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PowerPoint Alternatives™️: How to create a modern and beautiful presentation with Canva

teacher avatar Aisyah Saad, ACE That Presentation!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      An Introduction to Canva as Powerpoint Alternative


    • 2.

      Your Instructor, Presentation Apps and Why Canva?


    • 3.

      How to Create a Canva Account


    • 4.

      Let's take a Quick Tour of Canva


    • 5.

      Getting to know Canva: Dashboard & Design Tools


    • 6.

      Canva Fonts and Font Pairs


    • 7.

      What are Your Ideal Colours?


    • 8.

      The Power of Images and Icons in Presentations


    • 9.

      Modern and Beautiful Slide Deck: An Overview


    • 10.

      Let's Design a Title Slide


    • 11.

      Outline A with Text


    • 12.

      Outline B - More visual


    • 13.

      Open Your Presentation with a Hook or Two


    • 14.

      Create Attractive Content Slides (Text & Image)


    • 15.

      Using Icons in Slides


    • 16.

      Keep it Sweet and Simple with a Chart


    • 17.

      Meet the Team


    • 18.

      Design infographic-based Slides with a World Map


    • 19.

      Craft Your Future Direction


    • 20.

      Share Your References


    • 21.

      Contact Us


    • 22.

      In Sum


    • 23.

      Present Beautifully with Canva


    • 24.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Unstuck yourself from PowerPoint!

Create a modern and contemporary-looking presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. PowerPoint Alternatives™️ classes explore several presentation tools as alternatives to PowerPoint.

In this class, I teach you how to use Canva to design a professional-looking presentation.

Many professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and academics spend countless, painful hours and days designing presentations on PowerPoint. With Canva, those long hours could be a thing of the past.

Because Canva lets you focus on your content.

Save time and boost your productivity when designing a presentation with Canva.

In this course, I will take you slide-by-slide, step-by-step in designing a beautiful slide deck of 16 slides for business or professional use. Though the contents are geared towards education, the slides we are going to design are typically used in many presentations. The slide deck consists of the following:

  • Title Slide

  • Outline - 2 types

  • Opening Slides - 2 types

  • Content Slides - Text and Images

  • Icons, a Chart and Infographics

  • Meet the Team

  • References and Resources

  • Contact Us

Learn simple and intuitive design tools in Canva in minutes. I will teach you how best to use simple design elements (fonts, colours, images and icons) in designing a presentation.

Let me show you how you can leverage Canva's stunning designs to help create a beautiful presentation. Turn your ideas into reality.

Get inspired, get MORE things done - easier and quicker.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aisyah Saad

ACE That Presentation!


A former award-winning educator, I am passionate about crafting beautiful and inspiring presentations in higher education. I am a registered pharmacist and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, but my heart is in teaching and designing effective presentation. Two of my greatest strengths are making complex things simple and working across silos.

With an eye for simple and clean designs, I help hundreds of educators and professionals to elevate their presentations, from inside out, in my 'Presentation Makeover' workshops. My 13+ year career in academia has led to two presentation books Elevate and The Magic in Your Hand.

In addition to presentation design, I also provide consultations in capacity building and skills in techno... See full profile

