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PowerPoint Design & Animation Class: Make 4 Trendy Slides

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to PowerPoint Slide Design and Animation Class


    • 2.

      Slide 1 design in PowerPoint 2016


    • 3.

      Slide 1 animation in PowerPoint 2016


    • 4.

      Slide 2 design in PowerPoint 2016


    • 5.

      Slide 2 animation in PowerPoint 2016


    • 6.

      Slide 3 design in PowerPoint 2016


    • 7.

      Slide 3 animation in PowerPoint 2016


    • 8.

      Slide 4 design in PowerPoint 2016


    • 9.

      Slide 4 animation in PowerPoint 2016


    • 10.

      Title slide Design and Animation in PowerPoint 2016


    • 11.

      Title slide 2 Design and Animation in PowerPoint


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About This Class

This class is all about designing and animating 4 unique slides in PowerPoint as per latest trends.

This class is certainly not for PowerPoint newbies or the so called 'beginners in PowerPoint'. This class lies somewhere in the middle of intermediate to expert level. Also the pace of the class will be much faster for beginners and may be a bit slow for experts, that’s why I have mentioned the target audience as intermediate users in PowerPoint.

If you want to start from the beginning then watch this 'PowerPoint Design & Animation class for Beginners'

Now let’s see what’s in this class. It has got 6 sections.

I have provided a resource file, which consists of some elements that I have used while designing these 4 trendy slides. So I advice you to download that file before proceeding with the class.

Don’t assume that slide 2 will be ahead of the learning curve. I mean the difficulty level won’t rise. Every slide is unique and every slide has got a few new tips.

Also don’t skip any slide design or animation, if you do, you might not understand the next slide designs or animations. For example I might have introduced some technique in slide 2 design, which I could have used in slide 3 design without explaining how. So don’t skip any lectures. Since this is a short class of just 1.5 hours, you can complete it easily.


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  1. PowerPoint Design and Animation class for Beginners: Make 8 trendy slides
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You can also download the PowerPoint presentation file discussed in the class. Link below

