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Personal Transformation, self Guided Meditation, self-care, Post covid care, 2023 course

teacher avatar Sure Success, We can drink from the ocean of success!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome- Lets start this journey together


    • 2.

      Day 1- Self guided mediation with eyes close & sitting down


    • 3.

      Self guided exercise with eyes open sitting down


    • 4.

      Calming the mind while walking


    • 5.

      While performing activity- learn to center yourself


    • 6.

      Calm yourself while making a change, shift & accepting yourself


    • 7.

      Self Guided Meditation- Accepting yourself I am going through a journey!


    • 8.

      Self Guided Meditation- Acknowledge & appreciate


    • 9.

      Learn Continually


    • 10.

      One more thing to learn


    • 11.

      Learning & growing through awarness


    • 12.

      Self Awarness


    • 13.

      Looking inwards


    • 14.

      Its a Journey


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About This Class

Tune into yourself—and take action towards the life you’ve always wanted—on this Journey we will travel together . You will experience mediation like never before.


It will help you meditate while sitting down, with eyes open, while walking & also while performing daily task.


You may think you know what meditation is all about: that you have to sit uncomfortably straight with your legs crossed, that it’s about quitting the mind and zoning out, that if you don’t do it every day you’re doing it wrong. And maybe because of these things, you’ve decided meditation isn’t for you.

I am here to help you throw all that out the window. I will change your view on meditation as a space to listen to yourself, to connect with your power, and to determine actions that will transform your life. And in this 7-day class, I intend to show you how to build a practice to do just that.


You just need 7-10 minutes each day and as your down-to-earth guide, you’ll: 

  • Learn to calm down while doing any activity
  • You will learn to accept yourself
  • Break through self-sabotage and fears getting in your way
  • Dispel common myths about meditation to find what works for you

By the end of the class, you won’t need any guidance at all—you’ll leave with a personal practice tailored to you, a toolbox of ways to stay connected to your center, and some bonus meditations and other resources to help you out when you need a boost.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sure Success

We can drink from the ocean of success!


Transformation | Keynote Speaker | Influencer | Guest Speaker | Mentor | Digital Transformation | Community Starter & Sustainer (at Scale) | Feminist | Plantsman | Nature Enthusiast | Blogger | Painter


I believe in Transformation- Personal, professional. I have gone through so many of these iterations over the years & sometimes its amazing how we transform with just one small lesson, one experience that changes who we are & who we become. I am hoping to tap into that with each of you.


I wear many hats, and that brings in perspective. I am here to share it with you, my learnings, my experiences. Lets grow together!


I love to take inspiration from every day things, and love to inspire everything & everyone around me.&n... See full profile

