Promoting Your Online Business on Pinterest (Especially for artists, makers, and creatives!) | Jules Tillman | Skillshare

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Promoting Your Online Business on Pinterest (Especially for artists, makers, and creatives!)

teacher avatar Jules Tillman, artist | business coach | infp

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to Promoting your Online Business on Pinterest


    • 2.

      Let's Start by Perfecting Your Pinterest Profile


    • 3.

      Then We Will Create Eye-Catching Pinterest Boards


    • 4.

      Breaking Down The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin


    • 5.

      Pinning from Etsy


    • 6.

      Pinning from Your Website or Blog


    • 7.

      How to Pin? Yep! How to Pin...


    • 8.

      Making Your Life Easier by Scheduling Pins


    • 9.

      Thanks! And Your Class Project


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About This Class

Did you know that Pinterest has 200+ Million monthly users? And a huge portion of those users are not only clicking through on pins to get more information, but they're also BUYING things they find there! 

When I noticed that over 60% of my own traffic was coming from Pinterest (where I have around 6600 followers) and only 3% was coming from Instagram (where I have 110k+ followers) -- despite the fact that I was spending way less time on Pinterest and way too much time on Instagram I knew I needed to change my game plan.

Maybe you do, too?

In this class I'll be covering:

  • Perfecting Your Pinterest Profile
  • Creating Eye-Catching Pinterest Boards
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin
  • Pinning from Etsy
  • Pinning from Your Website or Blog
  • How to Pin? Yep! How to Pin!
  • Making Your Life Easier by Scheduling Pins

And in the end we will share our class project: a Pin based on all of the information we learned in the class! (Plus I share a link to a free trial of my favorite Pinterest approved software!) 

This class is especially for artists, makers, and creatives! But it will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about the power of free exposure you can get on Pinterest. 

I hope you'll join me in the class! And if you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the class discussion area.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jules Tillman

artist | business coach | infp


I'm an artist (or, as I like to say, a "creative explorer"), and affiliate marketing coach & blogger. I help other bloggers and creatives monetize their online businesses with affiliate marketing, And I've been doing business online for 10+ years. I started Thriving Affiliates out of a passion for helping bloggers make money in an honest and ethical way with thier blogs. I actually own/ed two other sites where I made 50-100% of my income from affiliate marketing before starting Thriving Affiliates. 


