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Rap Like A Pro With 8 Simple Steps: Legally Steal Pro Rap Flows

teacher avatar Pat Parra, Creator of Pro Rap Academy

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro To Pro Rap Flow Hijacking


    • 2.

      Step 1: Rap Like A Pro


    • 3.

      Dope Classic Rap Verses


    • 4.

      Step 2: Improve your rap flow


    • 5.

      Ear Training


    • 6.

      Step 3: How To Be A Pro Rapper


    • 7.

      Step 4: Stealing Pro Rap Skills


    • 8.

      Step 5: Best Rap Flow


    • 9.

      Step 6: Rap Flow Forensics


    • 10.

      Step 7: Your Favorite Rapper Flow


    • 11.

      Step 8: Let's Rap Even Better


    • 12.

      Recap Of 8 Steps To Rapping Like A Pro


    • 13.

      How To Rap Fast


    • 14.

      Rap Fast Example


    • 15.

      How To Find Your Rap Voice


    • 16.

      The Importance Of A Rap Alter Ego


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About This Class

If you have trouble with your rap flow then this is the course for you. 

You will go through 8 proven steps to steal the rap flow of the greatest rappers of all time while still developing your own unique original sound. 

This is a similar process all of the best rappers in the world have used to get their amazing rap flow.

It will help you sing, rap, and write songs with better flow.

This course will not only help you tighten up your flow, it will also help you:

  • Improve your delivery
  • Strengthen your vocal muscle
  • Rap better on beat
  • Increase your confidence with rapping
  • Get new advanced level and creative flows
  • Improve your rap style
  • Develop a pro level rap technique. 
  • Get classic jazzy and modern flows
  • Improve your freestyle skills

These steps are simple but not easy. 

They take about 2 - 4 weeks of work for best results, however there is no faster or better way to make sure you get high level rap skills. 

I hope you enjoy the course and I look forward to sharing more,

  • Pat

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pat Parra

Creator of Pro Rap Academy


Meet Pat, a professional songwriter with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Pat has a unique approach to songwriting, using freestyle rapping as a tool to create songs in every genre. He's worked with Grammy-nominated artists and producers from around the world, honing his skills to become a master at his craft. Pat has developed a deep understanding of the technical aspects of freestyling, and knows exactly how to help others improve their skills. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others succeed in their own music careers. With Pat's guidance and expertise, you'll be able to take your freestyling and songwriting to the next level.

