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Personal Branding MasterClass: Build a Brand called You

teacher avatar ABCEd German English Spanish Italian, Learn German, English, Spanish, Italian

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Find out What You Will Learn in This Course


    • 3.

      Why You Should Build a Personal Brand: Benefits.


    • 4.

      What is a Brand?


    • 5.

      What is a Personal Brand? Examples.


    • 6.

      Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Character


    • 7.

      Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Strenghts


    • 8.

      Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Weaknesses


    • 9.

      Your Brand Values.


    • 10.

      Your Brand Essence


    • 11.

      Your Brand Personality


    • 12.

      Your Brand Vision - The WHY


    • 13.

      Define your Target Audience


    • 14.

      Define Your ‘Brand Promise’ – the WHAT


    • 15.

      Build your Brand Architecture


    • 16.

      Visualize yourself in the desired future


    • 17.

      Where are you? Identify what’s the Perception on Your Brand.


    • 18.

      The Gap between your Brand Architecture and the Perception on Your Brand


    • 19.

      Build Your Story


    • 20.

      Build Your Brand Communication Plan


    • 21.

      Follow the 3 Cs of Branding. Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


    • 22.

      Congratulations, you're ready!


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About This Class

This Personal Branding MasterClass helps you identify your strengths and develop the qualities that recommend you. On one hand it teaches you to communicate these strengths effectively and turn them into key messages; on the other hand, it shows you how to use them as unique competitive advantages for your career or business - in short, to differentiate what you have to offer professionally.

The course is right for you if:

  • You are at the beginning of your career or wish a change and want to promote yourself either in the company where you are working or among the potential employers.

  • You want to know more about how to promote yourself in the field you are already active in, to get more customers or to become more familiar with your community (business or career).

  • You are an entrepreneur, and a strong personal brand can help you promote your business.

  • You work or want to start a career in areas such as Life / Business / Corporate Coaching, Training, Vocational Counseling, Personal Development Counseling, Leaderhsip, etc.


The benefits of the Personal Branding MasterClass course translate into building an authentic personal brand and creating an online and offline communication plan that takes you to the next professional level: whether we are talking about position consolidation or an update or a step forward in a new direction. It's not a "successful" prefabricated recipes, but an authentic assessment and transformation.

What you will learn in the course:

  • The brand and the elements of a brand

  • Defining your personal brand

  • Strengths, points of improvement, values, personality traits, brand promise.

  • Personal Brand Architecture

  • Communication plan for your personal brand

  • Channels for online and offline communication

  • Monitoring your personal brand

You will work on your own personal branding plan, ready to be implemented when you complete this course. Branding exists at all levels of personal and professional life, whether we are trying to promote ourselves in a particular sector, trying to sell a service or product, trying to get a job, trying to convince our audience or wanting success in interpersonal relationships. Personal Branding is a process of developing personal reputation with the goal of gaining notoriety for a person, being known for certain skills, having competitive advantages, differentiating and becoming memorable for specific features.

Without realizing, we are Brands. It only takes a simple interaction with a person for labeling.

★★★★★ " Inspiring, while searching for a new mindset on my new career opportunities... Great key messages, structured ideas and wording that opened new perspectives on my approach. Self-confidence! " - Cornel CRISAN

★★★★★ " Very good match, helps me develop on both personal and professional life. contains useful information with clear, understandable examples from real life. I definitely recommend the course" - Andrei Serbanescu

★★★★★ " Very well structured course, information is well presented and will be easy to implement in real life. Totally recommend this course which offers great insights into personal branding. " - Dragos Mihai

★★★★★ " I think it's a great course to take if Personal Branding is a new subject for you, as it was for me (I was just curious about it). I'd recommend it for the quality content, clear explanations, and real-life examples, nice and friendly teacher, warm atmosphere. I like the concept of building the personal brand based on who I really am, instead of trying to create an improved but partially fake image." - Tracy Eisenberg

Personal branding is a powerful and very important tool because it sends a direct, clear and relevant message about you and / or what you have to offer. A strong and authentic personal branding helps you get to know your strengths, differentiate you and position you as an expert on your niche. In a busy and very agitated world, personal branding helps you discover your qualities through your own personality and reach your career and / or business goals.

We will discover together what makes you UNIQUE and many more within the Personal Branding course.

The Personal Branding course does not address only to the entrepreneurs or managers, but to all those who feel the growing competition in the today context, which is in a constant change. Because it is about a more clear definition of the personal and professional position, it's definitely very useful to all those who are at a crossroads in the career, a moment that inevitably appears on the path of professional development.

(The course contains practical exercises)