I help creative entrepreneurs like you build the lives, and the businesses, they really want. I'm a business coach, and I loooove social media (I'm looking at you, Pinterest and Instagram!) I love teaching, and I love the creative onlin... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Welcome to Promoting your Online Business on Pinterest: no hi and welcome to promoting your online business on Pinterest. This class is especially for artists, makers and bloggers who want more traffic in sales to their online shops and websites. Hi, I'm Jewel Stillman, and I'm an artist and creative business coach and an active skill share teacher and student in my most popular class start a creative, passive income business for free and seven days or less. I taught how to set up an online shop, using your own designs to sell our products almost 100% passively. It's a huge hit with students, but now that many have set up their shop there wondering, how do I actually get people to visit my shop and hopefully by for me, in fact, as a creative business coach, I'm frequently asked that question. And my first and best answer is always interest. If you don't already know about Pinterest, let me just say that it's the number one driver of traffic to my website, and it's the number two traffic source to my Etsy shops on Lee, behind etc. Itself. Pinterest is powerful, so let's get to know a little bit more. First, let's debunk some interesting myths First is that Pinterest is social media. I actually myself will sometimes group Pinterest in with social media. But really it's a search engine, a visual search engine, and it really should be treated as such, especially if you want to get the most out of it. Myth number two Pinterest is only for dot, dot dot people have a lot of assumptions about what and who Pinterest is for. Some people think it's only for women, but the fact is 50% of new sign ups are now men. People also think that Pinterest is only four U. S. Citizens also not true again. 50% of Pinterest users are outside of the U. S. And some people assume that Pinterest is just for things like d I wise or recipes. But that's also false. Pinterest is popular for a huge variety of products and subjects. So no matter what you're trying to promote on Pinterest, you're just about guaranteed to find your audience there. Mid number three is that people don't buy on Pinterest. Actually, one out of two people have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin on Pinterest, plus 40% of users on Pinterest have household incomes of over $100,000. So now that we've debunked the myths, let's learn some fax. The 1st 1 is one of my favorites, and that is that 200 1,000,000 plus people are using Pinterest every single. But the things that you share on Pinterest can actually get more exposure, re shares and visits to your site or shop over time, whereas things that you share on social media platforms lose their power to drive traffic within hours, sometimes even minutes. So the time that you invest in promoting your shop or website on Pinterest is really time well spent. And another cool thing about Pinterest is that people on interest are actively seeking out ideas, products and information to help them lead their best possible lives. So what do you think? Are you ready to use the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and buyers to your website and shop? Address has been a game changer in my own business, and I know it can be for yours too. Lets get started. Shall we 2. Let's Start by Perfecting Your Pinterest Profile: Okay, In this first lesson, we're going to cover the basics of setting up your Pinterest account for success. The first thing that I'm going to cover is your profile. And just so you know, if I go a little too fast for you, don't worry. I've created a printable checklist pdf that you can find in the class project section that will help remind you to check off all of these steps that we're going to go through. So let's go to your profile. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your profile is in tip top shape. First go into settings, which is under your tiny profile. Pick up on the right hand corner of your screen over here. Then we'll start with your name. You could use just your name or just your business name, but Pinterest actually gives you quite a bit of room here, so it's a good idea to include your name and or your business name, but also some key words that people might use when searching for what it is that you sell or offer. In my case, I've mentioned that I'm a creative business coach for artists and creatives, and I include my name. Next step is your profile photo. You wanted to be a nice picture of yourself or, alternatively, you could use your logo here. What you definitely don't want to do is leave the generic picture of a pin that is the default when you sign up. I never follow anyone who has just a pin as a profile picture, because to me they look like spammers or they're just really inexperienced spinners. And I don't want to follow, either. I want to follow people who pin beautiful, useful pins and images so that my own followers can camp in those things to next up is your U R L or website address. Ideally, this is your own domain. As you can see, mine's a little bit long, but it still is clickable, even though you can't see the whole thing. But even if you're just starting out and you just use a link to your Etsy shop, that's OK. I would just note to yourself, that s and as you can, you will want to get your own domain. And if nothing else, just have it pointing to your Etsy shop. Listen as you can, and finally, you'll want to fill in your short bio. Pinterest doesn't give you a lot of space here, but again try to include as many keywords as you naturally can. In other words, make it conversational, not just a list of key words your target market might use when searching for your products or services. But use those words in sentences that makes sense and make people want to follow you. A couple of other quick things stand out here. You'll want to sign up for a business account. You can do that at the URL above, and I've also included it in the class. Pdf. It's important to sign up for a business account because you can check your Pinterest analytics and see how Pinterest is working for you. You can also use promoted pins if you want. Teoh. It's just a really good idea to have a business account if you're a business next, if you do have your own domain and not, say, an Etsy shop girl, you'll want to confirm your website. This lets printer snow that you're a legit business and therefore they can trust you more mind, says site confirmed, but years will say something like confirmed site. Just click that button and follow the steps. I'm not including them here because Pinterest will walk you through how to do it. Based on your own Web hosting situation, it's a little bit different for everyone. And finally, if you have your own domain, you'll want to sign up for rich pins. Pinterest used to show the description of a pin, but just lately they started showing nothing or on Lee the rich pin information, which I pointed to here. It's also here and here. If you're pitting from your Etsy shop, the rich pin information is taken from your listing title, and if you're pitting from your website, it will take the title of your post or page like in this example. Here, you can sign up for rich pins at the U. R L. Above, and I've included that in the class Pdf as well. All right, see you in the next lesson. 