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Procreate Mini-Classes: Perfect Color Palettes

teacher avatar Erin Bilbrey, Illustrator, painter, maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to Procreate Mini-classes: Perfect Pallettes


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      Finding Inspiration


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      Saving Colors


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      Expand Your Palette


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      Procreate 5 Extra Options Drag and Drop


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      Procreate 5 Extra Options Reference Picking


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About This Class

Join me how to see how easily and quickly you can prepare balanced color pallettes for procreate. When you are done you will be able to prepare any number of color pallettes that will always be ready to use.

Meet Your Teacher

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Erin Bilbrey

Illustrator, painter, maker

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to Procreate Mini-classes: Perfect Pallettes: way. Hi, Welcome to procreate many course color palettes. I'm Erin Gilvary, and I absolutely love the procreate app. It's so much fun to use from everything from digitally sketching and doodling to making a finished piece of art. But I struggle with getting just the right color palettes when I'm working digitally. I love playing with color when I'm using paint tubes in front of me. But for some reason, when I sit down with my iPad, I just can't seem Teoh hit that exact right balance. So I'm going to show you the way I've learned to get a perfect color palette, ready to go for whatever project you might be working on. So I hope you enjoy the class and get some cool color palettes. Long life. 2. Finding Inspiration: okay To start prepping our color palettes, we're gonna go to the place where it seems like all inspiration lives these days. And I'm talking about Pinterest You can see here I was most recently searching for crystals . I took a great class from fellow skill share. Teacher Yasmina creates about painting watercolor crystals. I highly recommend it, but where are doing color palettes today? So we're actually just gonna go and search color palette. And when we do that, you'll see there are a lot of pre prepared, balanced lovely color palettes and example photos. I highly recommend you start a board of your favorite one Such. You can come back and reference them later. We're just going to start with one today to use as an example. So we want to pick one. You can do this with any photo at all, but I like the ones that are pretty set up with color inspiration for me. So we're going to take a photo and you're gonna screenshot it for most ipads are believed to screenshot. You need to press the home button and the lock button at the same time and you'll see it will take a little picture right there. Just like that. Once you have your screenshot of the color palette you want to use right now, you can go ahead and move on to the next step. 3. Saving Colors : All right, So you're gonna open up procreating, CIA, have a lot of silly stuff going on here. But that's not what we're doing today. And you're gonna go ahead and push the button up here that says photo. It's gonna take you to your camera and you're going to select the photo that we just took on Pinterest and that will bring up the photo, and it's already placed on the page for you. This is very, very simple. You're gonna click on color, click down here where it says pallets. You're going to hit the plus button and then scroll down. You'll have a new palette sitting at the bottom of your existing pallets. I like to name my palettes. I hate seeing a bunch of untitled palette sitting. So I'm gonna name this palette after the source we got from the Carina Nebula color palette . You cap on your name and it'll automatically give you the option of writing in a new name. So I'm naming this one Carina Nebula. Okay. Now taking all of our pretty colors from our inspiration and putting them here where we can save them forever is very easy. All you need to do is take your finger, hold it down on your color until that little wheel pops up. Now you can see that it's my working color to save the color you're working with. All you have to do is tap. I'm gonna put these in the middle row, and the reason for that will become obvious in the next video. I'm gonna go through and do all my colors Top top, and maybe he'll pull a color from here to. So you got any other fun colors here? Sometimes I like to look in the picture and see if there's anything else that strikes my fancy. No, I think I'm pretty happy with what we got. Well, that's a nice dark brown there. No, I'll have that to it. Okay, so now that you have your colors saved, your primary colors for your palate saved, you can go ahead and move on to the next video, and I will show you how to add lighter and darker values from of those to your color palette. 