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction to PowerPoint Slide Design and Animation Class: welcome to my new four point codes on designing on animating 4 20 slides acid in the title . This course is all about how to design on animate four point presentation slides. As per the latest trends, I'm our own from inspector on dot com, I teach some off the best four point courses on animation. Drawing. Making YouTube videos on much more have been using poor Point for almost 15 years. I have seen a lot off trends in port wine, slide design as well as an animation. Every time I stayed ahead of the trend, okay, enough boasting about me. Let's see who is. This course for. This course is certainly not for poor pine newbies or the so called big nose. In poor point, the score slice somewhere in the middle off intermediate toe export levels. Also, the pace off the course will be much faster for Big Nose on may be a bit slow for exports. That's why I have mentioned the target audience as intermediate users in ballpoint. If you're one such user, then this course will help you to move to the next level. If you're bored with the existing PowerPoint templates that come by Defour or with the designs that you see in data representations. If you want to learn trendy slide design on animation, then this is the right course for you. So what are you waiting for? Take this course now. See you soon. 2. Slide 1 design in PowerPoint 2016: in this video, we're going to design this slide One off Foose PowerPoint presentation. You can see there are four square boxes that are in three D form it. That a dip dimension. Also, they are in four different colors. Also, how got four different icons surrounded by a solid fill color circle. Also a few lines off description for each off there before arriving into the design and animation off the slide. Let's how many Prevue? Okay, we have seen the preview. Now let's jump into the designing process. First on, then we can move into the animation. After opening a flying PowerPoint presentation, you'd have got this empty slide. Select all un pressed delete. We need a flying PowerPoint presentation with no elements inside. Now goto insult back. Go to say apes on Take the plane rectangle Hold safety to draw a square. Now go to say perfects. Kowtow three D rotation on choose off axes Oneto parallel prison Now we need toe. Add the diamond shin called death for this Goto for made state under Sape option choose efforts go to pretty form it on increased the debt that you'd avoidance is enough Now we need to find you on this three d rotation. So let's close the three D format and open treaty rotation. You just need to play around with these sittings and get final look like this. That said, we have got the rectangle or the square with the third dimension that is death. Don't remote the Sape outline, because if you remove it, then you will get somewhat a lighter Sade square box like this. Salute Cassidy's. I am pressing control Z, don't do this step now We need toe Add a circle on an icon inside it. So go to insert tab like before, choose a circle all safety to draw a perfect circle. This time you need to remove the sape outline. Now we need to place on icon inside it. Let me copy the icon from my icon package. Actually, how got a separate file where I have got all these icons. If you want to use my icons, don't worry. I will attach all die counts that I have used in the scores in a separate zip file as a resource to the scores. Now select both off this that is icon on the circle on press control, G to group them together. Now we need to choose this group, say, on the square Moto, arrange a line on the Elaine Center so that both off these stapes will be aligned to a common center line. Now I need to draw a dotted line from this circle to the square box. So go to insert, go to, say apes and choose double headed arrow or a line narrow with double arrowheads. Now, when you just most over the circle, you can see several dots appearing around the circle. Trite These dinners, the joints with which you can just fix this double headed arrow so that even if you move the safe, the arrow will be still fixed. Let me show you how this can be done. Now, when I come here, I get three more dots in this safe. Let's assume that I fix it here now, even if I move this circle, arable follow Vary goes. That's the actual purpose off aligning this arrow. So these dots I want to strike arrow, not an are on some angles. So I'm going to draw the arrow holding safety. Unlike I joined this arrow toe one off the dog. Previously I'm going toe Place this arrow to the center off the square. It will create an illusion like this arrow is protruding from the center of the square to this icon circle. Now I wish to customize the look off this arrow to a daughter line with dots at the end instead off arrow. So, father, first I need to increase the Let me zoom in so that you can see clearly on Jews The dash type the round dot Still, you can see the dogs are in Squire safe, right? I need round dots, so I'm going to choose the cap type two round on joint typed around also the begin arrow type the oil arrow similarly and arrow tied to bolero too. But you can see that the end on the beginning or not clearly visible. That's why I'm going to change the color too. Great. Now I usedto ad a few lines off text, so go toe insert on textbooks. Let me type some dummy text which you can fill has poor your preferences. After typing the text, precise it to accommodate the wit as per your requirement or preference. Now I'm going to choose the text the latal hand aligned the text to center 100 Use the farm size of maybe then and let me reduce the for the That's it. Now I was to change the color off the text to somewhat in the Gracie because pure black will be something old fashioned Donned a state off Grace What? Everybody is using the latest trend. So let me blend with the trend. So I was to select some off these gray seeds. Let me choose this third room now I was to align it along the center. Okay, Now let me bring down this arrow. So this doctor So let me reduce the wit toe. Two points. That's it Slightly now select this one. The text on the arrow on press control g to grow them together. So all these four objects are grouped together on the square boxes a separate set blame grouping or this four It will understand while they do the animation. So now let me Zuma select control, See and then control we, Bryce. Now let me online them in a different manner rather than straight horizontal. Wait. Just make sure that the top diagonal point off the square on the bottom left Bagnall point off the square meets together. If you can't just exactly the mouth, then you may use the keyboard arrows while selecting. Select both off them on, then drag it Else the say apes may get dis aligned. Now I'm going to press their okies to make them perfectly aligned. No. So, like these two and behind them? Exactly. Okay, Now I'm going to select this one on change the sape full toe orange on this third square gray in the 4th 1 to green. Similarly, I'm going to change the sape outline to a darker orange which you can choose or see here. That is accent too similarly dark gray for the outline here on door grain for the outline off the fourth square. Now let's change knuckler off the circle for this menu. Select First, the group will get selected. Now click again on the circle to select it on. Change the safe, full toe orange. Repeat the same. Unchanged the color too grave for the 3rd 1 on a green for the 4th 1 Now we need to change the icons, right? So select it and delete. As usual, you need to click first and then second. When you click the second time, the icon will get selected. Make sure your point right at the icon, not of the circle. Now I'm going to copy all the icons from another poor point file. See