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1. An Introduction to Canva as Powerpoint Alternative: Hi there. Welcome to PowerPoint. Alternative cost Siris. In this course, you will learn how to design a beautiful slight deck off your own using convo. You're going to learn how to make things slights. Using Converse simple and intuitive. Design tools Modern and contemporary designs await you in convert. Simply add in your content the YouTube video or to do a few adjustments. Change colors change Tex and Walla. You chief the looks and feels off a professionally designed slight deck and start yourself from spending hours designing a PowerPoint convert. Let's you focus on your content and safe time and increase your productivity if you have minimal or zero design skills or are not familiar with convert design representation. No worries are sure you step by step how to design these very slights and more. Come and join me in this cause. 2. Your Instructor, Presentation Apps and Why Canva?: PowerPoint alternative Con va. But why convert briefly about me? I'm Dr Ash Assad. Previously, I've served There's a university lecturer and Treanor for what? Shops on presentation, design, fishing with technology and mark massive open online courses. Four educators and professionals. I spoke Aquino's and plenary sessions at symposiums and conferences, and often some of the members of the audience came to me after the talk and said there was a great talk. Do you use PowerPoint? And I said, I'm no afraid. I did not present. No, I replied. So what apps do you use? Well, there was done in keynote, and I have a number of favorite presentation tools for different types. Off present ations, Really the ask different presentation tools for different types. So what's the best one? Those are the normal questions I would actually get. Times have changed. Presentation styles very end have changed, too. You see from that boats to 35 millimeter movie projector to overhead projector and transparencies to LCD projector. PowerPoint. There stop vision and now we have online representation. EBS, Google Slights, Haiku Deck Present E mais bland space victor chart and convert, to name a few, even PowerPoint and Apple keynote hop into the Internet bandwagon, offering an online presentation editor. So what's the difference between desktop and online presentation, APS and what what type representation? In my opinion online presentation Alps are the 21st century presentation tools. The offer. Many advantages. Example. Sharing your presentation in social media. Publish it as a website on a single click of a button, something that PowerPoint and F. Willkie no need pitching up all 9% and abs also get updated frequently without having to buy a new version. Now have headaches over different versions or compatibility at all. They're also much easier to to work with their often integrated very well with other websites and, like slag or pinchers, Arlington and they also co intuitive. They have tremendously improved my workflow, so it depends on whether you have a lot of content. For example, if you want to deliver a six hour workshop that often would have a lot of content and compared it if you were going to deliver, like a 20 minutes presentation, a key note or a plenary that would require you to use a different type off presentation tools. So in my journey as a presenter and trainer. I have my top five presentation tips or rather, top six after about this in my earlier costs on you to me elevate your research presentations a tie and, um of five. Ah high could end sweet, then blend space in fourth place Picked a chart con va And my magic one is apple He note what comes after apple keynotes and there is no power point. You might, you might wonder. While PowerPoint is a good tool, I've moved away from power point for designing most off representation. I found thes tools much easier and quicker to use nowadays. But any my ass again. But why con ver let me share with you my presentation that I didn't convert? I found that when I have my content that it um I had a research paper on. I couldn't go to the conference a to last minute, so I had to prepare a video presentation with Convert. I found out that I could create this 50 minute research presentation in about an hour from zero from nothing. I only had my content as a research paper and I planet. I prepare it. I design it and I get it polished and ready, forcing custom to make a video presentation. So, you know, normally this kind of presentation big me thes in PowerPoint keynote. So I felt honestly, really accomplished after that day after creating that presentation in Convoy. Honestly is such an awesome feeling so known in that I simply love the fresh, stylish and modern designs offered by convert in this course at take you step by step, I'll get you and show you how to use Con va to design a beautiful and modern presentation. 3. How to Create a Canva Account: hi. In this radio, I would like to show how you can create a free account in convert so headed to come back here. You can sign up with Facebook or you concerned up with cocoa or even concerned with your own email address. So if you want to sign up with Facebook Google, you need to actually, first I looked into your Facebook account, and then after you have done the axe, you can then do a single step authentication. Then you can locked in into convert. I have signed in into my Facebook here. So then I can click on logging looking with Chris Book. So after looking in, Campbell will take you into the convert home despot. In the next video, we're gonna take the quick tour off, convert home. 4. Let's take a Quick Tour of Canva: Let me give you a quick tour off convoy home dashboard. Let's start from the top, which is a top left hand corner. You can see that. That your email that you locked in I locked in from Chris Book, which is linked to this email. So you appear here can set your count here, your public profile and also you can sign out, Remember, from here, So you can create design here as well, If you want to, can go hope this is the home dashboard. You can see all the designs here can discover photos in convert. You can also create your grandkids in here and attend courses on Qambar Inside school. Here is where I used to collaborate with my team, and the folders that I used to create with my teammates felt welcome. Here is trash can remove the designs that you meet in Congo. Just clicking on judge discourse. We're gonna use the free version. But if you want a great unjustly on Sundays and an upgrade to a premium version ria design , cover your fuel, he's one would be to click on this three design second used to see the premium design at about them here. So let's click on this little arrow so you can see the different categories being posters, business card, U S, the document. And you can also go for social media as well Instagram pose. They can go for documents, presentation, letter at the head and so on So you can explore this on your own. Another way is to use custom dimension where you add in the week and the height off your design and you can tell me whether you wanted you wanted in Pitso inches limit this incident. It's once you've done that, just click your design in this cause you're gonna learn how to design representation in convert. So what we're gonna do, we gonna search for present patient and comfort office two types. Representation one is 1920 by 10 80 pixel and the other one is four by three, which is tendering four times 7 68 pixels were going to use thes 1920 by 2080 pixel, which is also known as the white screen. Oh, the 16 by nine dimension. So we're gonna click on this. It brings you 200 or three assigned dashboard. Where you gonna learn in the next video? The design tools that are useful for you in designing a peaceful presentation income 5. Getting to know Canva: Dashboard & Design Tools: Hi, Dan. A Les Paul Point con ver designed the dashboard would have the menu for elements that you want to design on the left hand side. So on here, left inside, you have templates, and then you have the photos. You can search for 40 years if you want to elements. So there is the recently use grits. Johnson's own text background. You can upload things here and there for this for your favorite things and also purchase things, and they're more. I will go into each of these later in a later video and and then on top here would be the title of representation under file. You can show margins few one shown here if I switch it off will be just a blank canvas put on again. And then you can also print bleed here. If you want to threaten your design safe, make a copy off your presentation and help is also under file. Can recites the presentation automatically, but this is under premium again, that societal off representation thesis where you change it so I'm gonna change it to demo and then click enter on click up greed here. This is where you share representation. This is where you down the representation. This is where you want to present this plantation in Canada and they are more us. Well, what? We'll go into that in a bit. This is a blanks. Like this is a blank canvas. So here you can see that you can add notes like in Power point where you have represented notes, you can also duplicate it. Copy peach and and then you can copy a pitch here if you like the design and you can also add a new pitch. A new blank page at the bottom here received an zooming biggest See Getting bigger can make it fit the whole entire screen. This is a slightly out of you, and you can also make it full stream. And again, this is help. Okay, so you have seen the overall view off the convert designed. Let me take you into this menu and see what we can do with the design tools. So, first of all, I have to see convo has the most modern, freshest presentation layout. Somehow I really love it and I find it. I find inspiration by looking at designs in convo. So in here you can see that convoy has categorized the presentation templates and layouts according to great representation, simple present ation education. If you doing in education a sales presentation, architecture and so on, you can exploded there hundreds off templates here that you probably like. Let's just see this one. This one looks very interesting. Let's just click on this. So if you really want to browse through the temples, you can just put your cursor in a middle or on the side. So I put it in here. You can see that is issue browsing through Start Number 17 18 19 and so on. Let's have a look at this one. Can you see that? So that is how you can actually just browse through the terminals off the representation template. And then, if you really want to go into it, let's just go into this. Click on that and we'll take you into the presentation template. Okay, looks very, very interesting. I really love the color