'm done with this as just a student toward returns on just isn't it? So now let's go and are some is loose because if I If I go and smooth it down on the smooth preview you can see it's looking good, but still I want to our one of two ways love. So let's doing the Internet's looked all on. Let's are one is love here. So let's Jake first. Yeah, it's kind off bullets. One are one of us is Look there. One is Look there. So I'm not a putting very close to the corner because still, I want some kind of roundness. Let's are will be here to To Flex happened this whole that corner. So let's press three to check it till now. It's fine. So let's stop this. Listen here. We're done with the Globes. Best miss. So in the next video, we're going to do all these straps. 41. Strap Buckle Modeling: her friends and this, really, I'm going to do this. Buckle on in the next. Really, we're going to do the whole strap. So let's do the buckle. So I'm going to do this piece purse. So let's take a Cuban. Let's see how it can do that. So let's hide everything that select and hide everything. Let's put them in a layer. I'll hide all this thing by pressing control itch. Okay, I'm going to do the strap buckles. I'm going to take a cube on. Let's see how we can do this. Let's listen, Cruz. This week, it decrease its height. We just decrease the height. And let's are some divisions in the world. Salutes are some divisions. Maybe. I think six is good number here, so okay, so let's select all this tree. Well, let's scare them like this. So I'm going to unlike trying to do this set. So it's to lower. Let's something like this, something like this. Unless it's select this face and this face, I'm going to extrude. So let's extreme cold and upset. Let's upset them like this somewhere here. So I'm going to do this this whole voting, that's ah, maybe a little bit more upset. Maybe this much. Then we're going to do this. Build off Durban. More dumb face on. Now I'm going toe select. This is Look, when this is look, I'm gonna braise them, so let's go ahead it mess and bridge. So I got that thing toe hold that it's a little bit more. I'm going to extra this piece inside. That's extra order upset again. I really wanted in division so upset something like this. Time Press g again. And this time let's move and say so I'm gonna keep your oneness as the supporting is looked . Then I'm going to move, so I I can delete that first if you want, so let's press three to check. Now you can see it's losing almost er, whole square safe. So let's art. Some days look so that's hard on Is low fear it's going and say there one is Look. Yeah, the street. No concerts. Better unless it's arts amaze. Love. Fear. Roger, toe, Hold this set. Discover deciders. We'll decide, sport one here, one here. So whatever you want to like, hold the corner, you only to art. Somebody's looked there. So let's put So for every kind of and putting to supporting as look besides that men can local express three. Now, now you can see it's looking better on Let's put some is look here as er toe, hold this slope. Okay, then. Are one here? They're going to extrude this faces inside there till it's extraordinary on smooth like this. Then place de again to repeat on this timeless. That's cool. Inside on Go to scale tool. As you can see, it's penetrating here. So I'm going to skill like this a little bit on skill them so that the move inside something like this and I'm going to art some as low fear toe, Hold this gun. This on one is look there to hold that. Okay, So this is our this displaced. Then we can do this thing that let's take a Cuba again. So I'm going to take a cure like this, be inside somewhere. There are some divisions here as well, So Sen, Chris, the way delivered more. Okay, it's fine here, so let's are some divisions, so yeah, I think this is looking right. Then let's do the same thing here. Delayed this study extra this two faces on upset, so I'm goingto do this thing, then delete this faces, then res res this to border edges. So let's go. It makes an these here. Okay on, then decided Quincy. It's kind of narrowing this safe, so I'm going to select this face skill, skill them to make them little narrow can scale this. So again, I'm simplifying this sip because it's not going to busy bullets inside there. So it'll have to do all those details there. So let's scale something like this. So I'm going to put some as loops to hold the Serbs. Alerts. Art. One is here, here, on this there to looks there. Alexa Art Some Islip, CIA. So I'm going to tell you a new tool by using that to liken, I cannot do look toe that singlets single Connor at the time. So let's go toe mess tools and let's go find upset Is Luke instead off in certain slough, there's a tool called upset is look, so if you use that, you just need to drag on the IDs, so let's drive under is on. You can see I'm adding two loops there, but because of this proportion this side is sort Earth. And they say so it's late putting them, but I can again easily move it. Sir, There's one Are here, Here, here, on here. So in the next video, we're going to do the strap. 