all these icons all right, here. Now let me bring it down. You can manually center them by using these guides. That is the thread daughter lines. But after we have added these icons, the grouping said How Gore District So select both these holding control key. Andi. Group them again. That's it. How computer designing this body part off the slide. Select all on. Move them in a comfortable position for you to follow the lower third or want or principle . Don't place them at the center. Try to play somewhat 1/3 off all the sites. This is called Rule Off, towards which you could have heard in Photograph E. Now let's add the title subtitle on a line in between them. Before that, let's form it the background off the slight. For that, you can goto design on select form a background here. Choose Grady and Phil on Choose the Second Grape Research. It's called Top Spotlight accent. Three Prison. That's it. We have got a nice premium touch to the slide. Now let's at the heading. Go to insert on Jews Text box. Let me switch on caps lock. Hey, here is my awesome heading. Selecting it. I'm holding control Key on taking another copy. Andi, I'm going to write us. There goes your subtitle or one liner or bag line or whatever he was. Now let me select both off them on. Choose the front called More on Strat to my favorite font. Also, let me select the subtitle on Gallery to somewhat lighter Great like this on and select the color off for the heading toe this blue grey Also add a loosening between the heading characters, which will give a nice touch. No, Let's increase the phone size 2 48 That's it. We have got an awesome hitting on a good subtitle. Now insert a rectangle or square holding safety. Remove the Sape outline. Andi chose a safe ful toe white. Now take four more copies and don't need toe. Align it because we can do it right away. Using the align button. Goto Elaine on then align middle also go to line again and choose. Distribute horizontally to make them evenly placed. Let's bring them here and take on copy off the square can. Now we have placed it with even distance between them. Unjust. Increase the length. No select all press control. G. They have got it. Group together ball safety and reduced the size. That's really is a bit further. I think this would surface on. Let's resize this one. Let me zoom. Oh, so we have completed designing the first life. Let me so you how you can do the animation in the next lecture? 3. Slide 1 animation in PowerPoint 2016: in this video, you're going to learn how to do a stunning animation with this slide design we have created in the previous lecture. Generally, I don't go for some exciting efforts. In Poor Point. I just used the basic effects, but in a slightly different manner to create a stunning effort. That's what I do often. So let me jump into the animation Stop on Let's Do the animation forward Heading the subtitle first, Select the heading and Goto Add animation button on Let's Go Tome or Entrance efforts. Here, let me choose the compressor for toe Or is it? It's in moderate Here goes select okay and let me open animation pain to manage them easier after compressing the main title. Let me add a simple flying and trance effect for the subtitle, but I'm going to customize it First, let me change the direction toe from left on, then boat effect options on make it completely smoke. Just increase the small Tend. That's enough, because known is going to see how it's going to start because it's outside off the slide or outside off the presentation view, so you just need to adjust a smooth end. It's going to come smoothly on and smoke. Lee, let me change the trigger option to start with previous. But let me add a delay off 0.5 seconds or 0.4 seconds. Nuts enough. Similarly, let me add compressive. It seems better. Que similarly let's change. Start with previous Andi A slide dilly compared to the subtitle. Now let's see the preview did That seems fine, isn't it? Now let's start animating this content here. Not only I'm going to show you how toe animate them. I will also saw you how I do it falsely, that is I'm going to do the animation for just the first square box and the icon group. And then I'm going toe copy them using animation painter so that it will be a foster animation process. I said before I'm going toe add just the flying entrance effect But I'm going to find unit with smooth and okay, that's enough Now selected double click the animation painter. Only then you can copy it to multiple objects. So, off the double clicking, I'm going toe click on this or in square London Gray square. Finally this green square. So we have added animation toe all the square boxes. But still you can see my cursor as animation painter icon. So I need to press escape to cancel this. Now it has gone now select this group on ah white animation. This is why I group them together. I want all these four objects that is a circle safe. The icon the text on this dotted line toe wipe in an ordered fashion that he's the daughter lines should start wiping Understood end with a circle. That's why we group all these four steps together on then we are using the white animation effect on the entire broke Let me change the trigger option to start after previous on move this effort right off the rectangle three The tangled trees Nothing but this square You can see when they select this rectangle rectangle tree enemies never gets selected which means rectangle three is I think about this blue square. If you want to rename it so that you can identify better all right into fit easily then they have got to start good for you go to home and then open, select and click selection pain. Here you can see all the components that we have got in this slide. Who I looking at this. You won't believe that this light has got this much confidence, isn't it? Because we have group multiple objects together. That's why we see less number off objects. Then it's actually present to rein in district angle. Three. Just selected one small on you can type any name you want that made. Rename it toe real square. That's it. Just selected. Make a click can start typing. Once you have completed typing the name press enter to finish renaming. Similarly, you can rename the group or a Sape or anything use. You can also see that the rectangle tree in the animation pain has got renamed to Blue Square. So it a place universally let me close the selection. Pain, unjust use, animation pain for now. Now I'm going to select this group photo animations on DoubleClick animation painter, and I'm going to apply the same wipe animation effect. All the three or the rest off the group. Okay, now I just need to reorder the animation. If it's that said now let's play all the animations in the slide. That's it. We have completed animating the slide. Want the next lecture? Let's store designing this light to 4. Slide 2 design in PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we are going to design the next slide or slight to for the first right click on this left side panel fund, Click New Slide as useful Select All on Press Delete Key to delete all the confidence inside and let me close this animation pain to get a clear view before starting the design process. Let's have a mini prevue to make this process. Foster. Let me try to be for made the background on apply the Grady and Phil. Since we have applied this same preset earlier, it gets pre selected so we don't need to customize or do any playing around further. We just need to close it. Now let's copy the heading the animated line on the subtitle along with their animation. So this slight if you want to double check whether they have got copied along with the animation Goto Animations tab on Select Preview. That's it. We have completed designing the title's subtitle, Port. We just need to design the content point. Okay, let's start