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1. Intro To Pro Rap Flow Hijacking: He would have his pat. And in this course you're going to learn how to steal the skills of your favorite rappers and still sound original of a problem a lot of new rappers have is not knowing if their flow is good enough, if they're flow is good at all. And in this course is really going to help solve that issue because we are going to help you get classic level flows and also modern flows with these eight steps. Now these steps are really hard, but they're really going to help you. And basically what we're going to be doing is what kind of all drummers, all guitar players, singer-songwriters do. And it's basically kind of covering songs like a drummer when they're starting out, they'll learn basic drum patterns to help with their foundation. Guitar players starting out, like for me, I learned a Nirvana song and I was just kinda like a simple song that helped me get started being comfortable with the guitar. And this is the same thing professional rappers do like Jay-Z, not every single professional goat level wrapper has all studied the wrappers that came before them. And I want to show you a step-by-step order for how you can get the most out of studying another wrapper that will really help your ear training, your flow, your delivery, your annunciation. It's going to help you with your writing. It's going help you with so many things because we're gonna do the specific steps in a specific order that it's really going to go deep into what it takes to wrap at a pro level, to have pro level flow, and also going to learn what goes into writing and delivering these pro, level flows. Now this class does take a lot of work. It's eight simple steps, but these are steps that I can't do along with you because you're going to have to do them by yourself. It's kinda work that you have to do to be able to get those skills. But I promise you if you take the time like a week or two weeks to go through these steps with two to three different artists. I promise you your flow is going to be crazy. Your flow is going to be ten times better than it is now. It's going to be so much better. So I hope you enjoy this course and thanks for taking this course with me, or I'll see you in the next video. 2. Step 1: Rap Like A Pro: All right, so the first step to wrapping like the prose is you want to pick a verse that you really like, a verse that kinda really resonates with you. Something that you really feel in that you're just really amazed by. And something that just kind of really impresses you could be because they are wrapping really fast. They're wrapping really smooth. They just have a very unique style and inverse by any rapper could be Kendrick Lamar, M&M, whoever your favorite rapper is. Get that verse in which you want to do is find the audio for that verse. Okay, so that's step 1, is finding a verse that really feels good to you, that you kinda instinctively gravitate towards where you just really feel good when you hear it. And you would love to build a rap with that level of skill. So it's first step, find that verse and when you're ready, go on to step 2, go into the next video. 3. Dope Classic Rap Verses: Alright, in this video, I want to recommend two different verses that I think will give you that classic flow. If you want to flow for rap battles or you wanna freestyle like Harry Mac, there's two foundational famous rap flows that will help you with your rap flow. And I'm going to give you those in this video because when you are starting out, I do recommend starting with slower flows so you can really focus on your delivery and annunciation. So these are classic flows I recommend starting with if you don't already have a flow in mind starting out, I definitely don't recommend going after Rap God or Godzilla, like the really fast wraps. I recommend starting out with something slow so that you can really master wrapping slowly, confidently, skill and control. In the first, first, I recommend learning is the third verse of juicy by Biggie Smalls. And it goes like this. Super Nintendo Sega Genesis went out, was dead broke man, I couldn't picture this 50 inch screen money green LED this sofa, two rods of the magazine with the shelf. And then you could go up to like halfway through the verse. And that would be fine trying to masterly at least half that verse. And that will really help you with your flow because big he has a jazzy flow. It's also very modern and also very classic. So learning this classic flow will give you a great foundation in pro level rap flow that people think sounds good to the ER. So I highly recommend starting with this juicy verse by Biggie. And another verse I recommend, which also has a jazzy freestyle vibe far side, they'd write all their raps with free styles first. So all their versus, have a ferry, Qu energy, a very live energy. A lot of times when you're just writing wraps, you get stuck. It kind of sounds robotic. It doesn't sound like it flows very well. And farsighted conquered this by free styling first and then turning the energy from their free styles into Vs. And then that's why they're Vs are so cool and so jazzy, so highly recommend learning this one as well because it'll give you that really cool jazzy flow. And this is a song called passing me by, by far side. And it goes like this. It goes now when my younger days I used a spore to sag. When I went to school. I can't read lunch in a bag with an apple for oh, my teacher, because I knew I get a kiss, always got mad when the class was dismissed. But when it wasn't session, I always had a question. I would raise my hand and maker staggered to my desk and helped me with my problem. It was never much. Just a trick to smell is set and try to sneak a touch. So I recommend just doing that first paragraph here. If you want to do the next part of the verse, you can get one in the whole verse. It's an awesome verse that has a lot of musical elements. And again, the reason I want you to learn these verses is because they're very musical. They're very connected to the beat. And a teaches you how to be more musical with your voice and more musical with your flow. And also the cool thing about this is that jazzy flows seem to always be in style like they're still