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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Lots of students have asked me for tips about how to organize materials for painting watercolors out of the comfort of the studio. So I designed this class in order to give tips for different kinds of outdoor experiences. It starts with a simple material set for some black and white sketches, after that we have a living model session in a room with lots of other people and in the end I show the students how to organize things for a trip to paint far from home in a nature environment. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Renato Palmuti

Illustrator and watercolor artist in Brazil


My name is Renato Palmuti

I am an Art Director, Illustrator and Painter.

I worked in advertising, sales and design agencies until 2001, when I focused my carrer in Illustration. I opened my studio in 2005 and since then I've been working for agencies and clients making images for their ads and campaigns.

Painting was always a paralell activity, but recently it has become an important part of my work. I started studing a lot the watercolor techniques, producing diverse paintings and I've been invited for making classes and workshops in various studios and art schools.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hi, I am not Bone, which I'm an illustrator here in Brazil because off my watercolor paintings, I have been invited to teach in studio schools and groups of artists visit my experience on bait in all doors. I want to give you some ticks to organize our materials for having a comfortable our experience. For that, I let the three different stops off materials well for a sketching in a small four months, another one for a leading model session and another one for painting and Bonaire in larger four months. Are you ready to go years? 2. Sketching: At first we start with some simple materials because we're gonna leave outside to paint something like this. It says more, uh, sketch. Just black and white. We will use only one paint. They're simple, and I'll show you how to put everything together for a comfortable painting. So let's six. The paper in this size, we'll have to consider the subject to see its horizontal or vertical. Let's see their horizontal for one and decide I put this most phones, chips or the water in the brush. Great. This is a small recipient for water. But this place we have here, a small box they're gonna use to put the paint rep here we will use some brushes and the other things we can food in this small bag. The water we're gonna put into the band What I'm being I can use this'll part off the graph just the precious I'm not using while I'm working here. So it's very easy. Very simple, very handy, and I'll show you how to put everything and there's a small folder for carry on. It's very good to have something like this to protect her bushes. Here's my bag. Take this Maltese and inside for their food versus All right. We are ready to go way 3. Living Model: assemble something bigger for holder skips more or less be size. So we're gonna use one more like this. IHS, Order Order sets right here. We'll put this college. We do a second for water, and it is a small space here. Want to? We're gonna rush It is for I can hold the paper. Yeah, And again, I can use this part of the great with Burton I won't use. I have. Ah, very good and comfortable for two pence. And now I'm sure your how could put everything so there could carry. Let's protect the gracious to take care off before everything separated. We can't do it for too far. Thank watercolor set. You should have, um, the banks in this direction. Okay. A papers altogether ready to go. 4. Plein air: Oh, gonna show you the equipment for Ah, complete plan. Air experience. I'm gonna use this larger mixers with paints. Already here. I have the sponge issues. You don't need to take all over purses, but you can select the best ones for thinking outside full board. It would be base for the watercolor paper. We'll fix it. We're date. Yeah. This moguls that day. Free God, this standoff flexible cook very handy with water in the small sense. It helps to drive, order, order. All right, report this set Reddick pains we have, and I'll show you how to do it fast. I used this small try for for former first because it's very light to carry. And it's very simple and easy to say. We have We have the sandals untrue angle to the bed. Just look here. I need this small piece of wood. Where East? The doctor off the tripod. We just froze. And that I can connected, you know? Then at the control in this multi support, you can put anything or any size off base for Where were you? Texas State paper to start. How can you organize everything together? I like very much this. It's more bad with this structure that works like this tool. I can't look everything we need here. It's like it's very easy to carry, man. It works as it's due to Thanks with these. So your stories in this kind of case, it's good to keep it inside plastic bag, so you get the the paint still wet, according the air to enter this small. If you're using this kindof sponge and it's already wet, you can take advantage off your plastic two people unit for the minutes off the pace. Like this small box that would be you realize they're going to have a heart books to protect before a purpose. What everything's try block inside. This small case that form or and your workplace hasn't showed you just very easy. Work is right way come, more sighs offer paper on base. Can you just a folder like this book you go out for this? Is armatures very easy to carry? It's OK 5. Conclusion: for sure. You're gonna have a different kind of materials. It is different than mine. It's Gazit. Different brushes, different banks. But that ain't the most important thing. It's true that nation your interior for each kind of experience is your painting on doors, which were painting this model room. People are around you, the engine in your space. This way. I think you can over the great things about painting outside, and we're back to us to something. When your own outside painting set up your material and showered us, take a picture or make those model movie on a boat. How you thought your materials for these kind of experience? Look here in this less and thank you very much for watching see you soon in a new school shirt.