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1. Welcome- Lets start this journey together: Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. I always wondered, how could I meditate? Would I meditate when I was older or maybe more wiser? But guess what? Over the course of research, reading up, going through multiple workshops and courses, I realised meditation has to be something that's part of me, that's integral to me. Something I can use and feel good about myself, irrespective of variable I am. Whether I decide to do this with my eyes open or with my eyes closed, or if I decide to do this whilst I'm doing some other activities, I feel like that would be more me than anything else because if I were to sit down, come down, and then meditate, Yes, I've achieved the bulb is already because I already juggling quite a bit of things. So this is an insight from me to you, somebody like you who was on the other side, who has faced challenges of meditating. And, you know, it has been a journey. And I'm sharing what worked for me. I'm hoping to hear from you as well. Feel free to reach out and tell me how this meditation is helping you because I've designed this as a seven-day course, keeping it very, very easy and light. You start with something on day one with your eyes closed, then you do it with your eyes open while you're doing some other activities. And even when you're shifting and doing some other activities, it's not necessary that you're always in the same state of mind, which is where I realized that meditation can be very handy. So this is my guide which has worked for me. This is truly a testimonial from me to you, and this is how I'm going to share it with you. I also believe in self-care, self-love. So there are videos which are going to be around that as well. And I hope you enjoy it. Once again. I'm really glad you're here and looking forward to hearing from you what worked for you. 2. Day 1- Self guided mediation with eyes close & sitting down: Welcome to day one. This one, you can keep your eyes open or eyes closed, sets in a relaxed and comfortable space. I will also show you these exercises when you're moving around. But for today, we'll sit down. Now. If you have feet on the ground, try to wiggle them a little. Even if you're wearing shoes, that's okay. Try to finish all your tools. Try to maybe even touch the ground while you're doing that. Try to feel the texture of the slippers or the shoes that you're reading. Now breathe in through your nose and breathe out. That one more time. Breathe in. Breathe out. One more time. Breathe in. Breathe out. Not put your hand on your belly, on your stomach. When you breathing in. Try to see how your stomach goes up. To see the movement and breathing in and breathing out. Notice how your belly rises and falls. The same time. You will also noticed something about this breathing, but you haven't really noticed. Maybe every reader, maybe you breathe a little shadow or do you bring in a way that's different? What ever it maybe. Pay attention to it. The focus your mind to listening to a sound that's farthest from you. Something that's really, really far. It could be the sound of butt's dropping. It could be the sound of children playing. It could be the sound of mean. Really tried to listen to it. Really tried to pay attention to the voice. You might be able to hear it clearly. Now. Get your mind now to think about the voice that's loses to you. It could be again, my voice, or it could be your breathing, or it could be anything else. That's fine. Just really pay attention to it. Listen to something you've never listened to before. The attention to it. And at this stage or any of the stage when you mind drifts, It's okay. It happens, gets your mind gently back. What matters is how you can get your mind. How many times do you manage to get your mind back? For those of you who have your eyes closed. Focus on the documents or just the greatness that you see or don't see rather. And for those of you who have your eyes open, try to really see something in front of you. Try not to seem. More details. Start noticing the color that shape, the texture. Stay with it for a bit. Try breathing in again. Leaving out. All the lovely day. 3. Self guided exercise with eyes open sitting down: Today's session. We're going to be actually doing this with our eyes open. Keep your eyes open and sit somewhere comfortably. While you're sitting. Notice something ahead of you? It could be anything. It could be the screen that you're looking at. It could be any object. It could be a person. Really try to pay attention to colors and look how bright those colors become as you keep looking at them. Notice how the texture is. You might also want to, if you're looking at the screen, you might also want to look at from end-to-end, which means take point and follow it through. Much the same way as the infinity sign in front of you. Try to take the point and move your eyes. And really try to look slowly, but surely. Look at the object or look at the bus and continue to do so. You don't need to do this very fast. You do a database that you're comfortable with. This, something you've never noticed before. And try to get your attention back when it's drifting and that's okay. Like I mentioned, even in the previous one, it's okay for your mind to drift. What is important is for you to get your mind back is real to be attention back into what we're doing right now. Now. In this moment, a little bit longer. I wouldn't like now for you to take your fingertips to fingertips, drop them against each other. Notice how hard or soft it is. Notice how the dextro fumes. And now really pay attention to it. Thanks, you've never noticed before. Now take the fingertips of one hand and drop them against the palm of your other hand. You may have done this a 100 thousand times. Which really do this. You start to feel the softness or hardness of your hand. You'll notice the lines decreases. Notice something you've never noticed? It could be the temperature. Is it warm? Is it called just the fact that your hands could be sweating. While you do this. Try to put your hands on the cloth that's on. You. Really tried to notice a texture. The threads. Is it soft? Is it hard? Is it smooth? If that is done, notice that even if it's a plane, you wouldn't notice certain patterns. Just looking at them, try to follow that pattern. Suppose you can see you're noticing something about the dress or the clothes you're wearing. Something you've never noticed before. The buttons on it, the feeding, all the just the brightness of the club. You're noticing the textures, you're noticing the patterns. You may also want to notice how comfortable it is or maybe not. Focus on it for a moment. As you do this, you will realize that there is a certain account. You've gone through your second. Thank you. 4. Calming the mind while walking: Welcome. Welcome. Today you're going to do this exercise with your eyes open and while you're moving around. If you're walking, that's fine. You can continue to walk. If you're not. That's also okay. That these exercises are equipping you is to be able to perform these exercises, Amy there. Anytime that for whatever reason, if you sit it seated and you have your eyes closed, that's also fine. You can always take the benefit of it. Why do you continue to walk? Remember at any point in time, you feel uncomfortable? You feel like you are so relaxed that you're about to fall asleep. That's okay. Take a break. Sit down. Let's begin. If you're sitting around or you're working with your eyes open. Noticed something about the bot, the ground. You feed out on. Something about that ground. What extruders it would meet D realistic. Do you feel it's easy to walk on it? Something you have never observed