modern. There's still cool. There's still a lot of rappers like Joey bad as saba. A lot of cool rappers have this jazzy flow. And when you have a jazzy flow, you could pretty much do anything in hip hop. Now you can do anything like I start out with a jazzy flow and you can do the trap style stuff, you could do the modern stuff. You can do any different style of flow when you have the jazzy flow. And it really helps your writing too because it helps you go anywhere. So these are just two versus I wanted to recommend if you weren't sure where to start or just in case you were picking something too fast. I highly recommend learning these Vs first, going through the eight steps with these verses because they will really help you first. And then after you master these two classic versus Dan, I recommend picking one of your favorite artists and going after one of their Vs. And then you'll have a very well-rounded flow unlike anyone else, because you've done these two Vs plus averse that you really liked by a different artists and maybe like half a verse by different r's and that will really help you or I continue on to the next steps. I just want to give these suggestions and I'll see you in the next video. All right, Bye. 4. Step 2: Improve your rap flow: Okay, now we're on step two. Now that you have that verse, step two is writing out every single word of that verse. Now it doesn't have to be the whole verse. What we're gonna do is write out either a section of the verse, just the part of the verse that you really, really like. And we're going to write out can be like it could be four bars or four lines or eight lines, whatever the section is that you really like. We're going to write out that full section with pen and paper. We're going to write out every word. And this usually involves listening to the song over and over again so that you're able to pick up every word and just hear every single word. This is not going on Google and just printing out the lyrics copying the larynx. No, we really want to have the experience of writing it out with pen and paper for a couple of reasons. The first reason is this will give you a really good sense of the structure of a professional rhyme that you're really feeling that you really like. The second reason is, some people will say that your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference. If it's a rhyme that you came up with or if it's a rhyme with someone else came up with. And so what this will do is give your subconscious mind and give you the confidence to think that you can write wraps like this two. And it'll also give you the experience of what it feels like to write down a high-quality rap. You're gonna be able to see it. You're gonna be able to analyze it. And you're just gonna get a really good sense of what it takes and all the words that go into writing, a really high-quality wrap that you have chosen and that you really like. Again, a recap is step number 2 is writing out every single word. So that's step number 2. When you're ready, go on to step number 3 and the next video. 5. Ear Training: All right, Before you go on to the next video, I'm going to talk about another benefit of listening and writing down every single word before you look it up on Google. And the benefit you're gonna get is ear training. You're going to start to develop really sensitive ears. They can hear every single word and a wrap. And that's really important for analyzing your own flows and other people's flows. So not only are you able to pick apart professional level flows, you're also going to be able to more easily pick apart your own flows when you record your own raps. So when you're playing back your own wraps here, Oh, I could have done that bidder. I could have said that word a little more clear. You're going to be able to pinpoint in here every single part of your flow that needs to work. And this is going to help improve your flow and delivery a lot more because you're going to be able to fix these issues yourself instead of having to ask for someone like me or someone else to analyze your flows. You're gonna be able to analyze your own flows a lot more confidently, break them down, and see where you need to improve a lot faster. It's definitely a good idea to ask for help and ask other people to check out your stuff. But it's also really important for you to be able to hear these things yourself and the long run, because you're mostly going to be with yourself into recording. And you're going to want to be able to make your flows as great as you think they can be. And by studying the greatest rappers of all time, like what we're doing in these eight steps, you're going to have a very high standard for your flow. You're going to have a very high standard for your delivery. And it's just gonna make your flow and delivery a lot more likely to be able to compete at that high level that you're going for. And ideally with enough work, you want to get to that level where you can feel like you can compete with any rapper. You want to be able to be just as good or better than any rapper. Not that you have to be technically better than every single wrapper because a lot of this is story and personal experience and just you being you, you can compete with rappers. But just technically, the goal of this class is to help you to be able to compete technically with these rappers and this ear training. Because another thing that will help you get there, so definitely take it seriously. And then only when you have a completely hard time where you feel like it's impossible to figure out what the word they were saying. Then go on Google and double-check with what you are writing and what Google has. But when you get really good at this, you'll find that Google's lyrics are wrong. A lot of the time in your ear might be better than Google's lyrics. So it kinda starts to notice that Google kinda messes up lyrics a lot. And it's a cool thing when you could recognize that because you took the time to do the ear training. Right. So I hope that's helpful and continue on to the next video, our Bye. 6. Step 3: How To Be A Pro Rapper: Okay, Now we're on to step three. And step three is getting that verse that you wrote down. What we're gonna do is underlying all the words that rhyme in that