3. Then We Will Create Eye-Catching Pinterest Boards: okay, in this lesson, we're covering a bit more of the basics before we get started on the actual pinning. The reason I'm doing this is because thes steps will actually help set you up for maximum success on Pinterest. They're really important, so don't skip them. So let's talk about your Pinterest boards. The first thing I want to say is that if you've already been pinning for your personal life or even your business, it's very likely that you're going to have to do things a little bit different on your business account. The first is you'll want to decide. Are you going to set up a brand new account just for your business? Or are you going to continue using the personal Pinterest account that you signed up with? If you continue to use your personal account, you're going to want to hide or make any irrelevant boards secret boards because as of now we're going to concentrate on building a Pinterest account and following based on your business. So from now on, you're pitting is about business or its secret pinning, or you just do it in your own personal account. That's what I did. I created a Pinterest account specifically for creating beautifully, and my personal account is mostly personal, although I do pin some of my own artwork and things like that there as well. Some business advice, but it's mostly my fund slash personal account anyway, because you're creating this Pinterest account to promote your business, you'll want to start with a board that is specifically about you, your website and or your shop. In my case, I have mine as my website name. But if you're not a blogger, say, maybe or an artist, your board title could be something like Art by Susie Jones or whatever your name is. You could also use your Etsy shop name something like creating beautifully on Etsy. Really quick back to the artist example. Because I do work with a lot of artists, I just want to say you could even get more specific. You could say Abstract art by Susie Jones. If you're an abstract artist or illustrations by Susie Jones, if you're an illustrator, you get the idea. You really want to use those words that people are going to search for when looking for the type of art product or information that you have on your website now within that board, like in my case, creating beautifully dot com. You'll want to write a keyword rich description again, using words that your target market or ideal customer would use when searching for you. What you make end or what your what you sell or offer. Don't skimp out in this section. It's really important. It will help not only people find your boards, but if you've ever noticed, sometimes you'll search on Google and a Pinterest board will come up in the first two or three responses. And that would be really powerful to get your boards at the top of Google search as well as the top of Pinterest search. And the way to do this is with these keyword rich descriptions. One way to do it anyway. So after you've created your board that's named after your art or your blog's or your shop , whatever the case may be, then you want to add a variety of boards that are relevant to what you sell or offer and come up with keyword rich, bored titles. This is not necessarily the place to get cute. See, I've seen people put spaces between each letter or or just use words that aren't really related to what the actual board is about. You really want to use those words that your target market is searching for, so that when they search, they find you. Once you've set up those boards, you want to go in and make sure, just like with that first board that you go in and you fill the description in sprinkling the best keywords throughout the whole description. You'll also want to make sure that your board is categorised correctly, like in the case of my group board. For artists, it's under the category of art. Makes sense, right? Pinterest uses all of this information your board, titles, descriptions and categories, as well as your PIN titles and descriptions in order to show them to the most suited Pinterest users and applicable searches. You know the places where you want to get found, but let's talk about your boards just a little bit more before we move on to pins, because if you're used to pitting for yourself, pitting for your business will feel a little bit different. Basically, for your business Pinterest account, you only want boards that will be helpful and interesting to your target market. These boards should be where you can share pins about what you sell or offer or related topics. So, like of your personal Pinterest IQ out, you may have had boards on everything from healthy living toe recipes to fashion a home decor. D I y. It's holiday. It's makeup tips. Gardening. Well, you get the idea, but when you're pitting for your business, you want to be very focused. I'm going to go back and use the example of an artist again. But let's say in this case will be specific and say You're an illustrator. So your boards, my included topics like illustration, obviously gift ideas, dorm room decorating, Children's room decor, funny art, whimsical art, collage, abstracts, hand lettering or other types or styles of art that you might be able to pin your own work , too. You could also break down home decor by room, living room decor, kitchen bedrooms, etcetera or art by colors red, blue or or even colorful art or black and white art. I think you get the idea or say you're a food blogger like Melissa from Lulu the Baker. You could add boards like cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, breads but also Sprinkle in other ideas, like cute food, beverages and entrees, even though she's specifically blogging about baking all foods or somewhat related and can draw