before. Really pay attention to it. While you're paying attention to it. Remember that you are looking at this pathway from a new lens, from a new perspective. You could stop and stare at it, or you could continue to walk. And whenever you find that you suddenly being drifted away, that's okay. Just get your attention back to whatever we're doing. But notice the sounds around you. It could be the sounds you naturally heal. The nature makes. Or it could be sounds that people, human beings are making it out to you to find some blur the minute you find some pattern in it. Try to hear certain sounds you've never heard before. Really pay attention to that sound that you're hearing. Listen to it. Maybe you can even enjoy it. Even if it is scales, even if it is loud noises. And if this is on a headphone, you could really be attention to the time that my voice isn't coming through. You could pay attention to my wife. Now. While you're walking regularly, fingers try to feel or touch whatever your fingers are closest to. It could be a leaf. It could be a metal. All it could be your glutes. That's okay. Now, attention to the temperature. To find it cooled, to find it warm or hot. And notice how when you keep touching it, the temperature varies. Eventually. Really pay attention to its texture. The outline of whatever you're touching. Try to follow the outline. If you see certain patterns, you can notice it. The blankness of the object in front of you. And vanilla, you're drifting. Just gently. Get your mind trying to continue to walk. Thinking in your senses. Bless your observation. Just imagine. These are things you've seen so many times. These are things you may have heard so many times. All you're doing is paying attention to it and noticing something you never did before. You may enjoy this or you may not. You could also be agnostic to your feelings and that's okay. Be in that moment for a little bit longer. And then you do take in as much as you can or as little as you can. Which path you choose. And that's okay. You'll receive your heel. Thank you so much for doing this exercise with me. 5. While performing activity- learn to center yourself: Welcome to today's session. I'm glad you're here. In today's session. We're going to try and meditate with our eyes open. And while we are trying to do an activity, please air with caution that if you at some point in time feel it's overwhelming or that you cannot continue due to certain reasons. I would urge you to stop stop the recording and also for you to sit down and stop doing the activity. The idea here is for us into this entire meditation is to be able to learn, to calm ourselves down or to find and center ourselves. That is what the purpose of meditation is. Keeping that in mind. We're going to go ahead with this exercise where say you are performing your daily chores. Now while you're performing your daily chores? We most often than not, do these activities with an absence of a mind or a mind being distracted somewhere else. What I would invite you to do today is pay attention to the activity at hand. Say you're putting the clothes back in the closet, all your cleaning up the room, or say you adjust, writing down your to-do list. Whatever it may be. You will need to pay attention to this activity. Which means if you have something in your hand like you to really pay attention to it. Notice that texture, notice the color. Notice something about what's in your hand. If you're making a list, you're writing down. Notice your handwriting. Notice the color of the ink or the pencil. Notice the paper. And notice how when you pay attention, the way you do this activity, That's a change. And really pay attention to the way you perform these activities every day. These are your mundane activities. These are some things that you do day in, day out. Really pay attention to it. Touch the paper, feel the paper. See how it feels for you. If it's something that you've noticed peculiarly today. Take a look at this activity and see how you have changed over the years. The way you make clean, the way you may write. It could have evolved over the years. And how is that for you? How does it make you feel? Get in touch with your inner self? Ask yourself these questions. Try to really pay attention to it. Try to understand yourself through this activity. Even just the art of writing can be very calming. And it can only take seconds. For example, pickup that pen or pencil. Or if you're cleaning the tool that you have at hand. Really pay attention to it. Is it a soft cloth? Is it is it something that's loved? It. Over the years and the month, is it something that you really like? It's something that you feel does the job. When you see these answers. When you see these responses, it is not necessary that your mind is always centered and that you may get distracted and it's okay, it's fine. Do not judge yourself. What is important is for the times that you can get your mind back to the activity. We always have multiple things that we are juggling. But doing sometimes that one activity at a time, being a full attention to it, really centering our port to it. You will realize that it has the most calming effect. That it has a very impacting investment, which means that the investment of time you do for those few minutes, we'll have a lasting result in the coming time. It could be in the middle of your busy day. It could be in the middle of your crazy filled up week. And that's okay. So the next time you're doing an activity, just pay attention to it. Pay attention to the little details that you may have been missing out or that you have assumed over the years. And you will realize a simple mundane activity will feel very different. They have a calming centering effect. It is very similar to people who calm themselves before entering a crazy world. Or in the ancient times, there are so many stories where the Warriors have centered themselves in the middle of a war so that they can refocus and strategize and go on to win that war. Our multitasking days, a very slumber law in the sense that we are juggling so many things and sometimes just taking out those couple of minutes to pay attention to really what we have done and what we are doing without a 100% undivided attention. You will notice that has a lasting impact. I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic session. Thank you. 6. Calm yourself while making a change, shift & accepting yourself: Welcome to another day. Outdated feeling yesterday. When you try to do this exercise on your own. If for whatever reason you were unable to do that, that's fine too. The day what ever you may be doing? Fitting line down the middle of an activity. Take a moment. Pause from it. If you're sitting, you may want to lie down. And if you're lying down, try shifting from one position to another. Make a change. If you're doing an activity. Maybe do the next one for a change. Make a shift. When you're making this shift, notice what's happening to you. Finding something about your body. Your reaction could be the fact that you needed to get the next activity going. Did you need to pause to get your next activity ready to make that shift? Think about that. Think about that for some time now. Really try to understand something about yourself. In the way you look up that shift. It's not necessarily that you're focusing only on the feelings. You could be focusing on other aspects. Something you've never noticed before. An observation and insight into yourself, into how you are, into something that tells you about how you are when you need a shift. You require to do a shift. Really pay attention to it. Stay in it for a little bit longer. If it's something that's making you uncomfortable, it's okay to start thinking about what did you like