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Presentation in canva : make interesting and engaging presentations for your project/business

teacher avatar Pooja Mendhe

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Basics of presentation and canva


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      Animation and alignment


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      Data visualization and dynamic elements


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      How to present with canva


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About This Class


In this class we are going to learn how to make interesting, engaging and interactive presentations in canva and present it to your audience in canva. 

This class is structured in a way to fit for all beginners, intermidiate and advance level canva users. 

Starting off we will discuss the basics and few tip on how to find the perfect template or make one for yourself. 

Then we will move on to various templates, keywords, animations, alignment, data presentation, videos, effects, transitions and lastly various ways in which you can share or present your presentation.

We will be finally be finishing off this course by a creative and interesting project which you can share here in the class.  

I eagerly wait to see you in the class and hope the information is value adding. 

You can check out my other intresting courses here on skillshare about management, presentation, lifestyle, productivity and much more by clicking on 'MY TEACHER PROFILE' .

Have a good day !!

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Pooja Mendhe

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: Presentations are widely used in schools, colleges, businesses may be big corporations or small business. And even in the fundraising process, thus presentation. So it'll be interesting and engaging for the audience. Who even wants to sit through three slides of boring and pointless, pleasant isn't, right? There's even a term called death by PowerPoint, basically means heavy presentation with confusing graphics, text-heavy slides, and a presenter whose ideas good presentation is reading through 40 slides out loud to the audience. This is so not what a good presentation is. So vital for us. It's boring and dull presentation. When you have a software that can give you a plethora of templates for free and many other options to edit your presentation in the best way possible. Yes, gamma is a platform which can give you my template options. So periodic woman's, it can even give you data visualization tools, techniques of animation, transitions, and much more. Hi there, I'm Pooja Monday. And in this lesson, we are going to study about presentations in Canva and how to make them interesting and engaging for the audience. So to start off with, we will first discuss the basic user interface. We will then move on to various templates, keywords, rule of thumb and emissions, alignment, data presentations, videos, effects, and lastly, various ways in which you can share a present your presentation. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in the class and enjoying it. So let's get started. 2. Overview: So this lesson we will discuss about the basic user interface of Canva and how to get started with it. So I'll share my screen. And here in the search bar, you can type canva. Scroll down, go to the official website. And this is the home screen of Canva. So here in the search bar, you can click and write presentations and hit Enter. This is one way to get the presentations. Here you have many designs that you can select from. And even on the left-hand side corner, if you, We'll see, you can get various videos like category style, team plays as a free version of provers and blowers in his bid. But I promise in the free version also you'll get many of great presentations and color. So you can just go on to anyone. Let's suppose this and select it. It will open up in a new tab. And all these slides really short here on the bottom right-hand side corner. For now, let us close this and try to find out how you can get more specific presentation. So for that, click on this Create are designed button. Go onto presentation. And on the right, again, a new tab will open up. And this is called the editor mode. Here you will get all the presentations that you might have you recently used on a recommendation for you, single presentation, educational game, keynote company and all those kind of different presentation you can search from. Let us discuss a basic understanding of Canva. So here is template. From there you will select the template of any of the presentation. Then here is element, and here you can use any of the shapes, our fingers or four doors and things like that to put Daniel presentation uploads is a section where you can upload your media, your photos, and whatever you have to upload on the presentation, like company logo or something like that. Next up comes a text, which basically means you can just drag and drop this herd and edit that text like this. They did on you can change the background of the presentation. Maybe you want this kind of a picture or just plain colors as you can see here. And you'll get a plethora of options of colors as well. And there are much more options we are going to discuss about in the coming lessons. But for now, let us go on to template and select any one of those. So for say we select this, just click on, Apply all 25 pages and wait for a bit, only 25 pages that appeared on the bottom right corner, like here. And in case if you