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Polymer Clay Doll Sculpture on a Mug

teacher avatar Ela Piero, Polymer Clay Artist

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About This Class

This class will guide you to sculpt your very own polymer clay doll on a mug. It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones. I will be using Fimo polymer clay and some tools (pasta machine/rolling pin, exacto knife, blade, dotting tools). It is a fun project. This class is on a more advanced side so if you are new to sculpting I suggest to start with my other class:


This class will guide you through sculpting a girl doll on the mug. It is build up in a chronological order, so you can easily follow along and bake the clay at the end.

1 - Learn how to make a doll face
2 - How to make body structure Ballerina shoes
3 - How to make skirt
4 - How to make a coat with decorations
5 - How to make hair and hat

Meet Your Teacher

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Ela Piero

Polymer Clay Artist


Hi! I'm Ela! I tell my stories on mugs!

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Level: Advanced

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Ella and I am a polymer clay artist. Welcome to my course. I especially enjoy working with mugs because not everybody likes the sculptors. But if you put the sculpture on a mug, everybody drinks. Every body drinks tea, drinks coffee, at least water. People can use that piece of art. and Enjoy. Working with polymer clay is a way for me to tell my story. Everyone has a story and I think these characters on the mug tell different stories. That is why I prefer to work on different projects and not to do the same thing again and again. I think that's the most exciting part about this line of work because you can make different things, you can make flowers, or you can make characters, movie characters. Just a simple doll on a mug. Everyone make a different story Everyone tells a different story. And you can be your own fashion designer, you know. I hope you enjoy this video. Also I hope to see your beautiful projects at the end of the course. Thank you guys for watching and see you in the next one. 2. Face: After cleaning your tools, your working surface and your hands start needing and making a ball in palm of your hands. Then put it on your mug. and press it gently with your finger? Then use a baby wipe, wet wipe, make up wipe or anything that doesn't make you clay sticky, and clean any unwanted lines, fingerprints, or any dust and particles. Then use your finger and press it right in the middle of the face. We need this dent to make the eyes later on. Then take a little bit of clay. As you can see in my hand. This much is enough. and make a balll in palm of your hand. Starts rolling from one side and make a little tear sheep. Then place it on the face where the nose supposed to be. At this point I'm using this very thin dotting tool, to blend the nose with rest of the face. I'm just using the dotting tool, to blend the edge of the nose to the rest of the face. Then I'm using my needle tool to blend a little bit further and also to make the nostrils for erasing any lines or any lines that your tools made or to further blend the nose I'm using a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. You can use this in areas that you're baby wipe cannot reach. Then I'm using another dotting tool with a little bit of bigger ball to make two dents to mark the sides of the mouth. Then we should grab our X-Acto knife. Make a cut, not a straight one, more diagonal cut. Somehow a smile like cut from first side to the other. Then with your dotting tool, mark the lower lip, and define it. Then you use your finger to blend any extra clay that you have, with marking the mouth and bring it down to the chin area. Now you have a defined and beautiful lower lip. If at this point you lost some shape in the face, you can just fix it with your finger. Then I'm using the tip of my exacto knife to just take the upper lip a little bit forward and then I use my thumb to just push it a little bit back to make an upper lip with my extra clay. Then I push the chin to close the mouth. It needs a little bit of practice, but practice always makes perfect. Then use the dotting tool and make a dent from the nose to the upper lip. W are just doing everything to make it look more natural. Then use a big dotting tool. with the big ball. I'm showing you for the comparison that it should be this big. The other one I used for the mouth. Just mark the eyes. in the area that you earlier made with your finger. Then I flatten a piece of white clay. I'm just doing that so that I can cut identical amount of clay. I want the eyes to be as similar as possible in the terms of size. Then I made two balls for the eyes. If you can measure correctly with your eyes, or your hand, then you can do that too. You don't necessarily need the cutter to do so. But I found this the easiest way to have similar parts. I just cut the similar parts with the cutter and then I do what I need to do. Then we just press them gently into the eye socket. Now, I use a smaller cutting tool to just cut two round circles for the colorful area of the eyes. I don't know what that calls. But I wanted blue eyes for my doll. But at this point, if you need another color, you can just cut a different color. This round shape cutters are such a lifesaver and they were so inexpensive and I bought them from Amazon. Now I use my smaller cutter and make two tiny black circles. I made small balls in the palm of my hands and position them. on the eye I use my dotting tool to just press them into place for the white areas of the eye. I'm just taking a little piece of clay with my needle tool, just position them in the eye so we have this reflect of light. Then I roll a fine piece of clay. I'm trying to be as fine as possible. I cut two little pieces from this long line. I want to use them as eye liner I just take them with my dotting tool. I try to position it right above