42. Strap Modeling: OK, in this video, we're going to do the strap. So this drop, you can see here on, probably I'll take another be another class to complete this. But let's do the best trapped there, so I'm going to use a new way to do that. So let's hide everything else except the buckle on the body. So by present, my pressing all the edge we can hide everything on selector there. Okay, so now I'm going toe, create a car. So let's create the card we're going to create on golf tools, the civic or two. Bring that. So I'm going to start from the say so let's create a golf there with fewer points here are gonna see. I can't see properly the body. I'm going to guess it like maybe yes, I'm going toe again decides those things. Okay, so once I just this say again at the same place somewhere here presenter. So here is my cough and you'd be here, move it to the locus and there unknown going toe existed. So let's say I'm going to do this. Struck first, the like bullets hold us trapped here. So this roberts kind off like this So let's wrote there that something like this on Goto control Vertex more Here you can see I'm right clicking on the empty space when it's selected. Accord with selector, right? Most hold anywhere in the empty idea, then goto control vortex on. Now I'm going to select some control vortex This let's use sub selection so that we can easily, no smoothly modified Holbein left Most track toe are just a radius. The smoke no fall off. So let's move it. So maybe it's way down there. Let's I don't think that much. Maybe here, like this on DSA. Let this okay, there is basic Yeah, and then I can go toe object more subject more. Sometimes it's hard to paint. OK, so now I'm going toe extrude acu on that calls. Let's bring it que Now I can easily snapped this cube to the score endpoint here. But it is going to this scarf No. Eight point Onda when the given selected snap snapped a point on this Hobson on move it. It should snap to the Gulf, But you cannot say because let's let's make it small so that we know make it small at this . I don't understand up two point here on Let's snap. Okay? So you can easily snap toe cough on Let's rotate and I line it. No again, don off the substance on. And I think I do love this point here somewhere. And now let's know if you're looking. Snap it, but go to eight point and boiled snapped about. You can also hold Wiki to snap the vortex. Okay, now I'm going to extra this first. Start off this gone up sub selection. We're going to select this place on the Gulf. You can see everything is in my wrestle. It's hide it. Press control edge Oregon. Hide it from display hired on hide selection. Okay, now let's go to first more. Select this face and select the car this selection ordered is important. Make sure you're selecting the 1st 1st then the car by holding safety. Okay, let's now extrude them. So let's extra you. Is the normal extra You? Yeah, on at fulsome divisions so you can see it's like giving me or result from here to here. It's because actually, it's extruding with this car, but it doesn't have any divisions, so it can't like fit to this car. So let's increase the divisions. Is the first thing you should do whenever you like extrude on the car, increase the divisions. Then let's see if it's okay. Not okay. So let's increase the divisions here. Something like this. Okay, so fine. So now I'm going toe on, hide everything. Let's go display and saw this time. Andi, let's go to so General Terry and all. So here I believe it's we give a little Tina, So let me undo so that we can like is a sickness. So make sure you said the thickness first. Probably. Otherwise you have to, like under one. Then do it you gonna do after that? So let's It's just something like this. Ah, next to in divisions. Fine. Go displace. So so geometry all Okay, here's my strap on. Now I'm going toe Do this Here. You can see the strap is like, Let me so this image strap is something like this. It's like coming on looking here. I don't know what to say that. Okay, so let this face. And now I'm going toe extra this man early. Solar. It's extrude Move. None of this not Dobson can see who knew extruding. It's makes you the rotator is also something like this exterior rotating the angle of the face. Ex trio seducer Tingly. This again extra you. So I'm trying to get get this still here summer. Oh, Saudi, maybe extrude again on this. Terminating is the last six to. So let's our system. Probably just them, I think. No, it's OK. Their lives are some divisions. Nurse start Alana's Luke yet then one here, one here. Mm. Why? It's like doing this. That's out here. Okay. On, then, to decide, decide the same thing. I forget to do this. I think I think I should do the first thing then, like our date slopes If you'd move who? So I'm putting the video year once I due to it till here and I'll come back. Okay, So you have completed just I did the same thing that's extruded on partisan here. So knowledge is are those to his lips here and here on you on here to hold this gun? Let's press three to check it. I think it's looking good here. I just need to are distributed. So excluding these things. Okay, it's fine. So I'm stopping the video here in the next video. We're going to complete this trip 43. Finishing The Strap: Okay, so let's finish this strap here. So I'm going to do these things here. You can see there's a fat, bad type of thing. Yeah, on. So I'm going to do that and let finish that. So I'm going to use a duplicate on faces from the existing stop here so you can see it's like penetrating. Now let's first, which isn't that on gets you sub selects. And inside the move tour sub selection, you can praise be on your cable toe, on or off. This absent on. Let's think this two world and I'm going to while I'm going to move it a bit, something like this, they let's turn off sub selection. Okay, now I'm going to use some physicists, so it's kind of from here till Tillerson right here. Aan den. It's a second thing that's true. I'm going to select this first until this face select them. Maybe this face shape. Yeah, let's take this face unless duplicated. So let's go to