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to the personal Brendan course in which you will learn how to build your personal brand in order to grow your career toe, have success in your business or simply to expand your network and create authentic relationships. My name is one Dorado and I worked, like for 20 years in famous multi nation er's. I'm not asking a question. Do you know how many employees are in such a multinational? Yeah, I know. You know the answer. There are, like thousands, so you can imagine that it is very difficult to have your own identity being such a company , it is very difficult toe be both in such a company. On the other hand, imagine that the probability that someone will come toe tap your shoulder and offer your career opportunity of promotion or a business opportunity, for example will be very low. This is why, at a certain point I realized that I need to work on my personal brand in the company I was working for. So I started to study about personal branding and step by step to build my own brand within the company so I can become visible. I can become bold in order to grow my career. What happened last year in 2017 was that I started as a freelancer, and I realized that in the new context, with the new challenges, the brand I was building was not enough anymore, So I needed to rebuild it. I needed toe answer against the questions. Who am I? Why am I doing what I'm doing? And so on? So I started toe work again on my personal Brent in parallel. I was working with my clients, bean building their personal brand. So this is how I developed a method in five steps is a very simple matter that you will learn during this course. Let's see what it is about. See you. 2. Find out What You Will Learn in This Course: Hello. So, now let's talk about what are we doing here? Off course. First, you will learn how to build your personal Brent. But together with this, you will have a frame in which you will develop yourself. It is about personal and also professional development, because during this course you will find out what makes you unique. You will find out your strengths and weaknesses. And this is actually what makes you grow in your professional life. And what makes you, um, answer to the question? Who am I? On the other hand, once you have this Brent Bills, you will be able to project an authentic personal brand in your chosen marketplace. You know that Malcolm Forbes said that most of the people are focused more on what they are not rather than on what they are. So what I will tell you during this course is to focus to find out first and then to focus on who you are, what you are doing, who is your I know, Best version. Um, either in while a student or a freelancer or an entrepreneur, or you are an employee in a multinational company. This is the course that will help you build your personal brand that will enable you to grow your career, to have success in your business or simple toe, expand your network and create authentic relationships. It might be that exactly in this moment someone is Googling you to find out who we want, boy. Right In this moment, someone is looking to take your job or might be that someone is evaluating you. So this is why you have to start building your own personal brand because when they will look for you, they will find who you are. On the other hand, there is another thing I want you to think about. It is that the world around us is continuously changing. So you know that word that the only constant in this life exchange therefore it became a must and a very important thing to build your personal brand. Because without personal branding, then you will first have a very big disadvantage comfort with the others. On the other hand, as we talked before, you will lose a lot of opportunities. Either they are opportunities within the company, meaning a promotion or business opportunities. And last, you will limit a lot your reach, so your network won't growth since you won't have a personal brand that you will communicate and will attract a lot off people, a community around you. So to be clear, a well defined personal Brent as way will do it in this course will allow you first toe. Better know yourself so you will know your strength. Your witnesses. You will know about your character so you will answer to the question. Who am I on the? On the other hand, you will be able within your personal friend, too. Express to share your values toe, transmit your messages. You will also create authentic and valuable relationships based on who you are based your own story based on your values. And I said the personal Brandon is also helping you on building a community around you or community that shares the same values as you have. And last but not least, having a person or Brent you will see will make you much more confident, much more confident because you will know who you are. You will know what you are able to do. And you enough your wife, your meaning that will lead off course toe having a successful business all to go in your career. So this is why you are doing this course. This is why it is important to build a personal Brent. See you. 3. Why You Should Build a Personal Brand: Benefits.: Hello. Now let's see. What is the agenda off this course? As I said, it is a mezut in five steps. A simple one. And the five steps are the following. First you will answer the question. Who are you then? Where do you want to be? After that? You win it. Define Where are you now? And then you will know. How do you get there? And the last chapter is how do you keep engaging people? Because it's not enough to build a personal brand. You have also to keep engaging people around it. So the first step there, what are you? You will first work on knowing yourself. You will work on understanding. Who are you from the perspective of your strengths, your weaknesses, your character. And you will know what makes you unique, What eyes differentiating you. After that, you will work on brand values that will be built on your personal bread or personal values . Then brand essence brand essence is about what people feel when they interact with you. And the last on this chapter is your brand personality. And here it will be the moment in which you will complete the sentence. I am. The second chapter is where do you want to be? And this is the chapter when you will project in the future. In the future, it is the Jetta in which you will define your brand vision. Meaning the Y Yeah. Why are you doing? What are you doing? After that, we will talk about the target audience. Who do you address toe in terms of demographics. And so then it is about the brand Promise Brand promise is that simple sentence? It is the what off? What you are doing, The water off, who you are. After that, you will have all the bases toe build your brand architectures. And once you have your brand architecture build, it will be a surprise from my side. It will be a visualization exercise, but you will see what it is about at a certain moment. The tipster, where are you? Is about assessing the moment. The present moment? It is about converting. Where do you want to be with as his situation? And you will do that by identifying what's the perception on your Brent and I would like to know how to do that. Then you will compare as I said your brand architecture with the results off this assessment. So afterwards you will be able to focus on what moves the needle in order to have a very powerful personal brand that is projected in an authentic way within the market. Then, oh, you will see how can you get there? And for that we will talk about story telling You will build your own story unauthentic, one that goes directly to people's heart because it is about emotions. And with the story build, you will then learn how to build a communication plan for your Brent both online and off line. And last but not least, as I said, it won't be enough to build a personal brand because you have to keep people engaged around you around your brand, and you will learn how to do that within the three C's off branding, which are clarity, consistency and constancy. When is the last thing off this course you will know that it is an ongoing process. They stuff with personal branding, because is it happened In my case, I realized that when the context in my life changed, I needed toe rebuild my personal brand and I used the lessons I learned in the years before . I used some new techniques. And this is how you will also do at the end of the scores. See you. 4. What is a Brand?: Hello? Let me ask you another question. Did you have your coffee at Starbucks today, or did you have a Coke or, um, did you google something? If not for sure? You have a smartphone. And yeah, we're talking about brands. We already started to talk to talk about brands. This is why I will take you through the history off. Branding first with in the past. Brendan was about what we are calling today. Trademark. It was about, um, the origin theory gin source off the product. It was more like about the functional aspect of the brothers. And it was also very useful for the Transportacion off the products. Then, like in 18 80 for example, let's take it, for example, realize that in a market full off sparkling so the that are similar with their products, it's the moment toe do something to differentiate their product. This is why they started to create a logo to create a slogan to create the Gravier jingles and then the commercials in the newspapers, on or on TV. That was a moment The next face waas around 1950 in which companies like Procter and Gamble and again Coca Cola realized another thing. They realize that it's not enough to have a slogan or the log or the commercials, but now it is about to give to their products personality. It is about making their products human. So they started to associate their products with persons, toe associate the products with stories to make them human and to make them create emotions . And then it waas easy to come up to the next faceoff branding when those companies realized another very important thing. This time they realized that branding is about perceptions, because Brother is actually creating perceptions in people's minds and, most important in people's heart. So starting from the unique selling proposition, yeah, they started to create, uh, huge strategy around having a brand perception in people's minds and hearts. Therefore, branding is about perceptions, and this is how it happens also in personal branding, and we will talk about this later. See you 5. What is a Personal Brand? Examples.: Hello. In the previous section, we were talking about product branding. Now it's about personal branding, So we will talk about persons off course because it is a brand you word. As I said in the actual context off our lives, it became mandatory and very important to create a personal Brent. It's not a Brent is not only your name on your I. D. You know, As we said, Ah, brunch is the perceptions you are creating in people's minds and hearts and the stone, Peters said. Regardless off your age or off your position or off the context in your life, you are the only one that is the owner off your personal brand. You are actually like the CEO off the company calls me incorporated. So let's start and let's talk now about brand new examples and we are taking some people. Brenda me life, for example. Madonna, what do you think off when you hear Madonna's name? Well, I'm thinking off the song Express yourself. You know that song for me? That song is not only a scene for song, but it is about something that is defining my daughter. It is a transparent message off who Madonna is because Madonna is also provocative, starting from the way she dressed toe the messages she stands meeting within her music. Madonna was always a very controversial person, and she generated a lot off scandals around her being also very rebel. But this is what it sells, right? What isn't so Madona is re invent. We can associate the word reinvent with Madonna because, she said again, that doesn't matter who you are. Doesn't matter where are you coming from? But you always have to a death to change, and you always have toe re invent yourself. Another example. Stay hungry, Stay foolish. You probably know the stand for speech in ah, which Steve said, Stay hungry, Stay foolish. You probably have a knife phone or you have an iPad or whatever. When you think off Steve Jobs, when you think off April, you think off expertise. You think off curiosity and you think off innovation. Steve Jobs said also that it is also in business about values. He said that with passion, you can literally make a better word. And there is another thing that Steve Jobs did. It is about his image, his brand image because you all know about. He's 30 black turtleneck in the trees. His appearance is strictly connected. Toe the turtleneck and the jeans. And now these guys. I'm wondering if you see this guy, for example, in front of