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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Mount, Mat & Frame Your Photo


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      Wire Hanger & Finishing Touches


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      Class Project


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About This Class

Lisa Blake shows you how to easily frame your photos, so you can get your favorite photos off your devices & onto your walls, without breaking the bank. Whether it be vacation photos or family photos, don’t just show them off on your phone, show them off in your home.

In this 20 minute class, learn how to mat & frame your photos, plus add a wire to the frame for hanging to quickly get them on display. 

At the end of the class, you will have a framed photograph ready to hang on your wall. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to take this class.

A supply list is located under the "Your Project" tab of this class (above).

Class Project:

For your class project, take a picture of the photo you would like to frame.

Bonus: Take a picture of your completed framed photo (optional: take the picture of it hanging on your wall).

Upload your picture(s) under the Your Project section of this class, so we all can see the results!

Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa Blake

Artist / Photographer / Designer

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Lisa Blake and welcome to picture framing made easy. When I first started framing my photography, I quickly learned how expensive professional framing can be. So I decided to take some time and learn how to do it myself. I felt really intimidated at first, but really, with the right supplies and a little bit of instruction, it's not very hard in this class. I will show you how to mount your photo to a mounting board, attach a mat to create a border around your photo, secure your photo within a frame and add a wire for hanging. My end goal is for you to get your photos off of your devices and aunt your walls without breaking the bank, so let's get started. 2. Supplies: Now let's go over the supplies that you're gonna need for this class. I also included a pdf copy of the supply list with some re sources of where you can purchase these supplies under the your project section of this class you're gonna need in 11 by 14 inch picture frame. You want this frame to have a molding that you can screw into. So you wanted to be something of like a composite, wood or real? Would it stay away from metal or plastic? The other thing you need to know about the frame is the 11 by 14 inch dimension is not the outside to mention of the frame. Rather, it is the inside dimension on the back of the frame here. The reason for this is that they need a standardized method of measuring frames, and so if they use the back here as the dimensions for the frame, the molding on the outside can be as large as they would like. The other thing you're gonna need is some kind of mounting board to mount the picture, too. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. This is just a piece of cardboard that I cut down to 11 by 14 inches. You're also gonna need your photograph that you would like to frame, and you want it printed T eight by 10 inches, and this one here is printed on 8.5 by 11 size piece of photo paper, and it has a nice little border that is a little bit helpful. With mounting photos. You need an 11 by 14 inch matte board with an eight by 10 inch cut out for the photo. You'll need two of these Deering's with screws standard framing supplies, and you can get them anywhere that you can get. Framing supplies and a good place for framing supplies is craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I prefer Michael's over happy lobby. They seem to have a better selection. You're going to need a hammer, a wire, cutters and a scissors. You're gonna need a Phillips screwdriver. I prefer a screwdriver with the short handle because it gives me a little bit more leverage when screwing into the frame. You need some sort of wait. This is just a paperweight, and then I use this eyeglass cleaning cloth to put under it so that I don't scratch the photo. You'll need a ruler or a tape measure. You'll need these rubber bumpers we're going to use for them one for each corner of the frame, and these served two purposes. They make it so that the frame does not scratch your wall, and they also stabilize the frame so that it doesn't get tilted of a place from people closing doors or walking by too hard. You'll need some wide tape. This is about an inch and 1/4 wide. You could use shipping tape masking tape. This tape here is linen tape, and I like it because it's archival and I tend to use archival framing products when I'm framing for my art and photography that I want to sell. I wanted to be of a higher grade. I also like that it has the great here for measuring and the peel and stick back is also easier to work with. You'll need picture hanging wire. You won't need a larger like this unless you plan on bringing a lot of photos. The only thing you need to know about that the wire is that it's rated for a maximum picture. Wait, so this why you're here is rated for £43. You most likely wouldn't need anything more than that. Unless you're hanging a really large picture or a mirror and you need a note pad and a pen or pencil, just something to drop down a few notes. One more thing that you'll need isjust some glass cleaner and paper towels. And now that we've talked about all the supplies that you'll need, let's move onto the next lesson. 