with designing a cloud safe, which is going toe form the top off the tree. So let's take a circle. Andi, holding safety draw a perfect circle. Now go to say about line and choose no outline. Let me place it here. Hold control key on. Take two more copies. Let me please one here on another one in this region. Now I need to take one more copy on res ISAT holding safety. You may not understand what I'm doing at this stage, but once I complete this, you will get the final picture. Okay, let me take on more copy and raises it further. Like this Onda when it freezes it some more. No holding control key. Let me take a copy here. Andi on more here. I think that's enough. Now let's take on more copy and expand it or maximize it asked my chance we can afford and that's it. Let me expand it a bit. Cover this blind sport. Okay, We have completed the top Parisian off the tree. Now select all off them. Make sure that the direct angle you draw covers all these shapes. Okay, Now we have got everything selected. Goto drawing tools form a tab. Mood saves un Select Union to make this all circles combined together to a new complete safe. See, there is no single say pure. It's a complete one like grouping. This is going to merge all the six. Now let me res ISAT holding safety Because I want the proportions to be pris old. Let me place it here and take on more. Copy. Andi on more here. Pitt Metered. Use the size. Keep it here. Produce the size. Keep it here. Now I'm going to take a copy off this 12 here under use the sights a bit porn. More copy produce a sizable Repeat the same strip again. So it seems like there are six clouds flying around. Right? But once they have completed drawing the stim port, you will see a tree here. Trust me now, to draw the stream, we need to take another state. Go to insert saves on, then choose Go. Don't choose this Ark because our is not suitable for this drawing. Co has got a unique feature which I'm going to explain your now because you can draw customized the coats using this ghost. Okay, lets start part before the red meat Zuman so that you can see clearly. Start here, make a click turned one more click in this region Once they make the second Blake. You can see it forms a girl. See, we just need to make applique accordingly wants you practice this, He will get back to play. Now I'm going to make a pick in this region. Andi, I'm going to click one more here. That said, I have got a small girl here. If I go back to the starting point, it will finish the safe like this, which I don't want. I want this point the recent dot very click to be solved. So I will make another click here One more here if I just bring back the coat to reform cool region here which I don't want similar to this door. I want a sore point here too. So I'm going to make another place. Make another quick here. London, bring back the goto this region Click and that's it. Let me make a quick owns here. One more here. Okay. Please Another click here. That's it. No way can join this. We have got the stem, but it doesn't look like that. Isn't it? Tandoori? Just remove the Sape outline. Andi, take a copy off it. Resizing Andrade date. That's it. We have got to treat Dressed meets that tree. OK, now select all these on press control, G, or you can just go toe drawing tools, form a tab and select union. No problem. Select union. They have got a complete treat. Now you can even delete these clouds and take a complete three. Or you can just like the stream on Make a copy. Moat will do fine. All safety and Rees ice it. Now we are going toe Fill this three trees with a background in each For this like the tree goto growing tours for me Tab. If you're already in the top, then no problem. Just click this expand arrow under the safe Streit, it will open this format safe window are ordinated. You can right click and choose for mates. Sip now instead, off this solid foods select picture or picture Phil on Jews online. If you have got any pictures that is already in your computer than you can choose file that is. Insert picture from file and choose any picture you want. But normally I don't use pictures in my PC. I just search on the bank and I get any picture I want whenever you're using any project like this or any PowerPoint presentation that you're selling to a pliant make sure you choose Creative Commons for only in this manner. You will get escaped from any future cooperate climbs, which me require you to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. So makes your that you select Creative Commons only. Let Mitchell's this picture and click insert. It's variable four K resolution. It's almost eight k, so it will take some time. Okay, Now let me choose another picture for this tree by default. The previous picture gets applied automatically, but still, if you want to change the picture you can do, let me choose this nature. And for the third tree, let's repeat the process. Let me choose this one that certain. Now let me rearrange or relying this crease to accommodate for the elements that I'm going toe ad, collect me, reduce the size and can see everything clearly. Now we're going to add a few lines self text, a sample heading on, no lines off subtitle or sub sample heading. You can call it for that as use will go to insert on text box. You can type anywhere we can place it are are injured. Later, they hear sample heading born as useful. I'm going to choose the morn struck form and increase the spacing to lose increases size to 20 on Change the color toe green. Let me place it here. Now let's sad. A few lines off next year has useful after typing just produced of it. Okay, that's wine. Now let's place it here on change the color toe. Some states off great. And I'm going to use a lot of fun for these sub sample headaches. That's fine. Are can we increase the No, this is fine. Now I'm going toe. Add a daughter line like we did for this flied one for this. Go to insult saves on Jews double headed arrow. But this time we are going to use elbow double arrow. Let me zoom in, make a click in this great art on Let's place it Tohir Okay that it'll doors have gone so far. I think those A's fine, but we need to form a the safe. I don't like flying lines because while animating if their daughter, they look much nicer compared to the plain lines PSA, choose the dash typed around door, hand carved, typed around Honda's useful. Choose the begin arrow toe all on the same for and do change the color to green. Make sure you choose the same color as what you have assigned for the sample heading so that it follows some design principles. That's it. Now select the heading the subheading on the iro Press control G to group them together as useful. This is just for the animation purpose. Hold the control key and take a copy. Place it here. Change the heading Number 22 Andrea Line and the Door, the one off this one. So make sure you have corrected the line using these hello dots. Now we just need to change the color off the daughter Line two orange. The same goes for the heading to go to home on Choose Orange. That's it. Now repeat the process for sample heading. Three. Let's scullery toe blue. Similarly, change the color off the daughter line to blow toe. It's Attach it here on day. Bring these hello dots here that said, we have completed drawing or designing this slight to If you want to add a final touch, then I can suggest one more thing. Apart from what you have seen in the preview, go to insert saves and choose this coil more a frame school, the frame draw toe the entire slide. And just this Alodor us. It doesn't distort this sample heading. Now Remove the Saybolt line. Unchanged the fill color to slide, background filled. It will make a nice effort. Can see here it cuts down the trees. You might be seeing the important part off these three trees here. But see, when you goto this