McDonald's, if you will recognize it if you won't recognize him. For sure you were, say something like, Oh, look at this guy's She looks like Bono. Or you might see him actually putting her hand in his pocket and taking some money to give to some my nose. 3 30 store. We don't know who, because this guy is very, very involved in social activities. He's a guy that is creating emotions within his music and also within the activities he's now involved in. You know that he has the red Foundation, and he is involved in voluntary and a lot of activities regard, regards, aids and regard. I don't know poverty in Africa and, um, this kind of social stuff. So when you think off Bono, you think off King desire for social justice, and he's also social responsible and again like Steve Jobs. He's also having a brand image that is very recognisable, and it is about his glasses No. The question is, what are they doing, right? First, they are following the three C's off branding that I was telling you about a little bit before meaning, clarity. They perfectly know who they are and who they are not. But they we're focusing on who they are, so it was very clear for them who they are. Second, it was about consistency, meaning that once they knew it was very clear for them who they are. They communicated their brand in a very consistent way within all the journals within all the interactions they had with their target audience. And it is also about constancy. They didn't stop doing that because, as I said, if you stopped doing it, then you will lose your followers, you will lose your target audience. It is also about differentiation, as I said, because they are unique, they found out what makes them unique, and then they focused on that in a very authentic way. So this is what they are doing, and this is what you will also doing by learning what I am giving you in this course. Now it's your don't because I'm telling you, if you want build your personal brand starting from now. Then for sure, someone else will do it. So why not being you? The person that is creating that friend, that represents who you are in a very authentic way and that will be projected within the desired market. See you. 6. Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Character: Hello. So let's start. Chapter one is about who you are, and we will start exploring that question. That question. We will first discuss about knowing yourself within the character aspect. And for that I am giving you off with a few questions to answer at. And these are what you're strong opinion about the world, about work, about success. The second question is, what words will you never use about you? Then what words or phrases are defining you after that is about emotions? What emotions do you think you evoke when interacting with others? And the last question is, how do we express your personality toe? Answer to these questions you might already. I don't know, have an answer because off your experience, by far or maybe you can start having discussions with your friends, your colleagues with your family, with your I don't know best advisers or or with with your coach because I know it's not easy to answer to these questions, but what I am inviting you to do now is to pose this video Daychopan and the resolve, paper and reflect reflect on these questions and write down the answers. I did myself this exercise and the answers that I found out are the following. My strong opinion about the world is that I do believe that each of us is unique and each of us has a great potential that is there to be discovered. The word that I will never use about me are greedy, boring or introverted. This is not something to associate with me for sure. And I know this not only because I think this is the truth, but because off what the others were telling me the phrases or the words that are defining me, on the other hand, are growth, energy and story. Because in my life it is all about growth both in my personal life and also in my professional life. It is about me and it is about the others that I'm interacting with. Then energy. I really mean energy. I believe that when we interacting with the others, it is about the energy you have, the energy you give to the others and the energy you receive from the others. And last story. I cannot imagine my life without stories because actually H one's life. It's a story itself. It only takes toe build that story and tell it to the world. So story is a key word when it's about me. The emotions that I evoke when I'm interacting with others are confidence, comfort and liberated confidence. For example, I am, ah, career counselor on the other. On the other hand, and if I do not create confidence when I'm working with my clients, imagine that it would be possible that they will open and they will talk to me about their life and about their challenges in life. So this is why they told me that the main emotion that I'm creating his confidence then it's about comfort, which is quite in the same area and last is liberated because after, um, the discussions with me, after the interactions with me, people feel liberated. And, um, the way I'm expressing my personality are with the enthusiasm, good will and humor again. If I don't imagine my life about store without stories, I cannot imagine my life without humor. For me, humor is very important, so I'm not taking myself very serious, even if it is about my work. That's why humor is something that people are associating me with, and it's part of my DNE somehow enthusiasm Because I love what I'm doing. That this is something that goes out and riches the others and goodwill. Because, as I said, I believe that each of us is unique. I believe that there is a great potential in each of us. So what I'm doing, I'm doing with goodwill having in mind toe help others. I have a better life. So this is about your character. See you. 7. Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Strenghts: Hello. We will now talk about your strength, and we will do the same as we did in the case off your character, meaning that I am proposing you this following questions to answer at the first question is , what would you happily do without being paid? That's a tough one. Then what are you naturally good at? Meaning you're transferable skills, for example, or your talents that you are doing without any effort involved. Then think off. What are people commonly asking you questions about meaning? Are they coming to you? I don't know. To ask advises about some geeky she techniques stuff. Are they coming to ask you about fishing about beauty because they perceive you as being very good? I don't know adviser in this area. Or maybe they're coming to ask you about their relationship problems or about their parents , or so on. Think about it. Another question is, um, how do you act when you are at your best? This is a difficult one, but you will know how to answer to it. And last it is about the way you are communicate. How do you best communicate because when we talk about branding communication is crucial. So I'm inviting you to take up in a piece of paper, sit down and reflect on these questions so you can have the answers for them. As I said, maybe you don't know in this right moment. If not, take your time. Have some discussions with your family with your colleagues with your best friends, or I don't know what your coat or whatever, and when you feel that you have the answers to these questions again, write them down. I did myself this exercise, and here there are the answers that I found out what I would do without being paid with a lot off pleasure is that I want, and I am actually doing it, guiding people to discover their Selves. This is what I would do, regardless, any material aspect, because what I am naturally good at our that I very good listener and being a good listener is not only about listening to reply, it is about listening. To understand it is about connecting with each other and here and feeling what it is behind the words. They're using what it is in terms off emotions, what it is in terms off energy another thing and I'm I'm good at is being present because in my view, listening is strictly connecting connected with being present. Meaning that I am here right now for you This means that I am present. And I'm very good at this in the nature way. Another thing that it is ah consequence actually off the other ones is that I am bringing out of the best in the others. I don't know. Maybe the experience all this years in which I worked with people Uh, let me room bring out the best in people. What do people come on me ask, He asked me. It is off course for sure. Personal development and career counseling. This is why I realized that this is on a via in which I have to develop my work. Ah, when I met my best When I'm at my best, I'm full of energy. Off course. I have moments in which I am tired. I have moments in which I'm confused or I don't know exactly what to do. But mostly when I met my best. I'm full of energy and this energy contaminates. This is what people are telling me because it was not easy to answer to these questions. And I said by myself by talking to the others, I realized that, yeah, these are the answers to the questions and, um, in terms of communications communication, I realized within experience that for me is best to communicate when I am directly personally interacting with the others. It is about face to face communication, because in that moment I can feel the others. It is about the human connection. So knowing that we'll see what to do with the answer afterwards, see you. 8. Know Yourself to Grow Yourself: Your Weaknesses: you know, still at the section. Know yourself to grow yourself, but now it is about your weaknesses to find out which are your weaknesses. Again, I am inviting you to answer to the following questions which are What are you against? Meaning what you don't like at all what you are? I don't know. Afraid off. What is something that drains your energy? This is this question about that. What takes you Ah, lot off energy is the second or the deeper Let's say question about when it's about your weaknesses. What are you pretending not to know and pay attention here? The keyword is pretending. What are you pretending you don't know? Then what is your weakest part? As you perceive it, as you know, or maybe is the others are telling because maybe, for example, at your job, you are being evaluated. Maybe once spirit here or whatever. And for sure your manager is telling you. Okay, these are your witnesses. This is something that you have to improve. This is something that you have to work about. So that might be a leading source for the answer to this question. And the last question is what do you do? And it's not in full alignment with who you are. This again a very difficult question, because this is something that will tell you a lot about you when it's about what you are doing in this life and is not actually something that represents who you are. Okay for that again, I'm inviting you to take up and a piece of paper and reflect on these questions. Maybe you have the answer right now, if not 1/3 time, Think about it or talk with your friends or your family or your colleagues. Or who do you trust and find out the answers. I did myself this exercise, and I answered to these questions like this. For example, I am against, but totally against judgment, violence and negativity judgment. It's something that I I realize that I'm against within a few years, because if when I was very young, it was very easy to say. I don't like that because look at her. She's dressed like this, and I don't like she's an easy person or whatever, or that one be stupid when I was it work, or I don't know what kind of different judgments But then, with the years with the experience with the personal developed I was working on, I realized that No, it's not about judgment that I'm totally against, because I know that each of us has its own past, its own story. So it's not about judge people, then violence is clear. I'm not. I'm a very calm and peaceful and the love loving person, so violence is not for sure. One of the word in my vocabulary and I'm totally against off is I'm also against negativity . I'm that kind off positive optimists person that looks at the bright side off things and lose it. I'm finding solutions. I don't say that's not possible. For example, for me, everything is possible and I'm looking for making them possible. What takes me a lot of energy? He's when I have to deal with a lot of fast. In the same time, it's the pressure that I don't know how toe deal with it is too much for me, and I have to work on this because when I have a lot of fast, I lose my my focus. But I know that and I'm working on it. I'm pretending, But this is the truth, actually not to know what it is related to financial stuff or I the technical stuff, Finest because I was never a good friend off numbers. And this is the truth. And I d because I am not a very good friend. Off technical stuff is well, but again, within my new context in life, I had to deal with this too. So I realized that if I was pretending, I don't know them now it is that I am learning to be a friend off numbers and the friend off technical stuff. What is my weakest part? It is that for me, it is so then difficult to say. No. It is because of my education. It is because off my structure, because of the way I am. But I know that, Yeah, Sometimes we have to say no, and I'm working on this and, um, what I'm doing and I am not in fully alignment with is pretending sometimes pretending, meaning that I have toe follow some society or family rules. Even if I'm not like that off or if they don't represent where my and this is something that yeah, drinks a lot off energy thing is the society. This is the family that I am part off. So I have to follow. Let's say the rules now. You are the one that has to answer to these questions. Write them down because you will need them further in this course. See you. 9. Your Brand Values.: halo now is the section about brain values. Well, the first question is, what are the values? And I will first talk about personal values. Maybe you already? Uh, no. Which are your personal values. And when I'm feeling personal values, I'm talking about those core things this are guiding your life that are helping you toe have authentic relations with the others that are helping you to connect with the others within afraid the frame off these values. It is about the behavior you have and the behavior you appreciate when it's about the others. So is actually like the big bone, like Vienna off who you are, what you are appreciating. What are you standing for? So these are the personal values, and this is something similar. Yeah, with Brent values. When it's about brand values, it is again about those core things. 