it, miss on duplicate face. Yeah. So he is the mess on. I'm going to scale tool center. By what scale it like this. The way the peace soldiers make it a little bit. Why I Let's give you the thickness. I'm going toe extrude the whole object on. Let's extra outside like this rustic skeletal and make it a little bit thicker. Maybe never. This is OK. I think this will make it a little bit quieter. OK, so now let's are some is Look there on ESPN appeared here on this year against the Cartoonists Corner, said Liberte, rounded there. It's not like square, so it's under this loves. Let's Gail this to become Rome. Do the scenting here scale. It becomes ground. Okay, And then let's are there's loops. Yeah, and here again, it's making it hard to look around to. Let's something like this. I didn't This is OK for now on here. Let's do something. Lives select a year from here. Maybe this thing, the bullet thing. Yeah, so let's let's still here with me against or select from here till here again. It's duplicate on extra. Let's duplicate first modify center by what? It will be a little bit tickle, but less than this place, some going toe. I think it didn't give me a clean diesel bill, etc. So now I'm going to extrude it on. I've also live it. So this would be the bullet holder. Onigen looks are some loose. So in the next video, I'm going to do this pouch. 44. Modeling The Pauch: Hi. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to do the pouch. So here you can see I'm going to do this. So let's start from a cube. So let me hide all these things here, please. Control, It's too high on. Now. Let's take a cube. Something like this having its fine now. So let's scale it to get the proportion like this on. I'm going to our UNAIDS loaf splits Gomes tools and insider's look toe, I'm going toe hard. One is love here. Maybe one here, one here. No one here. So let's extra days inside. So click on this extreme cold move just the way insect. And now I'm going to extrude this faces for so I'm going to side pure. Yeah, so I'm going to quickly create a car. Let's go. Sirico stolen are going to do this. No folding piece. Yeah, something like this. Now let's select off, assess it in selected faces and then the car sometimes the curtain canvas. I don't know why Don't selector but dry again school and selected. Ah, next really increase the divisions there. So something like this. Oh, okay. If you don't change this gulf, it can ultimately change that model final or puts or less chance this girl here in this city here, even I can delete some points I may need to tweak the borders is little bit. It's fine. Let's history dilate to get rid of this. No carve inside their solar taste to deal it and the carpets inside there in order to select little car. I can just like Don off this object mosque on drug now object can be selected. So still it the gulf on stolen that again people. Okay, now let's press three to check it. Okay, I need toe. It looks like it's wider here than the bottom, so I'm going to use the lightest to do that. So let's go to deform and use the lattice on on the lettuce. I don't want any subdivision in the height, so let's decrease the Stevie Reasons to do on now. Considered to love anything. So click outside on Goto like this. Point said right. Click on outside and go to Lattice Point. Select everything there on. Let's go on scale. You can see this like our existing. That entire saved their easily. Forget them to get it up the largest select object and then delete the history. It's like like the former get rid of the D formers. Okay, so let's put some the reasons to support these things. As you can see when a smooth I lose every corner there and everything looks like around that melty, let's go and go to insiders. Local are some is loves to hold this corners. So first I'm going to add something here to hold this. So everyone is. Look here. It's more of a little bit. It's been the tool. You can even select the last tool from here. Let's hard one is Look here, toe, Hold this color. Okay, I can even are like this. Just those same thing. The side and a little J quit till 30 R. You can see it's flying, but we need to. Hard one is look like this horizontal here. Three. Let's go to side view, and I just always I don't I think I need such a tick. Don't think full increased their soldiers select everything. Decrease the thickness there. Live it on. Let's select the Sox selection. Let's go to move Tool and Donald Salt selection will be and decrease the radius Get something like this Stone off the sub selection. I'm going to do this thing. So in order to do that, I need one toe is LaPierre's. Let's bring days. Andi, I need that under send exact center. So I can do that by selecting. This is on this whole control. Right mouse, Go to his ring. Included is Andi Choose this option to his ring and split. So we'll get at Are the center. One is Look on, then, in order to get one here and one here, we can reveal this to respect Ville it on. We can keep to segment here. So by doing this I have still my centuries and now have to his looks there. So again again they will. These two let's go toe level because the flaxen like this I'm now going to use my incidents local somewhere here. So let's with now I'm going to select this place and this face. Let's do one thing. Let's extraordinary little bit forward. Then do the select them at Mess predates. This time was changed to blend and let's see Okay, so it's because off this snow flat angle, and it's because of that we need to just change them gender angles. Let's move this So the face angle is like this. Andi this so it would help it