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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Why Homemade


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      Almond Milk


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      Cashew Milk


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      Hemp Milk


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      Oat Milk


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      Your Turn!


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About This Class

Whether you're a veteran vegan, a curious cook, or new to the plant-based lifestyle, learning how to whip up your own plant milk at home is the skill that will keep on giving!

Throughout this course, you'll learn the foundation for creating your own dairy-free milks at home, including how to choose which plant-bases to use, what equipment you'll need, general storage techniques and beyond.

This course will teach you four staple plant-milk recipes, including Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Hemp Milk & Oat Milk. There's a full downloadable handbook to guide step-by-step through each video and so you'll have a quick reference for recipes once you're done!

The science is in: a plant-based lifestyle can change your health and help lessen your green footprint... but it doesn't mean you need to sacrifice the flavor or joy of rich creamy milk. So let's get those nuts soaking and get this course started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karima S.

Plant-Based Chef


Hi there, thanks for stopping by :-)

My name's Karima and I'm a Media Project Manager by day and a Plant-Based Chef and Digital Creative by night... I'm a firm believer that the simple act of eating plants can change the world, and I'm here on Skillshare to help share the how-to's of a plant-based lifestyle.

Want to know more? Here's the basic rundown:

I’ve been eating food since 1986 and blogging about it since 2009. I have a sous chef (ok, he’s a dog) named Boogs. Actually, his real name is Lawrence but that’s a story for another day… I received my bachelor’s in New Media & Film and then went on to study Culinary Arts – I’m happiest when I  bring these two things together. I've worked as a professional co... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, My name is Karima, and I am the host of this plant basics course. Throughout this course, we're gonna cover four different plant house we're gonna cover to make an almond milk, cashew milk, hemp milk as well as an old milk. So those air to net melts a C milk and a great. So whether you have an allergy, whether you're looking for something that no soak time, what you're looking for something that has a 12 hours time if you want. Switch up flavor profiles, fat content, nutritional content, your learn, all about it. In this course I'm excited. I hope you are as well, really stopped. He stopped by. Let's get started. One more quick thing. Don't forget to download the handbook from the course. Resource is section. You can follow along through the videos and then you'll find all of the recipes there as well 2. Why Homemade: Okay, So I know a lot of you are probably wondering, why the heck would I make really plant help when I can so easily just talk down to the market and purchase a bottle myself? And for me, that comes down to three pretty Big Vincent's, and that's flavor. That's quality. And that's cost effectiveness. Soas faras flavors concerned There's nothing that compares to home. Once you try making your own, you'll realize that the second you go for that box of that bottle from the market just be like, What is this? Doesn't even remotely taste like what it is that it's supposed to be. You also have so much more control with later, when you're making your home stepped out of the market has a tendency that a lot of added sugars. So here's on the side of sweet and often times I was like belts and savory dishes. And so, of course, that doesn't work too well. As far as quality is concerned, you actually turn over that bottle over that biopsy. Purchasing out of the market, you'll notice that there's a lot more than just the plant in there. So if its cash book as a lot of cash is if it's against a lot more than almonds. Oh, Bill, you get this story a lot of that. It is a lot of preservatives, a lot of added sugars. It was just so much more control over the quality of your plant. But you're making it home. Stephan Worth trying so easy and cost effectiveness Now I don't want to make it sound like they are really high quality market. There absolutely are. Thing is kind of pricey, So once you start making your own plant, get home, you'll see just a cheap. But it is just how easy it is and how delicious it tastes and you'll be, I can guarantee you. 3. Equipment: the way. The best part about making your own plant at home is that it really does not fire that much equipment. You need four basic things. You need a high powered blender. You needed that milk bag you need glass bottles were charged, a story your help in and sit or colander. So the first thing, the high powered blender. I don't excite me. But if you have a one, whatever you have, use what you have as far as the Net milk. Five. His concerns. You might have one of those. They run about 5 to $15. You can buy them at your local kitchen store. Or you could get one on I'm very easily. I'll be sure linked to my Ellie's best not know bag in the notes. But it course we're gonna be this city or college. We probably have one of these in your kitchen. You just need to be able to drink your that sack and so on. Then lastly, you're gonna need glass bottles for last charts. I typically I used to use Mason jars just cause that's what I had started making so much my own that I actually went bottles of those as well. Very simple, very straightforward. Not crazy, expensive 4. Flavors: like I mentioned that I was talking about buying preferred major. Look at home versus purchases. The market you really does come down to flavor, and it is so versatile. And there's so many different ways that you could play with the flavor. For instance, you can have dates. You're gonna make a syrup, you can add cinnamon. You have care of you can I could. How any list really does go on and on for how you could technically and adds to the flavor of your own plan talks throughout the course, we're making very clean, very simple, so that you have the ability to add, as opposed to, you know, ended up with a sweet Clinton that you want to use in a savory addition doesn't work out. The only exception is that for me is oh, milk because I solely used silken sweet dishes. So knowing that we sure, once you finish this course to fool recipes and looking that make very melts, you know how fun go crazy experiment. Don't limit your planet just the plant and water 5. Recipes: Okay, So there are three pretty big things to take into account when you're thinking what planet shining. And of course, flavor profiles never won. But you're also want to consider allergies are making this for somebody was not allergy or something. Grain. Clearly, that's