34 words that are defining You're Brent that are guiding what your brand promises that are guiding who we want in what you are doing. And, uh, these values, as I said before, are the ones that are connecting you with the others with your community because you will have around you a community that is sharing at the certain point, the same values as you. Uh, you are as you have. So which are those values? Is the question. In order to answer to this question, I am proposing you the universal human values that were defined by by the psychologist Shalem Heart. So there are 10 human values. I will take you through these 10 human values, and then you will be able tow. Define toe Select, Actually, which are the three human values that are defining your Brent. So let's see, the first human universal value is power. This means social status and prestige, control or dominance over people. And resource is, this is the power is about the results that you are projecting that you are obtaining with your work. It is something big. It is something powerful. Another value is achievement. And this is about personal success through demonstrating competence according to social standards. This is about the achievements one by one that you within your brand are realizing. The 3rd 1 is hedonism. This is related toe any kind off pleasure or gratification, another, or let me give you one example for a year, so it'll be easier for you toe to select the three ones. For example, if you are passionate about food, so you love to cook. If you are president about flowers or about beauty stuff, then you might have a brand that has is a value hedonism, because this is what hedonism it is about another universal human value is stimulation. This is about excitement in life. It is about challenges in life. And you can see it in blue here because this is one off the values that I selected for my brand. Because I'm was telling you. In my case, it is about challenging people to rediscover themselves. So I am a challenging person, first for myself and then for the others. This is why I recognized thes value is being one off my brand values. And again, another value is self direction. This is a bounty dependency. Active. Choosing it is about creating. It is about exploring, so challenge. Explore. These are towards that are on the same page. In my view, this is why Self direction it is again another value off my brand, because what I'm doing is to act independently to create Toby. Always, always Innova tive and as I said, to explore within myself and to explore together with my clients and the six human value is universalism. This is about understanding. This is about appreciation. It is about tolerance and protection for the prosperity off all people and nature. This is who I am. I am. Uh, if you remember, goodwill is one off the words that is defining me. So it is very easy to understand that one off my brand values is universalism. It might be also, for example, your brand value if you are that kind of person, that is, is a green person that is looking for helping the environment in any kind off. I don't know, um, activities. So if you want that kind of person, universalism might be your brand value. Another one is benevolence. And benevolence is about the welfare off people with whom one is infrequent. Personal contact. Yeah, I think about this one, but I might be your brand value then, is about tradition. Tradition is another human value, and this is about respect. It is about commitment. It is about loving the traditions off. I don't know your culture off your country. It is also related to religion. But it depends on what it is important for you. Because, for example, if you are attracted by museums, history, museums, if you are attracted about traditions, this might be your own brand value. The last two ones are conformity, and this is, uh, restraint off actions and re staying off impulses that upset or harm others. Yeah, this one it is about, uh, not going into or not pushing the limit, not going in tow. The others space. And the last one is security. If you are one that appreciate safety and appreciates harmony when it is about relationships and it is about again goodwill and it is about having, um, I know peace or this kind of things. Then security might be one off your brand values. This is more or less about brand values. This is why. Now I am inviting you to take up in, take a piece of paper and reflect on Thesis 10 universal human values reflecting on them and connect them with the previous dancers toe the previous section when we were talking about your weaknesses about your strength about your character. Because those answers might be linked with these values. Those answers might help you choose three human values that are representing your brand. See you 10. Your Brand Essence: Hello Now the section about brand essence. If you remember earlier in this course, I was telling you that the brand essence is about feelings, is about emotions, is about what the others feel when they are interacting with you. You probably know that people will forget what you are saying 90% but they won't forget for sure how you make them feel. So this is why your brand essence should be about feelings should be about what makes the others connect heart to heart with your brand. You also know the people are taking decisions emotionally, not relational, even if you might hear that it is about rational decisions. But now people are first making decisions about or starting with their gut feeling. Yeah, so now let's talk about emotions related to your brand. Essence spins in orderto select the top three emotions that are representing your brand essence. I am inviting you toe, see the stable off emotions. It's full off emotions and off course again. You will take a pen. You will take a piece of paper, you will have the stable in front of your eyes, and you will reflect on the emotions that are uh, everything here. So in order to help you toe answer to this question, I can give you a few examples now. Oh, if you want to say a personal trainer and you are in this sport ish a dia, your brand essence might be confident, attractive or sexy. Yeah, emotions that you are you can find here in the stable. If it is, for example, something that you are doing in relation with kids that it is about, I don't know, playground or something like this. Your brand essence might be related toe playfulness, toe joy owes or curious again emotions that are here. And I can give you another example. If it is about art, for example, the brand essence words might be artistic free or passionate. Yeah, so you have now three examples that might help you to answer to your brand essence. Three. Top three. You can see here these three ones that are selected by me, and these ones are representing my brand essence. It is about thankful, inspired and energetic again. You can link it with the answers I gave before at the previous sections because people are feeling thankful, are feeling inspired or energetic when they are interacting with me. My activity Do what I'm doing. I was telling you that I'm a good listener, that I am present when I am interacting with someone. And for example, these two characteristics are making people to feel thanks, full inspired and energetic when they're interacting with me. Some of it is your turn to sit down and reflect on these within this stable emotions. Then select the three ones that are your brand essence. See you. 11. Your Brand Personality: Hello. We will now talk about your brand personality spent. Let me tell you something. A relationship between you and your customers or you're conning or your follower is exactly the same. Like the relationship between two friends. When someone will first meet you will resonate first with who you want. And this is why it starts to create a chemistry to create a connection. It is actually attracted by your personality. Yeah. On the other hand, um, people will buy or people will follow you or people will offer your promotion again first because off who you are because they are resonating with you because they feel you is being authentic. And afterwards about I don't know your products for your product or for your services or for your performers. So what I want you to have in mind is that the first thing that makes people toe bond with you He's who you want easier personality. Yeah, This is why we will not talk about your brand personality because it is the same in the case off your Brent. It is about the fact that people are buying organs. I said are following you because off your brand personality. And for that we will use the question, the affirmation, the sentence That is one of the most important sentences in the in the world. And this one is I. It will be the moment now that you will fill in the blanks within this sentence. This is a sentence that creates authentic relationships. How would you do that? For example, let me give you a force. An example? You are. You meet someone new and this one resonates with you because you transmit confidence and you have a lot of humor month. Then your brand communicates in a very rejig in very serious way. What happens here is that this person became confused. He didn't know what to think. What it is actually who you want. Yeah. So the relation that was about toe be bills is lost. This is wife. It is very important toe. Identify your brand personality in an authentic way because otherwise you won't have those authentic relationships. And how would we do that? Well, here you can see five categories off brand personality traits in these categories are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and rigidness. These categories are heavy ng if you drop down let's say the category. Ah, some personality traits that are clustered. Yeah, in this categories. Now you have to think off what is actually your I am. Let's say statement. And in order to answer today's think off what you already know. Think off what the others are telling you about your brand and off course. Your personality. First of all, what do they How do they perceive you in terms of personality? In my case, for example, is that I am worth that. I have a lot of high energy and I'm trustworthy. Remember in the previous sections, I was telling you that people feel confident when they are interacting with me. And that means that my brand personality, for example, is trustworthy because if you don't trust the other than you cannot feel confident, and you cannot often so the other right now, please take open. They could be soft paper, sit down, take your time and reflect on these Brent personality traits. As I said, you might have the answers right now, and you can pick 1 to 3 brand personality traits. If not, then have a discussion with the people that you are trust or grow your colleagues or your friends or your family. So you will be able to have the answers toe. What is your brand personality? Of three main traits and we will see in the next section with the answers. See you. 12. Your Brand Vision - The WHY: halo. We are now at the second chapter off discourse, and this