about your previous activity or what did you like about your second one? Notice how your perspective is shifting. Absorb it absorbs red light. You want to call it person. Between these two activities, you're observing it. Like an ongoing making observations. Like you or not, you don't be judgmental. It's okay. And it's okay if your line shifts and you get shifted with some other thought, just gently get your attention back. Get your focus. Now. If for some reason you've not shifted to the second activity, that's fine too. Give you credit for what you do and encouragement to do it. Anyways. Appreciate that you learn. Just appreciate how you would able to observe the attention to yourself. And maybe in the process tank yourself. Doing this. You've come this far. You're doing amazingly well. If you have to say it out loud, that's fine too. If you want to pat yourself, that's fine too. Just as today's activity, then you had to shift. This what you're going through, a journey of personal transformation is also a shift. Slowly. You will start noticing certain observations about yourself, about how you will before and after. On tooling. Please give yourself credit for trying. Say Thank you just as much as I'm going to tell you. Thank you for doing this. Thank you. And have a lovely day. 7. Self Guided Meditation- Accepting yourself I am going through a journey!: Hello. How are you today? I'm asking sound. And maybe onset it. Only to yourself. You going through a journey. You're going through it in the best way you possibly can. You didn't investing in habits. You investing in yourself. For a moment. Pay attention to how in the past few days. Some days you could really do these exercises easy. But some days it was very challenging. Please don't judge yourself and let those negative emotions pass. Something about it. Observes something about yourself. You never did. Notice the fact that niche of the exercises you'll easily able to focus on. One of those. If for whatever reason your attention is again, drifting into other things. That's okay. Get your focus back gently. Now, breathe in through your nose. Out through your mouth. Again. This time, nor much more secure. When you Then did you notice how your breathing is? Maybe you might want to put your hand on your chest or a finger on your nose. Just to feel the n. Notice how the temperature of the air is when it's going in and coming out. Notate that fingertip which is on your nose. She falls. Not there's something about it, something you've never noticed before. Really pay attention to it. You might find it. You might find it strange. It's okay. Do it anyways. This nose helps you believe him to live. Maybe take a moment to be grateful for it. The day. You are born to be grateful for three things and you're going to observe them. And really pay attention to what you're grateful for. Maybe you might want to write this down or you might want to think about it after a while. So go back on it and pay attention to did you miss out or do you want to add to that list? No judgment here. Just something you shedding with yourself. In the safety of yourself. You're doing wonderfully well. That's your today's challenge. Three things you're grateful for. Maybe pay attention to it. Thank you. 8. Self Guided Meditation- Acknowledge & appreciate: Hello. Today, you wondered why some days you're not able to do these exercises here to try to help you, to guide you. Because it happens to all of us. And it's natural. It's a change. It's a shift. There will be resistance. You need to do is keep at it. If database, you feel you can't go through these 78 minutes audios. You could do this for a really short span. Because your subconscious is beginning to rewire. Do not consciously skip it. Because you still have to make a full investment onto yourself to be able to reap the benefits. If for some reason you notice that you'll want to keep listening to the videos and audios over and over again. You can do so. If for some reason you feel there are certain exercises you can easily focus on, do them all sorts slowly begin to, except the other exercises into your daily routine. Example. If right now your fingertips are on a desk or a chair or on your lap. Whatever they may be. And wherever they may be. Try to try to really pay attention to the texture to the column. And try to pay attention to every little detail you possibly can. Notice the temperature. Notice how you feel when you touch that. Again. Keep the negative in Washington's away. And if for some reason you're drifting, that's okay. Just catch your attention and gently back. You want to take a moment and give you tools again today. And try to feel the ground or the shoes you're reading. Notice something. You've never noticed. It could be as simple as I like wiggling my tools are I don't think I can regulate my toes. If for some reason you can't try wrangling them again. Enjoy this process must be attention to the way you're doing it. Via attention to how it makes you feel. Something. You've never noticed before. Notice something about yourself in the process. It could be a small observation, and that's fine. You bringing in utero when it's okay to take baby steps. It's okay if you don't find anything new. In these exercises. As you are building your mental fitness. You didn't bar in your mind. You will also have to show self-love. Be grateful. Grateful because you're investing in yourself. You grateful because you are amazing. You create full because you have come so far in your journey of changing, of going through a transformation yourself. You're grateful for being alive. Met an awesome feeling. Thank you. I am grateful for you. 9. Learn Continually: Welcome to today's session. Like you to close your eyes and breathe in and breathe out. One more time. Breathe in and breathe out. Like you to do this. One more time. Breathe out. Gently. Bring your thoughts. Do something you did today. Something that felt nothing. It could be waking up in the morning. It could be a cup of tea or coffee. It could be something as small as that. Old. The fact that someone's minded to you felt good about yourself. Focus on focus on that feeling. Focus on that. Why that came through. If for whatever reason your mind is distracting, gently get back to the feeling. The feeling of feeling, amazing, feeling of Austin, or just being in the moment. You realize one thing. Now realize the second thing about it. I'd like you to also look at now that fell in your body. When you feel nice. Is that a part of your body that gets a tingling sensation? Or just seems more relaxed. Now really pay attention to that. Three then again. Breathe out. Breathe in again. Now notice I'm try to recollect something you did for someone. It could be as simple as just smiling at a stranger in an elevator, or it could be just holding the door. If you are not able to recollect anything from today. I didn't lie to you to think about yesterday. How did that feel? Really observe about some attention to how that medial or do you feel. Now that you're thinking about it? You may not have felt anything in that moment. How do you feel now when you think about line Y2? In case of these two feelings to be replicated today. And how can you do that? You could feel nice about yourself. Just smile at yourself in the mirror, that's fine. I'll just put your feet on the ground and feel the temperature of the floor. Just walking bare feet. And that of making somebody else being nice or doing something for someone. You're doing this. You said. Now after you've completed your dance, think of how it made you feel. You consciously doing something. You're bringing in your subconscious slowly. The awareness you've created into your conscious world. The next few days. Try to really pay attention to