4. Expand Your Palette : Now that you have your basic colors from your inspiration piece in its palette, you're gonna go ahead and set that to default, and then press this button here that says value That's gonna take us to this nice little set up here. And our colors are down at the bottom here. What we're trying to do now is set up our palettes so that we have a lighter shade and a darker shade available to use easily without having to mess with settings when we're working. And that's really easy to do, because right here we have air shade, slider that doesn't look right where we can go brighter. I'd like to a little bird in that. If you put 18 and you don't like it, just it just push down on it until a little delete pops up and then you're good. So again, I'm gonna slide this black and white adjuster to go for a brighter of the same shade, and I'm going to go down to a darker version. That one's a little darker than I'd like to be again. Hold it down to delete, and you're just gonna keep kind of doing that until you get the three shades you like the best, and then move on to the next one. I think I'm gonna go up. I'm only working on the one that has the B and the black and white for adjusting our amount of shade. No, I keep accidentally touching that one, but that's not the one you want. And him This blue This blue is already very dark. So I'm just gonna go up a little bit and then I'm gonna go away dark on it. I don't need that extra one there, do you might and dark. Let's go. I'm quite dark enough. There set means that it's going to replace the one that's there currently. So there you have it. And then we have a nice, complete color palette with three shades of each color that we want to use and we even have some space. Add some extras along when we work on our peace on our next page, we're just gonna honor next video. We're just got test out our colors a little bit 5. Swatches : all right. I'm already to give my colors a little test out. I don't even need to close this file and go to a new one on you have to do is go to your layers, slide to the left and hit clear. And now we have a clean slate and I'm just gonna give my colors a quick test. I'm not gonna draw anything. I'm just gonna go too soft. Airbrush that. I'm just gonna see how my colors work together. As I've set them this way, I can go back if I want and make any adjustments before I actually start any project. And when you do your swatches, you can really use any tool you don't have to use. Airbrush if you prefer more texture drawings, usually you probably want to use a more textured brush to test them out like we can go and do we use the marker? Whatever you'd use most is probably what you want to test them with. So far, I'm pretty happy with the way these all go together. So here is our entire color palette and a quick swatch page so that we know we like the way it looks and I'm pretty happy with it, so I'm going to leave it now. Whenever you go back and open up a new file, your color palette will still be there as default. You can change it at any point. So your final challenge for your project is to share with me this page you made for your new color palette. Easiest way to do that is to have this open just like this so we can see your name and your color palette and your swatches. And just like I did before, do a screenshot and you can post that photo right up to your skill share project. I'd also love to see the inspiration photo you got you used, whether it was one that was made for color palettes or if you used a photo that you happened to like, I look forward to seeing your projects and I will do my best to comment and respond to any questions and thoughts you might have. Thanks so much for joining me 6. Procreate 5 Extra Options Drag and Drop: Alright, so procreate has some great new options for creating color palettes that I think you'll enjoy using. I still use the original options that I taught you in this video. But this way is kind of a very quick way to quickly grab a palette. It's less customizable, it's less personalized, but it works. So just like we did before, we're going to click the upper circle to open our colors. We're gonna click palettes. And we're gonna click the plus sign to open a new pallet. And when you click this plus sign, you'll see a few different options. Now it'll say create new palette, new from camera, knew from file or new from photos. So instead of creating just a new empty Pat like we did before, we're going to click New from photos. And you can pick any photo from your photo real. I'll pick this one from a screenshot from one of my tech talks. It's going to download it and it's going to automatically populate from the most present colours from that photo. This one is one I did of a photo of Jeff Goldblum that I liked. And then you can as before, tap and change your name as you like. Alright. There's how that works. The downside of that is there's no way to control the choices that it does it for you. It's all very, very automatic. So what's there is what it pulled from the picture. Sometimes if you run it a second time from the same photo, you might get a slightly different result, C here. So if you're not a 100% happy with the first result, you can try running it again. Another way to do the same thing is if you often use your procreate side-by-side with your image, you can just drag your photo, bring it over here, drop it. And it will auto populate. And same thing if you do it more than one time. You may get slightly different results each time. And just like anything else, if you decide you don't want that anymore, you slide it to the left, hit Delete. Doing it from a file or from your camera, does the exact same thing. You pick an image and it will auto populate your palate for you. So enjoy playing around with that new method. I enjoy it. I still like doing the old method. I showed you before. I use that all of the time. But this new method is also a great way if you're just looking to quickly get something. It's also really helpful if you grab an image. If, say, you have a color palette from an image, it's the fastest way to do that. So surely Sherwin Williams paint. The only downside is that you see here it, it picked up it didn't just pick up the colored dots. It also picked up the lettering and things like that. So that's the downside of that.