more people in who may have been looking for, say, the perfect salsa recipe. But they see her Pinterest and start following her because of her all around gorgeous boards, pins and targeted niche. You, I don't know about you, but Lulu the Bakers Pinterest made me hungry. Let's just move on to the next lesson, shall we? 4. Breaking Down The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin: Okay. Now that we've got your Pinterest all set up, your profile is perfected. Your signed up for a business account. You had your website confirmed. You've applied for rich pins. So you're ready to start pinning from your shop in Blawg or website. Right? Close. I know you're excited. So am I. But first, let's talk about the anatomy of a perfect pin. So this is just a screen grab of some of my pins on Pinterest. As you can see, some pins are tall and long, like this one here or this one here. These two and others are short like these over here. Obviously, these tall, narrow pins get more real estate on Pinterest and therefore are more likely to actually be seen as someone is scrolling through because they're larger, they're just plain easier to see. You can create pins like this in programs like Photoshopped, Pic Monkey or Camba. And I've included links to those in the classroom checklist as well. But as you can see, you can create them with or without a photo like this one doesn't have any photos in it. And this one doesn't have any photos or with a photo in the background and a text overlay. Either way doesn't really matter. The point is starting with that tall and narrow graphic. That's what works best. There is a little bit of an ongoing debate about the actual perfect sized pin, but I think if you start somewhere around the 700 by 1200 pixel mark, you're off to a great start again. I'll include those dimensions and also some of the so called perfect dimensions in that class. Pdf. So you don't have to take notes right now now that you've got your tall and narrow pin created and you've used a keyword rich title on your blog's or your etc product title, so that they automatically populate when you pin them. You'll also want to work on the pins description. As I mentioned before. You can see that when you're scrolling through Pinterest these days, you only see the rich pin information, not the description itself, but don't think that means Pinterest isn't using that information to share your pins with the right people. They are and TBH, they recently just change this and who knows? By the time you're watching this class, they may have changed it back. They tend to test these different ideas from time to time to see what works best for the users. But let's see what we do see when we click on a pen. So I've clicked on this pin, and now we can see the description which is actually this part here. Learn how to start a block that makes passive income hashtag started. Blawg hashtag boggy. As you can see, I used a couple of hashtags in there. That's also a somewhat recent thing that Pinterest started adopting Hashtags before around say, mid 2017. I want to say Hashtags really had no effect on the search ability of your pins. But according to pin dress, now they dio I'm testing this with with some of my pins and some descriptions all use hashtags and some I don't You could do the same or use them in all or none of your pin descriptions. If you want Teoh, either way, you'll want to include a sentence or two or three about whatever it is your pin is about in that pin description, whether or not you use the hashtags. As you can see up here, Pinterest has also included the snippet of information. I have a WordPress blawg and I use a plug in called Yost, all linked to it. The class PdF. And that helps you make sure that my S CEO or search engine optimization is good on my block posts because I use it with every single block post. I know that this information is from the section where I wrote a short description for Google or other search engines. But really pretty much everyone uses Google these days anyway. I think it's safe to assume that Pinterest also uses this information in deciding where and win to show my pins and searches, too. Because remember, Pinterest is a search engine, not social media. In this other example, I've pinned directly from my Etsy shop, and as you can see, Pinterest automatically grabbed the products description from my etc. Listing up here. And actually it's the same information down here just a little bit more now. I could have and probably should have changes the description down here when I pinned it so that I could use mawr related keywords and phrases that people might be searching for when they're looking for INSTAGRAM Post ideas. It's good to use similar descriptions, but in a slightly different way. And it's definitely something I've just noted to myself when I'm pinning from my Etsy shop . If you're a Nazi, you should too. So there you have it, the anatomy of a perfect pin, tall and narrow, with a strong rich PIN description that also has a strong S CEO description and PIN description. 5. Pinning from Etsy: welcome to listen for And this. Listen, we're going to talk about pinning, from, etc. Specifically. So if you don't have an Etsy shop, you could just skip this lesson. But even if you don't have an Etsy shop, I still think you'll learn some important things. So if you want Teoh, you could just use the little speed button and speed on through this lesson so you don't miss any cool tips. So here I am, in my creating, beautifully Etsy shop. And I just want to show you how I pin a couple of different items, some things that I'm doing right and some things that I could even improve on as well. So we're just going to start with this. Try fail, learn, repeat mug. Click on that. So there's a couple of things here I can scroll down and use the pin save button right here . When I do that, the main image automatically populates, and this is the description, the pin description. I can change it, add to it, maybe add some hashtags or whatever. But this image is short, not tall and narrow, like the perfect pin that we talked about so as an alternative when I click close on that. And as you can see up here, I have this Pinterest save button. I can click on that in a variety of images. Come up that I can pin now. Some of these are from my product listing. Some are some of my other product listings, and then some are actually other people's product listings. Like this yarn bowl Thies, this little couple etcetera. But as you can see over here, I have a tall, narrow image of that state mug. So I'm going to click on that. It doesn't save now. In this case, the product