what feels nice. Taking a shower, just putting on some homed loads, or the fact that, you know, you sleeping in the night. What ever it maybe. Just think about it. For the next couple of days. Attention to when you do something for someone. Yourself. See how you feel. You are creating a very powerful positive mind. You will need to go through a journey. These are your small baby steps towards its hope you're excited. On a lovely day. 10. One more thing to learn: Welcome to today's session. Take a moment and consider how you are right now. Try to notice something about your body you've never noticed before. Maybe you're comfortable, maybe you're not. Maybe you're thinking about something. Whatever it may be. Gently just see your thought process back into, into thinking about yourself. We often take time to consider things around us that we take very little time to think about ourselves and ask ourselves, how am I am I doing? Okay? See how you feel. Clv respond to it and whatever maybe the response that's okay. Don't judge that to slated come like you're listening to a friend except spawns for what it is. What I would like you to do. Really consider uterus bonds truly for what it is. Not for what it could be that I should have been happy already, should have been this or that out of the equation. Just as if somebody were to ask you, how's the day-to-day how's the weather today? How would your response be? Similarly, try to disassociate yourself and truly answer and accept yourself for who you are. Sometimes acknowledging their BR be rho k. Naught helps us build on, do a lot more. Uses. It says something's as guiding or tuning you. Knowing yourself. Also make you think of the last time you asked yourself, what if I told them was once? I'd like you to really pay attention. That are you using words like fine and good? You really describing how you feeling. Are you doing today? We need to take a step forward into Bus new transformation. We accept ourselves for who VR, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in G. That tried to think of full-time. But usually the boy yourself. Yeah, we're just happy to be that it could be something from today. It could be something from these before. And that's okay. Really think, oh, that made you feel enjoy that moment. Next time. Usually again, feeling yourself feeling absolutely comfortable to be in self ankle. How that's changing you. Daniel Day, take some time off. Even if it's you and end of the day to just be you. And to be embrace you. We need to accept who we are. We always want to be a better version. Today. You're going to take a moment to accept who you are and how good you are in that for as long as you need. Because it's a big change for validation from someone else. From yourself. Be then. Thank you. 11. Learning & growing through awarness: Welcome. I hope you're feeling great. Everyone good. What that would mean? Do you? When was the last time you felt great? Night you too go on a journey with me. Try to remember the last time you felt great. It could be more than one instance that's coming to your mind right now. And that's okay. But I'd like you to think about it. Really pay attention to it. See how that made. You bought the field. Was this something that you would do consciously? Like say jumping or snapping fingers are just dancing or singing? Or was it something that you were doing mentally? Be attention to that. Really pay attention to that. Try to think of how that made you feel. Something about that feeling which you never had before. Notice how your expression right? Minerals changing. Like you to shift your attention to the now. Think about how that's making you feel. Now. Imagine something that has happened in your past. You can still look at it. That memory back and feel excited about it. Euphoria. I'd like you to theme that greatness. Now. You have on which you felt last time in front of you. And if that means that you want to jump or smile or snap your fingers, that's fine. Go ahead and do so. Or if you're mentally excited and doing something, you can do that. What I'd like you to get that feeling. Now. Some reason you still finding it challenging to get that feeling. I'd like you to remind yourself that you've come this far on your journey of transformation. You almost sunlight you. Amazing. I knew. I'd like you to bring all the goodness that you've been failing and the boss few days on now, bringing anything positive that you feel about going through this transformation. The fact that you felt my going through this change, the fact that you've been listening it, the fact that you still here, you have it in you to make that change. You'll have it in you to feel that greatness constantly. Even if you don't want to feel that constantly, because it feels too much, then guess what? You can bring in that greatness into your life whenever you want. Your next exercise. We'll be focused on going. So let's bring that amazing, powerful glade person that you are in the forefront. Sustain and stay tuned. Because I will meet you soon. 12. Self Awarness: Hi everyone. I hope you're happy to be here today. Because today's journey is designed to get the amazing, the awesome that convey to you in the forefront. Now think of it this way, that how nice would it be that every time if you just close your eyes and thought of something, it actually appeared in front of you. This exercise is to help you do so. So if you're not in a place which a *****, you will not be disturbed. Or the fact that you're doing some other activity. I would like you to take a pause right now and find a spot which you can then be comfortable and not be disturbed during the duration of this exercise. I hope you're sitting or lying down, but you're comfortable. And what you're going to do now is gently close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in again. And breathe out. Do that one more time. Breathe in and breathe out. I'd like you to relax Every single part of your body. Try to keep your mind clear. Whenever you find yourself drifting away. Get yourself back. And do that by breathing in again. And breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Think about the last time. You felt amazing. Awesome. Try thinking of that moment. That those minutes that felt amazing. While you're thinking about it, start rubbing your two fingers together, the thumb and the index finger. And continue to do so until I asked you to stop. I'd like you to think of the time you felt awesome. Something you achieved, something you did that made you feel amazing. It doesn't matter what it is. I want you to feel that awesomeness all over again. I want you to feel the exact same way that you felt that that second. And if possible, hire. You believe you're awesome. You know, you're awesome. You believe your men for great things. And you know, you're going to do amazingly great things. Keep rubbing your fingers together. I want you to feel awesome. I want you to. In fact, if it requires you to feel multiple memories where you felt amazing, you've had, you felt awesome. Those feelings come to you. Now. Think of it as it is happening now, or watch of it. Like you are watching yourself. When you do so by looking at videos or pictures. But feel that notice how your faces, notice how your expressions, or notice how you're feeling. It's because you know, you're amazing and you're, you're achieving that. You have that awesomeness that's come to the forward. Stain that moment for a little bit longer. Now stop rubbing your fingers, the index finger, and the thumb. You can stop rubbing that. And breathing out. Breathing again. Breathe out. I'd like you now to just take your finger and the thumb and start rubbing them together. Do this gently. What feelings are coming towards you now? Are