verse. And what this does is really give us a good sense of the structure of the rhyme. It's going to give us a good sense of all that internal rhyme schemes where they're pulling the rhymes and you're gonna kinda just really understand, you know, later on how you can put rhymes into your own reps. So that is step 3. Again, a recap or just under lining all the rhyme words and the rap that you wrote. You know, when you're listening to it and you're hearing them rhyme, we're just going to underline all of those rhyme words. Okay, go into the next video for step four. 7. Step 4: Stealing Pro Rap Skills: Step four, now that you've written everything out and you've underlying the rhyme words, turn off the music. What we're gonna do is we're going to recite the rhyme that you wrote down really slowly without a beat acapella. And what this is going to do is really develop our speech muscles so that we can speak every single word clearly. The number one skill that we're going to focus on is annunciation. You're going to want to speak every single word clearly. And what this is gonna do is help you wrap fast later because it's going to give you the muscle and the strength to really speak every word clearly. And when you're wrapping fast later, it's going to make it. So even if you're wrapping fast, the words will still be clear because you have developed your speech muscle, you, you've developed your delivery. Okay, again, step four is this. We are going to read the wrap without a B very slowly acapella until we are really comfortable speaking every single word in that wrap. Okay, So that's step four. When you're ready, go to step five. 8. Step 5: Best Rap Flow: All right, Now we're on to step 5. And step five is we're going to turn on the original song and we're going to wrap along to it. And we're going to try to match up the flow, match up the delivery of this wrap. Okay, So all we're doing is just wrapping along to the wrap and we're just going to do it over and over again until we really feel like we're able to match up with this wrapper and just kinda speak the words clearly. And this is gonna kinda help our delivery a little bit. Doesn't have to be perfect at this stage. We're just kinda wanna get the experience of wrapping along the wrapper now that we have a sense of how to deliver these words. So again, step five is just put on the song and we're going to wrap along to it with the wrapper. When you're ready. Go on to step six. 9. Step 6: Rap Flow Forensics: All right, Now we're on to step 6. And what we need to do is find the instrumental version of the beat. Now the instrumental version is just the beat with no lyrics. We want to find the original b with no lyrics. If you can't find the original b, It's okay to just get another instrumental that you'd really like. So just find a beat with no lyrics. And what we're gonna do is practice rapping by ourself. The verse that we wrote down, the verse that we really liked by our favorite rapper or whatever. What we're gonna do is just wrap that verse over instrumental over and over again. And the big thing you wanna do is record yourself with your cell phone voice memo or whatever you have to record yourself. You really want to record yourself with whatever you have. I used my cell phone voice memo because easy. So what we're gonna do is take the verse that we really liked. And we're going to read it over a beat just by itself. And we're going to record it with a voice memo. This way we can play the recording back and kinda really get a sense of where we're at in our delivery. And kinda get a sense of where we need to improve so that we can focus on those areas. If you are noticing that you're having a hard time speaking certain words, what you wanna do is go back to Step 4 and wrap those words slowly speak those words slowly without a beat, and then go back to putting on the bee and wrapping them faster. So anytime you're having struggled with putting the words together, go back and start wrapping the words really slowly because this is going to give you the strength and the muscle to deliver your rapidly well, alright, when you're ready, go into the next video. 10. Step 7: Your Favorite Rapper Flow: All right, now we're on step seven. In step seven is all about making this rap verse your own. And the way that you're gonna do that is we're going to inspire your own creativity by switching out words and the rap that you copy down with words that make more sense for your life. So for example, if you had a rap that was saying like, I smoke crack every day, I'm rolling into a don't even care if I'm not even play. What areas this he said, I smoke crack every day. So you can use that same flow, same rhythm, the same rhyme style. And instead of saying, smoke crack every day, you could be like, I eat tacos everyday, unroll it, you know, I'm saying so we're just going to switch out a word. So instead of crack, you can say tacos, you get it. So just switched out a few words in that wrap that make more sense for your life. So again, if you have a rapper talking about, I love girls with red hair, you can be like switch it outside. I love girls with black hair. So it's going to still have the same flow, but you're going to switch out the words, okay? In this step, it's all about making the verse your own, okay, so that's step 7. Then all we're doing is switching out words in the rap for words that make more sense for your life, okay, and then wrapping those with the same style flow as your favorite rapper. But now we're kind of making it our own by using words that make more sense for us, you know, and this is kinda giving us the experience. Making a wrap our own, Wow, stealing someone else's flow, okay, and this will help you use this style flow in your own raps later. All right, when you're ready, move on to the next video. 