just want one singular bit, so basically on the third one, I do not want this beach, but I want this one. So I'll just click on the spit. And the third base will be switched to this. Now, he had on that identity. You can even see that this is the first slide, this is the second slide. This is the third slide. Menu click on First, there's this pencil option, you click on it. And now you can rename this late. So I've renamed it to intro, as it is a introductory slide. Or what you can do is just go on this click on this three dots. Go on the note section. And here you can also see the name again. So from intro, I'll just for the introduction before this bill. And so the name of the slaves can be changed or the numbering. Now, when you present your presentation, what usually happens is you have your notes for each and every slave. So what do we have to say? Then this light is on for the audience. You have the notes for that. And similarly is therefore gamma. And similar feature is dead in Canva for you. So basically venue gone to these three dots and then the notes, you didn't get here, the nozzle here. You can type your notes For though plate. So in this way, you can have the notes handy when you're presenting your presentations particular slide. In here you can add up to 2000 galactose, which is pretty good for notes section. This was about it for this lesson as it was just an introductory lesson. In the next one, we are going to discuss about the rule of thumb that you have to follow when creating a presentation. And all the keywords that can find you really outstanding presentations and gamma and some of the other features as that. Let's get onto the next lesson. 3. Basics of presentation and canva: In this lesson, we will start the discussion by stating out the rule of times you have to follow when choosing either a template or making your own design for presentations. I would suggest using a template as it is an easier option as those templates are designed by the professional designers and those are on point. But still the rule of thumbs up first is that you have to have a consistent layout. So basically, if you have chosen our template and the template usually goes with squared elements, tried to put elements for those or whatever it is in squared as well. So just try to have a consistent layout throughout your presentation. The second is having two are maxi-max three funds. For me, I think do funds are more than enough. So basically when using a presentation or presenting it, you should not have more than two fonts as it confuses the audience, you can play around with the features of those two fonts like bold, underline, italics, or even changing the size of the fonts, all capitals or small letters, right? You can play around enough with the headings and main part of the body with this fetus, but try not to extend more than two forms. The target is colors similar goes at that. Monarch tried to have more than three colors in your color palette as it will distract the audience and make it took like dirt on your presentation. So just tied to stick with three colors only. This could be all done. Colors are something that denotes what you are presenting in the presentation. Next up, we will get onto all those creative keywords that will frame you amazing presentations and Canva. So let's hop onto the screen. Here. We will type in our first keyword, advertising presentations. This one will give you marketing and advertising presentations. This will have kind of a different look to it. And mostly innovative because advertising, usually advertising and marketing and similar decks have usually very creative designs. So basically you can suppose this one, so interesting elements in it. Or you could choose this with a really interesting color combinations. All you can go on further and just explore more slates. Then next few IDE will be discussing about is business plan presentation. Here you will get a more extended presentation. So basically, you will get much more idea of what kind of presentations or what kind of texts you can put on your presentation. So if you go here, you'll get much more idea of what kind of slaves could come, what kind of text or information should be put up there in a business plan so that you do not miss out on any of the important information in your presentation. Next is you can just remove this word plan and you will get a different kinds of recommendations all over again. And you can just see through it which when you like the best, like this one has a unique color combination. The next slide we are going to discuss is finance presentation. So then your data is inclined more towards facts and Fergus, this kind of presentation will work the best as this will give you most of the data visualization techniques out there in Canva. And we'll also put it in a clean presentation. So you can get these rings as bar charts and line graphs, these pie charts or whatever these are. So in case you have much more data in plain presentation, you should obviously go for this keyword and then so is the best one that suits all your requirement. Next one I want to discuss it is growth presentation. Now this will have a different kind of looking all together. Some of the slides will match the business plan presentation. Someone go with finance and kind of a mix of all of those. But this will give one of the most interesting designs out debt and aesthetically pleasing slides. The last one is social media presentation. Not this search result will give you most of the creative kind of presentations, but excessive use of colors, shapes, and