as well. Then, if you really wanted one to Eustis, where you do, just simply click and what's lovely about convoys that you can change each off this text we can add in your institution or your company began adding the title. And you can add in the subtitle off your presentation here. You can also change the color accordingly. So this is the color palette off D of this particular presentation template. And but you can always change it if you want to. To hear this. Okay. And and then you can also search for colors. I'm going to go for blue. You see that? So complimentary. Very simple for you to customize your representation design. If you want to add a new pace, you can add new fish and will be based on the temple. Use that simply so you can browse thes on you're on your own on defined the design that you love. I simply love the modern design in convert and then you can go to photo so photo you can use key was to discover the photos they like here. It puts down here that the different category okay, you can brush that. You can also put in. You can see here. It's recently used this what does Iris and use in here and these are trending. Okay, let me just take one off this and show you click on this picnic, Adding to here, I can adjust it accordingly if you want to. I'm going to bringing to here. Just follow me. See me? I see how I do. Things was later I will show you. I will take you step by step on how to customize the design that using in the course. So here you can. While you can do when you have added in the image, you can further customize the image you can then click on the image that's filter here, where you can change like it's like an instagram filter can also, for the adjusted a stroll, brightness, contrast, different tint You can make it, um, neatness. Well, you can also further crop it if you like a certain size, okay, and click done. And of course, you can flip it horizontally. What you can do is we can duplicate this particular image or element or any element you want to duplicate. Just copy. I'm removed this and then if you have two or three elements, let me just add in, for example, a circle. Okay, so if you have two or three elements in here, then you can change the position of the layer off this two elements so you can send this backward example. So that's there. You can also push it back. And it can also play with this transparency off the element. And you can lock it so you won't move at all. Can only move 11 of the elements does the image, but you can't move their circle. And if you want to remove it, I dare you to click delete on your keyboard or you can relate it here. So I like to give you a tip. If you really like this particular image, for example, you may not want to use now, So you like to keep it in a folder. So what you do is this you years to see this are free images. Click on that triple dots and you see this this love emerging Click on this. This particular picture is now kept in the folder. It's just likes. There you go so you can build your own collection off images. Another thing about images is that income bar. There are three images which are indicated at the bottom here as free. They are also premium ones. Let me just Let's just look at one off this, okay? So these can pay a nominal amount of $1 for this image, or you can actually upgrade to a premium account and get this with a premium account. If you click on this, what you see is you see this watermark with convoy would on that. So you need Teoh removal. What amount you need to be the amount, or you can upgrade to the premium version for those. Let's go to the elements. So you're elements Canada has categorized it into recently. Use is the things I used earlier. So let me show you a few things that you can do with. It's all. There are a number off different designs here, layouts here they can use on your on your presentation. So here you can choose, for example, three things. So here you can what you can do. You can perhaps click one of this year for color and then click on the bottom. You go back to photos, you can click on the bottom and another one like that, and each of these you can make it bigger, smaller accordingly. That's with grit, and you can put in a text. Something like that. With charts again, you can add in different charts by chart, and here you can put in a different number. When you were saying Could be that we I'm five and in a port. Perhaps that's 55 and when you want at more items, you can then hit enter at my stomach and changing here as well. Different things they use trump, and you can remove them accordingly. Let me change that white, and you can always change color in here if you want to. You can't increase this form size. It can change the color off forms and into the same bold italics. And so on can also change Deposition off the Boche symbols. If you want to use this pie chart or the doughnut chart as well, there's also frames and frames the Mies Maury thief. They're cut out like this is a cutout off computer off phone. So what you do is go back to photos and you can click on this and what you do is just bringing in position that, in that particular phrase, click on debt just a little bit is really cool. I really like frames because it helps to give you another, like interesting perspective. Our visual in representation can always sent it a bit. Put it this way. Okay? And they're more here. There's also quite creative ones like this, which I've seen quite a few recently. Just about this photo. And let's take one off this and bring in here. Look at that. Really nice. Let me remove this and change the background off these particular slide. Okay at Texan here. So heading shinning competition changing color to give the best contrast. And then yeah, and really nice. So this is one of the things why I feel convoy is the perfect, too for designing representation. Very, very simple to use. Quite intuitive. And I love it now that's with frames. Let's see shapes of shoot to you Earlier normal shapes you have settles, you have rectangles. You have also squares. OK, You can use the different the difference division if you want to. You have start a swell. Okay, that's that's with shapes. And you can also have different grade Ian's. This one usually I think, would be useful if you want to make your particular sliced a bit more creative like in this one. This is a circle. Okay, let me take this one and put it at the back there. And so she did the back. You can always change the greedy on this. This is also already quite nice. But let's just change the radiant to something like that. And maybe stuff something. So is three. Nice. If you play around with it, you need to greet, explore how to use office. Now let's go back to the elements. Of course you have lines. You have also illustrations. You have icons. We go into this as we go into their customizing your representation in the next section. You also have different also icons in social media and and the rest the illustration. Icons can just go through. Want to just go to text here you can add Thanks subheading a little Abadi texts are going to each of this Indian it in the next few videos. And then you can also add background just in the background to here. That's how you change your backgrounds. Really nice. Now you beautiful or change it to something like that as well. A nice what? The element in a presentation. And this is up loads you can so you can click on here. You can upload image. So that's my new photo. Big alluded. Click on that for two and adjusted accordingly. Just a word about the images. The different precise option here when you want to recites your image or your elements, it's best to if you want to keep the dimensions consistent just to skill up or down. And you just need to use one off the corner buttons here. That useful property that is to and here is where you have your photos that you like. This is a folder for lights for the four lights, for the punches here rests in here would be a for premium account. Now that you have a good idea off the design tools in convo, it's not so much different from PowerPoint. In fact, I think is simpler and more intuitive and get the job done in terms off designing representation. What we'll do in the next few videos is to see the use off texts and color in designing presentation 6. Canva Fonts and Font Pairs: in this video, I'm going to highlight three descent elements, which I feel very, very useful for you when you want to design representation in convoy. The 1st 1 would be on forms. Second, his colors set. One is images and icons for forms. There are two main categories. Serve if and sensory surreal phones would have the little feet at the bottom here. That makes really much easier for the eye. Sensory is the phone here and can see that he has no feet at all is quite legible as well. Especially good. You're issues in websites in presentation. If you want to have 30 in showing your message, let's have a look at the phone. So I really like in convoy. Generally, I would categorize them into modern and contemporary, and the other one is Henriksen or hand drawn. The ones that I like here are Value Babers Neue. This is very good for display or as a title. Cooper, who eat heaven held British Lotto Monserrat and Relatively, and the other group, the hand written Orhan, drawn at this Sayama only go brush er is quite good, like it's like a bust for display. It is also good as like demean the mean head. Oh, for a particular representation. Another one is specific. Oh, and Sacramento, under the text designed to you find heading a subheading and body Thanks at the headings of you on here, let me change different kind of what? It's actually easier for you to see. Now I'm going to put so heading in here with the phones. And there's a little trick here where you can just click on debt. If you wanted to be all caps, just click on these couple keys and and then change the color of the can. Then change the size of it. It's one. Get at this up. Heady. No change color again because it would be more legible for you. Now, um, let me also show you no other way to align this together. This is so what you do is click on the 1st 1 and then hit, shift and click again so that you choose the group them together. On this, you go to position and here you can see this left center. Right. Let's go to center first. So it's really sent it left. You see that? And then right did about stop so they'll put their subtitle or subheading on top, middle and in bottom. So I want to be sent it, and I'll then Jesse, too. And as you use convert, you can also see there is his purple line that will show whenever you move the particular element in this case texts. I use this a lot because there is a guide and I think is very, very useful. When you want todo have an idea off, the element is sensitive or left line, or write a line or not. So if I