11. Step 8: Let's Rap Even Better: Now we're on step eight. And step 8 is repeating these seven steps for two or three more versus that you really like. Again, what this will do is get you wrapping like the pros faster than anything else. And within a month doing this, you're going to see amazing changes in your rap skill. This is going to get you wrapping like the pros faster than anything else. So doing this with a few different verses by a few different wrappers that you're inspired by is going to give you the skills that you've instinctively always wanted. And it's going to really help you with your own raps. So I hope you enjoyed those eight steps. Those are eight steps. It may seem like a lot of work, but nothing will get you wrapping like the pros faster than going through these eight steps. It is practice. But within a month of doing this, even after the first time that you're going to start noticing a change, your flow as change in your muscle, a change in your delivery, going to be able to deliver rhymes more clearly, you're going to be able to have all different types of flows to pull from. Because you are studying your favorite rappers and you are using this practice to build the muscle, the rap muscle that you always wanted. All right. So I hope that makes sense. If you have any, any questions, hit me up in the discussion section and I'm always responding to people's questions and making new videos. So yeah, thanks again and continue on to the bonus section. All right. Talk to you later. Bye. 12. Recap Of 8 Steps To Rapping Like A Pro: Hey, it's patent as a quick recap of the eight steps. So what you wanna do is pick two or three verses that you really liked by different wrappers, different Vs. And you want to repeat these eight steps. And what this will do is give you amazing rap skills fast. That's going to give you the skills that you want. You're going to soak in. The rhythm is going to be soaking in the flows are going to be soaking in the rhyme and writing style of these raps. And within a month of doing this, this is really going to help you develop your skill. So I hope you've enjoyed this isn't an easy process, but this is the most direct way of building your rat muscle fast and really getting those skills that you want. And it gives you a step-by-step system for getting there. So I hope this helps If you have any questions, let me know. And I'm always making new videos. And I've enjoyed teaching this to you. I've enjoyed sharing this. This really helped me go from not knowing anything about rap if it's held us so far, a lot of students. So if you have any questions, let me know. But you know, don't just sell on these steps. Don't just let this sit on your hard drive of this class, whatever, like go through these steps. And I promise that will help you. One thing that you can do is record yourself wrapping, just free styling or wrapping before, and then after going through these steps in it like a month later and let me know what you think. All right. I'll talk to you soon. 13. How To Rap Fast: It's Pat. In this video we're gonna learn how to wrap fast. So the best way to learn how to wrap fast is to find a really fast rap for that you really like. So what we're gonna do is find that rap verse, write down every single word of that rap verse, recite it very slowly. And what this is going to do is help you kind of understand the structure of the rap verse. And it's also going to give you in-depth understanding of how it's written. And then wrapping it really slowly is gonna kinda help us understand every single beat, understand every single rhythm of that wrap first and eventually after wrapping and slowly, the slower you can wrap it in a more clear you can wrap it the easier it will be to wrap fast later. And then you can put on beats of various different speeds to test out and just keep on wrapping faster and faster. And that's a learned on a raft fast. It's very similar to the eight steps. And it's just kinda focusing on wrapping slow and wrapping every single word. So this is a very repetitive process. You just have to repeat over and over again until you got it. And that's how you do it. 14. Rap Fast Example: Hey guys, In this video I want to give you a quick example of how you can learn how to wrap fast. So what I did to learn how to wrap fast is I found this Tribe Called Quest song called scenario. And in this song there is a verse by Buster rhymes or he wraps pretty fast. I liked the flow and I wanted to learn how to flow like that. So what I did is basically repeat his verse over and over again. Just play the song over and over again. And I learned all the words. And what you can do is just write out for your own verse. You could write out every word that you hear, to listen to it over and over again. And it's going to train your ear is going to train you to really listen to the subtleties and all the little things going on in the verse by listening to it, instead of just going on Google and printing it out, it's better to listen to it over and over again and write it out. So again, so what I did is I just listen to the verse over and over again. And then I would wrap it really slowly to kind of develop my muscle. And then I would rather fast and I'm gonna give an example of it. First, I want to let you hear the verse. I'm talking about someone to play the scenario. Alright, so that was the verse by bus to rhymes. And I wanted to learn the part where he goes. Yeah, oh, busted up the fault. The bus. The bus or not, the browser. The browser on time. I wanted to learn how to wrap that. So I liked that slow as out of school. And so again, what I did was I just wrapped it really slow with a yo busted out for the bus, the bus. Another rhyme that RED them miss in sync. The rhymes are on time. And then I would wrap it fast after I kinda really enunciated, really make sure I was speaking clearly. You can't see me, but I'm really trying to move my open my mouth and really speak every word very clearly. And then I would try to wrap a fast gonna be like a yellow busted out before the bus the bus another bomb number them isn't saying that rounds the on-time. And if I notice any parts of it were I'm not speaking clearly, I would wrap it really slowly again. Hey yo plus owl before the bus, the bus. Another rhyme. The rhythm is in sync. The rhymes are on time. And I'll try to wrap it fast again. A oh, busted out before the bus, the bus and let that run the middle of a Zen sigma, the prompts on time. And what I would do is keep on going back and forth until I felt like I really got it. And this is what you can do. Go on YouTube, find a verse that you really like or part of reverse. If you notice, I just learn ten seconds of this verse because I just liked the flow of this particular part. And you wrap it really slow. Speak every single word clearly. And then when you're ready, practice wrapping it fast. And this is how you can learn how to wrap fastest. Go on you to find your verse that you like. Rapid, really slowly, then rapid, fast. And a good thing to do is record yourself rapid and fast so you can play it back and listen to it. And really here where you need work. And then we can go back and then rapid, slow. And this will build your RAM muscle and get it so you're wrapping fast clearly and people can hear you. All right, so I hope that helps. And I'll see you in the next video. 