is about where do you want to be? The first thing we are talking about in terms off define where do we want to be? Is your brand vision your brain vision? Is your image off? What you see possible for the world? It is your desired future. It is your wash. As we said before, people are resonating with you first because off who you are and then because off your wife and then because off your products or services off your I don't know business performance. So it's crucial to identify your brand vision. How would you do that? I know it's not an easy thing for me. For example, took years toe, find the Y in what I am doing, and so they find What do I want to do? The good news is that at this moment off the course, you already have the PC's yeah, to link with in orderto have the answer off. What is your wife? You have to take your notes, please. You can take your notes from the previous sections and see what you wrote down. For example, at the question. What would you do with pleasure without being paid or what you wrote down where I was asking you? Why are people coming to you? What are the questions that are people, um, asking you or look at your strength and your character traits? Look at your brand values. Look at all these things because they are bits and pieces that will help you to answer to the question. What? Your brand vision. What? Your wife. What is the meaning off what you are doing? And there is another exercise that I'm introducing it to you right now. It's on imagination exercise. So I'm inviting you to close your eyes and imagine that it is your 80 anniversary and a lot of people there being happy to be together with you when you are faintest and then it will be the moment off your anniversary cake. It will be exactly the cake. You were always wanted. And before you will blow the Koenders, there will be three persons that will have a speech. We'll talk about you. Yeah, I'm inviting you to think off. Who are those three persons and what are they saying about you? What are they saying when they are looking back with in your life? Yeah. And then take open. They could be since paper and write down what you saw in your imagination right out what those three people were saying about you. I didn t say exercise myself And then, as I said it waas off, process toe, identify the why and what am I doing? But it was a moment in which I perfectly knew the wife. The brand vision and this is the following. My brand vision is to create space for those who want to rediscover their in herself and toe accompany them on the pass off personal evolution, hoping that this will help them leave lives fulfilled, aligned with their values and be happy. Well, this is my brand vision and starting from this vision, this is what I am doing young in order to reach the others in order to help the others to improve their lives. Once I knew my brand vision, it was very clear then the what and whatever is needed in order to do what I am actually doing right now. So it'll be a nice exercise for you, I'm sure. Especially the one with your 80 you know, anniversary and then link all the pieces from the previous sections and result of the imagination exercised And write down your brand vision because we will need it in the following sections. See you. 13. Define your Target Audience: Hello. So you now have also your brand vision, if that is another piece in order to build your upcoming brand architecture. But now it is about your target audience. Because when you have brand bills, you need a public. You need someone to address toe. You need someone to communicate your brand. Yeah. You need someone to communicate toe who you are, your wife and so on. Now this Stargate audience has to have a clear image. A clear profile in your mind is your persona. Yeah. So you can plaster your target audience in one single person that has a certain profile for that. I am proposing you the following aspect. So first you have to answer to the question. What are their needs? Yeah, what do they need? Because once you selected, once you identified what your target audience needs, then you will be able to know what you can over if you can offer. Because it should be a match between what your target audience needs and what you can offer . Right. Then what do they value for example, if they value? Isaac is in my case, personal development and personal develop month. Yeah, this is an information that I need to know when I am building the image off my target audience. Then what are their interests by shows? What do they like in their third time? This kind of things? Another very important thing. When we talk about your target audience, it is what kind of media media do they consume, Meaning that this is important because once you will have a bread bills, you will have to communicate it. And this is why it is very important to know where to find your target audience. Either they are on Facebook or instagram, mostly or links teen or there are in, um, face to face. I don't know environments. You have to know that because you will need to know how to reach your target audience. And the the last one is how would you draw their profile? You know, like the Robert profile in terms off demographics, like age, gender of in comic is very important to know their income because your services or your products will have, and you have to understand if this value it is affordable, affordable for your target audience. It is also important to know the location. Yeah, off your target own Ian's Because let's take, for example, of this photography like, let's say, fashion. Maybe you are a photographer were waiting photographer. Then it will be very important to know the location because you will address to the young couples that are nearby. Yeah, your your city or whatever. If you are. For example, it's a yoga teacher, then it will be important to know the interests or the needs off your target audience, meaning that maybe they are highly stressed. They're highly stressed people through the age or full, etc. 30 40. So these are information that you need to know in orderto draw your target audience profile . I also did these exercise and the answers that I found out in orderto be clear on my persona on my target tortillas. So the needs off my target audience are toe overcome. Their life challenges both personal and professional. I'm doing career counseling. So this is why, for example, for me is important to know that my car get audience has challenges when it's about their professional life. Yeah, I am also having personal development counseling sessions. So again, yeah, I need my target audience. Toby, toe have the need off overcome the challenges that they are facing in their personal life. What my target audience is valuing is self development. First, as I said then all days, authenticity and trust remember we were talking about how important is that? The others trust me so they can open so they can have very deep, profound discussions with me. So yeah, for me is important to know that these people value trust and also authenticity. Because, as I said, having building a personal brand, the most important thing is to dance. Meet your authentic seven again the interests off my target audience, our readings, sports and leisure, nature and spirituality. These are important for me to know where can I find? But we're nothing terms off social media channels, but we're in terms off pressures in terms off, let's say, grew of Facebook groups this kind of things in terms of media. I know that my target audience is mostly on Facebook on instruments, instagram and YouTube. So you, for example, is another journal that I have to use in order to reach my target audience. And as a profile, my target audience is like between 25 45 years. And I'm telling you from experience that what happens, for example, in professional, in their professional life, the challenges that they're having are appearing mostly around the age of 40. I know that because that is the moment in which they are asking themselves questions like, Where am I? What am I doing? Is this the job I want toe I want to do? Do I find any meaning in what I'm doing? I saw that age 40 is a critical one, and my target audience is around that age 25 for example. It is also in career counseling. But from another perspective. It is, for example, when we are talking about students that are the beginning off their journey in life in their professional life, when they need to know what is the the best, you know, career past that they might have, and in terms off income, their income should be from 1000 to 2000 euros so they can afford the services I am providing and in terms off location. I know that might target audience should be in the big cities in my country, so take a piece of paper daychopan and see down. Reflect on these aspects or for your target audience and find your answers, because with the senators you will create your person that they're sewn up to whom you are addressing with your personal Brent. See you. 14. Define Your ‘Brand Promise’ – the WHAT: you know, now is the time for your brand promise. We talked about your brand vision, and now it is about the brain from its meaning about the what the brand promise is a natural extension off the building blocks off your brand strategy, meaning what you already did before your vision, your strengths, your brand personality, your brand essence and your brand values. A strong, effective brand evokes emotion, inspiring people to feel connected to you and the brain promise will help you solidify your brand, and the relationship you have with your customers is the reaction in the impact you want to achieve. And the brand promise is a value and experience or an emotion that a customer calling etcetera can expect to receive every single time they interact with you. The moral company can deliver on what that promise the stronger the bread value in mind off customers and the employees will be. No matter how clever your brand my surging is, it can't alter the Brent. It can only raise awareness or reinforce existing perceptions. If customers consumers colleagues know a brand promise is empty, they'll just scoff at the disconnect between the message and the actual customer experience . Scary thought. Right now, let's see how a brand promise should be. First, a brand promise is simple. It should be no longer than a simple sentence or two. The brand promise is not the same thing is a mission statement, which can often get confused it with rambling sentences. Yeah, UN effective brand promise combines the catch Innis off a tagline and reinforces it with the centers off the vision. Your brand vision. Second, a broad brow bring promise is harnessed. Even the customer experience doesn't match the bread. Promise the value off your breath is witness an example off a brand promise not living up to expectations comes from Ford Motor Company. It happened that during the 19 eighties, Ford's brand promise was qualities. Job number one. However, owners or fourth week er's we're not impressed as they routinely spend money on repairs. It got so bad, I'm telling you that the consumers gave forth their own version over brand promise, and that was fourth found on the roadside broke. Therefore, today, force brand promise is go further. Now this 3rd 1 a brand promise has to be different if your brand promise sounds similar toe . Other brand promise is especially competitors. How can you distinguish yourself from the back right? You need to discover what makes you unique and different from your competitors. Remember, we talked about this? This goes beyond the features and benefits off your product and straight toe the soul and heart off your customers. Consumers, employees, colleagues, whatever you name it. The force of brand promise is memorable. Why? A bread promise should came back. Every decision. Um, your brand you make it must be memorable enough for your consumers to embrace it and use it during your interactions with them. I give you one example again on the night price, for example, I'm more moved by the Asterix. If you have a body lab LA, you are an athlete that I am the main promise. It's a reminder to me that Nike is about the common women rather than really that less who were the products? Yeah, in the last of brand promise is inspiring. Inspiring people in general will act when they feel an emotional connection to a person, a brother or company, or you bring you on effective brand promise helps establish the connection by being inspiring okay at the same time, don't promise what you cannot deliver. The brand promise is meant to inspire. But you also want to be realistic. A great example. Often inspirational. Brand promise. Is April's thing different? Let's take a look at a few examples off. Powerful brand Promise is so you will better know what it is about this thing with the brand Promise BMW, for example. They have the brand promise. The ultimate driving machine. This bone statement is the driving force and joy behind