slide prevue, the bottom part gets cut down on the frame perfectly blends with the bank wrong. So it seems like the tree doesn't grow all the way from the bottom. But it starts within the slide under ends within the slide. Somewhat nice. In the next lecture, let's do the animation port off this light to 5. Slide 2 animation in PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we are goingto animate the slight to which we have designed in the previous lecture. So let's start with the animation, since we have copied the title to supply to learn this line from the previous life there already animated. That saves some time for us, So let's start with animation off the trees on these sample headings, select a tree goto animations turned. Add float in entrance effect as useful selected tree again. Select or double click the animator painter public on the second tree. On the 3rd 3 we have completed animating the trees. Let me open the animation pain Chris as gift key on Select the group That is a sample heading one group, which has got the heading in the subtitle for the sub sample Heading and the Daughter line . Here you have got two options, both off the options. How god the wipe entrance effect. But you can choose this from bottom y perfect for from a right wipe off. Multiple. Create a unique effort. I prefer from bottom because the dotted lines come from bottom toe up, which gives more prominent defense because when you select from from right, the daughter line gets appeared instantly, so that doesn't give much off a liquid flow effort. That's why I was to use from border. Okay, Just do start previous and are the delay already can straightaway choose Start after previous now. So, like this sample heading group never clicked. Animation Painter, Look on. Sample hitting two once on sample heading three once. That said, we have completed any meeting. You just need to re order this. Does your group 43 below the third on the day of the group of the acid ist? Now let's have the final preview. That's it. We have successfully completed an emission port off this light. Do in the next lecture. Let's more onto the designing process. Off slide three. 6. Slide 3 design in PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we are going to design this slide three. But before that, let's how a mini prevue plaque with it for more the previous lives from the prevail you could have seen or noticed that there is a slight modification in the heading port on this line. So let's go ahead and start the design process. Select all on delete goto design, form a background and choose Grady and Phil unclos it go to insert saves, select around or over holding safety and draw a circle. Ramon the Sape outline and choose the safe ful toe the accent one blue color. Now take a copy off this circle res. Ice it a bit and change the safer to the blue. Don't place it at the center. Select both off them. Press control. See on press control we four times we need four more copies now. Place it here, select the dark circle in the light circle and place it side with. You don't need toe. Arrange them in a particular fashion because we can do it later in there said. We just need toe based or insult a few icons inside these circles. For that, I'm going to copy the icons from another PowerPoint file, which I will serve as a lost lecture in this course. Katie. How God icons? No select three off them, that is the icon. The dark circle on the light circle Goto a range online on Select Palin Center on Go Again and select Elaine Middle. You need to repeat the state for all these four. For that, you may need toe expand, arrange and align multiple times so there is a quick sorted for that. Select more commands under customize quick acts, a stool bore scroll down and choose growing tools for me Time no Select a line objects center and click add similarly lane objects middle and click add also had these two items plane selected objects trying to slide. Now select. Okay. Before that, if you want, you can select so quick access to a bar below the ribbon. It's much easier to access than at the top. Select. Okay, have got everything ready Now Select all the three on both off them. That's it. It's much easier, right? This is how you can speed up your editing process. Now we need to select these three select control gear, press control Jeon keyboard to group them together. If you are on Mac, you need to press command. G grouping will make all these three objects as one single object ritual be easier for us to animate on to do the process, which I'm going to do now. Good orrange Onda Moto line. Distribute horizontally Now select Elaine to slide on, then made a. Now we need to change the color off all these circles First, select a No Circle Co. Two Drawing tools for me tab honchos This precinct colored Phil are you Can goto say, Phil, and change the color both. Or seem you can do whatever you want. Similarly, selectors Purple can choose Gray Android Bill on Windows the green. Now we need to change the color off the outer circles, but I prefer a low instead off this blue, which looks much better. Now let's try to a jump into the changing color off outer circle. Goto say Phil, and choose the light horror and your accent, too. Change to accent. Oh gray on the fourth circle toe accent tow. Hello. Similarly, for this one accent to green. Now we are going to draw a connector between these circles on. It's a bit trickier part I will show you why go to insert saves on Select a circle holding safety. Draw a circle Onda. Remove the food to Nofal. Now. Place exactly like this. It should form the outline off the lighter circle. This would resize it accordingly on. Then let's go to form its shape on increased the toe. 3.5 Angelos Blue color Orosz Useful. We can choose the door blew. Both are fine. It's your preference, right? Here comes the much trickier part. Go to insult and choose a rectangle. Or you can pick the rectangle here under drawing tools for me. Tab on draw, then the center for the center dia meter. Now change the film Transparency toe around something because you need to see what's the back. What's behind it. Juiced outlined To know Lee, take a copy off this rectangle on. Place it exactly toe touch each other. See this or touch each other. No, let's rotated. Holding safety around 45 degrees. Similar little date This one 2 45 degrees. Now select the circle first. That is a circle which has got only the outline and then both this choirs then goto drawing tools for me. Time motor murmured shapes on tools Fragment Now you should how? Caught multiple fragments. You need to delete the ones which you don't want. When did this one really does like this? This news, everything except this one. Now select this one on press. Right, Adul? The just plus it outwards off this light circle. Now go toe, arrange and then send to back. See, you have got a smooth outline, right? This is what we want. And for this, we have done so much off strips. Okay, Now go toe. Insert stapes on a single headed power from the center that this daughter increase the word toe. 3.5 are three single. Now change the end arrow tied toe. Don't. And also send it to back. That's it. No. Select this arc on the arrow press control. See on base one small plus control we once more and place it next to the great Circle ones . Press control really wants more and place it next to in the hello. So you can use these A red dotted lines which comes and you drag these shapes can use this for reference. and you can claim them manually. Orosz useful. You can select all off them. Goto, arrange online. You can use our in center or align middle to align them. Select all these. Arrange sent to back Similarly. So like this. Arrows to hunt. Send them to back. Now let's change the color off these arrows. Dark orange for this one on for the next it's door. Great