you feeling awesome? Are you feeling amazing? You're feeling like you are great. If not, believe it again. You are great. You are amazing. You are awesome. Imagine yourself to be amazingly Austin. You are doing so great. You can stop rubbing your fingers and breathe in again. Be redone again. Readout. Take that index finger and the thumb. Rub it again together. Jessup. So what's happening to you? Continue to wrap the fingers gently. See what's happening to you. I wrote expressions changing. Are you feeling amazing? I'd like you to breathe in. And stop rubbing your fingers now and readout. Then again. Breathe out. Let your mind know that you have created a superpower. And your superpower now is to feel amazing, great. At a drop off a second. And how can you do that? By just taking your index finger and the thumb and try to wrap that together. It's a small act. It's something you can do in, even if you're in a crowded place, even if you're surrounded by people, and what will happen. Your feelings of amazingness, awesomeness are going to come forward. And you will feel very differently than what you did even seconds before that. So anytime you need to use the superpower, you know what to do. And I urge you to keep listening to this exercise every now and then, keep coming back to it. Because you need to make your superpower stronger. You need to be able to invoke this feeling constantly, anytime, anywhere you want. And there is no end to that energy. So you can bring it forward. And you can feel Bostrom, good rate, amazing, all over again. And guess what you do when you feel these, you can do anything. So that is your superpower. I like you to gently open your eyes now. You are doing amazingly great. And you are awesome. Thank you. 13. Looking inwards: Hello. How are you today? Let's try two. Centered ourselves and increase the power of a mental fitness through some really daily dusk. For today. While you're eating. I'd like you to really taste every single thing that you put in your mouth. Which means that you would pay attention to the texture that taste. How juicy is it or how dry it is, the sourness, sweetness, the, you know, you can describe it how many I will be as you can. Even if it is as simple as a cookie, even if it's something as simple as a sandwich, even if it says Some blues, just taking a morsel of rice. Even if you're having your coffee or your tea. Like you to really feel the taste. Really enjoy the texture and really be able to acknowledge, wow, I did not know this. I can taste this, I can feel this, I can It's more crunchier than normal, or is this different than what it used to be? What ever may be the case? Just notice it. Just imagine if you can do this to your these pads and every time that you're eating or drinking something, even if it's a glass of water for that matter, you can invoke your power of exercising your VO exercising your mental fitness and making this as a part of your daily habits. So each time that you pick a glance, really look at the glass, like, Oh, I didn't know it was this cold or this is the shape of it. And then when you taste the water, enjoy it. Maybe even tank, good thing. Wow, I'm getting such good water and that's helping me stay hydrated. I'm glad I had that glass of water today. I'm glad I had that cup of tea. It made me relax, it made me start my day. It charged me up whatever it may be, giving the credit where it's due. Acknowledging the small details about ourselves. When you begin to do this, you will realize that initially it may be really do I need to do this? Do I assess how I need to do? But maybe after a couple of minutes or a couple of iterations, you will realize it's not so bad. It only takes me ten to 15 s. You may land up forgetting some times and that's okay. Please do not judge yourself. As any other exercise. It's important to accept who we are. Going through a change. Unexpected knowledge it. Whenever that happens, gently bring your mind back to following the exercise. It's important to get her mind back and acknowledging it. So hope you have a nice day and enjoy doing this through the day. 14. Its a Journey: I'm so glad that you have decided to do the scores. And while I've got some inputs and feedback, I've decided to continue the journey. Because when that is a goal in mind, I believe personally it's not just that you achieved that goal. And there you say, hooray, I've done it. It is a journey. It is an ongoing way for you to learn, to grow, to enhance, and to improve. And keeping that in mind. Let's continue with that journey. One of the things that have mentioned, and I think in all the videos that have come through for you, is the mentioning of the fact that, you know, you could do this with your eyes open, with your eyes closed while walking. But do it with caution. Always keep in mind your well-being, your health because that is a priority. I would just like to for one at again. And then let's continue with our motto here. If you really look at anything or say in our lives, whether you're the art of writing something, even if it's writing notes in the school, writing notes for work, or making a note of the things that you need to buy for groceries. Very small does a mundane task. Now let's try to see how a mundane task can becomes something that's calming. To make this a possibility. There is an understanding that as needed or ritual, any ritual, the art of waking up in the morning, the way you would wake up. Some people are used to save turning, twisting, maybe even hitting the snooze button on the alarm. Which you need to do is in that moment. Of course, it could be a moment of frustration or excitement the wake up because depending on how your day is, which when you look back onto life, onto your D, some of these consistent behaviors or the mundane or the routine behaviors are what we try for when we see I want to retire. Does that mean waking up later, hitting the snooze button or maybe not even bothering to keep an alarm. When you say I want to be more on vacation or I want to be taking a break and spending the time. That obviously means putting a pause to everything else in life. Which is why I think my advice to you would be reflect back on your mundane just usual teen does that waking up of alarm, revisit it right now. Think of the way you wake up. Number one, it might bring some smile on your face. It could bring in like, Hey, why did I do that? That's fine. What a will maybe running in your mind. Watch it. But you don't need to change that thought. Instead, I invite you to just observe yourself as you're waking up. Be that stranger in the room or the butterfly in the room where you're observing how the button wakes up, how they pleasant starts there d s something about that. That's absolutely brilliant. You're starting your day on a fresh naught. There are moments use, so excited that you can't mate. Maybe it's the day of the big announcement or it's the deal. It's your birthday or it's it's a it's an important occasion. Whatever it may be, the leaking of does not change. It's the way you look at it, starts to evolve, starts to change. And I think it's important for us to realize that. At both of those reactions, both of those personalities is driven by the same person. And what I love is the fact that how I look at it, how do I reflect back on it? Like I'm closing my eyes while I'm recording this video. I'm pretty visiting my morning Today. It's my anniversary by the way. So that is an occasion. I'm also revisiting yesterday. I love the fact that I decided to give it a minute and then get out of the bed. But we did it. I started to realize my surroundings, the texture of my pillow, which I completely may have forgotten. The blanket that was making me warm. I started to feel like I was breathing. Of course