3. Mount, Mat & Frame Your Photo: So the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you do need an extra backing board for the frame. Sometimes there's not a lot of space on the inside the frame. And so you would just use the board that comes with the frame and you don't need any extra filler. We're just gonna take all over supplies, place it into the frame and make sure that the backing word was still closed. Once the frame is put back together, and in this case, it won't. So that tells me that I don't need to use this piece of cardboard. Take this all. Well, let's just put it back into Is to make sure so if we just used this backing board, if it's just fine. So Regan sent the frame aside first I can. And now we're going to actually create a hinge for the matte board right here. So you want to line it up with the backing board? And as you can see, the backing board is a tab bit higher than the actual map board. So I am gonna use this piece of cardboard. We're gonna put it underneath the map board to raise it up. So now we are at the same level and it will be easier to mount with a piece of tape. So we're gonna take our tape and measure how much we need. Cut a piece off, take off the backing these. And now we're just going to tape a mat to the backing board. And so this creates a hinge. I want to make sure that it's all lined up on the bottom and then press down at the top and then the photograph. You want to make sure that it's lined up that there are no white edges showing and that should be good. And then we're gonna use the paperweight toe. Hold it down. Look this up. And now we're gonna cut some four pieces of tape that are about two inches in length. And what we're gonna do is create what they call a T hinge to attach the photo to the backing board. And so because I'm going to be hanging this photo landscape and set a portrait, I want to hinge my picture at the top. If you had a picture that was gonna be portrait, you would want to hinge it at the top over here. I'm just gonna put a little pressure on the paperweight and place my piece of tape sticky side up underneath the photo. And I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. And it's okay if the photo moves a little bit while you're working with it, we can fix that. Okay, Now we want to take these other two pieces of tape and tape on top of the peace of the teeth that are coming off the edge of the photo. Are we going to do it to the other side as well? Move this cardboard out of the way and I'm gonna bring my frame over. I'm just going to pray a little glass cleaner to make sure that there is no pieces of lint or anything. Stuff on the inside of the frame. Can I just like to blow it out in case amiss something. And now I'm going to take the photograph with the map word in Place it inside the frame when sometimes there is a little cut out at the top of the frame that you need to slide the board into, and then just secure it and close up any clips, and now we have it all secure. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to add the mounting wire. 4. Wire Hanger & Finishing Touches: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to attach a wire hanger to the back of your friends. The first thing we want to dio this figure out which side is the top of the picture. So in this case, since I'm hanging my picture this way, this is gonna be the top. In your case, it might be portrait. And so the top might be on the short end some and then put it this way for the top of the frame. Gonna take my teat measure and measure my frame. My friend is approximately 13 inches, and what I want to do is find the measurement. That's 1/3 of the 13. So 1/3 of 13 is going to be approximately, like four and 1/4 inches Will will be fine. So I'm gonna put my tape measure from the top down at foreign 1/4 inches. I'm going to take the d clip and I'm gonna line it up with the de opening towards the middle of the frame and pointing in towards the center. Take the screw on, line it up with the whole. And now I'm going to take my hammer and hammer the school in a little bit, so making that little indentation will make it easier. Discreet. Screw in. But you're gonna make sure to press fairly hard to screw the screw into the frame, and you want to keep it a straight as you can. You'll do this until the screw is all the way in, which will take you a couple minutes screwed most of the way in. And now you want to make sure that this is lined up a little bit straighter before you finish. Now we want to move the tape measure to the other side and do the same thing. Okay, Next we want to take our picture hanging wire and we want So line it up, put it through. We want to leave a little bit of room so that we can wrap it. So it's about 123 about four inches. We're just gonna clamp it their with our fingers and then just start wrapping it just like that. Now we want to measure. You wanna pull it hot enough that the wire does not extend about the top of the frame and preferably not about the opening. So this would be good enough for us. We're gonna give it another four inches. Use the wire cutters. Yes, with this through and again you want. Oh, just put your finger there and pull it tight so that you know where you want it. And then clamp this on this side and you're going to do the same thing and just wrap the extra wire around. And there, now, your wire hanger is all complete. The next thing that we wanted you is that on these rubber bumpers, if you have a piece of your Windex paper towel a left and you wanna wipe off just the corners, that's fine. And I make the stick a little bit better, and we're just gonna put one on each corner. - Mary , have it. Extra frame is already toe hang. So you. Now you just need to find that perfect spot on your walls and hang your photo 5. Class Project: for your class project. Please upload a picture of the photo that you wish to frame bonus points if you take a picture of the completed framed photo. If you want to take a picture of the photo hanging on your wall, that would be cool to please upload your pictures to the your project section of this course so that we all can see the results. I hope that you found my instructions easy to follow and that in no time you'll have a bunch of framed photos hanging on your walls or even to give us gifts. Thank you so much for taking this course and until next time, happy, frightening.