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Programming for Teenagers and Kids: A Fun Talking Pinocchio Project in Small Basic

teacher avatar Hadis Malekie, Modern Painting | Media Storytelling

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Install & Access


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      Hi Pinocchio


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      Sweet Name


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      Pinocchio the Designer


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

"Start your programming path and earn your first badge"

Chit-Chat with Pinocchio;
Programming for Beginners:
Input & Output in Small Basic

The art of programming for your brain's left hemisphere.
Competitive programming for joy & fun.

Join us... 

! a word you might have heard a lot ...
Al-Khwarizmi (محمد بن موسی خوارزمی) was a Persian scientist and polymath. His name gave rise to the word "Algorithm"
Have you ever struggled with decisions and not knowing where to start?
Have you ever get confused in taking steps of solving a problem in daily life?
By learning algorithmic thinking you can feel more comfortable in those situation. And programming with fun is a great way to practice algorithmic thinking.

Do you think programming is difficult
Do you feel you can not learn it?
Do you have a limiting belief like I am too young for it or I am older than the proper age to learn? 
Do you think it is boring
May be they are all myth! 
Come with me in my WaffleCode classes and we together taste the fun and joy of learning programming. 

Do you get confuse about choosing what programming language to learn
Programming language is the same as learning a new language. When I started to learn English it too me 3 month only to learn the alphabets, and years to learn it. But when I started learning French the process was so much faster for me. The same is for learning a programming language, first one takes time  to learn but it is so much faster for the second and third one. So it is important you learn the first one with joy not to get frustrated about the whole topic but instead find a good feeling about it. 

In this class I have chosen a programming language that is easy to learn "Small basic".
The same as you buy a simple and good bicycle to learn riding it, and then after that you switch to a more professional bicycle such as mountain bicycle, city bicycle, ...  here we start with Small Basic to learn and then you switch to whatever you like in future based on your goal. The basics are the same.

In this class I will give you some tips about starting. You don't need any special equipment, just the device that use to attend this class is enough. 
Then we learn how to access or install Small Basic.
After we create our character (for me it is Pinocchio), we program our character to say hi to us and start a monologue
Then we teach our character to form a dialogue with us, for example call our name. 
After that we give colors to our character to decorate the text and background with colors
In the final lesson I ask you to write your future ideas to develop this program more and more. 

See you in the class. . . 