gonna help you decide what to make. Andi. Lastly, how much time you have to make a lot of seconds require some time for recipes of those four , the tuna melts. Almond has a like 12 hours of time, so I typically do that overnight and captures about 46 hours every time. So you're gonna want to account for that when you're making your plan with hemp milk? No, some time with oh milk made with rolled oats. Not still Cairo's. There's no sometime as well. So take those things into account before you decide which may 6. Consistency: Okay, So when it comes to consistency, you'll notice that home, a totally different store bought the general rules Elvis that for every one couple plants, whether meat or grain, what you're gonna want about 3 to 4 cups of water. Now I personally like to air right in middle of 3.5 cups of water. It's just creamy enough without being too creepy. I got four cups. It gets a little watery for my taste, but that is wait closer to store Bought. Three cuts. Weight. From here, that's like that's like a whole whole milk. So that's a little note on consistency about water plant ratio. Just don't want to kind of play with that and see what works best for you. Also, you'll notice one other game you don't typically need to shake out, but with homemade, you'll see that it starts to separate the water in the well separate. He put it a different overnight, so just be sure to shake up your bottles before you use it. It's not that big of a deal because there's no stabiliser ravages. They're separating. That's a good thing. All right, let's get started 7. Storage: Okay, let's talk about storage for a quick second, you're gonna want to store your plant milks in your refrigerator in your glass bottles. That being said, it will not hold up as long as store Bokkelen store about sentinels can go for weeks without any issues. Homemade typically 3 to 5 days some of the last seven days. But just use your senses and use your sense of judgment, you know, sense of smell, sense of taste. Taste funny. Smells funny. You might need to talk it out. Don't posit out just because I said to redefine days Please do not waste food. Just check it and see. Make sure as yet the things that I always go through in that five day, usually within a week, very easily, never tossed anything out. I hope about your lunch me and that was the case for Islam. 8. Almond Milk: way. All know it's what I like to think of us the most. First Tile. Stable milk. You can use it in safer conditions. You can. You speak to shoes cold across cereal. It really is. It's just that stable, so that further do you let's get started. Cover your almonds with water and allow them to soak for about 12 hours or overnight. Drain out the water and given a good a pinch of salt and 3.5 cups of water to cover and blend on high for about two minutes. For your mixture through your nut milk bag and into a large bowl and strain. Transfer your milk to a glass bottle and cover it with a lid and store in the refrigerator and that's it. 9. Cashew Milk: cashew milk. It hands down my favorite health. I think it's just right up there with packaging in that milk. They might be in time. But the reason for that is it's about this really high fat content. So it's just really luxurious and creamy, and it's just it'll totally spoil you from the first sick. And the only other thing to note about it is that it's also because you also don't need to strain it. So it's got one last step you have to make before you can transfer it to that bottle, get drinking. So let's get started. Cover your cash is with water and allow them to soak for about 4 to 6 hours. Give him a good rinse and drain in this your cashews, a pinch of salt and 3.5 cups of water to cover, and a lot of blend for about two minutes on hot. Transfer this right to a glass bottle and you're ready to pop it in the fridge. Forsythe 10. Hemp Milk: just looking at him. Seeds. You would never know that. It's gonna feel this really rich, creamy, earthy, many milk. It isn't a to B, and it also pass this really high nutritional punch. So this is one of my favorite panels as well, which is why I'm showing you how to do it. This course as part no so time. Just rate to blend in strain and you're all set. So let's get started. Have one cup hemp seeds, 3.5 cups of water and a pinch of salt to your blunder. Pop on your leg cover and allowed to blend for about two minutes on. String your milk through in that bag into a large bowl. Transfer your milk to a glass bottle or jar. Store in the refrigerator and you're all set 11. Oat Milk: so, as you probably already know, Oh, milk is totally all the rage these days. Vegans. And for perfectly good reason. It's great with sweet dishes. In my opinion, it's fabulous with a lot. A, uh, You can't compare a cappuccino with anything else. It's the best. Just one thing to note about milk, especially homemade milk, is that it's tricky when it comes to the consistency can get. Do we really easy, like slimy texture to just be sure not over blunt. I'm talking like 30 seconds. Take a look at it. You're straining. Just be careful. You don't wanna touch too much. Those are pretty much the two biggest things. You're not soaking. It is getting rolled oats. You do so get if you're gonna be doing steel. Cut oats. Just pay attention to the consistency. If you do something wrong one time, just make sure you don't do it the next time. I know that it does have a lot of people that it comes out slimy. Don't get side. That happens to you. Just brush yourself off and try again. Okay, so let's get started and your oaths pitted dates, salt and water to your cover and blend on high for about 30 seconds. Remember, you definitely don't want over blood. Pore through your nut milk bag and strain. Transfer to a glass bottle or jar. Store in the refrigerator and you're all set. 12. Your Turn!: All right, guys. You made it all the way through to the end of this course, which is so amazing. And it makes me so incredibly grateful. This is my first skill share. Of course, I was really nervous about doing it, but I wanted to share with you guys. How do you incorporate some of these? Plant these elements into your diet and a really simple and easy way. And I think that plant melts really young. You treat that? So, uh, if you enjoyed it, please leave a review. Sending a message I would love to hear from you. Check out this wild all of dot com. I'm over on instagram in this world. All of this Well, I do hope that you check out the class project section below as well. If you decide to make something from the cost of love to see what you made are having using your plan. You're putting your cereal or your slew the user. If you drink it straight, you're making golden law. Today's if you're admit your copy. Whatever you're doing with your flannels, I want to see it on. I went here from you, So also I do hope that you took the time to double the e book as well. It is just a resource is section and it will have a little breakdown in the studio as well as all of the recipes featured in this course. So thank you cannot thank you enough. Have a fantastic day.