BMW's Brent. They aim to produce only the most efficient and elegant vehicles in their brain. Promise states this confidence. This with confidence, right? Another example is Coca Cola. Their brand promise is to refresh the world to inspire moments off optimism and uplift, to create value and make a difference. So remember the five things we talked about while the Nike and Starbucks Brent promises implied the product they create? Coca Cola's doesn't mention of product or service at old. Coca Cola aims for a mindset, so Coca Cola's brand promise takes a bit off, Different wrote. It does not mention the it doesn't mention the product or service, yeah, but instead aims to convene mindset held by all of those that are part of the company with a brand promise like this. Coca Cola Positions themselves is a lifestyle brand. Lifestyle brand is the key word that is about much more than just manufacturing popular drinks, and another example is able with their brand promise. As I said, thing different. What started is a shrug toe IBM think April's brand promise is arguably the most famous slogan off all time and the Key Toe Abel's. While success in the computer industry, the brand promise is two sided, their guarantee to create products based on seeing the world a little differently, and they're promised to inspire their customers to do the same. Stir box positions itself is a company that brings more to the world than a great cup of coffee. It sees itself is a lifestyle brand again, and the promise it makes toe custom more to consumers back that up to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cop and one neighborhood at the time. So now that we also have these examples now that you know which are the five things that a brand promise should have, I am inviting you to take a piece of paper take up in, sit down, make the links with what you already discovered in the sections before and state your brand . Oh, promise. And I will give you at the end the example of my own brand. Promise that this here is You can see it. Rediscover your inner self. Remember, we were discussing about my brand vision. We were discussing also about my brand values. And these are, for example, pieces that you can recognize now in my brain. Promise if it is a very simple 11 short sentence that includes that covers that truce meets all the pieces that I was letting you are now before. So this is something Yeah, you can keep in mind. Tohave is another example of a personal brand. Promise? Yeah. Rather than the other ones that are brothers brands some you can find your own brand. Promise. Good luck. See you 15. Build your Brand Architecture: Hello. Here we are. This is the most expected, the most desired moment in this course until now, Because it is about building your Brandel detector. But the good news is that in order to build your brand architecture, you already have all the bases. So please take your notes with what You already worked until now. Because you will need the You will need them. I'm waiting for you for a few seconds. Okay, You have all the notes around you. And now I'm inviting you to sit down and put all the pieces together so you can build your brands. Our detector off course. I did myself the sizer size and I will now show you how my personal brand architecture looks like. Meaning I will show you. Ah, put together my brand promise. My brand values, brand essence and brand personality and off course at the waist. The brand vision. Let's see what it is. So my brand promise, remember? Because they talked about it. What I'm doing here is just to put together all the pieces I gathered until this moment off the course. So the brand promise is rediscovered your inner self. Then my brand values are universalism, self direction and stimulation. My brand essence is thankful, inspired and energetic, and my brand personality is warm, high energy and trustworthy. All of these are having at the basis my wife, my brand vision. That is, to create space for those who want to rediscover their inner self and to accompany them on the past off personal evolution, hoping that this will help them live, lives full field, align with their values and be happy. So this is my brand architecture, er, and this is how well look like your Brendan detector. Take a few moments in the enjoy writing down, putting the pieces together so you will have in front off your face for the first time. Maybe your brand architecture you and see what we will deferred. But for the moment, enjoy building your Brendan defectors. See you 16. Visualize yourself in the desired future: you know, we are now at the last section off the chapter. Where do we want to be in this last section is actually the surprise. I was promising you. It is about these rural izing. It is about seeing you in the future. And I will give you a matter in three simple steps. Why? Because in life and work, success begins with a gold with the dream with the vision and you already have your brand vision. It could be losing weight, asking for a raise, quitting smoking or starting your own business, which my bigger case in this course levers mold goals, give us purpose in like a compass. Keep us headed in the right direction off course and then takes lots of hard work and determination to reach your destination. Seeing because these method is about visualizing seeing is believing before we can believe in a gold, we first must have an idea off course off what it looks like. Toe paraphrase. The old adage we must see before weekend. Believe it. This is where visualization comes in, which is simply a technique for creating a mental image off a future event. When we visualize our desired outcome. We begin to see the possibility off achieving it through visualization. We catch a glimpse off what it is in the words off. One writer. Our preferred future. When this happens, we are motivated and preferred to pours. Pursue our gold. Okay, so visualization should not be confused with the I think it and you will be it. Advice peddled by popular self help gurus that you might be heard about it is not Give me snore. Does it involve dreaming or hoping for a better future? Rather, visualization is aware. Developed method off performances improvement, supported by substantial scientific evidence, is used by successful people across the range off various fields. Take, for example, athletes. Studies show that visualization increases athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination and concentration. It also ate in relaxation and helps to use fear and anxiety. Yeah, in the words off, one researcher, visualisation, helps the athlete just do it and do it with confidence, poise and perfection. Now one visualization works might be a question that you have in mind with, according to research, using brain imaginary visualization works because Meuron in our brains, those electrical excitable cells that transmit information, interprets imaginary as equivalent to a real life action. When we visualize in act, the brain generates animals that fills our neurons toe, perform that movement, that movement. And this creates a new neural pathways. Yeah, plasters off cells in our brains that work together to create memories or learn behaviors that primes our body to act in a way consistent to what we imagined all of these cures without actually performing the physical activity. Yet if achieves a similar result and remember the athletes example I gave you? No, I said that the matter has three simple steps. Now let's go through the following three steps. Pick one. Imagine that you sit in a movie theater, the lights name, and then the movie starts. It is a movie off, you doing perfectly whatever it is that you want to do better see as much detail as you can , because you can create it. Clue including your closing, your on face expression, small body movements, the environment and any other people that might be around. So these days, as in any sounds you would be hearing, I don't know the traffic music, other people talking, jeering so and finally recreate in your body, any feelings you think he would be experiencing as you engage in this activity, this is the one. Then step two. Get out off your chair, woke up to the screen, open a door in the screen and enduring toe. The movie now experience the whole thing again from inside of yourself, looking out through your eyes. This is called an embodied image rather than a distant image. Yeah, this is the difference from the Step one and Steptoe. It will deepen the impact off the experience again. See everything in real detail here the sounds you would hear. But most important, and this is the difference between the step feel, feel the failings. You would feel the Step three finally won't make out of the screen and your seat that is still showing the picture off you performing perfectly and look at it, seats there and then reach out and grab the screen and shrink it down to the south off a cracker. Then bring this mini screen up to your mouth, chew it up and swallow it. Imagine then that each Taney peace just like a hologram contents the full picture off you performing well. Imagine all these little screens traveling down into your stomach and thou through blouse bloodstream in tow, every cell of your body. Then imagine that every cell of your body is lit up with the movie. If you performing perfectly and faded, it's like one off those appliance store windows that you might know where 50 TV's are all tuned to the same general. So imagine your body full off TV screens with your movie on. When you have finished this process, it should take less than five minutes. I'm assuring you, you can open your eyes and go about your business. If you make this part off your daily, you make this part of your daily routine. You will be amazed at how much improvement you will see in your life. I did it myself. I'm practicing it every every every day, and this is part of my success. You know, I'm finding myself now doing things in my business that I was visualising earlier before It's very nice surprise to see that, actually, the movie that was performing out there in the past is now of David one. It's in your real life, and it happens. It happens so This is the surprise. I wanted you toe, you know, benefit off. And I hope you will enjoy doing this exercise. You can apply the rule 21. I mean, you can do it like 21 days one by one. Because then your brain creates a new mural on neural fest and it will do it automatically every day. It will be very easy for you to do it after you will do it for 21 days. Enjoy and see you. 17. Where are you? Identify what’s the Perception on Your Brand.: Hello. Now it's time for the chapter three off this course that is actually the tester about defining. Where are you now? And we will first identify what's the perception on your Brent? What is the Is these situation? Yeah, because you already have your Brendan detector. And now it is the moment to compare. What do we want with what it is? Actually, now and then once we have the perception, we will identify the gap between your brand or manufacture and the perception on your Brent and last. Once you have this, you will focus on what moves the leader. So you can does meet what, exactly what you want within the market. Okay. Do you remember that at the beginning of this course we talked about what is a brand, and we said that at the end of the day, a brand is the perceptions that your product, your services and you and the whole thing around your brand is creating in people's minds and hearts. So it's all about the perceptions. It is about the connection between you and your calling, your business partners, your followers, and so on what it is, actually, a perception is on observation off what you say and do it is an unspoken message about what people think but mostly feel about you. And it is also a mental image, because when people are thinking of you, they're having a mental image off who you are. What do you promise and why do you do what you are doing now? What we will do is to understand how to assess this perception on your Brent in the moment not, and for this I'm giving you the next two tools. The 1st 1 is a surveymonkey that is actually a 3 60 feet back, for which I am proposing you. The following questions. The questions are What's the General perceptions? Me? Three words that describe my strong point, then three words that describe my weaknesses. Then three words that describe what people feel when interacting with you. And then what could do differently that would have the greatest impact on my success, huh? Here it is how it goes. You can choose three people among the following three or four categories. It's up to you to decide, meaning that you will have Indians. Nine people toe give this survey toe or 12 people meaning the categories are your family, relatives and so on, then your friends, your colleagues at work and might be another category. The 4th 1 if you already are, I don't know popular or a public figure might be