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Hadis Malekie

Modern Painting | Media Storytelling


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1. Introduction: Computer programmers like balloons 00:00:07.620 --> 00:00:10.440 In computer programming contests such as ACM when a team solve a problem. They gave them a balloon. So if you look at the tables in the middle of the contest, the table that has more balloons, it shows that team has solved more problems by far. Hi, my name is HADIS and I'm a computer teacher and digital artists. I have been teaching computer programming for more than ten years. In my new series of classes, I want to build your foundation of programming. And algorithmic thinking, the same as when they want to learn how to ride a bicycle. they start by buying a simple and good bicycle. and then in future they switch that to a more professional and specialized bicycle. I have chosen a good programming environment for you called "small basic". I have found out that the students loved that because of its visual features. Also like the magical lamp in the stories that they touch that and genie comes out and help them. Small basics, provides you with, lots of good suggestions when you start programming. Fathers Geppetto and Pinocchio How did Geppetto feel when Pinocchio said Hi? Look!, this is all circuits, capacitors, transistors. The same goes for mobile phones or other devices. But when you program, you make your program that can say hi to you, call your name, and do some instructions. Here in this class, we want to make a Pinocchio, that say hi to you. Then it asks your name and call your name. After that, Pinocchio decorate that writing with colored pencils. You are watching me through my device. So you have all you need for this class, s computer or a device to install small basic or no, just connect to Internet using your web browser. So Geppetto! are you ready to meet Pinocchio? Let's get started. 2. Install & Access: Welcome to this lesson. In this lesson, I want to tell you how to access small basic, how to install that, or how to an environment to start programming. But before that, question might rise, why we should use small basic to program a computer? Why we cannot just type what we want? That's a good question. I use tell me in English that me. It said nothing. Okay, I have extracted tell me in other languages. Let's try for example, in French, did nothing. Italian, Spanish, and particulars. The map than me. No. No. No. Bernie. Arabic and Japanese. Oc I know in Korea and I think that is martyr who sell no Turkish soil Urbana in German, I think Zach me or tell me what's that language? I would be happy and if I pronounce them, not correct, correct me. What happens. You see computer is capacitor transistor circuits. So it does not understand what they say. I need to talk with it with a language that is understood. But that would be very difficult if I talk to it with 01 and I give detailed instructions that put that pixel of monitor to white color, set the other pixel color to black. That would be so difficult. So here programming languages rise and I choose, for example, small basic, then something called compiler and other things called interpreters. Translate what I say in programming language to what computer understand. So tell me what a compiler or an interpreter do. Yes. They translate and converts what we type as programming language instructions to what computer can understand. That is why we use programming languages. So let's open the smart basic search engine. For example, here I use Google type small basic and find a website or a small basic, then open that year here I see their logo on small basic has changed in some years ago, the logo was different. Here we have two options. Download the small basic, and I download it here. The other option is a start coding online. That is very good. I open that in another window. Here, we want to install a small basic and also use the online programming environments. But before that I have a task for you and I have an important tip for you. And that is about your house, about the position and your posture, what you are programming. This is very important. I have seen some of my, for example, classmate that they've got some problems for working hours and hours on their art project, on their programming project and setting, and just then not a good position or standing in a good position. As you see, art, making art and also programming is very interactive and very interesting. So the person that do It might ignore that position. So there are three tips for you. First is about your backbone, neck, and back. So try making a place for yourself that you sit in a good position. For example, if your monitor is too low, then your neck might be like this. And after ten years, your posture and your neck, my kit like this. And sometimes the pain might spread to your hands and I hope this does not happen, but some surgery might be needed. So take care of this about your position. You think that is necessarily put something on your monitor so the monitor is on your eye level. The other thing is it about your hand and your wrist tie to put your hands in a position, for example, you can use another keyboard or set their place that your wrist is a good position, not like this. Because in this position, when you type, gradually, your palm will ache and you have x and your wrist. You I mean, someone who does not take care. So take care of. The other one is about your eyes. When we stare on monitors, then our eyes might get dry. There are some applications and some sulfurs cat that can remind you, for example, they remind you 50 minutes has passed. So close your eyes or you go and take a walk. I encourage you to, after some minutes, try to close your eyes or you look at some far, say, for example, go next to a window or take care of luck. That is, for your eyes. Also, you can turn on your icon for it. Or some applications that limit their blue light at night or even during day. Take care also about the reflect of any other light on monitor or do not sit in front of very intense light that