to like audience properly. Let's select on please again. This time it's your work. It's good to blame Narragansetts working something like this, and we can do the same thing here, agile. So let's do it. Let's go in today's look toe, let's do a small one here again. Do the same thing extra. You moved them outside on, then rotate them. Oh, sorry. Select this face on. No. Rotate the little bit. That's kind off on and select on grids. Here, you can see there's a new kind off like problem. It's kindof bridging this vortex. Two here, So in this is wrestle, try attending. This breeds upset, so just drug and it will keep switching. So now I just need to do this snow belt there. So let's cool and we could have, like even you can do this right now, so let's select. Looks like this is toe tell. Maybe here. Now let's convert. This is look two faced selection, So let's go to select convert selection. I just two faces So now I have my face elector. Now let's go to edit miss and duplicate those process So let's duplicate Can see let's move injured so that it upset from the body. No, it's just a matter of extruding this age is there on and it should go down there. Keep pressing g to extrude again and again. Move inside. Prison G. Something like this on. Then I'm going to give it Take nasa lis extrude the whole mess going to give thickness inside So I need to reverse it Must display reverted Okay, I'm any toe skill and make it eligible Tina Less Why did then this in criteria? So now I'm going to art somebody's looks to hold the CEP So again I can Our days looks to decide and decide at the same time. So let's go use no offset There's look tool instead off incident slope So let's choose upset as Luke on drive on the center IDs so you can see I can, like put two ways loops at the same time on for this I just need one is looks I'm going to use in such a slope so you can see So we have a sweet little back there. Andi, I have mistakenly extras something here. So let's corrected. So select this fest is in order to select the whole like *** physicists select this face X Go to select on gross election from here. Select Alan Delinked. Now I need to feel this so select the border is on goto mess and feel whole Let's treat jack era So you have stopping the video in the next. Really, we're going to do the second bag there. 45. Modeling The Second Pauch: in this video. I'm going to do the second poach on. I'll do that by reusing the first post was just did in the last video. So let's we use this one here. You can see this bag is similar to this one, and I think it doesn't have a built kind of thing here on. It's kind of a like self card, not here. So let's do that By using this, one will just modify it to get this. So let's do this year so I don't want this. Let's duplicated first. So let's school and replicate move it. So here. I don't want this one celestial it'd on even I don't want these things. So no, select everything here. Every Michael. So let's go top Yuria im proved top. You select carefully like this. You might select inside things. So let's diss elect by hold dragging control on look losses Is this deleted? So now I have to I feel these things. So double click and select the border is go to mess and feel whole. Yes, I do the same thing here. Even I can do this just double click toes like the whole row here. Let's go toe select and gross election. We can do this. Grow you can hold sipped on and you're get it. Get it done. Symbol When you were holding sipped with greater than symbol we can like, increase or decrease the selection Yes, to let Unmiss feel also holds it right on. We'll get this pillow here unknown because I don't have to do those things. I don't want to have the slopes there, so let's we can do one thing. We can select it and hold control, right? Right, Most good rating and collapse it. So go to Israel and collapse. So instead, off two ways Loops I would like to have one is looked at like this. Okay, and here I want a little bit cardinal and trade days. I can say it straight, kind off corner, so I don't want these loops. So let's say this would be mine color. So let's delete these two loops selected. Sit right. Most button and tools. Dilip Dates already can choose from here as well. Somewhere here delivers and protects. So let's let's do the same thing here to make it straight and did this. I think I should keep this So let's delete the slope. So let's go Toe it. Mess. Andi, Dill it is And vortex. I need to modify this safe. Celebrate. I forgot to do that last video sore. I can do that by this. Selecting this is on double. Clicking on this is to select the slope, then select the skeletal and scale it again. Why access? It'll get straight things there. So I think I need to do this agile. Same thing I'm going to are some loops here to make it like syrup that starts. Um, loops there, miss Tools and instructors. Look, Toe one is low. Fia something like this on I want to. Our one is Sofia announed going to our some more is lips just toe know makes sure it has same concentrates on like which shouldn't have so long rectangle kind of faces. Now I'm going to tell you how you can put multiple is lives So let's choose incidents looked all this time option box and I'm going to use multiple layers Loops upset so I can add multiple is loops and I can choose from here how many loops I want toward in a single click So let's say I want to art Maybe four with four multiple is loves. Click on This is You don't have to drag now you can see I have I think I should make it three little refine. OK, do the same thing here on Let's are the one is low fear on again If you