use it quite not, I really depend on it. And that gives you balance that will give you the visual balance. And whenever you present it to your audience, they all will actually look good. It's another way we're by. Let me just take it together. But it's side you can use is you see here this is pre made next, the title in the middle. So and then you have a few little's like subheading Or maybe subtitle bottom so you can just go down there and choose your preferred pre made text. Me. Just see here what I like and give you an idea I'm removal this and let's just choose one. Perhaps you can use this one. Why do first is I will change the color because the Kanda there's no good contras new color and then you can take the the corner dot c one underfunded dots to well, this probably sticking out right. And you see again, they're purple, you can see the purple box is deep guide again. It shows that is within the box. And is this a center? There's a uses again within the box which is quite nice, is the so I can probably just make it around there. Is it Can you put something that looks really nice? Changed this do phones and so this is already pre made. This phone is ready day. This is Let's just check out the forms. Who's that? Khost Odd. And the other one is lik Tosic. So this is what he done. If you want to explore for the and see which one will suit your presentation, so that's with forms. Another thing that I like to introduce to you is the foreign combination combo has got this really cool foreign combination, such where you can find a phone combination for your design is clear on this one. Just formed. So here is by bus. Now I'm gonna use it as a title formed. So you actually show you. So here is This is a big bus noia, which is the title phone. And the bottom here is so sense pro. So this is one off the suggested Perry. Neither one. You see the hell you an example here as well. So and the bottom one is all standing right. Nice. Perry, I hope you have some idea off what forms to use what are they and how to pay them for your representation. In the next video, you're gonna learn how you can get your ideal color for your presentation and more. 7. What are Your Ideal Colours? : in this video, you're going to learn how to search for your ideal conjures in combat. Palace evokes emotion. And from these a message for perceived idea about you, your brand and the company. If you regret. For example, bread is often perceived as do you for activity, extermination and strength. Think about cook. If you change the color to blue, blue is often associate it with trust, competency, intelligence logic. There are a number of blocos, really nice flop post by convoy. One of them is this 100 brilliant color combinations and how you can apply them to your design. So I'm sure you can find your ideal colors in one off this 100 color combination. Okay, so you can go through this one nature, which is very nice. If you're thinking off designing a professional presentation, we can use thes subdued and professional colors off blue. And this is the think about degree and bottom for the arch can go down to the bottom. Just go straight to the bottom if you want to and have a look at the colors that you you might like, you know, look also at the color psychology they actually come out with really nice infographics into the different industry and the colors used. For example, in in pharmaceuticals, they tend to use blue in fast food. People tend to use companies thin, tend to use red, yellow, white. There's no blue at all here. That's really, really interesting and also was interesting as well. They found that in many of the Fortune 500 companies for you seems to come up a lot more than read or other colors. The last color that any company would choose is purple, and also hever go at color, meanings and symbolism. Very, very interesting. Just click on I like Somehow I like teal a key, not deal Green too quickly on this and come back, tells you everything about color teal and gives you the different combination and this Muno analogous, complementary. Try it. He's actually color harmony, thinking about colors if you just want to use one color. But if you're going to combine them different shades, different hues, then you need to consider the harmony, color, harmony, complementary colors more less next to each other. Okay, so it can combine teal with this red color, and I can just click on this to copy the color this color and I can bring it up back to sample this one. Let me just cleared about them here. Click find a color and then keep peace the color code and change the color off the slide. Ok, Fantastic. If you see here, this'll particular hex court also brings up different colors schemes here okay. Can also then play around like that. Can you see that big, darker as well. So this is something that I really love about Kanbar, especially in using using convert for presentation is really, really simple and really intuitive. You can also search for color by entering the name of the color red example. So go go have a look at this one. I'll have a look at all this. They give you ideas as well About about till this is cool and what is also nice Just down. Let's go back to this one. See you you find and before as the ideal color for you For you, for your presentation. So what you can do is you can click on use this template afghan it here you will open up into a new design And what you do Is that because it is already a picture and then listed out the hex number, they also little is that out, then the name from the cloud. Let me just copy this. Go to color. Remember, Click on this. You had a standard cloud. What? I think it's really cool is that once that use that template with the color combination s given us this one. If you click on the this particular color click on that, they will straight away show you the color combination. You don't have to in a copy. One off this a total from here today and so on, like in PowerPoint. So this is not the reason why I love convert. So that's how you can choose your ideal color in Canova. In the next video, we're gonna have a quick look on images and how you can use images in presentation. 8. The Power of Images and Icons in Presentations: in the earlier videos, we have talked about phones, colors and in this video we're gonna talk about images and icons. Normally, we would combine an image with Tex. So in here, I have combined them together. And what you see is that you can see the subtitle so you can see the title and you see, you can see the content. But content in terms of the contrast is not that good. Um, also, there is a change in the the other side also not as good. So how do you solve this problem? So for sleep, what you can do is I would an element, for example, shape those things and then position it over text and now going to change it to back with gonna change the text to a different color, you know? So you title is, well, she to color to duck three. Close this So it's actually no more legible. Make sure that is lined center. And what I do is that you can presented this re Oh, you can present it by changing transparency. So that is nice, Nike. Usually it's better to make it really simple If I simply used the power off image. Can you see this? And just picked the title? Only the picture is worth 1000 words. So that and kept so late the whole message our convoy another thing can do with image is to play around with the transparency. Because what it does step it gives you the polished and professional looks and feels to representation. So here I did. Waas the background off This light is red. Okay, so when I just change cut the transparency off this particular picture A Here, this is not transparent. And when I click on the image, go to the transparency year can play around That sepia is red. This is totally like you can see that. Okay, so this is a very nice touch to any visual And if you have text, it helps to improve the Contras as well. So you with higher transparency meaning that the background color off this light comes out gives him a good contrast. So now these particular texts looks better. It's just go back again That see less transparent now is in a full image. The text looks like a big blended with the visual. So how do you change their background. Let me just do a little revision. Click on the back there, click on color and changed the background. So then that's how that's how you doing it. Now, let's just go quickly on this one. I just want to show you this is a title slide. I introduced this particular picture that complements the title off the slide and that C I just want to show you the the power off visual. You take out that particular visual. It is still a good, clean and simple that it's like, but with the picture, it looks fantastic. So that's the power off visual off using image in your presentation. And, of course, you can also use icons. Good two elements can such, for example, signs. I'm gonna put science in here. Okay, Let me remove their image and then and eager I corn here. Can you see that? So now is really nice fried If i images and icons that complements the text in this case, this particular icon complements the title again. Without icon I'm gonna do I'm gonna go on. Do and sure you get it. The image now the image. Compliments, space. Swell. This is the power off illustration and images presented to you so that I hope you use more off images than text in your presentation. 9. Modern and Beautiful Slide Deck: An Overview: Hi. Designing representation can be much easier and quicker than you think. Here are the slice that will be designing in this course. We will start from from the gutter slight. Then the outline. The content will be doing a little bit off infographics chart, and then we go to future direction and then we wrap up the holes like deck. With contacts, you can download the slides in the Donald Link below. The next section will be taking you slight Bice life step by step into designing this presentation in convert. 