description has populated, and it has a note here about ordering for the holidays. Well, that's not necessary to include in my Pinterest pin description, so I'm just gonna go ahead and delete all of that and then get Teoh the beginning of the relevant information. So I've edited that just to include just a little bit of information about the mug that people can see. But I want to do even better. I want to make this keyword rich, so I'm going to say something like this. Coffee bug is a great gift for teachers students, artists and entrepreneurs. And then I'm gonna go ahead and add a few hashtags. Why not? I like how Pinterest is giving me some ideas on different Hashtags to this is something actually knew that I've just now noticed it's very exciting. I'm gonna put in coffee lovers cause that seems to be popular and then just coffee mug and that I'm just going to choose the best board for the pin in this case, and I'm going to put it on gift ideas. So let's go ahead and see it now. So here's my tall, a narrow image. We can see that I saved it to gift ideas. We can see the description that I just put in now. For some reason, it's not showing the rich pin information. So I'm going to just hop over to my gift ideas board. Ah, interesting. So on the board itself, it is showing the description. I wonder if it'll do the same thing just in my pin feed. Yep. Sure is interesting. Okay, well, when you teach a class, you learn something new as well. I am thinking, I mean, I would just grab those images yesterday that showed products from, etc. Having the rich pin information being drawn from the title of the items listed on Etsy, and now they're showing the description. So what this tells me is that interest is sort of playing between the two and seeing again . Which one is creating the best user experience. And Pinterest does tend to change things up fairly often. So you do sort of have to pay attention to what they're doing and how it's affecting your pins and boards. But you can't really get caught up too much in the my new shove it all or get upset about it because they're just going to do what they're going to dio. And so this is actually a really good lesson to learn in the middle of this class that they are changing, and we just have to keep up with the times now. I wanted to pop back over to you, etc. Really quick and just give you a couple of different ideas. If you do, you have an Etsy shop, so Oh, and this is my art shop. I switched over anyway. If you click on a product, you'll see here that I have a few different product photos. We can scroll through them really quick. So none of these air really tall and narrow. That one's just a information about a coupon. So this listing isn't really set up. Well for Pinterest, which is a bummer, won't want walk. But now that etc. Gives us space for 10 images I can easily go in and make Well, in this case, I think it's five new images that are tall, a narrow and Pinterest friendly putting that on my to do list. But I wanted to show you an example where I did it. Well, at least a little bit better. I'm gonna click on this one now. As you can see, this first images so tall, a narrow, you can't even see it completely on the screen. I've got just the image itself, which is also tall and narrow, this one square and again, an image for my coupon. But you may be wondering how this image looks like this in my Etsy shop. Let me go ahead and edit the listing, and I'll show you how so. I'm in my Etsy shop manager, and as you can see, I do need to fill in those extra photos. But this long and narrow or tall. A narrow photo is my primary photo, and I just adjusted it to fit well in the square format that they use on etc. And want the art itself to be the star of the show. And so I'll make it a little bit bigger and hit save. And then someone visiting my shop will simply see the square image, not the long and tall one like we'll see on Pinterest. In fact, you can make all of your pictures on Etsy tall, a narrow to be Pinterest friendly, and that way you'll have multiple pictures to pin from what from just one item. It definitely helps to create multiple images like that, like all 10 for products that can be recreated over and over. In my case, it's Prince, Um, I don't use all 10 photo thoughts for my original paintings, but I do try to include as many as I can and also make them tall a narrow because even if that item sells, if someone clicks through from Pinterest onto on that item, even if it's sold, they obviously like my style. So they might find something else in my shop that they really like 6. Pinning from Your Website or Blog: Okay, so now let's talk about how to pin from your website or your Blawg. So there are a few different ways you can pin from your bog or website. As you can see on mine, I have this plug in a WordPress plug in from sumo. I will link to that in the pdf class. Pdf. But I can simply click Pinterest, and a bunch of images will pop up from the page that I'm on right now. I'm just in this category of business and blogging, so there are several different posts. I can also just hover over an image and hit save on that particular one. It pulls up the S U description that I've included, and then finally, for go up here, you can see I've installed this Pinterest browser extension and I can click on that again. It pulls up a bunch of different images from the page that I'm on. I like having all of these options for my blogging website visitors because you never know which one they're going to want to click on. It could be that there scrolling through the class and they decide they want to save it right here. or again for my social share buttons. Or they may also have that Pinterest browser extension. I know it's available for chrome. That's what I use, but I think it's available for Firefox to I'm not sure, but here's a really useful little trick that I learned a while back So you can see on this I art sales on autopilot dot com that I just have this one main image at the top. A little tiny image there, a little picture of me there, another little tiny image. And then this one that I would say it's good for Pinterest, tall and narrow. Right? So you would think that that's really the only image that anyone could pin on this page because that's it. That's the bottom of the page. But not true. If someone does use the share buttons on the side to see, they click on this on Pinterest and several images show up that main header image assure, and hopefully no one pins that hopefully they'll pin one of these longer ones. This is the same image that you saw on the page, but I've sort of hit in these two images. They'll only pop up if somebody