let's say one. If you are one is look with multiple layers lips. This is another way to art. One is look at the center. Let's say you want Toe Arden Israel but the center so we can use this technique Even if I click on here, it gave me the Islam. But the exact center I think we should do the same thing here as well press. Why took doing the tool? Andi, again, I'm going to use Ford here. Not for I think I used tree their history. I don't have to put inside there because I'm not going to do anything. No any sauce details inside? I think I may need to. Our one is Libya, so we have completed two backs here. So in the next video, we're going to see how to do this small wine bottle 46. Wine Bottle Modeling: Hello, friends. Welcome back on in this video. I'm going to do the bottle, the one butter. So let's start from arranging this back there, and then we'll start the buckle. Now you can see I have to process here, so I need to group it before I I can rotate and no dough. The stuff here. When I try to rotate these things, let's say, is a selected boat and I'm trying to rotate it. You can see the distress in. It's kind of like auto. I'm rotating it now. It's like stretching as well. So it says transform nor problem So you can do one thing to fix. Let's go to window on Route Planner and against in. Now this two things I'll inside the group are some transform node. We need to, like, bring those things out of that transform, Nor Okay, so let's select both of them now. Those are selected. I'm not to go to edit on. Click on on parent in order to bring those outside. And now they're on parent. Now, this would work correctly DNC, and now I'm going to group them toe go to edit and group. Now they're in a new group. It's move on London's those So imposing the video here, let me a rinse this, then I'll stop that. But okay, here have just placed those bites moving and rotating and scaling them on. Yeah, so let's go and start the bottle. So let me go to the front view. I'm going to do the bottle here, and I'm going to use North's modelling technique for that. I'm going to use a kerf on. Then I'm going to use this revolved toe toe. Create the modern Let's go to create mental on goto scarf tools on. Choose this civic Artur. And now I'm going to use this tool to create the car. Let's do the card here. I'm going to start from this point who hold eggs and click here to snap it. Then I'm going to draw the car, so I'm creating a straight card here by holding sipped key and then placing the vortex to the site. Now I'm going to create the I'm going to let go stop there to create a bottle, and I'm going to clear the village in Rick. Generally kind of bottle. There, on your bitter caps are going to put some points there on Let's again click here has entered to execute the cough on again. I'm going to snap this gulf toe this line. This is a very important point. Next year you are snapping the point to the center line. So select this vortex our control protects. Then hold X and then move from this access. Don't move from the center. It will snap to it like point there for whole eggs and move from this access like this. Once I have exact half Gulf, then I'm going to use this surface, select the carving object nor, like this on, then go to surface and revolt. Very simple. One that's choose. I think it's fine. Let's change the save a little bit. It's kind of a big gap on small body, so let's go and change this. So let's lay something like this. Maybe just dragons vestibule. I think it's working. Let's select it. Andi, Let's history Gillet go to it on deal by type of history so that I can easily delivered a car. So if you can select the car officially, then again, don off this object mosque. The substance. Now you cannot select objects, so I can easily select the car without selecting the object that they can't on on this. Then let's move on. Reports the Senate. No, its users small. I don't know how it stay. I think there is something toe Hold it on. That's attest to the bail summer movie Smooth here. So let's something which can hold this bottle here so I can goto this say, which is in North Peace now. So I'm going to convert it to polygons so that I can extruded I can duplicate some places from this. Let's go to modify on gone board Upson and choose the first upset and go top 10 bucks, which is north two polygons Goto upson box on here. I'm going to to some setting. So let's fast reset everything toe by default. Choose squad onto country parents So I don't I want quite facist like this on guy Want exact structure off it just like this. So choose this to absence and Teslik. So now I have my paralegal mess instead of the North one, the Norton will be still there, so I'm going to delete that you can see the large one is still there. So let's see Let the north one and dilated on. Then again make Siri poor Jiro here to bring it back. So now I have my own bottle now going toe. Select this fair slope on with this face. Look on. Let's duplicate this first love. So goto treatments and duplicate. Let's move it in jail. Access a. Now let's give it a thickness. Something like this. It didn't reverse this. Now I need to put somebody's looks to hold this car. Not so. Let's go to insiders. Look on now, you concede said, that multiple is looks more so. Let's double click days. Look off, son in order to get the tool settings since it to ability or receptive. So I need to put one is Look here and here. Then let's say it should look something like this, some stopping this video here in the next. Really A. We're going to do all these bullets 47. Modeling Buletts: Hey, welcome back in this