all of those as social media is. I don't know how to put this any other way a caliph will please. So this way you will get the most creative designs, the most good to look at designs in those thoughts. Okay, So vector data selected this. Now you can just scroll through many offsets options and select the one that fits you best. After this, there's one more thing I want to tell you. Now as you can see, these are not static images. These are moving, right? And this look really good in a presentation as it keeps the attention of your audience to this late. So how do ad sets elements? So to find a presentation or template already built in, in Canva for such kind of presentation or you have to do is just write down GAF presentations in Canvas. So it's bug. And you let all those presentation which have moving elements in it, like for this. See the means here or the fruit here I'm moving. Similarly, we'll go on with this and this and all of the slides that is that in this template. So if you'd IGF presentations, you will get all the moving animated objects in this light. This will make your slides very interesting and a presentation interesting and interactive orbital. Now, once you have decided which slide that you have to go with it, you can edit these text whichever way you want. And you can fill up your presentation of the content that you have decided. 4. Animation and alignment: So in this lesson, we are going to discuss about all the animation options that Canva has and the alignment visas that Canva has a neat look in your presentation is rarely necessary. And you do not have those struggled with dragging and dropping each of the element and putting it in a line and aligning it properly. No. Canva does that for you. It gives you an option where you can do all of these things really quick. And let's discuss that option study. So we'll just go on to this editors and for now, click Create a blank slate. And seeing the color to white or for the background and hill. Let's go on to the elements and select initiate. So for suppose f selected this shape. I'll reduce the size a bit and duplicate it multiple times. Now suppose that I want to do put them. I want to space them evenly, horizontally, right? So you just have to go into the position and do this. So basically what has happened is in between each of the elements, like in between each of the squares is equal space. So this has equal space, this is equal space. And now if you wanted in a straight line, you just have to warn to position and clicked idea. Here you will get it all in a straight line, spaced evenly, horizontally, right? So this is a really great way to do all this really fast. The next way is for, let's suppose and move these all to and the CE date now. And let's suppose I've added indexed. Now what I want is I want this to be in line of this leg, this, and let's say these elements as well. Just tidy them up. Okay, cavea. So I want this text to be aligned here at this line and add this link. Okay, now, if I'm Linda, do like this it eight time, but yeah, I guess we had there. But rather than this, what you can do is if you have to do this multiple times, just one Files, click on Show Rulers. And now when you get this double-sided arrow, just bidding, get to the point you want. And click again from here and bring it to the point you want. Now, select your text and just hover it around and it will snap to those lines, okay, It is that simple. And similarly, you can bring on multiple of such guides and lines. And you can walk around with these lines when your book, when you're editing or when you are designing these lens, I'll help you a lot when you're designing much detail. The other thing I want to talk about tilde, this is delete this element. So the other thing I want to talk about here is grouping elements. So basically, if you want to move this line, okay? So you do not have to just drag and drop each and every element of it. No, that's not the case. You just have to do is select all the elements and then move together. Or you can even click on Group. So this have group 2, 1. So then they'll use like this, all of them will be selected together only. And if you want to select one single individual again, just ungroup it, then you can select one individual and move it at all. So there's one more interesting things. As we talked about a DAF presentations. There's one more thing that we can do to make us less interesting and animations. So again, going on to the screens and first of all, delete all the elements. And let's discuss the animation. So again, gone to the elements park. And whatever you want to have four, suppose you want to have socket and then put the keywords, the gut in front of it. And you will get some of the options in this search result. They're moving, animate it like this. Like this. The most interesting that I found is this one. This is the one I like the most. Kind of make a defense in your presentation. So you can choose many others like question marks. So suppose this or you can get something like this. Just out all these kind of animations and will make your presentations much more interesting. Now, other than these animations, you can also have animations on your slides itself. So let's go on to any of the slides. So it was a Bose will go on to the first lady says, and click on Animate button here. Now, the fetus could be rising. Band effect, fade effect. All these effects can be none leg breathe effect, dumbbell effect. All these effects are really going to just try it out and put effects on your individual slides. All what you can do is you can