bother your eyes. Your task is this task number two is either write what you have done to make a better position for you to start programming. For example, you might write, I put something on the monitor, or you might say I connected a keyboard to my device. Or you might say, I installed an application to remind me about the time that has passed or no, you can take a photo of your programming table and share that. Share that as a photo on your social media and also on the discussion board order just as some sentences. Okay, now let's go and access to the programming environment here we have downloaded. So let me install that. It might ask you to install dotnet framework. We can install that before. Let me open small basic that we have installed here is the programming environment of small basic. If you do not have access to Internet, this is a good alternative, but I prefer to code on line. I have a reason for that. I can zoom. And when I teach you, I can show what I typed very good and clear. I like coding online, but installing is also a good option if you do not have access to internet. So hardier, just insolent, smile basic or open the programming environment, online programming environment. We are so ready we want to start programming, yes. See you in the next slide. 3. Hi Pinocchio: So ready to start programming? Let's get stuck. Here is the online environment and here is the software. You press New. And you can start your new program here in online environmental, so we do not need this line, so I press U. It asked me, Do you want to lose those lines? I said yes. Okay. So now we have a blank page to start coding. Why did I say I said coding? Now, when I say coding, I mean to write instructions of our programming language or any other programming language. Coding means writing instructions and writing your program. Program. Here. That means Zoom, so you can see it better. We want Pinocchio to ride high on the screen. So let's try typing right? Right here you see some red signs that gives me some hint that there is something wrong. This is that Ginny I told you a small basic is trying to help pass small base. So we have many instructions, and one of them is, right? But these instructions are so tidy and then wardrobe and different clothes. So when you want to use a ride, you should tell small basic to bring that from where I say small Basic, go to close it. You see text window. Small basic is helping us go to close it. Name, tags window and then Open debt. I type dot means open that and then bring it right in stocks. And then I type parent as I type double quotation, and I type high, ran, I press Run. Then it says high. And it says program has ended. So high. You might say parenthesis, double quotation. What is this? Y. These are something that you will learn the same as English has grammar or other languages. For example, I said, I'll go to that room. I cannot say go to their room, room. There go i2, for example, room due to dare I go. That is not correct. If I do not write, for example, parenthesis, then the red signs up here, that means there's something wrong. I cannot understand this. But when I put the parenthesis, parenthesis, then everything seems correct. That means small ways they can understand this. Now, we wanted to Pinocchio, right? Something else. So small, re sick, go to text window, close it, open that, and then bring us right instruction. Now tie. Wonderful. Wild. So let's see what we know q, right, for us, run high, why they're wonderful. Award for worm has ended. We want to Pinocchio right high and then go to next line and then write what? B2 by the wonderful word, fingers now high and the other sentence or in the same line and there are close to each other. So we want to write high, go to next line and then write the order. So instead of write, I write, write line, which is another instruction in their text window, close it. So let's see what happens. I don t tell what happens. Always try. Hi. Then goes to the next slide, what a wonderful word program has. And so the difference between rise line and write. After write line, the cursor goes to next line. Here. You tell me text window that right line. For example. Who am I? You tell me who am I, will be in the same line of what a wonderful word. Or on the next slide. Think about it. Who am I? Will be on the same line or on the next slide. Let's see. Who am I became on the same line. But the instruction was right line. Yes. The point is that rides line type, the next line goes after the text to the next line. So here we should change this to a write line. So we have them into separate lines. It's right where the wonderful work go to next line. And then, right, Who am I? Let's try. What a wonderful More am I? Now, can you guess why program has ended? Is now on the other line? Yes. Because we wrote right line and not write it, rewrite B type right? Program has ended, would be concat, it will be close to who am I here. I changed that to write, write line. And for example here I want high and water wonderful board be in the same line. So I changed that to write. And to make it separation, I press comma space. So let's high why the wonderful award program has ended. If you want to save your paragraph, you press Save. And then it gives you add text file. And in a small basic, if you want to save your program, you press Save. And it saves that on a special fine type of small basic. Let me give your task for this lesson. This would be task number three. Okay? So your task number three is to make a small program that Pinocchio or whatever name that you have for your program, character. Start talking with you. Write a scenario that is started talking with you. And try to add spaces or add lines and make it beautiful. Writing that all together with no spaces, it clean and beautiful. I wanted to see what your Pinocchio or other character would tell me when you, when I run the program again. So this is your task for this lesson. In the next lesson, we want to talk with our Pinocchio. See you in the next lesson. 