10. Let's Design a Title Slide: hi day In this section you will learn how I customize presentation templates from Con va in through this presentation that you've been down there in the first section. Also, you will see in the section how the design tools that you have learned in the previous section coming to play in creating beautiful presentation in Cumba much easier and quicker . Let's get started with this particular presentation I go to templates. I use a typographic business template. So what I do here is I'm gonna click on this one is where you bring out the whole slides. I'm going to copy this speech and at indeed, Chris Template, which is thief title complete and convert promise for whether I want to replace fish content. Yes, because I copied it earlier. Sermon apply. Don't shoot this again. Three, please. So this is the original template. I'm gonna change that too. In the latest of which you can replace this with your own campus name. Just follow me. Then you can stop the video and customize it to your content. Let's come back to this so you can put in your company company's name and here you can I report a subtitles. In this case, where I did was I put in my my name. So I just put on your no need and perhaps your website the company's website. No keep. And then remember the session where I talked about the phone pairing, So I'm actually wearing a formed we see here. This is Pacifica with Earth Monster. Right? So here we want to do the same on it at I go to text. I'm gonna get a headache. I'm gonna put three. Imagine copied the entire thing. I go through text I go to formed. I'm going to look for Pacifico and then increases size, change coming, slanted a bit. And And the final thing you might want to consider is your local. So you could have one. You can upload your logo and then incident there. So that's for the title pitch. 11. Outline A with Text: Let's see how we can design an outline for your presentation in this particular outline. Slight. I used the complete slide. Let's have a look. It is good to templates. And this is this discussion outline. So with this generic lee out what you can do, you can begin replace the text. Que Where did we? I hope I removed this and I going to copy piece and make it bigger. Seven months around 40. This is abuse 46 and this one I use 75. So this is similar. Complemented if you want you can also for the customize the foreign size here by clicking on that and then change their just up in their number. What? Six que Anything as well, if you like, you can. Also, since this is a big toe to for their part, what I do here is I'm gonna on group it, remove the empty one and then bring it together closer. Okay, Right. That's nice already. But now I feel that the host light is a bit empty. There's no reference to what talk you see. Sometimes your audience will tune into your first light, which is a status light and then they turned out or they look at the more food. So it's nice to have a title off your presented and somewhere to remind your audience What is the title of talk? So what we going to do? We're going to go back to text we're going to take, um, the subheading. I'm going to copy this into here. And then what happens is that when a change, because I'm in a change color, once you have changing color to the same color like the rest, you can guess bringing up there. And then we going to select a nice fund to go with it. So here there are a number of phone you can try. This is oneness. You so increases size of that. Looks bigger. Can see it better. Okay, this phone is muscle, right? I'm gonna go through something like I like Barlow. So let's try Barlow. Then you go. I think the same one that's just changed this and I'll make it slightly bigger to strike 40 . Okay, that's really nice. Let me give you a brief analysis off this light. You have a black background against a fresh green phones and that used a really nice contrast. And when your audience looks at this particular slide, you know there was the first thing. The very first thing they see is the outline of a talk. And then they will see the topics, the introduction, why we go digital and so on. And the next thing you see is deep title second thing as well, about the slightest that the hierarchy. The main subject off this particular slide is the outline other talk and is set out there in the largest size off all this sizes you have in here and also is in bold. So in terms off the hierarchy, it will stand out the most likely. In my opinion, the best part is that it is free off any distracting elements in here. So the audience be a very focused on you, outlining the talk while looking at this slide. 12. Outline B - More visual: In the previous video, you have seen how you can create an outline slide. And from there you have learned about contrast, which is very important in presentation design, whereby we are using a black background against fresh green forms. You have learned about hierarchy and focus in here. What I'm going to show you is an alternative way off. Designing and outline slide in presentation. This type off outlined slight will map up your ordinance, Jenny. So is it gives them a clear idea on how your thought will proceed sequentially from direction two. Number two Why we go digital number three and then go on going on before that will be the four. You're foremen. Topic off your presentation. So how do you design this light? Let me show you in this video how you can design this like So if you go in the slight deck for this under this typographical, you wouldn't see you wouldn't find this kind of slide at all in this particular like deck. So the closest would be this hour process. This will come later on the future direction to modern. And this template has got early. Nice timeline. Thank you. Okay, someone close this one for a while. The internal color, the greenness. Lightly dull. Yeah. So what we do now first is to change to this car, this green, the same. The same read clear on that. Very good here. And I'm going to go, but just changed the condo down there. Okay? And now I'm gonna change there. Slight title. I'm going to a copy. Copy paste. This one, this is Barlow Bull. I'm going to use Barlow lights. And then for each of this is essentially, this is a circle and a number. So what I do is is I go here, increase the size, you know, to increase the site until you get the nice a lineman like this, and then the rest we do. I'll hold the shift key, and I'm going to delete all of them. And then for this one, I'm going to copy pace three times and then line them to the line. The next circle. Sorry. The previous circle and also the text. Can you see that? The three purple lines that the mayor that showed that all those circles are aligned on the four cycles on the line together and it is also aligned to the text below. That's nice. And for each of this, I'm going to good to text with the heading click. I'm gonna change it first, but I can see change practice color, Just sleep on one, and then I'm going to increase the size. Bring it over to Yeah, that looks a little too bright. So I'm going to change the thunder off this to make it a bit darker. So these stents out again 1st 1 of the first rules of design is to make sure that there is a good contrast between the elements, especially element that you really want to stand out to the audience. So one copy pieced. Okay. And the tests here it about them. Okay, let me show you what I do. 1st 1 is introduction and then I copied down here. This you can see the green is a little different. So again, I'll change the color off the green too. The existing color. And then it was down there, just recited in a little bit so that it fits the box. It it comes as a as one sentence or one would. And here I'm gonna change this to a generic genetic tex basted. And here, let me show you so you can change the alignment left a nine month justified, Right, Lyman and center. So I'm gonna put it as center. But perhaps Al can I can change the spacing. And it would be you can change the spacing between letters and also delight Highest. So So perhaps also the bottom one. I need to change the color and you can do the rest for 23 and four. Okay, so we've done Dio title off the slight. The subtitle we've put in all the content at the bottom off the line and here is well, just make sure that these all align together more or less again. Just check. So this is lying to the number and also to all the text this done. So now, at about them here. You see this? This particular footnote. So what? I'm gonna do subheading again. Good to first changing color so that it looks better. Uh, stick to Barlow light and make it all capital and then go to the but them here he looks really big. Bear with me for a while, going to reduce the size of the two again. I'm going happy the title of the top in there. And then I'm going to with my name. Day. You can put your name Israel Here. Keep pressing the space bar until entire books riches at both ends off the line and off course, you can rearrange it accordingly. You want toe? This is a powerful tip. This really nice when you want to make a minor adjustment rather than using a cursor or in my mouth? Okay, If you have something, if you really want to just nudge it a bit off this notch, this box to the line here. Nothing you can do is you can simply use the cursor the so I'm going to just nudge it here or left, right or left or up and down just a very simple one of two steps there. And then I can just play around a little bit with their to just see the lines here to see whether it is light and that you go. I'm happy with it. Let's go to fit. So that is your talk up mine an alternative way off. Presenting your outline where issues to the onions, their journey in your talk using this outline will keep them focus in your presentation 13. Open Your Presentation with a Hook or Two: There are a number of ways that you can open your talk. The popular one would be asking a question. What do you think about this topic? For example? Another way is using story there is related to your Come pick the quote. Oh, a video. I'm gonna show you two ways to use this convert Template toe, Start your talk toe Open your talk using a court and video. This is a quote that I really like about education. If we teach today as we talked yesterday, we dropped our Children off. Tomorrow, this one off The reasons why I start to move away from our point. Now this we have a number off presentation EPS, that is I think it depends on the scenario. Are better then? PowerPoint quicker and much easier for you to put in your content in there. Once you have a content will be much easier for you to just use the design template con va is one off them in typographic presentation template. There is a slight here ready meat that you can use to start your talk with a coat. So here what you can do simply add in a court so could I like here? Just to give you an example is design is thinking made visual by so best. So I'm going to copy that basted here changer. This one. You can then change the alignment to left. There is nice already. Another thing that you probably like is to take one of this back to the earliest light clear on this one. Copy and basted here. So there is a slight on court that you can start your talk with. Next one is using a video from YouTube. So how do you do this? What you can do is you need to go to so I'm using a blank slight. You go to the menu on the left, click more and scroll down here. Okay, Let's have a quick introduction on the site. Here. Here, there. This is a new feature in convoy that lets you integrate a number off EPS number website to convert. And I really love this particular feature because it makes my work