also have us transition effect from one slide to another spot that you have to click on this three button and add a transition. So all the effects that we just put well on this light and the elements on the slide. But a transition effect is an effect which we'll come back one slide is waist to the other slave. So leg dissolve. So the first letter dissolve in the second will appear. I like the best the slide effect and it goes something like this. It gives a nice effect to the presentation. You can have the so-called by our line wrap. These kind of effects. Well clearly, well, when you have to switch from one slide to adult and it goes to Alice mood. The next lesson is going to be really interesting because this is that gun law shows its bubble. So the data visualization technique is what we have under discuss in the next slide. So let's get the wintertime. 5. Data visualization and dynamic elements: Okay, so in this lesson we are going to discuss about the data visualization techniques like gun law provides us. They have multiple options and you can present almost any kind of data with this. So let's hop onto the screen and again, go onto a blank presentation, will delete all these elements for now. You can go onto this mode options. And you can see those again, that app here as chat. If you have not installed tags in your left butt light, no dots will come here. But one confirmed me because I've already installed tags here, as you can see. In case you still cannot find tags here. Just going to elements and type the word jets. And you'll get all the options that are available with Canva. For now, I'll just go into this chat section and here that all the options that Canva has. So these are all the progress bars, are the demographic, the Biograph that double bars the line graph, the Biot-Savart, the links, and all of those supply. Now this is select one of that. And you can select how much of the person they just figured. You can change the colors from here. Or you can even reduce aligns with like this. And even switch on the pleasant days liberal. So the admins show how much of the bus and digits actually fit. So like 70 percent, 60 percent, and stuff like that. What you can do is in the progress sitting, as you can see here, this click on this drop-down menu and you can have some other kind of progress. But other than that link, so it could be a radial progress or it could be up dominance dial. It could be a progress bar. So stuff like that. Or if this is not what the presidency all kinds of data just go on and do the chats again. And let's experiment with some other kind of data. Now, this is one of the most interesting and I like the best. So here what you can do is you can switch the element from men to women. A child, plates, stars, plants, what DO House time, where W1. And then it really depends on what kind of data you are having up. You can also select the items and go up to a 100. This will represent your whole consensus. Or you can change the food items at a show. And even the spacing between the elements like this. So if you have any of the day revolves about demographic, this is one of the best that can help. When lambda charts, again, you can even have UDL. And for these I have more sophisticated data, the presentation techniques. So for example, we go four lane chart. You will have other options as well. Extract stabbed roots are, roots are stacked bar chart, area chart. And here you can put in individual values and it will change accordingly. Or you can even integrated with Google Sheets and import data from that. So this will give us quite good view and you just have to feed in the data and the dots a little mean by that on. So in the next lesson, what we're going to discuss about is one of the more apps that Canvas provides. So when you go into the More button, again here, so for GI B, this is one of the ads that I'm talking about. I don't know what is it pronounced leg defile Giphy, but whatever it is, just click on it. And we get indicated in your bod here. And now what you can do is you can search for any of the keyboard. Like possible is lazy. Now, what happens is suppose there is a long presentation and you want to capture your audience's attention back, right, by some kind of question. So let's, for now suppose that the question is, are you lazy? So we'll go on to the next Xbox. And a banana question. Lizzie. Again. Now this simple question on a byte is not that attractive or might not get that attention. Or you can do is again, go into the Jiffy type the word lazy and find one of the best JF that you can find for your purpose. So it misquoted to scroll down and try to find the best one I could possibly find. Okay, so let's suppose we did this one. We'll expand it. Now. Click on the button again, go into this grin and reduce it. Some board. This week, you have a moving element in the background and a question that you want to bring your attention, audience's attention do upfront. This can be a kind of interesting slide that you can have a play around with this concept to have a creative backgrounds for your blessing. 