4. Sweet Name: In this lesson, we want our Pinocchio to have a conversation with us. So first, we want to, for example, Pinocchio ask our name and then say hi and call our name. So I say small AC, go to close it takes window, you see a small basic is helping us. It says, do you want text? You want text window? I said No, I want in text window. I pressed Enter and type that automatically for me. No need to type that text window over that close it and then bring high. No, sorry. Right. Okay. Right. And it asks my name. What's your name? Here? I chose, I'll post stroke and why there's this quotation. Don't confuse this. You can use apostrophe, which is a key near inter, but quotation you should hold shift and that. Okay, What's your name? That mirror on that. What's your name? I wouldn't be now cue to remember my name and then say my name. So I need Pinocchio to have a memory. Pinocchio should have two, has a memory. Without any memory. How we know Q or your character can tell your name. Short-term memory, but memory is needed. Show, so we need something. For example, my case for our class, we need something that Pinocchio store our naming that. And then when it wants to say hi to us, say hi. And then again, look at here. Find my name. For example, asked me, hi, what's your name? I said Hades, hades here. And then say hi, hi this. We need something called a variable memory. A memory that on each program it can change. For example, if head is stuck with Pinocchio, Pinocchio's, say hi hobbies. If Jeff heteroatom, hydrogen Pareto, we need something called valuable short memory. What should I name that? Whatever name that you like? Tell me. For example, name box, their inboxes, good. Name box. Named box. We want named marks to, to have what you want to feel named Max wheat. Another instruction, small Basic, go to close it off text window. Then bring an instruction that is read. So small Basic. Go to that, goes at brain rate. And then whatever I type, get that and put that in that name box. Let us run that for once. What's your name? Hi, this is by far, it just asked my name. I typed my name, and then it put that name in that short time box. Again. What's your name? Beth, to ask the name. And then program has n. We want that Pinocchio, right RNA. Go to text window, close that, and then bring right line. For example, right? Right line instruction. And what we should write, we can write high. Then we should look at this. We should add something at the end of high. Then the way we add something to each other is plus. Plus Name Box. So it might write high and then open named box. And what is this now in that whatever the user has typed, then type debt. Let's see what happens. What's your name? Had these high, high and that is our close together. What can we do? We can put a space after high. So let's see what happens. What's your name? Beth to you tell me. I want to add exclamation mark. I'm in this. I want to be Nokia to add an exclamation mark after minute. What should we do? Should we just type this here? It's the red small basic. Can't understand what we should do. Tell me. Yes. I should put there. Plus here. That means it says high and the name marks. And then exclamation. To ask you a question. If you answer that, that means you have greatly notice in your very clever I delete. I delete this exclamation, This quotation mark. And this quotation mark. Yes, what will happen? Guess what? Let's see. Let's see what will happen. What's your name? What's your name? For example? I don't know. Those networks thus declamation. What happened? Yes. Now it says whole as something to ride. Exactly. But when I put quotation here, it means right high. And then write name box from the user has typed and you have saved that name box. And then type exclamation mark. C. Programming is very delegate and it's also like problem-solving, right? Like Mr. year, like like mine games, like solving for exam file, problems of shallow combs. Mr. Poirot? Like this, noticing every detail things and your program. Can write this in another form. Yes. Yes, I can do want do you want me to write that in another form? I write text window. Right? High. On the next line, I say takes three, No, right? Name box. And then on the next slide, I write texts though. Right line, exclamation mark. Let's see what will happen. I denote this temporary disk, temporary, and here I put space. Let's use another sorrow. Sorrow. So you see we write three lines in just one line. Line three is equivalent to line 456. You can use. However, you are more comfortable. However, you are more comfortable. Don't root and don't take it hard on yourself to whatever should die right now. Just try it and then add, delete, add, and delete until you reach to your preferred result. So either line three or these three lines are enough. Now, task for your lesson. This would be a task number four. Number four, is that a complete your program? Read more conversational talk. Let your Pinocchio or character ask something from you and then say that in their answers and their reply. Also, I have to exit size for you. One of them is that write a program that as like a joke, the program asked you, how many legs does a ray or a fish have? And then you type a number and then the program, right, that the same. For example, the right o fish has the number that you have typed. Your second exercise. It asked you your favorite book, for example, your favorite drink and your favorite hobby. Then it's reply you Bye. Writing them. For example, it says, I like to try reading Harry Potter, drinking coffee, and with chessboard. Something like this. You can design that. Your task is to develop your conversation of Nokia or your character. And exercise. Number one is to ask how many legs does a whale have and reply that. The second exercise is to ask three questions and then have the three answer in their reply. This might be difficult. The second question might be difficult because it asked three items. But the hint is that it needs three variables, three Fast Box. This is the hint. If you can solve that, that is great. If you can just let time pass, I'm sure you will. So let's go for the next lesson and we add some decoration. 