much easier because in here I use a lot of picks, obey, and I use a little emoji and also YouTube. And sometimes I use also some Jiffy swell. So here I'm gonna click on pizza be Let me just show you what you can do. You can then click in any off this picture and then use that in your convo. Now I'm gonna go to YouTube and I can look for video on This is 21st century learner 1st 1 or you can even have, like, unjust at this one day click on that you will appear here and what you do is to resize it accordingly. Some people I like to have it like this way we didn t Some people like to have it this way . I like to have it the full screen, the entire slide Que All right, so you can close this one. Let me just make it and you can play. So you see is that double click to interact DoubleClick? Once you see that you two icon turning to read you can click on that Effective in clear on that. And there you go the video. Just make sure they don't represent you are online so that you can actually show the YouTube video during your presentation. Alright, so do sort of two ways to make a memorable start to your presentation 14. Create Attractive Content Slides (Text & Image): you have seen how we can customize the convert template, something from Titus Light two outlines in two ways. The typical outline and also using a timeline. And then you how we can design a presentations light to open our talk using the court and also a video. So in this video, we can have a look at how we can start to present our content to our audience. We're gonna have Look at this force lights that combines text and images. Let's take a look in here. You can see that I have chosen, um, slight that has an image and text the title in tax. Let's go back to D complete on this site. It's just have a look. This is This is the complete Lee on this. So I do is a change, Chris. Let's change. So for this one first, let's change the image. A click on this one and I can go to pizza be by Leah and let's such for technology. So in the key toe, looking for the right graphics in convo and also in picks a B East to find Iraqi would. So how to do that? That's just cool. This thing one off thistle example Getting go to these three dots more and here are the key was that you can start collecting and built your own collection off viewers. That would give you the right image that you want. And you don't have to really spend a long time to look for the right image. So make sure, you know, down the, uh, the keywords for the images that you're looking for Look for and the digital looking for debt. Perhaps this one would be nice. So clear on this. Okay with this, this is not a frame, and it is not even agreed. So what you can do in here is to take the image and try to resize it so that it more or less like to get their with their with the picture they go. So then why do next disposition to the bottom? Quit this one. I'm going to removed when you use when there is in the form off a crop picture. So what happens that you can simply drag and drop into that picture? Placeholder. Big picture holder s So in the case, what you need to do is just to realign the picture and lying to the original image. And then we need to crop this image. So double click on this image and then just bring this down here to but dead and then click done. That's a little bit off slight. Maybe we can just do a bit more then. Thank you. From there you can also as you have seen earlier, you can feel to make it Greece kill for Nordic, for example Adjust the brightness. Perhaps the bit. I think I would prefer to have something to be right. And once you have done that, the rest is simply copy and pieced. Here, keep it s introduction. And here I change it. Do copy paste issue just a little bit. So it looks nicer. And I think one of thes and copy in today. So you see, Israeli was what are labour compa? Is it places precisely to the place where you wanted to be In this particular foot footnote is exactly way you know it is positioned in the previous slide. So that's really, really nice. Really convenient. You don't have to readjust over a lying came together. So that's his first lie on content. Let's move on to the 2nd 1 again. We just go back to Template. We find a slight This is a slight. So what you do is I'm going to just copy this frankly, under original template There three points here, which I like usually. Nowadays we go to many conferences, especially end in setups or technology. You see, the people will talk about three points or three men points or three topics somehow number three this magical. So I would suggest that you keep toe perhaps three, which is very nice, or maybe maybe up to five topics or five points that you want. You want to stress in your representation because anything more than that, usually people would then lose attention. You lose them, you lose your audience. Um, the best is to focus on me on one, if you can. But of course we have. We have given given the time. And you really want to, uh, you know, share our knowledge, our experiences. So perhaps three points wood. Frame your audience, mind your talk and keep them focused throughout representation. So here again is the same thing. You have your content. Okay, so this is a matter off copy paste content into this light to make it your slight. The next thing you see here is, um, very, very nice. We are presenting a number or data that you really want to emphasize on. I want to emphasize on the amount off Internet contrition throughout the world. So in this case, but choose, this is good to this one. So this is what dislike thus to your audience is that it keeps them focused and it really make your particular point. Your most important point stands out amongst the rest off other points. So this is to me a fantastic slight to really grab the attention off your audience. So here I'm gonna copy again. Perhaps I can change that the Internet to make it clearer penetration. And thanks down this one, I'll make it slightly bigger. So you see again in here by the hurricanes were important so that people know what to well , what to look for, which one you want to stress. So here I also can reduce their sizes Will. It's better if you design a text so that you can see there's 1234 this boom, boom, boom boom, brother than if you're seeing here is 12 and they have to read this long sentence 50 57% penetration and so on. So forth is a long sentence is better to redesign to be 1234 can see straightaway. Therefore, things in the 4.38 billion will white in 2019 57 in the net penetration and 7.6 76 billion world's population. So this there's another way to redesign your text and make it really out there stands out to the crowd and you see, here in the background, I have added an image which will help to visualize the use off technology. In this particular slide, you can have it as it is in a with a bad background. Another way to make it nicer to elevate. The design is too good to so begin can go. That's just fine technology. Is there any picture on technology? This is free. Include on this already have the picture of the girl ready in my like So I'm gonna show you this one. I'm gonna click on this, religion it all over the whole entire slide and then put it back. What? What did the back rather and then changed the transparency. The enhances The message to your audience in the last one again is very similar to the previous one. So you put in the defects, the number and also their data, the your data and your at in the image here. And this is then I achieve this look by using the filter breakthrough filter. Also quite nicest. Well, this concludes the but on putting together the content, text and images in your slide using con ver presentation templates. 15. Using Icons in Slides: using icons in representation. Slight seems to be a trendy way. Now this to present your ideas and also to present your topics in this video, I'm going to show you simple ways in convert to desires like using icons in the typographic presentation template. If you scroll down, you see this marketing service, which uses icons. Click that and then you can customize it to your own content. So in here I'm willing to customize it to our approach is remember this magic uppercase step click on that. Everything goes to Capitol actress and then I'm gonna click from this one and copy and then just take it to the next slide. And what we do here is to change the different sizes about our approach is we're gonna change these different title. So this are the approaches when you can actually use in reimagining education in the digital age. So now I'm happy with this Cancel. I can't let's find out more about our we are because this is usually an icon for a WiFi or sharing firstly on group. It's so now This is movable. Can we move this? Let's look for a are good two elements photo are such. Why are there are a number of icon here, but they are premium icons, pro premium and so on. So let's just quickly have an ID s C. I have an idea of what they are here available here for this case. I have decided to use a simple I to denote are we are, um this is free. I'm gonna click on this bear with me for a while. I'm gonna change color from blue to black and then I'm going to then resize it, bringing in debt, get a bit a bit smaller for er. And now for three D printing again, the same thing on group it again. After on grouping, it can remove it. And thats goto tree D Is there anything three D printing. Thank you. Begin all our premium. So in here, when most off the see the icons that you want premium or pro abortion Another way off looking at things or looking for ideas to go to and search for. This is a nice source for icons. Click on critical and frankly, for three D printing if you're not the number off them. So there's a number of icons here that you can actually use for 2 to 3 d printing. This one is about publication off materials. So I'm looking for something simple here you can actually use. And I come from here straight away. Um, the only thing that you need to do, for example, I think this one they think that you need to do is to If you want to use for treaty printer three, icon like this, you can use this. But what is us from you even ask you to actually credit the author. So what I did is for this one. Because I know that you said she, um, putting things together as a main idea. I'm going to go back to elements such four cubes looking for free ones. I am gonna change the color to black, and it really redesigned this. Just put state them together to look to look like an icon. So this one, that means zoom in. I copy this and then place it that way and then copy another one implicit on the other site of the nine. Just a little bit more. That and this press shift grouped together and then you can recites them accordingly. All right, so there you go. This is designing a slight in convo, using icons to to represent your ideas or topic. You can also use this kind off slight design. You start your presentation, for example, rather than using an outline you can start with, say, I have the street topics and you can show the different icons to represent a topic in your presentations. Fantastic. So in the next video, we're gonna have a look it how you can design a chart in convert. Also, we can do a simple infographic to representing numbers. 