the eye. And if it's too big, we will cut the extra. it's too long. So I'm cutting the tip. Just be careful not to cut in the doll's face. Then the other. I am trying to look at both eyes and make them as similar as possible. Then you can use acrylic paint marker for the eyelashes or you can cut them from the clay as well, but it's a little bit of a messy process and I opted to use an acrylic paint marker . I'm using this dark brown clay as eyebrow color. Try to have the identical amount. and just make sure that you convey the feeling right, because eyebrows, are really important to change the whole feeling of the face. I use my exacto knife to just cut small strokes into that piece of clay so it imitates the eyebrows perfectly. And then I use this blush from Essence. I always use this blush. I think it looks really natural on the doll. And I blushed the face. I use this same blush with a narrower and smaller brush to just color the lips. That's it for the face. 3. Body: For the neck area, I'm just rolling a little piece of clay. I cut the tip and place it right under the chin Shape it as you want it. and cut the extra. Then make a ball in palm of your hands. The size would be as you can see in the vidio, and then roll it from just one side. You will make this kind of tear or triangle shape, and then press it right below the neck. I just shaped a little bit with my fingers. Then I cut a V shape from the lower end. Then grab a body color and roll it a little bit make a tear shape and then a little bit higher, and roll it again. And then gain! I really don't know. I hopefully the video will be more clear than my explanation. We would like to make the ankles a little bit more defined. and the rest a little bit on the chubbier side, cut the extra and attach it to the body. Do that again. I make a ball, then a tear shape. And I roll it further. I leave the tip alone and then roll it further with my fingers to have a little bit of ball-shaped to the end and then I even it out. Then I cut the extra and attach it to the body. Then I clean the legs with my baby wipe. 4. Shoes: I pick this beautiful purple color for the shoes. I cut two V shapes from the clay. This part is also extra we only need this part. These two areas will be two shoes. It is sort of a ballerina flats. Just place the V on the foot, and you can also take the other leg, put it aside so again, work more freely at the first foot. Cut the extras. Make sure that it's containing the whole foot. Then cut the extra. I always when I make something, I clean it with my baby wipes so I can erase any fingerprints or any sort of dusts or any unwanted things that is on my 00:02:24.020 --> 00:02:29.555 clay then I'm using my needle tool to make some kind of like pattern or sewing pattern on the edge of the ballerinas shoes then I cut two very fine ribbons and I place them like an X on the ankles, kind of like she tied the ribbons around her ankles. Then we do the exact same steps for the other foot. Place the V on the foot cutoff the extras define the shape. Make some sewing pattern. Cut the ribbons and place the ribbons like an X on the ankle. I also decided to make two extra pieces of ribbon and place it on the sides. Just some extra details to make it nicer. 5. Skirt: I flattened a piece of white clay, white shimmery clay, with my pasta machine. Then I bend my blade a little bit to cut the extras then I size it on my doll to see how big it is. So it should be cut in half almost. Because I want the beautiful shoes to be visible. Then I use my wavy cutter to cut some waves from the lower edge of the skirt. Then I use some cornstarch. This is such a useful tip. When you are making skirt. You want to make some ruffles. This way Your clay doesn't stick to itself and make everything harder than it needs to be. Then I start making a fan shape with my fingers on the upper edge of the skirt. We are gonna make them this way. Make sure that at both ends the clay is inward. If you think your ruffles are uneven, you can use use something like this knitting needle that I'm using to just make sure that everything is identical and nice. The length of the waist area should be similar to the waist of your doll. And then press it firmly with your thumb so that you can fix the ruffles up there. Then cut the extra clay from the top. Then use your exacto knife to cut a little bit from your doll's waist. where you want the skirt to be attached. Then just push the skirt into that hole. Then use a needle tool to fix the skirt. I am using Mika powder in this beautiful purple color. to make some beautiful details. on the edge of the skirt. I'm just coloring it. Like so. You could also do this before attaching the skirt, but I just forgot. As you can see, it would be Such a beautiful additional feature to the skirt. 6. Coat: I use the pink color that I used for the body. I am making another skirt. Just cut the extras as you did on the other skirt. Also from the slides the cuts should be diagonal cuts. This time you should, cut it in half. If you feel they are uneven, you can cut it even more. Even a little bit of a diagonal cut. Again, I am using cornstarch a little bit. Just to avoid the stickiness. so I can changed the position of ruffles if I need to. Then I cut a little bit more to make sure that the size is right. instead of fan shape, this time, I'm just bending the clay, and stick it inwards. Just like so. It's more like a pleated skirt, I guess. Then I press the top to fix it. I do the same for the other part I am trying to see how I can make it identical to the other part. Again, I fix the other part too. Then I cut the extra pieces that I just pressed. Then I also cut a little bit from the front because I want the slit to be visible. I want the lower skirt to be visible in-between the two parts of the coat. I use a needle tool, to press the skirt a little bit. This time we should blend with the top. I place the other part on the skirt. I try to find the best position. Then I use my needle tool to just blend it with the top. We can