15. How To Find Your Rap Voice: Hey, SPAP targets. So in this video, we're gonna talk about how to find your rat foil. A lot of people hit me up like saying, I don't know, I really like my rap voice. I don't like my voice. How do I find my rap voice? And what you'll notice by some of the best rappers out like Kendrick Lamar and M&M, what they'll do is they will switch up their rap voice depending on the song, depending on what perspective they're talking from Kendrick Lamar's new album to pimple Butterfly. He raps as if he's a woman. Rest from different people's perspectives and on each style he changes his voice. Nikki been knowledge is really famous for changing or voice the law should always be changing her voice, doing different characters. And I didn't alter egos. That's another story we'll get into. The important thing is to remember that it's okay to experiment. So the way to find your rap voice is to put on a b and practice rapping with a really high pitched voice. And practice rapping with a really low pitched voice. So what you can do is put on a beat and start wrapping with a high pitched voice like me, like a golden. All right. And then you can switch it to a low voice, but yeah, Oh, well, maybe my car we know G on a whim luck girl allowed all care about in Vietnam a while. And I've got guile zone as Zach, I had bad guys in the sky when our login NAM and gov and I think she needs to lose weight on that. I don't know, whatever. So you want to try wrapping high pitch, low pitch. And eventually what's going to happen is you're going to find a happy medium that you like. So you want to just kinda give yourself permission to try out different voices and understand that different voices are going to make sense for different songs, different moods, the loudness of your voice, you know how hard if you're going to be screaming sometimes you might have like an angry beat in. For an angry beat. It might feel more natural to wrap like hardcore, like, like just like, you know, just like it to change your voice might have a really emotional beat, melodic beat, and that sends it, it might make more sense to wrap more smooth. And we have to do is basically test. You have to try different things. Record yourself with whatever you have your cell phone and just test out what voice works for that moment. And eventually, you'll find your center rhyme voice, which will be like your standard wrap voice. And that will be from testing at high pitch, testing out different pitches, testing out different styles, and just recording yourself testing out these styles so that you can play it back and be like, oh wow, I like how a sound that they're like how a sonnet here. I didn't like that. You're gonna be able to find a voice that really works for you. So that's how you find your rap voice. I hope that makes sense. Again, the main thing you want to remember is just to give yourself permission to try out different voices. High pitched voices wrap like a woman, wrap like different family members. You can mock different voices or copy different voices and just record yourself and find what works for you. So that's how you find your rap voice. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. And I'll see you in the next video. 16. The Importance Of A Rap Alter Ego: In this video, we're going to talk about the importance of a rap alter ego. You'll notice rappers like Nikki Monod, Eminem, eminem S Slim Shady, Nicaea notch has Roman and these are that are more darker sides that were, they're able to express all these darker and crazier sides of themselves through this rap alter ego that they have given a name. This is something you can do to kind of give yourself freedom to express everything that you need to. You don't want to limit yourself. You want to be able to express all those feelings. And if it helps you to create a name, which it can help, it can help a lot because what it does is it takes the ego out of me. I I don't I don't wrap like that. I don't talk like that. Maybe there's a side of you that wants to, and it makes it easier to give that side of a view, a name. So it'd be like, Oh, that's not me, that's this part of me. And it sounds kind of schizophrenics, sounds like got a multiple personality disorder. But what this does is it gives you the freedom to just express all these different sides of you, and that's what art is all about. So creativity is all about, just about expressing, getting all those sides of you out. And it can be very entertaining. The other thing is you might want to have a different rap name than your real name. And this is if you don't want people knowing that you wrap, if you don't want people hearing, maybe you're swearing a lot in your reps. Maybe you're talking about a lot of perverted stuff. Maybe talking about killing people. They were talking about doing drugs. This is why it might be good to have a rap name if you don't want people googling your real name and finding out who you are. If you don't care, you're just like, I'm a rapper, I me, That's it. I don't I don't care. Then yeah, then you can use your own name or you can use whatever name you want. A lot of musicians and artists will give themselves at a different name to kinda get themselves freedom to build, express everything they want and kinda throw their old identity away. In this video, we talks about the rap alter ego and why you might want to create a rap name. The alter ego kinda gives you freedom. And also that the rap name will give you freedom to not have to worry about people Googling you if you want to keep your different identities separate. So anyways, I hope that video helps and I'll see you in the next video.