16. Keep it Sweet and Simple with a Chart : Let's learn how to add a chart into your convert template and designing in such a way that is clean and simple to present it to your audience so that they're more focus. And they are also less instructed with your message in this track, a graphic presentation. They have a market, things like in here with a by truck and a simple text on the right hand side. So let's go into this click on the chart Edit. Here you can choose which chart you want can be about shot can be a line chart. They also be just now we have seen a pie chart. So doughnut chart This will stick on doughnut chart and then we can change to say this is a different social media free spoke en to 50%. Now you can also change the color so we can change the color of the different under that you like. I keep it this way. You can also change their size off attacks. This is at 19 so I'm gonna increase. Decrease it or you can increase it. Swell. It's a position that okay off course. You can also change the text color to perhaps whites make it boom italics. Here, let's just cheese to leaning via Russian media. That's how you add a chart in your presentation using cover presentation templates. 17. Meet the Team: you know, and it's like that you won't have a slight customize to present your team. Let's have a look. How you can do that in Pepe graphic. Slight template. There is a slight the previous night that has, um, our team dead in here. I keep it as it is. So they have true people here. What if I want more than three? I have four people working for me. So what I do is I would proved in together make it smaller so I can accommodate the fourth person, and then this one just need to precise and relocate it a little bit. And then I copy this. And And in the new member, the fourth member, you have to read a just little bit so that they all looked balance. The same goes for the for the names you can just shift and then highlight the whole thing. Once you have changed all the names, then they can at in the picture off the fourth member. I'm going to my uploads. I'm gonna pick this picture drug it. You do here. You can always click, double click on that and then make it smaller or bigger to hear my make it. I'm going to scale up and then click done, and that's how you customize this, like to include your team member and then present it to your audience. 18. Design infographic-based Slides with a World Map: in this video, you can learn how to design this Infographic based presentations light in convo. We're gonna design this one first, and then the next one we gonna design is using the icons. And this is based on the first slight design. So let's do it together. So here we start with a black background. You can always change the color background by clicking this, and you can change it to read. I agree another way. You can also change your gang. Go here. Where is this background? And you can always change it to different colors as well That in there you go. Okay, so I'm going to go back to black, removed a background, and then no, I do is I need to find go back to the element because we're gonna do we gonna believe put a world map first, So to look for Matt. Okay, this is the one that I use this click on this and then we're gonna change the color to something like three. Okay. And then we going to then changed this transparency. It could be good and aligning together to the media like this. Next. Let's fine in elements. The placeholder like this. Okay, Miss Sarita, click on this way we have. Let's see, it's cool to dio this light. See, therefore social Media location to and get small now one America so you can do the same thing. Compete piece a force You can't change color So this is a range kind of that you before and then we're gonna label each one off this a social media user and the percentage let's go to text heading. Uh, Gram, that's changing color because it's not showing here. Also, the phones medium. Yeah, sometimes what happens being you want, You have a few elements on the same slight. You might, you know, change it. So what I suggest is that you click on this map and click on look so it's locked down and you can move it together. So then the next one you can do anything can move that incident instagram or this much easier. Yeah, And then Instagram, what you do next is you can copy this and in 18.4 18 from four percent and then make it bigger. Nice, Okay. And what you do, nexus, you can do the same for the rest and um, but you can do weekend be that copy and paste them and changed it to our the social media. So that's done more or less for all the social media on the world. Map shows the different social media and also that the percentage of it clearly on this presentation snipe. What's left now is the title that's at the title. No one of this. Copy it here. A nice touch would be do I think one off the footnote, the title again to remind the audience that they are actually listening to you giving this title. So this is how you can present your numbers or your data using a presentation tonight simply in convert. Now let's go to this presentations light whereby the numbers are replaced with icons. To design this light, you can use the same slighter than we have done earlier. Removed the numbers and then you go to elements. Go to just search for mill que found already. Click on it. I'm going to change the color because blue doesn't look good in this particular slight. There's less contracts, so we're gonna go for higher contrast color, which is white. Make it smaller. Bring it down here. Compete line. It is better if you zoom it down into 50. Then you can copy copy a few times. This issue will take time. Let's just split them together. Good position with them horizontally that they're all nine together. If you don't center. Let's see. How is this center? This left. So that's nice. You can align them that we, um I suggest you group them together and make it smarter. Now. Fine. Such for female icon. You can use this or Eustice. This is so, so free. You can also use this Symbolist will. But this is where you have to pay. So that's why I resort to the normal think icon. Make it smaller again. You know these okay? Just it's a dead that me increase zoom it up. Could be good And just see what they are on the same Seiss. And what you do is copy piece like read it earlier. I like the shaded alignment here for the lineman's gonna he been notch just like that with the cursor swell Group them together and then you can unlined it. You do. I mean like corn. So that's how you do it you can do the rest off the for the social media, for gender. Okay, so this is how you can design your presentations Light. Using icons to represent numbers is a very nice way toe quickly show to people the difference between the gender male female in using social media and also where they are located in the world. 19. Craft Your Future Direction: as we're coming towards the end off representation, it is a good idea to include a future direction slide. Let's do it together. Here. I have a blank complete and what I'm gonna do now I'm going to hit still, I'm still using this typographic template. I'm gonna hit down to our process plea on this one. What I do next is to remove all the unnecessary elements from this template. So firstly, I will remove g picture. Then I would change this to future direction. Netball debt, make it all in capital lettuce. And then why do is that? I don't need I don't need all this. I'm gonna just press shift and select all this and removed and then make it smaller. So it's morning because I'm going to keep all this text together and to make it into 2013 16 and 2019. So instead week, it put 2013 2016 and then 2019 to show the growth off the company. And also to show the gross off registration and also the direction questions that where is the company heading, or west? The institution is heading. Okay. And then I do is let me just copy this genetic Tex, And to show the gross or the direction of it off course, we won. Ideally, it is good to show the increase here under the elements Leaf looking for free ones. This is free. Then I I'm going to change the color two white, see what I use. I use the same Kanda this and then Skilling down, perhaps make it Met this a bit smaller. Down. Copy another one. Make sure that they are all a night. So if you're not sure again, Member, just select all go to position and click horizontal dish. It all should line strike in horizontal. They should align the dish. All right. And no change the condo off the leaf. You've been lied to something like that in, um, make it slightly bigger in. Is this a bit? So that's done More or less so you can then talk about the future direction off an institution By using this slide, you can see I design in just a few minutes. You can stop the video now and start designing this off course. You can change them the the year toe 2050. If you want to show where you are heading and down here, you can always put the one or two topics or one of two directions off your particular institution. 