use the dotting tool to blend it further. Take your time at this point to blend everything perfectly. I erase any lines that my tools made with the baby wipe. For the declarations on the coat I use the spaghetty maker of my pasta machine and I made some stripes. You can also hand cut them. If you don't have a pasta machine. Then I am just rolling them. and I make small flowers. I use three colors, That goes with my pink coat. So I'm using these colors to make the flowers. You can pause the video at this point to make your flowers as I did and place them on the coat. I stop at this point because I want to make the collar. For the collars I just cut a piece of pink clay. That's it. You just need two rectangular and just size them on the doll so that you have the suitable size for the coat. I just place them on the coat and cut the extras. I use my silicon tool with flat end. I put a further flowers on the collars as well. I want to make the sleeves for that Take a piece of clay, make a ball, and then make a drop shaped by just rolling one side of the clay. Size it on the doll always size it on the doll. See if you need it to be shorter or longer. For me, it's should be a little bit shorter. Now the size is right. I make another ball for the other hand, make a long drop. This time I size it with my other sleeve. Cut the extra. Now take your dotting tool with medium ball, and make a round dent into each sleeve. This is where you put the hands, For the hands, just take a little bit of clay in the body color. Then make a drop shape and put the sharper side into the hole that you just made for attaching the sleeves, you should just pick up the collar a little bit, put the sleeve just underneath and make sure that put the collar back in the place. Put some flowers on the edge of this sleeves as well. You don't need to go all around just the visible area would be enough. 7. Hair: So for the hair, I made this beautiful blonde color by mixing a little bit of Fimo gold, with white color. Now I cut some pieces. I cut them also in half because I saw that its too big. Then I press each piece, roll it, and press it a little bit. And then I use my needle tool to make some hair lines on my piece. When you are rolling it make sure that one end is a little bit narrower than the other one. Then I pull it a little bit so that my line would be straight and nice. Then I cut the end and then I roll the end like so to make some curls. and then I place it on my doll. I make the other one. If you see that you can make more lines. then do it. The more lines would be better looking. Then again pull it a little bit. cut the end, and curl a little bit, and place it on the doll in front of the other piece of hair. I put these two pieces close to the shoulder so I don't have a gap between the hair and the mug. This would be just like a puzzle to place it and see where it looks better. I also make two pieces to go top so that the hair appears fuller. I have three strings of hair on each side. Then I use my needle tool, to make a part, and blend the sharp areas together then I roll two small pieces to put on each sides of the face. Front sides. You can also make a line on this one too. 8. Hat: So now for the hat I am just making a ball in this beautiful purple color. Then I press it against my surface so that I have a flat end place it on her head. I turned it around to find the best perspective that it works on the head. I press it to attach it on the doll Then I roll another piece in the same color. I use, my cake smoother or any smooth surface that you have, to flatten it a little bit. Then I cut and I put it around the top of the hat, making sure that the whole area is fixed on the doll and is sticking properly. To the doll, and to the mug. I cut a very fine ribbon. I just flatten this piece of clay with my pasta machine. I put the ribbon around the hat. and cut the extras. We also can make some flowers for the hats. This way, the whole look will come together and our girl would be fashionable and stylish. I'm just making some of these easy flowers. I put them on the hat and make sure that they are attached properly. That's it. 9. Bake and Glue: So now our art is ready to be baked. I preheat the oven to 110 degrees Celsius, and I put the mug on a piece of baking sheet and put it in the oven and bake it for one hour. After one hour, I take it out and let it cool down. So now that my mug cooled down. I put my finger nail under the doll, and push it a little bit. Then it comes right off. Sometimes it comes off as a whole and sometimes like now it comes off in separate pieces. In this case we glue each piece separately on the mug. First I clean the mug thoroughly Then I put a block of clay under the handle so I can glue the doll exactly in the center. Please attention at this point, if you are making this mug for right or left handed person. Because if the person is left handed, you should glue the art on the other side of the mug. I use Uhu epoxy glue for my projects. This one is the strongest one I found in the market. and it takes 90 minutes to dry. I mixed the equal parts, of both glues. I put the mixture on the back of my work and I'm being careful to not make a mess. I leave some areas without glue so that I can put superglue later. I also use a toothpick for smaller parts. So I don't make much from it. I also use superglue so the doll doesn't slide on the mug. Until the epoxy glue dries and make bonds. Now I use few drops of super glue so that my art will stick instantly. Now I placed the art in the center wait a few seconds until super glue dries. Then I do the same steps for the head or any separate parts. I use the epoxy glue. and some drops of superglue. Now I place it exactly where it supposed to be. wait a few seconds until it dries. I check if any glue is where it doesn't supposed to be. Now, we should wait for 90 minutes until the glue dries completely. 10. Project: So here is the final result. Thank you for watching. I cannot wait to see your beautiful projects in the project section.