are its action three darker 25 knacks and four. Hello. Okay, now in. Just need to group them together for animation purpose. So, like this are the line on the next group Grouped them again. Similarly, you just need to repeat the process makes your You're not selecting this one or the group earlier. Do group together. Don't worry. If it comes out, we can send them back later. No. So like this group on sent to back. I'm just sending all these back again the same time. I'm just force forwarding the process. That's it. Be how goat, the central content or the graphical port. Ready? We just need to add some text boxes. Go to insert on textbooks when you add these kind off circles countered by lines that usefully represents a kind off timeline or a process flow. That's why I would like to type kudos on 15 as the year I would like to change it to Oman. Strat Ondas Useful Lose gap between them. Increase the phone size a bit. Change the color of blue Take a copy off it using control Key on dragging it. Select all change the color toe Andre. Produce the phone size to 14 or 12 chains of phone to latal a new types of content Here select the textbooks. Change the spacing to normal and reduced of it. Exactly. The studios and 15 also changed alignment to center. Now you can go to drawing tools for me. Tab on Choose this breeze It ex scored a semi transparent president and you can choose according to a particular color. Now go toe edit safe on good Jane See then choose this rounded rectangle. See? Enhances the look a bit, isn't it? If you was, you can even expand power Interest of it Give it a nice look and feel Select both off them on select center Oh, we have already chosen aligned to slide So change line selected objects No. Place them here Press control G take a copy on place it about this Our engine Take a copy in place it beneath the great about the alot hand beneath the green exchange door Great this one to orange this one to a low The last one to green So it's changed the color off the text since I'm using the team clothes for all off thes take store graphics Whenever you change the team all of these colors will change instantaneously Let me so you a preview here Let's assume that you're going to design and you're going to use this thing. See, the entire color changes, isn't it? That's the beauty off using team close Whenever you change to a different team entirely, it changes all the calls toe Always try to use the team close, which will be easier for you to customize later. So now I wish stories is all off these so that I can't accommodate the headings. But Marissa space here. So I just need Reeses. But there is a trouble here toe Really select all off them on a grease ice. There is some misalignment, isn't it? That's why grouping comes into action. Press control G. We have got everything group together. Now you can reduce Ari's eyes. How Do whatever you wish. Place them wherever you want on breast. Sift control. G R on group. Now they go toe the previous grouping positions. Previous groupings are pre sold, so I don't need to worry. Now we have got to space for the title, so this is under the secret tip. Don't forget, Let me copy the heading under subtitle Hunt. Paste it here, go to home and change the alignment to center. Click aligned to slide on down select center. It's place a bit higher now well into center. We need to draw a line. Go to insert saves on blind line. Hold safety to draw a perfect horizontal line. Think this length is in off exchange the color toe, this blue hand increase the and that the four also change. The top typed around. I also you Larry. Tough ups. Okay, now you can see there is a flat end, right? This doesn't appear. Are this doesn't look good when you animate? That's why I would like to use rounded edge. See No, let's change the positions off these line and said it's space it out better cannot select all off these Andi Center it. If you want to change our moved up or down without designing from center, you can use the arrow keys instead of using your mouth a closed. I just forgot to make a small change. It's just to change the years accordingly. It's not a major one, but let's do everything perfect. Okay, ass off. Now I have completed designing this slide. Three on you to suit how completed if you have been following along with me. So in the next lecture, let's animate the slight three design. 7. Slide 3 animation in PowerPoint 2016: in this structure we are going toe on Emit the Slide three. Design, which we have designed in the previous lecture. Let's go ahead. Let me open the animation star Bond, then an emission Spain. By default, we have God the heading under subheading or the subtitle Animated. We just need toe. Add the animation toe this line. I think the expand or the compass effect will look good. Let's have a preview before resigning. No expanders and look old. Let's try compress. I think it looks good. Let's change the trigger option to start with previous Andi slightly delayed Let's play. Okay, that's more here. No, it's better. But instead of flying entrance effect, I was to change it to expand or compress or some other effort. The change. In effect, you need to goto the animation gallery. Whether choosing any pre certificate or more entrance effect. Choose from Animation Gallery where us If you want toe ad for the animation effect, you need to goto our animation button. That's the minor or small difference between this add animation button on the animation gallery can. Now let me choose Sampras or expand. That's Joe's split. Okay, here it goes this looks good. Now let's start any meeting the circles. Click on this Twitter circle. First on add fly in entrance effect. Jews from Left, Ondas Useful changed the effect options to smooth and completely now select it Skype Group on Add Wipe animation. Change it from left. Now select the Skype double click on an emission painter. Un. Click on this sample on drawing on Windows. Now we just need to add the same wipe animation toe all these text boxes, but I'm going to change the direction toe from top. Now I pressed Escape. Select this group publicly carnation painter on selected those and 16 toe those on 17 toe those and 18 and finally toe goes on 19. Now it's getting pretty confused, which is 2015 to the 19 so that I can reorder the animations. In that case, we can select this to those and 15 on a. The corresponding animation will get highlighted. Now let's move it Beneath. Group 26 26 is nothing but Twitter. If a select the animation here, the corresponding number will get. I like Vera's. If I select the object here, the corresponding animation will get highlighted So let's move it beneath. 48 56 minutes. 47 59 beneath 46. That's it. Now I just to change the trigger options for all these text boxes. So start after previous. I don't need to select age on select start after previous because I need to do it five times instead holding control key. I will select all these Andi Change the trigger option to start off the previous That's it . Also, I'm going to change the direction for 2016. Toe from bottom. Similarly, 2018 toe from bottom That said we have completed on emission off the slide. Three. Let's have a final Prevue In the next lecture, you're going to learn how to design the slide. Four. 8. Slide 4 design in PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we are going to design the fourth slide in this PowerPoint presentation. Well, before driving to the design process. Just how a mini prevue Okay, lets see how we can design this as fast as possible. The fourth step is to form a the background. So go to design and choose former background Now, just Grady and phone. I'm going to copy the same heading subheading on this line stale to this new slide. Absolutely. It has got copied along with the animations can see it here. Let's start designing the contents. Go to insert time on saves and then choose arrow, Pentagon block arrow after drawing the same hole Safety to rotated 90 degree. You can adjust this acute angle using this a low dot Now keep it here on remote outline. Now go to insult saves on take semi rounded Fratangelo. But just the top corners rounded. You can see it Here, Pick it, Onda, Throw it like this. Let me zoom in on removed the outline. Change the safe food to accent one. That's it. You have completed drawing this first safe Now select both days on press control G to group them together now take five more copies. 