video. We're going to do the bullets, so let's check the masia. So we have some bullets here. Let's do one bullets, then we're going to duplicate it, so I'm going to do the bullet first. So for the bullet, I have some but that our friends images here, this one. I'm going to follow this one, but that I'm going to take a spear on. Let's skill down it and I'm going todo in front of you. As you can see, the bullet deep is surrounded here, but I'm going to do that here. I'm going to decrease the subjects, and I don't need this much up subdivisions there. It's a low kind of thinking, the scale a little bit so that it extremes deliberate. Then I'm going toe. It would do it all these things. Still, it's let's kill a little bit like this. Then I'm going to extra this loop extremely well. Cost raid kind of this. It's got a front view. Now I'm going to cap it, so let's goto mace and feel whole. Then we need to pull some facility within to put somebody's loves go to my stools in such as Love I Want toe are one is Lou FIA So I'm going to ard One is love here on I think I can use this one. So let's select these lopes I'm going to I didn't mass duplicate scale it like this and then let's extrude to give it the thickness. It's reverse it Then let's our cinemas looks here I don't want to hard one inside So I think I need to put one is look inside So maybe here on here So I just use control. Want to isolate it quickly so this would be out one bullets are going to combine it Combine it now salutes mine Now I'm going to place it on a rotated like like that so that you get this X axis in that particular direction it'll be easier to duplicate now I think the it looks very small Scale it something like this I think now it's fine. Now you can duplicate it So it's control day to duplicate Move Ah, now I can use city to duplicate it with same distance I can see I have to add in stores here Let's move them. I can select everything there and move. So I'm going to pause the video here. Once I complete, I'll come back, You guys, I just completed challenging them on in the next. Really? I'm going toe dough. This thing? I don't know. What is it? I think these are the bombs. Let's do these things in the next video. 48. Modeling Bombs: Okay, let's do this bomb pieces here. So So going to do this holder faster. Alice, I think for that I can't duplicate from the body here. Let's try duplicating from this leg. Donald told off myself. Selects Al Nicest. So I'm going to do this piece which is attached to this. No, this stop here on its again, a square kind of thing which holds these things. So that's duplicate these things from here. Makes you Yeah, I'm going to do this. Say salutes. It makes duplicate this face again. I'm going toe move injured access, maybe students on. I'm going to give you the thickness by extruding the whole object like this on reverse. The direction off normals makes your its robust. Yeah, I think the bottom but is not straight. It's kind of a gulf, So I'm going to use I'm going to move this vortices longer so that I gave something like this. I think it's fine. It's looking fine. I just need to put some is loops. So let's go. And Artemus lips here toe. Hold this simple. So they just hold this If on I don't want to put on his look here, I get put that I think. Let's so let's put on his love Here on one is low FIA When one is Look, you're so I'll get a cardinal and disappeared round thing. Something like this. Okay, on with this I'm going to do those bombs. So it's a simple cylinder. First take a cylinder. Let's let's decrease the radius here. And I'm going toe because the subdivision access as well as I don't need this must stop tense mess. I'm not going to are some in the height. Maybe this. Then I think I need toe scale down these things. I'm not CEO. But what is the Sape? There may be something like this on Looks extra. All this faces Goto for selection X. Sure, So slowly I'm tryingto use my marking men as you already our off all distance. I'm not like telling. Are those things what I'm using? Those? So here I am going to extrude on and something like this. Econ extra inside. As you can see, marking minimum is very fast, then extrude you cannot see my drug there. So that's why I recommend to use market man. So again I'm going to do the same thing here on. If you want to know if you want me to tell it again. So it's like selecting on control right mouse to 1st 2 faced. I'm doing that very fast like this. So fast. Extra leavin. Sit right, most under Locate a studio here so you don't have to seat you. Just need to drive it like this and move extra. You're on. Let's scale an extra your move. Something like this. Maybe insider's look, toe, the whole all the safe. Something like this are on again for the holding part. I'm going to do that as well. So I'm going to use this faces again. Select this loof and grow the selection. Goto select and grow on its duplicated against it. Right? Most will get the duplicate from here again. That's move injured. Or you can upset it from here as a sort of the local translate. See is the same thing. And I'm going to give it a thickness by extra in the whole object something like this. But it was The normals is going to see me repeatedly doing those things. Andi, you should have cared that idea off like a pattern off my work history. I need to pull some loops inside as well, so that it holds the same properly. Okay, something like this underlay this on. Then we're going toe. Combine it for temporary basis that it's easy to know, rotate and easy to move around once combine, always delete the history. I just used my thought cut with