your followers or your humors. So pleased to 3% out off this categories and give them the survey. This is the first door, The second tool. I am proposing you to find out what is The perception on your brand at this particular moment is your hardest window. This stool is like this. It has like, ah, four areas that the people you are giving it to will fill in. Uh, this section here is what is known to others. This section is what is not known to others. Then there are again two other sections here what is known to self and what is not known to self. So here, how they're formed, the four areas in the four areas that will be formed are arena meaning here will be everything that you know, Yeah, yourself and everything that others know about you. So this is something very basic, very clear, something that everybody knows, including you. Then There is another area that is called blind Spot. It's called blind Spot because here it is what others know about you. But what you don't know about you. So it will be interesting to find out what will be here in this area and the goes like thes being another area. Here is the unknown area where you will find things like you don't know and others don't know. It will be a surprise because this is a tool that will make others also reflect on who you are and what their perception when they think of you. Now it's up to you to decide which one of these two tools will use and what it is important here is toe. Think off the most relevant persons out off the categories I mentioned before and give them either the survey monkey or the hottest window to fill in. Then, when you have all the surveys or your heart is windows filled in, come here and let's see again. I'm so feel 18. The Gap between your Brand Architecture and the Perception on Your Brand: you know. So you made your choice and you selected either the surveymonkey or the hardest window. And you ask your nine or 12 persons to fill it in so you might have the results. Now, if you don't centralized it yet, then I will give you my own example. Everything be easier for you to centralize all the information you gathered from the people you were asking toe help you with. In my case, I was using a monkey survey. The results are these ones. So it seems that the most positive the most I don't know appealing traits. Uh, energy warms enthusiasm, expertise, empathy, dressing loving What you can see here in green it was not a surprise for me because remember, we talked about this during this course. So for me, it was like a putting together bits and pieces that I was already knew about me. I was happy to see, actually that people are perceiving me like this, meaning that time on the good way with my personal Brent, because these are the faces that I can recognize in my brand architecture. Then in this model that I am proposing you. There were two parts some words that I did not know before. Like for example, you know, to emotional the time naive. The time, I don't know, controlling or too ambitious. This were worth that. I found out in the survey that my my persons filled in. And now it was the moment to think what to do about this. They might do emotional. Yeah, I am emotional. As I said for me being gration Elise, not part of my DNA. I am emotional. But then I was thinking that being emotional, it is actually me being authentic. And when it is about personal brand, it is about authenticity. So, yeah, I don't want to change them. This is me. This is something that creates the really authentic connection with the others. Because others feel me is being is I am emotions, remember are creating the bond with the others. So it's OK if someone considers the two emotion is not okay. Okay. I don't want to know. I mean, for me, this is ok. And I can go on with the other examples. For example, the time life. Yeah, I am. And so what? I believe in good. I believe that everybody is a good person that everybody has a great potential. I believe that there is no I don't know. We'll build intention, for example and what the others are doing. I can be called this being knife. That's okay. I'm fine with that. It is another world here Appeared like controlling. Yeah, there are situations in which I am controlling, but it is just because I want everything to be perfect. I want every everything toe create the result that I want or my clients, for example, Need it? Oh, gay. So in this context, being controlling, it's not a bad thing again. But besides case there were some words that appeared, and I have to think about, and these words are like, superficial or slow or intimidating or the time recent. And this were the four words that made me reflect and think. I was also thinking of these ones. But these were the red, the red words, and I was telling myself, Am I perceived the superficial? Well, if this is the perception, well, this is not something that I am, And this is not something that I want people to perceive when it's about me. So should I do something about this. And what did I do Waas to actually write down all those four things that came out and to focus on what really, really move the needle. So out off this four and I'm inviting you to do the state out of these four. I selective those once superficial and rate isn't I was asking I was going back to the ones that filled in the survey asking them Okay, what do you mean by being superficial? And the they said they perceive me is being superficial because off my Facebook profile, because on my Facebook profile, I waas also forcing things about my personal life. But in a very I know, humorous way that for some of them was perceived, is being superficial. And they suggested me toe have a professional business page. And there, Toby, the image off my business, the image off. What am I doing? So this was something I wanted to take into account, and I was acting the words it by creating a new page and by posting their what it is really about my work, that it doesn't mean that I'm not authentic because I continue to have my personal Facebook profile where I can post whatever I want. And I am who I am. But yeah, I understood the need off Having also a professional page where people can see can no cure interact with me from the professional point of view The the other word I was, I don't know, making big bling bling at Was this one reticent? And then, you know, I was asking What? The things about it. I mean, I am represented. What and people told me. But then I realized myself that this is true. I am not the technical person at old. I was telling you before, if you remember, and this means that whenever it is about a new gadget, the new application and you soft whatever, I'm completely frightened because I don't know anything about technical stuff. So I make a step back and I said no, this is not for me. I don't want the tonight's okay. And one of the examples waas about a new tube general, for example. And for me, it was like, No, I won't do this. I don't know how to do it. I don't like I don't I don't I don't, but Then I realized that is I said, the only constant in this life is the change. And I realized that if I won't do that and if I'm not opening up myself So the technical stuff I would lose a lot of opportunities I will know is my father hours. How will lose the contact with my target audience? So, yeah, I started to do videos. This is an example. I'm doing an online course, for example, that the beginning, it was like, completely, no way. But now I'm here in front of you doing this. So yeah, I decided that the two things that I need to focus on that will move the needle when it is about my personal brand. And the results I want to achieve are the two ones that I was actually acting on, finding solutions to improve them. So I invite you to do the same exercise to find out your two maximum three things to focus on in order to move the needle seal 19. Build Your Story: you know, we are now in the chapter. How do you get there? There where you want to go once you build your brand architect er And then you made an assessment to compare how the people are perceiving you in regards with your brand architecture, and you decided where to focus in order to move the needle, you know, have again a lot off other information in order to know how to be to get there where you want to be. You will know how to get there through the following two things. First through story telling in second through a very good and strong communication place. But let's take it step by step. First we will talk about storytelling. This is my favorite topic. Why I was telling you I cannot imagine my life without stories because my life, it said. Self is a story. Your life is still itself is a story, so why not make it in your mind? Is a conscience story that you will help to others? Why? Because stories are going directly to people's heart because stories are about emotions and , um, people love stories. This is the truth. People love stories. It's up to you toe build your own story and then tell Tell it with affection. Tell it in a very authentic way with all the emotion involved how we realized this besides the studies in what is written that Yeah, yeah, people of stories. It is written, but I felt it. I know it from my experience. What? Because starting as a freelancer at the beginning, I started toe, um have, ah, a lot of public speaking, you know, events. And to be a public speaker toe go there and tell people about my life story. But it was not something that I intended to do, you know, being there on the same and talking about I don't know which kind off topic. I found myself starting to tell them my story and the surprise after each conference was that people were coming to me not telling what the great waas. I don't know the topic. What my no value bring bring the topic to us. But they were telling me Wow, your story is such an inspiring one. Thank you for telling it. Thank you for being vulnerable. Thank you for I don't know, open up in front off ourselves. So for me, this was a surprise. I said, Wow, people are really appreciating the fact that I'm telling the real story in an authentic way with all the emotion there. Because I'm telling you, it was nothing easy thing at the beginning. But I realized that, Yeah, I don't have a story. I do have a very inspiring story that people love to hear because they find themselves in my life. I don't know episodes, and they know that there is the light there for each of us. Yeah. This is why I do believe in the power off storytelling. I want to tell you How can you build your own story off course. It can be about your life about what drives you about what made you be in this moment. Toe have this? I don't know, business idea. It is about your wife. It is about your mentioning life. It is about the challenges you have in this life in the lessons you learn out off those challenges might be about the persons that you were interacting with it across your life. And those persons were like mentors for you, or they were inspiring you. That might be about the most difficult. Let's say moments in your life. I don't know if you know the speech off Bernini when he want the worst car for the movie. The life is beautiful and when he said on the stage, something like, Yeah, I'm thinking to my parents because they gave me poverty. So this was one of the biggest gifts that he received from his parents. And she was okay to say that in front, off everybody and the ball scars. It was a part of his story, but that was unauthentic, one that moved people's heart. This is what I'm telling you about. Yeah, think about your story. Think about those persons in your life, your parents, you're managers, your mentors or the difficult moments I'm repeating myself. But this is important. Yeah, you have here a list of things that you can think off and again having mind your brand vision because your story can be strictly directly linked to your vision, because you are here in this moment of your life. As a consequence, off a lot of experiences in your life and these experiences might tell you what your wife in this life and again. What? Your wife off your brand. What's your brain vision? Think about off all these things. Gave this examples and what I was already telling you and build your own story. And this will be the story that you will tell out loud to the world because they were were connected to your personal brand. And this will create emotions in people's heart and they will follow you. They will be around you because they resonate with who you are. And with your stories I would like to hear someday your story. So in case you want to write me, you want to say something about this, I will be more than happy to receive messages from you. See you. 20. Build Your Brand Communication Plan: you know, now it's time for the communication plan off your personal brand because you have all the pieces you need in order to have communication for that, you need to have your brand architecture. I mean, take your notes, put the pieces