5. Pinocchio the Designer: Now we are here to the lesson that we want to decorate the texts, colors. Talking about decoration, sometimes students ask me about what I have if I have made them myself. This case for eyeglasses was an old man and I decorate that weight class called Terror met with some patterns on that. I wanted to tell you that this is an eyeglass I got some months ago and that is for working with computer and mobile. So I just wanted to tell you that there is something like this, an eyeglass for working with computer and more wine and any screen. So now let's decorate Pinocchio, type what you want, and then we decorate that, go to close that window, then bring WriteLine instruction and then say, hi, What's your name? For example? What's your name? Then? You should read what I say. So we reserve a variable, a temporary short-term memory and name that name bugs or any name that you want. Then max equals to what Pinocchio rate from me. So go to text window, close it and bring read instruction parenthesis. And then the next window, that instruction right line is here for us. And Nokia says, Nice to meet you. And then plus my name, for example, Name Box, whatever I put. Let's run this. Look at the colors, white on black. How was your name? Too? Nice to meet you, Jeff, better hearing in a space. It was white on black. Now we want to add color. We want to pick your pencil and Pinocchio, right? Hi, what's your name? For example, in yellow. So we go to the closet text window. There is an instruction there for changing their color, foreground color, and we set that to yellow, but with quotations around that. Yellow. You see, I said this instruction. Let me run that because they're curious what happens. Yes. Now, it's yellow on black. Nice to meet you. Hi, this program ended. The important thing is if I change the foreground color before writing, hi, what's your name? You set the color before each line that you want to change. Apply the same as when you want to color something or write in an inked letters. First you pick the pencil or colored pen, and then you write. So here I write foreground color first, and then I use WriteLine here. Let's set to another color, texts. We know that foreground color, yes, great. Here we set it, for example, to magenta. Let's run run hot. What's your name? What's your name? I don't know. David. Nice to meet you. David program has ended. So first line in yellow and the other is in magenta. Just as we change the color of the foreground. Let's copy end, paste that and the small basic environment. So we see if that works there too. Yes. Yes is here. The color is changed. There too. You might ask, what color can I use here? There's a list that I have. Put that for you. The resources, black, blue, cyan, gray, green, magenta, red, white, yellow, dark blue, dark cyan, dark gray. Green, dark magenta darker and dark yellow. Or you can test whatever you like. There are other colors, but there are for some other close it that we will do something more than text. In future, we will learn how to draw shapes and read more colors. But just now we are working with text. We texts window. So the colors are like there'll be more limited. Now, we want to highlight the text. We want to change the background color. So here, for example, I want to change the background color. I can change it here. I can change it on the first line, as I told you. Depending on who writes a program, there might be a different program but with the same result. So don't limit yourself. Where should I type that? We can test? Here, we go to the text window, goes up and bring another instruction, and the instruction that is background color. Here, I said that to blue. Let's see what happens. Hi, what's your name at these nice Omidyar this program has and ADC is no more back at now, blue. So let's change it here to tax. We know that background color and we set it to, for example, Saya. Let's see, let's see what happens. Hi, what's your name? Yellow on loop. Nice to meet you. Hi, This program has ended. You see now it's magenta on Siam. It changed as it reached to the next instructions. Let me copy and paste this small basic environment and see what happens. It has highlighted that, hi, what's your name? Nice to meet you had this. This is a little difference between online environments and programming. And programming software environment is change the background as an highlight bud and the online environment, it turns the whole background color. Okay, Now, let me give you your task. Your task for this lesson is just to work over your project and add colors to that. Add both foreground color and background color. And you're welcome to add many creative ideas to your chat as you want. I really appreciate that. Okay. So this was the texts window and the chat program with Pinocchio. And the next lesson, I will give you a summer and give you a task to do SEO. And then next lesson. 6. Project: Welcome to this class. No, no, come back, come back, come back. You are correct. This is programming class. I will tell you why I have word this class. I want to welcome you to enter this path to learn programming. I am so much happy. You might ask, but you are recording this in past. So I am watching your class in future, so how you can be happy? Well, this is not my first-class. And every time I have experienced that, every time I publish a class after that, when someone starts taking the class, then part of my mind and my heart are ready and curious about questions, about projects. It's like writing a letter and posting that then passionately waiting to receive a feedback result in effect in future. That is some good enjoyment. I am hopeful and full of joy about what you will do for these guys as your project. As I have good feedbacks from my past students, I started teaching in 2004, and now some of my students are now grown up and students, and different universities, different parts of the world. For example, one of my students is now studying medicine in Switzerland and she told me she was studying bioinformatic. And that reminds her of some of my own class. Or another student is now studying biotechnology in Germany, or as