it, all sipped on D. Then let's put it there now I'm going to our end it here. So, so easy Way to bring the object here is to snapping to this protects. So if you see there's a vortex, I can hold V all. You can use this button, so hold V and snap. You can easily bring the object somewhere here. Then you can start arranging it. So let's wrote it it. I think I need to speak Gale it just raise it like this. Then I'm going to duplicate it. So go toe every to duplicate our control day move on their sit d. Let's click on here, duplicate the transport so we'll get the 2nd 1 with same distance off this one. So let's I don't know. I think those are very close to each other anyway, so I need to tweak it. Something like this. We might add some details in the vessel, it seems exhibits. Now I have some bomb there which is attached to this this place. So you are wrapping of this video here, and I'm going to do do this trap in the next video. 49. Modeling The Second Strap: Hi, everybody. Welcome back in this video. I'm going to do this side strap here on. Sorry for this Tween set off here. I just wanted toe see the reference besides the view on, I don't have second monitor year. So So here's my model and he is my reference messa. Let's do this. And I'm going to duplicate this and reuse things for this one because it's exactly same. So let's start duplicate this whole strap. I think I'm not going to take this, okay? I think we need to the stub lick it these things. So let's go to edit and group on. Let's modify and sent a private toe. Bring the pilot to the center. Now I'm going to duplicate it. Let's go it and duplicate on no less poor Jason and wrote it. Obviously, we have to look too big a lot, but it's a good starting point. So now you can see I don't have anything on this interface here because of this small area . So I just wanted to hide everything so you can hide everything by control space again if you hit control space, but you'll get a ve y if you want to hide it again hit control space but again. And to change this manipulator toe, world toe, no object mode. I use the sword cut off W which is the move tool shortcut. If you hold that Andi to left most button, we'll get this market model, which is we just all the like move tool settings. So here we can change it toe object and while easily so I just need to put it there. Okay, let's go to our text more So let's praise be to turn on the sub selection on hold B and left most track toe just a radius. So it's just it carefully. Okay, As I said, we might need to tweak Tweak it to proper like pit. So here you can see there are some big gaps. Okay? Not to worry about, like doing it perfectly. You can do it easily in Judah's. So let's just move this thing. So imposing the video year, let me finish this and I'll come back. So here I just I just heard this on you against say, Still, it's not 100% perfectly arranged, just in a basic way. So let's do this thing here on again. Say this is the biggest part there. It's let me bring the images. So it's like till here's the big a big part which holds this thing anything. So let's do that by again. We can't just duplicates on faces from here so that it no fit there. So let's start from here on. Maybe I messed up this water system. I mean it to drink that. Let's do that first. That's fine. So let's select again. That's from here till here. And I think you should go on, get that blood will do that first. So let's suppose it don on sub selection pulls inside there and it should be somewhere here . Oh, something like this. It can be. Stay here. It should be somewhere here. Oh, and it took two week. Okay, so I'm going to duplicate some faces Still triplicate from here till summer. Here we know a team. Merry tales here. I think they'll here. So let's duplicate this face. So hold sit right mouse, and you can duplicate from here Or you can do that from it. Messman. So once I duplicated, then let's let's move. That drove off our pays to make it a little wider. Let's goto object more so you can see it's a little wider. It's moving Children like this. I'm now going to extrude it to give it the thickness. So let's against it, right mouse extreme on. Let's give some thickness there. I think it's pretty too much. So let's undo again and let's give a little bit. Yeah, so now I'm going Toe are one is over the centre somewhere like this. Let's make it a little bit rounded. Sore. I really need to put one. Is stuff here so that I can start bending from here. There's like this on. Let's not really do this on its does. This also therefore would do that. To start one is look here. Then let's Skillet something like this. Let's press three. That Okay, are we're going to do those details inside Cipla's. So here I am stopping this video in the next video. We're going to do this. This gun holder 50. Modeling Gun Holder: Hello, friends. Let's do this gun holster in this video. So, for this, I'm going to do a very basic one on. And I'm going to do this kind of details inside zebras. It would be easy to do there, So I'm going to just do it. Rescigno Square, Sepp. So let's take a polygon Q For that on again, I can use marking menu to bring Polygon Cube by this tolling sipped on right, most in an empty area. When you don't have anything selected, nothing is selected. Just hold. Sit on Right, Mohs Anywhere in emptier on. We'll get all the primitives here on from some primitives here. All the polygon primitives. So from here, I can take the cue. Okay, so let's take there. Yes, we do the model of the location, so I'm going toe. No scale. Um, I'm going to get the proportion or the best. Except because