I was breathing throughout the night, but I started to realize my bread. That's able to focus on it just for a teeny tiny bit. Fact that I tried to open my eyes and there'll be I opened my eyelids. That brings in something that makes me smile right now. Because it's the routine. Is this what I look at every single day on the weekend to be able to sleep a little more on the weekday, to get up and get out and make some things happen. Why does the exact same routine every day? It's the way I look at it. Just before I go to bed, Just as I wake up. And when I'm on vacation. This very moment is such a different thought process altogether. Waking up to completely new experiences, new textures, new plays. The air I breathe, I find the difference in it. I soak into all of it. It would be great to be able to do the same thing. Even on a day that I have extremely busy schedule. All I need is a couple of moments to be able to reflect back and say, let me take that in. Let me take a breath of fresh air. Let me cherish. But they shut off my pillow. Let me find the warm that my blanket comforting. Maybe regular my toes while I'm at it. My tips of the fingers. It's these little things that make me look and reflect back. As I'm even looking at it. I'm beginning to reflect on times when I've been able to take a nap. The privilege of taking a nap in the afternoon. I associated when I was growing up to taking a nap, do something of being unwell. But as I grew, I started to think of it as a privilege, as, as a bonus, as a luxury. Because the commodity wasn't available very easily. Because there was just so much to be done in a day. So I started to cherish these maps. I would give myself a nap every now and then on a holiday, on weekends or on a day that I just felt like, hey, I'm just going through a lot of power nap would do wonders for me right now. Even if that meant a micro power nap. That's more changed. The way I looked at that now, the very narrow over the years, over the decades. I turn back, I look at it and I'm amazed at how the way I wake up from an app even now is completely different from the way I wake up from my morning sleep. I wake up from an app with the feeling like, Oh, I may have just hit a jackpot. I had this big smile or a smoke sometimes on my face. Oh wow. I managed. The reality is these naps and maybe sometimes one-tenth the size of my actual sleep. But because it's a luxury, a thing I don't have a lot of. I enjoy it. I truly cherish it. I truly reflect back on that Knapp and say, Wow, I wanted I enjoyed it, or maybe I could have a little more of it. That nap felt good. But I'm just happy to have that boldness. I'm just happy to have that extra little scene. And it's so important to be able to look back on the little moments of our life and think of it. Find them to be comforting. Find them to be making us happy. Find them to bring in joy. And interestingly, joys are very different. Don't then happiness. As I've been growing wiser, hopefully, I've come to realize that joy is a feeling that comes in, in my mind. Sometimes we hire than happiness. Because a lot of times I look back again, I find my childhood filled up with a lot of joyful moments. As I grew older, I saw a lot of happiness. This is a choice I made to reflect on what was the good part of my life. Now the good thing about it is, each time I think of joy, I somehow find it to be a bit more playful, exciting buildup with energy. And that is happiness in it. That's an association I have done. I have created that in my mind. I have tried to start looking at my naps as joy. I have truly started looking at my morning waking up as happiness. Yet another day. I have so much more to conquer today. Oh wow. I'm alive and I feel fantastic. So my waking up makes me very happy. And my afternoon naps in me a lot of joy. It's very interesting to draw that value and to be able to see the exact same thing, which is lean into different windows. Let's open another dimension to it. When we hit the bed, just before we hit the bed. That's reflect back on how that feeds. It's interesting, isn't it? There are these. We go to bed with 100 dust less than a day. Is we go to bed having this really nice feeling that yes, I did that today. I made that happen today. Some days. You just oh, wow. I'm so glad to just meet now. I have had an exhausting day. It's like a solace. It's like a nice little fuzzy, warm blanket. It's like a nice feeling when you're getting into it. That is that maybe I'm probably frustrated and angry because something did not happen. Like I wanted it to. So that disappointment shoes when I am trying to sleep. But as I drift away, as my eyes are closing off, I like how the pods just vanish or disappeared into the open. View. It at times that these dogs or the pots. Feel like a dream. Or sometimes it feels like Hey, medium silhouette. I'm sometimes very confused by the way, when I have especially slept with a thought in my mind. But that makes it interesting because I wake up the next day and I tried to reflect on my night sleep and I tried to think, was that my way or was that my body trying to tell me what to do, how to do how to make it happen. Maybe it was solutioning. Maybe it was trying to find a fix. Maybe it was trying to support me. And it's lovely, isn't it? When your subconscious is doing something, you have the conscious side. I loved the fact that when I'm sleeping and when I wake up next day, I'm wondering whether that was my dream or reality. But I think the most important derivative of that equation is that my body was trying to help me out. And that's somehow is an interesting feeling for me. Maybe it could be different for you. Maybe it could be different for everyone. I know a lot of people also say that. I just don't understand why can't I go through my sleep without having any dreams? And he thought, I wish I did not think before I slept. All that, you know, I wasn't trying to solution myself. Why does sleeping? I do that all day anyways. Same situation. Differently. Kobe. Mind you you could be the fence where you could be sometimes feeling this way or the other. And it's perfectly alright. It's perfectly okay to feel that way. Which you are going through. How you feel, how you react to a situation your own. And it's beautiful dawn that I love the fact that when I'm going for a good night sleep. There are times I sleep with a big factor feeling happiness because I've achieved what I had planned for the day. Or there are times that I'm disappointed. But in the two ends of the spectrum that a times in-between that it's just I'm just glad to be sleeping. I'm just glad that the day is over. I'm just glad that there's another day. And I'm watchful on hopeful for now. To add to this. How does it feel when I'm going for that? Not because it's a luxury. It's a commodity that's rare for me. I associate with that. Going for an app in a very different way. I maybe set up some music. I sometimes have this little alarm because I do want to take a micro nap. Or the days that I have the luxury of taking a very long nap, I still need a timer because I don't want to wake up the next day wanting what I have done that I know I'm capable of it. The interesting thing is the way I take my afternoon that is very different from the way I observed my night's rest. I have this adrenaline pump that is happening when I'm taking an afternoon that I need to set up the music, I need to make sure that I'm having a good time because this is a commodity that's rare. I need to make the most of it. I tried to sleep. I need to get to that sleep. Even if it's for 5 min, I need to make it happen. I approach it very differently. When I hit the bed and the night. It's very different because I know I have a long one gamete and that's a few hours and that