clicks on the social share buttons from sumo that I have on the side or if they use the pin extension or one other way that I'll get into later. But otherwise, if they just have her and paying this, I'm happy with that, too. But I do like to give them options when they used these other social sharing buttons. So my guess is you want to know how well, of course I'm going to tell you. Let's go learn together. So as you can see, I've logged into my WordPress dashboard and I'm gonna go ahead and edit this block post here about teaching on skill share. What do you know? So as you can see, this is just the bulk of the article there at the top Here. Scooch this over. We have visual and we have text. So if I click on text, you get to see the HTML. It's sort of behind the scenes that you don't have have to know a lot of HTML. In order to do this, you only really need to know. Well, you need to be able to get to your HD email, so if you have a WordPress site. You can do that. I'm pretty sure Squarespace and most of the other ones will have this available a swell. So actually really quick. I just want to go back and show you. So there is an image here, but there are no images at the bottom of the screen. As you can see, same goes with the block post itself. I'll show you look that really quick. So there's an image of them at all, but nothing at the end. I mean, there's a sign that form for my newsletter, but no actual image. But if you look to go back and click on the text button, go down to the bottom, there actually is this image right here that I have included, and right before it I have this little line of text and right after it, I have this little line of text and basically these two lines of text are telling what browsers to not show this image. But it's they're going to show you how I do this really quick to go back over individual scroll down to the bottom, and I'm going to just go ahead and add media. Obviously, if you're not using WordPress is is going to be a little bit different, but just to give you the general idea So I'm gonna click add media, I'm gonna insert this image here is long and narrow. I've already got the here in the scroll over so you can see I've already got the title, The caption, the alternative text and are all text and description filled out. These are all really important. These areas that search engines Pinterest etcetera will use to figure out more about what your blood post is about. You don't be spammy on them. You just want to use cured rich descriptions. So Okay, so I've got those there. So I've clicked on the image that I want to share, and I'm gonna click this button insert into post click on that. So now you can see the image. If I hit update and then we go back to the original block post. That image is showing up down now below this newsletter. Sign it form. You can see it, but we're gonna go in and hide this one as well. So we go back over, I'm gonna click that text button. So we're back and we can edit the HTML. So this is the new image that I've added. I'm gonna go ahead and copy this. Paste it right above. Copy this and paste it hopes. Yep, right below. So now I have two images in there that are hinted, and I click update go back over to the original block post. Gonna hit, Refresh on just so you can see the image is now hidden. So actually have to hidden images in there. Um, just because of I didn't plan ahead to Well, they're the same exact image at this point. But you could do multiple tall, narrow images for Pinterest and use different keyword rich descriptions. And then when someone does go to click that social share button or the Pinterest browser extension mutton, all of those images will show up. I shall see. So now I have three of the same, which is really ridiculous. We you don't need three of the same you want. Really? Ideally, you would like three different images here. This is like the main image for the block posts. And these are the two hidden images. And again, you want slightly different descriptions so that you could test what works on Pinterest and see what's best for you and your website. I do love that. I love that I have the ability to add multiple images for just one block post. And as you can see, I do try to keep my images friendly to my brand as much as possible. I want the people on Pinterest ago. Oh, that's a creating beautifully pit. And if they know and like my work, hopefully they'll just automatically pin it and or coming visit my site, which would be even better or both, which would be the best. And just as a quick reminder, this is the HTML you used to hide images on your bog posts. I will also be sure to include that in the pdf, so you can just copy and paste it from there. 7. How to Pin? Yep! How to Pin...: Okay, Lesson six. How to pin? I bet you're looking at this title in thinking how to pin. Didn't we go over that already? Well, yes, I know we talked about painting from Etc. And your website or blawg, but there really is more to it than that. And this part is really important. I'm sure you're super excited and ready to to start pinning. But hold off just a few more minutes because we don't want to miss these important important tips. One thing that is a big no no on Pinterest is spamming. And I know you're excited, but you don't want to go spanning all your boards with your new beautiful pins. Well, maybe you want to, but really shouldn't because Pinterest does not like that and neither will your followers. So here's how to have a balance. As a general rule, you want to follow a 70 30 or 80 20 balance. That means that 70 to 80% of your pin should be other people's pins, information products, whatever it might be that are related to yours but not competing with you directly, things that your own ideal audience will really appreciate seeing. And then the other 20 to 30% of your pins should be your own pins. In other words, if you're pinning the recommended, say, 30 pins a day and actually, when I say recommended 30 pins a day, um, experts say somewhere between 20 and 50 pins. I know there are some people who pin like, ah, 100 pens a day that would really could really become a full time job. So I try to stick around the 30 pins because it's between the 20 and and 50 that most experts agree on anyway. If you're painting those 30 pins a day, you'll want about 6 to 8 of those to be your pits from your shop or your website, your block and then the other 22 to 24 from Pinterest or other websites that you normally pin from. Now, if you're not already in the practice of pinning consistently, say 22 50 pins a day, that might seem crazy, overwhelming. But don't worry. And the next lesson