together because you need your brand architecture. You need to know your personal story. I assume that you already wrote down or you already have it. You already feel you already know what's your personal story? Now you need also your target audience. Because as I was standing you at the right moment, you need to know what your target onions in order to know which are the channels to use to reach out that only ins. So take the notes. Because now I will tell you how to build a communication plan. What it is or communication plan. Well, you should know what do transmit where meaning, which are the channels? Will you use when? And this is about also frequency and so on. Um And how? Meaning what we will you exactly say? But these are the things I will. There you in a minute. And you know, I love to give you concrete examples and to help you toe follow the scores in a very easy way. This is right again. Here I am giving you some examples. Uh, did you might use in orderto create your communication plan. So it is as I said about your brand architecture. It is about your story. And now you have two big areas in which you can communicate your personal breath and these ones are one online in second oflife. What can you do in online is as it follows first, Once you have your Brynn's architecture build, you might want or it is actually mandatory to have a website this website showed. Communicate exactly who you are. Your brand vision, Your brand promise should be, um, in fully alive month with who you are and what you already discovered during this course. So pay attention to how the website we look like because the three C's off branding. And I said our clarity, consistency and constancy. And here we are talking about consistency, meaning that you know who you are now. So you have to transmit exactly from we want, including in the website. Hold on lines again. You might have a block a bloke that will be your, um, the way we will communicate with the others. Meaning that, for example, in my case, the block is about my personal life. It is about the stories. It is about what I experienced on one hand. And on the other hand, it is about my professional life, meaning how and what I am giving to my clients. How can I help my clients so they can very clear? Understand? What are my services about? You can choose whatever you want for your block, but especially in the moment. Now, off our life, it seems that a blawg, it is very helpful. You can also have when he made marketing campaign. This is also known life. You can have a newsletter on your letter music. It is a frequent. It has a certain frequency. I mean, if you start doing this letter and sending it to your consumers, followers or whatever, then once you've started, you have to keep up. You know, the would work with the news matter in san dates. Why don't know MTA, lee or whatever you decide, But think about it. If you start doing it, then do it with a certain frequency. Then there are the journals on social media. I was telling you that once you have your persona, your target audience defined, you know exactly where to find them, either on Facebook or Instagram modelling teens. That's fine. Doesn't matter, is just that you need to know and communicate accordingly. The what? How wins. Um, that is how do I say it is proper for the certain Jenna, meaning that you will have a second communication for lengthen but a different one for Facebook. So that's something that you need to have in mind again. You general, is another thing that you can use when you want to communicate online. You can also post cast or webinars for you can write. If you like to write, you can write on your block, or you can write articles and publish them in online. My don't know websites off some magazines that are relevant for what you are doing. So these are a few examples about what you can do in on life now is the other area is the offline area in which I'm giving you the following things you can do first together with the website or online are coming the business cards, because again, here you have to consistent in what you communicate and the business cars should again be relevant and toe be in strictly connection with your brand architecture. Pay attention to what we will communicate, or so through your business cards. In offline, your soul might have some notebooks, some fans with your brands written down or you can participate toe networking events is I did, and I was telling you I was participating it a lot off conferences giving speeches about me , my life and my work, and that might help. And yeah, these are some things that, for the beginning, might be enough for you. Just take a step by step and experience them, and then you will feel what is best for you. Where do you feel most comfortable? Where are you? Very good that I mean, for example, it will be for you Very easy toe have a new top general rather than write articles, I don't know. Just experience these things that I'm telling you about, And then again, let me know what's the result? See you 21. Follow the 3 Cs of Branding. Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.: Hello, Here we are at the last chapter off this course, and this chapter is about how can you keep engaging people around your personal brand? I was telling you earlier than having the personal brand build is not enough, because once you go in the world, then you have to be consistent and constant in transmitting the Brent. This is why. Now I will tell you, what can you do in orderto keep the people engaged around your brand? And there are a few examples, as I was already doing it during this course that might help you. First. Let's make a short recap off what the three C's off branding are. First, clarity checked because clarity is about knowing exactly what we want and who you are not in focus on who you are focused on your wife on your brand architectures, so you have now clarity. Second is about consistency, meaning that you have to appear to have a consistent communication among all the channels you are communicating through either their own line for off line. It's up to you and certain is constancy, and this is the most important one here because you have to do it frequently you have to communicate. You have to be close to your followers, your consumers or you have to be present. You have to be visible all the time. Here it is, what you can do in order to have a constant presence. Yeah, among your target audience. First, you can host a flesh safe. I don't know. Ah company. You can make a discount. You can sell something like a promotion so you can be close toe your consumers making like a break black Friday or something. Then you can send the weekly deep or recurring email with some questions is just about interacting all the time with your target audience. It's after you to be creative and decide what toe put in this emails or whatever. Then, yeah, the the umbrella off everything is to keep the customers engaged within all the channels. And now, for example, you can host a contest. You can hostess contest either online or offline. It depends on your business specificity. It might be a contest with no words. Yeah, I mean, a serious court this, But this might be another idea then, um, feature year people on social. This is another idea. You can, for example, right about in real people about your clients off course that are giving you their approval to do it. But remember, I was telling you that humanity, that personal stuff then stories are what people love to see. So here it is another example of what you can do in terms off. Get that connection. You can ask your questions. You can organize an event to meet your customers. I mean not to keep them at the distance through the online communication, but you can organize. I don't know coffee, something gathering. Or you can organize that corn, they said. I said offline and thesis is opportunity to meet them in person. But the idea is, from time to time toe, get in touch with your target audience, like life in person. Oh, another idea is to make life videos on Facebook. As I said, you can use the you took general, but all in all, please do not forget have in mind, but mostly have in your heart that its own about emotions and, uh, yeah, it's me. So don't forget toe. Make yourself findable. These are some other tips or techniques that I want you to have in mind because you might want to talk to someone to help you with search and search engine optimization toe help you toe have, ah presence in the social networks that is congruent with your brand. But this is important. I mean, when people will search your name, your business, they have to find you but find you in a very easy way what it is. Another important thing is to do not forget to connect in the line everything meaning consistency and to have always, always a chance to cultivate the connection the relations you created with your, um, target audience. Because at the end of the day, this is what it is about. To keep them engaged by having always an interaction with them and this can bring, uh, can can lead to creating a community. Have this in mind. You might want, at a certain point, okay, the community with the people that are sharing the same values as you, or that are excited about what you are doing or they have the same interest, but three to community. Um, and last but not least, it's about walking the talk because we were talking about brand promise. And I was telling her at that time that once you made a promise, a promise, it's a promise. So this is about authenticity. People will feel if you are not authentic, So just do whatever you say. And this means walk the talk. No, we are at the end off this course, and it is now about I don't know, having a brand created. You have the brand architecture. You have a communication. Flynn. You have the techniques that tapes to keep the people engaged around your brand. And this, I said, might happen that you will know you will sail. It might happen that you will have a new things happening in your life. It might have that you will. I don't know the way build your business when they that will be the moment in which you can think off starting again from the beginning at building your personal Brent. It's okay to make mistakes because this is something that might happen. You can realize that I don't know, a journal that you chose to communicate with the is not the right general. Maybe you Toeplitz take it from for example, and then you realize that this is something that I don't want to look. It's OK. You experience it. It's all about experience, but at the end of the day, it is about trying failed, learn and repeat. These are the things that you can also do in orderto feel. How the brand is perceived in orderto feeling. You are on the right way, like from time to time, searched online for information about yourself and see what's there. What people are talking about you, because must be four rooms in which people are feeling about the experiences with you. But you have to know what is happening in the market when it's about you. Um, again assess your brand. As I said on social media, either. I don't know only toe. You will see the likes, the comments reviews on Facebook. It's an animal moving animal. This stuff with the Brendan all the time. You need to be connected to your audience and say, How do they feel? How do they perceive you? And if you feel that you have to readjust something, then it's OK. You can take the scores from the beginning and you can work on some parts and rebuild your brand architecture. Because is Madonna, remember? Said doesn't matter who you are. Doesn't matter where I'm coming from. This life is about change. And this means that all of us, at a certain point, will reinvent So might be your cases with We are at the end of the course, so thank you so much and I won't tell you. Say you for the last time. I am telling you good luck. Thank you. 22. Congratulations, you're ready!: Hello. For the last time in this course. Because this is the end off the scores. And this is the moment in which I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. I know it was a lot off work here. I know that you did a lot of homework. You interacted with a lot of people, toe. Ask them their support because you need it for a lot of pieces in this in this course. But I think it worth it. And I hope you think the same. So I will be very, very happy. And I will be, I don't know, satisfied to say that you build your brand architecture, you build your communication plan, you have your own story. And that will be very happy to receive from you all the species or whatever else you feel that you want to send me whatever message you want. Toe arrived. Me, I will be here. This is what I want you to know. That I will be here from now on to support you in whatever aspect, you might need my support. So yeah, again. Congratulations. It's now the moment for you to go and communicate your personal brand. Thank you. And good luck.