feels nice to put everything else to rest with an afternoon nap. I know it's a matter of minutes and I'm going to be that way I reflect on it, the way I look at it. Surely different. And I approach it. With that much excitement and when that is excitement, the nap rarely happens. At least in my case, it rarely happens because there's just too much excitement. Like, Oh wow, I run this. I'm going to get an app and I'm going to sleep and I'm gonna be able to get this extra rest. But the reality is sometimes turns out to be very different for me. Now I'd like you to focus now on the four instances. So the four dimensions of the sleep that we just discussed, the auto faking up from sleep in the mornings or however, whenever you schedule it. If you're sleeping for a few hours and then waking up, that's your rest. How do you wake up from it? How do you wake up from a luxury, which is a nap? That's what I dumb it. How do you approach that loan sleep that's going to happen. May need Sunday evening, maybe it's in the morning, maybe it's in the night for you and that's okay. But how do you approach it? I you really winding down. And how do you approach a nap? Was it just too boring to see something or observe something? And I decided to take an app. But how does it feel? How are the exact same pains in four different contexts? Beam bay different. And how our emotions change. How do we be looking at it? Change how we observe. So when you reflect back on the day, how that changes, it's quite amazing, isn't it? Much the same way as this video right now, which is a bonus. But it's a different way to reflect. Everybody could have a very different reaction. That's fine. Dog leash. Fine. Let me give you a few moments. Now. Revisit your this week's schedule. The way you woke up. Fdd tried to go back and reflect on it today. How did you wake up? You wake up yesterday. There's something about it that stays natural. Snakes. What about the day before? I'm so hauled back? Reflect back on for days. How did you wake up? Maybe five days prior. How about six days? Getting difficult to reflect. That's okay. How about seven days? It's possible each of these days is very different. All very similar. And that's fine. Vr individuals. And we have to respect that. For some reason. If you're uncomfortable revisiting a day, that's okay. You can skip it. I just want you to be mindful of how that waking up flex truly on you and how you would solve it. How do you look back at it? When you look at last night or yesterday, are you trying to get to sleep? They have a lot of horse running in your mind away. You just happy to be able to sleep? Or was it one of those things that you didn't really pay attention to? But now that you're reflecting back, you're trying to screen. What was my state at that moment? During that time. It's also interesting to reflect back on sometimes the sleeplessness. At some of us do software with It's basically the mind That's the net work. Actively at work. How does that feel? Has that reflection? Let's revisit the day before. Three days prior when you were getting ready to sneeze? Let's reflect on that. Sometimes it's possible that we recap the whole day into night just before we are about to sleep. Or the practice of prayer, OB practice, meditation, or you're just looking at the next days to do whatever that may be and that's fine. Let's try to revisit. How about five days prior? Six days prior. I know it feels like you're revisiting something historic, but it's just six days prior. And it's interesting how they reflect a look at it. Like, Oh wow, that was long time ago. I know that wasn't men. Whatever may be your reaction. It's fine. Let's revisit seven days prior. Now let's try to scream. When was the last time you had enough? Maybe it could be just today. It could be something that was a week ago, a month ago, years ago. Let's try to visit it. Let's try to find it. How did that feel? Was it on a holiday? Wasn't one of those things that you did when you feel good or you did because you need it to be whatever may be the reason. It's good to kind of reflect back sometimes. If you're able to be visited more than one instance of the variation. How about now? Visiting the way YouTube that now was it just something that you will say watching or reading and you go Gordon. You, your mind or your body decided to take an hour? Or was it just one of those where you had planned to take an app and you did. However that maybe it's interesting to reflect back and observe it. Look back to say, this is what I was thinking or probably not the thing. You might want to take an observation on how all of these four different occasions or instances that different. Or maybe for a better understanding, we'll call them dimensions because BD visited multiple of our evening night sleep. The loan rest, the waking up from it. But probably not so many of the next. So it'd be interesting to know how that dimension, each of them, How the same instance of v have been able to reflect back and absorb it. And look at it and say, wow, that felt different. And it's interesting how we look back and absorb all the four dimensions. And probably different takeaways. And that's fine. That's perfectly okay. Imagine if this is the reflection of something that happened sometimes and macros beckons some things in minutes and sometimes a bit longer. How would you feel? Or how I'm rich would be the expedience of reflecting back on an entire day. I'm serving cells from a point of view and maybe a distant point of view. And how that feels. Albedo reflect how we observe. What are the takeaways? Does that bring in certain emotions? Does that bring in happiness? Doesn't bring in. Unhappiness. May be interesting to observe the situation? Or is it the exact same situation on different days? I choose to react differently. I observed things differently. This was one of my biggest learning recently. Unlike I have promised to you at the start of the session that this is my knowledge that I'm sharing with you. I was on the other side. And that's why my learning is more, I feel relatable to a lot of people who may have never meditated before. Done mindful exercises. So from time to time, as I have learning, I will introduce them to you. I will share them with you. Because in my mind, knowledge is a gift. When it's shared. I upsell, but I love it. I have takeaways from it. But when I shared it, I have a certain comfort of knowing that probably it's going to help somebody. Probably it's going to the board, someone else. Maybe you have the exact same taught or maybe a very different point of view. And that's fine. That's okay. Because if I look at my every day so differently, Isn't it possible that you and I could be looking at the exact same thing in the opposite ends of spectrum. And you could possibly look at me and say, I have the exact same thought process. Every single day when I wake up, every single day when I go to bed. And that's fine. It's totally fine. It's interesting groups though, we'll have it like that. It's interesting to reflect back on the habit like that. Mean, every nap, every sleep pattern, every time I hit the pillow, it's a different part. And every time when I'm getting all fit, it's a different observation. And then I reflect that even bigger observations like I feel sometimes your case could be very different. And that's all right. Yet, the possibility of taking observation on IT, spending some time on quality time, reflecting back on it. To say, wow, I do this. I have the exact same routine. The exact same way I feel every single morning. And that's all right. I hope this has been beneficial. I would love for you to share your comments, your observation, and from time to time, I want to stay with sharing my observations with you. Thank you.