6. How to present with canva: In this final lesson, we are going to discuss about how to present your presentation in Canva and different ways of doing it. So again, y is not just one platform that helps you design your presentation. It is another best platform that helps you present your presentation to the audience as well. So let's get started with diagram. So on the screens, let's suppose that we have a seabed, this presentation from first to last slide, and this is all done. Now, here on the top right-hand corner you can see the buttons present. You just have to click on it. And when you click on this drop-down, when you have this food options. So the faster the standard option you just click on that, click on present. And we'll get into this full-screen mode. You can just click on the arrow. And we'll move on to the next slide. Click on Escape and it will go and do the written mode again. Now let's look out do. Now let's look into the second day, both presentation technique, so secondary or doublet. And basically this is the kind of presentation that move it's late after whatever time period that you have chosen for. So let's suppose we just choose three seconds plus ln and click on present. So eat and have these late will stay on the screen for three seconds only. So after three seconds, it runs a switch on to the other slide. Like this. Let's click on escape and go into the edit mode again. And then the torque and the most important one is present does view. This is the one which actually makes the most sense. This is unique to Canva and you can use this whenever you're presenting. So what will happen here is you'll get two windows. First is a window that the audience will see. This will have full screen presentation on it. The second one will be the presenter's view, which will have all the notes and other things that you have mentioned in each particular slide. So this one is what the audience will see. We'll just reduce the size of it. And for now minimize it. And then just click on this cancer burden. And this is the presenter's view. This lecture, what Diamond's going on, what the audience can see each other's legs that are coming up next. And whichever us ladies on, what are the nodes that you have written for each and every slave. Other than this, there is one more really interesting thing here in the present as you, and that is magic shortcuts. So basically when you go on to this button, it will give you Dima, blood quite bubbles, confetti, drumroll. We're not all days. These are magic shortcuts. So basically, let's suppose that I open up the audience view as well. And I'll click one of unknown time. We'll go on to the audience views. And this can also go up to two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, all the way up to nine minutes. We just have to click line 29. And the time when we go off. Other than that, they're much more interesting. Magic shortcuts as well. Like if you click B, it will go blood. Are just click on block B again and it will come back. If you click C and for D will come. So if there's some kind of celebrated the moment are some kind of revealing of data, something like that. You can use this. Or if your audience's getting no less engaged and is making noise and you want to make them Quaid. I don't know if this could be rude, but you can just click on blood and then on Q. This is an interesting thing desk to bring the fun back in the presentation. This click on Q again and we'll go off and click on B again, Global Golf. Similarly, there is d or some kind of interesting announcement upcoming. And similarly again, experiment with all the other magic shortcuts as well. For now this is all about the presenters will disclose it. And the last option is present and a got this usually is not using Canva much. Actually, I don't personally use it. But this basically means that you can present your presentation and also have a small bubble on the right-hand side corner that is a guarding your screen like your face and your speaking it. I don't think it's really that important if you are presenting in front of your audience or maybe it on a Zoom meeting, we will meet, meet the live audience. I don't think this will be of much use, but just in case you want to explore, you can just click on this and this is what the functionality is. The next and the last thing is that if you want someone to view your file, it on there or devices, what you can do is just copy this link and give this link to those people, and then they will paste it on their search bar. You can see the presentation. So that will be all for how to present your presentations. In Denmark. 7. Outro: Hey, so you made it through the end of the class. Congratulations. Hope you found the information and tips and tricks of Ghana presentation helpful. I hope you found this information helpful and value-adding do your presentations. Now let's come onto the interesting part, and that does the project. So for the project, for this class will have the students make seven slide presentation. Now, if you are uncomfortable by sharing your own personal data, what you can do is simply woke up some dummy data, award David, 30 days present on the template of Canva. What we are here to learn is how you can use all the transition data visualization and all the other kinds of techniques. Make your presentation interesting. So just put up your work in those kind of effects and transitions and make up the whole presentation, but some kind of dummy data. Once you are done with meeting the presentation with at least seven slates, this applauded as your class project for this class. I really hope that you liked this class. Plus that's similar classes on Canvas. You can check out my other classes like Canva, Canva design hacks and workbooks in Canva and much more than I have mean, you can also go on and tick the kind of courses that I make on lifestyle productivity, time, management, efficiency, and some of the business and management aspects as well. All of this goes, is that available here on Skillshare and you can take out any of the course. Thanks for your time.