I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to do it, and it will help you keep a balance in your life, and you'll still love Pinterest and you'll still bring lots of traffic and buyers from Pinterest to your your website or shop, so don't worry too much. On the other hand, you might worry that you currently don't have enough content. Depends 6 to 8 times a day. That's okay. The important thing is to pin consistently and to keep that ratio or less if you If you need Teoh, you could only been one or two of your own pins per day. But keeping a consistent number of daily pins is really important on Pinterest. They want to see that they can count on you to continually pin quality pins to Pinterest or save the quality pins to Pinterest, not only from your own website or shot, but from other websites and chops. Our blog's etcetera and remember, you can also create multiple images for one product or one block post. So while you might only have, say, a handful of products or a handful of black post at this time, you can still create multiple images for each one of those in order to pin the 68 pins of your own each day. Another cool thing on Pinterest and a way to get in front of more people is with group boards. I think grew boards are a fantastic way to get your information, your pins in front of way more people. But the truth is pitting two group boards. That topic could be a class in itself. And actually, if enough people comment on this classes comment section that they'd like one. I'd be happy to create one here on skill share. But let's just say for now that in simple terms, group boards generally work like a regular Pinterest board. The only difference is that along with the board creator, which could be you or someone else, other people are also allowed to pin to that board. The board creator usually sets up rules for the group board, and that is one thing. If you join group boards, you'll want to make sure that you follow the rules because you can get kicked out. So some of the rules that you might want to follow, or that you might see are the restriction of the number of pins you're allowed to pin each day. Some will say they only want one or two pins a day. Some will say you can pin up to five times a day. I've seen boards that restrict the type of pins like they only want the tall, narrow pins, and if you pin short pins, they will kick you off. But more specifically, group boards are topic related. And so if you join a group board that say for wedding ideas and you're posting pins about home decor, you're likely going to get kicked out. So just stay on topic. Make sure you follow the rules. It's also usually in the board. The group board description is where you will find how to join the great board or if they're even accepting new contributors because some group boards don't here. Let's really quick. We'll go over to a group board and I'll show you how you can tell aboard is a group word or not. So I'm back on my own Pinterest account and click on boards so you can see that these are just my regular boards. Scroll down. I do have this group board here, and you can you can tell it's a group board because of this little circle here. My picture is in the on the one slot, and then there pictures of other contributors here. If we continue to scroll down, I'm on more group boards down at the bottom that you can see are hosted or created by other people. It really is a great way to get in front of a lot more eyeballs, especially when you're first starting out. But let's go to my art for the home group board. And as you can see, I have got a description that is keyword rich but also explains the rules of the board and how to actually join. So it says art for your home paintings, illustrations, prints, sculptures and more. Are you an artist or on art lover who would like to contribute to the sport? Simply follow this board comment on a recent post asking to pin here and tag me at Oh hey, CB. That's my Pinterest name on that. I have the rules of the board. Please post your art no more than one or two times per day as well is beautiful art made by others. And of course, I really want to get the ask them to Repin from this board to their other boards so that they share the love of the beautiful art. The other artists are sharing here on the sport because that, in turn, actually helps the board become more popular. And then Pinterest will share it and the art on it, or the pins on it with more people really quick. I just wanted to also share another group board just to see. I mean, they're all a little bit different. So in this case, she has the keyword rich description. And then the group board rules You can post up to five times a day on hers. No, she doesn't like infographics, double height or non vertical pitons. Non vertical pins are those ones that I was telling you about that are short. And then to join you actually email her in order to you be considered with your Pinterest account information, etcetera. Some group board creators will allow anyone and everyone Teoh join the board and then others make it a little bit more curated. They will probably look at your pins or look at your shop air or your blawg and see what you are actually going to be pinning and decide whether or not they want you to contribute to their board. It's fair enough as it's their board and they make up the rules, and if you want, you can create your own group board and invite people to pin to it and make up your own rules. 8. Making Your Life Easier by Scheduling Pins: Okay, so now that we know not to spam, um, how to create some awesome pins? And now that we also know that experts recommend pinning 20 to 50 times a day, how in the world are we going to do it all? First of all, take a deep breath. Don't worry too much. It's not as hard as you may think. There's no need to go hiding under the covers, and that is because there's talent. If you don't know about telling already, it is an awesome Pinterest approved pin scheduler. It helps you set up a daily pin schedule at optimum times of each day for your particular Pinterest followers. And then you can batch you're pinning with their browser extension. Let me show you a quick little demo about how this works. So I'm on my home feed here, and you can definitely use Tailwind directly on your home feed. But I find it's much faster and easier if I actually pin from a specific board about a specific topic, because I know that I can pin all of those pins that I choose Teoh from that board onto one board of my own, let me show you how this works and why I think it's the best way. So in this case I'm going to go over to the creative hive co Pinterest account because I know they pin amazing things. And I'm just going to choose a board pretty quickly here just to show you. Let's see this Dream Craft studio. I have a board called Art Studios and Home Office is something like that. We'll get to it. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on that and pin from there. So, as you can see when I have her over, the Tailwind image comes up. I could just schedule one pin at a time that way, so I just click in home office. There it is, Home office in studios. That's what it is. And then I just click. Add a cute now and then it's added to McCue. But to save time, I'm going to go up here. I have the Tailwind browser extension up here, and then I just click on that and up pops. Not everything on this board, but several pins, probably 20 to 50 pins, and I could just quickly go through and click on the ones that I want to share with my followers on my board. The home office are? Yeah, home office in studios board. So I think that one's cute like that one. And just really quickly. I try to just eyeball on whatever my eye is drawn to you. That's what I'm going to share. I mentioned that I want to do it quickly because, as you know, we need to fill up 20 to 30 pence per day. So that's good for now. I normally I would do more than that. But just to get the idea, I'm gonna show you. And then I go down here. There's this little bit button. It shows me how many images I selected and then I could go to schedule and then up at the top. I have I have multiple accounts on here, so I make sure that I'm putting to the correct account, and then I'm just gonna type in the board name up top now, As you can see, it's automatically populated for all of these. Oh, okay. And so this is a good example to you. See the yellow exclamation point. That means that I've already pinned this. So I pinned it about a year ago. I could choose to repent it, especially if it was my own content and I hadn't pinned it in a year. I would probably go ahead do that. But since it's not my own content, I'm just gonna go ahead and delete that pin and then move on. And so I've got everything all ready to go. So I go back up to the top of a hit schedule, all There we go. So now all of those pins have been scheduled. And, um, the thing is, they here, Let's go over to my talent account. So here I'm logged into my tail wind account, and I can click on this or hover over this publish and then click on scheduled pins. As you can see, I have 1000 58 pin scheduled because I do like to keep my schedule about a month out. So it shows in the order on the left here which pins are going to go. It's got the description. I can actually select a different board if I want to you or change the description. But in this case, I'm just going to show you how to go over to this side of the screen and show you how they show you just to your schedule at a glance. So, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then I'm gonna scroll all the way down because, as you can see, well, it's gonna be hard to see. But the last few images that I just added to my schedule are all those home office images. I don't want to pin a bunch of home office images all at once. So all I dio is I hit shuffle que, and that just automatically shuffles your cues. So it's all random. They go a different times unless you've assigned something to go a specific pin to go on to Pinterest at a specific time. And in that case, it will just lock in that one pin. Or how many ever pins you have like that, I don't really time. I pins that way, and I find that just by using the shuffle que option, it mixes my pins up well enough at It's just fine. Like I might have two or even three similar pins that go out back to back. But that happens very rarely. So if you're excited about using tail And first of all, I hope you are because it's amazing. Um, I am an affiliate for them, so I guess I should disclose that. But even if I weren't, I would definitely recommend them. Um, it's very affordable. It does cost money. If you want a free trial, you can use the link in the class, PDF for a free trial from Tailwind by Do you want to share one sort of caveat? And that is say, you haven't been pinning at all regularly either, to you're a business account where you just started a business account. If you go and say you go from 0 to 50 pins a day Pinterest might I think that you're spamming. So my suggestion is start your schedule with just maybe 7 to 10 pins a day and fill those up for a few days. You know, a few days worth of pins and then once that few days has passed at a few more slots to your schedule, fill those up and then add ward days your schedule a few days later, just like every few days. Just add a few more slots in your schedule so that you gradually build your way up to the 20 or 30 or 50 or even 100 pins a day. Not only does this help Idris not think you're a spammer, but it also gives you some time to get used to batch pinning and having pins scheduled out a week. Or like I have even a month in advance. It's really awesome, I'm telling you. Pinterest loves that consistency and tell one makes it super easy again. Another little quick. Know if enough people are interested in taking a class about Tailwind, I would be happy to teach it here on skill share. They really do have some great tutorials on their own website, but I think that sometimes it's better or easier to learn from an actual user rather than the company themselves. So if you want a class on Tailwind, just go ahead and comment about it in the comments section below. If enough people request it, I'll be happy to do it All also include the link for the free trial in the comment section below as well as the class. Pdf 9. Thanks! And Your Class Project: okay. And finally your class project, which is actually quite easy. It's to create that tall and narrow perfect pin with all the keyword rich descriptions and s e o and pin it from your Etsy shop or your website or your blawg. And once you penned it, share the pin you, Earl in the class project section. Easy peasy. Any get bonus points for sharing your fellow classmates pins to the bonus points are redeemable for anything except for maybe some good karma. Also, I just want to thank you so much for taking my class or my classes if this isn't your first . If you liked this class, though, please do give it a thumbs up that allows more students to find me and take my classes and motivates me to make even more classes here on skill share. I hope that what you've learned here will help you get more followers on Pinterest and even better more traffic and buyers to your websites. Thanks again. And I'll see you in the next class