500 in the 6th 1 select all on press control. Sift G toe on growth them. I grouped it just to make the process easier. Our foster. Now I need to change the colors. Let me change. The safe will toe the dark orange And here, just orange similarly grace states here and then come stay low. It's door blow for this one And finally comes the door green on the green. Now we just need to copy the icons from the other PowerPoint presentation file. Well, for the last four slides, I haven't so new from Barry. Copy the icons. That's why I just decided to So you this PowerPoint presentation. Very how God, the collection off icons. So just so like them. Press control C and move this one aside on press control. Really? Yeah, I got it. No. Place these icons at the center off these shapes. You can manually do like this. I say did. Or you can use this a line center or align middle buttons on this quick bar. But if you want to use that, then you need to groove these stapes together and then select the icon, Then press online center or align middle before that, you also need toe un Chekalin to slide and select Elaine selected objects to get this alone Selected objects enabled You need to select at least two objects to get this check box Enable can now I'm going toe a line All these six shapes in ascending order that is from bottom to talk So now let me group these steps together Select all press control G on Repeat the process for all these sips Make sure the other tangle you draw to select all these tapes covers all the saves that you, Mr Group now select all off this and gain leave aligned to slide Now go toe arrange line undistributed horizontally That's it. Now hold safety on Move them up or down us Us Alternatively, you can also use distribute vertically option under the lane option. Now we are going to create six text boxes. Go to insult, find click textbooks then click on the slide to create one. Now we have enabled caps Lock on typing the text Let me select it Jews mourn straight phone Also, the low spacing on increased the text size a bit Now let me take five more copies on renamed them. Now select all these six tex Select Elaine Selected objects They goto Arrange line on Elaine Left again. Goto Arrange online on Distribute vertically. That's it. Let's change the form it under drawing tools for me tab. So the semi transparent. Great. Okay, now our job has got completed. Almost the lost design More kids to connect these tapes to this text boxes go to insert saves and take elbow. Double arrow I'm stored connecting the saves to the text. Also change our rearrange this line using the yellow dots. Now take another one on the next. Similarly, do the rest Now select all these arrows and then expand stapes times toe display the form It's a panel hand increased of it toe 0.5 points is enough. Change the dass tied to darts and cap tight around on begin and end Arrow type toe all arrow disease that were useful procedure, isn't it? Now let's change the color off these arrows. You can change the color under Sape outline are here and the color drop down box. Both are fine. You can use any option which are is comfortable for you. Now let me add a few lines off Texter. Some words on the top off. This saves to don't customise each off the states right after adding them. Because you may need to customize each off this text every time you London, for example. If you want to add the monstrous formed style to this one, then you need toe do that once, then twice tries, then four times high times on sixth time. Instead, just add the forint or the text you want toe act on, then select all but lost like I do here. See? Select them all on Goto Hometown Selectman, Straight formed turned at some low spacing. If you want, you can increase the phone size too. This is easy, right? So we have successfully completed designing this slide four in the next lecture. Let's start animating it 9. Slide 4 animation in PowerPoint 2016: in this lecture, we are going to do a simple and stunning animation toe. The slide number four Let's start Goto animations stab on, Expand on emissions pain. We have already gold animation for heading Subtitle on this mini line. Now let's add animation for the safe. Add flying entrance effect and change the fact options direction. So from top. Also change the fact options and add complete small tent. I'll select this double click animation painter on start looking All these steps. That's it we have completed on the meeting. All these tapes. Now let's group the dotted line on the text box. Actually, we said, How done it in the previous lecture? But still, it's not too late if you haven't grouped it, Andi, if you simply add animation, you just need to do everything twice. That is. You need to add an emission for the line under in the text box and end off the day both or seen. But still, grouping is much on organized way, so let's like this and at y animation. Then change the direction toe from left. That's it. Now selected, Double click on animation painter and copy this animation toe all the other text group items. I just wish to change the direction for this last one. That is the six do from dog that will look better. Okay, my seeing the group names at first, Anyone make it a bit off confusing, but it's easily identifiable because all these states or in that you want to testify. Sorry, 36 on these groups are from 65 to 70 so it's not a tough boss to find out. They can easily pull them up before reordering. We just need to select all these animation effects and change the trigger option to start after previous. Now reorder them. You gone, dragon, drop our select on Press this a barrel. Both are fine. That's it. Now let's have a final preview, Okay? Somehow the last one has got the more delay. So to change it, just select start with previous and then select start after previous again. This will do the job. Let's preview this last run along. See, we have corrected these you with this. We have completed designing on animating for all some slides in the next lecture. Let's design on any made this titles fried. It's too simple to design an animate. That's why I kept it for the end 10. Title slide Design and Animation in PowerPoint 2016: in this structure, we are going to design and animate this simple on easy title slide before designing. Let's How Amini Prevue Have you heard of music? Yeah, it's from this four point presentation, and I will show you how to add the two. Also, this music will play till the end off. All the slights either. Also saw you. How you can do that, too, can now just create a new slide. Handle it all the components or the objects on drag to the top so that it comes us that idol slide. Now ask use will go to design and form it. Background can choose the Grady and Phil. Along with that, we need to insert image transparent image, so choose a rectangle on full the slide of district angle. Now remove the sape outline turned. Change the fill color toe picture. Or actually, you can use this picture or any other picture if you want. The drill is just goto online. Search for any keyword on bing image. Search on Choose the image. Britney. Search for nature. Unchosen this image. Now you just need toe increase the transparency toe around 90 to 95%. Why 90 because only then you