they pronounce their view technology. And she told me that she had forgotten about programming. But as she's taking your programming course, she remember what we told in my old programming class. Time to tell you about the projects and tasks of this class. But first, let me tell you why I have worn this class. This class is for taekwondo. Take window is a martial art and its root is in Korea. My sister also knows. She's a caretaker and she has black belt. Second done black belt in karate. But I am a beginner. You see my belt is white. And martial arts there are several movements, for example, this one telling me if I do this for Townsend time, then I go for next movement. Is it better? Or iLearn Townsend movements together? Which one is weather? Of course, I should practice one movement. So I can very comfortably, if not, I will get confused. If I learned thousand movements together, then when I want to do one of the movements, I should think, I should think what I get, I get confused. So it's better to practice each movement more than one time. That is the same. You might find a project of this class simple, but it's very important that you practice that. So you can do that even with closed eyes or even when you're asleep. I mean, you practice that much or thinking about I go and talk with my sister and tell her, okay, tell me all the techniques and movements in karate and I write them down. I make a note book of the techniques and movements in character. Then I go to Federation and tell them I know all their movements. And I have a notebook that I have written all the movements. Please give my certificate for Black Belt. Will they give me that? Now? Of course, what is very important is that you do and you write the programs. The other thing that I want to tell you is about the project. The project of these guys is making a chat. With your Pinocchio. Say Pinocchio, but it's just the sample. You can choose any name that you want. Their magic of this project is that I have seen that students start making it more than that. They write many creative projects, not just telling the name and calling the name and adding some colors, they make it so crazy. So I encourage you to prepare a notebook for yourself and always write any idea of creating programs that comes to your mind. Even if you do not know that enough instructions for writing that in that time. No other point that I want to tell you is the necessity of participating and doing task and then project and sharing data, sharing that your social media and also sharing that and the discussion board of this class. I have a reason for debt. If you have joy when you learn something, then some hormones are released in your body that helps you to learn better and learn it for all you do, is all for yourself. You help yourself to enjoy the past and learn better. You motivate yourself. Don't be shy or don't say that my project is not special or my answer is not important. No. Always share that. The first task that I want to ask you to write that, tell me, what do you think programming is? And the discussion board and also in your social media, right? Task one. Then tell me, what do you think programming is? For example, one might say, I don't know. I think programming is scheduling. I have a brother who is programming language. I know programming is something my grandparents did in all days. And programming language they did was cobalt. Sharing what we know, sharing new names, sharing new information is all fun. So this is your first test. You need for this class is practice, practice, practice with passion. You do not need to buy any material and your expensive supplements. They're positive point that you just need to think. And you need to think. That's all I know to very successful programmers who they cannot use their fingers, but they're very successful because it's just about the power of thinking. And at the end of this class that you share your project, I have prepared their bad for you. You can print that or you can share that digitally as a badge that you have entered the path of programming. Okay, so are you ready to practice all the instructions more than one time and share your project? If yes, let's go. 7. Final Thoughts: Now we are here in the final lesson. The lesson congrats that you are here. You are now at programmer. Yes, you should just post your project and the project gallery and send me or share it on social media, then you are eligible to download the badge for you and use that wherever you want. Since I think programming is so much fun and it's yummy. I have named the badge baffle code. This is your first batch, and I will give you other badges and then next class. Thank you for being here. And also, I wanted to review what we talked about, why we should use programming languages to talk with computer. Also, we talked about the necessity of taking care of our bodies, our backbone, our neck, our eyes and our rates. We talked about what is. Then we learned how to install or how to access small basic environment and start coding. After that, we will learn how to make your program that writes something on the screen. For example, as if Pinocchio is chatting with us, we'd Japan. Then we learn how to let the program ask a question from us and use the answer and they're red flag. Then we learn how to decorate the text with colors. And now your task is to please write. There are more ideas that you have for your opinion on kills or whatever character that you have that you think, you cannot do that with the instructions that you have already learned. For example, one might say, I want my opinion OK here to ask the year I have born and then tell my age or whatever idea that you have. A new thing once you have learned is not enough yet, right, dad. And that would be tasked number six. And don't forget to share your project and then use your that. I really, really would be happy to see you and then next classes. And thank you so much for taking this class. So much excited. Don't forget, it's like a letter that I have sent to future. And now I am waiting to receive a reply from you. Say you in the next lesson.