something in kind of this Andi Then I'm going to Assamese loops here. Let's Arden is low. Fia on on Islam FIA on. I'm going to delete this faces. If I'm right, I think there's a kind of stiff from the silhouette. I can say that as you can see. I think this this part is the gone on. You can see this part is the whole sordo of the bag of the gun. So there's some kind off like that kind of fungal here. So let's add some low fear. Sellers make it a little bit longer. Pellets are some is live here as well, and I believe it's Skaff narrowing down in a bitch. Let's make a little bit interesting. Sip on again. I can do the same thing here again. Just deleted. Okay, on this part will be empty so that the gun can fit in tow. Inside, on this part of baiting close, I'm going toe No, feel it all. I can use the money now I can use a pen tool. So let's go Toe May stools and used up in public gentles A click here and here. Once you get a pink color face, press y on your keyboard. So the executor on then I can do the same thing here. Sometimes let's go to for every more so that we can see it. Well, I'm going to press enter because I don't need the tool anymore. When you press, why it's gonna articulate and still you, you're going to be in that tool. So by pressing enter, you're going to out of the tool. Okay, like this on here, you can see it looks all it's because off no saving it. So if you want hard setting, you can just go to miss display and click on hard AIDS. Harden is that's not actually problem. There's just a display Ting. Let's that said, This thing is kind of fun angle. So let's maybe kind of this Okay on, I think same here. So there's a triangle under the's kind of details. I'm going to do those inside GBs, so I'm not going to do those now. Let's just give it a thickness on. We're going to be done. So let's go to edit Miss an extra. Let's put some thickness. Maybe I'm going toe out after outside because something like this press three to check Onda . It's not bad you can put the gun here on. I think it's OK. We can just add some divisions to hold the safe. So let's are some divisions here to hold us there on maybe some divisions here. Make sure you have like squared, kind off faces. Not like rectangular long rectangle physics. If you do the jungle face, then just Arden is Look to divide it. Okay, I believe I think we can put one is look for the center so that it holds a little bit of that flat. No clad sip. Everything else looks good to me. I think if you want to, you can put and make this cardinal. But no. Hold this. Colonel notes giving that gulf on, we can just put one. Is loof here in the tech necessity? Is that this flatness? So be there after smoke. It should hold a little bit like this, so I think. And this is good for now. And we're going to do these details here. You can see inside you, Gus. I'm stopping this video here. And in the next video, we're going to do these tie straps 51. Modeling Thigh Straps: Okay, let's do this. Tie straps here so it's very easy. We can just to make this trap by using this leg. Jim, over here on. Let's say this this is is at the right Lucas, and now, instead, off This is I want to praise there. So let's select this and to let this love on. Let's bayville them. So the whole sit right most on bevel EDS or you can go to headedness on bevel. So now, instead, off one, decrease the fraction instead off one. I got a face. Look there something like this on. Let's said this week it should be like this strategic nous. Yeah, let's select this loof school edit Miss on duplicate face or use your state right mouse duplicate again. I'm going toe move outside so a little bit we can't do one side and then we can duplicate it to the other side. I believe I made it a little bit down there as things to do it here somewhere with us. Fine, totally fine. We can move that letter so let's do one side first. So let's actually the whole thing on this time inside extra because I just I just have a gap there. So that's go to May's display and reverse the normals. So this is the strapless Artem is Look to hold the side corners like this I'm now is just need to duplicate it, duplicate this thing on. Put that there it is the same one. Yeah, so let's group it control G Onda Whenever controls it. The pilot went there. So let's go to modify and center Piper to bring the pirate toe the center. Yeah, on. I have not duplicated yet, so let's go to edit and duplicate on. Obviously, this one is the small one toe we need to scale it skill down. Let's put somewhere here that press tree on megalithic smooth. So the reader BG to like no check if it's matching, at least it be this skill. I just did one side. I don't have to do this side we can just duplicated to this site. So now let's make them a group. The whole thing. Let's pull them on the locus and express control G to growth. Ah, now I can see the group is here, and now I'm going to duplicate it, so that's going to duplicate on Let's go to Channel box Split on activator. Let's Intertainer books. Let's put minus one value to the X scale. Let's put minus one so it is duplicated on meat it Flip it on Now I can just parents select the whole group by the selecting one object from that group on click or place your OPR. Okay to select the group. Okay, so now again. Go by. What is there? So let's bring the pilot to the center. It would be somewhere here. So same thing here. It's a move it off. Interesting tip. I would move it. A case like this and this Supik or partial? Just move it a little bit. Okay? I didn't It looks fine. So let's stop this video here on in the next lesson, we're going to do the gone