can see the background. Let me so you If you click design and goto for mitt background on If you two solid filled with any other colors, then it looks like you have played some kind off filter even if you apply a pattern or some of the design. Then both the image in the rectangle turned the Bagram off the slide. Merge with each other. But I used to choose the same Grady in full. So let me continue. Now let me copy this title's subtitle Underst line. Pressing Control. See on then control. We I'm just going to place it in the middle, so I'm going to take the subtitle on Place It Beneath Here. Finally, let me increase the phone size of bird so that it appears like a title slide. Now select all off them on select online objects center before the chills aligned to slide . That's it. You have completed designing Andi animating this title Sly. How one meeting Because we have just copied this by doing Subtitle from Our slides on day have caught on emitted already. That's why If you don't believe me, let's see preview. Here it goes Also, let's add a transition toe the first slide. If you want toe, add the transition to the first light, then you need to apply it to the second slide. I will show you how. Let me choose flight through, see if you apply to the tower or fourth or fifth cannot see the transition because the background off 2nd 3rd and fourth all the same. So whatever transition you apply, you cannot see it so you can play the transition. Effect one. Lee to the second slide to see after the first slide. There is a lost thing, which I missed on its adding. Are you photo insult turned? Select this drop down list and juice audio on my PC. Now let me choose audio file and click insert. We have got doubt you hear audio icon, Move it on place some barrels on the bottom on Jews play in background. That said, that's what you need to do. Everything is automatic from here. Tell me how a final look along with the music in a full slide. So let's go way . That's it. With the exit off the slide so music ends if the slide so exits the length off the music. Then the music will lope until you complete the slight. So but this You have successfully completed the course. See you in the next one. 11. Title slide 2 Design and Animation in PowerPoint: In this lecture, we are going to design an, animate this new title slide. Let me show a preview of this slide in slideshow format. It's as simple, neat, unprofessional title slide with the brand name, title, and subtitle. Here we're going to use an image from stock images, a few sets of parallelogram shapes, rectangles, Merge Shapes techniques, a set of custom Google phones, character spacing and shadow fits. The animation part. We are going to use. Flying affects, fade and compress entrance effects too. Let's see how we can design this. Go to home new slide with blank layout. Let's start with parallelograms or to Insert Shapes, a parallelogram start from the top right corner till the center of the slide. You can adjust the angle of the parallelogram using the LO dot, remove the Shape, Outline, change the shape, fill to a picture. You can add a picture from your collection or from the Internet or any stock image. Go to Shape Fill Picture, stock images. Search for any keyword, I search for buildings. This is a picture that you have seen this slide preview. Let me select it and click, Insert the first parallelogram with the image is ready. We just need to add four more, copy and paste this parallelogram for easy understanding, let me change the shape, fill to a plane transplant regular set transparency to 50%. I don't need the parallelogram to be this much thicker. If we simply reduce the width, the angle of the parallelogram will change. To get the required width and angle in a parallelogram, There's a neat trick resides the parallelogram such that the left bottom corner and right top corner stays at the location you want. Then change the angle using the yellow dot. Now take one more copy, send these new parallelograms behind the picture, further, go to arrange and send to back. We need two more half size parallelograms. So take one more copy, adjust the height, resize it by placing the left bottom corner and right top corners exactly the places we need. Then adjust the angle using the yellow dot, take a copy, send it to back. We need to change the fill colors of these parallelograms. But before that, we need to remove the transparency to modal save TFL more fill colors and set the transparency to 0%. Now change the fill color of one set of parallelograms to this hex code, ECC E19, change the fill color of another set of parallelograms to this hex code 1847 f. I just got these color combinations from an article which has some beautiful color combinations. I shall add a link to it as a resource to this lecture. After this, we need to add the title, a subtitle, and the background graphics go to Insert, choose rectangle expanded to the center of this picture parallelogram, we need to cut this rectangle and the right end in the same angle as these parallelograms. So I take a copy of this parallelogram to subtract it from the rectangle shape using the mode shapes feature, you need to select the rectangle first and then select the parallelogram, go to Shape Format, click mode shapes, then subtract. If you select the parallelogram forced, then the rectangle will cut the portion of the parallelogram, not the other way around. Let's color this title background to the hex code 39312, E. Go to Shape, Fill more, fill colors, and change the hex code. Go to Insert tab, select text box, type your brand name. Let's place it on the top left corner of the slide. Change the text color to light gray, set the font to monstrous, semi bold, set the character spacing to lose. Then double-click this title, graphics, enter your title and subtitle. My title is secret marketing tactics and make subtitle is how I became a social media expert. Feel free to type yours here, set the title to uppercase, change the font to monstrosity, semi bold, select the subtitle, choose capitalize each word, the subtitle font to comfort or light, select both title and subtitle set character spacing to lose set line-height to 1.5, increase the font size of the title to 32. I shall add a link to these custom fonts to this lecture, the primary design processes over, Let's touch it up a bit to enhance the look. Now I'm going to add offset center shadow of x to this title and this image parallelogram go to Shape, Format, Shape. The fibs under the outer shadow, choose the shadow offset center. I prefer prominent shadow of apps for all these other parallelograms too. I'm going to choose Offset right bottom shadow, the right side parallelograms and offset lift, drop shadow to lift side parallelograms. Let's add some animations now, expand the animation pane. First, select this brand name text box and add a fade entrance effect. Then I want this title to slide in from the left. So let's add flying entrance effect, but change the direction from left, change the trigger option to start after previous. Similarly, I want this image to fly in from the right and set the trigger option to start with previous. I want these two animations to start and end smoothly. Let me add 0.25 seconds for both smooth start and smooth and for both of them, select both the first pair of left and right parallelograms, go to more entrance of flips, choose Compress under moderate entrance effects, sit the Trigger option to start after previous so that it can enhance the field, but it doesn't come in weight between the picture and the title. Select the second pair of parallelograms and apply the same compress entrance effect. The Trigger option to start after previous. Here is a preview of the slide we just designed and animate it. I shall attach this PowerPoint slide as a resource to this lecture.