20. Share Your References: when we use resources are articles website in our presentation, it is always a good practice to list them out towards the end. In this particular slight. Let me show you another way off putting things together in a very nice way in a more visual way so that people can see it's really way and grab the attention rather than having them listed out from top to bottom in text. So let's head to the templates using the same complete again. That's good Down to where you have the this'll one here. So you have four things that you can share in here and here You can always change do references and resource is then here you can skin start put in the different links. So here, put in digital report and you can do the rest for your own content. Let me show you this one car what has got? I love convert Just go to elements such for convert. So here this number off free Icahn's illustration for convert So I'm gonna choose this one still it down. I'm going to also basted here the presentation template that I use in this course Mrs Typographic All right, that stand for the references and resources 21. Contact Us: representation wouldn't be complete without, um, contact iss all. Let's have a chat or called to action in this video. I'm going to show how you can design a contact this slide in con va using the same template . I'm going down to the bottom. It was like, Let's talk. I'm gonna customize a little bit too. I'm gonna remove this. Let's talk. I'm going to remove these lines and then I'm going to make it smaller, Little bit smaller, did a bit. And also besides skilled down there black box so they can put my Memon here. I already screenshot a Google map, so I blew it. And also Then I just click and then I can finish induce the map in here. Good position. Like what? Okay, one. We just Now, as I showed you, we can click on a map. It is in your slight and then you can position it's freeway. The second way is that you can then click on this and can crop. So then and then click done. And then you can, yes, reposition it good to Beckwitt. So that's more or less halfway through. The last few things that we need is to have que can have. Maybe this'll time. Let's have a chair off. Contact is left line and then you can change the address accordingly as well. Here we at location. So it was such for location on the elements. I can click this one. This is free scaling down and in benign I m c located in in a beast around Beach Street. Just get smarter again. Off course you can change the kinda. Okay. And lastly, before we leave, we can all this. Don't forget to put your logo. So once you put in all the details here, the slide is ready to go. That's how you do Theme Contact A slight. And you can click on that slightly out to see the overall slice that we have made in this cause. 22. In Sum: this is more than what you have, because I duplicate a lot off them. So we have managed to create a title, slide the outline in two ways. The typical outline and also using timeline. And also you have also learned a few things about opening a talk where I've shown where, how you can design your slight using a quote and also link it with you two. And we have also seen how the contents Liza created as well, you know in a quick week, and you have seen as well how we design a slight with icons question forward. The same goes for charts and also simple infographic slide presentation using the dropping and also using the male female icons here. You also seen how you can present your team members and include a future the Russians light as well, and was the end. You want to include references and reader sources, and lastly, in most of cases you'd have a conclusion slight that include a culture. I shouldn't ask you before to contact you At the end of this course, I would just like to add in one or two tips about convert here. What's nice is that in the slightly out view you can actually at a patient here in between . It's like before the design off the previous slide, and you can also duplicate it with this particular feature in Convoy. It makes designing representation much, much easier and quicker. And what again? I just want to recap. What I love of a cover is the different presentation templates there are modern, they're fresh and contemporary, and from there you can customize it for the to your needs and to your content. 23. Present Beautifully with Canva: you have finished creating the beautiful sight deck for your work. Now, how do you present in convert? If I go on to show you this part off the menu, let me just show you a few more many things that could help you in terms off. Presenting Christie in each pitch up here, you can actually add a fish title presenter and also the same one you outline that will help you in terms off organizing your slice and also at the same time. If you're If you're going to share this lights with your coworker colleagues, then they know straightaway What slice at this by looking at their particular title? Well, maybe not so apparent obvious with this tattoo slight and also outline. But with the contents like, it may be more helpful if you actually give a title to each of the slide. Secondly, as well you can at in presenter notes in here and also asked somebody to comment when you share the link with them to present with conv are there are many ways. Let me share with you. The 1st 1 is you can share your presentation in here by ending in e mails and choose like like a Google drive. You can choose where they, the person or persons can edit of you off If you want to put in the emails, just won a general link head down to the bottom here and share a link to a detectable to view and then copy link open a new tab. So this is the shed presentation. So I can, as your colleague, I can browse through representation. I can also commend us Well, here and view s can see the entire slightly out. And if you're sharing with your boss, they'd be good if you can actually also present it threw away so they can also present this presentation. So that's with sharing representation. The next option is to download representation. There are a number of fouls the Incan down. Did we condone ity As a PNG? He's a high quality image jetpack Moloch size image and you can use it for your website. For example, Pdf, which is this is the suggested fall for met. And then you can also, uh, down. There s a pdf print which is a higher quality than the standard for animation. MP for Jeff is a premium option. I would continue with the suggested fall, and you can hit down to the select pages. So if you want to like all pages, just click that. Or if you want to select one or two or a few pages, you just go to the selected one. Just select the 1st 3 pages, the click done and the night click download. Your browser will prompt for you where they want to save it. So when I just click OK, I have managed to locate the fall that I don't know that earlier in my download file this are there three slights that I manage to down earlier. Okay, so that's quite nice. You have seen share you have seen download. It can also present it using the browser. So click present. Choose the tradition style None. It'll feed but tile. So here you'll give you the Campania will give you an idea of how the animation goes for the presentation. Snide. That's your sickle and cube. You can choose where the U one standard, which is you used them the point and or your customer, and it once the slice at your own piece can set it out of play and also you can set it at presented view. I wanted to study extended and then click present. After a few seconds, you can see that the man you disappear and you can't stop presenting museum A casino. I have to talk. This is using the timeline. Okay, so once you have finished presenting, you can just click escape and brings it back to the convoy designed export. So this is the first way or presenting from the browser using the browser another way or presenting click here is you have seen down there earlier. Another way is to use a website so again clear on this website you can publish you representation in convert s website They a few. I think about four styles off The website first would be as representation. Second is schooling where isn't like the pool. The entire representation from is presented from top to bottom. Lucy in a bit. Then plus in navigation where you have the menu button on top or on the side here and the same goes for standard as well. But this is a single page. I had a look earlier. What I preferred is either representation. Oh, scrolling. Let's have a look at strolling. Just click open. Once you have selected scrolling click Open website, the entire representation is already published as a website. So then we can scroll down to the first light. Very, very nice is in it. Second slide and so on. Let's go on to the 4th 1 which is the most popular way off presenting so far. You can click this two down your come representation as a power point. Either you want to Donald all all you can download s selected slights. I'm going to select the 1st 3 slice to give you an example. An idea off. What clicked, Dunya? What? It can offer s Microsoft ballpoint down. Do it again for prompt you for debt. And then I'm gonna this click, OK to open in PowerPoint. So I got this notice from PowerPoint saying that it has this embedded phone that if you save this presentation there, the phones, the embedded forms will be removed. I have no adoption, so in briskly. Okay, this is the title slight. That's the outline of a talk. And that's so you can see that if you compare this to the pdf which is much nicer and retains the original phones and also the form it. I would just take the deputy f come but doesn't provide the phones that available in Microsoft ballpoint. So in that sense, whenever you create something in Denver at the moment, it can't really be translated 100% into PowerPoint, perhaps in the near future. So we keep this option for a while. We disc HIV keeping view. Let's have a look that presenting. So we have seen the 1st 4 for options. You can also email e click on email. You can send it as an attachment. Was this attachment is Dutchman is I assume in here, I assume, is his a. Pdf this this is a pdf, yes, and also Esser a link to view your design. So that's that, and you can also the same. Same goes select the pages. Old age is also about the bridges, and then you can add in the email and click send you see here, which I you know, I really love the way Qambar is adding on more features into here to make it more flexible so you can see can also embed this presentation. It can do the animation on a premium version can adding as a come a profile on slack LinkedIn. You can also send it to your Google drive, but you've got to connected first to your go drive before you can publish your design and then they're more here. So I think I can do is to just take time to explore how the how do this integration with other abso other website can help you is your workflow and boost your productivity. All right. In a gist, that is how you can share download present with convert. 24. Final Thoughts: we have come to the end of this cause I want to thank you so much for taking this course. Are we gotto share, share, Maxie dunker Dream Mukasey crisis. I really hope the course has help you in some ways. I hope you use Con va as a starting point where you can explore and create beautiful and more representation that look professional and safe time. It has opened doors for me, so I hope conv are will help open doors for you too. You know that I can see the convoy as my go to productivity tool whenever I want to do a presentation or even working on social media pools if you have a fit back, I'd love to hear it. I love to hear how this cost has helped you. I really appreciate if you would give me a thumbs up American Review Or, best of all, a recommendation to a friend to wash the course That would really help me out. Oh, feel free to ask any questions regarding the cause Do share presentation of yours made in pen bar on the course with this here I look forward to see all your makeovers, lights so thank you for joining me in this course and hope to see you guys in my Fisher glasses on skill ship.